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Atlas Of Montgomery County Iowa Newspaper Archives Jan 1 1919, Page 9

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Atlas of Montgomery County Iowa (Newspaper) - January 1, 1919, Red Oak, Iowa Page 10 Farmers directory of Lincoln township abbreviations Section ac., acres wf., wife ch., children years in county o., owner r., renter. Yolken j. Ii. Of. Sybil cd. Harold Lone. P. O. Red Oak h. 1. O. 197 ac., Sec. 12. 14. Allison Waller. Of. Geneva Cli. Earl. P. O. Emerson 1. Ii. Ico no., Sec. 30. 14. Owner h. N. Siiner. Anderson v. Annach. Arthur Russell , Esther. P. O. Lied Oak 11, 1. O. 220 Sec. 35. 23. Anderson k. Of. Victoria. P. O. Henderson. R. 1. R. 2so uc., Sec. 1. To owners we. J. And Johanna Powers. Androy c. J. Of. Susanna cd. Lola. Jennie Iva oven p. O. Henderson h. 1. O. 94.50 a. Sec. 6. 4. , in. M. Of. In Lheritier. P. O. Emerson ii. I. 11. Ac., Sec. 34. 2s. Owner Maggie .1. Ibid Wick. Ilam a j. Grace Cli. Evelyn. P. O. Red Oak 11. 1. R. Ico ac., Sec. Is owner f. Smith. , i. C. It. Nancy Orval. V. O Hen Derson. 1. R. 100 ac., Sec. 10. 11. Owner Samuel Morgan. Lloil .1. I1 or. Nettie. P. Henderson. It. 1. Ii. 152.2n ac., Sec. 4. 1. Owner. A. C. Lewis. Tiv Stii c. L. Kit lie Ann. P. O. Emerson ii. 1. R. 75 a. Sec. 15. 10. Owner mrs. Elizabeth to Louias. Len Climer Albert. Victoria Cli. Hull. P. O. Emerson 11. 1. H. 1go ac., Sec. 27. 42. Breeder of High Grade Duroc Jersey hogs. Owner Louisa a Deliler. Line Lilor Sci Binm. It. Ellen Ell. Gorden Mil dred i Loverd Leo. P. O. Emerson 1. H. 100 ac., Sec. 34. 43. Owner Louisa i Jueller. Clips Cliola j. W. Of. Wlllie cd. Ward. Maud Crover Pearl Weaver May aligns Earl Nina. O. Henderson 1. Ii. 40 ac., dec. 17 K20 ac., Sec. S. A breeder at Poland China hogs. Owner Thomas Stewart a Sale. Cooper t. 11. Elizabeth Cli. Joe Dock. V. O. Red Oak h. 1. R. 321 ac., Sec. 14 320 ac., Sec. 13 h. 70 ac., Sec. 2 h. 60 r Sec. 27 ii. 40 ac., Sec. 15. Owner Luros. , h. T. Of. Kale. P. O. Macedonia 1. R. A Sec. Of 14. Owner Jonathan Watson. I Levis j. Of. Allulli cd. Bertha. Naoma. Nellie Belle. P. O. Emerson ii. 1. Ii. 220 ac., Sec. 31. 61. Owner John Patterson estate. Kivis Thos. Of. Minnie cd. Bernice Geneva. P. O Emerson 1. O. 15s ac., Sec. 23 So ac., see. 15. 30. c. Of. Rosa cd. Eli Frank Alice Fred. P. O. Henderson 1 k. 200 ac., Sec. 1c, ii. 120 ac., Sec. 17. Owner win. E. Owens. Ii. Of. Jessie cd. Paul june Waldo lean. P. O. Henderson k. 1. 0. 102 ac., Sec. A So ac., Sec. A 25. Owners Jessie .1. And j. Ii. Edmondson. Din Cimpson p. It. Or. Blanche Cli. Elearor. P. O. Henderson 1. R. Is ac., Sec. 7. 24. Owner Jessie j. Edmondson. , .1 of. Margaret cd. Evan Emma. P. O. Reel Onk I. O. 120 ac., Sec. 12. 34. Owner Margaret i. Edwards. Kihm is ii. A of. Mary cd. Jane. P. O. Emer son ii. 1. O. So ac., Sec. 22. 20. Idle ills w. M. I. Edna Cli. Leah Ralph. P. O. Emerson I. 1go ac., Bee. 25. 35. Owner l. .1. Edwards. Killer p. _. Of. I. cd. Anna Edward Martha curl. P. O. Henderson h. 1. H. 320 ac., Sec. S. 4. Owner Charles Stewart. Kuns t. Mary cd. Kllc Lewis Lizzie Sylva Garvin p. O. Emerson h. 1. O. 200 ac., . 17 80 ac., Sec. Is So ac., Sec. I j. 41. Xvi Iii mini a a Cli Jane Morris. P. O. Emerson ii. 1. O. 212% at., Sec. 22 40 ac., Sec. 23, 40. He inns w. F. Of. Tilda Cli. Pearl May Aldon Irene. I. O. Henderson h. 1. O. 7c.07 ac., Sec. 5. 4. Breeder of Huff Orpington chickens. Ipod Law s. I. P. O. Emerson h. 1. R. 240 ac., Sec. 2s. 11. Owner Robl. S. Stewart. Golf Fulli l. Of. Mayme cd. Ross Brollia. P. O. Red Oak. N. 1. O. 220 ac., Sec. 36. 27. In Sim a. Is. P. O. Henderson. Ii. 1. R. 239 ac., Sec. 1. 10. Owner j. A. Nelson. Hui scr a. B. Of. Blodwen Cli. Leslie Nona. P. O. Henderson. R. I. R. 70 ac., Sec. 6 ii. 3-1 ac., Sec. 7. 2. Owner Carl w. Carlson estate. Hughes 11. Ii. Of. Sydna cd. Mary Harold. P. O. Emerson. 11. I. H. 200 a. Sec. 17 ii. So a. Sec. 18. 11. Breeder of High Grade Poland China loss. Owner t. Evans. Hughes p of. Sarah Cli. Lloyd , Alice Grace Evan Mariannn Katherine. P. O. Red , h. 1. R. So a. Sec. 14 ii. So lie., Sec. 2. 20. Owner Thomas Morgan. Isam soil curl. Of. Minnie cd. Unice. I. O. Emerson. H. 1. A 160 ac., Sec. 20. 32. Owner Harry Selzer. Jenkins David ii. Of. Silva Cli. Hazel Harold of Lelen. P. O. Emerson 1. O. 160 nc., Sec. 1c. 33. Johnson Hugo. P. 0. Red Oak it i. R. 100 ac., Sec. 30. 5. Owner Oscar Anderson. Johnson j. A. Of. Annach. Hebe Ralph. P. O. Emerson. R. 147.16 ac., Sec. 31. 8. Owner John in. Evans. Jones Clement. Of. Margaret Ell. Lila Mae. P. O. Emerson 1. R. 150 ac., Sec. 1c 40 ac., Sec. 21. 34. Owner g. Jones. Junes n. P. O. Emerson h. 1. O. 320 be., Sec. 20 So ac., Sec. 29. 38. Lone tree Jones a Miv. K., or. We. Elizabeth. P. O. Kmer son 1. O. Ico a. Sue. 22. 35. Hair icy it. Laura Cli. Laverne Ivan Jeanette Russell Esther Kenneth. P. O. Hed Oak ii. 1. O. 200 no. Sec. 35 160 a. Sec. 27 k. So ac., Sec. 32. 40. Meadow Drook Jones of. Elizabeth cd. Maggie Ward will. P. O. Red Oak h. 1. R. 100 ac., Sec. 24. 22. Owner Humphrey Kvasis. , 11. S. Of. Inez cd. Donald Vivian Hugh. P. O. Emerson 1. Ii. 120 ac., Sec. 21. 31. Owner Maggie s. Jones. Junes Lui of. Mallic cd. Russell. P. 0. Emerson u. 1. H. 120 ac., Sec 21 it. 105 ac., Sec. 22. 2r. Owner Ellis Jones estate. , John. Of. Christina cd. Fontelle Arvonia Mildred. P. O. Henderson 1. Ii. 80 ac., Sec. 3 So ac., Sec. 10 it. 320 nc., Sec. 2. 31. Owner Thomas k. Jones. Junes John it. Alice he. Wartley Permella Haden Paul. P. O. Emerson 1. O. 320 ac., Sec. 2s 41 ac., dec. 29. 36. Jones in tar. Jennie. P. O. Emerson 1. O. Ico ac., Sec. 20. 29. Owner Jennie Jones. Junes ii. .1. P. O. Red Oak 1. O. 159 ac., Sec. 25. 25. Jones Walter. Of. Jane. P. O. Emerson 1. O. 160 a. Bee. 27. 32. Jones w. John. Or. Pearl cd. Violet. P. 0. Emerson h. 1. Lives in Sec. 15. 26. General store Wales Iowa. Jones m. Of. Rebecca Cli. Helen do Ghl. Ben Dolha. P. O. Henderson 1. Ii. 160 ac., Sec. 11 n. 80 nc., Sec. .1 160 a rec. 12 Cis owner d. W. Jones. Klong c.1. A. Of. Annach. Harry Ada sever Alveda Amil Helen Edwin Esther Theodore Claus. P. O. Red Oak 1. R. 160 ac., Sec. 36. 3. Owner we. J. Powers. A. Al. Of. Cd. Marjorie Lucile. P. 0. Red Oak 1. It. 120 ac., sue. 23, owner John l. Williams. Lewis a Red Oak 1. R. 160 ac., Sec. 23. -10. Owner Hen. Lewis. In Ivis Tom. Of. Amy. P. O. Emerson I. Ii. Ico ac., Sec. 27 h. So ac., Sec. 28. 17. In Reader of Lack Lang Shang chickens and Short Horn cattle. Owner win. It. Jones. Or Muller j. Of. Policy cd. Floyd. P. O. Henderson 1. R. 80 ac., Sec. 3. 27 owner it. W. Mcmullen. I Mil Len w. Of. Mary cd. Marguerite Anna William John Mamie Darwin. P. O. Henderson 1. O. 312.27 ac., Sec. 4 120 ac., Sec. 9 80 ac., Sec. 3. 45. I Mullen w. M. Of. Elsie cd. Leona Dale Doii Rul. P. O. Henderson n. 3. R. 152 ac., Sec. -1. 30. Owner W. Mcmullen. Millie Fred. Of. Inch. Goldie. P. O. Emerson 1. R. 120 ac., Sec. 28. 10. Owner j. R. Jones. Morgan of. Emma. P. O. Rod Oak h. 1. O. 160 nc., Sec. 26. 30. Oikun Joni. Of. Stella cd. Sammy Clifford. P. O. Henderson. R. 1. O. 152 ac., sue. 3. 41. Breeder of Rhode Island red chickens. A mini Samuel. Or. Amelia Cli. Kermit. P. O. Henderson k. 1, 160 nc., Sec. 10 160 ac., Sec. X. 30. Munson Frank. Of. Lula. P. O. Hod Oak 1. O. 100 ac., Sec. 26. 10. Nelson j. A. P. O. Red Oak 1. R. 330 ac., Sec. 13 239 ac., Sec. 1. And in Sherman twp., 123 a. Sec is. 111. Owner we. Peter Bon. Joel j. E. It. Tussle cd. Evert Lawrence jewel fines Morin Virginia. P. O. Emerson n. 1. R. 160 no. Sec. 21 n. So ac., Sec. 29. 2. Owner m. Meyers estate. Noel w. 11. Of. Vorna cd. Golden Dollis. P. O. Emerson I. R. 320 ec., Sec. 31. 5. Omner John Patterson estate. Obei a Ciuris. It. Carolina cd. Songne. P. O. Red Oak k. 1. O. So ac., Sec. 25. 10. Own will ,1. Of. Gayle cd. Jean Dorothy. P. O. Henderson u. 1 So ac., Sec. 10 To ac., Sec. 11 o so ac., Sec. 2. Peterson k. O. P. O. Red Oak h. 1. R. 80 ac., Sec. 14 So uc., Sec. 12 11. 40 ac., Sec. 11. 31. Owner Noel Peterson. 1 Clorox in j. A. Of. Mall leu Ell. John Ferdinand Anna Conrad. P. O. Red Oak 1. O. To ac., Sec. Ii. 33. Peterson a cos a. Of. Esther cd. Hazel. P. O. Red Oak h. 1. 160 a. Sec. 24. 36. Owner Humphrey Evans. I Ollit ii. P. O. Emerson 1. R. 160 nc., Sec. 32. 1. Owner. S. Soelner. Pollitt k. U of. Zara. V. O. Emerson 1. H. 160 ac., dec. 31. 1. Owner it. N. Kleiner. Price once. Of. Ellen. P. O. Emerson 1. R. 80 ac., see. 15. 4. Owner Thomas Davis. I Rita Holt John. Cd. Eva Sam Emma Jane Eugene Minnie Kliner Chrisla. P. O. Macedonia h. 1. O. 100 ac., Sec. 6. 37. Llee.1, j. W. Of. Irene cd. Kenneth Morris Melon Arthur Ruth. P. O. Red Oak 1. R. 200 nc., see. 24, and in. Sherman twn., 150 ac., Sec. 10. 20. Breeder of shorthorn gallic Anil Forcheron horses. Owner Olson. Lleces w. P. O Emerson ii. 1. O. 160 oc., Sec. 23 So a. Sec. 34. 32. Rowland it. P. O. Emerson 1. H. 80 nc., Sec. 18 So a. Sec. Lil u. 71.17 ac., Sec. 19. 34. John Rowland. Alico. It. Katie cd. Edd. Gertrude Elizabeth Dora Emma Minnie. P. O. Red Oak it. 1. O. So ac., Sec. 25 ii. So ac., Sec. 33. 28. Owner mrs. O. Junkin. Hmvi-11, w. T. Of. Lola. T. O. Henderson 1. O. So a. Sec. 2. 12. Lewis. We Mary cd. Edd. Ernest Frank Lucy Mildred p. O. Emerson h. 1. O. 1go ac., Sec. 33, and in Garl Clil twp., 57.10 ac., Sec. J. 44. Shaw Ift Loimil. Of. Carrie cd. Wilfred girl rude Mildred. P. O. Henderson 1. R. 100 nc., Sec. 15 100 nc., Sec. A 60 ac., Sec. 16. A owner t. A. Thomas. Shepherd .1. V. Cd. Cecil. P. O. Emerson. R. L. U. 160 a. Sec. 32. 1. Owner a. St incr. Shook .1. A. Cd. Viola Bertha Earl Lottle Glenn inn Ada Fern Clyde Alburl dec. P. O. Emerson it. 1. O. 151.03 ac., Sec. 30. 80. Skunk u. V. Of. Balliol Ell. Vova Deth Rogony. Alnuti. In. O. Henderson 1. Ii. 25 ac., Sec. Is 105 kb., Sec. 7. 26. Breeder of while Rock chickens and High Grade shorthorn cattle. So Nile Lawn owner p. Skank. In ill w. T. Of. Ada Cli. Earl Elaine. P. O. Henderson 11. 1. R. 40 ac., Sec. 4 100% ac., Sec. 5. 14. Ireeder of White Wyandotte chickens. Owner Delia e. Kendig. Smith ii. C. Of. Louisa cd. Vivian. Hugh Nina. Charles. P. O. Henderson 1. R. 150 ac., Sec. 2 6s.70 ac., Sec. 1. 49. Owner Isaiah Smith. Soelner u. N. Of. Pearl Cli. Gordon. Fern. Velma a Ortilia. P. O. Emerson 1. O. 160 ac., Sec. 29. 45. Steiner Vern. Of. Lottie cd. Arlene. O. Emerson ii. 1. R. 160 uc., Sec. 33 160 ac., Sec. 211 So ac., Sec. 33. 28. Owner mar Garet e. Steiner. Slow not c. A. P. O. Henderson h. 1. R. 240 uc., Sec. Is So ac., Sec. 7 320 ac., see. 8. 10. Breeder of Duff Orpington and Black chickens. Owner Eliza Steward. Slew re c. Or. Mary cd. Muriel Steiner. P. O. Henderson it. 1. O. 120 ac., Sec. 17. 0. So Oil Kinn it. A. Of. Elsie cd. Reynold David Gerald Gale. P. O. Emerson a 1. R. 80 ac., Sec. 33 u. 40 ac., Sec. 2s. 5. Owner. Mrs. Henry Thomas. Iii Kkt Len Albert. It. Annach. Ida Carl p Cd Oak. Ii. 1. O. 160 ac., Sec. 36. 26. Thymus John. Anna he. Clyde Merle robs. P. O. Henderson it. 1. H. 160 ac., Sec. 9 80 nc., Sec. 15 o .200 ac., see. 5. 34. Owner Henry Thomas estate. Thomas j. O. Of. Mary cd. Howard Elizabeth baby. P. O. Emerson it. 1. 11. 200 ac., Sec 21. 33. Owner Roben Thomas estate. Ali inns t. A it. Edith cd. Chrystal. Milo Din. P. O. Henderson. R. I. O. 120 ac., Sec. 1c Ac., Sec. O. 1go ac., Sec. 14. 41. Tir Jilcott j. S. Of. Rose cd. Dorris. P. O. Hen Derson h. 1. R. 232 ac., Sec. 6 80 ac., dec g. 2c. Owner. Simon trin Letl. Tripled. Al. I. It. Mamie cd. Eva. P. O. Hen Derson 1, h. 106 2-Lo ac., Sec. 5 40 a. Sec. 7. 25. Ireeder of High Grade Poland China Hoks. Owner. A. Ii. Williams. Vailler Hoof j. H. Of. Annach. Howard Dewey Francis Clarence Oma Marie. P. O. Emerson u. 1. R. 160 ac., Sec. 26. 8. Owner e. T. Evans. Vat Lylall John a. Of. Alma cd. Llla Eltie Adena. Inez Dortha. P. O. Lied Oak 1. O. 120 ac., Sec. 24, and in Suerman 70 ac., Sec. Is. 37. Urecker of Plymouth Rock chickens. Venev 11. Of. Kate Cli. Joe Vernon Gerald Marvin Lyron Duane i Ralph. P. O. Emerson 1. O. Iso.73 ac., Sec. 19. 20. O. It. P. O. Emerson it. 1. H. 160 ac., Sec. 19. 27. Owner Lewis Warren. A. Of. Malinda cd. Dell. P. O. Emerson 1. O. 120 nc., Sec. 34. In u ill Lains a. Ii. Of. Jane Cli. Elizabeth Amy David Kenneth Luther. Howard. P. O. Hender son 1. O. 160 tic., Sec. 10 160 ac., see. 3 40 ac., Sec. 7 ac., Sec. 5. 26. Williams yank. Of. Miriam cd. Perry Stanley Howard Wright p. O. Henderson 1. O. 160 ac., Sec. Ii. 46. Ireeder of Plymouth Rock chickens Ami Hereford cattle. Williams h. Cd. Ici Olse a Therisie Donald. P. O. Kinnison 1. O. 160 ac., Sec. 30. 20. Nuvill Lipinis v. Of. Okal. P. O. Hender son u. 1. It. Ico ac., Sec. 9. 21. Owner a. Ii. Williams. Iluf Nizik Rimini is of. Lota cd. Morfydd , Gwyn no Ellis Kul Hryn. P. O. Emerson it. 1. U. 80 ac., Sec. 33. 13. Owner j. S. Stewart. Wood a Devin. Of. Urls cd. Glen. P1 o Emer son it. 1. O. Ins ac., Sec. Is. 37. 1-Li-sl. Of. Dora Cli. Calno Paul Eugene Morris. P. O. Henderson ii. 1. R. 160 ac., Sec. 10. 17. Owner d. W. Jones

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