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Atlantic Telegraph (Newspaper) - March 28, 1888, Atlantic, Iowa Has to tit a room formerly Ocvil Ibet Jet Kos Tsuto Atlantic Telegraph Downs has moved to the room formerly occupied by Bostedo volume March number the railway extracts from various speeches delivered in the Senate by Lafayette the weekly state one of the excuses Given Why the Iowa rail Road a Hli Ould not to rigidly controlled has always Boon Tho cry Sot up that you Are frightening capital out of the a state so inviting and As Fertile As Iowa need not fear As to the necessary amount of capital seeking investment capital is not so timid but that it will come when men with millions have been found foolish enough to invest their Money in the wildest speculative schemes in Kansas and and that being tru Jowa need not Tody to capital farther to be just to Tho their extortion and discrimination have capital and driven it from the state to the Trade centers there sacrifices too great to make As an inducement for capital to cannot have it come at the expense to our own servitude and we cannot afford to provide them special exemptions in taxation and a Large part of the incomes from our is there anything in the past history of Iowa legislation to suggest danger to capital n the future is it in the nature of our moral and intelligent population to suggest any great uprising under temporary Cui Lmont led by and Sand lot orators which should result in Laws so severe and sweeping that rail Road property would be wrecked and virtually destroyed could Iowa which can Only affect from in to per cent of the Gross business of the trunk be very destructive to their incomes or their interests Iowa is essentially a state of Farmers can not be converted into Ince Hoiriis or Are Stead going that they arc easily moved to pity even toward the Mil roads we have but to Call attention to the thous ands of Farmers who have sent in petitions Here asking that Only moderate legislation be enacted on the Railroad some of the petitions ask that time be taken for has capital anything to fear from a people so easily moved by sympathy and compassion that there is no prejudice in the state we have but to note the unanimity with which the people demand that the Law permitting tuxes to be voted in Aid of railroads shall remain on the statute they want More railroads and unwilling to pay liberally for Are the railroads in Clanger from the fury of such a people hats Jot kick Fox Quimi the evidence of All the railway men who were before the Senate hallway committee was to the effect that railway charges were not based upon a single Ordinary business when asked if the present Cost value of the railroads were taken into account in Lix no they they or attempted to How rates Are some charges were made to protect St Vanl others to protect Chicago and Louis business still others for still other All disconnected with the Cost of the the Wear and tear of the the Cost of the Railroad men used to freight and passenger charges could not be fixed by be cause no two roads were alike one would have costly and expensive cuts and while another would be one level and that there would be great disparity at the Cost of the this was the great Burden of the argument in the general when an Effort was being made to repeal the Granger now that position is and Kipley and both representing Large stated before the Senate judiciary that charges were fixed on what the trial Lac would while their Candor is to be there will be few persons outside the railway business to defend their in Massachusetts and other now said to be alarmed at the so called Radical Iowa to charge what the trial Lac will Bear is a the railway managers gave no evidence to show that any rate was established anywhere to protect the business of any of the numerous Iowa such discrimination is not demanded for this state Only an equal show with neigh Boring states is if it were possible to have healthy Competition it would be better that there should be no Law or seeking to railway but experience Lias shown that there is no such thing As permanent Competition Between railway lines that touch each Tho Only competing Point is on the Prairie Midway Between two a Rall at that Point railway lines often solicit the Farmers shipment of Stock and offer concessions to secure the the selfishness and greed of railway and they be ing descended a common parentage with All other will always be such As to require Legal regulation and the business of cold Vii lilies has such a relation to and bearing upon the Prosperity of the whole state that the Law must step in to protect the people from the greed of the Law should finally Lex All railway rates at what the service is Worth and destroy All then will stability be restored to Many branches of Commerce which Are alternately debilitated by High rates or demoralized by rate walk Kkt judge representing the Chicago says the Iowa roads earned thir teen millions net last which gave less than 4 per cent of the Cost of the arid he do feuds Tho watered Stock by asking if the Farmer who paid per acre for his land does not now expect interest on Tho present value of the farm certainly he hut the Fanner from the nature of his business cannot double his number of acres by issuing fraudulent certificates of he cannot make any Flat acres nor Flat feed Jeffry has also defended watered Stock and Over Issue of and said the per son who held them should have interest upon he said that when a Railroad built into a uninhabited new country and by its presence made farm lands that had recently been that the Road ought to share in Tho general inc easement and that if stocks and Bonds that had Boon bought for a song came up to pay it were nothing More than if Jeffry had stated the entire Case it would have been seen that the railroads by the establishment of new towns had a hand in the general Rise of or if he referred to Tho roads built Twenty years when land Grants were the he might have been met with the argument that the building of the roads through land Grants made the land Worth every Dollar that Tho Road so that the Road was really a gift to the is that not increment enough there can be no honest defense of watered it ought to be regarded of forgery or bomb of the fore one of the legislative committees that it was All right that present conditions As to rates should prevail in Iowa that Iowa had no Large Ettles and therefore could not expect to have Job Bing houses and the judge with another eminent re Gards Iowa As a purely agricultural but there will be very Many thousands of Iowa peo ple who believe that this great state ought to have diversified industries that the fac stores and shops ought to be dotted and that there in the course of to be several populous cities with in her banners and producers would he Benell Ted by their nearness to centers of populations engaged in of lift the bread and meat eater and the bread and meat producer should be near the inter state Commerce Law stopped special rates to Job Bers and and the rearrangement of rates by the railway companies under that has resulted to the advantage of Chicago and to Tho prejudice and disadvantage of nearly All Iowa jobbing and manufacturing though the Iowa local freights were High before the enactment of the interstate the Iowa jobber and manufacturer was enabled to con duct his business in Competition with Chicago by virtue of drawbacks or special now that All discrimination is to cease by both state and National is the Iowa wholesale store and the Iowa factory or Mill to All Iowa people will answered then what is the solution there is no solution except a general lowering of freights rates in Iowa of All shipments from Iowa Points to Iowa special drawbacks and discrimination have gone never to that system remained Long enough to demoralize the com Merce of the entire it promoted combines and trusts it enriched Standard Oil and other thieving it was Akin and an Aid to Stock jobbing and other disreputable species of tile people can afford the present condition for a Brief while in order that the evils of the former system May be put out of the business world then urged to action by governor Larrabee of fearlessly do their duty than if that the f ormer would be away from the influence of party and the political spoils that by custom they will remain nonpartisan divided Over the Safe and As to he made 5 1ech full of Points against electing the senator Gatch is of rather an droll not very sociable nor very full of but he is an Able senator and an Honor Able he is 62 years old of vigorous an alumnus of augur was or closed such has weakened Public Coll and this fact and Clr and make almost imperative the maximum the people have been trifled and it is not a matter of Surprise that the feeling throughout the state is la Iowa can to the present yet there is no Good nor valid reason Why to commission chosen by and in the interest of the people could not be of great Public a the railways Are mistaken when they con clude that the people of Iowa will consent that they Are to have no Trade centers of their the Farmer is interested in bringing his Market nearer All people arc alike interested in the development of the and there Are none who will agree that Iowa is to be brushed aside As of no consequence in the commercial affairs of the great there Are men yet left in Iowa who believe that the state is Only partially and who do not desire to go either to California or Kansas for a when they can have one right at Home if the railways can be made to treat Iowa interests the people Are not prepared to demand unreasonable but they do want rates of freight As Low As those that prevail in Illinois and any neigh Boring there is no commercial Craso n Why freight rates should be higher in Iowa than in while there Are Many reasons Why the same rates should equal rates would enable All kinds of jobbing and manufacturing to be carried on in Iowa As and would allay the discontent which exists in the Iowa Iowa cannot afford to have no markets nor manufactories at Iowa cannot afford to be attached to Chicago for Rev Enue Only through All the coining Iowa wheat and other and business have done More than ony other North Western state to build up Iowa Tarl Laud Industry made the principal trunk railway lines that Cross this state what they those lines have taken the Money from Iowa to build lines into Harco wastes in the far they owe their Prosperity to they ought to feel under obligations to the people of this and ought to to willing to arrange their rates in such a manner As to preserve Iowa but railway managers do not voluntarily introduce reforms in their every material Reform in the business of common carriers in the past Twenty years has been introduced by the Law of some and not by voluntary action of the each successive action in this and other states looking to Railroad control the Man agers have said would ruin their afterwards they have in almost every admitted the Laws have been beneficial to their business and to that of the they fought the proposed interstate Commerce Law for twelve years and now in less than one year after its adoption they concede that it is a Good thing that the Law has introduced reforms that they had Felt powerless to bring i have thought that the proper manner of control in this state was to Institute an elective commis Sion of live and to give such a commission As nearly absolute control Over the matter of freight rates As the Constitution would select live men of High stability and and entrust them with full authority to see that Justice is done to both the railroads and the i would increase the Board to live because the authority proposed to be Given to them is too great to entrust to any three mercantile and Man fac a factoring corporations never have less than live i would have such Board of com missioners in constant their meetings should be and their proceedings should be regularly kept As Are the proceedings of boards of Tims the control of the matter of railroads would to almost directly in the hands of the and when entrusted with such Power the people would be fair and Avith such a endowed with such authority As is sought to be Given by House file now there would be legislation that would be just to All such a com Mission would soon become familiar with the matters in their the people would be by their votes to defeat for reelection any commissioner who should be unfaithful to the Trust Given to if the Constitution in addition to this legislation a schedule of maximum not intended to be an actual with Tho right kind of men on the and there certainly ought to be live such men in i should not regard a maximum rate As absolutely necessary for Good Avith the commission remaining at three and their selection removed from the i should re Gard a reasonable maximum rate As a desirable thing in the Way of the railway Man agers say that a general Assembly does not know enough to make freight if that is they might try guessing at a for that is the Way the railway managers decide upon it is the duty of the Law making Power to step in to prevent the destruction of Iowa Commerce by every Legal device that will tend to accomplish that if a commission of or if the general Assembly should make rates so Low As to Knock the profits off Railroad stocks that Are watered to probably 50 per cent of the value of All the Stock represented in this tears could not be expected to flow from the eyes of a people who have had their rights and interest ignored for the past ten years by the common carriers of this shall Iowa Intok kith nothing but a reduction of freight rates in Iowa will enable manufacturing and jobbing interests to so Long As the interstate shipment to Cedar for and one local Reship Lieut exceeds in Cost the shipment direct to the Iowa customer without a Stop or re shipment at Cedar just so Long will the jobbing business at Cedar rapids be crushed out by if the present general Assem Bly entrusts the making of these lower rates to the hallway and the commission should fail to discharge its fail to meet Public expectation in taking Steps to protect and care for Iowa members of this general Assembly who were responsible for delegating such Power to the instead of exercising it would be burned in of logy by their disgusted the course of the railway commission for the past ten while Uliey live had the Power by Law Over the Hawkeye correspondent exhibits few More portraits of leading senators who exercise influence in the legislative Railroad com missioners Bill discussed in the upper special correspondence to the Des March discus lieutenant colonel of the 135th Ohio in before the War he was a Mem Bei of the Ohio state in 1866 he became a citizen of senator Gatch has been a Republican since is one of the Able lawyers of the state and is chairman of the Senate a privations senator of leads the discussion in the Senate in favor of Only electing three commissioners by the state at Large and introduced a Bill to that effect As an amendment to the Bill called up by sen Ator senator harsh was at first in favor of three and afterwards disposed to favor five commissioners to be elected by but after careful investigation has returned to his first which were embodied in a Bill which he his speech on introducing his amendment gave Good reasons for his arguing that three commissioners Are sufficient to do the he is a careful legislator and is giving his Best efforts to the interests of of his District and the state is 42 years a native of a Grad uate of Illinois University was first sergeant of the 148th in Fantry in i860 was the founder of the Sion on electing Railroad commissioners Galesburg Illinois Western business was continued after the special order of the Senate had been Laid Over till 2 by calling up the House Bill which is the same thing As the Bill of the Senate sen Ator Woolson delivered a speech against the election of commissioners by the state at Large and in favor of electing them by he pointed out the Clanger to the people of combinations and trades that might be made in a state convention where state officers Are to be nominated and that one Hun dred and Twenty or More de in the interests of the railroads for one purpose by Trade with Candi dates for various state secure the support of enough delegates to a state convention to secure the Nomina Tion of commissioners favourable to the railway whereas if the elec Tion be by districts there would be but one duty to perform and if the Farmers i to to Are not enough interested to control the District conventions they could blame College which under his management was very successful is editor and proprietor of the Creston daily president of the Creston National and also of a number of other ins Titu and is one of the old and Active prohibitionists of the ou3 judge agreed and have except in the Glenwood Case Aud no one but senator Price said the railroads can colonize their forces into one District when the com missioner for that District is to be elect and to this Point senator Woolson replied that the railroads of Iowa have Railroad Only of whom now live in the and should the commissioners be elected by the state the employees living in sur rounding states could be colonized in Iowa for election senator spoke in favor of electing by the the vote has just been taken in the Senate on appointment of commissioners by the governor and resulted in the defeat of that measure 33 to the measure to elect by districts was 31 to this leaves it pretty Clear that the sen ate will vote to have the commissioners elected by the state at in the discussions on this subject yesterday senator of led the debate in favor of elect ing five commissioners by District and by popular his opening speech was a Long and Able argument in which he contended that the people desire to elect the commissioners and their de sires should be he says the railway companies have threatened to go into politics and if they do the Best Way to defeat them is to Divide the state into five districts and thus Divide their supposed strength of thirty thous and leaving the result with the senator Yonng is always argumentative and attracts general Atten Tion when on the he is 40 years a native of Monroe has spent most of his life in a printing is editor and proprietor of the Atlantic is serving his third term in the Senate and is one of the Best informed men in the state on political and economic an ardent anti monopolist for he has remained in the Republican party and has lived to see it come up to his Stan Dard on the question that Lead Many into the ranks of the Greenback party among the Well known and Able men of the Senate spoken of for governor is the subject of these senator of takes the opposite views and says the commissioners should be appointed by the governor by and with the consent of the and gives Strong reasons he believes hat appointed commissioners will More senator of Harrison also entered this discussion and stirred up the by his Sharp ridicule of senator Youngs Appeal in behalf of the which Young replied in equally sarcastic boaters speech was in opposition to tit five commissioners and especially against that part of the Dis tricking Ylan which gives Only one District to the he has not yet spoken on in arses Amend we have heretofore published a sketch of senator and have no reason to rescind the statement that he is one of the Ablest member of the sen a Good debater and of excellent agr arianism run wild sex i presses senator boaters idea of senator s and an Effort of Jum a Jig was Youngs idea of boaters efforts at comical ridicule 01 ridiculous bolter says Young does his farming in a printing office am our 25 and 50 cent bargain goods to Meiji Alii some special bargains will be offered this Weekin useful every Day articles ased in every family by Voorhies variety bargain general Des motion of senator Knight the Resolution author zing the investigation of Testate University was cancelled and the committee released from their 373 came up for a third it was read Section y together with aking nearly two after Reading he Roll was and All voted for the the six who failed to record their votes were All excused on account of sickness and were out of the the Senate passed Over lie Sheuey finn took up for consideration the committee Bill substituted for and part this substitute was the elective railway of Missioni dividing the state in to five and providing for the election of an equal number of railway senator harsh offered to Amend by striking out All after the Young says that whenever Folter runs for office he promises the people of his District to straighten the Missouri these spurts of humor and ridicule enliven the debates without doing injun for these gentlemen Are always courteous and Speed their shafts without in Tention of doing mortal probabilities Are that the election of three commissioners by the state will prove to have the most but whether it is the Best thing to do time alone will senator of is working hard for state uniformity of school books and is in favor of state in he to break Down the school Book state uniformity would furnish a fat Job for some As would also state but whether it would prove or satisfactory to any except those who would be so fortunate As to obtain the con Are matters of grave sen Ator Parrott is a very quiet worker and is generally Well informed on a great variety of he is not of a belligerent disposition in legislative and has More influence than Many who make More he is one of those men who will make but few enemies and will retain his senator Parrott is fifty one years a native of i new a Printer and worked on the Burlington Haw Treya in and now has charge of the Waterloo he was state Binder for six years and was elected by the republicans to the Senate in the Burlington switchman the switchman on Tho Road struck night at 12 the inauguration of the strike was celebrated by a rousing mass under the auspices of the at West twelfth everybody but Railroad men were excluded from the guards were posted at the doors to Challenge All strangers who at tempted to gain the announcement by speakers that the switch men were in full sympathy with Tho striking engineers and firemen and had decided so stand by them were greeted by cheers of approval telegrams from Points along the line were read to the effect that the switchman were United in sentiment and would go out promptly at the hour Tho meeting lasted until after at Midnight As Many of the men As were at work in the Yards quietly left the trains and quit the switchman claim to have Assurance that none of the Many knights of labor now employed on the Burlington Road will work with nonunion enacting clause of the Bill under consideration and insert another provided for three to be elected at a general the at the morning substituted for the harsh amendment and passed and in the afternoon sent it Over to the Senate As a House senator harsh moved to take it up at once and pass it in lieu of his original senator Reiniger moved to and the state it then being after g the the House passed the mining 83 the Bill provides that Coal mined under contract for pay ment by the ton shall be weighed be fore and 80 pounds shall constitute a Bushel and pounds a the provision confining contracts to the weight system was stricken out As suggested by the judiciary the text Book Bill was postponed till monday at Des March the House morning session Bills were passed Legal the ordinances of lied Oak june Montgomery and Shelby the Senate amendments to the Des Moines River land Bill were concurred and the Bill the Bill passed providing for taxation of certain property for Road the Dairy providing Foi the appointment of a state Dairy com missioner and providing for an appropriation was a Resolution providing that such committee clerks and file clerks As were yesterday discharged on the adoption of the Resolution of the committee on retrenchment and Reform be retained until such time As All the clerks could be or until the chairman of the committee report their services Are not the House at the afternoon session refused to concur in the Senate Resolution to discharge the members of the committee to investigate the the Bill providing for the Levy of a tax for a Bridge which was lost on was reconsidered and ordered the Bill passed providing a majority of the trustees of savings Banks May constitute a quorum to do the Bill has passed to the the Bill was ordered engrossed regu lating the Good time of prisoners in the the Bill passed relating to fire Dis the Bill passed to prevent the insurance of capital Stock without full pay and to create personal liability for the Senate Bill making the state superintendent of Public instruction a member of the Board of trustees of the state Normal school in the Senate morning session consideration of the Railroad commissioner Bill that passed the House yes was an amendment by Kleiniger was providing that the acquirement of any Railroad or employment by any Railroad of any commissioner after his should work forfeiture of 45 the Bill provides for the election of three commissioners in a general for a term of three and for filling vacancies by the governor and executive the Senate held no session this after the Des March petitions on female against maximum favouring Relief fund for had been introduced the state printing Bill was made a special order for 3 a Bill was introduced appropriating Money to reimburse private citizens for Money advanced to make exhibit at new Orleans exposition in a Bill authorizing cities of the first class to Levy taxes additional to Section of the Law relat no to life insurance companies was the Bill provides the manner n which insurance companies shall invest their Loans and securities and Ilso the kind and amount of said chapter acts of the twentieth general As relating to and enact ing a substitute providing for com plete hearing of both in Case of controversy Over thereby obviating the objection to the Law by which the supreme court hold part of the Law Bill relating to the Section and duties of state printers and was discussed Section by Section until adjournment at with out reaching conclusion and it was made special order for 10 Oclock tues at the evening 273 was taken amending Section 1381 of code by adding after the word tax the seventh line the words and shall also have Power to Transfer from the unappropriated Bridge fund on sum not to exceed in any for the support of the poor and other county committee Amend ments were As was minor amendment by senator sen Ator Poyneer offered an amendment providing that not to exceed May be amendment was adopted and Bill a Bill prohibiting Swine affected with contagious disease from running at Large was several legalizing acts were passed and Senate the by regulate the appropriations of moneys in cities of the first class and cities organized under special Cummins offered an amendment striking out All reference to cities under special the Bill provides that appropriations shall be made at the beginning of fiscal year and the expenses shall in no Case exceed such City is excepted from the provisions of the the Bill was the discussion of the local option text Book Bill occupied balance of the Frank the keen witted and virile editor of the san Francisco Argo makes a suggestion which is certainly striking if not he proposes that the Republican National convention shall this year put in Nomi nation no candidate for president or vice and do no More than adopt a National platform and prepare thorough organisation for the he let the Republican party in each state hold a convention and nominate for president and put the strongest men for candidates for his idea that after the republicans elect a majority of the electoral College it will be time enough to select the Republican who shall be the Bill making the whiskey tax has passed the Ohio legis syrup of figs is natures own True it is the most easily and the most effectual remedy known to cleanse the system when bilious or Ostive to Dis Patch and fever to cure habitual 8lies manufactured Only by the Alifornia Fig syrup san Francis sold by undly

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