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Attica Daily Tribune (Newspaper) - June 23, 1920, Attica, Indiana Excess profits tax should go it is the Friend and Helper of h. C. L. By William c. Redfield former Secretary of Commerce the crying need of the Hiir is production. This View is voiced by every statesman and economist of Europe and America. The world is bearing a heavy Burden of debt and debts can be paid Only by earning the Means with Wlinich to pay them and the Only Means of earning is by producing. Production is the direct and the most efficient attack upon the current High prices. The present figures at which goods Are sold. Could not be maintained in the presence of a Supply double that which exists and even the production of a his ? Jhone half More than at present would go far to reduce . Ujj arising from High prices. The excess profits tax is a restrained of production and a direct Friend and Helper to the High Cost of living. It is so far As the investment of capital in productive enterprises is concerned an encourager of hesitancy. It removes the incentive to Quantity production. It imposes a Penally upon the process the world needs most. The effective Way to reduce excess profits is to produce Large quantities of goods and this production itself inevitably reduces prices and excess profits go Clown with them. To restrain by special and heavy taxation the processes of Large production because of the fear of Large profits from such production is at once a misunderstanding of economic processes and a Means of avoiding the ver it thing which is sought. The excess profits tax ought to go. It is unscientific and forms a direct obstacle to that Large production upon which for the time All efforts should of Faith is the cause of the demoralization of the world. By James a. Davis Chicago advertising Man. There is demoralization in All tie affairs of the world. The cause of the demoralization is nowhere else than in the loss of Faith. Faith after All is the Stabilizer of civilization. On Faith is based All that matters in this life. Governmental commercial professional private and Domestic affairs can be carried on and sustained Only by Faith. Without that High attribute what would our form of government amount to without it Why and How Long should a democracy last if we could Cut out discussing alleged causes of present conditions and do our Best to remedy those conditions through Faith in each other Faith in the spoken the written and the printed word Faith in agreement Faith in statement Faith in Good intent and above All Faith in our institutions and the soundness of our institutions Many if not All of our present troubles would melt away like Mist before the summer Sun. Through such a Faith there will be evolved by United High motive individual Endeavor a Way out of every complication economic political and social to a sound prosperous and stable Coli club Ion. If each of us will carry on with eyes front head up in step facing the Only problem before a that of justifying ourselves As the Lope of the world we will bring our great country through i All its problems financial political Industrial and social to where it belongs the Advance guard guide and arbiter of peace and destinies of the Nat Ioris of the us better roads that the motor truck May come into its own. By j. Ogden Armour Chicago pack ringled How so a s attractive six room dwelling that is unusual in appearance Young men looking for Good dancing partners choose Horzely girls. By Louis Guyon Chical a in ance Hall proprietor living porch Good feature treatment of Entrance and porch make this anything but a common House not expensive to build. By William a. Radford. Or. Wlliam a. Radford will answer questions and re e advice free of Cost on All subjects Metal nuns to the subject of bul Dinst. For the readers of this paper. On account of his wide experience As editor author and manufacturer he is without doubt the highest authority on All these subjects. Address All inquiries to Liulam a. Radford. No. 1827 Prairie a venue. Chicago. 111., and Only enclose two cent stamp for reply. Designs for limes Are so numerous and so varied that one often marvels at the ingenious Ess of the architects who designed them. Practically designs Are different but at the same time there is a marked similarity in most of them. The Home shown in the accompanying illustration is in reality one of the most simple of architectural designs. Yet the architect has added to it an unusual living porch and has designed an Entrance of such simplicity that combined the porch and Entrance make this anything but a Quot common Quot House. The main building is merely an old fashioned gabled two Story House with Steep pitched roof. The Entrance is placed at one Corner of the House and is of the Type usually found in colonial Homes. Triple windows in the living room the Graceful curve of the roof projection Over the Dormer and the Shing Leil sides take this Home out of the Ordinary. Yet it is one of the most inexpensive of Homes to build. Six Good rooms a sleeping porch and the Sun parlor Are shown on the floor plan that accompanies the exterior View. The Entrance leads into a Stair Hall and to the right connected with this convenient hallway by a double cased opening is the living room 11 feet 8 inches by 17 feet 6 inches. At the end of the living room is an open fire place on either Side of a Liili Are built in Book cases with windows above them. The room is made Light and cheerful by the triple windows a urge one in Ilio Ltd 1uim Wii i ssi Nellei one ? there is no More serious problem before us today than the matter of reducing the Cost of getting the products of the farm to the table of the consumer. One step at least in the solution is Plain better roads. As an inst nunsent of Economy the motor truck has not yet come int it i its own. Efficient servant As it is in certain restricted realms it now awaits the further development of interurban and country highways to reach the measure of its full attainment. It has Power and Speed that put it outside the class of the horse drawn vehicle and a nimbleness Apo flexibility which gives it a certain advantage Over the railways. It is Jwj expectation to see it assume More and More the function of the a non haul As its own Peculiar province in part relieving the railways of duties which they Are least Able to perform and in part expanding tip Field of our National transportation system. I say therefore All Speed to the Good Road movement it will cheapen our methods of distribution and help to bring the people of our country closer to each other. I commend its common sense and practical Wisdom. It May be less spectacular than some of our other National issues but it strikes deep into the roots of fundamental Progress. A Pace for clothing in each room. The bathroom is convenient to each of the bedrooms. The basement wherein is located the heating Plant and rooms for the storage of fuel food and other articles extends under the of the House with the exception of the living porch. The foundation of the House is of Concrete which is plastered inside and the basement has a Cement floor. From this Short description it will be understood that this Home design is modern in every respect. The rooms Are arranged with the idea of making them convenient for the housekeeper and comfortable and Roomy for the members of the family. At the same time there is no waste space to pay for when building but there Are ample accommodations for a family of Good size. A such Homes As the one shown Are the sort that Are being erected Quot by Home builders this year. They want second floor pain. Attractive comfortable and convenient Homes but do not want houses that run into considerable sums of Money and contain More room than is necessary. While it May seem to be a considerable of an undertaking to the average person to Bull i a Home of his own. It really is a simple matter both to finance and to get the building erected. A sum of Money sufficient to insure the Bank building and loan or private Lender against loss is All that is necessary to get the site and the House. Assistance in selecting the plan deciding on the materials to be used and in getting an estimate of Cost is obtainable from the local architect the building contractor and the material dealer. All of these men Are sex Summ ii 1 iii id is v know about the the homely girls dance mud better than their pretty Sisters. As the manager of a dancing floor where thousands of both ugly and pretty girls do their hop skip jump and drag of the new dances i Lave observed closely and i know whereof i speak. Ugly girls make the Best dancers. They Are More Graceful Tolian pretty Girla because they Are More serious and work harder to make up for Lack of facial Beauty. A pretty girl Relie in her Loo is to get partners. An ugly girl goes Ai dancing with earnestness and is soon far better at the Art. She studies hair to be charming and eclipses her Beautiful Sisters in attractiveness try often. Pretty i Refl Are Lazy and Andiff cent As a Rule. Ulicy Are Apt to be Moe item and to feel that the world is at their feet. It is for in Day and Only a Day. Then the other girls Haxe their innings. It is up Parent to me every night that the Young i iii Zilpo want skilful pit Lien in dancing choose the ugly girls first. It it Jim a Ltd. Vav i quote a Ahin i on either Side. Outside tiie windows is a window Box for summer Flowers. Connected with the living room by a second double cased opening is the a lining room 11 feet 3 inches by 1.3 feet. The double French doors from the dining room Lead to the living porch which is 11 feet 0 inches wide and 23 feet Long. This arrangement i or Mats of using one end of the living la Orch or Sun parlor for a breakfast porch. The porch is enclosed wit i glazed Sash for Winter use and screened in summer. The Kitchen 9 by 9 a ? al re to floor plan. Feet 0 inches adjoins the dining room with a Good sled pantry Between. Leading out of the Entrance Hall is the Stair which terminates in a Central Liall on the second floor. The three i bedrooms All Are on Comers making them Light and Weli ventilated. The fourth Comer contains n sleeping Poroli which has double windows in the two Niia while this is so constructed that it is denominated a sleeping porch it really is a fourth bedroom. The sleeping rooms All Are of Good size. The floor plan slows Bow much closet room has been provided there being a it of materials tiow like build ing can be done at the least Cost and the various other facts that Home builders should rely on experts to watch. A building a Home on the defer Reil payment plan also is an exceptionally Good Way to save Money. After the o a ligation of paying for the Home is assumed tie payments will be met just As life insurance premiums Are paid. They Are fixed obligations and Are prepared for and met. But aside from the material Side of owning a Home there Are Many sources of satisfaction for the Home owner. The first and probably the most important is the fact that a Home owner is looked upon As a substantial permanent member of the Community in which he lives. His family have opportunities for social life that Man v times Are denied the family of the Man who rents. The Home owner also takes a greater interest in civic affairs because he feels that he has something at stake. Taken from All viewpoints the building of a Home is the Best investment the head of a family can make. The Rome of old with its wealth and wine was the Handiwork of a sturdy race they builder Well and Uliey made it Fine and they dreamed of it As their Chu Dren s place. They thought the Joys they had won to give and that seemed so certain and fixed and sure to the end of time in the world would live and the Rome they d fashioned would Long endure. Their children the their Fertile they passed to hoarded Gold. Their Marble Halls and Fields. But not the spirit of Rome of old nor the roman courage that never yields. They left them the wealth that their hands had won. But they failed to leave them a purpose True. They left them thinking life s work All done. And Rome went Down and was lost to View. A Edgar guest. Men s Boulb Are pitched in different keys some like a Lark Rise Strong of Wing above the Clouds of suffering. And cheerily mount and sing till gloom grows glad and suffering men smile listening and take heart again. Things Worth knowing. Ter and one beaten egg. Arrange the stifling so that it will be higher in the Center and sew or tie the edges of the meat together so that it will Resi male a plump boned Bird. Bake Bali Tang until Well browned. Roast veal a a filet of veal with Salt and Pepper and put in a pan with onion Carrot Bay Leaf Clove and Small piece of butter. I lace in a roaster put in the oven and Bak i one half hour remove the cover Baste a Ery five minutes for one half hour. Remove the meat to Platter. Put a Little water in the pan and let simmer five minus. Strain and pour this Cravy around the roast. Out of the dam ii and heated with baked use the Rich spiced syrup left from pickled peaches to Baste the roast it imparts a delightful flavor to veal pork or Lamb from a five Pound beef roast a Small family May be served from three to five dinners and have the Bones for soup Stock. For the first meal the meat is roasted and basted with the drippings. For the second meal the roast is sliced in Tjie Gravy served hot potatoes. For the third to al a meat pie with biscuit for the top for the fourth beef Creole style for the fifth croquettes. Re Chauffe of beef Creole melt three tablespoonfuls of butter add a tablespoonful each of minced onion and Green Pepper chopped Fine Cook until tender add three table spoonfuls of flour a cupful of Broth and one half cupful of Tomato Puree one half teaspoonful each of Salt and grated horseradish one teaspoonful of Lemon juice and two cupfuls of cooked dieted meat. Serve in a Rice Border. Croquettes from beef what meat is left Hiiop Fine mix with one half cupful of boiled Rice one half teaspoonful of Salt Cayenne to taste and one cupful of thick White sauce. Chill then Roll in crumbs Brush with an egg dip in Cru jul its and Fry in deep fat to a Golden it own. Serve with Tomato sauce. A five Pound piece of Liam will make several meals. Lii a slice May lie parboiled covered with a mixture of Brit in sugar and a Mustard. Using n of must ird to four of Stiar alien l Ike i r in lion or More in a moderate oven. Tie Bam Bone May be cooked with vegetables for a boiled dinner or simply Cooki d with cabbage. The bits of Bam May lie minced and pounded then seasoned Well and used for Sandwich fillin. Stock from beef a Large onion into a Granite pan add a slice of turnip Cut Fine a Carrot chopped Throe stalks of celery with leaves six cloves a dozen Peppercorns a stick of cinnamon a Bay Leaf and a sprig of Parsley thyme and summer Savory. Cover the vegetables Vith cold water and Cook until tender Strain through a Fine Sieve. For each quart of Broth add one teaspoonful of beef extract. Serve hot. Stuffed fondant to replace the Date Stone removed or a blanched Almond or a mixture of chopped nuts and fondant. Roll in granulated sugar and serve As a dessert. The common fruits of Mother Earth if served in ways a Little out of the Ordinary May become dishes that sem to be extraordinary. A11 vegetables should be put to look in boiling water but Cooks differ As to time for adding Salt. The , however agree that tender succulent vegetables should be Salter just i before serving Root vegetables May be salted during he cooking. Turnips May i e hollowed out in the form of cups cooked until tender and the cups filled with creamed peas diced carrots creamed celery or other Well liked. Carrots with Lemon Ca tots Cut with a vegetable shredder until tender in a very Little water let them steam on the Back of the stove and dry out add Salt Nutmeg and a dash of Cayenne with a tablespoonful or less of Lemon juice. Serve hot. Beet cups prepared in the same Way the turnip cups were and filled with the tiny string Beans Wilch have been cooked in Bacon fat vinegar and shredded onion and All served hot makes a most tasty and pleasing dish. Cottage cheese made into balls and rolled in chopped Green Pepper then placed in lettuce nests with a thick boiled dressing Well seasoned served with the salad makes a very pleasing dish. Cooked chopped beets served with French dressing is a dish greatly liked. When serving Corn in a thin White sauce add an egg or two for Richness ind live a much More nourishing dish and one not common. La exploit old mexican City. The ruins of Palenque in the state of Chiapas Mexico marking the site of a City whose origin and inhabitants Are unknown Are to become the site of Petro Neoim development. Gen. Nor Berto Rochin having been Given a con cession by tie Dei Mirament of Commerce and labor to exploit the Region. The ruins lie in the midst of a dense Forest and were discovered in 1750 by a party of exploring spaniards. They indic ate the former existence of a Large and prosperous City. There is no history of what people built there or where Tivey have gone. For years the ruins have been u source of curiosity to archaeologists. Quot nth thins More surely prejudices people in favor of an individual Antl the opinions Wlinich that individual i Olds than a spirit of openness fairness and Tolor Noe while the opposite qualities Are bound to arouse antas. Billy bugler Story. N am so glad that the boys Cafici girls like me Quot said Billy bugler Quot and i have heard that a Good number did. Well i am not conceited about it for my Missy tells me it is wrong to be conceited but it does make me Happy and she says that that is All Quot she praises me up herself and tells me i m a love of a dog and All sorts of things like that. How my Little dog heart does go Pitter Patter with Joy when she tells me that. Quot you know that i m a Boston Bull with a White head and White Chest and White paws. Quot i must Tell you of the Pillow that was made for me. Quot by Missy was having some mattresses and some pillows fixed for the Beds in the House. And she thought it would be Nice for me to have a new Pillow. Quot so she ordered one to be made along with the mattresses and the pillows for the House. Quot that was a Nice Way to treat a Little dog was t it and How i love my Pillow. Quot it s just a Nice Square soft Pillow and i can curl up and get on it and lie Down so softly and so , and then i can dream of my Missy and my master and their kind words and their Law voices. Quot i love Low voices Don t you my Missy has a very Low voice and so has _ my master. I do hate people who re m always saying at the top of their. Voices Quot a lie Down sir Quot and beg sir Quot i understand just As Well when i Jim spoken to softly and i fancy other dogs would too if they were taught that Way and did t hear people speaking so loudly. Quot sometime they think people Are Only speaking to them when they do speak in loud tones and when they say things crossly. Quot but that is different from my Missy and my master. Quot Well my Missy took me for a trip with her to the seashore. I live near a great big River but there is no sea near my Home. The sea got tired i believe before it got As far As where we live. Not that we live Way Way Oft. But it is fairly far from the sea. And As the sea seems Strong enough occasional dainties. Quot throw up the window. Tvs the mom of life in its most Subtle luxury. The air is like the breathing from a rarer world and the South wind is like a gentle Friend. Parting the hair so softly on my seasonable dishes. Irish Power spindle. In 1850 there were 400,000 Power spindles in Ireland As compared Ink bully under if Iowa today. Alien making Rolls for variety make them very Small and put three together in Well greased Gem pans. When risen very Light bake until Brown. Uliey will break apart into three Small shapely Rolls. Round of beef in into a casserole one fourth of a cupful of Sweet fat and when melted add one cupful of the following mixture equal parts of celery carrots onion and Ham All chopped together. Cook the vegetables until Brown then Lay Over them four pounds of beef from the tougher end of the round. Cover with a second cupful of the same mixture and Cook in a hot oven three quarters of an hour. Remove the meat from the casserole Strain Oft the vegetables add a cupful of Stock to the strained liquid and return to the casserole with the meat. Over the meat spread one cupful of seeded raisins. Cover and Cook for one hour and a Quarter longer. Pork a pork tenderloin Lengthwise leaving the halves joined. Pound the meat of each slice until half Lnch thick. Spread with the following stuffing one cupful of bread crumbs one Quarter of a teaspoonful of Salt a dash of Pepper a slice of chopped Parsley pickles Capers and Lenin juice and a tablespoonful of chopped olives. Mix with one fourth of a cupful of Mettam but new ways of using peanuts a ill be welcomed by those who Are fond of the ground nut. Creamed p e a nuts on scald two cupfuls of milk in a Dou in boiler reserving one tablespoonful to mix with a teaspoonful of cornstarch add one teaspoonful of onion juice one teaspoonful of Salt and one Fourtly of a cup of studied olives chopped or Green peppers or cooked celery May be used. Cook until smooth and thick and add one cupful of finely minced or ground peanuts just before serving. Serve on Toast. Eggs stuffed with As Many eggs As needed until Well done. Remove i of the shells and Cut in halves Lengthwise. Take out the Yolks and Pound them with As Many skinned and boned anchovies adding butter Nutmeg Pepper and Salt to taste. Fill each half egg with the mixture put them in the oven to heat very hot and serve on Oval pieces of bread which have been Fried in butter. Rice with two thirds of a cup of Rice with a pint of boiling water until the water is absorbed then add a Little at a time a pint and a half of milk it the Rice Cook slowly for four hours or until quite tender. Add powdered sugar to taste and when Well dissolved set ats a to Cool. When Cool add a cupful of whipped Cream mix and sift cinnamon Over the top put on ice until wanted. Stuffed off the tops and hollow out the insides of Nice even sized tomatoes. Fill with the Tomato mixed with chopped celery and onion and any desired dressing. Stone some olives and fill them with Anchovy butter made by pounding a few anchovies and mix with equal parts of butter. Put one Olive in the Center of each Tomato Sprinkle with chopped Parsley and serve. Sandwich delicious filling for sandwiches is Cream cheese and chopped Maraschino cherries adding in a bit of the cordial from the bottle to moisten the cheese. Such desserts As custards tapioca cornstarch and Caramel puddings May be prepared in Twenty minutes and put to Cool. Ginger bread when baked in Gem pans and served with whipped Cream makes a Fine dessert and one easily and quickly prepared. It is Wise to make a list of dishes easy and Quick to prepare so that in a Rush one May choose those things Best suited to the occasion or Best suited to her rap plies. Tuum 7vw�tie. Ich a Teran t get of a ass it is it entry. A rest. At the seashore i think it must have thought the walk Way Back where my Home is was even too much for it. Quot it must be a very Long walk. My Missy and i take Long walks. But we certainly did t walk from our Home to the seashore. No we took a train. Quot we had a Beautiful time there though some of the time i had to Wear a muzzle and that is a fearfully hard thing to do in the summer. Every dog perspire through his Mouth. That in t a very pretty thing to say but it is the truth. And we Pant with our Mouths when it is hot. So that a muzzle for a dog in the summer time is a horrible things especially when Small places think they re needed for the dogs of the place. Quot in a City where there is such a terrific heat and where dogs can under Trees and lie in the grass different. But not so in the country. Quot however i did t have to Wear my muzzle very often i am thankful to say. Quot i atsed to go swimming with my Missy. She would go into the water and then she would whistle for me and i would jump along Over the Waves until it was beyond my depth and then i would swim out to her. Quot she would take me in her arms and give me a rest when i reached her and then i would swim Back Home. Quot sometimes the water was Chilly and after i had been in once i would he on the Beach and putting my head on one Side i would beg off from going in a second time. Quot but i did enjoy my swims and the Waves when they were Little ones were lots of fun. There was just enough then for me. But when it was very rough my Missy Only had me paddle about and get my Little feet with their White shoes wet my White paws i mean Quot and when e were at the seashore we took my Pillow along with me that was made especially for me. I used to sleep on it and have a Beautiful time. Was t it Nice of my Alvisy to bring my Pillow Alonjo too the very Pillow that i love the Best and that i feel the Best on. Quot but in Case Yon Don t know it to Illk to Tell Yon that pm enormously fond of Bones and with n a a ood Bones Irell. It a better than a Brood Book m a tilth of tee Cream any Day Quot

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