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Atlantic Telegraph (Newspaper) - November 21, 1888, Atlantic, Iowa The Atlantic volume number the weekly Lafayette edit Oil and there Are Only one or Udo newspapers in Iowa that adhere to the idea that prohibition has ruined All the other papers have passed on with the the Lenox time under the Editorship of Fred is a paper that one wants to read each Harris is an excellent and experienced newspaper Clirman of the National Republican says the re publicans will surely have a majority in the House of represent Ives of the next we have Faith in prominent Republican members of the House have expressed the opinion that an extra session of Congress will be called by president Harrison for the purpose of admitting Dakota into the there Are two Dakotas to be admitted to the let one of them be called if the objection is made that a state should not be named after a living then let it be named for William Henry the people of North Carolina have driven out of their state one Jor whose Only offence was that of running for Constable on the Republican Jordan is a native of Maine and was a Union is this a land of Liberty the Telegraph was the first paper to bring into ridicule the assertion that a Campaign orator held his audience spell bound for two we have never heard such an orator and the state ment is an absurd the National Republican committee had some experience with the spell founders who All wanted pay for their the Des Moines Register is the authority for the statement that on the 1st of january judge of Tama county assume the editorial charge of the the whole editorial Force of the paper will be reorganized at the same recommendations for a successor to judge Kinnes position on the Bench have already been filed with the Allison wont have a new York Tribune special from Washington says a gentleman in this City has received a letter from sen Ator Allison which removes that gentleman from the list of Cabinet Possi the senator states that under no circumstances would he accept a Cabinet even if one were offered bum hat no such tender had been nor does he expect one will there is no discredit to John Mahin in his defeat for railway com at the time of his Nomina Tion the third place was almost conceded to who had nominally joined with his associates in issuing the schedule of Mahin possesses the Confidence of the people of the but his competitor was the favorite of the and they joined with Farmers Alliance and elected the circumstances surrounding the contest were Peculiar and could no possibly be Harrisons the says the Baltimore Presby Terian is not Only an Able preacher and Ell client but a presbyterian bred in the his Church is Strong in men of the profession and of cultured in the elder ship the Well known face of Harrison being one of a half dozen of faithful men who have stood through More than half their years by the altar of the House of his companions in has honoured the cause of practical the democratic new York her Aid in accounting for Cleveland defeat Bays he kept As his Secretary of the Interior far too Long a Man not merely but whose sympathies were so Little with the peo ple and so strongly with corporations and land monopolists that it required a most extraordinary Public admonition from the As no Cabinet officer Ever received in any hold him to ids plainest duty in the important land Reform the Herald Doest say anything about the fact that Cleve land appointed the same Lamar to a supreme judge of the United Paul press it once up on a and during Tho entire Campaign never to our knowledge that president contributed among them for Campaign and is the har Vest Bay Ards Delaware turns Over a Republican Whitney new York Abandons Cleveland Dickinson Michigan shows Large Republican gains Vila Wisconsin ditto Endicott old Bay state is in the same boat Gar lands not this certainly could be termed a Kitchen for it cooked Grover Cleveland it also illustrates while Money it did in this talk hard As Long As Sam per or half a Hund red other Iowa editors do not Call Rhet Clarkson the representative his paid workers have always been putting in the ability for which the fellow has received Cedar rapids we disagree with the Gazette As to Clarkson we consider him a powerful More than that he is a prodigious and when he is on duty nobody else need worry about there being a Lack of original matter for the editorial no salaried employee has Ever made Clarkson reputation As an editorial writer for he earned that reputation when the Register hired no editor outside the City the like the disagrees with Clark son very but the unlike the concedes to Clarkson splendid political the new York world admits that the republicans will have a majority in the next there is much agitation in democratic circles for fear Harrison will make the mistake of tendering James Blaine a Cabinet the democrats ought to know by this time that Harri son makes no the republicans of had their grand walk around saturday there were ample refreshments for bonfires lighted the cold and snowy As it was there was a torchlight and after the outdoor proceedings were there was speaking in the rink by Crawford and Crawford made a Good there Are no republicans in the state who better cause to ratify and rejoice than the republicans of old Cass and the town of they fought nobly and won a glorious local the result of last weeks election says the Fairfield Ledye is an amended notice to Iowa railroads that the people of the state Are wide awake to their and that they do not propose to let up in the fight they have so earnestly until they Are Given the same rates and accommodations that the people of adjoining states Iowa is an agricultural but she is anxious to diversify her Indus Railroad discrimination have hindered her in the but will not in the the Day for railroads to make and unmake men in to build up this City and tear Down that is we Are All going to have equal and we will likewise be put on an Equality with the people of and last Winters legislation put the whole matter of railway control in the hands of the the majority of for Railroad commissioners Smith and Campbell is a magnificent endorsement of that it is time for the railroads to throw up their had they taken the step years ago that they will now be forced to it would have been better for them and for the the longer they fight the worse it will be for the injustices of the new Law will be More speedily and More cheerfully corrected by a Good Humoured than an an Gry Iowa does not want the blood of the but she does want even and exact and she is going to have in the election of railway commissioners was More of Good or evil to the state than in the election of and right that weary Midnight time place the White those present president Cleveland and said the heaving a convulsive and viciously biting a Shingle Nail in i am weary sick at heart disappointed to within an Inch of my life my cup of defeat is full to overflowing my ambition has been knocked sky head me some read me to divert my tormenting being thus Dan Drew from an inside pocket of his Chat a document in the presidents own it was in fact the manuscript copy of Cleve lanes letter of accepting the presidential nomination which his chief had presented to his beloved private Clearing his in Sharp Well modulated Dan read from the paper he held in his hand this Para graph when we consider the patronage of this the state nearly official vote by the following table shows the vote place once and More than an i Iel graph has been Able to get the the availability a party finds in an most of the figures Are Cumbest whom a Lorde of office hold and the balance Are approximately Cor of on governor is so that the or May be perceived at it will make a valuable table for refer ence yet to stand ready to Aid with Money and trained political we recognize the eligibility of the presi Dent for reelection a most serious Dan Ger to that deliberate and Intelli gent action which must characterize a government by the Dan said the on second thought it occurs to me that i dont Alla Makee 1903 want to be read j is there anything else i can do for Yout Dan kindly i i dont think of said the 2316 you dont happen to have a file about you it occurs to me that id like to gnaw a 1179 1107 2023 1837 edited by Atlantic Public miss Temple and miss Craig visited the Omaha schools last the first Grade on the West Side moved into their new room last Buena Cero j b Cooper of has been appointed by the governor to the Des the state Board of 672 made vacant by the resignation of Cooper f 2782 is an excellent Man for the place and Floyd his appointment will give great Satis faction to the educational men of the 891 2127 1547 1549 1895 858 1204 829 2052 1722 2134 1009 1162 1606 913 494 3348 5084 2129 1579 1616 1497 1570 4291 225 5948 206 1634 1178 1627 1762 1096 2312 2450 1909 1435 2038 1236 1679 1298 1172 1778 1965 1684 1413 1382 1133 1068 1960 2610 1353 2113 1143 1683 1879 2239 526 1894 490 the Fine weather is very favourable for school and the schools Are making an excellent record in that Par v the next meeting of the literary Cir Cle will be held at the residence of tuesday evening v a boy will learn More mischief on the Street in one night than school and Home influences can counteract in keep the boys off the v an old fashioned discarded in this progressive was to require children to spend one hour of each Day in study outside of might we not with advantage again take up this discarded custom v never lose an Opportunity to teach morals in the school occasions Are frequent in school when honesty May be commended and Dis honesty v Congress is to prohibit the Sale or gift of cigarettes or tobacco in any form to boys under 16 years of age in the District of hundreds of Phy and other influential citizens have petitioned for the passage of such a and As there can be no conceivable objection to it on the part of Well intentioned citizens the petition will doubtless be journal of v the state of Iowa takes its name from the Iowa the name is an Indian word and the meaning is variously stated to be the Beaufus the sleepy this is the v suggestions from the journal of education encourage your Normal schools were never so Good As have As robust a physique As care and exercise will give never give any occasion to suggest that you belong to the anti Jovial so he who reads a Book with his mind chiefly upon the grammatical construction is a Small specimen of a a great thought in unfinished expression is better than the classic expression of a weak the schoolroom must More and More magnify thought us Well As beautify i the five j there were live fair and each had an Flora would Fain be a fashionable Milanio i scholarly susans selection was books coquettish Cora cared More for Good looks aspired after wealth i sensible Sarah sought first for go Oil so she took pieces Golden medical discovery and grew healthy and Bloom Coras Beauty quickly faded su1 sans eyesight failed from Over study Flora became fretful and nervous in Lyons Mitchell 692 Palo 840 Washington 2143 2571 1288 1615 848 1275 1870 1349 1300 1776 1131 1171 1405 1849 1002 1357 563 721 1287 1989 2247 1946 1729 2070 1012 1158 641 1056 1087 1070 1978 1669 3029 1539 2341 2592 1591 1871 3038 1655 2187 2140 2635 2233 1026 1117 4650 2305 4398 3909 1032 1594 1223 1638 g68 545 1356 1799 2701 2972 2323 2129 1933 2427 1430 1426 1029 1534 1098 1106 1220 1232 1232 1807 2653 2156 1085 1296 356 576 1369 2210 850 082 2140 1357 751 858 4965 5216 4881 3271 1779 1983 1040 1550 1102 1421 5692 1557 1762 1421 1102 1485 1050 1897 2218 2195 1320 1694 1414 1541 1775 1810 3091 2682 1523 1933 1990 2141 1569 1659 1805 1559 217 763 2042 2124 3588 2979 544 965 833 1340 877 950 1941 1599 935 2345 1657 1401 1543 15 558 1020 595 1912 1325 1825 805 803 1451 808 369 3175 4206 1788 1316 1427 1222 1347 3451 160 4521 120 2123 683 1490 1133 1053 1084 781 476 974 1668 1326 901 934 964 2094 2565 2075 1470 2990 2081 2390 770 3692 3334 919 1039 387 1384 2187 2220 1647 1350 904 719 974 1028 2456 856 288 1071 727 1864 609 4866 4522 1396 905 866 4608 1587 1102 991 2024 1111 1517 3739 1392 1513 1552 252 1963 2913 453 662 Republican plurality years probably striving after and a sickly Fame ily kept Annas husband but Senj before one sible Sarah grew daily More oneself charming and and she mar1 w often do More Good by items of i a Span is 10 there Are Man god distrust is Poison to a Square mile contains 640 a storm moves Miles per a hand horse measure is 4 a barrel of Rice weighs 600 the average human life is 31 look not a gift horse in the we must suffer or die Honor the tree that gives you the first steel pen was made in a ban al of hour weighs 196 a barrel of pork weighs 200 a Hurricane moves 80 Miles per measure 2h feet on each Side and you will have a acre within an a Man must keep his Mouth open a Good while before a roast Pigeon Hies into one needs a knowledge of Mankind can be simply and wholly ried Chicago you must remember that our have fun a Grain heavens help pm if old Hutch finds it Manifest ing syn Vathy than by All tie labor we might German Silver was not invented in and does not contain a parti Cle of chastise a Good child that it May not Green Bay lumber dealers in All kinds of Oak Cedar posts yellow Norway and White Pine floor Poplar and White Pine Sash English american be hard soft prices the give us an Opportunity to figure on your estimates cheerfully Yards at Marne and Stier Martins Corner 4th and Walnut new finest new Maple new sugar new new buckwheat Only the new sauerkraut new California evaporated new California evaporated new California seedless new California new evaporated new evaporated new evaporated our celebrated Brand of flour known As the May Flower constantly on Quality you will find m gos Holliday Antonne Enion in this space next grow and a bad one that it May not grow a misery is not to be measured from nature of the but by the tem per of the the reason doors were not so Nobby in the Olden times As now is probably because they used the Best thing to clean tinware is common soda rub on briskly with a Damp after which wipe a single bad habit will mar an other Wise faultless As a drop of Ink soil eth a pure White True nobility consists in paying ones debts before tradesmen Are done wearing themselves out with Chr stain Martyr in the spirit world you Ever on a rack modern 1ave been on a dentists a Frog which depends on his Bruins instead of his legs would stand n mighty poor show in a puddle near a school funny that a fast Young Man never begins to think of settling Down until it has become utterly impossible for him to Settle a Stormy Day on deck its strange that the More vessel Lias the harder it is to stick ones have been three years at Tho now Tell to what you have have taught three dogs to drink one of the funny scenes of paternal Felicity is the spectacle of a fat father screwing a new seagrass Tail in to his Little boys the three its brought re proach and remorse to a Gruidl Politi Cal party in the three when signifying pierces pleasant Purga Tive bring peace to the preservation and perfection of health to the a former Atlantic minister goes free from the crime of seduction cause of the statute of the District court Friday the Case of the state against Lindley came to your readers will remember that who was a methodist minister lit was indicted for the seduction of Alice now of and at one time a member of Tho Laidley House she testified that the illicit inter course began in when she was about fifteen years of and continued until september of when the affair became at Tho conclusion of her testimony Laidley coun Sel moved to direct the jury to return a verdict for the defendant upon the ground that action was barred by the statute of and that the court had no As the action was not begun till twi the statute of limitations required it to be commenced within eighteen months from the time the first offence was the court sustained the motion and the verdict for the Denim Paiit was ordered by Tho the cases against Laidley for Wen dismissed by the court before the interposition of the of attn of limitations saves Laidly from but the fact Tiv dose to plead this technical defense instead of making a defense upon the merits of the whole confirms Chw generally prevailing opinion that it is if not guilty n crime thu Toufe reme Dis missed him from the ministry Sori time

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