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Attica Ledger Press (Newspaper) - October 6, 1911, Attica, Indiana Year a Mcm min aii. Feb my to. My ini Leirer mass Ouita him in get w Imbs rollicks in in the Lendl Tato pirate Welk in we Asiko to tick lep Gerness wot men a bigger a i Batter a scr thu attic by Ever bad a Iid jul Lati the Situ Taik Rice in maj in who noi Itin Govino ton Only a Short tia. Dealer War Nak ing it my a Ann flt to him Thatha a a Leaai pulled to Nove it to Atli a Faa naia Yaar wharf a a indented tha paper an-tu1858. In Issom. Bie Awaa put to Faa Tomk a a lep Ollean Naas Inaa for gain Tara Lithe am at Daiyu Lula bal did tha a Avaya an Goat 1. Or. Oar ii w. Balonan com data Arad aoe eat dad or. Bias and Cantina and a pay iri Moha i maed of it to or. Daear f. Stafford an Anela of Gaziia w. Stafford of tus Day tha Aala balls Mada Jolly. 1862. On tha night a Jami any 16, 1864, tha oboe wave Onanad by lira hot or. Staffard in Mahad tip Onte Oming in under by printing tat Ollai Zaport. A new pore Ahaad and not a number Oftle a paper Miaad. He Jou tha paper september 24, 1864 to Benjamin f. Hagler. Or. He a ler improved the Plant oon Alder ably enlarging the aise of tha paper to an eight a Thunn Folio and of hat saturday the Moat important that has occurred in the news a Orclea of Fountain county for Zimny Yawara was brought about when a Daal was Consi unrated by which the Attila Day Ledger. The Attica week-1$ lad Gar and the saturday press were a pm to Harry f. And will g. Ross. The Hla was made by or. A. S. Peacock waa owner of the press and at. Lial mme time trustee for the creditors of Edgar Webb former owner and pub of the Ledger. Possession was at once and announcement of the flt a waa made thru the evening led Fly of saturday. Nagot factions toward this end had been pending for several Days and the news a a not a Surprise to the business men of tha City Moat of whom had been in in Zawad previously regarding the mat tar. It la Irene rally recognized by All Aan Cattad a a step Forward As it will Tad to clarify the new diaper situation in Attica and thus make it possible to give tha Day and surrounding to tory a Batter pier than Haa Bera to Paiua Tostevin Aflaki whish was obviously Avail Imdad. In View of the Demon a thud fact that the Day Ledger has last Ita a abusers several thousand Mara within the last few Yeara the Pisa ant owners have Susie dad Ita pub Mcalian until Auch time As a plan can be Divi aad Fay Winch it can be made to yield a Revenue sufi Dent to carry it on inu partly. This will doubtless prove a Didawi ointment to Many of our Good of Trianda who will miss its visits but at a he Prasant time we cannot see our May dear to continue its publication. Hoar after we shall not definitely band to it and As soon As we Are thru mov bag and get tiie business reorganized in with our plans an Effort will be i Amda to see if the daily can be re Stab met on a profitable basis. Oar equip a Aat win be such that if occasion War Nita a daily can be started on a few Kours notice. The paper from now on will be known m the Attica Ledger prese thus perpetuating the ancient name of the led which has been a household word in Nany Homes of Fountain and Warren canties for More than a half Century had Itiat of the saturday press which Haa came to be regarded As the Leader Mbong the weekly newspapers of this Aaref Eliof the Wabash Valley. The ii a of the paper has been permanently far raft to seven columns thus adding alg fait a dumps to each Issue the value of Wudi is not apparent this week on area ont of the Lazi Virtume of advertising a Fairfa almost swamp us in a it ite of Faai Nerease. The combination will five a Faa la geat list in Cha two a oon Tiaa Tfaye Kaaua today being a a tar 2,800, and the live advertisers of Iha Day Ware Quick to a Inathe Advant i Idi this offers. Liis Iague is Ivah Artof a Faaita publishers Wuu Iwami to have made it but the of i that i wrap Ariit to Onove and that in the Planta fave Baan More in Haa a that this was . A Havein a rat ii Tea Ambrof Faatu raa which a f the into tha la or pm and Laaure our of Haida that if a a psf Ami Aalto a tent wit Faaa until Pimp in .8at->iiaotganiaad and Aquara <17 to it Jat the it Fifer in would Uka to Faava. I vhf Nawib Ana Dollar Par it a t Nat a Faa a of Tafai Iwa uly aft Paadlar eat Kaap fli wami pm totes Lac Lett pm ices passes tot Tineiafi m a Ara c4sra.u� Filesi Weir Lueers great later eat Maaia Tad a dia Tuifau Tina of estate who Dies expected to exceed half a my Kim doll an. Soon afterwards changing the Nan from the Fountain Ledger to the Attica Ledger. A continued As editor for a Little More than ten years and nov. 13,1874, sold it to l. D. Hayes and a. S. Peacock who conducted it until july 1879, when the latter withdrew. Or. Hayes continued As publisher until april 22, 1880, when he sold to a. S. Page Doc and h. C. Martin. This Par Nerah continued until july 9, 1886, when or. Mart withdrew. Or. Pea Eek then edited the Ledger for thirteen years with a single exception during who e. A. Nye was the editor. During or. Peacoc a ownership Many important improvement and changes were Mada inthe Lei. Tha paper waa enlarged to a nine Chunn Folio and the end pent of the office Imp Roveil the Attica daily Ledger was Esteb listed by c. 1896 As the evening Newa. That paper waa purchased by or. A Arock in january 1897, and two Papen a the daily and weakly la Alfao the name of tim Dail waa not Hangad until Nova Adiar 1897, Faao Faa Offida waa equip wit a Faa Maat Midani Maff Hlanaty and print ii material of any Olbera i Neatam Indiana Faa siae of Faa Day i a Fairfa it a located. At Faa mama time Faa wetly lad Gar waa Enla Gad to a Cavan Cohun i dig fat ii Aga paper and Faa daily Aidai ged from a five to a air a Tamn Foo and later to even Chimna in february 1896 a Stock company formed and incorporated a the Attica Ledger printing co., capitalized at $10,000. Of this amount 9,000 was paid in. A. S. Peacock was president Fred Cooke vice president and de r. Campber Secretary and treasurer. This company continued to own and publish the Ledger for ten years the incorporation being dissolved by Edgar Webb about four years ago. During this time there were several changes in the ownership of the Stock. Or. Peacock sold out to Roy c. Gault sept. 17, 1898 and in May following both he and or. Cooke sold their interests to c. W. Randall who in partnership with or. Campbell operated the Plant i or nearly two years. April 1,1901 the company was reorganized with or. Peacock As pred Dent a. P. Nave \ ice president and eur. Campbell Secretary and treasurer. Or. Peacock waa postmaster at the time and or. Nave had no incline tim toward Active newspaper work to the editing and management of the paper Reata with or. Campbell. During the period the Ledger reached the height of its career and aug. 8,1901 issued a magnificent illustrated souvenir Issue a cell nation of its Semi Centennial in june i902 will g. Ross purchased or. Nave s Stock and onto 19� he and or. Campbell end Octal tha and Nara in 1906 or. Campeau sold Faia interest to Edgar Webb of Wiik Amport and a year and a half Latar Tfaye fatter bought or. Raas s interest Alao. Or. Webb became thus Theao Laowna and a Uriah Erand tiie Torpo Catian . He Footit Quad i Castrol of Faa daa Tiniada of Faa papera until May Loti fast a Faia on petion of fun font Goodwin and two ofe Faar Cra Ditora my. Waif Awaad Judie Atad a Faanan Vaad a. A Page ask Naomai Rae Aivar far Paupaw lar. At Alami Taia or. Pay Yaek waa Cha Oman a Kair to Nalaa and a aad Pim isted tha lad Gar of Btl last Satori dir Whan h Ivaa Bald to the Peak it preppie Leec Faa Mayas Ifaf b b. Basra Dauod Nart with a iii i Sibrt Toad Tom t. Van ate Tad m a Atloff Vibha we Faa Way to Faa gnat . A Law a Lapin a and waa a aaa Faar of Faa . Shaft Earl i Kaaa of tha Laig Aak in tit a Faamau a Nabla to Gati Aida. Birr. Wide am wii Amr eau in Eta Faa Ian iea Faldi waa Davaid of Olaaf Attiqa. Us boy waa Aoa Isaad in Fri Axana Faa mama in Faa Binal of _ a Raddant Mckinlay and Tafare we min Dot utes he a at by new Ilia it in fairs upon Midi pcs my a of Tenor in off atom a aae of tic Matiy Beautiful Floral off iii a. I Sott Niazof Baan id of Itea Quot Flea to v Aeau a acid Quot in tim Pau Baama Ware Hatton , a v. Adams a. H. Haun. Fid treat Jutland de Habart. Faa Jaa me. M. After Ai Uneas which is up posed to have originated in a Cohl take i during an automobile ride a Wade before William c. Smith the Vaoa Raue pie aident of Wanen county Bank at Williama port died sunday afternoon at tha Resi Decca of John Stephenson with whom a Cadahia Home. Faa cold Deve ipad into a Patritia and on Friday be fell to Felt Matoba cond Timi in which he remained until Ida death. Or. Smith waa probably the second Ric beat Man in Carroi county. He is general Beer affixed with bang a Mil Bonair but Tea Oak in too Efa wit a Hia affairs declare that his wealth will that Laura. In via of Faa fact that a never married and Haa no a Dative nearer Faan Nakfa news there Yaag Reatheal of speculation regard Hig Tfaye provi Aiona of Faia will the nea Raat Fareira Are Isaac Julian and his younger brother both of Whua Oba port Adiola Mother waa a Dakar of tia dead banker. C. L., John and 8. D. Malsnar Are half Nap Fatwa their Mot a have a Baan a half sister to him. Mai of amt Worf Cigar of this Day is a half Giand Niece. Tfaye win a in Diaga of Attar air a v. Mcadam Afao spent mama time wit a or. Sodt a Portwo Prianto his death arranging Ita final data Ila. It a a parted that it will be Mada Paboue on saturday Bat Thia a not known definitely. Or. Smith waa bom in a log Cabin in Radhia township april 22, 18r2 and a Aathua 79 Yean of age. He lived in the Community where be was bom until 1888, when he was eksted county Derk and took up his Readence in the county seat when he arrived there he waa eleven Hundred dollars in debt but he was a bom Finander and it was a Ime Ollil in adhi a Mill and when his talents were United with those of the Veteran Ejli tor. The press forged rapidly to the front. In 1908 or. Pea Eek became afflicted with rheumatism and becoming unable to devote his personal attrition to the business least it to Rosa Brothers who took phases Sion qty 1, of that year. For three Yean a two months it was published by the they Reti rii sept. 1st, last at which time or. Peacock again took up the editorial reins. The Sale of the Preas marcs the permanent retirement of or. Peacoat from the new i it apers Field in Attica in which be Haa Beai an Active figure for nearly half a Century having started As a Carrier boy pm the Ledger in Hia Barefoot Daya. In View of that the follow ing state meat by him will be of Peculiar interest to his thousands of friends Thra out Fountain and Warren to untied and Ela whare in tha Patata. Tha saturday Presa Haa been am to Roa a Brothers who Are now in Poa Aea Sion. That tha newspaper Atmos Paara Haa been cleared by the combination of tha Ledger and Prada every Attlean will ree Egniee and that it win Ead under the ability and of Faa naw Igor Eaton a . Itna Tonly Adda to Faa Vahia of Faa property hot it a to tha Inta Raat it of Patrona of both Pateras Ufa Oak loyalty Haa Khraya bean of Faa Penaat of Nasty. In tha Deal tha new Ownen secure a airy edition of Faa Attica lad Gar. A Faalava a Dan of to Auba Tripti a payable to As 8. Palaad the Cea. Faa Pes Dot Faa a Ladt Wmk a a Flaa Faidi and Stoat and Faa inc of my Papai Quot Tiaa in Atli a Padma for Tea Shock Buiter hip thais. A very pretty wedding waa solemnized wednesday evening at the Home of or. And mrs. John q. Hock when their Only daughter Ethel waa married to or. Ulric g. Hunter son of or. And mrs. James Hunter of the Jud Yville Community. The ceremony waa performed by Rev. D. D. Hoagland of Green Katie and waa very in Presdee and Beautiful the episcopal ring form being used. About thirty guests were present Bidu Dluga few of the Bride s friends i addition to the immediate relatives. Lathe time approx est for be Gimp no Tfaye ceremony mrs. Gertrude Webb Byad . T. W. Kcal a Kaanga tender adding Aonga Atto tii air of Mandy Paofan a apr ii Sny and Thia waa followed by Mand Dawohn a wedding March. The Bride entered the parlor on the Arm of bar Fri Pfaar Bat Tea Brewere noot Faer Atta Odrata. Faa Brida a gown waa a Brant ibid White dec Era a in Eune. Made Empire Natyla and trimmed with Satin and Kee. After Tfaye who Diwok Load tia ear Anongd a wadding an Par waa Aanard and a factly after Ita a Soeki Aioo if a Yenof Eoula Katina motor ear for Lafky Atta going Way of Williamsport in order to Etna meant a Eroid of to fair Young friends who Kwa Bant on giving them a Hilari Aqa Asod off. By a bit of Atrat agy Traoy gave to fair tenant artafae a pair. Atar Tad a aft by toward Lafayette of tip a Wahidi Day Thorp Fauad to make a ten Day wed Faig trip i the ear altho they had not decided whether tip or would go to Indianapolis Andun Anniti or Chicago. Or. Hunter and his Bride Are both most Excell nit Young Peck be and have a Host of warm friends to wish than Well unto Spring they will make their Home in West Lebanon where the Groom is employed in a Bank but about March 1st thay will go onto or Hunter s Fine farm near Jud Yville and make their permanent Home . Robert w. Foster of Rob Roy and Carrie m. Pyle daughter of f. M. Pyle of Davia township went to Lebanon Ltd wednesday and woe married by Rev. E. P. Gilchrist former pastor of the presbyterian Church at Newtown. Or. Foster a the son of Geo m. Foater and wife of this Day and is a Fine Young Ferow. The lady is a favorite with All who know her and the Heartiest of Good Wadiea Are sex voided for a Keg and Happy Start hrs amp of store Ruak orb waa in Attica the Raday and secured a lease on the Isley room Fon nerdy Oce Piad by the Bank of at to and will install a new aha agora there at once. He expected to be ready for Hia opening october 21. Or. Orb a As Yoong married Man and a i raq acted in Fowler where Fae Fon nerdy Eoo dieted a aha atan. A Givara Ovidla Raof will to a a Ambia addition to Faa Budna a Euroia of Matiea. Or. Orb will of Avo to Attica a Soas a a can a acre afar Oak. Howell Farandia Faa Sala Afao a Exdoar Valy. It Faaa been printed Traat Jamaa Fra . Fad ranted Faa Idar Mam wit a Faola Tantia of a Tait fax amalmittfaa0a, did Vidt Tea dts Rafaat coating Cufa a Bronori Tiaa but a Faliva Dorfi a ind and Faai fat a a Coad Farad Atoka in nov gum. 1� or. re re memo Faaa tila crowd of Attica Faaa Taka the tewa aad Makaa a Dali Strati a which oath ass the Fau festival a a a in one of the beat games of Balew Ever wit neat in Thia part of the Arete the Attica National yesterday afternoon cinch their claim Tother Hampke ship of Fountain Vermillion Warren and Benton counties by defeating the Stroin of it of two to one. The teams have been dose rivals to it a two Seamona and last saturday concluded a aerie of three games of which the National won two. The store Satur Day was 4 to 2 in fault or of tiie nationals and this was supposed to Settle Tea matter Bat the Oxford Tea Waro Atill unconquered and begged another Gao their fall carnival in in Graza there Thia weak. Reco Gnia log that it would be a game for Gore Faa Nati Anala manged for a pedal trip aad or. Harrison Faut Down Faa car court tag Plant in order to give the Aap Porten of Tfaye team an Opportunity to sea Faa game. Teatar Day fio want to Oxford by train Taf Chig with them the National band. A addition to Thia a Nimbar want up at noon by Auto and Attica forty took the town. A of the Attica crowd carried along a bottle Money and it a a a Lapaante dab room in Attica to Imlay avar iii and appointed be Madts Tuaato Arriaga for the third annual . 16 17, 18 and a vol Afi tat data my will Baa it Naiad and Tom award win be Mada by store card. J. C. Fai Tammra pc posed Traat Pei a of Vadoua a cauda a donated daily by tha exp Alliton and Maiben in order to at Familathe attendance. The matter waa a famed i Faa Handa of a committee to be worked out falter. One or a Arizapa two pans will be Given away a Ovan ii . Will cd is president of the Alao elation w. R. Gilmore a Mac Elmr a cd Chaa. T. Jacobean intr Enaam. Them Anaga Mentor thed Hawilla Ttaha Daof an equal number of Dira Atera chosen from Eadi of the two to untied. . Cd use will superintend the bist domes. Mrs. Hulda Stone was found dead. In her bed about 8 o Teek on saturday morning at Tira Home of Marion a Herd at Stone Bluff. She had been Keeshig House for Shepherd and had not been heard to complain altho she waa Well past 77 Yean of age. Mrs. Stime Leavea two sons we. B. Of Stone Bluff and Thomas of Colorado. The hitter reached Stone Bluff in time for Tira funeral Ltd tuesday. For Mair Yean the Flunoy lived Ltd the Sikiric Rankin farm in Northem Davia township weat of West Pant the lady waa Widdy known All Over Tafee Monty and a by regarded by Vavaty one. She was very companion Aua aad old ago Ipar Antly made no Canaca in her Frappy funny Dis portion. Faa a Baba of Faar death waa heart Dis Athaly Aati Aastad that the Faaao Watfa Taam a thousand Dilua or Janore won in Bete. It would to hard to ibid two Omro Alvanly match Romina played Wiki Faa Nati Obala last but trim Faaa Baan playing in a Mizar league Down a Kent Day Tua Yaar waa m the Box for Attica and Ahaad did the twirling for Oxford. Tfaye former truck out seven men and Hassel six. Shaw and Fletcher did the Aen sat Mal work at the hat Shaw getting three Good hit8,<�e single and Twotwo Bagger. Oxford Achi one run in the dec ibid and As inning after inning pact with nothing Bat Goose Egga on the Board for Attica the National Stock began to go Down. The Rooten were game however and kept urging on the player with such Avojune of rooting As the old town never heard before. As the ninth inning approached both teams strained every nerve. Not a Man of the eighteen relax Hia Vik Gance and not an error was made during the entire game. Shaw came up first in the ninth and. Got away with a single. He was Fol i webby Joe Fleming who sacrificed and sent Shaw on to Yacond. Ray Fleming singled and i an attempt to make Home Joe was put out near the plate. While this was Dong Ray got to see Ltd base to that when Fletcher came up there were two men out and one on use. Fletch struck twice and Mist Bat the third Atria landed Square on Faa trademark and sent tha Ball Tiia Fence Auto Tfaye Railroad Tratta. Faia waa Good for a Faoma ran and be Aida Broom it in flaming from Aarond a Fairfa aet Tfaye Hattte Fatma win wit a in Daam the Secand half waa soon Over but it waa Marist by an unfair but Indr Etoal attempt to even up Faena. Flet Faor became the 1km of the Day and who the crowd return Edo town Ana formal Parade waa formed with Faa band in Faa Lead and Fletcher Home a on Faa Afao Alden of two Brawny a. Nay Marche Darood the Square aad Gaya Adana narration of a Itaas Izaak to Cha a Oslo cd Navar Agar a along it was after Ai fat o Dock Faan Faa special undo fac fat Attila aad Faa pay Friia film Paiit Doam party Traat Wilfa Faa band Fai tha Laad aad at Tow adot Faa Prat Aadyn Faaa Arnold a Aaita a i tuft a Fawn a fed of hip is weary of country life i wifi Aai tor Waluto Cucas. air of a mama to be Kead of a Buran an Rudd of okie bad. A Fol Frances both pm i Ivo ests . 20111te� under Tfaye aug Iricea of Tfaye Presby tarian Ladiana Aid Soldaty a Moat a uhf Attil a promised a i sets of Attica Friday of eng oct 20ti Faan Mary Reid of Laval and will Prasant Nacea Hodgson Natt a ton Cung Hottie Atoy the Dawn Ora lira. Add is said to be a Reader of exceptional ability her work having evoked the warmest commie tion of pastors and i Yeram managers. Her renditions Are forceful a Renys and Markt a nematic ability Chanc teries each selection. Quot the Dawn of a tomorrow Quot was one of the most popular number of the 1909 Attica Chautauqua program Bdil prefab need by Margaret Stahl the Charm of the st by its of no less than ity inimitable rendering by miss Stahl made a vivid impression upon the Menuey of every one of the Irge audience that heard it and scores who enjoyed it then will be anxious to Bear it Agam As Given by mrs. Reid. The Reading will be Given in the Church auditorium. The admin ski will be Twenty five Canto few adult and fifteen for children a Liberal share of the proceeds going into the Treasury of the Aid society for the the eos to see Ashaiiu a note to a. S. Peacock from f. Torrea brings the information that the open ion performed on Hia father in Law Hon. E. A Nebeker of Covington Faaa proven entirely such earful and there is every indication that the Veteran Polit Idan will recover his sight. For nearly two Yean or. Nebeker has been shot out fran a growth of a Cathri to on Hia a yes finally it reach a stage where tha Turgeau decided that an operation would afford Relief and Lam week the of Pantoia waa Persona de a a Faoa Pital at Indian Apoua Lor or. F. A. Marri Aoi. The a Obdia Faa Aliat nicely aad or. Nesbak a Haa Faaiu Ama to aaa Faa doctor Faila Hayfa Tea Maya draft Hia of car Oya Faaa Bam Bod far a Nabar 0 yarn new Urs was at att men aad Diu me Artria of i Rafai Attica an fee Faa of amt a Tamaam Tematea far Uda an tap of to fair Imp radian a am Edda. of Maqui to 41 a a stumper Fatma Atin Utia to Mara Faal Baa Amr Cap tam Toat Faff of Alai Back to Faa Boom of . A Paizar foot sore and Wariy but stir confident and Smihal George and Loyd Smith aged tan and Twive Yean trudged to Attica monday evening and bravely inquired Tfaye Way to Chicago. Loyd Saab Arafat and coat less and it waa evident that to iier runaway to Makdad Bazaar notified and took the Youngsten under Chiapa Tainan Cara. Held la Emo tiie Day Hau where Thoy Edda Fumk Story of a Vii Rua away from the Fame of their nude. Frisk Missnar a Farmer who Hvala near Foater four a id a half Milea weat of Covngton. Tha Maraha tap Foo de to sheriff Kerr and tuesday mom Hig Faa hitter came up and got Faao and took Faem to Covington Wafaie they have Aai Ater living. Thead Zapant monday night in Tfank it cd in it when Ageev by a reporter for the Ledger Kaaa tuesday Momtag seemed not tim Layat dismayed by their Arpot Kaaea Alfao Traoy a Traat Thor Ufama fad gone Aaliya. Csepiga. Faa join Gary waa a bal Littie fallow quite Cam. Budea Tiva and readily an Awaad a to Fafata. Faay Are Aoa of Fedor a Soitza Afao waa for . Sotall Taaca ago Tite Laidly a fad to Chick co and Bow Radda a Haapla Faiyao a aaa adm at Day Iremio a now Dot Digiov far Faa big track Fana that abroad la time Vida ity. Accords a to Gomia Faia Fatima waa admitted to Faa bar both i Ladeama and ii Noia but Popou make Mora Money to Dong to Heia a Ocuin at that. Foray Waranda half the Boya Havo been a whig at the Homo of Thor undo on a farm near Foater and have had to help with the farm work. Ian it when you Firat come Tafara Quot de dared the he Quot but it Geta dog Good me some after you been there they declared that they had had no trouble with their Uncle or aunt but had g a so tired of the country and anxious to see Ptiicar Paranto to thay walk to Chicago. Taking advantage of Tfaye Aba Anea of their Uncle the Boya left somday and walked to coi ton where they spent the night wit ii their shifter. Tha next Day they started and walk Faa fifteen Milea that stretch their weary length Beti Here and the county Loyd had no Afao a and declared once last Spring As his Uncle waa too poor to afford them but Hia brother waa Wal Afao. He a luckily asserted that he did not mind the Gnad and Dunden of the Roq Gfa railway Toddi and Bolli declared Traat had not Mara Faal Beamer clip Trad Taam Toaty would have kept on until they a Sadie Chicago they had said that when that gave out Faay fad planned to atop and work for Home Farmer cutting com or something until Faey tool get Enoa Gfa to proceed wit ii. Both fad Baan attending school one Bdil la the fifth and the of car in the savant a Gide and Faey did not appear to be bad Atad. In api Teof Thor Fahire Thia Timo both Dada Rod to fair hit Antion of get iii to Cha Imago. To far am Faay would write their Fht Faar aad Archit to to and Moray for Tham to Toasa Fatom on but iffa Awold not do that Start oat Agafia ai4 Jon Nayon Faals Imil few. A cd. A i Liina titi Timmy Ilia Ipi it Ahamd Faifai my he Mem to my -. I v

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