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Auburn Citizen Advertiser Newspaper Archives Sep 30 1963, Page 1

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Auburn Citizen Advertiser (Newspaper) - September 30, 1963, Auburn, New York Served by associated press United press International the citizen Overhiser the weather Cloudy and Cool tonight fair and mild tomorrow vol. 33, no. 9934auburn, n. A monday september 30, 1963 seven cents Birmingham 2 Whites in Birmingham Ala. Apr a Day and night. Two Young be two White Mon were placed in Groes were shot to death one by City jail Early today for further police officers and the other As investigation into the series of he was Riding a bicycle. Two bombings that have rocked this White youths Are free on $10,000 racially troubled City for several Bonds in the death of the second years. Negro. Col. Al Lingo head of the state president Kennedy dispatched Highway patrol said others former army Secretary Kenneth police arrest berbers bomb probe defy Bella ence was scheduled today Between the two factions. King president of the Southern Christian leadership conference had accused City fathers of moving too slowly in meeting negro demands. Gaston and shores both of Tiz Zouzou Algeria apr troops Loyal to president Ahmed j Ohhi _ a a whose Homes have been bombed Ben a entered dlr Kabyle picked up in the intensified hives Royall and former army football i recently issued a statement or Mountain town of i Izi ouzo to ligation have been released. He coach Bari Blaik to Birmingham ing that current negotiations be a 1� Stem a revolt of berber j declined to say How Many others to help soothe the troubled racial Given full Opportunity for Success. Units. Had been questioned. Waters. The emissaries conferred King led an anti segregation col. Mohand Ouel Hadj re night Warden l. A. Holcomb with leaders of both races last Campaign last Spring which re moved by Ben Bella from com j identified the two being held As week and planned to return for suited in an agreement to Keseg Mand of the 7th military Region i r. E. Chambliss and Charles Ca further talks today. Regate downtown lunch counters left tizi ouzo with his staff and i pie both of Birmingham. Both Birmingham a racial situation improve negro employment of some troops appeared to he in their late 30�?Ts. Was further clouded Over the port unities and desegregate fit algerian army officers said the Lingo w Ould give no inform weekend when two prominent be Ting rooms. Dissident units set up roadblocks i Tion on the men nor on results of Gro leaders a millionaire a. G. Sex City commissioner Eugene East and South of tizi ouzo hut i the questioning. He also declined Gaston and attorney Arthur d. Bull Connor said King a should id not interfere seriously Wilh 1 to definitely link them with the shores took Issue with or. Mar he arrested for attempting to Iho movement of my pm it non. Catholic Church Council asks redefinition Reform Vatican City apr a pro prelates to speak at the second took the floor in St. Peters Basil sunday after a nine month recess posed redefinition of the roman 1 phase of the Vatican ecumenical Ica As the 2,500 Council fathers re with a Strong Appeal for Church i Catholic Church won general in Council. Sued working sessions. Pope Reform do sement today from the first i two cardinals and six Bishops i Paul i reopened the Council i c. I n. To r i attempting to the movement of government con blast at the sixteenth Street Bap tin Luther King or. Over Kings cause a riot if he carries out fist Church sept. 15 in which four threat of renewed demonstrations threats to Lead new Demontra Young negro girls were killed. The two men arrived at the City jail the same one whore some 2.400 negro demonstrators were Beld last Spring in a Highway patrol car with two troopers. Dressed in sport shirts and flacks they covered their faces As they were led into the jail. Although the investigation into the bombings there have been at least 40 a had been intensified it was reported that a Confer tons. Mcnamara works on report postpones return to Usa Saigon South Viet Nam a j Maxwell d. Taylor chairman of a Secretary of defense Robert s. I the . Joint chiefs of staff., ,. Mcnamara today postponed his made the trip. Since the Church explosion these f parture for Washington for 241 the american visitors last week were the first arrests. A Tipoff hours a spent three Days in arduous in Quot a. Ii St inc montslp0 from Mcnamara had planned to leave sections of the three other corps 2?j Sis j rits Saigon later today after a one areas. L a. Age. I week inspection tour of South Viet the Secretary will report to to Tupp Nvvf a rms a affirm Caid in a Nam for president Kennedy. Kennedy on the Progress of the of this Force is forming guerrilla a spokesman said the Secretary War against Viet Cong guerrillas in to in the Steep Kabyle ranges. The government officers de Voys. Government troops closed All i exits from tizi ouzo 70 Miles East of Algiers and searched All cars and motorists leaving the area. Armoured troop carriers j mounting machine guns were i parked in the City. The troop commander who de i dined to give his name told i newsmen a for the time being everything is Calm. We receive i orders directly from Ouel Hadj commanded some j 8.000 to 10,000 men most of whom i served under his orders during i the War for Independence. Government officers said a part statement that a arrests were in area of Central Viet Nam. Gen. Said but presumably the Buddhist controversy was a major item of i Nenfi in the Church bombing was raving his departure until and the effect if any. On the War lha government officers de in which the new to Eirls were tuesday to give himself More of the bitter controversy Between scribed the movement As a Putsch killed time to work Here on his ton Sec the buddhists and president Ngo and said the situation was Seri later a statement from the rpt report for the White House. Dinh diem a regime. Ous governors office said Only that Mcnamara also passed up the Mcnamara had his first meet unconfirmed reports said de two persons were taken into Cus last Battle area Field trip arranged inc with president diem sunday sense minister col. Houari Bou Tody in connection with the Bir for him. A 312-hour visit today to a three hour conference. There Rne Dienne was cancelling his de Mingham bombings. It did not the communist infested 3rd corps was no indication of what was specify the Church blast. Lingo said the men were being questioned and would be transferred to Jefferson Birmingham county jail. Ile would not definitely link them with the Church explosion and said no formal charges had been filed. The City has had More than 40 bombings since world War ii but the one which nearly destroyed the sixteenth Street Baptist Church was the worst. Powell denounces Santa Claus parture for Moscow scheduled for tonight. Ben Bella took personal command of the defense ministry with the departure for Moscow of defense minister col. Houari Boum Addienne considered a discussion. The presidents controversial brother and chief adviser. Ngo Dinh Nhu. Was not present at the meeting. The anti Buddhist Cam-1 Strong Man in the government pain is generally attributed to previous reports said boomed him and the United states has Dienne was cancelling the trip been putting pressure on diem to which was Sef up of a work out de remove him from his extremely hails of a 50 billion franc $100 new York apr negro con influential spot. Million loan from the soviet in Gressman Adam Clayton Powell diem in an interview published Ion about 20 persons were injured or. Denounces Santa Claus As a a sunday in the Manila sunday berbers in the Kaylia area in the blast which inflicted More Whiteman a invention and asks times warned that if ail american to a a to the streets sunday shout than $44,000 in damage to the a have you Ever seen a Black Aid to Viet Nam was stopped my a Down with Ben Bella a Church and damaged nearby cars Santa Claus a a the whole world including Amor meanwhile an underground group and buildings. The new York Democrat who cat would suffer the Conse calling itself the front of socialist the Church bombing almost is pastor of Harlem a abyssinian j forces offs proclaimed All out sparked a riot. Sporadic outbursts Baptist Church gave those views a but done to get alarmed a he War on Ben Bella a one Man Rule. To his congregation sunday in Call added a i done to think things will i the crisis erupted two weeks ing for a Christmas it Boycott out to be As bad As when Powell asked if they had i of violence continued through the javits asks Industrial peace corps Liberty. . A Jacob k. Javits. another demand today for an Ever seen a a Black Santa clause people in the congregation laughed and shouted Back a you said it preacher a Powell a Sermon reaffirmed his support of negro writer James baldwins proposed economic Boycott of Christmas to protest anti negro violence. A the Way to make a Man holler. Vav. A sen. Is to withhold your Dollar a the made congressman said. He called his Sermon a Jesus Republic apr sex president Ciu trial peace corps a a in which Christ versus Santa Claus a and i Juan Bosch sailed into exile american businessmen would go decided against the latter. Aboard a dominican Navy frigate n Broad to help the private enter Powell said Santa Claus a has today after Cha rein e the military prise structures of developing nothing to do Christmas co let ovens of he was of countries he said it would add and was invented As a com Mer Fra sized before his inauguration drive to the foreign Aid program Elal gimmick. A since we Are trying to a sell j sex president Bosch sails into exile Santo Domingo dominican after Ben Bella a unopposed election As president and raised serious doubt that he would leave for new York next week the Council press office summarizing today s three hour meeting told newsmen the schema topic before the Assembly a de ecclesia a concerning the Church a was accepted by speakers As a a Good foundation on which to it was revised during the recess and undoubted by will be revised further. It Wall be the main topic before the councils session ending dec. 4. The schema considered the key to All the councils work proposed a new Way for the roman Catholic Church to look at its Structure. It came up originally at the councils first session last year and was criticized by Many fathers As being too juridical and academic and not sufficiently pastoral. There was criticism that the original draft would not help the cause of Christian unify. During the recess a Council spokesman said today 372 proposed corrections and amendments to the first half of the schema were mailed to the Vatican by prelates around the world. I a feeling was evident among the Church fathers that the session would move with greater Speed and efficiency than the first which ran from oct. La to dec. 8 year. This session will continue until dec. 4. A Young american Bishop summed up this spirit. A i think All the Bishops Are coming Back to this session with a lot More enthusiasm. They know now what is intended and what it is they Are trying to in opening the Council. Pope Paul said its Aims were redefinition and Reform of the Catholic Church restoring Christian Unity and closer Contact with today a world. He called the episcopal Assembly a Council a of invitation of expectation of his Clear voice rolled through the hushed Basilica and out to a crowd of 50,000 persons in St. Peters Square As he delivered the ,.10,000-word address in latin. United nations . A .-soviet projects ranging from tuesday were about All that like Pope John Pope Paul a Secretary of state Dean Rusk a consular agreement to cooperate emerged from a meeting of the held the door open for a reuniting in outer space. Three ministers saturday. Ing of christians. To the protes this weeks talks which will in the 21/4-hour Parley first High Tant anglican and orthodox of clude a Home Gromyko lunch level East West session since the servers seated near him he said aug. 5 signing of the limited no a we Lay no do not pontiff prays at Council reopening pop pan1 i kneels in prayer at ceremony in St. Peters Basilica in Vatican City yesterday reopening the ecumenical Council. At right is msgr. Enrico Dante prefect of Vatican ceremonies. A wire photo Rusk Home discuss Mutual problems before meeting Gromyko for dinner breakfasted with Britain a foreign Secretary lord Home today and conferred on . Matters. Aides said the two paid special attention to the colonialism Issue which is prominent in this session of the general Assembly. They did not discuss East West affairs or the plan for an Allied planned. He wants to Appeal per seaborne nuclear Force it was tonally to the United nations for stated. These items Are ticketed Portugal s african colonies and South Africa from White domination. Ben Bella said in a radio broadcast the crisis resulted from a a subversive movement threatening the Security of the for later talks. The two join soviet foreign minister Andrei a. Gromyko tonight at a dinner being Given by . Secretary general u Thant. . Sources said Rusk May explore a considerable variety of Allen asks new teacher supervision Liberty . Apr or. Private Enterprise. American style to other javits said a let us show them what it is All about. A in a speech prepared for delivery to the new York state i Vlanis convention the senator said the Kennedy administration and previous ones a have consistently failed to adequately introduce the wheat Sale to soviets up to Juk last february. A High official source said state department charged with hiding Viet Nam news Washington a a con most of its criticism at a Cable Clear test ban treaty a was de-1 wish to make of our Faith an described As cordial but in product Casion for five of any agreement of sub stance. Gromyko was said to have talked about general Complete disarmament philosophically without giving enough details on the soviet proposal for an Exchange of observers for the Western ministers to judge whether it would James e. Allen jr., state Educa j be acceptable. The observers Tion commissioner says he has would guard against Surprise at asked the legislature for $500,000 tack. For a program to help local school for Rusk and Home it a dais pressed their Effort today to boards supervise new teachers. Geared just As Well that Gromyko identify the Leader s of a club the Money on a Matching Bald press another soviet pro swinging Brawl that erupted be Sis would establish a partnership postal a for a no aggression pact tween while and negro inmates for training probationary teachers Between the nato and Warsaw including Black muslims at Groat when they first enter classrooms military blocs. The Western allies Meadow correctional institution. The teacher would work with sex 1 have not agreed what to do about five guards and 18 prisoners Perien ced educators. S this plan which is linked to the were Hurt none seriously in the Allen spoke sunday night at the Germany Berlin Issue. J racial Melee that involved about meanwhile . Sources believe prison probes race Brawl hurting 23 Comstock. . A off i Bosch would be landed Quot an the session Al subcommittee today i prepared by Carl t. Rowan now i if a Thorlt for second it to Ivonny Scio a i Irpel the state Denart emt. Of. A. I or school or inert is loom ii secondary . Day. Guards used tear Gas and private Enterprise system into the Washington apr the big processes of foreign question of whether to permit the Ile said this is one reason for Sale of wheat to the soviet Union president Kennedy s difficulty in lies in the decision Basket for getting his full foreign Aid author president Kennedy returning to Iza Tion request approved by con his White House desk today. Press. A House committee re some High officials expect him Centle Cut More than a half to say yes. Billion dollars from the presidents the russians have made no Aid request. Javits said there is formal request to this country. A a serious opposition to the Aid but soviet negotiators have been program in the Senate too. Talking in Ottawa of deals far written note to a Friend Miami a a since 1959,�?T javits said i american Grain. One report men publisher Froncisco Aguirre have been urging the Senate to honed three million tons at $250 up could was take the Lead in studying specific Milbon established technically after my for the introduction of administration officials sounded Esindu Usner itch Nicony anti my proposals ii ult Yiuyu Utun in run Frap it int a Eek on feeling return from Mexico in mid sep american business into the Aid out Congress last week on feelings _ to am a about a Grain Deal with the so temper. Me coup was or p�?�stm9. Two years before thereto. A a understood that there my a eau Koralton peace corps became a reality. I a As som Quot. Outspoken opposition. Last Druary. Proposed a foreign assistance pro hmm Ever it is reported that the Gram to enlist directly without officials considered the Burden of government sponsorship that congressional sentiment to be in great Pool of technical and managerial Talent which provides the French Island of Guadeloupe acc the state debarment of ambassador to Fenland. Sent new Yor staff probably Early today. With Bosch hiding the facts trom the amen. No Ltd onh Urooj aboard the frigate Mella were his can Public by restricting news Over the signature of Secretary of he also wife and Gen. Antonio Imbert men a South Viet Nam. State Dean Rusk to the . Pm a Barrera a Leader of the military the criticism came from the Bassy in Saigon Early in 1962. Junta which removed the presi Bouse subcommittee on inform Dent from office wednesday on Tion. Headed by rep. John e. Charges he was soft on common Moss. A Calif. Ism and his administration was recent weeks a a report by chaotic. I the subcommittee said. A the american Public has the recon i interest emendations of or. James Conant in his recently published Book a the education of american this Cable is still classified a1- though its provisions Are no Long Allens said he too would urge or in effect. The subcommittee shifting the responsibility for paraphrasing the language said teacher certification from state it contained these guidelines for education departments to colleges soviet deals on matters of Mutual Billy clubs to put Down die 20 m the prised by developments in Viet Pendents in Viet Nam name developments which have Bosch was elected president by an overwhelming vote dominican republics first free. I a elections since dictator Rafael l. Ibl a Manv j"0�?��81&Quot he Trujillo took Dower More than 30 the report said the restrictive Lars in j . Press policy in Viet Nam. A a unquestionably contributed to the Ort a e saved up the j ack 0f information about Condi Mella saturday night the Silver j tons in Viet Nam which created haired sex president gave a hand been sur handling american news Corres and universities. But he added that he believes few universities i. A news stories which criticize Are ready and willing to accept the president Ngo Dinh diem gov the responsibility state code to undergo overhaul new York apr a. Minute fight. Paul d. Mcginnis state correction commissioner said sunday in Albany the investigation would continue until officials established procedures for preventing further disorders. Mcginnis was briefed saturday by supt. Joseph p. Conboy and members of the prison staff. The commissioner told a newsman yesterday. A we do know Stanley Black muslims were in the fight Ern ment could not be forbidden he said he j i Kreutzer counsel to lie new but we Haven to pinpointed them As but they Only increase the difficult York cite Board of ethics says ties of the . a to ruths a my Conser was i has been assigned by leaders Conboy said several inmates 2. A newsmen should be advised improving teacher Quot education to Overli aul the states code of were members of the sect. Which a in Matuh or. H flu str. I. That trifling or thoughtless critic Grid certification cism of the diem government aliens plan for probationary ethics. Advocates negro supremacy. Kreutzer also said sunday that so far he said none of the Lead an International crisis. A instead of hiding the facts from the american Public a the subcommittee concluded. A the _ state department should have United states and diem. Dent of Harvard. Is revisions begun a a couple of Arp negroes done everything possible to sex 3. A newsmen should not be Allen said the probationary months Conboy called pose the True situation to full transported on military activities teacher now in Many cases is not i of the Type that Are Likely to re properly supervised hut goes on the subcommittee directed 1 suit in undesirable to receive a License. Would make it difficult to main teachers is similar to one Sug i he had been promised a five hand ers has been identified definitely Tain cooperation Between the gusted by Conant. Former presi and no interference with his eth a about 52 per cent of the inmates Dent of Harvard. _ the Brawl a the new York Herald Tribune a no Wei. Plav by the coloured in said in a Story today that it was it he said that the prisoners would favor of it. The government departments in a a to c solved Are expected to recon vitality and to. Men a p0jicy change to permit Browder has amiable Chat Voith Fri understood from a legislative ,. ,. Source that Kreutzer was handed i , a. In their cells in i his assignment a very definitely that their privileges would be sus after publication of the Herald i Pended pending the outcome of Tribune series on alleged con investigation flies of interest among state Law Brawl. Conboy said reflect private Enterprise system. Weather in full forecast Central anti Northern Cayuga county partly Cloudy Cool Chance of showers late today and tonight. Fair and warmer tomorrow. High. 55. Low 40. Southern Cayuga county Cloudy and Cool late today. Clear and Cool tonight. Fair and warmer tomorrow. Temperature readings water dept. Thermometer for 24 hour period ending at 2 . 1968 1962 maximum 50 <56 minimum 42 52 Sunrise today 5 54 sets 5 45 Sun rises tomorrow 5 55 Lake level today 706.43 Lake level one year ago 705.69 barometric pressure 29.89 by Charles West Yonkers . A the Grain Sale when they meet with the president probably tues Fri Quot it so my called Secretary of state Dean Rusk told newsmen in Cleveland Ohio sunday night that the question would be resolved in a few Days. Stalin ordered Browders ouster i hard feelings at All. I deliberately two As general Secretary the position provoked the apartment he has occupied for 27 years in Yonkers a com Gray of Power in 1945 for a revision now a caustic critic of com my Unity just North of new York vill make. Kreutzer declined to specify court a in what revisions he has made or haired Grandfather Man recent expulsion from the party no Smy Browder characterized the copy by a trim Little Man few persons followed. Party in the u. S. As a weak Browder would notice in casual passing. Revisionism a or a Browder Nhisha of want to though he for two hours they explored his ism a As it came to be known twice for world War i draft braced communist Dogma in he said any proposal Quot to Seli opinions on the background and internally consisted of Advocat har Tes of passport 1920s, he devoted his Energy wheat to the soviet Union will in j importance of the red chinese ing coexistence. Browder argued Frau it i a four year term which elude a provision forbidding its re soviet conflict. They took with that neither armed conflict nor press 1ent Franklin d Roosevelt Sale to Cuba them his written analysis of the cold War was inevitable. He re Canada recently sold some $500 ideological struggle Between red ejected the Basic Dogma that Corn million Worth of wheat to the so China and the soviet Union. I monism most distr no capitalism the Herald Tribune said contended that a1. A it is believed however that he wholeheartedly pm i or. Kreutzer who helped write certain the i the City a code a considered the courts de racial unrest and erupted from a dispute Over use of a handball the prison Yard. The prisoners wrecked a guardhouse and armed themselves with timbers from the building. The Whites and negroes regard basketball and handball As their respective monism must destroy capitalism Viet Union. Approves list Conakry Guinea up Conakry radio said sunday night a it w As the first Friendly con before the world can know peace tact i Ever had with the Fri a j and social Progress said Earl Browder 72, w Hose con a Khrushchev occupies today a facts with the Fri have been position on the big issues in the commuted 1942. After 14 months in Energy to i toughest in the country has Pat domains although the courts Are labor and social reforms. J turned the provisions after the not segregated by prison Rule a i think on the whole that the cite code Conboy said. Party under my leadership played Kreutzer at first was reluctant _ a very constructive role a brow j to say he had actually received a i have no regrets about my Der said explaining that he Nev i the Job from the legislature. He past a said Browder. A it is a i Erfe subversive or disloyal. Said a i can Tell you i have been waste of time to think about it j viewing communism As a Hope j asked to look into this ethics in terms of a what less cause in the industrialized i thing by state later he is this what country needs a i think i had a useful life and Western nations Browder said a i j conceded that a a definite assign Many world that i occupied in 1944,�?� certainly a very interesting one think America is moving in the ment was Given to millions of americans brow Browder said in an interview. Did no to prevent my sons from right direction. We have a decent he said no deadline has been Der a name is synonymous with i a when the chinese accuse him finding their natural careers in society in this country. Poverty is set for a final draft of proposed Days general election approved b. S communist party. He revisionism they Are merely science Iii american life although a peripheral problem now which revisions. Quot however. He added the single list of candidate pre joined he party shortly after its echoing and elaborating the argue it did give them a lot of hurdles can be overcome by a More Thor Quot i done to think too much time sen Ted by president Sekou formation and guided it for 15 merits used against me when i to get Ough development of the Ameri ought to be lost. I want to get tourers democratic party. Offi it eare through the Peak of its pop j was thrown out of the movement. I Browders three sons Allun can Economy just As the negro them in the legislative Hopper. The Cia results have not yet been an clarity in this country the 1930�?Ts, i a they did me a favor when verify mathematicians holding problem depends on tile Economy longer you deliberate the More bounced 4 the late soviet Premier Jose i they kicked me out. I have no doctorates visit him regularly at Lur its i complications Washington sen. Jacob k. Javits r by giving his opinion on tile reasons for tin popularity of sen. Barry Gold water r-ariz., among republicans for the presidential nomination a the kind of satisfies a hankering for the five cent Beer and the five cent

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