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Attica Ledger Press (Newspaper) - November 17, 1911, Attica, Indiana A he Attica Ledger press $1.00 per Yea Attica Indiana. Friday. November 17, 1911. Established 1851-no. 7indiana swept great storm to Brianc of saturday night does a minion Dollar damage thru out the and Hillsboro both suffer from the wind Gale whips off a husked Corn Over turns outbuildings and does minor damage ail Over the two counties. Following in the Wake of a rarely mild and Beautiful autumn Day a howl-1 ing Hurricane swept across the Wabash Valley saturday night wrecking property playing pranks like a crowd of halloween boys and ushering in a cold wave that caused the thermometer to drop to i degrees in less than twelve hours. The oldest inhabitant can not recall As great a drop As this within so Short a time. The storm was wide spread extending from the great lakes i to the Ohio River. In Many places it caused great damage and the associated press report estimates the injury in t his stated alone at a million dollars. One death Fri in exposure suited in w Bash township this county. The j storm reach its height in this Section about nine o clock saturday night and caught a Large crowd of attic ans just As they were leaving the moving picture shows. Rain came Down like a deluge i and the streets in Many places were Cove red several inches deep from curb a to curb. Pedestrians were forced to j seek shelter in stores and Homes along the Street. It is impossible to ascertain How m Uch rain fell As the local weath j or observer s rain Gage was blown Over but at Purdue .67 of an Inch was recorded. The rain finally abated to a drizzle which charged to Snow As the temperature fell and ceased altogether before Daylight leaving town and country covered with an icy crust. Altho the wind blew a Gale for hours this City suffered comparatively Little. Jau Al Oak in the Yard at the Public Library was snap off like a pipe Stem and a big Pine at George Foster s was Laid Low. A Section of tin roof on the Rohlfing Block about 20 30 feet Ripe Loose the wind and rolled Back causing the rain to flood the apartments on the second floor occupied clime Brothers and John Ward. In the surrounding a country much Damak was done. In Many places fences and Gates Wen blown Flat and standing Corn was either blown Down or the ears whip t Iff. Much of this will be greatly Dania Edas it was Frozen fast to the l found and weather conditions May Prev tit it in in husked t or a Long time. Much damage at Lafayette. At Lafay. The the was a St Ere. A Iii e Cut intent Block build org on the. Tie it t levee was wreck. The Juri a a was Heing tumbled onto the Street car lines. Jamison Bros Gara e. Also built of Cement locks was Hadly Daman that it will have to h. Relic it. Koui automobiles were badly the falling Walls. Roofs and Tele i Homie poles lil in Down and the Street lighting it. To was out of Radii Nii Sion several h Rirs. The Street cat service to West Lafayette was off All night and the Valley traction line ran no cars until noon sunday. The Star club . Four Miles Down the River was blown a Hundred Yards into a Cornfield and other club houses along the River damaged. Boats and launches moored in the Riv it r were blown High and dry on the i Paiik and numerous were the strange pranks of the wind. Purdue building wreck. The greatest Iii image occurred at the government it a pm i intent station at Purdue. That re Tai new seed and crop building when. In were stored the results of several years rime nution was wreck. J he heavy tile roof was torn off and the Walls of the upper Surry blown in. The debris doing great damage to the it it Cious seeds stored there. The sheep feeding Sheds were blown Down and much other havoc was wrought about the experimental farm. Jud Vilie store a roofed. Sweeping across the grand Prairie from the Westward the wind descended upon the thriving Village of Jud Vilie and As if to Max a Man s efforts to thwart its strength pick out the Only Brick Structure in the place upon which to vent its fury. It was a Brick business building about 80 feet Square and two stories High. The roof was Ripe off with a noise like the crack of doom and carried a Hundred feet away into a Field. The South half of the second store Walls collapsed inward showering bricks and plaster into the Barber shop operated Dick Miller and badly frightening the half dozen Fellows who were there waiting for a shave. James Reed got one of his toes Mast with a Brick but the others escape unhurt and scam it ered Down stairs like frightened rabbits. The building and the Stock of merchandise was damaged the rain after the roof went off and presented a sorry looking sight on sunday morning. John f. Judy s offices Are located in the building on the ground floor but were damaged Only falling plaster. The mass of Brick from the falling Walls tumbled onto the second floor just above the office and the Shock loosened All the plastering on the ceiling and sent it crashing Down Over desks and floor. The building is owned Judy and was insured. The damage is t estimated at about $2.0 m. The store is operated John Hopkins who moved to Jud Vilie after he had past thru a fire at Fountain and he has be Uii to believe that he has a Hoodoo of his Trail. An icehouse in the rear of the store was wreck and portions of it blown Clear away. The Davis amp current elevator at Jud Vilie a Large four dump warehouse. Was badly wrench the wind the cupola being badly out of plumb and the whole Structure strained. The smoke stacks were blown Down and the. Engine House partially a roofed. Corn is badly damaged. The open Prairie gave the wind a terrific sweep and it attained a velocity of fifty Miles an hour. Scarcely a farmhouse but suffered somewhat fences. Tele it hone poles out buildings and Orchard Trees suffering most. The fury of the wind whip in husky Corn from the stalk in the Fields and in some places blew Down the stalks themselves. The wagons standing in the barn Yards were a favorite target and dozens of them were blown Over and some of them rolled along the ground. A mile East of Jud Vilie Joe Thome s forty foot steel Windmill came crashing Down across the Kitchen smashing the roof and doing considerable damage. At the Butler place where Jack Davis resides the chimneys were blown off the House. Hillsboro suffers again. Made timid their recent experience with a Tornado residents of Hillsboro were doubly alarmed when the wind assumed a velocity very nearly As great As that which created so much havoc there a few weeks ago. James nine s House was a roofed and the veranda carried nearly a Quarter of a mile the wind. Cooper s barn and that of w. W. Fenton were partially i a roofed. Harvey Mcbroom s Chicken i House was turned Over several times and a number of his beloved chickens killed. His barn and other outbuildings a of stuff red greatly and the family fled to the cellar when fila to ring began t it crack on the Walls. The Morrison Finch amp in. Elevator at Hillsboro. Which a Ila naked in. The. Storm of oct. 1 Ith. Can. In for it Shai c again this time a a i Tion of in. Ast being lilo ii a it the big four Trai is and ten Nisun Tiu Turc partially a roofed. At the Home y i to i Kel Hymer not a Hillsboro. Miss i in. Ckel Hytner was Cut Al out the fac ,.y the Glas from a window which a in onto her the wind a Sii. Lay asleep in bad. Her father thought Lii House w a Leing destroyed and suit it i a it which k. It i Iii in bed for s. V Era Days. Old ii scr. A no in Tibor of i Eckle Hyner. Lost a Bain in the St a Rin. I near Wingate Martin c. Graves bilt a Oats gear Ary was blown of it r and at out re to bushels of Oats scattered Antl w it i the rain. Oah Kirkpatrick s barn in the same Riedig Horh Ltd of was badly i wreck Axl portions scattered Over the lands Afie so me of Thein iveing carried i in at distance. Died from exposure. J Thomas Keerns. Who lost his life in the storm was found lying in a scale pen on the Samuel Liodes farm a few j Miles South of Covington sunday Morii ing about h 00 o clock. He was in a dying condition from the cold and exposure and lived but two hours. 1 Keerns was discovered a tenant i on the Rhc Les farm who had gone out Early to look after Stock that had been exposed to the storm of the preceding night. When or. Bell Ai preached the scale pen he heard groans and examination disclosed the b Fly of a Man whose clothing was Frozen about him. He showed but slight signs of life. Bell summoned assistance and the almost inanimate form was carried into his Home where every Effort was Nade to restore consciousness. In the meantime or. Coggins was called but despite Oil explosion proves fatal Alfred Gambie and Little grandson fearfully burned at risked his life i to Rescue child he loved dashed thru flames to save the child and both sustained injuries which terminate i death of boy. Concluded on the last Page Alfred Gamble a will known resident of Winthrop. Was seriously if not fatal i injured Yesti Day morning in a fire which destroyed the cottage where he Livoto. Together with All of its contents. Malcolm Samlue his three year old grandson was also painfully burned his Grandfather carried him out thru a room that was tilled with flame inhaling the flank s so badly that his death resulted last night. The fire originate from a kerosene explosion. Or. Gamble arose from his bed about six o clock and after Only a partially dressing started to make a fire in a Large Wood stove used to heat the living room. He seized the Coal Oil can and poured a Quantity of the Oil into the stove we Quot a an sex Fosion resulted instantly. The flames burst out into the room igniting or. Cramble s clothing. The carpet and other things in the room. He ran into the open air and rolling on the ground and beating the flames madly with his hands succeeded in putting out the fire on his person. Guy Mckinzie and wife and or. Gamble s two daughters were in the House at the time and fled from the flames into the Yard the Mckinzie jumping from an upstairs window. They declare that the explosion filled the whole House with flame the burning vapor even penetrating up stairs. the time the flames in Alf s clothing were extinguish someone recalled that the baby a boy of three years was asleep in a downstairs bed room. Mckinzie ran to the window and found that the door Between the living room and bed room was still closed and the flames had not penetrated into the room. Smashing the window he was climbing into the room when or. Gamble. Who had Rusht thru the flames that filled the living room burst thru the door snatch the child from the bed and plunged Back into the flames ignoring Guy s Appeal to hand him out thru the window. He succeeded in reaching the Yard again but w Lien he lid both were wrap t in flame and tile time those about them had succeeded in smothering and beating out the tire both were frightfully burned. I i is. Holley and Beckett were called from this City and hurried to the scene in the former s greyhound car. Making i part of the trip at fifty Miles an hour. I they fou Iid Lith the Man and child suf Fering intense pain and in a serious condition or. A Amble had on or in his socks underwear and overalls and these prov ii list Little protect n from the terrible heat. The Man s socks were Burnt Oti acid he skin on his feet and i shins blistered and roasted. His i hips and Bai k were also badly burned a he Tiesh being roasted Black. There a Ere also severe Burns about the Arm i pits and head All of the hair being burned Froni the Scalp and the top of the head i eing one huge Blister. His j hands and Amis were also a mass of Burns the inside a Quot the hands being i the worst of All. The Little toy. Who is or. Gamble s Gra Fidson was badly burned about the head face Back and arms. It is feared that the Littou fellow inhaled the flames while passing thru the fire and if he did it is a probable that he will die. I the doctors w Ere unable to determine i this yesterday but were hoj Elul that a this would prove to be not the cae and the child would Ull thru. When the i doctors visited there again last night both were in a serious Way and the j Prospect was less hopeful. The child s i respiration was up to 4 and there were i indications of pneumonia in both. He i grew worse As the Kours past How eve r and died last night about 12 o clock. It was thought at Winthrop that the Coal Oil had in some Way become mix with gasoline. It was purchased at Harles Farmer s store in the Village and others who Purchase Oil there the Day before had experiences that led them to believe this. Samuel Rhode and Frank Anderson both had Small explosions the former while starting a fire the same morning and the latter in a lamp. But this i not conclusive Evi Dence of Coal Oil Gen j rates into Gas much More slowly than gasoline Many people refuse to believe that it is explosive when the fact is that the big tractor plows which recently astonish the Farmers of Indiana blowing an acre in four minutes at Purdue derive their Power from Oil which sex lodes in their cylinders exactly As does gasoline in the common gasoline engine. Neither gasoline nor Coal Oil will explode in a fluid state but when converted into Gas or vapor both become highly explosive. The Only difference Between them is that gasoline is so highly refined that it evaporates very rapidly thus forming a vapor without heat. Coal Oil. Contains much grease and evaporates so slowly that unless confined As it sometimes is in the bowl of a lamp it Seldom forms enough Gas to be dangerous unless it becomes heated. In pouring Oil into a stove where there Are soldering coals or onto hot Iron the heat generate s a Gas and when this bursts into flame an i explosion occurs. That you have done this very thing Many times without a j cadent makes no difference altho the is dependent to a certain extent upon the Quality of the Oil. The be to Ter Grade the More dangerous it is and it May be that in the Case at Winthr Oji the dealer merely happened to g. T a Quantity of Oil that was better than he had been handling. Death Clung old settlers sudden drop in temperature followed Many deaths thru out two Independence pioneers pass away within four Days Peter Waymire Joe Mcferren mrs. John Shonkwiller mrs. Simon Labaw and Lewis town re among the Texas land agent. A smooth Grafter equip with a Good knowledge of human nature and evidently of the Quot get Rich Quick Walling Ford Quot Type has been operating thru out the smaller towns of the state for several weeks and reaping a Rich Harvest. Hillsboro is the Only town he visited in this county Bat his victims there need not feel Lone Aone for they have plenty of company scattered thru out the state. His plan was to suddenly appear in a town and announce himself As a real estate dealer booming a new town in Texas. In some places hand Bills were Isayed. He was anxious to developed the town rapidly and in order to so was giving away a number of lots to those who were Lucky enough to draw the m. Tickets were handed out freely on the Street and at night when the drawings were held it was surprising to see How Many free lots were Given away. The offer included with the free lot a Jiris to Texas to permit the Lucky Dilea to gee the country and the great Prospect which the new town afforded. The trip was to let a made in a special train at the expense of the company promoting the town and As an advertising proposition. The Story sounded feasible and was readily swallowed so when deeds and abstracts to the free lots were produced and made out the Aid of a notary the Lucky recipients did not hesitate in paying the"tran8fer and recording of $3.50. The victims were told to be ready to meet the special train when notified that the train Load had been completed but thus far none of them have been notified. Over at Carmel ii d., one fellow grew suspicious and wrote to the postmaster of the new town Ard received a reply from a postmaster of another town saying that there was no such town in Texas that at one time there had been a pimping station and Post office of that name but it no longer existed. He added that if the deeds the men held were valid they had been swindled anyhow As the land was Worth Only about a Dollar will Lief goes insane. Taking a Bath in a Small Stream and other Peculiar actions will Lief aroused the suspicions of his relatives and friends regarding his mental condition and last Friday a sanity inquest was held. It developed at the inquest that the Young Man was Labouring under Peculiar hallucinations and the Best thing that could be done would be to place him in the Central Hospital for the insane at Indianapolis. After the preliminary arrangements were made he was taken there Sherriff Kerr and it is hoped his friends that his condition will soon improve. He is a half brother to t. N. Leif of this City and a. O. Lief East of the girl Dies suddenly. Grace ten year old daughter of mrs. Frank Harvest of Covington died wednesday morning about 3 o clock. The child was in school tuesday but went Home and complained of feeling badly and a physician was called. He prescribed for her and she soon got better but about Midnight a change for the worse set in and she soon passed away. Or. C. L. Myers who attended the child pronounced the cause of death acute Bright s disease. The deceased was a Bright and kit Vable child and quite a favorite with All who knew William Burr of Rainsville was in this City on business thursday. Mks Simon Labaw. After a lingering illness extending Over Many months mrs. Amelia Labaw wife of Simon Labaw past peacefully to her last Long rest at 1 00 p. M monday at the Labaw farm Home nine Miles South West of Attica and in her death Shawnee township loses one of the noblest women it has Ever produced. Her strength had been gradually declining for a Long time and altho the announcement was not expected it was received aping All her friends with profound sorrow. The funeral was held i wednesday at Newcastle Church and was very largely attended. Rev. O. C. Cooper pastor of the United Brethren Church at Judson ind., officiated and the body was Laid to rest in the Brown cemetery adjoining the Labaw farm and in sight of the Home where mrs. Labaw had lived for nearly half a Century. Mrs. Labaw was bom at Gettysburg pa., april 9. 1838 and she remembered Well the great Battle that made the name of the Little Pennsylvania town immortal. Her Maiden name was Amelia Bream. She married Simon Labaw in 1867 and their married life has been a very Happy and devoted one. Six children came to bless their Home but All Are dead save one mrs Lillie Clark of Aylesworth. A Stepson Emory Labaw also survives and feels the loss As keenly As if it were the death of his own Mother. Uxa Labaw was a woman of Beautiful character and was beloved the whole Countryside. She was one of the principal workers in the Newcastle Church and her deeds of kindness and Charity were infinite. Warmhearted and sympathetic she never waited to be appealed to but sought out opportunities for doing Good and was always one of the first visitors in Homes where sickness or sorrow found their Way. The blessings of Many whom she has help Hallow her memory and her place in the Community will not soon be filled. Joseph Mcferren Joseph Mcferren. The venerable merchant at Independence who has operated a store at that Village for More than forty years died sunday in the Central Hospital for the insane at Indianapolis where he had been for a Little Over a month. He was past years of age and was one of the villages most widely known residents. Some two years ago he was shot at Independence and for Many months one of the bullets remained in his head. He recovered from the wounds but was never his old self afterwards and a few weeks ago became mentally unbalanced and was committed to the state Hospital for treatment. His body was brought to the old Home and the funeral was held at 2 00 o clock thursday afternoon. I Kukk Waymick. It Ter an illness of More than a Star with dropsy Peter Way Misc. A ii Long resident of Independence. Died at his Home there at 11 00 p. M. Vvs huge Day. He was a Veti ran of the civil War and w Ith a Good n Cord. In is it or vivid a wife and five child it n that to daughters and two sons another son having died several years ago. To. Funeral str vice will be held saturday at 2 Kio Cuk a and will be conducted the i Lii Tell Grethern a Tastor on the Utt t i. Iti circuit. Lewis a to Ltd. After a gradual Ijedge extend ii g Over the past six months Lewis a town a resident of this City from Bis Babyhood died at his Home on West Bond Street tuesday and was Laid to rest in Bethel cemetery yesterday after a Short service held at the Home at 10 o clock. Death came from a complication of Debili ties attendant upon old age he being in his 75th year. Or. Town was bom in Ohio August 19, 1837, and is the last of a family of six children. His parents emigrated to Indiana when he was but six months old and settled a mile East of Attica on what is known to this Day As the old town place. When the civil War broke out answered president Lincoln s Call and for four years served in co. H of the 72d Indiana regiment. His comrades Bear record that he served his country Well and in Recagni Tion of this the local Circle of ladies of the g. A. R. Held the Beautiful Bur i Iai service of the order Over his body yesterday and spread across his breast a Silken Dag. Rev. A. offi i cited at the funeral. Or. Town was married in april 18o< a and the faithful partner of his Joys and sorrows still survives him. Ogeth 1 or with two children. Mrs. J. H state it Ley of this City and Walter s. Towne. Of Danville 111. Three other children died in infancy several years ago. Mrs Shonkwiler after lying unconscious in her bed j seven Days and nights during which time neither nor water past lips mrs. Joh Shonkwiler breathed her last at her Home four Miles North of Indeli enderer wednesday night about \ it o clock. Quot i a a week anti Yeste Nlay mrs. Shonk Wiler suffer i a paralytic stroke and never rallied t pm it. She was 7.&Quot years old and the i ther of three children a Jacob . Who lives on the w. H. Young farm Valentine Shonkwiler. Wat let a. 111. And mrs. Anna Brant of per mrs. Erna get i Philips. Mrs. Cd free i an and mrs. Dan Parent if i eyes of the dead woman. F funeral s. A Ces will be Friday morning and the ref Ains said to rest in a cemetery near Winthrop a the Side of a her husband Wio preceded her in death about a Vear a damages for Long walk Benton co. Girl who was put off at wrong station gets $400 from c. Amp e. I. R. put her off at Stone Bluff for Coal Bluff frightened and alone the girl walk the 35 Miles to her destination spending one night in the open along the tracks. In a trial in the Linton circuit court last week miss Julia Mitchell was awarded a verdict of from the c. Amp e. I. Railroad co. As damages because Enlil yes of the company put the girl of a train at Stone Bluff when she had bought a ticket to Coal Bluff. A f Miles further Down the Road. Miss Quot i Itchell is Only fourteen years of age and resides near Perl f Ark in Benton county. Her sister lives in Coal Bluff and last july miss Julia started to visit her. The older sister be ing sick and her Aist it Tance. I her father accompanied her to Lochiel where he bought a ticket and put her Ray Gass makes Good record. He train under the conductor s care in a personal letter to a Friend in this i a of City Ray Gass modestly tells of an exit a at Coal Bluff As she was Une per Ploit that won him Hearty commend i Raveling Tion from the postmaster at Wichita the evidence at the trial developed and makes a record Seldom equalled in brakeman was new on this run the postal service. Recently he took i Quot Nam Der with the stations. As the efficiency test altho he was not a up Roach Stone Bluff he told her due to take it until february and came i thru with a perfect score. Door and beckoned to her. She got off and did not learn of her mistake until the train had pulled out. It was saturday afternoon and no More trains would run until monday. Alone among strangers and not realizing How far 35 Miles was she struck out on foot Down the Railroad carrying her suitcase. Darkness came on and when she could no longer see she Lay Down and slept until morning when she resumed her jockey. She past thru Kingman sunday and to some one who questioned her told the Story. She went on but later some one telephoned to Coal Bluff and an automobile was sent after her it Mist her and she made the whole journey on foot travelling the 35 Miles in less than 24 hours. The conductor denied that the girl Vas placed in his care but admitted that he had noticed her absence after they had past Stone Bluff and supposed she had gone to the toilet room. Lat Quot i or when she did not reappear he took will revise sign ordinance. Up the destination ticket he had stuck there was Little business at the coun Eside her seat and Tore it up. In the test he threw 1,495 cards embracing All the Post offices in Oklahoma in 45 minutes without an error in routing and on top of this answered promptly fifteen of the most difficult questions the chief clerk could put to him. It is not unusual for a clerk to throw the cards without error but to handle them at the rate of3.2 cards per minute is such an unusual performance that it attracted Markt attention. Out of eleven employees in the Wichita office Ray is the youngest on the Job and the Only one that Ever secured a perfect score. One better appreciates his feat after knowing that it took another of the clerks three hours and 36 minutes to throw 1.265 cards and then he had 45 errors there Are two things in Ray s Favory he s Irish and he came from Attica and they might just As Well try to change the color of the Moon As to keep him Down cil meeting monday night aside from the allow Ance of the Bunch of Bills for Street repairs and the o Era Tion of the Light and water Plant. The matter of signs was .Scust and the mayor Saivii that he was permitting the signs at the Arcade and Quiniin Saloon to be maintained in violation of the ordinance prohibiting signs ext tui ing Over the sidewalks because the were electric is rns and help to Liht the streets. Hgt declared however that if it be the intention to it Diacri Minnite Between Electr c and other signs the ordinance will have to be Ani ruled. And if this be not done he oui in tilt to order the signs Lown. A agreed that the us of electric to be encouraged and the City attorney and were instructed to Confer and draft a nov ordinance to meet the conditions. Boiler no. 1 at the City wat. R and it Lant is to show signs of giving out att i i t Ai in fifteen years of almost continuous service Anil Siept. Mcdonald was authorized to secure bids on two new boilers to it place no it. 1 and i altho will not be done a i til Spring. Off for California. saturday just As the first real touch of water was sweeping a Rai Iara. T. P. Campbell. Mrs. Campbell i.i.their daughter Mildred left Attica for los Angeles where they will spend the Winter at the Home of Tom Campbell. Attica will be Well represented the jury was out Only a few hours and awarded the girl s4uo damages la a mile for her Long walk and $5� additional for the injury to her option elections in Warren. I . T the i doctor Jill for Law Warren become automatically wet o. November 21 unless local option t i. T Oil arc held or the townships Art it t t air it i v tilt tiling of remonstrances -air.a. men William Collins Krar k to a or. Kew Ard me area. Tom Farr if in Cochin. A rant Myers and Al River in iut have Given notice to the. Re act that they will apply to the Oom lius Sior. At the Decem Lier meeting t or i Lee fish to . Rating liquors in u Liliasi sport. I under the i Roctor Law i Liam it Pott under the town hip or it and an has been or Elered for Washington township on monday. N Ember l eth. I Ike and Kent towns in which West Lebanon and Quot Tate Are located will also vote on the Ilay. Lohn Sexton has Given no Itice that he will App a for a License for it St and Charles Owen for state school gets commission. Guy . Principal of the Hills Bottro a Hikila. It Civ cd word saturday from the state Board of education that from the report of the inspector Hillsboro would be made a commissioned High sch h l As soon As the physics lab oratory and Library Are better equip. It Wal take $150 to bring these up to in Quot the City of the Angels a this Winter j the requirements and it is reported that mrs Helena Briggs having started for i the Money is ready fur this purpose there last week while mrs. . Sattle this end the teachers patrons and and daughter. Miss Florence Are planning to go the first of next month. They will spend the Winter with Arthur and Charles Sattley. Both of whom Are located in los Angeles. Or. And mrs. John t. Rice Are also on their Way there having left Here on tuesday. They too. Will remain until Spring As scholars have been working for some time and they Are very much enthused Over the last report. Nearly fifty persons attended the social at mrs. H. W. Newlin s wednesday night and enjoyed a Good time eating Gingerbread drinking Coffee and Haslteen their custom for the past few listening to the excellent program that years. Was rendered

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