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Auburn Citizen Advertiser Newspaper Archives Aug 31 1963, Page 1

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Auburn Citizen Advertiser (Newspaper) - August 31, 1963, Auburn, New York Served by associated press United press International the citizen advertiser the weather fair and Cool tonight and tomorrow vol 33, no. 9910auburn, n. Y., saturday August 31, 1963 seven cents search after continues Volunteer fails to find Bova s. Carolina schools neutralization of Viet integrate quietly Hazleton a. Apr a courageous Volunteer has ended speculation that missing Miner Louis Bova might be entombed in the same underground chamber from which two companions were rescued. United press International ported during desegregation of j the first Public school de Segre i elementary grades. Gat Ion below the College level in bul negro leaders demanded South Carolina occurred quietly i faster desegregation. A negro i historic seaport of Charleston the 1 civic group asked the school picked up what h. B. Charmbury same Day 123 negroes entered i Board to throw out its assignment Pennsylvania Secretary of mines formerly White classes at once i procedures under the Arkansas had said appeared to be the image troubled Little Rock Ark. J Pupil placement Law. Called impractical of a Man. Drebitko reported the two events Friday mirrored the change in racial Atti the Rev. Negail Riley a negro methodist minister told Board Quot what appeared to be the image bides during six Long and anxious i Quot embers tha under the it of a Man was the remains of a years. T Tim Den with this Hope for finding the plug that had been used to close in addition the South Carolina accomplish Complete integration 54-year-old Bova ended drillers up the 12-Inch Hole before they action left Only Mississippi and a a la a a Quot is continued work today on several j widened it to 18 inches and Alabama without integration at at Memphis tenn., while City 100-Yard deep shafts which might brought Fellin and throne to the the secondary school Quot level and off Cia s went ahead with a sad provide some clue to the where rope Wase curled around these racial barriers were expect Leal school desegregation plan the about of Bova who has been miss the plug. Edff Fau in Alabama next week. My since a mine Cave in at nearby my inspection of the area the five Charleston negro Sheppton aug. 13. Where Fellin and throne had youngsters encountered Only Curi so hazardous was the Mission been Drebitko said a indicated Ous stares and a few giggles from. Performed Friday night by vol that it would have been impossible White classmates at two High ration of All grades in All county Drebitko 38, of Potts to Tunnel from there to where schools and a grammar school. "nhnft,<5 than Frh a 1ran"fpr a an Ville that his identity was not Dis Bova might be entombed on the closed until after he had been apposite Side of the hauled Back up a 308-foot Shaft one police officer and one or two Fri agents were stationed in As soon As Drebitko made his front of each school. The Fri men report the drilling rigs a which communicated with each other had been quiet along with every with pocket radios. Thing else except a Generator sup the negro children said the plying Power for electric Light a teachers were kind and the White started to churn again. Children generally ignored them Drebitko about 5-feet-8, was although some gave Friendly lowered into the Shaft by about a greetings a Remote controlled television dozen men holding onto a thick two Quot White mothers who cafe ina0jhlham,be? to cd zen others manned dined use of their names said county school Board proposed doing it All at once. A county attorney filed in Federal court a plan calling for Inte schools through a Transfer plan starting with the 1964-65 term. A and reported no Trace of Bova. The Shaft went to the chamber from which Bovais companions David Fellin 58, and Henry throne 28, had been rescued last tuesday after two weeks entombment. Gen. Von Horn resigns in truce Post for testing and exploration had three safety lines. Pakistan denies . Link with recent Cabinet shakeup Karachi Pakistan up a i transferred officials As pro com pakistani officials denied today that american pressure or the coming trouble shooting visit of a High . Official had any connection with a recent government shakeup. The officials said the shakeup had been planned Long before it was decided that . Undersecretary of state George w. Ball would come to Pakistan to discuss developing friction Between the two countries partners in the Southeast Asia treaty organization Seato. Some pakistani newspapers have charged that three former ministers had been transferred aboard in response to pressure from the . Embassy Here. The charges were denied for the second time Friday by the presidential secretariat. Some of the papers have claimed that . Embassy employees had branded the three Monist a but the . Embassy has denied this. The secretariat denial coincided with an announcement in they intended to utilize South i Beirut Lebanon up a maj. Carolinas new tuition Grant pro Gen. Carl c. Von Horn resigned Gram designed to provide state As head of the United nations funds for private school tuition Mission to the Yemen today amid it took Federal troops to get the charges by highly placed . Original a Little Rock nine into sources that the Mission faces classes at Central High in 1957 j total failure because of bungling following rioting and violence. At new York Headquarters. The . Mission was sent to Yemen to try to end United Arab Republic and saudi arabic involvement in the Middle Eastern nations civil conflict. The mis this year in Sharp contrast 33 negroes heard opening Roll Calls with 2,350 White pupils at Central High. The total enrolment of 123 negroes in previously White Little i Sion a two month deadline expires Washington that the United Rock schools included for the first j wednesday states has suspended a $4.3 Mil time the integration of the first the High sources who asked lion loan to construct a new air and fourth grades. High school that their identities be withheld port at Dacca in East Pakistan and Iuno or High classes were de said the Mission a faces total fail Nam u. S. Pro government rally in Saigon a uniformed member of the Cong Hon n youth group stands in front of demonstrators at a pro government rally in front of the City Hall in Saigon today. The demonstrators hailed Xgo Dinh diem president of War torn South Viet Nam for his crackdown on buddhists and their followers. Al wire photo and with the conclusion of a new segregated previously. $2 million Trade agreement be Deputy school supt. Paul fair tween Pakistan and the soviet a no problems at All were re Union. The . Loan suspension was believed to be a direct result of the air agreement signed thursday Between Pakistan and communist China giving red 1 chinese commercial airlines the right to land at three pakistani cities. Washington has indicated Indig i nation at pakistanis increasing Malayan Independence 6 years old Kuala Bumpur Malaya ure because of administrative stupidities by . Headquarters in new York. . Headquarters was accused of a issuing deliberate lies about the work of the the charges came to Light Friday shortly after von Horn announced his resignation for a personal the resignation became effective today. Von Horn a swede headed the . Truce supervision organization in the Middle East for five years. He also served briefly As diem As u for Viet Calls support rally s. Reported ready Nam showdown Saigon Viet Nam up hold most of the real Power Fol vietnamese gathered in downtown lowing the government s raids on Saigon today at a government i Buddhist pagodas and mass a links with the communist regime apr Malaya observed the sixth Tho Roll in peking. At the same Lime anniversary of its Independence i n sin rally called in support of the i rests of opposition elements last Pakistan objects to . Military from Britain in a subdued mood last sent Ember when the Imants 1 crackdown on buddhists and in week. Aid to India to help Block red today. 1 a Temner when me Iman s chinese aggression. Sen. Byrd wonders aloud about White House vehicles about to government controlled i Nnapp Cri inert Tri it to �ei7f� Eon i position of martial Law it was to have been the birth i of the regime. Loyal yemeni i the government controlled Viet organizations participated in the Date of Malaysia now put off tribesmen supported by saudi Nam press Sald 200-000 until Var to i k a it no a a calf of in run. Re no no it to Munh of taxi no cell in do until sept. 16 As a result of opposition pressure from Indonesia and the Philippines. The proposed nation is to embrace Malaya Singapore and the British Borneo territories of Sarawak and North Borneo. Malayan prime minister Turku Arabia resisted the seizure while persons jammed City Hall Square . Forces backed the new mfr onto the u. S. Information office. Unofficial sources put the Republican regime. The United nations under a be a crowd at about 30,000. Reliable sources said the rally rally. Most of the crowd appeared to be civil servants or soldiers in civilian clothes. They showed Little emotion. Speakers of the various organizations praised the governments forces out. But High . Sources said Here that new York Headquarters in Berryville a. Apr sen. I a one air Force Douglas do Harry f. Byrd chairman of the 6b for airports that can to take Abdul Rahman expressed anxiety Senate finance committee won-1 jets i Over the future of the Malaysia dered aloud today whether presi a a 21 foot Lincoln Continental federation he designed to serve nored evidence indicating russian Dent Kennedy really needs All automobile and three other Fem As a bulwark against the spread j pilots were flying bombing mis those planes and yachts and Lim ily cars addition to secret of comrnvnisrt1 Southeast Asia. Sions for the Republican Side. Ous Ines and things. Service vehicles and the regular i the Philippines Bas a claim to the Virginia Democrat who Whit of fat North Borneo Iberia shares purity Council mandate sent a ecu our Quot a a Martini Law 11 Mission into the tiny nation to was organized on orders of Ngod udon 1lo in in Art old a a 1 try to get the . And saudi j Dinh Nhu the powerful brother of. A Tore a president Ngo Dinh diem to dem i lenders is political speculators. Dinh diem the Peoples Only about 10,000 of those attending were Blue uniformed members of the Republican youth organization headed by Nhu or members of the women a Solidarity movement headed by Madame Nhu the politically influential sister in Law of the president. One of the girls at the rally was Madame Nhuy a daughter Ngo Dinhle Thuy. It had been expected that Nhu himself or mme. Nhu would attend but neither put in an a on Strate support for. The govern yields to no Republican when it comes to advocating less Federal spending said a the president is a Busy Man and he must be Able to move and act quickly and i certainly do White House Fleet a a special Railroad car a two yachts a another yacht available from the Navy and a a racing yawl supplied the Island of Borneo with Sarawak and North Borneo. Not begrudge him any recreation through the coast he is Able to find. But consider Byrd in a speech for his 41st the land sea and air transport annual Apple Orchard picnic not available to the White House. Washington linked live there Are a the to helicopters a the presidents private $8 million fan Jet Boeing 707-320 aeroplane. De that a House subcommittee a had approved the presidents re Moscow Washington up a the quest for two new twin Jet helicopters costing $1,125,000 each. A maybe All of this is necessary a said Byrd. A but somehow Washington to Moscow hot line has a three Boeing 707�?Ts assigned to or another it seems to me the gone into operation As a Safe the White House by the air president could set an example by guard against nuclear War by a Force. Getting along with a Little cadent. The defense department said Friday. Nuclear subs needed Tokyo a �?. Ambassador Edwin o. Reischauer just Back from Washington said today the limited nuclear test ban mentus policies in a time of crisis the governments play for popular backing came As diplomatic sources said u. S. Ambassador Henry Cabot Lodge probably will meet with diem within the next few Days for a showdown on the Buddhist crisis. The sources said Lodge is expected to demand the removal of treaty has not changed the need Khu As the on Way to Ead for nuclear powered submarines a Touchy Issue in Japan. Japanese leftists scheduled demonstrations sunday against having . Nuclear submarines Call at japanese ports. Crisis and press ahead with the governments drive to wipe out the communist Viet Cong guerrillas. Nhu who Heads South Viet names secret police is thought to president asked to pick 3 neutrals for rail Board troopers guarding Home of Folcroft negro couple sible chairman were Milton s. Eisenhower president of Johns Hopkins University Baltimore brother of the tonner president. All out support to president Ngo ter attended with a group of mme. Nhuy a women a paramilitary corps. Diplomatic sources interpreted the governments removal of Gold and foreign Exchange from Saigon Banks to the presidential Palace As a precaution against a Headon clash with the United states Over current policy. The sources said the withdrawal of the currency is in preparation for shipping it out of the country. The sources said Lodge will deliver to diem the demands outlined in a voice of America broadcast to Viet Nam a but later repudiated by the state department. President plans visit to to states Hyannis port mass. Up a president Kennedy will make a in state tour of conservation and natural resources areas sept. 25 to 29, the White House announced today. His trip will take him to Pennsylvania Minnesota North Dakota Montana Wyoming Utah Wash Nevada. Press Secretary Pierre Salinger also announced that Kennedy will be interviewed in two television news shows in the next to Days. Salinger said Kennedy would a by John m. Hightower Washington a u. S. Officials discounted As impractical today a proposal by French president Charles de Gaulle for the neutralization of Viet Nam backed by a French offer of a cordial but sen. George d. Aiken of Vermont the Senate s senior Republican and a member of the foreign relations committee said the United states should take up de Gaulle on his offer a to relieve us of our responsibilities in South Viet a a we be invested about $3 billion in that area and i am delighted if France is willing to take Over our responsibilities a Aiken said. French ambassador Herve al hand discussed the de Gaulle move with Secretary of state Dean Rusk Friday then told reporters it was not intended As a slap at u. S. Policies in the Southeast asian country. De Gaulle a statement thursday had caused irritation among officials Here because they saw it As a possibly troublesome intervention in a critical situation for purposes which they said privately they could not understand. Some thought and still to Ink that de Gaulle was immediately concerned at. A time of crisis in Viet Nam with reasserting French interest and perhaps some French influence in the area once under French colonial Rule. There was a widespread interpretation also that indirectly and by implication de Gaulle was indicating disapproval of . Policies in Viet Nam. Aiken said however he did not understand Why the state department appeared to be baffled and annoyed by de Gaulle a action. As a member of the Western bloc the senator said France has a responsibility to help preserve peace and resist communism. A we Haven to seen any detailed proposal of course a Aiken said. A maybe this is a bid to reassert French influence in Southeast Asia. A France is trying to be important. Lets take them up on this. If this is not a Bluff id go so far As to leave a great part of our supplies and equipment in Tho area for then and stay there during the transition . Policymakers Are deeply concerned about the future development of the Viet Nam crisis which turns on a political dispute Between the government of president Ngo Dinh diem and Buddhist and student elements antagonistic to the government. The United states has been outs Okenly critical of government actions against the buddhists including Many arrests and attacks last week on buddhists temples. At the same time . Leaders have Felt their scope of action is limited because As one official said a there is a War on and the United states wishes to avoid any action which would weaken operations against communist guerrilla forces. Al hand said that the vietnamese situation and de Gaulle s statement were among the topics he discussed with Rusk. The meeting was set up prior to de Gaulle a statement al hand emphasized. A i think Gen. De Gaulle s statement is very al hand said a and it includes first an Appeal to the entire people of Viet Nam not just one Section of Viet name continued on Page 6 Pear with Walter Cronkite of the was the Hook up of the Long pro-1 Washington up a presi ejected project came in an la Dent Kennedy today took on the word announcement from the de-1 unwanted Job of naming three sense department. J Neutral a a middlemen to an Arbi a the link Between Moscow is United press International i the Bakers tried to enter the sudd. A the by old a was tossed Back lodges e. Barrett Prettyman and a broadcasting co. On sept. A. I the National safety Council is Folcroft a. Up rein Home twice thursday but were the new tic line Between the to the White House Friday when Harold Medina and former us in each Case it will be on a amazed that from 430 to 520 per program marking expansion of the a would die in traffic Acci Holiday weekend expected to take its usual grim toll by United press International. Bury ont., and her daughter , i a. I and mrs. Barbara a forced state troopers Early today repulsed by the crowd which Kro nations will allow president rail Union and management failed preme court Justice Harold Bur halted disorders by a jeering pelted their car with eggs and Kennedy and Premier Nikita s. To agree on selection of the Neu ton. Rock throwing crowd of 500 Whites stones shattered windows and i Khrushchev to Exchange to a it la members for the Board. I also mentioned for possible a under the terms of the rail leg j ointment to the Board were isolation passed by Congress last James Healy Harvard business outside the Home of the first be dabbed it with paint. Sages in a matter of minutes. Gro family to move into the about 60 troopers and local a the cuban crisis dramatically _ _ neighbourhood. I Tolmen stood guard outside the pointed up the need for the hot wednesday the president was to school professor and James j. The angry crowd gathered in Home after the Bakers moved in line. At the height of the crisis pick the three members if the Reynolds assistant labor Secre front of the Home of Horace Bak but w Ere unable to Cope with a Kennedy and Khrushchev were unions and management dead tary. Or a chemist and his wife Sara barrage of rocks and stones Laid forced at times to resort to open locked Over the Issue. One of the the railroads have chosen j. E. Daily news show to 30 minutes. De Schneider 33, Cadillac mich., and her son David 4, were killed in a two car collision at an intersection South of Cadillac Friday night. Three persons were killed at Webster ., Friday night when a nurse who moved into the Down by roving bands of Young broadcasts to avoid delay previously All White neighbourhood sters. I the hot line consists of a wire under a state police escort Friday. Weather in full forecast Central and Northern Cayuga county Clearing and Cool this afternoon with dry air. High near 70. Clear and Chilly tonight. Fair and continued Cool tomorrow. Southern Cayuga county sunny and Cool this afternoon. High near 70. Low tonight in the High 40�?Ts. Generally fair and continued Cool tomorrow. Temperature readings water dept. Thermometer for 24 hour period ending at 2 . 1903 1962 maximum 61 go minimum 57 65 Sunrise today 5 25 sets 6 35 Sun rises tomorrow 5 26 est Lake level today 707.17 Lake level one year ago 706.32 barometric pressure 29.91, rising the crowd numbering 300 at and Cable Hook up running first and then swelling to 500 Dur Stockholm. Helsinki and Moscow ing the evening yelled obscenities in operation 24 hours a Day and catcalls at the Baker Home the Cost to the United states is the House remained dark expected to be $10,000 monthly for middlemen chosen by the presi Wolfe who headed their Neotia tonal ,. Dents during the Holiday period Kennedy in giving the dates a which began at 6 . Friday their convertible went off the and states for his conservation in an j Henrj Midnight Mon Road struck a Utility pole and Section trip this month said he Day. Scores More will lose their overturned in a ditch. The dead hoped the journey would focus jives in miscellaneous accidents included Edward Bryant 20, and attention on this vital part of during the 78-hour period. Nettie ruffle 21, both of web Thor Effort s in the Field of a Quot the record traffic to11 for a term and Ronald Young 24. Anther efforts in the Field of a labor Day to iday was marked de Quoit . Up last year when 501 persons Dent will act As chairman of the Tion team in the stalemated talks the White House said Ken died. The Safet Council feared seven Man arbitration Board. Land Guy w. Knight a vice presi a Nedys trip would take him to a that Mark might be exceeded this tonal Parks National seashores year because new records were wilderness areas dams and pow set during this years memorial or and redevelopment projects. And Independence holidays. Last no details of times or places year 177 persons were killed in were available at this Point. An other types of accidents Over la the Union management impasse Dent of the Pennsylvania rail came As no Surprise. J Road As their Board members. Government officials already j the representatives of the five were considering possible appoint rail unions involved were expect throughout the night Long Demon leased circuits and about $15,000 yes when Union and management de to b h. E. Gilbert president stations. For four sending and receiving officials announced Friday they of the firemen a Union and Ray Advance team of White House Day. Several groups in the gathering machines. Russia will pay about could not reach agreement. J Mcdonald vice president of the ides will embark next week on the safety Council said 360 Permute news photographers at the the same. 1 among those mentioned As pos it trainmen s brotherhood. A planning expedition. Sons would die during a compar scope the principal targets onto non Holiday period in late summer. A United press International count at 9 30 a m. Edt showed that at least 50 persons had been killed in traffic accidents since school roman Catholic priest and prot the Holiday weekend began at 6 their missiles. Three photographers were punched by men in the crowd. Joel Schrank of United press International w As struck in the Mouth by an assailant who disappeared among the spectators. The front seat of the automobile protestant Catholic dialogue stressed Rochester . Apr Ai the participants were a mixed Gate Rochester divinity of Joe of Dowd of the Philadelphia Dharna of the change that has throng of varied dress race i Here. Extant clergymen gave a daily news was set afire. Swept the Christian world was d tradition i working j roman cattle observers also mrs. Betty tinned 32 was going on Here today. A. A a were on hand huddling in Anis 4 r. A struck on the head with a flying their gathering As members of mesh their efforts and to mend mated conversation with Luther growing protestant Catholic Dia drownings i Rock and was treated at Fitzger the Central committee of the the rifts in Church Dom. Ans methodists baptists. Presb Logue. I miscellaneous i Ald mercy Hospital. Quot world Council of churches of a they represented 200 Church Teri ans and others. The Rev. John b. Sheerin of. Total 52 at least four men were report feed a vivid portrayal of the Quot line. As recently As the mid-1950s, new York editor of the Catholic California had the worst recorded arrested on disorderly conduct new Solidarity. I bodies in Many kinds around catholics were forbidden to take i world said the a starting Point charges. Anthony Savarese 35, i a christians Are on the Way to 1416 Karth. Part in such affairs. But now it for the Unity efforts was Recagni charged that police beat him As Unity a says in inter Deomina they sat through hours of Dis was done with Vatican backing. Tion that protestants Are linked to he stood on his own property tonal Faith and order report in cushions. And in Between strolled another example of the opening the Catholic Church through Bap-1 the Holiday period. Near the scene. I Der study Here. 1 Hie Grassy Hilltop grounds of col channels came Friday when a Tim. A mrs. Yolanda la Fleur 40, Sud joint pm. Local time Friday stressing the i a with seven fatalities. Four persons were killed in Michigan a fit St fatal Accident of finds Ideal Way to hide Fortune London apr the daily Mirror announced today the Winner of its contest for suggestion on How to hide a stuck of stolen Cash. The com it edition was inspired by Britain a $7-tnillion train robbery of three weeks ago. Intrigued by How the bandits hid their loot after the shakeout the Mirror asked a How would you hide 250,000 pounds $700,000 in fivers a suggestions poured in for hiding the Cash in toilet Rolls beehives garbage cans and burying it in the Forecourt of Scotland Yard. But the 50-Mtund $110 prize went to ii. Mcbride of Doncaster who said a i would give it to my

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