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Attica Ledger Press (Newspaper) - November 3, 1911, Attica, Indiana Jul Ndiaga Fute Lih. In la lattice Ledger press $1.00 per Yea Attica. Indiana. Friday. November 3, 191. Established 1851�?no. 5 station agent and conductor Are held for Kickapoo wreck Coroner finds carelessness of railway employees to blame for fireman s death head on collision at gravel fits Friday proves worst wreck on line for and fireman of local had narrow escapes when c. Amp e. I. Freight dash into open switch at gravel pits and Coli did with Attica switch engine. It it Iii h la ii urzt at a Hij a rate f i it i get Lois r Ltd ii Friday local. Amp k. 1. To i it train no. 2r.8 j our r. <1.1 switch at tin India a Liam l Imit any s Plant three Miles Noi Ili this City and had on into the Attica Yard i Virine. Causing the worst wieck that has occurred on this division of tile Road for Many years i Ireman John clip Man. Of that switch eng Ine was fat airy injured his death occur ii a three and a half hours after the Accident. John Sherrow. And David Hamilton Engineer and fireman of the local narrowly escape death and were both painfully injured. So badly was the a in Ineer Hurt that for a time it was not certain that he would pull thru but he rallied after a few hours and was Able to pro to Brazil that evening. On the same train that carried the body of his dead Comrade. The wreck occur real just in front of the Little House occupied by p rank Knowles. An Emi Oye of the gravel company and Midway Between the Indiana and Kickapoo gravel companies plants. The crash was heard at both places and the news was hurriedly telephoned to Attica. The first report ask that All the doctors be Rusht to the nicene As there had been a bad wreck and several were killed and i lured. The wreck occur d at l 4ii and before noon doctors a Ltd spelt Lin a to the scene in aut Aioli it s. I is. U cd vat and Kels. Y wer first on Tii it Way list i r. Hol. Y a i i or. Pat at kick i i Ici Aivil n acht the Cir get. I a it. Ii \ Ati ii d blur air a Toni St a. J in t �1 11-.i.k to u i. A t. 1 a it Ltd r. I the a w t,.�. T the. Toa a for t i , a i Iron it i h 1 i. Hii i. Auti it u i i Quot a i i -. Non Fol of the in l on the. A it a t a f a a in a. A. Tone of them being right near where the smash up occurred. Confidently expecting that the train would be held the switch Crew Stop at the Indiana gravel company s North switch Cut the train of empties in two and backs onto the siding leaving a string of empty cars on the main track. While in i aged in i lacing the cars the Mem i Bers of the Crew were horrified when i suddenly they heard the noise of a i train on the curve and look up to see j no. Dashing upon them. Brake Man Holladay who was standing near the switch heard it first and signalled frantically to Engineer Willis Jive. The latter his whistle Cord gave it a yank and just caught sight of the other eng Iii dashing headlong at them and not a Hun a i d feet away. He shouted to his fireman anti leapt from i the cab. He had hardly reach ground i in fore the crash came and a moment i later when the danger was past he j hurried Hack to look for his fireman. He found the poor fellow Cau Glit by his feet Between the firebox and tender. He was in a half upright position j blood was streaming from his had and face and St am was Esca Jung All about Hini. Members of but Crews hurried to his Rescue and while Sonu protected the wounded Man from the Staiti with a a can As cab Curt Iii Oulu i s Cut oif Quot his Sho Quot a and it was not Long until he was 1 Eleast and aired into the Knowles House near by. I in the meantime need ers of the local Crew were searching Foi their Engineer and fireman. The former saw the Emty cars on the main track when he rounded the curve some three Hundred t get away but did not see that the switch was open. He threw on the ail brakes and reversed his engine but by the time he had done this the engine had reach the switch. He yelled to j the fireman and started to jump but the fireman neither heard nor saw him jump. The Engineer was found near where the engines came together lying under a Box car from which the i trucks had been torn away. None of i the wreckage was touching him but he was Blo oily and unconscious. David Hamilton fireman on the local j stuck to the engine not having time to i jump after he realized the danger. Hews Down in the pit shovelling in Coal and did not hear she now s shout of warning. W Hen the i Ash came he was tui i Quot l by the Coal from the tender which was Lubirl a Forward into the e Ernie it a. He n to it extricate if Anil when first Een climbing Quot it Ltd Thi u in Inoff tie Call. Lie l i s d by la. Cd a lad i it Ltd Iii the Coroner s in Viest was begun at the matter could not determine which Hijii Asport Satu Nlay but As All de j Story was Correct and Conse it it Nutly sired witnesses were not present in found that c Lingerman s death was the continued until . The invest result of a aimlessness on the part of the gation was conducted by Justice Green conductor of the local freight train and Wallace of West lev anon. Deputized of the station agent at by Coroner to act in the ing the grand jury and the circuit court matter. John. R. Crask was the clerk to Settle the dispute and he conducted most of the examine i an unofficial report which cannot yet action. The conductor of the switch j be verified says that the examination engine when examined saturday swore held at Brazil fixes the blame i it on that he had told the Winthrop station agent Amick. Come actor liens agent to hold the local until he Knight Engineer Sherrow. Of the local telephoned him from the gravel pit flagman solliday. Of the switch that the track was Clear. This was it is a d Amick is censured for not set substantiated by will Wilson Brake tin Man on the switch i Crew. Ductor and Engineer for running at a tuesday we. The local Crew were sex High rate of Speed round a dangerous curve when they knew the switch ii geese Migrate in great numbers. Confused by the Glare of the electric Veteran Potter tells of clays. Since his acquisition of the or. White and and Crew. Amine. Conductor August liens said that he had not been told by anyone that the switch Emigine was ahead and had no Means of knowing it. The signal Board was Clear during the time that the local was at Winthrop. In these statements he was corroborated by his rear brakeman. F. W. Menden Hall who was with Inni All the time while he was at the. Win Broi Deriot. Frank e. Amick agent at with nip gave is Hafely opposed to this. He sword that when the switch Engin want ready to pull it it. Con Hictor Knight dial Tell him to Hokl no. While the. of the local was in the de it Amick says he said to him Quot knig it says for me to hold you till he Calls u i Quot to a Ficili liens replied. Quot in Ckon not h his flagman on oui head Quot if that is the Amick says he replied. A a it f course he does t expect me to hold you. Quot Quot i reckon not. Liens answered and gave his Engineer the highball. As the caboose i ast the agent he Gine was somewhere below them. The flagman was a re to Back the Ili stance require it i by the Ruk s of the Road. Clingerman was 22 years of age and unmarried residing in with his Fia rents. A special train was 1 y the f. 1. From a Anville carrying hundreds of the brotherhood of Loco Motif. Train Neil and Timeir fam Iii the funeral. A Titch was on a of the St Ever lipid Iii . Street lights shining thru the fog which Hall farm four Miles South of this City envelop a d the City sunday night thous j. Wesley Whicker has been invest ands of wild geese became bewildered gating the deposits of Clay along Shaw in passing southward on their annual Nee Creek with a View to making some migration and for hours flew about Over practical use of the material. It has the City and with their clamor awaken j been known for Many years that the ing scores of families. The fowl a Clay there was of the kind used in Mak geared in immense numbers the flocking pottery and fire Brick and the old mingling in their confusion until they Jer residents recall that experiments became almost As thick As blackbirds were made there years ago Tho few recall the details. Luckily the Potter who conducted the experiments is still living in the person of Edward Helbig altho he has Long since abandoned his wheel and is now living at the Home of a daughter smoking his pipe and living Over again in memory the ambitious toward must i Days of his youth. He comes of a in Mcdonald Park. Many residents let raved the chill night air to see what was the matter and the oldest inhale it it his signal Board red Ami the con Large migration. Lafayette. Hartford City and other cities thru out the state re Piort similar conditions on the same night so the at county mediates wartime Cannon As a memorial to her old . Logwood and r. V. Sol lit make stirring addresses have been a silk e Large but nothing Lik. I i seen Puiul lera a it to n Early even v n i it family of German potters his father blocks Havi past a a Ethward i uncles and All of his Brothers having Uch Large Munib. T it a work at the Craft. He served a Long pm Erht. Thoro apprenticeship in the f Ither a 1 land and has a wide knowledge of clays i and their uses and characteristics de Cani Poi Span old gentleman is getting Well its tit regular Slong in years he is n past Andin uni Ian afternoon Oder that there might be some per or til Camp As i Nia nent record of his experiments and a girl was too Young. John Haptonstall aged 2�, and mis Ruby Brown aged 15, of West Lebanon went Over to Danville saturday on marriage Bent but met with a hitter disappointment upon applying i for a License they were told by county y clerk Dale that Ruby was much too i Young to marry without the presence it Spanish vets elect officers. Of re later of y of War to i Aii i nit it do in til cite and exec ted Ollices follow it win. To Collal. It. N hittl.-. Of i school children. G. A. R. Post and citizens i Nite in impressive ceremonies saturday noon in courthouse Yard Catnip inn under j. H. \ ice Contr Nasuit r b. F. Of Tho Lav s. Bali a i elements Down on Shawnee or. Whicker recently secured him a signed statement which is of interest win. Junior ice con Wiander Doty. C Fth roof the guard tru on Quot y a sol Loeb trustee a it a s. I. Eviston Tiu to e it Elmer i to students of Ireola by and to those i Williamsport citizens did themselves proud saturday on the occasion of the i dedication of the two old War time Cannon placed in the courthouse Yard Are memorial to the soldiers of i county. There has Long been a Seiuli ment in Warren county for the erection of a suitable Monomer tee or f or two r three a ars. a orge. Barnhart. T be tile following officers j. Fat it St. Adjutant s. V. Hose. Of her Mother her consent. To make affidavit of took a bad header. While hurring to his Home in Sterling from Veedersburg tuesday morning Quai t in last. R. P. . Chaplain Frank Liggin. I. Mahony color sergeants bin f. Halt y musician. The Camp is to be known As Lew Rig Gin Camp ind will have about 2.&Quot members read to Muster in when the state claims he called out a Al Ltd of out for them at the tiits and one of the a Chalsie Fowler a seventeen year old adjutant Appiar for that Puri Iose. Local ii Wakemen admits that he did say j son of j. D. Fowler was thrown from something like that. I his bicycle and took a flying header j All saints Day. Regarding the signal Board Amick Down the Side of the Grade near the services were held in the Catholic says. The Board was Clear. 1 had no Clover Leaf railway. He was pick up Church wednesday morning in celebrate orders for him and As it is no Chi. K unconscious and bloody but was soon re a a up of All saints Day. All saints Day is system there it is my duty to Clear the Vived and examination shamed that he of the most important of Theca end Board within five minutes after the de-1 had sustained Only a bad Scalp wound it is a feast Day on which prayers parture of any train in absence of Otheron the Back of his head. Be said and services Are held in Honor of the saints of the Church thursday after the ii pest liens and his a will claw son. Of the livery Lii m of was All souls Driy and on Haida Spray brakeman declared that Amick s Story amp Davis is seriously ill at his is and masses Are offered up for All was absolutely but the agent Home near Jud Yville with typhoid and a faithful departed. Claims he can trove it by a Quot cub Quot Tele Haemorrhage of the bowels. He has been Grapher and a. J. Mckinzie a Black in a critical condition All this week and mrs. De Wilson and son Dan were Smith who were at the depot and Over fora time tuesday was hardly \ called to Highland. Ind., wednesday heard the conver sati n. To survive. In was better it esterday by the death of mrs. Wilson s brother. The i it Roner without More Light on but Lii condi.1 is still Gra e. Bert Stonebraker. Fountain county product still est ear of Corn in the world a 1 is at it i 1 no urn 1 n i i n g \ i it. ,1 til to at i to. I i to a a i it to m t u in 1 1 in ii Lookis in it Lif let in. V. A ii tax a a Ion of pm c. Lilt a v a Iii. a. I Nairn of til a. I it trait. It a it ii a r \ a Ai a. T to. A i u ii. M can t Quot a Ali ii it Itti Cix Ohio 1 who Are looking for undeveloped in-1 Dii trial opportunities. The statement i is As follow Quot i started a Brick Kuri in the Whitehall place in and had thirteen thousand bricks in the shop when the big ice Gorge formed in the River in february the Gorge was a Little but the officials had never Felt Harrar red in spending a Large amount of Mone. Therefor. Last Spring when the Attica ladies of the g. A. I. Dedicated the big brass Cannon As a soldiers memorial in Riverside cemetery the solution. Was suggested and veterans of Wiiliam sport proposed that the county com below the Mouth of Shawnee Creek and j Quot i sinners secure a couple of these old backs the water up into the Kiln and j Pic pm in the court destroyed my factory and Brick water raised six feet and six inches in my shop and the shop stood Al 0ut two Hundred feet from the Trott Bridge. The River raised the old covered Wagon Bridge at Attica two inches. I was burning fire Brick out of tire Clay. The Yard. The plan met with favor and even when it was found that they were no longer supplied free As the one Here was secured they went ahead anyhow and bought two of the old guns. They Are brass howitzers of the same Type As the one mounted in Riverside. All the Clay used being secured on the j Maller it beg a Twenty four Whitehall place. The bricks were All a to a Quot used in building kilns for burning tile. Carriages were made of r some of them were used in a tile kilns 1wdl.amsport, and the guns at West Lebanon and we ship a Good j he Burn Many of them away. I have raised the heat on them to Over five thousand de Greet and the Clay still stood the heat without melting. This Clay Wili stand a higher heat test any Clay in this country excepting the Clay at Perth Amboy n. J. I am eighty five of he am a Potter by Trade and have worked at the Trade since i was twelve years old i have worked in the clays of Canada Ohio Illinois Missouri and Kansas and in the Claylon Perth boy x. J. And saturday was it As the Day for the dedication and the affair was made a Gali event in Williamsport. It was extensively advertised and As a result a Large crowd from the surrounding country was present to witness the ceremonies. The guns Are placed at either Side of the walk leading to the main Entrance of the courthouse and preceding the dedication were covered with Large flags. A Fife and drum band began playing this Clay on the Whitehall place is the a id to me favourites Long before noon Only Clay hat is equal to the Clay of in Perth Amboy n. J. For tire Brick i the girl i left Behms Cru a 1. A f .1. It brought Back the martial spirit of that 1?, it is equal to the the to Clay m. ,. A. 1 a f j i u of by old Bivs lumbering up the Stitt the i United states. I a so worked ,. 11 seventy i straightening found i homers As the remnant. Ren battalion gathered 1 1 the the bowed f the War will in All the clays of Europe five factor4es there 1 no Clay in Europe or Gnu tic i Itiat to.,. U,.1 .1,0 �?z1 a a courthouse Yard. 1 he old soldiers Nen stand a higher heat list lha this Clay a a f____________1 meeting in the courtroom in the lord Neon Bat the exercises proper ii i it Aili or. Ii Phy Sui \ la �10, a . I to 1 was a ii v. i. A 1 t i h the Iii to 1 in tiie . Wit Iii gift a i no v a a a a Rai it. Ltd ii to r .11 a i l Ili Ili i i the. A too -. A it n ij_.-,. T to til. Cuili idiot earn g Tor a Quot . Tic Ilia s re i pc Ltd a. I it i \ tie Etcil. Flu if w a a. I n it a. Struck a. V .1 of Type. T t. �1 to we Oil v x \ in talk i 1in �o.1.1�o i . A. T , ? t or Gin it. 1 it i or had b .0 api i m Lis Wel f Tull. .1 1.- to i uni ii so Crow a l y o cd. Cd he it i p and talk. As tilt a a. Of. I in. The poor til t. T an a l u a. Al Ltd Al out Ltd. I h. Or g n an s Fath i i. It i. 1 and want up. Ilin i to Attica i m a Lia in on an ii Genie s. It to role. Be to Al freight but death Hui in the i Ace. After tier Mission had been secured from the Coroner of warn a county the body was to this City in the Quot offing ambulance and prepared for shipment. The responsibility for the wreck is Shan d by the or w s of both trains and by the station agent at Winthrop. According to the sworn statements made by the trainmen at the Coroner s inquest the Yard engine had left Winthro it about Twenty minute s before the wreck running backward Down the Hill and pushing a dozen empty gravel cars. As that y in pared to h ave Winthrop the South bound local freight pulled us to the Watt r tank and Harry Knight conductor of the Yard Crew told the Winthrop station agent to hold that train until hit in phone 1 him from the pit that the track was Clear. This has been an a to blight for two years or More the railway company having put in to Ltd Telephone boxes beside the track near the for this purpose. A u of . Milt a an ii a a a it i w a. Tii it n i Adit a n 1, a. N Honi. Oil Tram Hal u i of hoax ii Load Atid their to s Iii get Rai 01 car till.-. To Thea inti p that 1. Or. At. Aii and Tiack of the l a air had to. I Cai it but both Engin s 1 a ii i an d. T of 1< Cal a. A big la of r t. F w Atli bait d Hay Aid to ten i r Ine it r Stu Trou his lit. The Hay with it a. Ilk a n a i in ii it Isi the Shock like a solid Iii i. Altho its trucks we in join away and it a. Left suspended to j or three Abov the ground. An empty j car it was smash to splinters Andev Sobing empty Coal cars to l coped Aid the wreck-1 ago of to h k car a Liling Over on a to Ifie main Tiack. The track was torn up by the Shock for four car lengths the heavy steel rails being snap off like pipe . The main track was damaged hut Little and it took the Sec tilt in men but a Short time to Rej air it after the wreckage was cleared away. The wreck train arrived Here Over the Wabash from Danville at 2 5 and went at one to Kickapoo. It brought the jumbo Derrick and soon had the main track cleared so that the South bound passenger train that had be n waiting two hours and a half could get past. The train was Hekl in this City until 7 he o clock while the body of p Ireman Clingerman was made ready for shipment. On the Whitehall Farn i made All of pours Clay and of Riund it pose if a or a. Clay on the Whitehall p enough to hold Twenty i us j or forty Oriental Bri a. Trie \ a i withstand .1 heat that we . The Boston a a incr a i 1 a Quot i would Stan ii a to More of Ili at. I approves Loas a. B. Ire n i the a it a. Ali it you u re Mittanck is proudly itch cd Tor o u Al. A it a contribution to i to i m a his contrib ii. A his . Met it Iii l. . L. Wat i. Or. Ii Tuni n. H argue la a i Hab. N to. Iii. A m l Teiria. T a a has re i Iii Ching. -. He -.1 t a �1a a . On is lit us this. R the Furuie i f the i Yant po5>i g a. H Vav Iii am ice Large of the papers a state March to would escorted a Parade a Movit both pm Quot school children to the in and l a utre they Sang some no 11-.-tees or Stansbury made Ai , presentation. Isaiah Smith replied on behalf of the veterans. Cord Liscs were attach to the flags covering the Cam-,.in acid at a Given signal they were drawn by miss Euly Boyd grand a it Rater of vol , on of the prominent veterans of j and miss Golda Reynolds of West Lebanon. As the coverings were drawn from the historic old guns mute relics of the ii Loody strife that is now but a a Emory there came upon All who wit nest the cer Enuine a deeper appreciation of the great debt which this country owes to the boys a i Blue whose Oil fur thinning sgt rapidly. Has following the dedication ceremony has a crowd repaired to the court room where speeches were made by col. a in s to Tir to and ends a for a 1 r. Giving farm a a Clipsie Ltd k. I. the famous eak of its Fellows c. In n altho the Elefant of trophy a Fitch was awarded to Fred c. Palin of Newtown at the Omaha Corn show in 1 a past from his Possession last year and was Awan led to another recent developed nevits have Strown that tie Fanis us ear pictured above remains the finest Ever grown and leaves Fountain county still at the head of the procession. The n. K. Kelly a ii it toasted Corn flakes co., of Battle Creek. Mich., donated the Beautiful trophy Ami has taken a great interest in the annual com Xii Tori. The trophy and the ear itself were exhibited All Over the i cited states by the company and proved objects of interest everywhere. Altho adjudged the Best on exhibition last year the ear which won the Tro by for 1910 is in reality inferior to the Palin ear. A few Days ago the company wrote to or. Palin asking him to come to Battle Creek at its Exi Ense in order that its advertising Man might interview him for material for a Story soon to be sent out to the general press on Quot the Best ear of Corn in the world which according to All formal records Quot the letter concludes Quot is still your 1909 Champion in rest Mise to the i invitation or. Palin went to Battle Creek where he was entertained royally and spent a couple of Days there. The interview is to be used in attracting attention to the National Corn show in december. Or. Palin has sold the greater part of his crop for the past two seasons for seed Corn and Many of his purchasers were prizewinners in minor shows thru out the country. One Bushel of it was sold to or. Wiley the famous pure food Man. Other shipments were exp sorted to Europe and South America. One grower in Virginia produced 136 2-3 bushels on one acre wit ii it last year. The famous ear which holds the world s championship is 10 1-8 inches in length weighed 20 ounces and runs 56 ears to the Bushel. It contains 20 rows six kernels to the Inch and As can be seen in the picture is completely filled out on i kith ends. The ear contains about l200 grains and offers of $10 a Grain for a few grains from it were Refu Sefl. In ins Sentif y ear on or. It i and still Ai Motiu r Down in Outh. Lino is whose record is a in Quot to a d t Nant v thei. A w lords or. Tired no it rth. Y stay with him that Long. It All three Are go d i self evident fact to a now s place in 11 Long. 1 it is a land Gorge b. Lockwood editor of the Marion chronicle and Ralph v. Sollit. Of Peru. Col. Lockwood s father was before the War a ii zen of Warren county and enlisted with the boys from would t major Gemmer s i company. The colonel s Mother act companies him and both were Delight anti Saloon league meeting. I comrades and on next sunday evening. A Quot . At 7 o clock at Beulah Church a i anti Saloon league Nuet Fig will lie held. Friends of the elder Lockwood. I the address will be May. By tie Rev. S. P. Mcnaught of the i Terre haute District. A cordial invitation is Given All what it can attend be present As it w ill by a m. Ting automobile kick Breaks an Arm. Paul the son of Frank Fraser. Of Otterbein. Had both Bones of the right Arm broken Friday while attempting to to j Crank his automobile. On account of of the rain the electric part had become special interest and import Ilu re will wet and the Mach be was charged with be Sih Cial music by the. W t a n male electricity. A touch of the body of the quartet. I would result in a Shock. I there will be the re Gular sunday school at la a. I. And preaching ser jars. Bertha Holmes went to Peni i vice at pastor. 11 o clock conducted by the wednesday for a two weeks visit with friends

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