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Atlantic Telegraph (Newspaper) - May 16, 1888, Atlantic, Iowa The Atlantic volume May number the weekly Lafayette cd toll and the lied Oak Sun men compile their news in splendid the congressional fight in the 8th District bids fair to peas Lively As it was two years we infer from an editorial in the Larlan Republican that Shelby county has three candidates for District the Fontanelle observer says that if the congressman is to come from Council Joe Lyman is about the right governor of new vetoed the High License Bill passed by a re publican nobody expected him to do governor Larrabee has appointed the wife of senator of a member of the Board of trustees of the soldiers orphans Home at Daven the appointment is an admirable let a transient Man come to town with a Stock of and there is not a democratic merchant in is in favor of free there is an illustration of this fact in Atlantic All want Johnson Brigham wrote three columns about Conkling in tuesdays Cedar rapids taking As his text Gates unjust and unfair recently Brigham article is splendidly written and is impair Silas Wilson will have the con Gressional delegation from Cass and there is a Strong following for him in several other As matters stand in this we presume Wilson will be As satisfactory As any candidate it seems to have been a Case of con says the Traer Star Harry Ila Lett moved his printing outfit and household goods to Cedar this where he will Start a straight Republican he says he has enough of democracy to last him the remainder of his Silas of Cass seems to be coming to the front in Good shape for nomination As con Gressman in this Wilson has a splendid legislative and would have the Confidence of the Farmers of the the Railroad land Grant forfeiture which passed the Senate if it should pass the House restore to the government Between eight and ten millions acres of the Public the Railroad companies to which the Grants were voted by Congress having forfeited the same by the non fulfil ment of the most of these re stored lands lie in Washington Florida and the the free Lance justly says that at lactic cannot afford to quarrel with the Rock Island Road nor to Cavil at every thing the Road there is no ill feeling Here against the Hock our towns ambitious and pays the Rock Island per and feels that there ought to be anew depot but Atlantic has no Power to compel the company to build and there fore there is no use making a rumpus about so far As the Telegraph is concerned the Hock Island shall have fair at the state democratic convention last week the new state Central com Mittee was of is the member for this con Gressional it was voted in the convention that the Central committee be elected for two instead of every and that half the member ship be elected at a the members of the present committee drawing lots to determine whether they shall hold two years from now or Only one straight Drew the Short Oak the Chicago Northwestern and railroads Are going to put on vesti Bule trains within a of course there is no demand for such but if one Road puts them others will be compelled to follow the As a consequence the local the peo ple who live along the lines and pay the highest rates May expect further econ omy in local trains and local Accomma the railroads use the High rate paid by local patrons to of Irrish aristocratic equipments for the transient through Patron who pays a less the principle is a Businesslike and i i it is evident that the railways have if to make the new Iowa railway lava by interpreting it in a manner very different from what was they have arranged their new schedules of rates which can Only last until july when the commissioners rates will go into Force on a distance or mileage and have instructed their agents to sell tickets on the same the result is an increase of rates in Many instant but in no instances Are there any they also announce that they will give no More Cut rates to the new Law contemplates Cut rates to pub Lic and the railroads fought hard for that feature of the now they deny that such a provision is in the they had better take their Medicine and behave the Bloomington Republican wisely comments on a topic that has received much thought on the part of Many who have noticed the trouble that has Arisen in these the Way out is to have the presentations in private we have before taken occasion to deprecate the practice of publicly bestowing presents on graduates at school com and its unwholesome effects have had another illustration in our High school held last it is All Well and Good for friends of students to offer their congrats la accompanied by some but there is some More appropriate Way of doing it than by a Public display before a Large it is not difficult to imagine the feelings of a whose relatives and friends May happen not to be Able to give them some costly pres sitting next some More favored sees them showered with valuable tokens of Good the prac Tice is All and ought to be band the less deserving student is often the most favored in this Benjamin Exlie tenant gov is about to go to to take charge of a Large Lour for some time he has been engaged upon a history of the work is Well under something like pages of manuscript having been lie found that it is hard work compiling the history of a great and that but Little encouragement can be expected in such a he has found the state Library rather deficient in the history of the something like thirty county his tories being the extent of the information to be and facts in regard to the history of the other sixty nine coun ties he has been compelled to at his own while leaving he has no idea of abandoning the but will Complete it As soon As gue settled in Liberty township in Scott near the Village of big Rock in with his brother and lived there As a Farmer 13 in 57 he avas elected member of the avas reelected in in the fall of to he avas elected state in 65 he removed to fort and 72 to Des so exd and the address of the Republican clubs to the people of written by John son is a Model of Force and it comes with clearness in every and leaves nothing in said that should have been we commend it As the Model Declara Tion of the year the the Republican clubs of Loava in Delegate convention Avith one cause uppermost in our thoughts cause of Avith Well grounded Confidence in the Success of our party at the coming Here direct our Best efforts under whatever leadership the National convention shall to the Restora Tion of the Republican party to Power and the consequent revival of True Prosperity and Progress in the we Are in Hearty sympathy Avith the american policy of a policy which has made our people the most prosperous among the nations of the the threatened Over Throat of which is the most potent cause of the present depression in Trade and Manu we Are unalterably opposed to All Bourbon attempts to rewrite the his tory of the last Quarter Century of the while As component parts of the Republican league of the United have no candidate to we Avold but ill conceal our feelings As citizens of Iowa Avert ave to refrain from de Claring our desire and Hope that Iowa greatest statesman May be the Choice of the coming National grateful for that Rich legacy left us grand history of the Noble traditions of the Republican and deeply sensible of the obligations Avrich that history and those traditions impose we enter upon the important and far reaching presidential Campaign of 1888 nerved to High Endeavor and firmly determined to put into the com ing canvass that Earnest work which and that Young enthusiasm which continually Renews the party and without regard to the age of its individual makes it preeminently the party of the Young men of the party of pro Roscoe Eulogy pronounced by Robert Ingersoll before the new York general May thirty Hundred persons in the Academy of music to night listened to the oration by Robert Ingersoll to the memory of Roscoe and on fourth As Many besieged the barred while Many climbed to the roof and peeped through the the ceremonies were under the auspices of the Senate and Ingersoll said in substance Ros Coe a great distinguished citizen of the Republic in the Zenith of his Fame and has reached his Jour Neys end and we Are met Here in the City of his birth to pay our tribute to his Worth and he earned and held a proud position in the Public he stood for for and above All for absolute and his name was known and honoured by Many millions of Nis fellow in the presence of death the Good Man judges As he would be knows that men Are Only that the greatest walk in the that faults and failures mingle with the lives of in the grave should be buried the prejudices and passions born of Charity should hold the Scales in which Are weighed the deeds of the traits born of locality and these Are but the dust of these Are a fashions that had nothing to do with Man except to hide Iii they Are Clouds that cling to the time gives a clearer that which is merely local fades the orator went into comparison of statesmen and politicians at some and continued Roscoe con Kling avas a Man of Superb he not Only acted without but he had that fortitude of soul that bears the consequences of the course pursued without he was charged with being his Knees were As indelible As an unwed table and gnarled but he was not vanity rests on an opinion of Pride on our the source of vanity is from of Pride from vanity is a vane that turns a Willow that bends with every Pride is the Oak that defies the one is a other a one is the other the dead senator was then traced in to his Public the chaotic Condi Tion of affairs just preceding the great rebellion was alluded the War was fought and the greater period of the reconstruction men were either traitors or trusted Roscoe Conkling was always of the he always stood in the front rank he never wavered he never he battled for the nations life for rights of slaves for the dignity or labor for the Liberty of All Roscoe Conkling was an absolutely honest he was an Ideal represent faithful and he believed his constituents and his coun try were entitled to the fruits of his experience to his Best and highest no Man Ever held the stand Ard of responsibility higher than he voted according to his his he made no bargains he neither bought nor he had the tastes of a Prince the Fortune of a and yet he never no corporation was great enough or Rich enough to Purchase his hand was never touched by any and on his soul there never was a sordid his poverty was his priceless above his marvelous intellectual above All place he Ever above the Ermine he rises his like some great Mountain and there it firm As the Earth pure As the stars he was a great lawyer he understood the Frame work and Anatomy and foundation of Law was familiar with the great streams and currents and tides of he knew the history of legislation principles that had been settled upon the Fields of lie knew the Crystal nations of common sense those hand grenades of he was an intense and he Laid the foundation with with accuracy and and Rose by cold graduation and Well balanced from the Corner Stone of statement to the domed he filled the he satisfied the the audience was he had that indefinable thing called erect ample in Graceful in titanic in de Rich in illustration prodigal of comparison and metaphor and his measured and fell like music on the enraptured he abhorred the and loathed All conscientious he had a profound aversion for those who insist on putting base motives Back of the Good deeds of he knew his his enemies knew he had no patience with with patriotic reasons for unaly he did his and bravely spoke his sensitive to the last lie keenly Felt the blows and stabs of the and of the smallest and the but the greatest could not drive him from his he stoop to ask or give an he left his words and deeds to justify he held ill Light esteem the Friend who heard with half believing ears the slanders of a lie walked the High Way of his and kept the company of his self he would not turn aside to to Greet or gain a in his nature there was no Compro to him there was but two sides Aad he was misrepresented and but he would not he knew that character Speaks louder by far than any he was silent then As and his better than any refuted every he was an of his that was and Ever will be proud of he did not find perfection Only in other lands he did not grow Small and withered and in the presence of those upon whom great Ness had been thrust by Chance he could not be overawed by Duke or nor flattered into Vertebra less subservience by the patronizing smiles of in the midst ties he had a feeling of he believed in the Royalty of in the sovereignty of the of the match less greatness of this he was of classic figure from the an Tique he had the pose of great the Pride and bearing of the intellectual and of the conquer ing and he stood in the wide free land As though within his veins there flowed the blood of a Hundred and As he lived he proudly he entered the Dawn that we Call a shrinking he passed beyond our beyond the Twilight purple beyond the reach of human harm or that vast realm of silence or of Joy where innumerable and he has left with us his wealth of thought and Mem Ory of a honest bowed alone to labor a Woolen Mill is to be erected at Wood a stove factory will be run at Barbers have formed a a piano factory is being erected at there is a Petroleum exhibition at forty Miles of double track Cable will be Laid in women Barbers Are numerous in san the fort Worth Tex Board of Trade will put up a the grocery clerks will hold a nation Al convention in Pittsburg next there Are Over two thousand electric lights in use in English the adherents of George Are to meet in convention at Chicago on july the Falcon Iron and Nail of has just Laid off 200 furniture factories will be started up at and k about men Are employed in the lumber business of the brotherhood of carpenters and joiners has nearly four Hundred As the Flint Glass workers Union paid out to its members during the the Mutual Relief association in connection with the bricklayers Union of has a membership of last years expenditures amounted to nearly a rubber factory has turned out pairs of overshoes in one Denver Hod carriers have struck for and a some of the Bosses have the bricklayers of Buffalo will work nine hours a Day at 33 cents an hour for the coming a slate Quarry owner has begun the use of the waste slate for marbleized the Smith Wesson revolver works at will be enlarged by a three Story the heaviest locomotive in the world belongs to the Canadian Pacific the boys of the Industrial school at col Are cultivating fifty acres of ground adjoining the a company with a capital of 000 has been chartered to develop 000 acres of Oil land near Lander City at a few scotch steel works the wages of have been advanced from 15 to 20 per the retail grocers association of Cincinnati has asked the Board of affairs to abolish All retail Public the Buffalo Union has just run the scabs out of the largest bakery there by refusing to work with any but Union a member of knights of of is reported to have said that not so Many As still re main in that by a decision of the employees of the Reading Iron works to accept a reduction of Lyz per cent in men will a cooperative Glass factory is being erected at the town donated a site and loaned the operators the chinese government recently received 600 Miles of submarine Cable for a line to be Laid from the Island of Formosa and Tongshu to Foo one of the furnaces started at Ensley near last is running 200 tons a the largest capacity of any Furnace in the the other three will soon be in Abbotts at Are running Only fifty hours a with sixty carpet this is the first time the Mills have been on Short hours in thirty one the operators in the Coke regions Are weeding out the poles and one firm that employees men will discharge All employees who do not speak and no others will be employed the thirty six Brick manufacturers of Chicago have notified their men that wages will be reduced 10 per cent that Plano Al steel Harvester and Binder comes to the front this the finest the most genuine Al steel machine in the Market by a Large it has important improvements that the old Stogie machines have we will guarantee it to run at least one horse lighter than any other machine cutting the same we invite Farmers to Call and see the new we will sell you this improved machine just As cheap As you can buy the old so called steel we have also the piano rustler and steel mowers and rakes at Bottom Call and see me at the old Green Bay lumber dealers in All kinds of Oak Cedar posts yellow Norway and White Pine floor Poplar and White Pine English american be hard soft prices the give us an Opportunity to figure on your estimates cheerfully Yards at Marne and from last years which was a there Are about men in the Brick makers the French National printing office employs girls As books Ewers the wages ranging from 50 per after thirty years service both men and women Are retired upon a the English socialists have sent out a circular opposing the one issued by their German Brothers in relation to the International Trade Union Congress in London in november of this the English circular is strongly in favor of it even if they Are not allowed to news Zephyr was executed in Chicago on saturday for the murder of Maggie he was the first Black Man Ever hanged in Luce has forbidden the bringing of Texas cattle to Michigan before late of the times has bought an in Terest in the Missouri Republican and takes editorial formerly of Des lectured in Chicago on Satur Day night before a Large on Alexander the lecture was under the auspices of the Chicago Man Ual training the Chicago courts seem to be crowded with divorce will this be the next craze the blackfeet Indian reservation in Montana has been thrown open to set and a dispatch from great says a number of persons have gone to the reservation to locate mines and town the desirable valleys Are fairly covered the greatest Rush apparently being to the big the famous Hay soldiers As Well As civil ians Are on the arid when news comes that the Bill is signed there is Likely to be a Bullock beyond fort Assiniboine is All staked and the tents of the squatters May be seen All along the Valley of the milk there is a Silver lode in the Bear Paw mountains that was located several years it is understood that several parties Are of hand watch ing to locate this mine As Well As to Prospect for if the news concerning this matter gets out in Atlantic there will be a col ony Start for Montana at our people have never failed in their Assis Tance to All foreign or Distant the year of this is the year of alien Lea year opens wide the g8 to ladles who their f8 to Seal it is not yet too and who cog its and think themselves at any is worthy some Kirl to melts so neither one should Hesles in this Good old year of in to Nisi a matter of so much said lie do you said 1 said he you Dontoh Salil i could not is said he the Matrimony said she that As sure As l8 said lie lets go said she All its Rettini nut we Enn reach the Squires by and then Well each one have a ims in old year of the Many cases of rheumatism cured by chamberlains pain Balm during the past few have Given the people great Confidence in its curative and have shown that there is one preparation that can be depended upon for that painful and a relating George one of the leading retail druggists of says in Ron Mph in says in regard to chamberlains i am pleased to say that i can recommend them with that they will do As much for a person As anything in the especially am i pleased with chamber Lains pain no one afflicted with rheumatism can use it without for Sale by All Whf churches in the United the total number of shakers is the total number of adventists is the total number of mormons is the total number of moravian is the total number of unitarian is the total number of mennonites in the total number of universalist is the total number of swedenborgian is the total number of friends Hick site is the total number of Ortho Dox is the total number of congregationalists is the total number of protestant Epis corals is the total number of lutherans of All classes is the total number of baptists of All classes is the total number of reformed episcopalians is the total number of methodists of All classes is the total number of presbyterian ii of All classes is the total number of friends Nouat Filia Ting orthodox is the number of roman catholics timoted is the total number of reformed both dutch and German is the total number of who Are members of the jewish is the jewish population is cads condition they tone up the digestive free the system of give the horse a Good causing them to shed and putting them in Good shape for for Sale by All Whf the gentleman if you speak the right word at the right time if you Are careful to leave people wit i a Good impression if you do not trespass upon thu rights of oth ers As Well As yourself if you do not put yourself unduly Forward if you do not forget the courtesies which belong to your you Are quite sure to accomplish much in life while others f equal ability this is where race is not to the Swift nor the to the it is where you make peo ple think you Are unselfish and and truthful and that is Iuit society is looking for in and it is astonishing How much into Are Able to win and Success and use who possess these it Good it is almost the turn ing Point of Success in natural Boston while a town need have no our with the Railroad on which it is let it be understood that the time Lias none by when a Railroad can hold its a turns in mortal terror of its discrimination for or against or communities Are prohibited by Iowa every Railroad is Eom Polowi to furnish cars and facilities for the carry ing on of business along its Hick in proper the railroads do not own nor Boss the Earth to agr Euvi extent As though some managers do not yet seem to be a wire of the and some business ate not yet standing erect in full the Best Means securing Courtesy from railway Mun agers is to secure a competing men Are proverbially polite when Tobey want

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