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Atlantic Telegraph (Newspaper) - October 3, 1888, Atlantic, Iowa The Atlantic volume number Campaign opened favor of a single class and Section awhile equally amusing is the fierce de Nial of your democratic journals that theirs is a free Trade or that they Are Likely to become free yet nothing seems to us More inevitable than that the logic of events will Force the democratic party to take decisive grounds in favor of absolute free of course England will be greatly having spent the last three weeks in new York i am better prepared to give my customers benefited by free Trade with 0 c r it will stimulate our manufacturing advantages in buying their than is possible for any Western buyer to one of our specials is our Stock is simply our pushes comprise the Best and Are manufactured by the celebrated Springer we Are prepared to take measures and make any style garment in respect to our childrens and misses we have Only to look at the stocks in and if we cannot save you Money you will not be import Ned to we can save you Good Money in dress having bought these goods of an we save jobbers which we give to our and confidently say that our line of Wool dress goods will Bear favourable comparison in Quality with any in the and would Call your particular attention to our Broadcloth and ladies and gentlemen and interests to a wonderful but this result to us can Only Ameri cans should by our continued capacity to sell our goods at lower prices in your own markets than your own tradesmen could sell with a with All the advantage in their favor of being on the ground and without transportation charges to defray before reaching the As we admit your Corn free of duty to the Manifest advantage of All our people except the land owners Why should not you admit goods free of All duty to the Manifest advantage of All your people excepting Mill owners but the True policy of America seems to us so self evident that i can hardly justify myself in wasting even in this informal writing in stating or urging let America grow and England manufacture in my is the True policy of the great branches of our Anglo Saxon Pardon my Long letter but 1 have never before taken so much interest in any Ameri can and i know you will Par Don Here we regard Cleve land As the Ablest and bravest presi Dent of All your Royal if you will permit i rather democratic yours very Green Bay lumber dealers in All kinds of Oak yellow Norway and White Pine floor Poplar and White Pine English american be hard soft prices the give us an Opportunity to figure on your estimates cheerfully Yards at Marne and be discreet in All things and so Render plus to the channels of Trade and the pockets of the dear the presi Dent chose to place at the disposal of National Banks without in Terest and with unequal to be loaned for the Benefit of Iho favored thus have the schemes of the free Trade solid South and British in triggers been aided in maturing the Mills Bill monstrosity though much is the most unjust Tariff Bill that has Ever reached a final vote in the Wilsons Vine father Clarkson in Iowa state the Silas of located at that City eighteen years unacquainted and without except an honest determination to he rented four acres of ground and commenced a discouraged by and Labouring under the Distad if unnecessary to be mysterious about advantage of no financial but he had that within him which is better we have always been Headquarters our Stock in natural Saxony for has never been so prices lower than full line of worsted is now a specially with hosiery special bargains fall and Winter Hose for ladies and there is nothing mysterious about the action of Warners log Cabin Hopps and Bucu it puts the stomach in healthy Good Diges Tion and health naturally be discreet and use the Best Good for but from his system of propagation he has if dwarfs or it is a bold assertion to say that Western Iowa has the Best and largest grape Nursery in the and yet it is strictly he raises nearly grape vines enough each year to replant All of the vineyards of three Mil lion vines will set out in Vineyard a hich is More acres than there Are in vines in and would nearly equal any one of the co inti ies of it would appear As if the Nursery of Wilson would glut the markets of the world with and yet the demand increases faster than can increase the products of his it is More like a fabulous tale than and yet our figures Are strictly we had heard of sons Vine Nursery before our but we supposed that he might have an immense Quantity on but had no idea that he propagated so Many each he has a Vineyard of six and he claims that a Man could make has been largely and we can please Only come and see i know we can the weekly Lafayette editor and trusts Are neither democratic nor they Are thoroughbred children of the Clarkson the recognized Leader of the Iowa Coal is out in a let Ter in support of Morton arid a Fleet of merchant vessels arriving on our shores is of far More danger to our property than a Fleet of War Harris has a list of appointments and that would not seem to indicate that he will withdraw from the congressional George whom the democratic state convention Nomina Ted for Secretary of has declined the and Walter Mchenry has been put on by the democratic state Central the Waverly correspondence of the Cedar rapids Republican gets a Good Deal into the following Ednot has sold Worth of horses to Eastern parties this they formerly bought their Stock in a 20 per cent Tariff sent this Trade Bremer yet some of the Farmers who have pock eted Large profits of this business Aie calling for Cleveland Tariff for Revenue they May lock the barn after the horse is or in other words kill the Goose that lays the Golden a life Long Democrat employed in the government printing of fice at refused to contrib Ute to the democratic Campaign and published a card in the Washington Post which concluded As Democrat i would prefer to see Harrison in the White surrounded by pure eight Een Carat to have Cleve land surrounded by impure or galvanized next Day he received from the Foreman the following note i am instructed by the Public Printer to inform you that your services will not be required in this the interstate at Council has a neat new showing Council Bluffs and Omaha United by two the Herald contains a big write up of some of Council Bluffs latest Omaha Republican the Man fact the Mechanic and the Labouring Man must Prosper in this the engaged in agricultural Pur suits can the interests of All Are every reduction of wages Means a reduction of Farmers profits new York Tribune wages vary in different states therefore High wages Are not produced nor Low wages pre vented by this is a favor Ite democratic argument at and has been repeatedly employed by men of who probably know bet the sophist serves to deceive some voters and Calls for at the very lowest Points wages Are higher in this country than in other countries Ith which americans com this is the first fact to re Mem and this difference at the very Low est Points in this country gives conclusive proof that the Tariff does affect wages it prevents their depression to the foreign new York Tribune if Cleve land is sincere in his Reform he ought to write a saying he is against governor but if he should do he would hardly get votes in this on the other if he should write a letter saying that he is earnestly for How can any Man who believes in decent government vote for him if he writes no letters at All the governors friends will be angry be cause he will not do for Hill what he did for this is a very uncomfortable and we extend to Cleveland the Assurance of our distinguished Oliver Dairymple the Bonanza wheat Farmer of has published an open letter to Farmers in Dakota and advising them that they will find it profitable to hold their wheat for better his reasons for giving this advice Are that the Spring wheal country of the Northwest has raised full crop of Straw and from on half to two thirds of a crop of inferior wheat which makes a shortage of nearly of France is officially announced As Short of an average by the London Tim in places great Britain bushels Short of an average crop of Merchantable Italy and the Central countries of Why Cleveland will be a correspondent of the Muscatine journal gives the following reasons Why Cleveland will be Defeated the Cyclone of condemnation and de feat that will command Cleveland to March March to an unenviable retirement is gathering Power from a deceived constituency by reason of false pretences As to his promised facts and figures carefully compiled within ten Days from the show the increase of estimates for the four including to be As compared with the Prev ious four and the increase in appropriations to be or Al Dalrymple thinks it May be justly most equal to the alleged surplus estimated that the worlds wheat crop j wrung from the pockets of the is near below her average Rop of about common sense at following Are extracts from the let Ter of a British peer to an american published in the september number of the North american re and vouched for by that we invite the attention of american and especially Irish thereto my dear i have just come from the Cobden where i found your letter dated at and a cop of the Mills Bill which you were so Kini As to Send took the Liberty of Reading your letter and the Bill to a number of Cobden club and it May interest you to know that their unanimous verdict was that America has come to common sense at the Mills on careful Examina i find to be a somewhat timid and tottering Advance to free Trade but it shows that America has turned her Back at last to the mischievous teach Ings of your websters and whose preposterous american system As they called the protective system has so Long taxed your native for what for the of an insignificantly Small class of american manufacturers and a horde of foreign ers of the lower classes chiefly Irish who form the bulk of your manufacturing or Mill but the irishman of new if i am not wrongfully is coming gradually to his and will vote largely at the coming election for Cleveland and free if this be eng land will verily have been Well repaid for her tolerance of Ireland and the England owes her Corn Merical supremacy to a policy of enlightened self interest rigidly adhered she buys raw materials wherever she can Bivy them the and she has often saved her adult when threatened by higher wages by trades by importing labor from Belgium and other Continental coun and thus enabling her to defy the combination and domination of work who now seen to Rule your Industrial and after All to what Good end do your High wages tend is the labourer or his family any better Oft for a piano in his or Silken wineries for his wife and daughters do not these Knock luxuries tend to dangerous Dis Content do not High wages encourage these poor people to live above their stations and to look for the unattainable luxuries of the Rich i find it extremely interesting to see the enthusiasm of your Republican papers in favor of the Tariff Mode of Indi who Are the Best clothed and fed people on Earth and who do not realize they Are paying the government a Sou under Cleveland Reform the salaries of 350 officials have been increased at an annual Cost of while the number of salaries that were so exorbitant under previous administrations that have been reduced is and the annual Sav ing to the government by 0 the average appropriations under Arthur for the postal service were less than while for it is and we have the poorest service for 20 in the Campaign of 84 we heard repeatedly that the removal of the army of unnecessary and overpaid officials justified the election of the number of new offices created by legislation since Cleveland was inaugurated is whose annual pay is in his inspired message to Congress in wherein our foreign relations and the fisheries outrages were and the usual recognition of a supreme ruler of the universe was of the in his Zeal to sound the key note of a free Trade exaggerated the dangers of an imaginary Treasury which he declared Europe Are but Little better rect taxation of the whole people in will be by the first of july had that within him which is better than Money or he Early developed a taste and aptitude for the Nursery and he determined to enter that and do it better and on a larger scale than any other it is a Noble trait of character in any Young Man to select deliberately the Branch of Industry of his Choice and pursue it in a Way and with an Energy to rival All and command the respect of and from in eighteen he has placed himself in a position until he Lias no peer in the wide world in his chosen line of Wilson has a More extensive and a better Vine Nursery than any other he raises More vines and better they Are Thrif tier and More uni form in and command a More ready Sale and a better Price than the Stock of any other propagator of he has one Hundred acres in grape of slips put out last and now ready for nearly half of Winch have already been and will be delivered so soon As the Wood ripens and the leaves there Are on the one Hundred acres about of All of the Best the largest i portion being his vines Are never a they All sell the first though propagating so Many millions each he never has any his Market is new Pennsylvania and West and All of the territory West of those states to the Pacific and South to the Gulf of lie ships principally by the car and about forty car loads will be sent Forward this and about seventy five next a few Days before our visit he Lead an order from one Man in Kansas for rape and of new who was for some years Wilsons greatest lately made a Large order of Wil larger than he was willing to the adaptability of the soil and Wilsons expert skill in the propagation of vines from cuttings enable him to rival All and produce bet Ter besides he has a system of his own for what is termed which enables him not Only to propagate from slips most Success but by it he is Able to propagate such varieties of which other nurserymen have to do by which is ten times As so difficult is it to propagate Moores Early that vines of this variety Are Worth from four to six times As much As Concord and some other and yet Wilson propagates the Moores Early with the same Success As other but Wilsons operations Are not confined to grape he has at least one Hundred acres in a Nursery of Plum and Cherry of which he has Over grafted or inoculated Trees ready for and he has Over Apple and Pear seed with Twenty acres of Moores other Early More Money than any Man can make on one Hundred and sixty by the usual farm but it is not done by Luck or but by honest faithful just As Wilson has worked out and surprised All an Anticipatory postmortem the ancient roman his Roamon has Flynn the lakes to at antics his peripatetic philosophy gone dear the old red Bandana is glittering now with Many a tearful Star 1ut the Little Soult Box among Brica Brac stocks dear we feel that too must leave us soon thy pulses flickering Are thy civil service has lost its tone dear the raw material is sinking Low the is the rising free Trade and the with thee go dear the has run Over thee with the crush of a juggernaut car for of holds the leading rein dear a Pillow of with motto and the White House Gates Well tenderly spread at thy feet and Bead dear and a with the gathered and the harvesters merry Hahn 1 bespeak the clean the heirs that win dear Charles Esling in Philadelphia North whereas his Secretary of the Treasury reported in fact in round and this excess has been allowed to accumulate in the face of the Law of which provides that the Secretary of the Treasury May at any time apply the surplus Money in the not otherwise or so much thereof As he May consider to the Purchase or redemption of United states Bonds for Secretary Manning insisted that there should be a working balance of in the surplus fund in addition to the specie held for the redemption of an act granting this was passed during the closing Days of the first session the 49th Congress and sent to the president and knowing that Congress would adjourn within the ten Davs Given him to delay signing he gave it a pocket and the surplus remained in the treas Ury while the bondholders still continued to draw the instead of redeeming eighty Odd millions of thus reducing the Public debt and in Terest and restoring this locked up sur from seed this in a Thrifty for grafting and budding to show the extent of Wilsons operations it is Only necessary to state that he employs during the Spring and summer from sixty to Sev Enty hands to take care of his Nurser and so soon As the leaves fall he will employ our Hundred hand to pre pare vines for shipping and to store the rest for Spring and he employs at least hands to work through the Winter in the propagating cellars in sorting and thus he makes the business one of the largest industries at Atlantic Wilson is not Able to obtain in the West a sufficient Quantity of slips for his but has to import from the state of new York car loads of grape whilst the Concord is not Only the grape for the million and is bought by the yet Wilson propagates largely of All other varieties which the Market Wilson does a Safe by which he has accumulated a comfortable but he knows the Laws of and makes larger sales with cent of he never has any old Stock left on nor any dwarfs and stunted Nursery Trees for additional years growth to make them what is not fit for the Market it the proper period of time in his Way of Republican the John of Dorches of the prominent Massachusetts mugwumps in declares himself for Frank a former Protection Democrat of is now Mak ing speeches in Western new York for Harrison and Andrew a life Long Democrat and one of the leading germans and Bankers of come out for Harrison and he says he cant go Cleveland and free of what president of the Iowa miners Assoc a has come out for Harrison because he cant stand the ant Protection policy of the democratic there is a Republican club in new York composed of 300 nearly All of whom Are employees of the third Avenue Street railway seventy nine of the members were formerly of who has always been a consistent has become disgusted with his party As a result of Cleveland administration and announces that he will vote for Harrison and director the head of the Rensselaer polytechnic Institute and a lifelong is the latest accession to the Harrison ranks in new Greene was an intimate Friend and confidential adviser of the late the of the Calvary presbyterian Church in and Walter the designer of the Seward both heretofore Active and Earnest have declared in favor of real Temperance re form through the Agency of the Republican Frank heretofore a prominent Detroit has renounced his party and come out Strong for Harrison nil four years ago k or sir Henry Outlin fifth Ward i livid my Siul num Bering nearly he says1 unit to fewer voters who be Luigi us to the guard Are now avowed Harrison and Morton y

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