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Attica Ledger Press Newspaper Archives Nov 23 1911, Page 1

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Attica Ledger Press (Newspaper) - November 23, 1911, Attica, Indiana The Attica $1.00 per year Attica Indiana. Friday november 23, 1911. Established 1851-no. 8 Farmers and merchants state Bank begins $20,000 improvement will remora its building at Perry and Mill Street plans completed this week show Many changes to be made in the Marble fixtures to replace those now in use drinking Fountain in lobby and ladies colonial room the novel features in plans Markt by elegance and Utility. It j altho it has been known in a general Way for some months that the Farmers and merchants state Bank was planning to make extensive alterations and improvements in its building and equipment not until this week were the plans and specifications actually completed and release for publication. Wednesday night furniture books and working paraphernalia of the Bank were transferred from the room which it has occupied for a Quarter of a Century and installed in the vacant room adjoining it on the North in which some changes had already been made in preparation for this move. The Bank will occupy these quarters while the improvements in its own room Are in Progress and it is probable that it will not be Back to its old place before nest Zilay the improvements to be made will Cost about Twenty thousand dollars and when completed will transform both the Interior and exterior of the building into one of the most modern banking houses in Valley. The architect st planning has been done by or. Louis Johnson son in Law of j. Shannon Nave and formerly of los Angeles cal. He has been engaged on the plans and drawings for the past six months alterations having been made so frequently As one improvement called for another that not until within the last few Days did the officers place their final o. K. On the plans and Start the work. The building a picture of which is shown on this Page was erected in 1887 and is still so Well preserved that repairs Are not necessary the changes being made Only to add to its Beauty and attractiveness and to furnish better facilities and convenience for the Bank s patrons. The main Walls will not be disturbed except on the South Side where the Wall will be built up to present a Square Cornice line Over the entire part used by the Bank instead of the three Steps which it now has. The windows on the South Side will be replaced with others of More modern design and rearranged to present better architectural Harmony. Instead of single windows they will be double the size they Are now with two Glass below and a transom of prism Glass across the upper part of both. The South Wall will be smoothed and painted to match the Prest Brick of the front. The lower part of the front of the building will be materially altered and very greatly improved. The front has already been torn out and steel i beams extending Clear across inserted to support the upper Story. These beams Are obliquely As of old altho Fiey will be set in further to afford More room in the Vestibule. An interesting detail s that Glass in these doors will be set in a panel which during the warm season can be removed and replaced with an a other fitted with screens thus obviating the necessity for screen doors. It is the Interior of the Bank where the greatest showing will be made and in which the officers and directors Are taking the greatest pains to secure just what they want. The old arrangement will be reversed and the fixtures will be placed at the North aide of the room leaving the South Side for the lobby. New fixtures of Marble Are to be built the contract having been let to the a. H. Andrews co., of Chicago. The counter will be of a Light coloured a Marble surmounted by a Grill of Standard Bronze. The design is a handsome one simple artistic and dignified intervals in the top of the Grill the upper part of the building which is of Given Over to offices will also be Thorold remodeler Ard rearranged so As to give fourteen offices where there Are now Only eight. The Large room occupied by or. Archer will be Shade into a suite of two and some changes will be made in mayor Reed s offices. A private office will be built in the South East Corner of his front room and several feet will be Cut off the West Side of his Back office. A novel scheme has been devised to let Light into the store room on the ground floor and the inner offices on the second floor. A sort of court will be built in at the North Side of the building extending about fifty feet thru the Central part of the building and being about five feet in Width. It will be floored with prism Glass so that it will serve As a skylight for the store. At i above the second floor it will be open Are i and by the Liberal use of windows in electric Light globes built in As a part the North Wall of the offices they can be of the design. At the front of the j made almost As Light As Tho they open room and to the right of the Entrance de onto an Alley. The court will also is the consultation room and next to it provide Means for ventilation for the the cashier s office the two being separated by panelled partitions of mahogany. These two offices Are connected inside rooms. Some of the offices have already been least and will be fitted up to suit the ideas of the lessees. It is with the counter surrounding the count a possible t hat the Large rooms formerly ing room the Marble fixtures thus sex i used by a. P. Green amp son May be contending the entire length of the room j Vertex into a photographer s studio to the furniture and desks in the count which they could readily be adapted ing room will All be replaced with new 1 the upper Hall is to be re floored a ones of mahogany finish in order to new stairs will be put in at the front maintain the Harmony thru out. And a heavy Glass door will be Bung at a Marble wainscoting four and a half the foot of the stairway. The rooms feet High will extend around the lobby occupied by j. Shannon Nave on the and the floor will be tiled. At the left of the Entrance Between two of the windows will be a Marble drinking Fountain of the modern sanitary Bubble kind. Two Marble Wall desks and a Bench will Complete the furnishings of the lobby the ceiling will be beamed and pilasters will Divide the Side Walls into sections for decorative treatment. On ground floor at the rear of the Bank will also be refinished and the whole Interior will be decorated in Oil and water colors. The rear Entrance on Mill Street will also be work Over to harmonize with the remainder of the building. A heavy projecting Stone Lintel will be set in Over the doorway and a tray som of prism Glass put in will Lead into the directors room which ordinarily will be at the disposal of customers of the Bank for consultation and other use. This room will be finish in an entirely different style from the banking room the Walls being panelled with dark Oak up to a height of eight feet. The ceiling will be beamed and a Bronze ele trolier of quaint design will be suspended Over the heavy Oak table which will occupy the Center of the room. A Bookcase will be built into the South West Corner and an open grate with a handsome mantel will occupy the North East Corner. In the hidden by a Cut Stone Lintel extending South end of the room will be a win from one Side of the building to the Dow of leaded Art Glass. All the Wood other. The store room will have a work will be of dark Quarter sawed v front of metropolitan design the door Oak and will match the furniture a Sray being deeply recessed and flanked j the vault will occupy approximately by Large plate Glass show windows the same position it does now altho the which will permit of better display than present one will be torn Down and a is now afforded v any window in the new one of reinforced Concrete erected Quot City. The Entrance will be tiled. By this method a stronger vault can be 7 the Interior of this room will not be finished until after the Bank has been completed and moved when it will be arranged and fitted up to suit the requirements of the Lessee. The Entrance to the Bank will remain at the Corner As it is at present the remainder of the front being made into one Large plate Glass window. Above the window will be a transom of prismatic Glass extending Clear across and this will also be used in the front of the store room. The Iron column at the Corner will be replaced with one of Brick and Stone to match those which flank the stairway Entrance and another will be erected at the North Side of the door. These pillars will be surmounted by a pediment of Cut Stone the whole forming a dignified doorway of classic design. This will be duplicated on the sooth Side and will contain a above Mac any doors set with Bevelled French Glass. The Vestibule will be tiled. The inner doors will be set at the West end of the lobby a door above. At the top of the Steps an Entrance door will. E Hung. The office suites will All be piped for water and provided with steam heat from a new Plant that is to be installed in the basement to heat the entire building. A storage vault for old books and papers has already been built in the basement and when the improvements Are completed the flagstones which Are now used for a sidewalk will be replaced with a new Cement walk. Wallace Haworth has the contract for the alterations on the building and began operations a month ago. He is pushing it along As rapidly As possible and Hopes to get the exterior changes made before the cold weather inter feres so that the inside work can be done during the Winter. His work is to be done by the first of april and the decorations and installation of the fixtures ought to be completed within a month after that. Every citizen of Attica will extend congratulations to the Farmers and merchants state Bank for the Public spirit it is showing in thus improving the appearance of its building. The appearance of a City s Banks Are often taken by a stranger As an Index of the financial condition of the town and it is doubtful if anywhere in the country in a town the size of Attica can be found two Banks that will compare with those of Attica when the improvements now under Way Are completed. Built than a Brick one and As the Walls Are thinner much valuable space can be saved. The vault will be steel lined and have the most improved protective mechanism. Surmounting the front of the vault and built into the Cornice will be a Large clock of circular design. A corridor will extend along the Back Side of the vault affording a passageway Between it and the directors room and leading to a ladies room at the North Side of the vault. This will be a very attractive Little colonial room fitted up for the convenience of lady patrons of the Bank and their friends. It will be finished in White enamel wit mothers meeting tonight. The second Semi annual open meeting of the mothers club will be held in the High school room in the school building Friday night and an invitation is sex help the Charity Bureau. The recent cold weather has made heavy inroads on the Supply of clothing which the Attica Charity Bureau had o hand and an urgent Appeal is made to All who read these lines to go thru their wardrobes and closets and pick out some of the clothing there that you will probably never Wear again but which is still far from worn out and would give much Good service to some struggling family where the father s limited income Lis far too Small to feed All the Little Mouths and clothe comfortably All the Little bodies. In these times when the High Cost of living makes it doubly hard on the poor those whom Fortune has a favored should not forget that there Are Many honest hardworking families where the gift of even discarded clothing comes As a godsend. The Charity Bureau knows All these their needs and will be glad to receive your contribution and place it where it will do the most Good. Clothing shoes and rub Bers Are especially needed and will be gratefully received. Telephone the Bureau at the mud Lavia office building and your bundle will be sent had Gose Call. While stealing a ride on the Tow path train wednesday evening about 6 00 o clock Chester the 12-year-old son of lon Phillips had a narrow escape from losing a foot. In some manner he lost his hold on the car and fell so that his foot was caught evidently b it Yeen the outer Edge of the wheel and a tie doubling the foot Back and breaking the metatarsal Bones. The foot was also badly lacerated and the Story spread rapidly about the Street that it had been Cut off. The boy s father was the first one to reach him and he hurried with him in his arms to or Sullivan s office where the injury was rest the Hoosier club entertains. The Hoosier club which has gained for itself the name of being the jollies club in the City of Attica held its first open meeting Friday night at the elegant Home of or. And mrs. George Curtis on Park Avenue. The evening s entertainment was furnished by miss Rice an Amateur Reader of Indianapolis her program consisted entirely of humorous sketches and each number brought Forth round after round of laughter from each member of the club As Well As the visitors. It was an Ideal evening entertainment and will tend to promote Good Fellowship among those who heard it. At the conclusion of the program ice Cream cake Coffee and salted nuts were served in the dining room. Carnations were Given As favors. Trainmen held to be at fault official investigation by c. Amp e. I. Fixes responsibility for fatal Kickapoo wreck. Rule Book made no provision for Telephone Block system therefore conductors and Engineer share blame with Winthrop station agent and All Are Stork is Busy. Word has been received Here that a Little son came to make his Home with or. And mrs. Clint Mcdermond at Newcastle last week. A girl was born saturday to Edblom me and wife and the Jolly dutch Baker now smiles More broadly than Ever. A daughter was born Friday morning to or. And mrs. Cooper Labaw at their Home on Mcdonald Street. Gus Lyons and wife Are the proud parents of a baby girl born wednes Day afternoon. A. L. Fenters and wife Are the proud parents of a Little daughter born saturday. _ presbyterian pulpits vacant. Rev. T. W. Stewart attended a called meeting of the Crawfordsville presbytery held at Lafayette on tuesday for the purpose of releasing Rev. Or. Skinner from the pastorate of the first presbyterian Church of Lafayette and Rey. A. L. Odell from the pastorate of the first presbyterian Church of Frankfort. Or. Skinner becomes the pastor of Grace presbyterian Church at Indianapolis and or. Odell is called to King s Highway presbyterian Church at st. Louis. Three prominent churches in the Crawfordsville presbytery Are now without pastors Crawfordsville first Franklin first and Lafayette first. The official finding of the c. Amp e. L Railroad officials who investigated the recent wreck at Kickapoo was made Public Friday and As a result Frank Amick station agent at Winthrop . Leins conductor on the local Harry Knight and William Gillispie conductor and Engineer on the work train were discharged while we. Wilson and we. Salladay brakeman on the work train were Laid of for thirty Days and Given thirty Demerit Marks. The agent was censured for not holding the local with his signal Board until he had been notified that the line was Clear. Conductor Leins was found guilty of neglecting to notify his engine to run slowly and watch out for the switch train knowing that it was working Down the line. The Crew of the work train was held at fault in not putting out flags and the responsibility fell heaviest upon the conductor and Engineer. The brakeman were responsible because they had knowledge of the violation in not putting out a flagman and according to the Book of rules they should have refused to go on working when they knew rules were being violated. The Crew of the work train were of course relying on the Protection afforded by the Telephone line and As the Book of rules makes no provision for such a system of handling trains they were operating in violation of rules just As they had been for Over two years. Engineer Sherrow who was also injured in the wreck is still suffering with his head and is not Clear mentally at times. He was not censured in the examination but if he recover it is probable that he will fare the same As the others As it is known that he was running at a reckless Speed when the wreck occurred. It is expected that the Warren county grand jury will investigate the death of fireman Clingerman at the present term of court. Hardwood floors rugs and a few pieces a null to every father and Mother in of artistic furniture to make it cozy and the City to be present. The program comfortable. A toilet room adjoins it will be Given As announced for last on the West. Thru out the plans from the evening be x n a l a .ing by supt. My Lennix on the subject Start to finish is apparent the mention Quot gee pin ahead of the children to make every detail fit into a Harmon-1 mrs. C. X. Finney will be the discus ions scheme which will make the Bank service absolutely Complete from the viewpoint of patrons officers and pm ploys. Sion. Miss Blanche Mcconahay will recite and As musical features there win be solos by mrs. J. S. Nave mrs. Lee Hildebrandt and mrs. F. S. first death Benefit. The National car Coupler co. Employees Benefit association was called upon to pay its death Benefit this week by the demise of e. B. Reed. The death Benefit is one Hundred dollars which is amply sufficient to defray the expenses of any Ordinary funeral. The organization has been in existence Only a few months but during that time it has collected $1,100 and disbursed As benefits on account of sickness and injuries $760. The association is conducted by officers chosen by the employees themselves from among their own number All of whom serve without salary thus reducing the Cost of Protection to a minimum. Coming weddings. Announcement has been made of the engagement of miss Nellie Vandergraff of Elston and Charles Hoekema of West Point the wedding will take place in the near future. The marriage of Chas. Stephens son of John Stephens and miss Louie Fowler daughter of Arthur Fowler and wife of Shawnee Mound will take place saturday nov. 25th. Or. And mrs. . Clement of Shawnee Mound issued invitations for the marriage of their daughter Maye to Laud c. Mccauley. The wedding will take place sunday evening nov 24th. Or. And mrs. J. W. Titis formerly of william8port,but now residing in Indianapolis announce the engagement of their daughter. Miss f. Gertrude Titus to Edward c. Klingholz of Indianapolis. The wedding will take place in december. So invitations were issued monday for the marriage of miss Hazel m. Royal of Richland township and j. Roy Guy. The wedding will take place on thursday evening nov. 30th, at the Home of the Bride s parents or. And mrs. Walter Royal. Invitations have been issued for the marriage of Leslie Spencer one of Covington s Best Young men and miss Elizabeth Wilkey the estimable daughter of Joseph Wilkey. The wedding will occur at 8 o clock wednesday evening nov. 29th and they have a legion of friends who wish for them a Happy journey Down the wedded path of from fire injuries. After lingering in agony until about six o clock Friday evening Alfred Gamble who was injured at Winthrop thursday morning of last week in rescuing his three year old grandson from a fire which destroyed their Home died of pneumonia which developed from the exposure and from the result of the fearful bums which he received. As told in detail in last week s Ledger press the fire originated in a Coal Oil explosion which occurred when or. Gamble poured kerosene into the stove to Start up a fire in the living room. He escape to the Yard and succeeded in extinguishing the flames on his cloth it ing but seeing that the House was doomed he Rusht Back thru the flame . Judy tells of old Mexico Attica Man fears new government win not be stable As former regime. Has met president Madero who recalls old schoolmate filled room and into an adjoining bed Carmichael company now completing t 1.1 a mar. Mrs. John Carlson will entertain the members of the j. . Club this evening at her Home on Monroe Street. Or. And mrs. Fred Robinson and mrs. C. F. Robinson entertained the Bernhart family at a six o clock dinner monday evening in Honor of the 75th birthday of mrs. Christina Bernhardt. This has been the custom for a number of years and mrs. Bernhart always looks Forward to the event wit i much pleasure. Or. And mrs. John t. Nixon will entertain the family at thanksgiving dinner and mrs. Christina Bernhart and daughters Elizabeth and Mary will have the Christmas dinner. Room where he snatch up the child and carried him out thru the fire overlooking the fact that an open window in the bed room afforded Safe Means of exit. The child is thought to have inhaled the flames and died thursday mid night while or. Gamble lived about eighteen hours longer. Altho the sacrifice was not called for and proved in vain or. Gamble gave his life for the child for whom he had a great Devotion. His first injuries Are thought not to have been serious enough to cause his death but in Rushing Back thru the flames after the boy he sustained the Burns which ended his life Guy Mckinzie the Winthrop Blacksmith was entering the bed room thru the window and in All probability would have rescued the child had not the Grandfather Rusht in and carried the Little fellow out As he did. Both victims of the fire were buried sunday afternoon in the same grave in five Points cemetery an old country graveyard two Miles South East of Winthrop. On the same morning that the Winthrop fire occurred. Miss Cora holy Cross night operator at the Hillsboro Telephone Exchange had a very narrow escape from death or serious injury in a similar manner. In starting a fire she poured Coal Oil onto live coals supposing the fire to be All out. When she threw a match into the stove the Gas that had generated exploded in a Flash and caught her clothing and hair but the Blaze was extinguish before she had suffered much in tiry. Down near Kingman on the thursday before mrs. Earl Mitchell had used Coal Oil in the same Way and was so badly burned that she died a few Days afterwards. The farmhouse in which they lived was also destroyed and her husband was badly burned in extinguishing the fire in her clothing. There were three other deaths reported in Indiana last week from this same cause and verily this would seem proof enough of the explosive character of Coal Jack at mud Lavia. Captain Jack Crawford the famous old scout who delighted a Large audience at the Attica Chautauqua of 1910, will be a visitor at mud Lavia saturday and sunday and will entertain the guests at the big Sanitorium with two of his inimitable entertainments. Capt. Jack visited mud Lavia when he was Here before and fell in love with it at first sight being so Imprest with its Beauty and Charm that he invited a poem expressing his sentiments which was publish in the saturday press. Few Quot of the men on the lyceum platform hold their popularity As Well As capt. Jack and he is on the Road almost constantly. Sunday he was in Louisville ky., where he participated in a big meeting for boys inaugurating the men and religion Forward movement. He was not on the program but when one of the leading speakers failed to arrive they put on capt. Jack and in the newspaper accounts which appeared the next morning he got More notice than All of the big speakers. Capt. Crawford has created some stir in military circles recently by his statements concerning the great Custer Indiana massacre and the statement has been widely publish that he says gen. Custer was murdered by his own men. He denies this however but says he did say that Quot Custer was probably murdered thru disobedience cowardice and jealousy of rens and his other officers. The real hero was dead and the papers printed the unreal stories of living officers who failed Custer and on whom he third big contract in Mexico and is using new method in Concrete work. Mrs. Hattie Foote received a card from her son Dan stating that he and his wife would arrive Here sometime next week for an extended visit. They Are now visiting with mrs. Cooke s relatives at Weiser Idaho. Dan left Attica about two years ago and has since located at Garfield Wash. Otto c. So Gerand miss Laura claw son of Williamsport was married on thursday noon at the Home of Bride s grand Mother mrs. Mary wheat by Rev. C. W. Postilio. They will reside in Warren county. W. H. Judy who was called to Attica from the City of Mexico by the death of his wife left sunday evening to return to his work As superintendent of construction for the Carmichael company. Before leaving he received instructions from the company to return by Way of Losangeles and started for that City via st. Louis. Or. Judy talks very entertainingly of life and conditions in Mexico and fears that the next few years will be filled with in Rcpt and political turmoil. He tells an interesting Story that is new to Many americans to the effect that former president Diaz wanted to resign Over a year ago but was prevented by his wife his third and a Young woman who declared that she married a president and would be the wife of a president As Long As he lived. Had he had his desire he would have been almost worship in Mexico where to Day he is reviled. Or. Judy has met president Madero on several occasions and confirms the press reports that he is Thorold democratic. In conversation with him once or. Judy mentioned that his Home was in Attica Indiana and Madero then recalled that r. 6. Kramer now general manager of mud Lavia was in Culver military Academy at the same time he was. He told with keen enjoyment of an incident which happened there when a Young smart Aleck refused to sit with him declaring hotly that he Quot would t recite with a a fight was on in an instant and it took several of the students and two of the teachers to keep Madero from annihilating the rash youth. The president is now but 32 years of age and despite his democracy comes of old and aristocratic Stock. He and his father own Over twelve million acres of land and furnished nearly All of the Twenty three million dollars which it took to finance the revolution. The Carmichael company is now Well toward the completion of its third big contract in the mexican capital but unless conditions become settled More rapidly than or. Judy expects they will not undertake another soon. Maderos agents have told the peons that after he became president they would be Able to earn five dollars a Day instead of the eighty seven cents that they have been getting and or. Judy expects trouble As a result of the disappointment which is bound to come. Cement workers and that includes a great Many people these Days when Cement is used on nearly every far will be interested in a new process which the company has developed and is now using exclusively. In erecting a building wooden forms Are built up Story or two at a time and forms set in for window ledges and lintels Balcony brackets Etc. The inside of the form is then plastered forming perfect Mold into which the Cement poured. When it has set the form removed leaving a smooth perfect Wall White As plaster and of one solid piece. Or. Judy is now superintending the construction of a ten Story hotel that is being built in this Way and photographs show that it is a Beautiful building of the same Type As the Flat Iron building in new York. Personally or. Judy is doing Well having become a valuable Man in the Carmichael system and enjoying a Good salary. He declares that three or four More years will put him on easy Street and then he will retire. A is is Hurt while Hunting. Frank Vester is carrying eight shots in his head and hands As the result of a Hunting Accident he met with saturday near West Point Vester was a considerable distance ahead of David b. Clark Secretary and manager of the Lafayette electric and manufacturing company company and Perry Wright and was trying to scare some rabbits out in the open. One of his companions fired at Covey of Quail. Eight of the shots from a no. 12 Shotgun struck Venter. The injury is painful but in no Way serious

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