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Atlantic Telegraph (Newspaper) - September 12, 1888, Atlantic, Iowa The Atlantic Telegraph volume number the weekly Lafayette kit tool Anu Cleveland went up in a free Trade bal Loon and will undertake to drop i a Parachute with his letter of it is remarkable to hear free traders try to prove their cause by the very cheapness of articles in America under the Iowa Republican Campaign will open on september at that time immense demonstrations will be held in each congressional when the mormons settled Salt Lake they were dependent upon each other they traded with each other they built up Home they is a Case of til stand by you if youll stand by and this very matter has helped the United states to reach its present proud position of being the leading Industrial nation of the had the Farmer and manufacturer not stood by each had they adopted the absurd advice of the free the United states today would have been the third class Power it was when the democrats handed the government Over to the republicans in Francisco the democratic convention for the sixth Iowa District has renominated republicans expect to Down the artful dodger this the Pioneer Iowa Farmer who sold his Corn crop at his front Fence for per Bushel in the purchaser being the California and pikes Peak Advent knew what it was to have a Home it Ware of the thi11d will our dear friends of the so called prohibition sect please profit by the remembrance that Adam and eve met a third party in Eden and were also de in Robert who has recently returned from when asked How the English non Yip Felt in Rogard to the presidential election in this said they arc Isicc traders and Thoy would Liko the democrats to win the English were nearly All demo it is to their interests to be the democratic of Missouri Val is the democratic nominee for Congress in this the democrats decided to take it no fusion with the Union labor it is not yet known whether or not Harris will he has All the time said he would personally Harris is he is an honorable he is a Good neighbor and a Man of generous in he has a genial disposition and would like to see All his fellow men he has always been popular where he has he lived in this City in 1878 and published the Cap in Pioneer Days he lived in Audubon and he once lived in Guthrie he bears the name of having built the first school in Audubon the telegraphs objections to Harris Are he is a Democrat from away he is dyed in the he is most effectually joined to his Clever though he will not be elected to miners they will be More benefited than any Ody else if the democratic theory of free Trade is adopted the state Central committee of the Union labor party of Iowa has held a meeting and endorsed the re publican nominees for railway com Smith and the Choice had been left to the Central and their action is this action will in a measure make up for whatever loss the so called Railroad vote might entail on the Republican nominees for commis methodist during this and the next three weeks the four annual conferences of the methodist Church in Iowa will be the state is divided into four the Iowa conference being the South Eastern this conference is now in session at Bishop Good sell next monday the Des Moines con comprising the southwestern will meet at the same Bishop As the follow ing week Bishop Goodsell will preside Over the Northwest Iowa at Ida and the week following Bishop Foss the upper Iowa at in the state there Are upwards of one Hundred thousand members with an aggregate of six Hundred thousand in the the regular pastor ate numbers about with local there Are Twenty three districts with As Many it is no easy matter for the Bishop with his Cabinet of and which is usually composed of presiding to make All these appointments so that both pastors and people Are whilst there May be some to the world it is rarely i every Church has a pastor and every pastor has a i the wants and needs of every Indi 1 visual society is taken into consideration As Well As the pastors and their i there of grades in the churches and the and minis ters usually make their own appoint ments by making themselves wanted by the appointing Power is not so monarchical an affair As it is often thought to for the elders and Bishops seek All information and generally aim to please the congregations but the work As a whole is taken into consideration As Well As the interests of self sacrifice of this body of christians is helped make our nation what it and if in the future of the worlds his tory the sword is beaten into a plough share and a Spear into a pruning it will be found that the shouting meth Odist had a hand in the they Are Low in this but they Are much lower in the free Trade organs have a Good Deal to say about the Low wages paid to miners in the Coal and Iron regions of this it is True that the return for the tremendous labor and great risk which miners have to undergo seems and that it does not local compare very favourably with the pay whilst a High Grade of pulpit ability which men receive in certain other in but this seems to be some thing universally characteristic of the miners the circumstances that a Good Deal of mine labor comes very near the definition of unskilled Proba Bly has considerable to do with it is absurd at any rate for the american free traders to use the Low average of Dubuque it is charged by the Des Moines news that Herman of one of the democratic nominees for state Railroad was in Des Moines last Winter lobbying against lower freight and passenger this is a very grave one which wills cannot afford to unless it is promptly denied and the proof it must inevitably inflict serious injury upon the gentleman if the charge were preferred at the close of the it might be set Down As a calumny and dismissed but preferred As it is at the opening of the it Calls for investigation and it is not desirable that wills should be regarded As a creature of the corporations if he is is it Safe to make him a commissioner if he is usually asked by the yet methodism relies on other agencies than that of oratorical some of the Ablest pulpit orators Are Flat fail ures in building up warmth of love for the faithfulness in looking after the people and ability in management is demanded equally with that of ability to miners wages in this country As an argument in favor of the destruction of the for Low As they May be the n it ads of inf Flash miners Are far Al id Cuil Ucucu a comparison of the two May be that the methodist Church has been this Little table gives eng1 the equal of that of the other Lish and american wages for mining churches or denominations in product bituminous Coal weekly v9r of find intellectual 1000 900 900 750 900 1500 1500 1000 1000 the strangest argument yet heard is the argument that because american Wool is ruinous by cheap at the present the duty ought to be removed to make cheap Woolen goods and to create a better Market for it is the Council Bluffs Globe that ventures upon such an if Wool is so Low now that americans cannot afford to keep what is the use of repealing the duty and making it lower an other thing if wages Are Low in protected How Are they going to be bettered by a removal of Protection admitting that Asto some american industries wages Are How can it be bettered by free Trade if it is a Chance Tat the markets of Europe we we have that Chance our surplus grows and surplus manufacturers go to what More extended privilege in the markets of the world would free Trade give us they stand by each our esteemed of manufacturers want free raw but what they Are afraid of is the desire to get even which would move to vengeful action the raw material of course manufacturers would like to have free raw but it shows that they Are patriotic As Well As extremely sensible in recognizing the fact that the Farmer would be a fool if he voted for a system which encouraged manufacturing and that afforded him no our contemporary states the Case exactly when he says that it 5 04 456 5 28 4 56 4 20 helpers 528 3 75 3 96 3 50 4 80 Smiths 5 70 6 50 6 50 408 plate 408 thus it will be seen that English Bitu Minous Coal miners receive wages Only about half As Large As do their Ameri can the Superior condition of our own wage earners in this Indus try is quite conclusively shown by the fact that very Many of them Are them selves immigrants who have found Here More comforts than than they could get nine or ten dollars a the lowest wages paid full grown men in american Coal according to this Are quite As Low As except the free would like to see them an approximation to the miserable pittance of and even less which some classes of English miners receive May be a desirable thing from the free Trade Point of but genuine americans would regard it As Pur chasing Mere cheapness at an exorbitant four Dollar a week men May do for a but they Are not the kind of citizens for a free Liston weekly my men Force and fiery oratory if not the Lead m this Church has and still holds the highest culture to be necessary to the m 1200 10 00 greatest but she has educate 1100 de her ministry rather than for the 9 00 her theology is As High As heaven and As deep As the love of god for the atonement of Christ was for All All whilst believing the gospel is Good for the methodist Church has the of Lily of the Railroad corporations Are Only in Juring themselves by maligning the people of it is time for system Atic Labelling of Iowa by the corporations to the malignant assaults upon Iowa have been by the Mouth of influential officers of the Railroad corporations and by the Eastern organs which live by the favors of the corporations and repay the same by doing their dirty both together have for months past malign Antly sought to fabricate in the mind of the investing pub Lic in the East the idea that Iowa stands alone in ant Railroad radicalism and in anarchistic malice towards All Large in vestments of such grotesque falsehoods will not Hurt of for while foolish men May be temporarily the great mass of Eastern investors Are too intelligent to be thus their relations with the West Are too intimate and their knowledge of the situation too accurate to admit of serious deep Iowa will get All the Money it wants or and on the very Best because its securities Are known to be of the highest Iowa is beyond the reach of permanent injury at the hands of angry Railroad or of their servants or but slander will react on the slander it is not in human nature to be lied about As the people of Iowa have been lied about by Railroad Cranks and feel kindly toward the Cranks though they the voice of these miserable slanders is that they produce irritations and tend to excite the prejudices of the people to As almost unreasonable a pitch As that to which the prejudices of the corporations have there is thus fomented the As Cerbito of where there should be Calm what the corporations above All things need is just what the people of Iowa Are most disposed to give them generous judicial but Here Are the corporations stirring up strife by of a malignant and slanderous assaults upon the such a pol icy is and especially is it so even from the stand Point of the Railroad there is no use in banding words about the the people of Iowa Are irrevocably committed and resolved to enforce the policy of the Legal con Green Bay lumber dealers in kinds of Oak Cedar posts yellow Norway and White Pine floor Poplar and White Pine English american be hard soft prices the give us an Opportunity to figure on your estimates cheerfully Yards at Marne and Protection brings Good 15 00 not despised the hence her hold tool of to use the language of the Republican which is a fair statement of the purpose of nine tenths of the voters of All the Railroad corporations May not like they do not like in the history of the world no selfish despot has willingly yielded but that Doest make any difference As to the the ruined by poor crops and free the summer has been so wet and cold in England that British crops have suffered the poor Farmers of great who have been going from bad to worse for will have a hard time this for the English markets Are open to the Bountiful har vests of India and and the scanty Home crops will not even command a High Cleveland eternal the president allowed the River and Harbor appropriating millions of dollars for the Benefit of certain localities in which big democratic Majori ties Are to become a Law by omitting to give it attention within the prescribed period of ten Days but he would not dream of permitting such a thing to happen in the Case of a Bill granting a pension of 88 per month to a soldiers Louis Globe Democrat on the her wealthy men Are the sons of the poor men of the last this Church has been unflinchingly Loyal to the it has been said that at the close of the War that there was not a rebel in her this Church sent More soldiers to the and More nurses to the Hospital than any and during the darkest Days Bishop Matthew Simpson was one of the men on whom the immortal Lincoln leaned Fer support and the Church and the ministry is Posi Tive on All questions of if some of the ministry have gone into the third party it Lias been from sheer yet the Republican party should remember that the strongest argument against the 3d party has been written by a methodist and this argument has almost absolutely put a Quie Tus on the movement in the state of her ministry is Brave and thoroughly conscientious on the subject of Temperance and would As quickly discipline the wealthiest for Harbor ing or abetting the liquor As the poorest Man in the in her churches the poorest feel at and it is the poorest denomination for a Rich Man to attempt to there is no ruling the increase of the Church in the last Quad Rhenium has been counting out deaths and removals and there Are on half million More communicants in the methodist episcopal Church than four years her ministers Are found in every missionary Enterprise girdles the that bad men and designing men Are found in her pales is no argument against the they Are every the catholicity the enthuse Beneficent the corporations have got to come Down to a plane of responsibility under the whether they like it or not it is insanity to dash themselves against the Stone Wall of to refuse to recognize the Stone and to hasten their Rush against it with the impetus of passion is Only to Hurt themselves the More in the and the corporations have got to yield to the Law not Only in but also throughout the Public senti ment in As emphatic As it is not so emphatic As in some other West Ern the resolutions adopted by the late Iowa Republican convention Are moderation itself As compared with those of the Nebraska the democratic state convention of mis Souri the other Day spoke in terms even More the same feeling is abroad potentially in Kansas and min the next Legislatures of All these which already have Railroad legislation practically As Stalwart As will enact Laws far More they will do this just As sure As there is no Power on Earth to prevent the speedy subjugation of the Railroad corporations to rigid accountability before the Law through out the and what Are the Railroad Corpora or those who Are empowered to speak for the doing to meet this Day of judgment which is surely and swiftly coming Are they deporting themselves to affect favor ably the mind of the who Are at once judge and jury no nothing of the they Are slandering slandering everybody who does not stand for Trio policy of Railroad superiority to Public control or irresponsibility before the it is very Seldom that the party who is standing before the bar will smite in the Mouth the and then will expect favourable Sioux City it encourages Home industries and Bene fits country and wages Are better under Protection Han under free this is Clear when the United states and England Are put Side by wages grow bet or with this has become Ilear with whose mine and Mill yield less than those of eng because the land is poor and feeds More idlers and therefore had far lower wages until Germany adopted protect wages grow big under Protection because the output is and the output is bigger because Protection leads men to work together and get All they can out of Uncle Sams any system which does this must be Good for How does Protection do this take two sets of settlers Side by it is Clear that the set which gets most out of the mine and Mill will have most to both sets must first work with the axe and in one lot men we will each Day give a Little More work to get this Coal pit we will put in extra hours to set this forge a few hours More each week shall go to building a Mill if a Man will come Here and set up his loom and spin our Wool we will keep him in House and Board until he can turn his Corner and begin to make things we will use what is made and we will use nothing this All would Cost More than to Trust to the a and plow alone and sell what was Cut and raised in the Mart where All was the Cost of living would go up where this plan was each Man would have to work but he would get More to Divide and More to the mine would be the forge be the Mill wheel turn and i the loom would the Farmer would get More for his land and the worker More for his All would be done on High and the land would flow with even with this it is Clear this set of men would turn out More than the one which took things As they came and let All it would have an advantage Over the one which put no prize on hard work and let the the the Mill and the loom be set up when some Man thought he could risk turning from the Field in which he knew there was Money to a new Trade in which there might be but was not Likely to be with old hands in the old country All in full running wages would be lower and would stay lower with this second because less would be the Man with a turn for setting a Mill going would think twice before he did it with no sure Market and the Man with Coal on his land would go on blowing for food instead of digging for this is All so Plain and Clear that no Man can gainsay it has been said before and will be and it tells All the truth about the Way Protection raises by raising More out of which to pay and next by Rais ing men who work phia one subject they Are silent on if the president had issued a Procla mation making any mention of tin county the Republican congressional convention for the ninth District will meet in Council Bluffs the Cass county delegation will present the name of Silas Wilson for Nomina Tion and will do All in their Power to secure his Wilsons record As a a a business Man and As a is beyond criticism and his nomination would be a Strong and popular besides it would be an Honor to Cass county to have a congressman in All respects so special Harvest the Northern Pacific announces a series of five special Harvest excursions from St Duluth and Ashland to principal Points in Dakota and Montana during september and parti ties contemplating a trip for pleas or with a View of select ing a new Home can Avail themselves of rates lower than Ever before an a Mincer to visit the wonderful country tributary to the Northern Pacific tickets will be on Sale at August september Lith and and october 9th and limited to 30 Days from Date of and Good for Stopover out going these rates to Montana Points Are about one cent per mile and in some cases about half of the one Way Tare for the round connecting lines East and South of Minneapolis and Duluth will sell tickets in connection with these excursions at one fare for the round the dates named will be a very opportune time to visit the wheat Fields of Minnesota and North Dakota also see the cattle of everybody should Bear in mind that the Northend Pacific is the Short and direct line to principal Points in Mon and the Only line running either dining Pullman sleeping or colonist sleeping cars to Fergus and principal Points in Northern North Dakota for rates and other information apply to general passenger and ticket nearest ticket subject punishable by instant Cleveland organs could hardly have less to say about civil service Joston us Market today Market report by Tele Chicago today quota 91 4uh May 25 May shout Hen and women joints and Muscles May escape the agonizing tortures of rheumatism if they but take time by the and annihilate the symptoms of oncoming trouble with the Benignant and highly sanctioned blood the Parent and Ilo Stetters stomach poisons mostly constitute the Ordinary Means of battling with this atrocious avoid the risk of using these by resorting to the Safr As Well As effectual Antish logistic and after exposure to through drafts and other causes which encourage a rheumatic a wineglass Ful of the bitters prevents any ill no surer preventive of malarial like fever and bilious remit tent dumb ague and ague cake and it a most genial Recupe Rator of strength exhausted by excessive mental or physical of operatives and others whose avocations involve Labori Ous work in rough weather out of or close application find it in cattle Market heavy natives 83.50@80.50. Mixed cows and bulls Stockers and Market quotations heavy 85.80@86.30. Heavy Slikes quotations natives westerns ip.25@43.70. City Erich Day if Jolk mxt40 Liiri Suu Attoa hum shoulder 1otlltols suit cattle and and 6tk1 to i Corn 12 dried a Ixo do in 1 in Tii 10 01 i Coal Oil Oliver who has been Ousby is As Between the two new York republicans take to the fifth a virtue and democrats to the Pittsburgh oldest Man is aged

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