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Atlantic Telegraph (Newspaper) - September 5, 1888, Atlantic, Iowa The Atlantic volume number the weekly Lafayette Kali of and the Vermont election is being held few years trying to prove that it put Down the almost any unreasonable thing May be expected of Cleveland will he would never have sent that Check to have helped some other the Atlantic Democrat announces in positive terms that it will not support Sovereign for Congress under any congressman of the fifth District has been unanimously re nominal the seventh District has also re nominated there has not been a prominent re publican nominated for any office with in the past ten but there have come to the front a set of scoundrels who have tried to prove that he had sometime said a Dollar a Day is Good enough for any Why would any sane Man say such a thing is not every Man beef lated by the common Prosperity that is promoted by High wages there is an utter Lack of motive for any Man possessing a particle of sense making such a the Council Bluffs Globe appears to have a very warm Side for sover of this and the Globe would probably not be displeased if Sovereign should be endorsed by the democrats for the fact that pauper labourers of the old world have been allowed to flock to is no reason Why pauper made goods should be permitted to come in two wrongs never made a the right Way to do is to shut off both the Irish world Protection to american labor Means Good wages and a higher Standard of living for the american the millennium is not attainable in this but of All the one that offers the Best opportunities to the poor Man is and the most prosperous and progressive times the nation has kno Avn have been under the protective the adoption of British free on the other would mean reduced wages and a lower Standard of common and experience teach these it is stated in the Eastern papers and not denied that president Cleveland has sent his Check for to the demo cratic National yet he Lias the aft Pontery to say that a Public office is a Public Trust and also to pre tend to be a civil service George Jackson coun whom the democrats Isavi nominated for Secretary of served with the writer in the loth general Assembly but George was a Republican a rebel Bullet cropped a piece out of one of his was when he was a the Burlington Hawkeye has inter viewed governor Larrabee on the possibility of his being a candidate for1 a third the answer came pm j Phat Cally sir under no consid i shall return to private life after the conclusion of my present term and shall not accept any More new York Tribune congressman masons implied charges against the democracy certainly Call for an in it appears from the report of the Secretary of the Treasury that nearly has been loaned by the to certain National for which no interest is and an inadequate Security has been Mason has reason to believe that these which May be presumed to earn in the neighbourhood of a Day from this Are making Large Campaign contributions to the demo cratic and he wishes to ask those who know the facts in the a few the country shares i masons Hiram formerly a prominent congressman from the Davenport Dis and a Temperance worker All his in a letter to a Chicago prohibition paper against the third winds up his letter with the question is it Wise to injure our friends by an act that Ben edits our enemies that is aptly Cass county was honoured at the late Republican state convention in the Choice of senator Young As permanent he made a Good presiding and his selection was a fit recognition of his services in the late Gener Al general Tuttle As temporary chairman was the right Man in the right and Well has he earned the respect thus shown Bluff old Ben not a re but always a Man of convictions and the courage of his put a pertinent question in a speech in Boston on the it was this is it not a matter of remark that the attempted destruction of our protective system comes from those who did not defend the life of the country in that and the majority of whom mourn the cause which a protective Tariff caused to be lost to them the course of Silas Wilson in the general ase ably has made him a reputation that is not confined to his county or and no name has been mentioned in connection with the congressional nomination that will command a More Earnest support in the District at Large than he stands by the interest of his District and state and is right on All the prominent issues of the Republic the Iowa democratic platform takes a very mild position on the railway Issue in this it is evident that they Are bidding for the solid support to of the it Lias been predicted for some time that such would be their it makes the democratic party very dangerous even in because the party can hold All their voters among the Farmers any and then if they get the Railroad votes the party becomes a dangerous we knew it would the demo cratic party is now engaged in attempt ing to prove that wages Are higher in free Trade England than in Protection this condition of argument has been somewhat delayed but it is Ila ton is canvassing Montgomery county and is making that of an but As the same democratic party has been for the past John who is in charge of the document room of the democratic National in new is an officer in the Interior department with a salary of this is in keeping with the fraudulent pretentious of the administration on the subject of civil service two or three years ago a poor wretch had his head taken off for making a political now an official under pay of the government is employed at demo cratic Headquarters in helping run the democratic it is just hypo critical professions which make lying practices As this has caused the subject of civil service so far As this administration is be justly sneered at As snivel service in borrowed let us turn the rascals John Mahin for Railroad com concerning Smith and Camp Bell the members of the present Board of Railroad commissioners the Public is pretty Well John editor of Muscatine journal is not so Well known to the Public Al though for Many year one of the prominent men in politics in the Meyers of the Denison review thus Speaks of him the Iowa Republican state ticket and the platform adopted at Des Moines meet the cordial approval of re Publ the platform gives no Uncertain and stands by the people in their contest with the railroads and the two Republican commissioners were re nominated and the John Mahin is no Ordinary Manj heis capable of making great sacral Les on the altar of his he is a thoroughly Resolute and one who has been identified with the Peoples Side of the Railroad controversy for Many years As editor of the daily Muscatine journal he has made an unimpeachable there is not another Man in the Larrabee not excepted has so consistent and decisive a record on the Railroad also on the other great moral questions of our state than Mahin and although we have differed from him on Many we have always respected his integrity and fearlessness of consequences in proclaiming his Sam Clark of the Gate City tells of an interview with a Railroad Man at the convention our Railroad Friend said substantially Why Mahin is an extremist in his views of Railroad yes in a general View it looks that but we have known John Mahin Twenty four and we know that he is a Man of splendid integrity and and we will Trust that sort of a Man to act bravely and fairly under the responsibility of off incl lie will be fair to All this is Good endorsement for Hin and we believe him entitled to every word of cramping pains in the stomach and cholera Moribus and diarrhoea Are permanently and safely cured by using chamberlains Colic cholera and diarrhoea sold by All Whf Whites mans the has been looking Over its and Here is what it finds in democracy of Ohio nominated hero of Cumberland governor against the Morgan tickets were headed thus Whites mans democratic in the democratic nominee for governor was Allen now candidate for the Here is a copy of the head and portion of the ticket democratic White mans in favor of equal on constitutional amendments giving negroes the right to vote and hold of for treasurer of auditor of time brings about strange mutations to the this year they Are begging for negro the the judicial convention for the fifteenth District was held at red Oak on the fifteenth ballot of was his principal competitor was Julian of Phelps came within a very few votes of win Ning the his friends stood loyally by Mills and Page coun ties really determined the three Good men were in the a Drewsand All could not be somebody had to be Phelps made a honorable he made no ene but hosts of All the delegates admitted his fitness and acknowledged his Phelps is fifty years of age and has practice Law in this county Twenty he left the University of Vermont to enlist in the Union and was severely wounded at the Battle of cold Harbor in while at Home recovering from the he delivered his graduating address and formally with the honors of War if not with the Hon ors of his which the War prevented his competing he graduated in Law from the Albany Law one of the leading colleges of Law in the United it is a pleasure to sup port such a Man the nominee is a graduate of the Iowa state and had the advantage of the Aid of several graduates of the same who reside in the he a doubt an honorable and capable Iowa democratic the Iowa democratic state Conven Tion adopted the following platform the democratic party of Iowa in convention assembled proclaim the Fol lowing platform of principles we approve the platform adopted by our National convention at and heartily endorse its Nomi the patriotic and courage Ous administration of president Cleve land meets our Earnest and the interests of the people demand that he be again placed in the highest office within their we congratulate the people of Iowa upon the passage by the popular Branch of the Mills Bill for the reduction of taxes on necessaries and accept the issues Between it and the Chicago platform offering free Wear Raign the Republican party of this state for abandoning its repeatedly expressed opinions that the inequalities of the Tariff should be and also for accepting the new which Means a continuance of the existing War the doctrine originally enunciated always adhered to by the demo cratic party that corporations created by state authorities Are subject to state has stood the test of Many Legal and has been uniformly sustained by the it is Here reaffirmed As a Cardinal principle of party this control should be exercised intelligently and firmly and not for the purpose of depriving Capi Tal of its just and legitimate but that the Public in its dealings with the corporations May be protected from unjust discrimination and unreasonable like should be held strictly amenable to the the democratic now As declares itself opposed to prohibition and strongly condemns the same As injurious alike to our business interests and the cause of what free Trade did for the free Trade attorneys claim As the chief Merit of proposed Tarot reduction that it will reduce and in this they Are at least partially the recent experience of England under the fiscal policy advocated for this country shows that cheaper wheat from cheaper meat from cheaper Wool from Australia and South have made unprofitable lands at Home that values of English farms have fallen off 40 to 70 per while each year Large tracts Are withdrawn from York the judicial the convention for the nomination of a candidate for judge of the fifteenth judicial District was held in this City on tuesday convention was called to order at by chairman who named As temporary chairman of the convention judge of Page and of Montgomery for the first business of the convention was the calling of counties for the Nam ing of a member from on credentials As follows on permanent organization committee on through the reported All counties committee on permanent Organiza Tion reported the name of wat of Mills for chair and of and of for chairman on taking the said this was a convention for business he would not attempt a the convention then proceeded to the nomination of a candidate for District fifteen formal ballots were cast before a nomination was the counties voting As follows 6 for 10 for Julian 4 47 for 3 37 for 1 for 7 for 2 for 2 for 6 for 1 for 1 for 10 for 4 for 6 for 7 for Shelby 8 for total 13 for 24 47 for 43 37 for necessary to a thereupon of Shelby was declared the nominee of the John of Cass county of Shelby and were appointed a committee to wait upon Macy and inform him of his Macy appeared and in few words expressed his thanks for the High Honor conferred upon a Central committee was then named As follows convention then convention it was a very Fine body of Cass county came in full there being about forty of the leading re publicans they worked hard for their it goes without saying that the Shel by county Fellows went Home the member of the Centra committee for this charge of the local arrangements and decorations of the opera a number of ladies graced the occasion by their while the committee on credentials was male of Harvey Spry and entertained the convention with Campaign they did so Well that they were called out the second express August the democratic Hargain with the a Well known democratic senator on his Way As a Delegate to the state convention was met at Dubuque by a politician who told him that an arrange ment had been made whereby the democratic state convention should Nomi Nate for Railroad commissioners two men without but known to be unobjectionable to the railroads in Exchange for which the railroads were to throw their entire vote for the democratic the politician had Only one objection to the he thought that the railroads ought to go in and elect the entire state the senator who is an of course declined to have anything to do with the the plot rejecting sever Al of the Ablest men in the men with records on the Railroad the convention nominated the men favored by the Railroad one of the of Kossuth has no record at All on the ques Tion of the the has no Public record but the fact that Green Bay lumber dealers in All kinds of Oak Cedar posts yellow Norway and White Pine floor Poplar and White Pine English american be hard soft prices the give us an Opportunity to figure on your estimates cheerfully Yards at Marne and he was at Des Moines last Winter lobby ing against Low freight and passenger rates shows what he would do if elect the in which the farm ers of Iowa were but sparingly represented Lent its ear to the seductive pro Mises of the Duncombe and that and traded the Peoples interest to the railroads for the votes they claim to Moines that awful it appears there is none and that Cleveland was mistaken when he said that it was a a theory that confronted the it was stated some Days ago that the surplus for the pre sent fiscal year would be very democrats promptly derided the because the Only possible excuse for the Mills Bill was a Large surplus that must in some Way be and they pro posed to do it in the free Trade an official statement has just been is sued from the Treasury which puts it beyond the Power of the administration to laugh the matter the statement shows that the appropriations already made and to be made by Bills pending and certain to amount to and that the estimated receipts from All sources is which would leave a surplus of but it also appears that during the two months of the fiscal year that have the customs receipts have fallen off from the estimate Over if this falling off is maintained during the year at the same ratio there will be an actual according to the usual democratic of or and if they should pass the Mills Bill and it should reduce the customs duties As Mills claims it then the deficit at the end of the year will be in the neighbor Hood of As Cleveland it is a condition and not a theory that confronts condition of bankruptcy such As the Buchanan administration brought up on the country the truth about under the above caption the burling ton Hawkeye refers to the report so currently circulated of Johns connection with the last presidential Cam the charge has been repeatedly made that John took Money from the democratic National committee to continue in the Field As the candidate of the he and his imme Diate friends have strenuously denied but the fact has recently been proved beyond the Edi Tor of the Omaha in a late Issue has the under the heading of the truth about Clarson found John empty pocket de and offered him a pretty sum to with draw from the John now but Well known in heard of Clarkson and fearful lest it might be or at least the prohibition Campaign so sincerely being fostered by fall met George of this in one of the new York City and told him of the Clarkson Miller in time communicated th3 news to senator who was managing the democratic Cam and Money was furnished by democrats to keep the prohibition Campaign there is no reason to believed that John personally got a single Penny beyond his legitimate Campaign that he did the demo cratic cause great service there is no the Omaha Republican adds to the above revelation let self respecting Temperance he publicans take notice of the admission by this prominent who undoubtedly knows what lie is talking let the Republican press every where publish the for the creature is again in the in the same dirty work of one kingly aiding the democrats under the prohibition and undoubtedly paid his Judas Money by the same men As can re pub in any Large be led to their Slaughter by such shameless fraud insults to Iowa from tic Chicago the grangers of Iowa and other Western states Are intelligent they work but they get time enough to read the they do often see the Stock Job Bing journals of Wall and Are unfamiliar with the half half patronizing Way in which these representatives of railway monopoly extortionists talk of the Western farm except on those occasions when the Tribune has republished denounced the insulting comments of these organs of Gamester and robbers Gould and his Farmers of the West Are not aware of their exist the Tribune recently defended of against the venal abuse poured on him by the new York because of his attempts to enforce the state forbidding extortionate and unreasonable Railroad the Tribune replied to the charge of the indicator that the governor was doing this to catch ignorant or dishonest that such votes were comparatively rare in and that the Possession of them would leave a politician without Ollice or in both of which governor Laura Bee considering the amount of Money Gould and his like make out of Iowa and the it must be some evil spirit that drives them on to jeer at and abuse those whom they have and when they do approach any Meas ure of Courtesy in speaking of the Western Farmers it is the galling and insulting Courtesy of being my Good you cannot expect us to Deal with or talk with you quite As we would with even highwaymen talk More so the indicator says i reply to the tribunes comments that even if it the indicator were the Organ of Stock jobbing and Trust ism it is said to it would have the advantage of the Tribune of championing the cause of men who have done some Good for the Public and As the Tribune is be catering to the worthless elements of thereby the hardworking and swindled Farmers of better the Organ of men who risk their Money to build up great enterprises Gould and the Wabash than of people who try to pick pockets legally the Iowa then this who never saw Iowa except when his employers took along on some of their free complacently states that the Tribune can give us no information regarding the people of Iowa that we do not Al ready and adds with a condescension which must make the Iowa Farmers Long to get the editor where they can strive with him a few moments there Are a Good Many Good men in but immigration has brought into that state in the last fifteen years a Large number who should have been inspected and quarantined before they were How does this sound to the men from new eng land and the Middle states and Ohio and Illinois who have moved to Iowa within the past fifteen years and at the Bottom of the Hue and cry against vested interests it must seem refreshing to then dropping his condoms Cension and reverting to a is More the editor says As for Hunting up Iowa grangers As teachers of honesty and Square we have no need of that if we had any idea of becoming dealers in apples we might like to know How to keep the speckled apples from coming to the or if we were about to run a Dairy farm we might like to know How to mix Oleo with bad butter and make it pass inspection As the Best Dairy in such cases we would seek Points from the honest grangers who have been discovered cheating the railroads by false class location and under Bill it is to be feared that the writer has been dealing at a grocery store because or bad or for some other the articles furnished him were not the Best of their and that he in his ignorance has imputed to an Iowa Granger the arts of a York store nor is it Likely that he will Ever have much of a Chance to learn How they do such things in should he attempt to enter the state and the people knew they might Iii hit with Justice that he was just the re slow who ought to be caught on the Border and inspected and qua Pioneer press the startling information that Dan Lamont threw the presidential Bootjack at a Little German band in front of the White House be cause it began playing the letter that never May be set Down As a the band was not in front of the White but was in the Vicinity of Don Dickerson Butler on the Benjamin Butler has h level head when he is standing on and he never stood on ground than when he said this 1 oppose free Wool now because it we admit it to the free list we want twp our Granger friends next year from taking off the Tariff on the a Quitac tured our Tariff system has been carefully adjusted by Long efforts and the greatest we cant afford to null any of the props from under York

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