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Atlantic Telegraph (Newspaper) - March 7, 1888, Atlantic, Iowa M i1 the Telegraph March daring and a history of the Andrews Railroad raid into Georgia in the most heroic and tragic episode of the civil n full nil accurate account of the secret journey to the heart of Trio the capture of Truro in n Confederate the terrible Chase thut and the subsequent fortunes of to e Lender and his the in the daring of its Hud the Wilness of it Romance while in Tho Rogant in and overwhelming results it and was Likely o obtain it was absolutely judge advocate general Holts official re it was nil tie deepest Laid and on the proudest that Ever emanated from the drains of my number of Yankees the Southern confederacy april despite its tragic it shows what a handful of Brave men could undertake in Amer comte de Paris history of the War by by William i member of the by War publishing and published by arrangement with chapter n o m e v Ahil a Little before dark on the evening of the Ltd of March we were sitting around the lazily but not indifferently Dis cussing the siege of when an officer entered in haste and gave the strange order All who want to go to the United states fall into line and come to the there was a Rush and a scramble to the Middle of the and no line was Ever formed More we All believed that we were already in the United but had no objection to be still move so and it was with a Good Many questionings that we marched out of the guarded room across the and As Many of us As could enter at once into the the proper officers were prepared with Blank and they filled out rapidly the oaths of parole binding the signers not to serve against the confederacy until regularly declared even when i saw this Good work progressing i feared that the Opportunity was Only for to test the matter i pressed Forward and gave my fully expecting to the engine thieves cant go to my no objection was for a moment a delicious Hope thrilled through my vision of happiness and dazzling As a summer Flash of shone Forth before my we were told to be ready to Start North at 4 Oclock the next we could have been ready in four seconds but we were unutterably glad to have it brought even that at times a deadly misgiving arose for a moment that All this might prove a delusion but the actual signing of the parole was a Strong Anchor to our As might be that evening was one of wild nearly every body in our room acted like men bereft of some danced and bounded Over the embracing each other and pledging kind others shouted till they were too hoarse to shout any others sat Down and the deliverance was so great that they were completely but a few for some not permitted to and we deeply pitied it was near Midnight before we became Calm enough to offer up our usual even ing but when the roomful of excited men were still at wearied out by the very excess of and overcome by the quietness which Ever follows pow Erful we Knelt in Many More than the usual number assembled with us in the Corner of the room where we always the prayer was one of Over mastering when we remembered All the sufferings through which we had passed it seemed As if we could never cease to be we asked god for strength to Bear every trial but we also implored with a Fervour and sincerity which few can that he would not allow our Bright and vivid Hopes to be disappointed and us to be dashed Back from the Paradise of and we asked with no Little solicitude for strength to continue in his service when no longer confined within prison so that the precious Possession we had found in the darkness might not pass away in the Light thus composed we Lay Down to await the the commanding who stepped into the door Long before the morning Light gave the thrilling get up and prepare for your journey at his Call we hurriedly thronged to our All doubts and fears it was True Freedom once More our terrible activity was o Joy Joyl Joy inexpressible almost too wild and delirious for Earth there was a hurrying around in the partial darkness left by the glimmering of lights discordant calling of a careful inspection of each Man to see that none went but those intended and then we formed in the courtyard for the March toward we fell into two lines and when All was ready we passed again into the were carefully and with bounding hearts passed out Ward through the dreaded portals of Castle same Portal through which we had passed inward More than three Mouths there was All the Hope of the morning in this coming out to halted on the pavement until perfectly and with the marched through the unlighted streets for Many there were a number of sick in our but not one of them was willing to be left behind and As the rebels had neglected to provide any to helped Between two stronger and thus with circling arms they were at the expense of much suffer in some accompany us the weary two or three had to be almost wholly but the Burden was cheerfully up borne As we All were on the wings of Hope and seated in comparatively comfortable with no ropes or Irons upon and but a weak und with deep peace and Content in our we glided out of the rebel see it no More till All that had belonged to rebel Power had passed away like the baseless fabric of a and left not a wrack the unwonted Light dazzled our the motion of the Cam was an this was happiness the thoughts visions of the night were lived Ovtia William to i re Ngat 11 in scarcely less Bright waking 1 tried to look at to country through which to were but my preoccupation was so great that i could scarcely Sec it at Petersburg was reached with no notable incident then after but a Short detention to moved on toward City As the train passed around a curve Abonit 11 Oclock we saw a very Large Steamboat in the River we had seen none such since we left our own but there was some thing still better than the waving Over it in the morning Breeze was the Flag of the i seized the Comrade next me and boys Hurrah theres our Ting i they needed no prompting indeed some in the Forward cars had seen it sooner than i cheer after cheer went tip from the whole train some of the guards were discontented at our vehemence and Stop that theres no use in making such a fuss but we did not this was the first time we had seen that Banner for eleven Long and it meant to us which men love and tears and shouts intermingled till we Drew up at the station but a Short distance from the truce boat state of from its Side issued a Long procession of in who did not seem to to nearly so much rejoiced As we they were formed in and there was a calling of a checking of with in quiries about Spe Cial for what seemed to me a Long some disputes but i could not catch the and could Only Pray silently that All might be arranged in such manner As to pre vent the necessity of our going Back member somewhat dimly the picture presented immediately at the wharf under the Sunshine of that March Day of More Distant objects i have no recollection in i was dazed almost equally by the brightness of open Daylight and by the Happy coming of this Long expected i could help being struck by the contrast Between the sets of those on the Confederate Side looked Strong and Hearty their clothing was neat and clean but on our Side All the number were in the last extremity of dirt and i have forgotten whether any breakfast was Given us that morning or matter of Small moment when we had been obliged to starve through so Many longer while the wrangling Over details was still going As far As we could any Prospect of the Worfler was suddenly Given us to go on most promptly it was it meant a great Deal for us to be actually under the stars and stripes once but not till the boat cast Loose and swung into the Stream did we count ourselves truly out of Confederate the Hearty Welcome with which we were greeted the Good so different from our miserable prison fare and the kind faces smiling All showed in living colors that we were free men in regard to the great difficulty now was one we had not encountered for a year of Over eating a years famine had made us terribly and we received cautions on this Point which were not nothing in the rations were More enjoyed than the tin cup of Good Coffee which was Given to us Coffee was something which we had not tasted inside the rebel and i am not certain that i have found any As Good since no place on the boat seemed More Homelike than the engine where i sat and ate slowly for a Long the working of the Strong machinery which seemed impelling us lovingly homeward was about As much company As i wanted for the Down the River we went in a delirious dream of rapture we were scarcely conscious of passing probably no emotion on Earth has greater sweep and intensity than the wild throbbing sensations that Rush thick and fast the bosom of the liberated chapter Lepok Ting to Secretary Sta Tost and president i have forgotten almost everything that took place on this my mind was not too nearly in the condition of a waking dream to receive definite i saw some of the great gunboats As we Drew near the Mouth of James which looked like grim sentinels guarding the Avenue to re we were furnished comfortable and when tired As much by unwonted emotions As by physical to could lie Down and slumber at our we arrived in Washington late in the know not of what but presume it was the Day after leaving which would be March i made no memoranda at this such As i had not failed to keep Dur no the darkest parts of our in my own experience Joy was More Over powering than j after supper we took our proposed but once outside in the dark with no place to no Money to any anything and nobody to care for it began to seem rather we had been objects of so much solicitude for so Long that we could scarcely help feeling a Little neglected now that nobody prevented us from wandering in any direction to we were not yet provided with new a regular requisition would have to be filled before our wants in that direction could be supplied and the air was after wandering aim Lessly for a few looking in at the shop windows and staring at the great we turned and were soon Back in the the which was Well seemed very it was easy to consider the sentinels at the door As placed there to guard us from an ene a View of the Case which greatly pleased the i really think we slept better than we would have done if at a first class the next As i had All restrictions were removed from the other members of the party but we were invited to make our Home at the receiving regular soldiers As Long As we did not remain a wealthy and patriotic had fitted up a Pavilion in her Yard in excellent style and kept it filled with convalescent from army to whom she gave Tho attendance and most of the comforts of Home hearing our she applied to the Ohio state to secure a Asho to sited us and carried Tho which to gratefully hero to lived in flue with nil a soldiers and excellent to had now received suit of army Blue and made a Bonfire of our Confederate rags so that to wore a Little loss afraid of lady our hostess made an evening reception for where there was an abundance of Ico arc nov and did not remind us of anything in and had the privilege of telling our Story to Many sympathizing having a very comfortable ambulance always at property of our kind and kept with a Driver for Tho Uso of her were Able to visit Tho places of interest in Washington with great of this privilege to freely availed ourselves when business per on one of these occasions when to were at the smithsonian i saw a tall Man of striking and at ouch said to my is president but they were they had read in Southern papers that to never stirred out of the White House without a heavy and it once they you Are trying to deceive tis dont you see there is no guard Here i was n Little puzzled by the absence of the guard for i had believed the and there were Only one or two civilians with him but i had seen who could not easily be i come up and lot us speak to him a Little reluctantly they and when we were near enough i can you Tell us the name of this animal pointing to the Skeleton of the geologic monster he was looking he smiled in his sad Way and that its name written on that card but i wont under take to pronounce i dont know much about such one or two remarks were exchanged on indifferent topics and then we when at a Safe distance Buffum Yogi cant play such a joke on us As to make us believe that a Man who will speak to common folks in that off hand Way is president Lincoln but i Only Well go and see him at the White House soon and then you can the first sunday of our stay in Washington we gladly accepted the invitation of our kind hostess to accompany her to the Baptist of which she was a this led to a great trial on my the preacher seeing five men in sol Dier uniform in her who was remained at Clown and spoke to a few words were sex and then he turned to us and said cant you Tell us a Little about your strange deliverance i will make the other services very the faces of All our party turned toward and the taking Tho repeated his question to me something like this was just what i had feared when i had the great mental struggle in at Lanta i wished to but in the freshness of deliverance such a refusal would have seemed Little less than a the minister was better or worse than his for he did not preach at but on finishing the opening services spoke a few words about the great suffer Ings and lessons of the and the hard ships and temptations of the army then added that there were some men present that morning whose experiences were marvelous beyond the common lot of and one of them had consented to give some account of i Rose at the Call and scarcely court have Felt worse for a moment if in swims but the people were so kind and attentive that embarrassment i passed very lightly Over the military part of the and spoke especially of gods goodness in delivering when i told of the sudden death of our comrades in and of their regrets for not being better prepared for there was weeping Over All the at the close of the meeting kindly greetings and prof fers of service were showered upon we lodged in the tent provided by this lady during the whole of the ten Days of our stay in Many other per sons wished to take us As but she refused unless we would say that we wished to leave her being was taken into the House and nursed most on our first morning in Washington i had written a note to Secretary Stanton giving notice of our arrival and of my be Lief that the if not already fully ought u know our i supposed this would produce More speedy results than to let the matter pass through the Ordinary and was not Digap he gave written orders to Joseph judge advocate to investigate the whole provide for All our wants in the and then bring us to of the Olio military attended to pro curing us the Legal allowance for commit to thou of rations during the time of in so that we were soon in regular pay with arrearage could not be Given till we returned to our our visit to judge Holt was a merely Friendly and the time was spent in familiar commander of the Post at was also the next Day to went being taken each time in a government and found Justice of ready to and minister with a Pho no Graphet to take Down the testimony As i was examined telling the whole Ami then each one confirming what was and adding omitted the evidence that we tullus u True Story was far stronger than we the Story of Wood and Wilson had been on file in the department since the preceding it far uns full than but con firmed it in every essential the certainty that we were giving a Plain Anil uncoloured narrative was so Complete that no one save Buell Ivor called any part of it in and he Only because of ignorantly con founding tins first und second the testimony thus taken was published in tin Issue of the army and Navy As in the Washington papers of april and copied Over the the examination before judge Holt was of the 24th of and his report to Tho Secretary of War based upon them was dated Tho words of greeting and to talked for a considerable not so much on Tho subject of our for i took it for granted lawyer Iio had looked Over Tho evidence in Tho Cense and made up his mind about upon general such As our impressions of the South and Tho Union men in and of our Hopo and fooling about Tho i was especially struck by his ask ing us How we had liked match cd As a commander and when to Rno cof him with uns tinted enthusiasm to seemed and said tents Tho Way All his men talk about to told us that to had been aware of our expedition at Tho but had no accurate information of Tho Fate of the his impression was that All had perished at on the escape of the eight in octo berho had made official inquiries of Tho Confederate government about but had been answered that they had no in formation of Tho hanging of any of the to had then threatened retaliation in ease any More were put to and Imd endeavoured to effect our Exchange to was very glad indeed that these efforts had succeeded and surprised us by you will find yourselves great heroes when you got Home then added Many kind words about Tho High appreciation of our services by the coming from the Secretary of War of a great nation to private was most Stanton seemed especially pleased with to was Tho Young est of our number and of very quiet and simple Stanton gave him Tho offer of a Complete education if to would accept understood him to mean at West Parrott answered that while the War lasted he did not wish to go to but would rather go Back and fight the rebels who had used him so at this Stanton As if he greatly approved his and said to if you want a Friend at any time to sure to apply to then going into another room he brought out a medal and handed it to Congress has by a recent Law ordered medals to be prepared on this and your party shall have the first they will be the first that have been Given to private soldiers in this later All the survivors of the party received similar then to gave us a present of each from Tho secret ser vice and ordered All the Money and the value of arms and property taken from us by the rebels to be finally he asked us about our wishes and intentions for the finding that we were All resolved to return to Active service he offered us commissions As first lieutenants in the regular we expressed a preference for the Volunteer saying that we were soldiers Only for the and would wish to resume our usual pursuits when peace he promised to request governor of to give us equivalent commis Sions in our own then with a Hearty Goodby we left we had been invited to Call upon Tho president the same and hitch cock accompanied us on this pleasant my companions had done a Little jesting about being Able now to show me How much i was mistaken in try ing to impose upon them the Plain stranger we had met at the smithsonian institution without any such As the Southern papers said always attended for the great and Good Abraham which i enjoyed As much As they a still greater crowd than at the War of lace was awaiting admission but As we came by appointment we had the preference and were conducted immediately to the private office of the presi we did feel some Little Embarrass but this scarcely accompanied us Over the the office was very plainly there was a Long table and some but scarcely anything Lincoln met us at the greeted us and told us How much he had been interested in hearing of our adventures and How glad he was that we had at last escaped from the hands of the we answered As Well As we i remember telling him that we were very glad to see though we had been hearing a great Many things not complimentary about him for the past he saying there Are a Good Many people up Here that say about As bad things of i also mentioned the reason that the other members of the party would not believe that he was the Man we met at the which caused him to laugh heartily and ask if we really imagined he went everywhere with a great guard parading after and if the people of the South believed All the stories printed in their papers while talking he did not keep one but shifted from place to going from one men Are growing influences which tend to elongation of Trio masculine spinal Edward of finds Timo while conducting an extensive Busi Ness to collect information on a Groat variety of to has lately Ascer by Means of circulars addressed to loading Tho makers of ready made and Tho manufacturers of in that Tho men of this country Aro growing Dorado by to thinks that to shall eventually become a nation of As yet to has elaborated no theory to account for this steady increase in Somo have suggested that it is duo to Tho Largo consumption of meat in this they state that people like Tho chinese and subsist Al most entirely on Grain and fruit Aro in variably Short in while flesh con like the North american Are generally Quito it is Likely that diet May have some thing to do in influencing Tho height that men but it is obvious that there Aro other bonuses that oort a much greater there Are a great Many inducements held out in this country for men to become nearly every boy desires to gain admission to the military or naval and each learns As soon Asho can rend that it is necessary to Roach a certain Standard of height in order to to men must also stand a certain number of feet and inches in their Stock Ings before they can attain positions on the police Force in most As premiums Are offered for becoming it is by no Means wonderful that men and boys should sock to add to their stature by Tak ing thought or taking anything that will produce Tho desired the introduction of the three Story and mansard roof with a Roost for Birds or a Vonso of Flowers on Tho Ridge has Boon a most important agent in elongating Tho spinal column of Tho Man who invests in tickets for Tho purpose of taking his Best girl to Tho theatre finds that he can see nothing on the stage unless to happens to be very in the Case of spectacular productions this is specially As a consequence men who attend theatres and operas make use of every Means that will enable them to become in some fashionable churches Tho male worshipper of medium height has no Opportunity to see the minister or the pretty Soprano the Tower of Babel surmounted by fowls of Tho air and lilies of the entirely obstruct his the Street car also exerts great influence in causing men to become they generally give the seats to the and Are obliged to stand during the entire As soon As a boy is 12 years his endeavours to reach the strap attached to Tho top rail he perseveres in his attempt until he succeeds in accomplishing the difficult to learns o stretch his body out in Tho same Way hat an Earth worm does in order to reach certain after to has availed himself of All his Powers of self Conga agencies that Aro not voluntary Are brought to work on his Side pres lure is made to Bear on it As it is on a bar f Iron that is to be drawn out into t also receives numerous blows every Ime the car wheels pass Over an obstruct and these produce the same effect on his body that the blows of a Hammer do on a piece of soft chapter interview with Secretary of War Stanton and president when reached Washington a Day was fixed for an interview with Secretary Ohio state agent wot More and accompanied Sigil and with Many other distinguished were in the anteroom but As we were there by appoint they continued to while we were it once Stanton had Long resided in my county town of Steuben and i had seen and knew him Well by though i could then claim no personal we Tsvero after he had shaken each of a warmly by the hand and uttered interview with president a Little Luck with the Battles to another of Asho addressed each one with great i specially remember part of one remark and his position while making something had been said about political and our Joy that Tho Union party was now gaining in the country after the great defeats of the fall Lincoln Asho stood in a stooping position by the fire place with his Elbow resting on Tho end of the if we could Only have a Little Luck with the Battles All would soon be right and Tho War to the quaint a Little Luck with the Bat made an indelible impression on my for we had been having very in Luck in that direction for some we did not wish to to and ourselves Magothe first motion to leave the presi Dent took the hand of each in both his saying again How thankful he was that to Hud been and that he hoped we would find All our relatives Liv ing and Well when we reached to left exceedingly proud of Tho Honor the greatest Man in the nation or the world had conferred upon we had now nothing further to detain us in Wash and wore most anxious to to in Ohio a furlough for sixty Days was Given to us and tin order for govern ment transportation to our tub titles of the the Shah certainly has his goodly share f that Peculiar conceit that goes largely up the Oriental and he Las Well defined and rather Good sized As to what is due him and his he has quite a Stock of titles and forms of such As Shahinshah King of Shakan a Kadjar Padi Alah Acret which latter is the formal appellation that he goes the usual phrases in addressing Are Kaebler Atim Point Boward which the Earth and Kurban shalem May i become your it is not customary to address the Shah in any More direct manner but in the course of a it can not possibly be he is not spoken to As Shoma which is the com Mon form of address in polite persian but As to in his Intercourse with european diplomats the French Votre Majeste is being at once interpreted by the Dragoman into one of the above persian and in addressing him in writing he is spoken to and of As Votre Majeste Jas i imiller of Lucy is due is much is much to Tho pro cts him in us to Iho Tuko it in it clip less discuss in or if Ley Lul Rimml will prove a potent nothing like it so Home should lie without Tho grocer and Trio a Chattanooga being greatly troubled by put Twenty one sheets of Sticky Fly paper about his in the evening he gathered them and noticed How much heavier they being Cov ered with he weighed the Twenty one sheets and found they weighed seven then he put Twenty one fresh sheets on the Scales and they weighed four pounds and four thus the flies weighed two pounds twelve he that there were Twenty flies to each Square Inch of Tho Fly paper each Sheet had 830 Square inches and and the Twenty one sheets had thus one May ascertain the weight of a Fly if flies weigh two pounds twelve its easy to calculate what one will York the Ali Leo of Iii actor mid costly All foil whose who kill cml Cury lives will it Fth preventive or euro Benefit in Ich and it instill no lots of no interference Wlllie business Willu for children it is most innocent und no Lunger from exposure after Durost i owl Anil Ivov Orlist cold invalids mid Lolle Iuo persons will la nil u thu pc Ilioiu and tonic Thuy can a let thu Tunkun at night i Smos refreshing sleep and in natural cd imitation otlvii1 a a lilo taken in the morning s Iho Appe clan Ness to stomach nil sweetens Tho a physicians i Hare Boon Modi Iino for Twenty years and have teen Able to up a vegetable compound that ii Kab Simmons promptly and elect vuly move the liver to and at Tho sumo time Aid instead of Wen Mink Tho Tell Cuvo and assimilative Powers of Trio u at positively Tho diva Hist Rule of in Crest to be had in fuss Coritco my stilts of titles the Only genuine farm and House limit lieu us Icicy in the 11 big also Lor Cyclone and commercial see and dont Torguet the Mick Over 08borne the color of Tho de a French has come to the conclusion from his its searches that women have a larger pro portion of Brown eyes than he also finds that when both parents have eyes of the like the chances Are 88 to 13 that their children who arrive at the ago of 10 when the color of Tho eyes is will have eyes of the same when Tho parents have eyes of different the chances Are go to 45 in favor of Brown is against Blue or Gray eyes in Tho Chil to is also of opinion that the health of the Brunette Type As a Superior to that of the cleavage of certain hollows in hard Sandstone near were ascribed b Lyell to indent sea action before the rocks were leva Tail above Ocean a resident finds the hollows to to still increasing in size and and believes them to be due to cleavage caused by the growth of lichens which live on the Flor Las Sulphur old citizens dont mind it but to Tho average North Erner the sulphurous fumes arising from the basins of the three Artesian Wells which Supply the City with water Aro Al most so highly impregnated with Sulphur is this water that the Fountain basins Are thickly coated with the ill smelling York trib Brick furniture House West Side Chestnut Iowa the state insurance compy of Des it is a successful Home compy with a paid up capital of and has done business in Twenty Iowa for it is the strongest and beat Iowa and offers As Low As Liberal a and a ample indemnity As any company in the world officers Wesley q o i pc 0 0 m it o in h 0 h 0 h us 0 o 5 i he

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