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Read an issue on 14 Nov 1888 in Atlantic, Iowa and find what was happening, who was there, and other important and exciting news from the times. You can also check out other issues in The Atlantic Telegraph.

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Atlantic Telegraph (Newspaper) - November 14, 1888, Atlantic, Iowa The Telegraph mormons in Canada Thoj in of obtained a foothold and arc Linol Hiir a terrible scraps and the polygamy they petition for a town Sito in North West territory mkt to ply when if Only Grimy in Utah who settled in the Cimi Tiiu Northwest two years Are beg n dug to show their a Large d p nation from Lees Creek arrived Here to interview the minister of the hitherto they have been but now they want to secure a town one of the a Eon of the late Prophet said the work of prose lying had been undertaken in this country and in when asked if they proposed to practice polygamy they replied evasively that they would not break the Laws of Tho it is difficult to say what action the govern ment will pursue in regard to the mor now that they have obtained a foothold on British it is feared Here that immigration of mormons from Utah to the Canadian Northwest will noon assume vast destructive a paper Mill at i de Lurue Soto the in Dinna paper company Mill was Nisi ii a loss of with Only the lire was caused by a Workman Wheeling a truck loaded with jute Over a parlor match lying on the the match i ignited and set lire to the and in a moment the building was the mostly were wih difficulty res cued by Means of the their re treat in the direction of the stairway having been Cut off by the los Large hotel at Long on the coast Twenty Miles from was entirely destroyed by loss native alaskans the aggie give and ingenious White Man spoiling a native Treasury department has been informed by the collector of customs at the natives engaged in taking sea otters in Cooks Inlet and Shell Kos Straits complain that White Hunters cruise along the Shore using fire and scaring the otters to sea beyond the reach of the who use bows and arrows and thus deprive them of their Only Means of As the killing of sea otters by others than natives in expressly prohibited by the collector has been instructed by the Secretary of the Treasury to bring the Mut Ter to the attention of the governor of with a View of prosecuting the the methodist the Bishops of the methodist episcopal Church began their annual session in this the Episco pal Board is made up of eighteen Mem sixteen of whom Are Thomas Bowman of Randolph Foster of Stephen Merrill of Edward Andrews of new Henry Warren of Cyrus Foss of John Hurst of William mind of John William Malli Liero of new John Vincent of James Fitzgerald of Isaac Joyce of John Newman of and David Goodsell of the Bishops in the Council rep resent More than of commune they will Huld their sessions mornings and these councils Are Fredericks correspondence in addition to the letters of the late emperor found in recent search of Houtten Bruchs the police discovered in a secret drawer of his desk bundles of letters and Tele Grams which had been sent to the emperor by his Queen the Prince of Prince Alexander of the Duke of count Windthorst and Tho Story told of two Canadian a narrow ouch or twice to showed a curious reluctance about allowing a Mau to approach him suddenly from altogether his actions were so Odd that i Felt some curiosity to Loam his it turned out that to had been through a rather uncanny experience Tho Winter to and another Man had gone Luto a Remote or enclosed in Tho heart of Tho whore Gamo was very plentiful it was so abundant that they decided to pass Tho Winter accordingly Thoy put up a log work ing and merely killing enough meat for their immediate just As it was finished Winter set in with tremendous Snow going out to in Tho first they to their co Sterna that Ivory head of game had left Tho not an animal was to be found therein Thoy had abandoned it for their Winter Tho Outlook for the two adventurers was they were afraid of trying to break out through the deep Snow and starvation stared them in Tho face if they the Man that i met had his dog with they put themselves on very Short so As to use up their flour As slowly a and hunted but saw soon a violent quarrel broke out be tween the other a sullen insisted that Tho dog should be but Tho owner was exceedingly attached to and for a couple of weeks they spoke no words to each though cooped in the Little narrow pen of then one night Tho owner of Tho dog was wakened by the animal crying out the other Man had tried to kill it with his but the provisions were now almost and Tho two men were glaring at each other with Tho rage of Raven ing neither dared to for j fear that Tho other would kill then Tho one who owned Tho dog at last j and proposed to give each a Chanco for his they should ele j would take half of the handful of flour that was left and Start off to try to get Home the other should stay where to and if he tried to follow the first he was warned that to would be shot with out a like Fato was to be the portion of the wanderer if driven to re turn to the Tho arrangement was agreed to and the two men neither daring to turn his Back while they were within Rifle shot of each for two Days Tho one who went off toiled on with weary weakness through Tho Snow late on the second As he looked Back from a High he saw in the far distance a Black speck Ajr inst the coming along on his his companion was dogging Vii immediately he followed is own Trail Back a Little and Laid in am at dusk his companion came stealthily Rifle in peering cautiously his drawn face showing the eager ferocity of the wild and the Man he was Hunting shot Nim Down exactly As if he Hud been leaving Tho body where it the wan Derer continued his thu dog Stag Gering painfully behind the next evening to baked his lust Cako and divided it with the in the with his Belt drawn still tighter round his skel Eton to once More set with apparently Only a few hours of Dull misery Between him and at noon a crossed the track of u huge Timber Wolf instantly Tho gave rally ing its along Tho Trail Tho Man struggled Niter at last strength gave out inn sat Down to bul Bitting slowly stiffening with the he heard the dog baying in Tho shaking off his mortal he crawled towards the and found the Wolf Over Tho body of a Deer he had just and keeping the dog from at the approach of Tho new assailant the Wolf sullenly Drew and the Man and dog Tore the raw Deer flesh with hideous it made them very sick for the next Twenty four hours lying by the carcass for two or three they recovered Theodore Roosevelt in the development of the reference department of a Tho John Todd Index its uses mid Viilu Siblo collection of scraps undo by it War my the Farnell the session of the Par Nevi commission was entirely consumed i the hearing of the testimony of in reference to outrages in ire once one of or Purnelll objected to the interpreter prompting the Irish wit president Hannen cautioned the interpreter against this the police testified that a Large Force in ire land was occupied in protecting Boycott War recordist the Secretary of War has received the annual report of in charge of the publication of the War Twenty one or thirty one have to far been until Congress i h fit to increase the amount appropriated annually for not More than four books can be issued hurried to new Philip aged a tried to Board in elevated train after the Gates were closed and was i ought Between the cars and the station fell to the Street aul was killed Sikwai hurry Inu to join his family at a Bull a ticket to which was found in his a lib if t the president was at the House All shortly after Oclock the members of the Cabinet ail but Secretary Silas and postmaster general Dickinson Beina the Cabinet meeting lasted nearly two Fin court if new there were about vetes cast in this City for Aud against the Constitution i amendment authorizing the governor the Facil Itta of the court o should recognize the i Hope people will not become i Hope there will always be weaknesses for us to smile at and sorrows for us to j sympathize weaknesses Are the Tho bad Inage of the and a perfect Man is often a rather Dull you Are 50 years you have daughters who Are mothers and sons who Are and yet you take your Little Peep in Tho Glass and fix your curls As you used to do thirty years As Jou will i sincerely thirty years from it is it is is human and a compliment to the creator that you should recognize the adornments to has placed within your you ought to to taken Home and fixed you Are 50 years and your shirt front is All your Waistcoat is not your Ziec Tio is away round at the Back of your head and your coat is covered with go Home and put on a clean shirt and go Down to the tailors and order a suit of clothes that fit and get your Beard trimmed and look Liko a thing of taste if you cant be a thing of i think Ninny men associate Independence with dirt and think they would to losing some of their manliness if they wore decent but i dont want to Reform those i might Wear better clothes but that tailors have to pay rent und other Little Francisco chronicle in Tho exposition said an old time resident of Chicago not Long ago i have attended the Exposi Tion year after year Sinco the first open during the first two or three years i used to go regularly and make Ono Lap ground Tho but until Tho other dry 1 not Sot foot in the exposition for after this i never miss Trio As it is Well it is Tho territory of Tho in a Brief walk or half an Ilour 1 had Ziy Catarrh completely cured Iivo Uili Orcut and nearly choked Ray self on piece of dog thinking u sump Ivy of a new water Cracker instead i u Pat Iii food Lor 1 rested my Vairy Yunnu by trying my son and heir on different baby j and then i had Ziy Clotus Sci cd by three Patent flour 1 had sixteen Campaign badges offered to to at disgustingly Low Aud was weighed four losing about v Pound each seven times did i drop in a Nickel to see it und when i went Down stairs i had Ziy overcoat pockets chock full of samples of yeast Balling hair Oil and liver the Man who visits the exposition misses Tho gallery loses half ills every a vim who uses Tho Brooklyn Library to ant extent is cognizant of Tho fact that its reference department is a prominent feature of that it is now proposed to supplement the refer ence Library by Tho addition of a collection of carefully kept scrap and already a portion of this collection is ready for Tho Public Tho attention of a reporter was called to this addition to Tho Library usefulness not Long and to called upon acting librarian Bardwell to obtain some further information in regard to Bardwell is quite an enthusiast upon Tho subject of keeping and when questioned upon it thus expressed his views the John of to some years ago published an Index serum Index of subjects intended As a manual to Aid the student and professional Man in preparing him self for this which passed through Over Twenty was a Blank Book with an alphabet printed at Tho head of the pages Aud directions illustrating its Utility and method of which consisted in jotting Down important facts or striking passages met with in or in noting under Tho appropriate subject in Tho Index the volume and Page where Tho extract could to found when William Wirt says there is not a fact within Tho whole Circle of human nor even a fugitive anecdote that you read in a newspaper or hear in that will not conto in play some Tinio or other and occasions will arise when they present their dim shadows in the train of of your thinking and As belong ing to that and you will regret that you cannot recall them More Odds Index was for Tho purpose of noting where an article might be and served to some extent the same Pur pose As Tho numerous books of quotations and extracts that Bavo been published in recent Trio department of scrap books now in process of development at the Brooklyn Library bids fair to to an Index Rorum on a very extensive it is a collection of clippings and extracts from news commenced Many years ago by Wilcox a War correspond who commenced clipping and filing away extracts for his own personal As time passed on and the collection became he divided into subjects and kept in boxes labelled according to the contents of each at his death he left is the accumulation of More than Twenty to the Brooklyn where it is now being carefully collated and arranged under a classification similar to that of the Library Cata the clippings Are being pasted on sheets of Inan Llla which after being properly dried and pressed Aro arranged by single sheets not bound As this would preclude the incorporation of any further material in its proper place under its subject As additions Are made from time to these sheets Are kept in boxes that Are labelled on the Back so As to indicate the subject and the subdivision of subject contained in each the arrangement of Tho material thus kept being strictly by subjects and their various Aud Tho whole be ing formed into one no Index is required to guide the searcher for info All that is necessary is to look at the labels until the subject needed la reached i the then take Down the Box that contains what is wanted and use As tune passes and the Library collection is developed it is expected it will be found of Especial value to literary people As containing much valuable material which will be made easily available by its arrangement under bringing to Gether items of information that would otherwise be so scattered As to be practically lost unless collected under some such plan As what do you of the value of a scrap collection in Gen eral As to the value of material thus collected a variety of opinions May but no far As source from which the information was obtained is As Well As the Date of Tho question suggests itself whether every literary person May not find it advantage Ous to keep a collection of scrap items that appear from Day to Day May prove exceedingly valuable in the und the Only time to secure these is while the Eye is upon As almost any one who has tided to locate a paragraph he thinks to saw at an indefinite a few months or oven a few Days can if one has hunted through a file of papers for an extract he can appreciate the difficulty and will probably wish he had saved the one can make a collection of his Spe Fialty or can make a general collection of any material to thinks would be useful in Tho he can include his own productions under their own subject or he can include them All in one volume marked a literary Man should Bear in mind that he May one Day become in which Case a col Lection of All the fugitive pieces he has Ever had in print might prove valuable As Well As while there is no limit to Tho subjects on which one May collect every one must to his own Cudgo As to How Largo his collection should and what Range of subjects to will in any a thorough arrangement of the material by subjects will obviate any necessity of an if thoroughly classified in this Tho collection will to its own and there is no other so far As can be seen at that would be so there Are other libraries beside Tho Brooklyn that have some scrap some College libraries have collections covering the history of their institution from the when i i must to lot no cemetery engulf to no loue Grot where thu Groat palpitating world Bavo with heart bowed and b it pays its last and melancholy debt to some out journeying May my lot to int Lar to to in Somo much us ocl human lilo with All its Olson my fret throbs on Bont lot Tho Roll of with nil earths sounds of and Rush of hurrying surge Oer my even in my grave 1 shall to Ono who feels close Kina hip with Tho pulsing world above and too deep quiet would distress Ella Wheeler a Loox in Pittsburg bulletin the Alan Myrna court of the court of Lions far exceeded my exit is Marble a parallelogram in and has Tho far famed with its Alabaster basins sup ported by Tolvo quaintly carved standing in Tho of certain or upon the occasion of Royal Tho water leaps Over the basins and spurts from the Mouths of the As it did in the Golden Days of moorish Pride and on All four sides of Tho court Are handsome arcades of open stucco and elegant moorish arc nos supported by slender White Marble sometimes sometimes in at each a portico or Pavilion projects into Tho the fragile architecture of which seems almost to be Long to the filigree stucco work is so Tho edges so sharply so hard and that it seems to to of Tho purest snowy when you stand before Ono of these Beautiful and look up to its open lace Liko pierced with the fascinating moorish uphold by Many slender All so full of Grace and it is hard to realize it has stood there for five or six Hundred it is so Light Ami airy that we almost fear Chlio gazing at it that it May fade away Liko a Beautiful Gates in Boston the studious out through the Gates of Isfahan one morning Rode a studious whither bound a traveler who rested by a Fountain i go to replied the the greatest wonder of the then from your Saddle now descend and Call your journey at an for Here within this sack i hold the greatest wonder bought or and stooping the speaker Drew a cake of Ivory soap in no Alkali this soap it leaves the lace and takes the stains it comes from Sweet As the Rose that in the Palace Garden grows it floats like Cork upon the wave with we May both Wash and enough the student cried youve saved me from a longer and turning round his Wisdom for Back to Isfahan he fancy leathers of the Morocco leather of Commerce is either Goat or sheep Goat skins Aro treated differently from Tho skins which make Tho thicker being tanned with and All thicknesses of Tho leather being the skins of Wool bearing like the Are commonly soft and and therefore unsuitable for shoe designed for rough so the sheep skins Are generally used for facings and for our sheep skins we Are indebted to Australia and Bouth and they come to us by the Way of where the Wool is taken from them and the skin shipped to us As raw the various fancy such As Seal and the Are very often sheep and Goat leather stamped and pressed to imitate the genuine and Kangaroo so far from gracing the pack of the generally Lias no higher origin than the Spanish Tho commodores chief Commodore Vanderbilt was driving one Day in Harlem and As usual took the turning out for a very fast team came behind and the Driver called on him to give Van Dorbit urged his horses Forward and went straight believing he could not be the other Wagon dashed taking him on the wheel and throwing him out on his he was picked up it was feared at first that his neck might but he recovered in a few minutes and inquired of the anxious bystanders did any of you boys notice whether that Ere Hosa was trottin1 or Runnin his chief concern was to know if the horse that had gone by him had kept his Cleve land in ringing noises in the sometimes a Buzz ing Are caused by that exceedingly disagreeable and very com Mon loss of smell or hearing also result from hoods tar the great blood is a peculiarly successful remedy for this which it cures by purifying the if you suffer from try hoods the Peculiar medi 2tf fatal holler in the afternoon a boiler belonging to the Lan Caster chemical company exploded with terrific demolishing the building and killing one Man and injuring casualties Are John 60 years killed outright Alonzo badly injured Miller one of the George a Man named Quick Eye and a boy named writing a Book at new of the oldest men in this state is Alfred Marks of the old although 110 years of seems to enjoy life he is writing a commentary on Shakespeare and says the laconian theory is All a word of there Are Many White each represented to be just As Good As the Ivory they Are but like All Lack the Peculiar and remark Able qualities of the ask for Ivory soap and insist upon getting Oneriv Rucht by Procter pc loin broker of tick first door West of Downs dry goods Money to loan on Keal chattel Mort Gase and 1ersonal notes and Mort gages bought and several farms and town lots for aug22wlyr Josiah a and pens u claim Fiertl Louis cos importing barn and sporting diseases of All Domestic and Osborne of my climbing mount mount Elias promises to to the fun Turo Mountain climbing Ceriter of this a traveler who 1ms returned from after failing to ascend to the reports that his after sur mounting great reached a height of and were then compelled to abandon the the ascent was covered with Ico strewn with Tho party were at Ono time knee deep in and at another wore wading through icy Waters fed by to believes Tho Moun Tain cannot be ascended without Tho assistance of trained Swiss Tho packers with Tho party could not the pain from neuralgia and its companion disease i rheumatism is thousands who could be quickly cured Are needlessly suf Athol photos will do for what it did for the following parties having i Nti Liotos with neuralgia for Junr and trying almost every Lut in i finally Hoard of Athol alter one bottle i found it to be help ties of ath that i wanon tirely Cine in positively n rare Onia Unck Deo i have Neil Athlon Hiroo in my family and find it to the Medicino for Neu Ralgia in oxi Stemm Neil Impink had its fangs fastened Iii mum for Trio Haft yen vhf i know Hurt ii i Erin i Rizin or in Infin i Iii Dolored Pio i 1 once at Trinder Jone Drui finals scientifically treated All Calls answered promptly Day or Stock of All kinds bought und sold on a23wtt homeopathic physician and surgeon often his professional services to the people of ail Calls promptly answered at barn Ettswold Over Slaughter Bros store office on with Street East of Jones drug residence on Maple Street Between 4lh and diseases of the Eye and ear specially at tend i glasses ju5wtf physician and All Calls will receive prompt attention Day or night july Sott in Detiker 8rick furniture House West Side Chestnut Iowa physician office Over Montgomery drug aught Whf rooms Over lev Downs dry goods store residence third door North of the West Side school Maytid Amlyr farms for Sale and Money to loan on real collections twice in Nichols Chestnut Isaac vice president cashier capital Bank state transacts a Money to loan on Short at reasonable real estate bought and loan heal estate office in Graves new co ban King Busin noun for taking four but Chlop Lineros and one of i Lound of entirely i think the inc i Tibitts pills Atlin Filatea the torpid strength Riih the digestive regulates Tho and Are us an anti bilious in malarial districts their Virtues Aro widely As they possess Pec Uliar properties in freeing the system from that elegantly sugar dose sold 41 hurray new sight drafts drawn on All the principal cities in the United states and collections will receive prompt directors Waddel v kor j Isaac thoroughbred 0 of o o l 05s pigs for 1 have twelve to pigs for Sale at my ten Clana male those need residence in Grove to see them be Orang such will do Well s9w8 0 in i 0 o in h 0 h us o 5

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