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Atlas Of Montgomery County Iowa Newspaper Archives Jan 1 1919, Page 3

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Atlas of Montgomery County Iowa (Newspaper) - January 1, 1919, Red Oak, Iowa Page 4 Farmers directory of Douglas township abbreviations Sec., Section ae., acres wf., wife ch., children years in county o., owner r., renter. Anderson a. G of. Mary he. Lilly. Cora Joe Arlo Orvllle Louie. P. O. Or nil I. O. 210 .1c., so. 27. 12. Anderson amly. Of. Banna in. Arlone Mildred. P. O. Carbon h. 1. O. 120 ac., Sec. 30. 9. Salil Hiigli John c. Of. Nln of. Gladys Charles deft Kevn Hull Claude Mauine Ward. F. O. Grant a 1. O. Ico ac., Sec. 1. Askey h. Of. Alice cd. Mary Ruth Flor ence. P. O. Elliott it. 1. O. So bc., Sec. A. 35. Linen of t. 11. Of. Rutn. P. O. Grand 1. N. 123 hc., Sec. 26. 4. Owner H. Norcross. A lob a a. J. Of. Nellie. P. O. Elliott 1. R so ac., Sec. 7. 15. Owner John Smith. La run we. Of. Hosn cd. Fleury. P. O. Elliou 1. O. 211 a. Sec. 20. 25. I own j. K. U f. Maude Kenneth Lester Dol ibid p. O. Eholt k. 1, So ac., Sec. 7. 5. Iarj hit j. I. Of. Jessie m. Cd. Hazel Pauline Orcelia. P. O. Grunt u. 1. O. So nc., Sec. 2 1. 7. River Hidge Carlson John. U f. Annach. Vera Arthur Gorum Vanda. P. O. Elliott. O. 120 a. Sec 30. 12. Cirl inight v. K. Of. Cli. Kenneth. P. O. Villisca 4. It. So ac., Sec. 36. 10. Owner Porter Peterson. Pm a Effie cd. Carl. Lona Letha glee. O. Morion Mills. K. 40 Sec. 34 68 nc., Sec. 35. 17. Of saner a. S. Fuggins. Conrad Liny. Of. Blanche cd. Wayne Glenn. P. O. Grand h. 1. O. So a. Sec 27 So ac., Sec. 20. 17. Pm tin 11. Of. Alice cd. Albert. P. O. Grant. O. 120 a. Sec. A 10 ic., Sec. 17. Pm Bill w. Of. Annach. Jay l., Fay P. O. Grant h. 1. O. So a. Sec. 10. 37. Ash Mirove i. Mabel cd. Darlene Cheater Glenn. P. O. Grant h. 1. O. 240 ac., Sec. 35. 10. Curry h. W. Of. Carrie cd. Lloyd Stella Nellie. Edwin Mary Ethel. P. O. , k. 1. O. 240 ac., Sec. 11. 2s. Curry. A. Of. Etta cd. Glen. P. O. Grain a R. 80 ac., Sec. 2. 20. Owners w. L. And a. It. Bacon. Curry w. K. Of. Etta m. Cd. A Lull. P. O. Grant ii. 1. H. 40 no., Sec. 3 k. 30 ac., Sec. 2. 30. , we. L. Bacon. Davis a. Of. Telia cd. Rex Ray Bert. Lorena. P. O. Elliott. O. 40 ac., Sec. 30 h. 157 a. Sec. 31. 1. Owner a. Bergren. Ilc Voss w. Of. Ruth us. Vyrle. George. P. O. Grant h. 1. R. 100 a. See. 25. 23. Owner Rebecca Devoss. Dock Cut Dole. Mother Irene. P. O. Elliott h. 1. It. 40 ac., Sec. 12. Owner Irene to ogee. A Lii be ally my 11. Cd. Guy. Grace Leslie Clif Ford. O. Grant 1. O. Ico ac., Sec. 11 So ., sue. 14. Pm lire Grant. Of. Eva cd. Helen Harold Genevieve. P. O. Grant 1. O. 24 nc., Seo. 12. Lasi of Ida m. Cd. Floyd. P. O. Elliott. R. 1. O. 40 nc., Sec. 23 120 ac., see. 30. 40. Fisher x. Of. Flora cd. Harold Grace Earl. Roy Nuth. Gladys Djiura Arthur. P. O. Elliott 1. H. 320 ac., Sec. Id 1. Owner ii. Petty. Pot lit jus is. Of. Emma cd. Valyce. P. O. Morton Mills. O. 1go ac., Sec. 33. 69. For lit John. Of. Catherine cd. Fred l., Vernou s. P. O. Morton Mills. O. Igoac., Sec. 34. 60. Koi lit Oscar. Uphemia. Father ii. C. May Bon. P. O. Villisca. R. 2. O. 100 ac., Sec. 34, and in in Alwington Ac., Sec. 4. -17. Luul. Of. cd. Stanley. Rodger. P. O. Elliott 1. R. So ac., Sec. 30. 3. Owner m. Focht. I Ivan c. S. Of. Clara cd. Clarence Jennie Brace Hazel Jesale Ralph. P. O. Grant. O. 200 ac., Sec. S. Is Iivari

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