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Attica Daily Tribune Newspaper Archives Nov 24 1920, Page 1

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Attica Daily Tribune (Newspaper) - November 24, 1920, Attica, Indiana Live topics Dollar Day it s significance. Or. Harrison s offer to Africa Citize is. By Felix i it Olar May be of interest to the general Reader to learn just Why the merchants of Attica held what they termed a quot Dollar Day quot Sale. There is no purchaser of any of the bargains offered in Attica on armistice Day who can bring himself to think that there were any excessive profits reaped off of the goods offered and sold on that Day. It is doubtful if even a break even Price was attained on these offerings. Some of the goods were probably sold at a sight loss. Now some Are asking who merchants should sell goods at prices that do not bring fair profits. There is a reason. Attica is admirably situated geographically As a Trade Center and All conditions being the same the Trade in this territory naturally should come to Attica. This Little City has its problems to Deal with just like a great Many other Small cities. The adjacent Trade territory that rightfully belongs to Attica is insistently encroached upon by merchants of the larger surrounding cities. To draw this Trade out of its natural Channel special inducements Are held out to attract the buyer. There is no other inducement to offer. The neighbouring City merchants cannot consistently put up the argument that the buyer outside of that City s territory Hap anything in a business Way in common with the citizens of that City. The foreign customer derives no Ben lots from the Public institutions of the City he occasionally visits to do his trading. He lets Loose of his Money the transaction is ended. He does not Hope neither does he expect to reap any reciprocal business from the City merchant with whom he deals. It is to counteract this outside encroachment upon business that should come to Attica that the business and professional men of Attica have organized themselves into a Booster club and instituted a Campaign whereby the citizens of this Vicinity May be made to see that it will be to their interests to Trade in Attica. To get the people to come in and inspect the various stocks these Dollar Day sales have been inaugurated and there will be others to follow at stated periods. There Are other stunts to be carried out and which will be divulged at the proper time. The main feature of the movement is to instill a better Community feeling Between the two factors that go to make up a live Community the farming element and the residents of the City. The two should be brought together on some ground of common interests. One cannot live and Prosper without the other therefore we should All be brought to a realization of the truth that a Community is just As Strong As the tie that binds it together in one common interest. Merchandise can be sold in Attica just As cheaply As anywhere else and will be if the rightful patronage is drawn to this business Center. With the proper patronage coming our Way Attica merchants will be enabled to carry just As extensive stocks As Are carried in the larger City stores and the Oft repeated excuse for going away from the Home town to seek larger variety of stocks of merchandise will no longer be used As a conscience easer. In this Day of Trade agitation those communities that Are first to awaken to the real condition of things will be the first to reap the Harvest that is surely to come. Will this Community awaken in time to do this the Campaign is on to do this very thing. Will you be one of the men or one of the women to help the cause along there is an old slogan that has been used in Attica for Many years quot Attica is a Good place to while this is True let us raise our Standard just one notch higher and let the new slogan be quot Attica the better place to the offer of or. . W. Harrison president of the National car Coupler steel works the leading manufacturing institution of this locality and the quot heart of Attica quot has made a proposition to the citizens of Attica that they cannot afford to treat with indifference. He proposes to furnish a Large portion of the Means with which to build a suitable building for the Young people of our Community in which can be carried on under proper supervision Good wholesome activities that will tend to keep the Young Man or Young woman from the paths that Are fraught with the in areal of life. This Only daily newspaper in Fountain and Warren counties member United press special. Service v volume to. 9 Attica Indiana wednesday november 24, 1920 number 224marries Cousin contrary to Law us Sial situation brought to Light in Workinger Case at the county seat Charles e. Workinger of this City was before judge Ratcliff in the circuit court on the charge of contempt of court for failure to pay for the support of his child seems to have brought much trouble upon himself by not obeying the order of the court. It was brought out during the hearing that after securing a divorce from Catherine Workinger Charles immediately married his first Cousin which is contrary to the Laws of the state of Indiana. When the court asked him How he secured the License he said he was not questioned by the clerk of Warren county where the License was obtained. The court then informed him that the marriage was illegal and that he had no right to live with the woman. This is the first Case of cousins marrying Ever brought to the attention of the court in this county. Workinger s attorney had prepared a petition asking the court to modify the divorce decree and Grant him the custody of his child but the court informed him that he could not modify the decree by the evidence of such Domestic relations. Thee next step in the Case is. At yet a matter of conjecture. Will make insanity plea a plea of insanity will be entered by the attorneys for Jesse Graves charged with robbing the first National Bank at Dana ind., of $1,700 on monday november 1. Graves is 30 years old. His Case will be heard in the Vermilion circuit court. A. N. Foley of Crawfordsville and h. B. Aik Man of Newport have been retained As Graves counsel. Graves is confined in the county jail at Newport where he was taken following his arrest and alleged confession of the theft. He was taken into custody at Rockville on saturday. November c. Official election he tums attention of the Reader is called to the tabulated election returns of Fountain county to be found in this paper. This table was tabulated especially for the Tribune and is the Only official returns yet tabulated for this county in the late november election. It was no Little expense that enables us to give this valuable information to our readers and we Hope that they May appreciate our efforts in furnishing them this table for future reference. It will be noticed that Ambrose Banta for sheriff Heads the ticket with a majority of 1238, with Fred Pur Nell lor Congress a close second with a majority of 1158. The majorities All run Over the one thousand Mark with one exception Warren Mccray for governor whose majority was 952. Mrs. Schwartz suffers fractured Bone mrs. Max Schwartz had the misfortune to fracture one of the Bones in her hand on wednesday. The Accident happened while she was preparing the noon meal and was caused by giving her hand a Peculiar twist while lifting a roaster. Carlton Mcfayden Tjo has been at Home convalescing after an illness of typhoid fever has returned to Akron where he is employed As physical director in one of the Large rubber plants. Is a laudable act on the part of or. Harrison and our citizens should become deeply interested in this pro proved Enterprise that Means so much to the present Young generation and the generations to come. Perhaps or. Harrison could build this building by his own efforts but even if he so desired we doubt if he would do so. His idea is to build an that will live for All time to come and to perpetuate a Community Enterprise there must be enough of the people interested in its welfare to insure its future life. This is a Chance that Attica must fully appreciate. Attica must realize that there Are not Many towns of its size with a Community building such As the proposed one will be if the City s populace will not fail to grasp this Opportunity which has been placed at their feet on a Silver plotter. Opportunity generally knocks but once. This May be Attica s last Chance to do something along this line therefore no time should be wasted but action should be started at once toward devising some feasible plan whereby our Little City can realize on this wonderful Opportunity to possess a first class Community building for the Young people of trustee of Charity Home Cardwell Case again before Benton co. Court this time in Battle for taxes the Jennie e. Caldwell estate is again occupying the Center of the Legal Arena in Benton county where the county authorities Are conducting a fight before special judge Ben f. Carr of Monticello to compel the trustees of the Jennie e. Caldwell Home for homeless mothers and babes to pay taxes on the 2,700 acres of land that provide the maintenance of the Home. By the evidence it has been shown that Only three old ladies enjoy the luxuries of the Home and despite the fact that the quot mistress of Richland quot craved the love of Little children no child has Ever been cared for at the place in the four years the Home has been in operation. A. K. Sills one of the attorneys for the county who is endeavouring to make the trustees pay taxes styles the Caldwell Trust under its present management quot the near Beer Trust one half of one per cent for, Stuart Simms and Stuart of la Fayet Are representing the trustees and Burke Walker county attorney land Fareman and Sills of Monticello Are prosecuting the Case for the county authorities. John Lee Dinwiddie one of three trustees has been in the witness chair constantly from the beginning of the Cise. The Cross examination is conducted by Sills and draws quite a Little heat that Breaks the tedium of the Long list of figures. Or. Dinwiddie is Reading the checks one by one Given out by the trustees during their stewardship As they have covered but a few months of the time there Are Many More to come. It seems that or. Dinwiddie has been in the habit of having his family laundry done by the women who do the Home laundry. The fitness showed a Lack of frankness and the admission was made after leading questions for several Days. The trustees and the witness in particular ordered groceries at wholesale for his own Home with orders for the Caldwell Home. Or. Dinwiddie ordered Brick for his Fowler garage with the wholesale order for Brick used in the building of the new Home and the Mason who did the Brick work on the Caldwell Home built the Fowler garage. Or. Dinwiddie paid for the Brick but he did not say As to the freight. A heated Little examination occurred Over a $1,500 Bill to Marshall Field in Chicago for linoleum for the. New Home and involved a certain Rug and household linens. Or. Sills asked if at any time or. Dinwiddie had ordered supplies from Marshall Field s for his own Home with orders for the Caldwell Home if in fact he did t have in his Home a Rug billed to the Caldwell Home. This called Forth a heated and emphatic denial from or. Dinwiddie. Quot what about Grandfather s clock quot was asked. Quot i bought and paid for that quot was the answer. When asked about the bed linens in his Home from which he had hired a woman to pick the Caldwell Monogram he said he most certainly did not. The trustees it appears do business with themselves or. Dinwiddie writing insurance on the properties drawing the Premium and commission As agent or. Barr handling the Grain through the Richland elevator. The Richland Grain company of which or. James Barr one of the trustees is a member receives Many a Check from or. Dinwiddie a co partner for Coal feeds posts and various supplies handled by the company and 1156,000 Worth of Grain was sold one year to this firm which in 1917 and 192tf bought two farms. Seemingly each trustee takes care of his part of the Trust without interference from the others. Attica boys enlist Loren Wilson son of Porter Wilson has enlisted for one year in the u. S. Army in the motor mechanics school. Earl Wallace also of Attica has enlisted for the same length of time in the same department. They will be sent to Camp Grant Illinois. Notice to american legion All members of the american legion particularly those Intel ested in securing a Home for the organization meet at the usual place at 7 00 o clock this evening. Definite action will be taken. Or. To Dotson convalescing or. Demetrius Tillotson who is in the methodist he Spital in Indianapolis recovering from an a operation. Is reported to be improved enough to sit up and see his friends. He will soon be Able to return Home. Anticipation instructions for Indiana firemen firemen s Contention and fire College november 29 to december 4.purnell s major it was doubled estimated that the added woman vote would give him a majority of 7,500 a week before the election. Congressman Fred s. Purnell was in Hamilton county and estimated his majority in the District at 7,500 that his District in Normal times was of 0 Republican and this year with the increased vote due to the suffrage Extension he reasoned that the vote should be doubled in the District. Now the official count of the vote has just been made Public showing that Purnell carried the District by a majority of 13,173. L Ery county in the District gave him a majority. The counties composing the District Are Hamilton Tipton Howard Montgomery Fountain Clinton and Carroll. There were Only five of the thirteen districts of the state that gave their Republican candidates larger majorities than or. Purnell received. The Banner District in Indiana from a Republican Point of View was the tenth where will Wood was returned to Congress with a majority of 36,254. Attica High net team starts season with Rush the Attica High school Basket Ball team is facing a Strong schedule this season which includes games with Jefferson High school of Lafayette. Veedersburg Williamsport and Pine Village. The team has four straight victories to its credit and expects to continue the winning Streak. The Complete schedule is As follows nov. 24, Kingman at Attica nov. 27, Jefferson at Attica dec. 3, Ambia at Ambia dec. 10, Veedersburg at Veedersburg dec. 17, Mellott at Attica Jan. 7, Newtown at Newtown Jan. 8, Pine Village at Attica Jan. 14, Williamsport at Attica Jan. 21, Hills Boro at Waynetown Jan. 28. Pine Village at Pine Village Jan. 29, Otter quot Bein at Attica feb. 4, Williamsport at Williamsport feb. 11, Ambia at Attica feb. 18, Veedersburg at Attica March 5 and 6, sectional tournament. Series of lectures mrs. Damarcus Brown of Indianapolis who has been on the Attica Chautauqua program a number of times will give a series of lectures at the Temple Israel in Lafayette. The first number i As Given today when she spoke on quot the aftermath of the mrs. Brown has just returned from Europe where she visited the Battle Fields of France. Reacher for Telephone co Frank cuppy manager of the Lafayette Telephone company has been appointed receiver for the Cadwallader Telephone co., of Warren county and has filed Bond in the Superior court at Lafayette. The appointment of or. Cuppy is the result of a suit filed some time ago by the minority stockholders of the company. Engagement Anno need or. And mrs. Charlese pin frock of Lafayette announce the engagement of their daughter miss Lucille to James Dresser son of or. And mrs. Charles p. Dresser also of Lafayette. The wedding will take place next month. Miss Lucille is a Niece of will and h. C. Finfrock of this City. The thanksgiving dance will be Given Friday night at the colonnade. Music will be furnished by Wayne s quintet. F. M. Bever has returned from a business trip to complaint More Specif attorneys for Fountain produce company argue motion before court trial of the Case of the Fountain county produce company was set for the latter part of january 1921, following a preliminary hearing before judge West in the Montgomery circuit court monday. The complaint filed against the company seeks to have them enjoined from carrying on a business in the state. Attorney for the defendant argued a motion before the court requesting that the complaint be made More specific. The matter was taken under advisement by judge West. The company is represented by an army of Legal Talent of which a. N. Foley of Crawfordsville is a member. After thirteen years the editor received from the Post today a Short note from or. And mrs. W. A. Safely at Redondo Beach California in which was enclosed a copy of the Attica Clipper of March 8, 1907. This reminds the editor of his first attempt at journalism when a boy of 13. The paper was a souvenir edition of eight pages two columns to the Page pages 5x8 inches in size printed upon Blue tinted paper. We remember it As the crowning Effort of our then Young ambitious career As a journalist and while we have since entered upon a larger More extensive Field of journalism and have put out some creditable papers we doubt if any of our recent achievements brought us As much real Joy As did this Little Sheet we printed in our boyhood Days. The Little paper contains an editorial by the editor in which he reviews the year s career of the Clipper and the Bright prospects for its future. Well do we remember the amount of time that was consumed in building that wonderful production from the pen and How when it was finally finished and pronounced Well done it was viewed by the writer with much fondness accompanied by vivid anticipations of the juror it would create in the journalistic world. The writer dreamed a great future would grow from this Little editorial Acorn another Horace Greely or a Henry Waterson perhaps. But alas do dreams come True we have found there is not much time in the modern print shop for dreaming for with the hungry cry of the Linotype for More copy and the incessant demand for More White paper at fifteen cents per and the thousand and one worrying things about a print shop make the life of a newspaper Man just one darn thing after another. Coupe turned Over Glenn Jones narrowly escaped ser i ious injuries on sunday evening when he met with an Accident on his Way Home from Danville. Just after leaving Williamsport he struck a stretch of fresh gravel on the Road and his Coupe turned Turtle. He escaped without any injuries. His car had some of the windows broken. Important notice the Tribune will not be issued tomorrow thursday november 25�? thanks gliding Day As that occasion will be Obser eyed As a Holiday. The weather thursday Cloudy. No change in temperature. It is announced by h. A Friedley state fire marshal that a firemen s convention and fire College will be held at the state fair grounds in i Anapolis for one week beginning november 29th, at which time expert firemen from various Large cities in the United states will be present to give instructions to Indiana foremen in latest methods of modern fire fighting first Aid and Rescue work. Every City and town having a fire department has been requested to Send one or More representatives to this convention and the attention of mayors common councils and other City and Village officials has been called to a provision made by the legislature of Indiana for the payment by tiie cities and towns of expenses of delegates to conventions. The convention will be made a week s training of value to the firemen who Are present. Many ideas in safeguarding. Property in its inspection and in the discovery of hidden dangers the Rescue of those endangered and first Aid to the inv gds All Avill be Given a practical demonstration. The firemen will be taught the use of the Pompier ladder in scaling i perpendicular Walls. The smoke helmet and Gas mask will be demonstrated. Proper care for fire fighting equipment will be exemplified and practical firemen who Are present will receive instructions that will result in an improvement in fire departments and then prove a Benefit to their cities. If firemen Are to be efficient they must keep abreast of the times and in line with the same Progress that is being made in fire fighting devices and fire prevention ideas that is evidenced in other affairs of life. The contemplated fire College is along these lines and the Active participation of fire fighters will certainly result in More efficiency at Home and of direct Benefit to each Steps for peace in Ireland former Premier Asquith has made a motion opens up debate on Irish question London november 24.�?steps for an immediate establishment of peace in Ireland were urged in the House of commons today by former Premier Asquith who was supported by labor members Arthur Henderson and John Clynes who joined Asquith in the motion condemning outrages and police reprisal. The motion opened up a debate on the entire Irish question. Want in the league Geneva november 24.�?immediate admission of Austria and Bulgaria was recommended to the league of nations Assembly today by the commission membership. Among the other states favored for membership in today s report were Finland Albania and Luxemburg. Grand jury indicts thirty Chicago november 24.�?"mike de Pike quot helter and 30 other alleged members of the largest booze ring operating in the country were indicted by the Federal grand jul. I e today on charges of conspiracy to violate the prohibition Laws. Among those indicted were six Chicago police sergeants. C. L. Steinbaugh has returned from a business trip to Indianapolis. Thanksgiving Venice Union thanksgiving services a ill be held in the first Christian Church tomorrow at 10 o clock. Rev. Coddington of the u. B. Church will deliver the Sermon. All the ministers of the City Are expected to be present and assist in the services. Singers of the various churches Are urged to be present and on time to assist in the music. Let us make this a Day of real thanksgiving. There will be a Sunrise prayer service at 7 00 o clock. The entire City for awhile should forget its business and cease its activities to engage in this service. Quot take time to be quot seek often thy lord quot there is still Hope for the Homie Brewer some brew is still a menaced by a ruling restricting the Sale of hops and malt Only to Bakers and confectioners it was announced at the Bureau of internal Revenue. Such restrictions have not progressed beyond the stage of office memoranda concerning the possible legality of such restrictions. Commissioner of internal Revenue Williams who would have to pass upon such a departmental order stated today he had not been consulted. Trustees named Hon. Charles a. Burnett referee in bankruptcy of Lafayette was at Williamsport saturday and heard the cases of Harold Pence and Joseph e. Mccandless at the Law office of h. D. Billings. The creditors in the Pence Case appointed Cyrus c. Evans As trustee while those in the Mccandless Case selected Charles Mccabe. Leave for new Home Henry Powell who has been agent for the Prudential insurance company in Attica with his family has left for Athens Alabama. They will make their future Home on a farm on r. R. 2 out of Athens. They made the trip in their automobile. Notice notice is hereby Siren that a mercantile stores except groceries will be closed All Day thanks go Vang Day. Groceries will close at noon. A. A. A. Attica advertising association. Proclamation to be issued ministers in Indiana will be requested to preach on tuberculosis prevention in a proclamation governor Goodrich Wil Issue soon. Each year the last sunday in november is proclaimed by the governor As tuberculosis sunday. Hog prices steady Indianapolis november 24.�?hog prices were steady at ten dollars on Indianapolis Market today prices on other markets were held the same. Game wardens look for nonresident Hunters game wardens of the state department of conservation have been instructed to question All Hunters As to their proper residence. This action is necessary in View of the reports to the department that nonresidents from Ohio Michigan Kentucky and Illinois Are coming into Indiana and taking out resident licenses. A nonresident License costs $15, whereas a resident License costs Only $1. In the event that nonresidents Are permitted to Hunt on resident licenses the state is losing a considerable Revenue that it rightfully should receive. According to Richard Lieber director of conservation in Indiana any nonresident found Hunting with a resident License will be vigorously prosecuted and the attempt at saving $14.50 will prove costly. Attention is called that the minimum Fine upon conviction for such an offence is $25, maximum $100, to which May be added imprisonment not less than thirty Days and not to exceed sixty Days. Post office to close there will be no regular deliveries of mail on thanksgiving Day f. W. Macoughtry postmaster has announced that All departments of the Post office will be closed tomorrow. Thanksgiving Day. There will be no regular deliveries of mail on either of the City or Rural routes but patrons May secure their mail by calling at the office Between 8 00 and 10 00 o clock. Fred Hau Winner about 175 fans witnessed the wrestling match at the car Coupler gym tuesday night. The preliminary bout was Between Delanois of Westville Illinois and Frank Shaffer of Attica. This contest was for one fall Delanois winning in 19% minutes. The head liner was pulled off Between Fred Hall of Attica and Mike Reed of Chicago. Reed won the first fall by a combination toe hold and wrist lock. Hall won the last two Falls the first by a toe hold and Hammer lock the last by a wrist lock. George m. Thompson heavyweight mat artist of Lafayette was present and challenged both the victors agreeing to throw both twice in four hours. The Challenge has not been accepted As yet. Basket Ball tonight the boys and girls Basket Ball teams of the Kingman schools will play the boys and girls team of the Attica school in the High school gym in Attica tonight. A baby girl arrived october 28 at the Home of or. And mrs. Elmer Prit Chard 545 Bell Street Indianapolis. The Little miss has been Given the name of Madena Louise and grandpa Pritchard of the Palm cafe at Attica says it is some name and some girl too. Elmer s Many friends Here extend Lebanon Gazette. Us a

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