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Atlantic Telegraph (Newspaper) - May 9, 1888, Atlantic, Iowa The Atlantic volume May number w m the weekly Lafayette Klitou and the free traders or else fail to state the that in reducing the Price of blankets and they will also reduce the Price of the pro ducts of the farm in a corresponding and a final result would be to reduce the value of the farm a reduction of the Tariff would operate just like a contraction of the it would increase the purchasing Power of Money contract the value of All kinds of property and those who Are in debt would be the greatest such persons would be paying debts in dearer Money than that which they Bor we do not see How any Green Backer can be a free the theory of the Greenbacker has been that Money should be cheaper and its purchasing Power reduced so that peo ple could get out of John Keatley writes interest ing letters from Washington to the Globe and the colonel is always an interesting v talk to new York Sun every reduction of our tariffs has followed by an increase of in portions and an increase of the re Vespue from president Cleveland proposal to re Duce the Tariff in a free Trade direction is avowedly made to reduce the Revenue of the and thereby avoid the hurtful accumulation in the Treasury of the Money of the needed for their every reduction of our tariffs has been followed by a decrease of Domestic and a decrease or utter loss of the wages of no exception to this invariable relation of cause to effect can be found in the history of the United dead sure is it that if Mills Tariff reduction Bill becomes the German and French manufacturers will take off from the prices of the goods they Send Here just the amount of our Tariff re on will fall the crushing weight of the presidents first step toward free for our manufacturers will have to meet those reductions in Price or go out of if they keep their establishments open they will be however much they hate to do to reduce your wages to the level of the wages paid by their competitors in France and they will be obliged to do this or be you know the difference in the wages paid to skilled Industry in America and in it is the difference is on half often More than Oue Brothers inthe shops and the final result of every free Trade Meas if permitted to will be to Transfer you and your industries to to make you paupers and tramps in what Are you going to do about it the Oskaloosa Herald suggests Frank Jackson for another term As Secretary of we move to make it v the sporting Herald at Des is a new base Ball which condescend to Exchange with those papers that will advertise the Telegraph will struggle along without the of is discussed As a probable candidate for supreme v the methodist general conference voted to not admit women As that is coming As it does from a Church that did so much toward the abolition of the question will not rest or Stop where it women will be admitted ultimately to full part in the government of the and every other the women Are the truest christians the world and they furnish the bulk of All Congre they ought to have a voice in Church Field of Asa nation due business prospects have Seldom been More substantially flattering at this than at we Are banking upon a Good earnings of last Railroad earn Ings last year were nearly a million Dol Lars per Gross earnings greater than the pig Iron output last year was sixty four tons to every fifty tons in profits were More Small House building throughout the country is projected than a year ago and renting and Selling has been a enormous amount of Estima Ted at eight have been contracted for at Eastern and negotiations Are going on for larger sup the demand is for seven million kegs of nails and there Are machines enough for fourteen million the Iron and steel Mills generally running full time at steady foreign Iron makers Are busier than there Are larger quantities of Iron and steel coing into buildings than and the reaction against thick wails and fronts is Likely to help the Iron the demand for lumber and All kinds of planing Mill work has been remarkably Active All the and lumber manufacturers Are not afraid to j increase their Mill the seasons statistics All depend on the volume of yellow Pine production increased fully 20 per according to statements just at and Large areas Are now being opened Iby Railroad the Supply of hardwoods is increasing from Western and Southern the year opened Well from and there is a commercial no justifiable reason to forecast anything but a a Cedar rapids Morable the court has ordered an adjourn Lent of the hearing of the petition to liquidate the affairs of the american Exchange of Europe with a View of re construction of the oi1s and a Georgia Farmer made off an acre of and a neighbouring doctor Oft the same a Rochester girl Lias asked police Protection against a to constant whose ultimatum was a wedding or a miss Olive Green and Ivory White were wedded in an Iowa town 1 Hack performing the Cere some scamp recently decorated in the night the great door of sing prison with the hair Cut while you a Canadian lady is suing a Man for for kissing the fellow Evi Dently realizes now that lie has been guilty of a Lee a waiter in a hotel at Wichita has just married Slettie a widow Worth whom he waited on at the table for nine at the poker miss Mast that just too i won All that Aad i stood on a pair of miss generally i All members of the stationery Engi neers society recently organized in Baltimore Are barred from drinking alcoholic they will have to get steam up some other marthas Vineyard Herald that bothersome question to some whom did Cain marry dont worry we Are not descended from the elder Branch of the epoch Bridget to lady receiving landlord is at the to me one please it is my landlord with a receipt for the of Marion now in his 76th has been married to his seventh he began marry ing in none of his Many wives have been Over 31 years at the time of their epoch miss that you Only paid 10 cents for having your gloves cleaned i was asked miss Ethel with a slight but dangerous i suppose the size is Binghampton Leader there was an old proverb which said that promises were like but the modern Cooks have conspired to wipe omit the similitude and cripple the proverb for practical Amateur photographer to a drown ing i my hold on for a minute before you go Down for the last youre Doin the death struggle and i want to make just one More the Rochester Union refers to families in that City who Are raising girls for the Export meaning girls who Are expected to one Day marry wealth and there Are a thousand Blanks to one prize in that Tjie newspaper Side of Litera a Long editorial on the newspaper Side of literature concludes As follows notwithstanding All the evil Tenden cies of current disregard of the the Cool and impertinent Are indications which Are highly encourage the fact must be recognized that not All the successful methods of the immense dailies Are bad there is a certain thoroughness and enter prise about them that and which will be a feature of the manage ment of the Ideal newspaper of the fun we a tendency in some of the most sensational of these newspapers towards better towards a certain legitimate sensation manners and methods have been modified under an increasing sense of responsibility and in the Endeavor to reach a solid As Well As numerous we have spoken recently of the growing Independence of the political of which Independence examples the sensational newspapers editorial pages often shows a Gravity and pith of evidencing ability and there is a growing tendency towards the generous and Public spirit de discussion of living let us Hope that these signs indicate a re action against a state of things that is deprecated by the Best men engaged in the profession of daily with All its faults the newspaper of today is a tremendous Power for Good for the perpetuation of Freedom for the criticism and Reform of government for the betterment of social the daily press has reformed Many and ought to and fully fully Able to Reform journalism in the Century for condensed last weeks business failures numbered judge Pugh assigned the Columbus tall Sheet trials for May the Damrosch Monument was unveiled in new York the strike of Coal miners at Laverg of says Blaine will be nominated and will the Crown Prince granted Carl Schurz a protracted a Louis reporter claims to have discovered Donnelly great Cypher the Midland Iron and steel workers will demand an Advance in wages in a Adolph a Young lawyer of was drowned at the prospects for a clean drive on the Chippewa and its tributaries were never More everything has quieted Down in Lowndes and the troops have returned to John Keeley has been granted an sex Tention of 60 Days within which time his motor must be Luther College Secretary of the has arrived in Berlin on his five year trip around the at Patrick Doo Ley his a Man named fatally shot two Brothers named Mel judge of has been appointed commander of the sol Diers and sailors Home at Sandusky y at a fire on a farm near Burlington saturday Albert a labourer perished trying to save he leaves a Excenator of Arkansas has passed the crisis of a dangerous ill Ness in new York but recovery is not the striking Brewers of Chicago Are As confident As Ever of Al though the Bosses state they have All the men they sixty veterans of the regiment of who have been visit ing the battlefields of were received by the John Foreman of the Neeb bin Ridge near Little was killed yesterday by John with whom Welcher had had a bulletin states this morning that the emperor Fredericks sleep was Dis Turbed last the secretion of pus is More copious and the emperor feels an epidemic prevails in it is feared that the disease is of cholera tic and spread is attributed to the extreme heat and the drinking if impure meetings will be held throughout county Clare to protest against the papal Prescript on the ground that the Pope is ignorant of the sufferings of the peo ple of great or in a paper recently read before one of the English associations of the writer asserted according to present methods of dealing with the motive Power of the Only come 20 per waa made 80 per of the Energy developed in the Furnace being thrown and it is quite common to realize no greater efficiency than about 4 per on the Gross or potential Energy of the fuel in Large fac that Init of the Power being concentrated in one or two great condensation can be taken advantage with water and other double the above figures in the very Best with All the latest improve meats and not More than per has Ever been nor is it pos sible to realize and even this per can Only be obtained by the finest of wire drawing and the Best of York the heroic soldiers i the russian army Are said to be cured of intemperance by a curious and heroic the inebriated is locked and Given Only food boiled in his favorite wretched spirit and he soon becomes horribly but is kept on this diet until the very sight or scent of spirit creates in him an inextinguishable Loat Tiiu for in tra Iowa list of appointment of mustering officers and aids on the staff of the com also orders in regard to the Observance of memorial Day in the head urtes department of Iowa i aunt generals f Des april j general order 2 the official roster of the depart ment for the current year is hereby an As follows elective department a senior vice department commander what Junior vice department commander medical de Des John Cedar Council of Cedar Sioux Council official assistant adjutant w Des assistant quartermaster Lake mustering judge Van chief of the following named comrades Are hereby appointed assistant inspect ors for their respective congressional districts Post Post 255 West Post Post 78 Post Post Post Post Post har Post Post 22 Sioux the following named comrades Are hereby appointed assistant Muster ing officers for their respective con Gressional districts Post Post Post Nora Post Osk Post Post cres Post Post Webster Post Sac the following named comrades Are hereby appointed aide Decamp on the staff of the department com Mander Post Des fort Post Post Post Center Post Post Post Cedar Post Sioux Post Post Joseph Post Post Post West Post Post Rock Post Rock rap Post be Post Plano Al steel Harvester and Binder comes to the front this the finest the most Complete genuine Al steel machine in the Market by a Large it has important improvements that the old Stogie machines have not we will guarantee it to run at least one horse lighter than any other machine cutting the same we invite Farmers to Call and see the new we will sell you this improved machine just As cheap As you can buy the old so called steel we have also the piano rustler and steel mowers and rakes at Bottom Call and see me at the old Green Bay lumber dealers in kinds of Oak Cedar posts yellow Norway and White Pine floor Poplar and White Pine Sash English american be hard soft prices the give us an Opportunity to figure on your estimates cheerfully Yards at Marne and Post Des Post Post Post Post spirit Lake Post Post Cedar Post Missouri Post Council Post Post Post Post Nora Post Post new Hamp Post memorial of Iowa Des May comrades of members of the grand army of the and All old soldiers within the Border of the state the Clay of All Days to the Union sol Dier is near at May 30 will soon be and with it bring the sacred and patriotic duty of strewing the Graves of our fallen comrades with gods Best and choicest May we make it an this year More than of love and gratitude to the memory of the Brave boys who have fought their last comrades of members of the grand army of the and All soldiers within the Borders of tiie state let us touch elbows on this and with reverence and a full appreciation for the Charity and loyalty for the March to the cities of the and in Union of hearts pay the just tribute of Ever keep ing Green the memory of the valor and patriotic deeds of the guards of the ask god to bless the land we helped to soon will join the Everin creasing ranks on the other May we discharge our duties to to our and towards each in such a Way that we May be Able to say with the Roland of the Union army John this is my i am let us fittingly an with patriotism so conduct ourselves that the wish expressed by our old at my let us have May be exemplified in our lives and in our childrens Post Post Post Albert Post Chari Post fort Post Guthrie Post Post Post Iowa Post Post Davis Post Charles Post Post Iowa Post Post close up the ranks of the grand army of the May every Soldier bearing a honorable Dis charge once More hear the Bugle sound ing or the drum and enlist for life in the grandest army Ever marshalled and with Charity and sound the echoes of a United country to the shores of everlasting peace and department present to every not a member of the Grans army of the a copy of this with the department Comman Ders compliments and an Earnest invitation to join our Luji Ivi of More than six months ago an English Magazine offered a prize of three guineas for the most original and suitable topics of conversation on the four occasions of a morning before in the draw ing during dinner in the dining room and in the either this three Guinea prize was no temptation to inventive or else the task proves to be for i believe the project has fallen and we must go on without the discovery of a Royal Road to Brilliant what a Blessing a few sparkling suggestions would be to those of us who Only can berate the weather when the Supply of gossip Falla in these Days when Money buys the demand for appropriate topics of conversation really ought to be furnished regardless of the trouble with the editor of this Magazine in question not that he didst mean but that he didst make his prize Worth the trying three guineas i bless the he should offer a Hondred times and become a Bene Factor to Mankind in the Noble results would Boston a i ask not Eracli kind soul to keep lieu my death he let those who u weep Lucre Are worse plagues on Earth than tear i ask but that my death May Fiul the Freedom to my life denied ask but the Folly of Mankind at to quit my spare me the crowded i he Arlenus who come and Kaik so Ute go the ceremonious air of which makes death is hideous show nor to sae me cease to some doctor full of Praise and r shake his Sapient head and give i he ill lie cannot cure a nor fetch to take the accustomed toll of the poor sinner bound for death his brother doctor of the soul to canvass with of Lucial breath the future and its vie less that undiscovered mystery which one who feels must needs read than he bring none of these but let me while around in silence moved to the window and see once before my dying bathed in the sacred Dews of the wide Aerial landscape the world which was Ere i was born the world which lasts when i am dead which never was the Friend of nor promised love it could not but lit for All its generous and lived and made us there let me gaze till i become in soul with what i gaze wed to feel the universe my Home to Timve before my of the sick the mortal the turmoil for a Little the pure eternal course of nor human combat Tings with death thus might i grow Clear then willing let my spirit go to work or wait elsewhere or Art Folu late David Jones criminally assaulted an 8year old girl named Ellison at saturday and a posse Are in Pursuit and it caught he will be the reformed Church of presided Over by Bishop and the reformed episcopal Church of the american have agreed on a basis of Gladstone telegraphs that there is no foundation whatever for the re port that he discussed an Irish local government scheme with three Irish members of parliament and lord Rose a Farmer living two Miles East of committed suicide yesterday afternoon by cutting his Throat with a Butcher cause was despondency growing out of sick Ness in his the stockholders of the consolidated Chesapeake and equitable Gas com of have agreed upon a plan for the Stock will amount to and the Bonds to the Teri Orrial Republican held at Laramie elected sex governor of and Clark As delegates to the National they go but with preferences for the National Veteran club of the United states adopted resolutions expressing Confidence in Russell a of As a representative Volunteer entitled to Wear the Mantle of the late a package was received at the treas Ury department from the american Exchange National bunk of new York purporting to contain in Bank but when it was opened nothing but Brown paper was found the package was returned to the Frank of Nebraska has been arrested charged with trying to murder her Hus she engaged two men to kill and one of them Drew a revolver on him last but was prevented from using it by the arrival of civil service commissioner Lyman will leave Washington soon to organize boards of and to conduct the first examinations at the Post offices and he will be in Columbus on the 10th and Des Moines on the Isth of the present

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