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Attica Daily Tribune (Newspaper) - June 23, 1920, Attica, Indiana For husked Harris Chaplin 3ik. 3iocse amp . Frog one Day . Mouse who had been driven from the Bam where he used by mrs. Tabby and her family ran across the Road to the Meadow and wandered Down by the Pond. Quot i May As Well jump in and drown myself Quot said . Mouse feeling very sad and discouraged. Quot there is no place i go where that cat does not follow Quot what is the matter my Friend that you seem so sad Quot asked . Frog x who sat a log not far away and heard All that Moas. Had said Quot Why need you drown just because you jump into the water i live in this Pond and i do not . Mouse now that he had a willing listener told . Frog All his troubles. Quot i just ent Grain and meal and things in the bams just a Little and wily that cat should be so disagreeable and unfriendly i can t understand Quot he said. Quot she cannot eat those things Quot said . Mouse Quot so Why she to tigers me i cannot see. Does Slie Ever come Here and try to drive you out the Pond Quot Quot never Quot said . Frog. Quot i have my troubles with the boys who try to Stone me but 1 can always escape by a sniping in the Pond and . Dog barks at me when i come out this log sometimes but he cannot get me. So i just let him bark. It is very funny to see him too so i just laugh to myself and stay Here As Long As i like. Aljy Don t you come Here to live i feel quite sure if Yon would Iive Bys and water and mud and such tilings no one4would bother Quot list suppose i can t diet out if i j up in your i Ond Quot Suid . Mouse Quot and in ayah i Sli Ould not like your Ivunie. I do not foe at All sure i c Giuld live the than is you spoke Quot Conie wit i Ino for a visit Quot said . Frog. Quot ill Trike you Down. In Don t like it i will bring you i right i a Ilow will you that Quot asked . Mouse. Quot you it my Hack and cling tightly and if you it lon t like it when i go under the water you just Pinch a Little and i la come right up Quot said . Frog. It was t a second before he was Back again and mouse rolled off the Groom a choking and gasping for breath. Quot Why you did not even get to the Bottom the Pond. You pinched almost As soon As we started Quot said . Frog. Quot i know i did. I knew at once that i should never like the water for a Quot i can t see Why Quot said . Frog blinking. Quot there Are no cats Here and plenty to eat Quot Quot there May be no cats but there Are worse things than cats i have found Quot said . Mouse. Why that water would kill me. I can run away from puss if i look Sharp but i could not in away from the water and As for seeing How can 1 see wit i my eyes full water Quot no thank you . Frog i guess i will run Back to the Bam and take an Oier Chance with mrs. Quot what funny folks there Are in this world Quot said . Frog As he watched . Mouse out sight. Quot he d rather live in a Bam than in the water. Well Well Quot copyright Mildred Harris was Well known As a Quot movie Quot actress before she became the wife Charlie Chaplin the film comedian. They were married in the fall 1918. Mildred Harris is still in the limelight in the silent drama and is Well liked by the millions who see her the Chat by Edna Kent Forbes perf�o3ies b Eunice writes Quot i have recently been Reading a number books about England in the Middle the Jast Century Wilde s Dorian Gray Thackeray and others and i notice so Many them mention a perfume a Frangipani they Call it As being used by the titled women and beauties that Day. Is it a real perfume and if so can it be bought now it must be Lovely to have made such an impression upon writers. Can you Tell me How it is made and Why it has such a curious name i read your chats wearing a distinctive perfume and wondered whether i could adopt this As my yes 1 can Tell you something about it and How to make it though i cannot say whether All druggists carry the needed ingredients. It was named for its discoverer one Frangi Piini. A gentleman Home who lived old Book court etiquette and cosmetics. The oils and essences Are mixed the whole is shaken up and allowed to Settle for a week being shaken up several times during the Day. Keep in a dark place during the week. The study perfumes is full fascination. One soon learns which Flower essence and which citric oils form the basis All doors then the combination different sorts be comes a fascinating task. Copyright scribes pick Asunta after final experiments and Quot shake Uius Quot doctor Spaelti. I Princeton s rowing director has brought together an eight that shows great possibilities. They Are stroke Bob Campbell no. 7 Brigham no. C Creswell no. 5 Milne no. 4 Cooke no. 3 Page no. 2 acting capt. Terry Bow Mcalpin. Our photograph shows the new Princeton varsity Crew tie Lake. A symposium published by will Hamilton the new Orleans item shows the majority Southern league sporting editors pick Atlanta to finish first in the race this year and Little Rock second. There is a wide difference opinion As to the third place team with advocates new Orleans Nashville Mem \ Phis and Mobile All getting votes t Birmingham and Chattanooga i Are counted among the also rans. F>.>.1j�o5ta Little a mlle Falk assisted slim Sallee in hot game Pitcher s Accident actually helped him to win. When runner moved from second to third Cente fielder Roush moved Back and was nicely placed to get Felsch s Fly. Commenting the incident Harry Sallee s balk in the second world s series game one tie commentators makes some interesting conclusions As follows Quot Sallee started to pitch and his foot Hung in some manner which caused him to lose his balance. He stumbled convard with the motion pitching but did not deliver the Ball which made a Plain balk and Umpire Billy Evans behind the plate ordered Weaver to stroll to third from his seat second base. Quot the face the returns Sallee had gotten himself into a tight Corner bit the balk probably saved the Day for him. When Weaver went to third Loush played 30 40 feet deeper in Center for Felsch than he played when r copyright great statesmen. Spence a War que Eta flight Een a Olda country Seema like nobody gotta so mating. Yes pretty hard Getta a food and a clothes Een Dat place and nobody gotta mooch Cash. Lasa week i Reada do sporty Page Een a paper Bouta one Guy wot Nakada prize night Een England Gonna come Deesa country. A paper say he come Over Here for Getta some match. I tink yes pretty Tough he gotta come tree thousand mile Jusa Jilletta a match. B i Dunno ref Dat Guy Smoka a Cee Gar Dace cigarette but i tink he yes craze Een a head. Ref i gotta go tree Tousand mile for Light up you Betta see a bits i que Eta smoke. We gotta too Many people Deesa country now wot Looka for a match. Everyday Fiva see a Guys Aska me for a match and Bouta tree dozen for a Cee Garette. But ref Dat Guy come Allda Way from England for Jusa one match i Fiegure a Olda country yes it 1 a bum More As we know. Dat prize flight Guy no gotta Beez Ness to smoke anyway. A smoke Maka a breath go Short and a Short breath Maka a prize fight Queen too soon. But i no tink Dat prize fight Guy gotta Moocha head. Ref he wanta in Oke so bad he could Getta fired from Hees Job and me be ligita Hees smoke a fire. I Dunno. When i Reada Dat piece Een a paper i Feela sorry for one ting. I Wees a my Boss was Dat Guy Een a Olda country. Ref he no could Finda match for Lighta Hees pipe a people wot work for Heem could have Beetle pleasure and no so Moocha smell. And ref i Hava so rating to say about he sure Hava hard time come Over Here for a match too. Wot you Tinko madness in a dream. To dream madness although you Ware the sufferer 1� said to sign fat Success in your life s undertakings. Perfumes have a reviving upon tired people. Effect in the time the crusaders. The listed ingredients Are All spices oils extract Nero i 1 drachma essence Royale 3 drachmas Oil Lavender Oil cloves Oil rhodium 5 drops each powdered Civet 10 grains rectified spirits 4 ounces. The formula i obtained from an old. We find in Ftp dying them closely these st ites men that we once caused great that Uliey Crit up and Art morosely and Picov a quarrel Vith their Fate if some ont olso succeeds in Brini Init about own Long soil kit Reform. That Ouk it. It seems to set them singing it merely makes them sulk storm one time we fell to Iier prs the visions and thou zit their very hearts were set what they preached now their dimensions have Shrun Jon much to our regret. We find that what they really Long for is not the righteous thing per be. But that the thing they Are so Strong for. Is having great things done Quot by 4> a Finnigin filosofo. Ivery Man go a t re a sta age Whin if some Frind Don t Wurr air Nestly wid in hell have a Pitcher to Aken wid is head la it Antn is hand. A a a buses u silent As in mud. Buses Are three kinds Omni Jitney and inc. Sometimes the first two become the latter and then there is a Quot for Sale Quot and. The Omni is perhaps the commonest kind taking tie towns by and Large especially by. The regular Village omnibus is a Cross Between a milk Wagon and a Hearse. It is As Spring less As the Sahara desert and is lighted for the trips to the night train with a seventeen Skunk Power one sixteenth Candle Power kerosene Glim whose Chimney is in deep mourning. The Jitney bus is newer Vintage but is already accumulating a characteristic perfume. In fact it has always been in bad odor with Stre to railway companies rid their stockholders. The inc kind May be almost anything from a wife to a Carbuncle. The plural inc bus is i Cubi. And while an incubus is a singular thing it is almost always in the plural. A a a took her at her word. She Jerald she d Quot not a thing to i quickly left the place. Were she to dress thus. I d not dare to look her in the face. Of what the Sphinx says by Newton Newkirk. Quot a Man who will sell his Honor for a a song gets a it a jams Reg sport a Nasafi fians Penn has lost Elmer Smith its fast Quarter Miler. He has left College. A a a a Complete american Rifle and pistol team will compete in the olympic games. A a a judge Ira w. Jayne has been made chairman the olympic committee Michigan. A a a America s hockey team which is to compete in the olympic games has arrived in Antwerp. A a a the horse review futurity for foals 1920, closed with 917 entries a a gain 13 Over last year. A a a Heglar raced last season with Little Success by pop Geers is to be out this season As a member Tommy Berry s outfit. A even a Good old sportsman like sir Thomas Lipton May grow weary finding his yachting challenges so frequently becalmed. A a Pete Mlennan the Bantam Champion offers to meet Jinny Wilde at is pounds ringside Johnny Kilbane at 124 pounds ringside. A a Carpentiei s press agent is not very Good at that. He has t said that Georges Lic de tie town bully at the tender at thirteen. Lee tide ii Lee Axworthy out Emily Ellen is touted As one the Ireat two year Olds the season. Lee tide is the property David look. The first contests for the Wight Nan Tennis cup for women have been postponed to 1021 because the inability european clubs to Send teams this year. Olympia Fields is out with a bid $2,000 for a match Between the British players and James Barnes st. Louis Western open Champion and Walter Hagen Deu Oit National open titleholder. The club would stage the event As an aftermath the Western open tournament in August. Two Odd one Ball records slim Sallee. Weaver was second. The reason was that he knew he could not throw out Weaver at the plate a single to Center when Weaver was third but he had a Chance to do so when Weaver was second. Quot Felsch hit a terrific line Fly smack Over Roush s head. Roush ran like a Deer for the Center Field Fence and when about ten feet from there he turned threw up his hands and grabbed the Ball out the air As it was sailing past his dome. He did not have an Inch to spare in Speed distance and if he had not been playing deeper with Weaver third than he would have played with Weaver second he would never have made the catch. Weaver would have scored and Felsch would have had a two three base hit. A More interesting Point never arose in a world s series first balled Walsh pitched in game Crawford knocked Over Fence for Home run. Here Are it two records recalled by a baseball statistician some time ago in a game Between Chicago and i a troit years ago with the bases filled and Sam Crawford at bated Walsh was sent to the Mound. He pitched one Ball and Quot it Yahoo Sam Quot slammed users dip in oiled Klepfer former Cleveland Pitcher is added to the list former players who have dipped into Oil. He has joined the forces a Pennsylvania concern which has sent him to Shreveport to look after its interests in the Louisiana Field. Other Ball players in Oil who make their Headquarters in Shreveport Are poll Perritt Bob Harmon Ira Thomas Cyril Slapnicka Mike Massey. John Ganzel and Ennis Oakes. Mike Malloy the former scout for the Chicago cubs also has embarked in the Oil game and plans to soon join the Shreveport a notes babe Ruth is a picturesque performer even when he is striking out a now everybody knows Eddie Eayrs can pitch As Well As Field and hit a Coveleskie the noted Pitcher the Cleveland indians grows better with age. A a a the braves come and go but color and Pep they appear to have with them always. A a a six players have been released to minor leagues by the new York Yankees. A a the pirate travelling uniforms Are nowhere near As attractive As the togs last season. A a a Ferdie Schupp bids fair to Bear out Branch Rickey s assertion he will come Back this year. A a a Dode criss. One time famous hitter is making his Headquarters in Shreveport these Days. A a the Milwaukee club has transferred Pitcher Mcwhorter to Richmond the Virginia league. A the braves have an outfielder named John l. Sullivan. He ought to be popular in Boston. A a r. Miller the Philadelphia Rookie third baseman looks like a member the baseball Millers. A Dave Davenport the skyscraper baseball has a world Speed but he in t so i cog control. A a a one new York expert is placing Safe. He picks one three team in each league to cop the Flag. A a a the Oklahoma City club has signed Billy Kelly East st. Louis old Battery mate Marty Toole. A stockholders the Cincinnati National league club have demanded free passes and extra dividends. Gri Ilith is very Sweet for Ericson As a Pitcher and the old Fox is a fairly Good judge a to grower. A a the Browns Are sure to finish in the first division according to the Way they have it doped in st. Louis. A tie Joplin club has released tit fielder Vic Ruedy to the Chickasha club the Western association. Ivan Olson has done the most consistent hitting any player the greater new York clubs to Date. A Bob Munsell the new third baseman the Yankees is said to be Able to drive a Ball As far As babe Ruth. A a with the braves and the red sox out the race Boston can take an interest in Harvard s football practice. A a Joe Rouke Veteran minor leaguer has been made manager the Greenville team the South Atlantic league. They Are calling the Houston but fails the Quot glories Quot this season. Whether morning evening variety is not Clear. A a Andy Stark sent to Minneapolis by the grif Imen has walked. He will play with an Industrial league team in new York state. A a Pitcher Pat Murray and infielder George Petty formerly notre Dame were unconditionally released by the Philadelphia nationals. A a Pitcher Mario Devitalis the College try out. Has been sent by manager Miller Huggins the new York Yankees to the Vernon coast league club. The Veteran Butch Kerns Catcher quit the Dallas club before the season opened and will play Ball with an Independent team in the Oil Belt a a Art Phelan who has been coaching a Collie team in Florida and for that reason was delayed. Joined the fort Worth team just As the season opened. Worse than appendicitis. You Quot what s the matter old top look Quot i be just undergone a serious Quot appendicitis Quot Quot worse than that. I had my allowance Cut his guess. Burrows by the Way what was the denomination that Bill you loaned me lenders Episcopalian i imagine it keeps Lent so Well. Choice abodes. Quot i gotta have a place to Quot i understand Quot said the real estate Man Quot and maybe i can fix Ycu up. Now which would you prefer a portable shed to a tent Quot not guilty. Colonel soother land Well rastus did the judge find you guilty stealing chickens rastus no sub colonel i was released s Pinion. Up in the air. The magistrate what s the charge against his Man officer the air copy he was speeding in a High Poer racing plane and ran Down a child s go plane. Little use. Quot he was much affected n Hen i made him a loan. When i looked at him Bis face was Quot yes that is the Way he saves his Sam Crawford. It Over the Fence for a Home run. Four runs scored off a Pitcher one pitched Ball is hard to beat. In at Portsmouth o., a Relief Pitcher was put in with two men bases. He pitched one bail and the batsman hit into a triple play. Thus the twirler secured cre it let for pitching an entire inning when he Only a Eliv Erea a solitary Beay i misanthropic. Quot when Brown is Happy he tries to Quot yes. Some us Don t care How miserable we make others so ions As we re comfortable. Cross examination. The lawyer to the witness clings with questions deftly wrought. And makes him say a lot things he never knew he thought. The impossible. Quot it s such a Nice place where you moved i Hope you la like your new Quot i m just sure 1 won t. They All own cheap s Magazine. Barney Dreyfus rises to remark that there was no friction Between manager Gibson and himself in regard to the Case Catcher Walter Schmidt a a a the Boston red sox released Pitcher Cuddy Murphy the former Dartmouth College Star and Patch i Harry Holborrow to Toronto the International be amp Guin the menu. Quot she certainly has a Way talking you Down with cold Quot yes a course Tongue As it were served with Chilly his status. Quot i knew a Man once who ate a ten Pound Turkey with trimmings a bet Quot Quot he must have been a Man consuming cautious. Post say old Man will you join our big brother club Parker let s see the girl to to be fraternal to . Showing it Quot Bibbs is a live Quot i know he is. He touched me for ten dollars this morning and i was professional duty. Quot Quot Why did you leave the dentist Yon have been going to so Long Quot Quot i found he was getting my True. Quot a what s a scientific Salesman Quot Quot a scientific Salesman is a fellow who knows when to quit annoying odious. Hlls Mcwhorte has sold a poem to scribblers entitled an Quot ode to a fair hulls has he Well he is More competent to write verses entitled Quot owed to a tit bits. One flaw. Quot she acts As though she thought she was the Queen 0h, no. She would never think she we anybody who had to go to somebody else for Wisdom

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