Page 3 of 6 Jun 1888 Issue of Atlantic Telegraph in Atlantic, Iowa

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Read an issue on 6 Jun 1888 in Atlantic, Iowa and find what was happening, who was there, and other important and exciting news from the times. You can also check out other issues in The Atlantic Telegraph.

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Atlantic Telegraph (Newspaper) - June 6, 1888, Atlantic, Iowa T the 3 serves Hevesh but met late word bring before the Eye of the am Han can Bej i let Etall these nervous ired by iting Ines for the nervous the debilitated the great nerve Toni Tuso co Taini the Best remedies for diseased conditions of and which always accompany nerve it is a nerve an a and a that is Why it cures when others a Send for full Richardson 1 109 it 111 West ninth Kansas a regular graduate in Medicine 20 years in am Liomel by the Lulu to treat and by of enl seminal no Yeti sexual debility lose Kcal Czuroh earn Teod or Amonoy thou in Nils of i Ipoh and expo Ienco no no Mercury or Ini Krtous medicines lost rom patients it a distance Trinid by Lucuil Imu medicines sent from from raze or shiite your Anno and Send for con nutation or by a Book for both fat sent Een led in Plain cure a positive cuke for s6o for any Cense this treatment fulls to euro or greatest discovery in annals of Ono done Styes re Lief a few doses removes for and pain in cures comp noted in five to seven Bend state ment of with for tuft i a month can foe Ninde by Nguu working for agents preferred who can furnish their own horses nil Elve their whole time to the so tire May to profitably employed a few vacancies in towns mid John son 1w main the most efficient morning laxative is Terr ants Seltzer sold by Tarraut and druggists everywhere judicious and persistent advertising bus always proven before placing any newspaper advertising consult lord advertising 1019 la Udolph slice a to 1 thesis the top of the genuine Peir top lamp All others similar Are exact Label on each Pearl top a dealer May say and think he has others As but he has insist upon the exact Label and for Sale made Only by Macbeth h Umphreys Humphrey Boob cloth cold binding 141 with steel bailed ust of or cakes worm worm or Lnu teething of of children or bilious Pulera m or head bronchitis vertigo t s homeopathic bilious a a or painful i period too profuse difficult rhe Inatio i r and Blind or cold in the head is f by s i i i wetting e 33 is specifics a Womacl Bride of penetrates forests of the too m Story of i amount by Allm Mot state in in circular address accompanied by the full program of the suppl suffering f rom complaints i Culler to their will not k m Haberb Ohio a Safe and Speed gives a heat frequent attempts at count Eitnier inn Only add to the popularity of the in not get 4nd a wonderful career hat been that of Mma Alice As a Bride of went rom nor borne in England to above the Dangen of life in the of i America with her Augustus u the la vant and pull of she came to new York and away to the Tittle known country of where her husband had been pre Vious to his journey to London and his Dis covery other exploring the ruins of Uxmal she went there for a few months and remained for fourteen in those separated from Home and friends and from the society of a White Alma be Plongeron studied Learned to speak i the Spanish and the old Maya Lan and pondered the ruins of temples and statues until she became a deeply Learned prehistoric life was Ber and she commenced Ber study with the Mystic beginnings of uis and osiris and the kingly career of the first ruler of the whose Many years Over Mayas ancient Yucatan is chronicled i hieroglyphics and Bas reliefs no one can said Plon speaking of her life in the dangers that appalled us As we threaded our Way through Jungles and forests almost in hungry and and never com Mma be Plongeron picked up a series of photographs of Bas a bib she said were taken from a building unearthed at which bad 120 arranged in each pair communicating with one another by a she described the buildings As having been erected on artificial composed of stones Laid on the top of each one of them being similar in style to the famous hanging gardens of 1 think the most interesting thing to Tell you is of the proof we found that free masonry existed in prehistoric and she gathered up from a Large collection of photographs a number that represented the same masonic symbols As Are now in they were exact counterparts of Tbone familiar to the order today will you Tell what you purpose doing with these treasures you have collected we Are Back from Central America to interest americans in their own country and to invite them to examine the proofs we bring that the oldest civilization on Earth existed in that part of the Conti my husband is writing a Book when will give a succinct and Complete account of the result of our four teen years stay in Yucatan and the great value of the discoveries made by we have fac similes of the ancient palaces of the As you see with their Peculiar their bos reliefs and curious sculpture representing the portraits of their Reat priests and their inter Esting mural paintings and mysterious in the old buried these Many centuries in the Depths of forests Only Ive or six Days distance from new Lave a wondrous Story to toll to the whenever the people of the United states Are ready for the information which can be the dark veil that covers the Dawn of human civilization will be drawn aside and the world will bless this country for unravelling the mystery of the beginnings of the race on this be Plongeron spoke earnestly and with much holding up a Large View of a great Marble she said look at the carving on that is it not loriousi1 All the monuments of she were made by powerful highly since they made use of a written language and alphabetical characters that have preceded us thousands of not Only is their own history in scribed on the faces of their Public 3ut also their cos Mcgonical of it is with a Shock that people Bear us say that we Bear with us proofs that America was the Cradle of the human and that the countries forming Central America were the scene of the events described As having taken place in the Garden of pro Fessor you founded his belief that America was the old and not the upon the geological formation of this then you give credence to the theory that there was such a catastrophe As the sink ing of that continent existed Between America and the Western coast of Africa and in a Maya manuscript still in existence there is an account of that awful and these interesting with their inscriptions so full of historical with the key of their decipher ment Are Able to give us the entire history of the intellectual development of the human what makes it More de is that this history is free from the myths and creations of untutored and credulous imaginations or work of Crafty which we find in the sacred books of the Asiatic we have inherited myths bequeathed to us As revela from on and the origin of which we did not know until they stood revealed in the excavated cities of Yucatan and the crumbled Walls of the temples of shall you Ever go to prosecute further explorations that depends entirely upon your if there is an interest in the work we will gladly carry it on during our we left Bidden Many a because we were unwilling to have our pains for my husband lives in the Hope of being permitted to present to the scientific world a series of manuscripts written by the found in of the buried cities of Uxmal and Maya the ruins of the former City Are owned by a gentleman who will not allow one Stone to be moved by but he is con stantly destroying monuments to use the stones in the building of think of this i we have in our Possession now a writing done by these ancient people which believe to be older than All the bibles of tit and antedate the submerging of a bib existed Between Florida and the off the coast of Laura Holloway in York the president of the Iowa firemen association has addressed the f allowing to the i firemen of Iowa Softie errors have crept into the pro gramme lists of offered for the coming state which convenes in june 12 and continues four i thought Best to Convene the Board of control for correction of which was done on the 20th Day of april at we have of i h700 first and for a grand free for All Hose open to the i cure h Art 8 i ll8 com Cunt and bionic mated ill Ino nth and 8tonr re Vised the program and list of which we declare and adopt for guidance of companies at our approach ing approved 1st vice James 2d vice 3d vice financial recording Archie the following is the program june reception of of ladder climbing Hose 4b Remington Power Hub and Hub race Between two teams making slowest time in 48 45 ladder climbing coupling Hub and Hub contest be tween two teams making shortest time in 45 Hose state Hook and ladder Drill of fire time of Drill limited to 30 minutes each com Hose three to open to Iowa Hose open to the and Hub race Between two teams making shortest time during the Hook and ladder open to the list of on Bronze on state trumpet and hand first second first state Broom and second Hose 48 48 48 Hub and Hub Remington Power first second rules of hand engines to Hose first second Hub and Hub ladder climbers first coupling first state Hose first state Belt and Sec state ii first state Belt and Sec first Best appearing company on Parade Antii first sweepstakes Hose open to Iowa teams three teams to free for All Hose race open to the first free for All race open to the first prize Hub and Hub race Between two Hose teams making slowest time during tournament in any largest department on special in addition to the prizes offered by the association on june the citizens of Clinton will Oner a purse respectfully anode to the frown the Atchison notes poet laureate has placed the american press Tiri Iver Sav under obligation for the following portrayal of the individual known As i town once upon an evening while i and thinking of the cites As often thought before while suddenly i heard a As of people wildly scrapping near my chamber so i threw aside my and i cheese that the pounding still till it Shook Oaken to the door i and twisted on the which then there came a double isted kicker of the Days of Yore not a word he but on a yellow spotted with Green dots of red and looking like Small dots of both his Eye yes were at me and their sullen sent a dullness to my striking coldly to the Iell cried Tell me have you filled yourself with that you come without a uninvited at my door take thy Cane and take thy and from out my chamber or by All the Crimson i shall Wallow in your but the never sat upon the sofa never never As lie said Spring is dont you think booms will be hum Ming dont you think the town will flourish As it never did before think you it will be a when we have a decent and the people quit their raving at the mud and ruts galore but the never on the sofa still while his Teeth were that sad you i said with brighter things will come tomorrow dont you think Well hear around us building with Din and Roar even tho1 the chumps Are grunts protest kickers dont you think Well soon to such rights As eagles soar quoth the never cried i in a ill be court Ana and your sentence is to Wallow in your own disgruntled for your answers make me and you spoil a Prospect by your snivelling so As you Oft have done take your hat from off my take your bundle and your and make tracks across the or ill slug you till youre this old town would been soar where the solar rays Are but kickers and their which is All their Stock and store take away thy dismal with its smell of Weed and for you make my system quoth the and the Rascal never on my sofa still is and the gaslight on him casts his Shadow on the at the carpet he is with with a steady vacant and an Swers to my with dreary this he wishes when in on the beauties of Good or the prospects of More buildings than we Ever had i have filled him full of and then tried to Bounce the but he Only gave a As he and women in the London Standard in an account of German doctors investigations As to the sin of mens and women the masculine heart weight More and larger than tint possessed by the fair a it would grow most que Jelly and and seventh years it in after the fiftieth a in childhood heart masculine than the and ends car Wischm larger than be sure to get hoods my see that they do not give you anything you remember it is the Medicine which did mama so much Good a year favorite Spring Medicine nearly everybody needs Good Spring medi Cine like hoods Sarsaparilla to expel impurities which accumulate in the blood during the keep up strength As warm weather comes create an appetite and promote try hoods Sarsaparilla and you will be convinced of us Peculiar it is Tuo Ideal Spring liable pleasant to and gives full or the Fie sure to get hoods Sarsaparilla sold by All prepared of co Ono Dollar dying in a a Friend of mine was recently sent Home from a Lunatic Asylum to and not More than three Days ago i was called to his death it was a sad and terrible he was wild As the under some silly his wife and physician were endeavouring to pacify but to no his face and limbs were shrivelled and and from his eyes leaped the fearful fire of the what is it he pointing his Skeleton Finger at an imaginary what is is it stroked above or below f Good there is no stroke at All i there i see it theres a Mark above its an i know its an thank heaven then he would fall Back on his Pillow and but not for he lunging Forth from his bed like King Richard from his and pointing his Bony Finger As theres no mortal can Tell what that neither nor nor the Man himself who wrote it i swear that nothing can decipher How is or does it slant it slants a then i have yes i it does slant it int an but an then the mans Inarae is Schlam and not thank Mary you have a Quick Eya but of Lucifer have we i or a f is there no even at death i cannot Tell whether there is a line across it or if there it is very in sure its did Ever writer Stop to count the Cost of looping a t or Cross ing an i is it Bate or is it Bole god for give 1 cannot Tell May judgment Light on the Man who wrote and so he my Friend had been a proof Reader on a daily the direction of the average returning from on entering the House Calls mammal the yes where Are you is the next and the reply informs the child not Only As to the but As to the room in which the Mother con be Tho child cannot determine its mothers location by Tho sound of her this exaggerated instance May be owing to the reflection of Tho not Only from the but from the strata of air differing in temperature and How Many of us going to the next running at right angles to the car con Tell from hearing the Bell of the approaching Street car before the car comes in whether that car is going North or South it does not seem that animals can determine the direction of sound much bet Ter than the sleeping aroused by Bis masters is All abroad As to his masters and determines it by sight or or frequently running in Sev eral different directions before hitting the right the on being startled by the Hunters unseen is not always right in his selection of the route to get out of harms a flock of ducks or other on bearing a gun is As Likely to Fly toward As from the if he Baa kept entirely out of sight and the Flash of the piece not been barges Johnson in popular month la a California a governor has his housekeeper and surprised All his the govern by con Manor a Man who thought he was marrying a housekeeper has merely surprised discovering his mistake when it was too is Lorse sheets keep horses clean and ready for the owner of this horse spends a hour a Day cleaning him rather Lan buy a horse Ironside Sheet the strongest horse Sheet Lap dusters fait colors will horse sheets Aro made up horse covers will keep Ara tie beat and dont get stuck with poor horse if your dealer dont have Ironsides sheets him to some for copyrighted by Ayres i cure for Lack of Manly con Frek Luiu civic i cures Svic Kossob to and Ite Tail and tiny Are Turmen it largest store largest Stock Deal in sewing particular attention paid to re pairing and satisfaction dont forget location next door to commercial Chest nut Ibsen escoses Etsu Effrom an unhealthy other or Santolla liver Invie than any other or the up strengthen Tho by iritis i reliable and Invar a thousands softest Moni als provetto Merit Tinubu amur it rifles the a strengthen Tho prevents Chritis i reliable and invaluable family weak men we j of it Lek by Una new in Poveo current tills pc Citro cditeob1 Kne Ratib gov soothing currents of though All weak to health and electric instantly or forfeit la All other cases permanently jury cd in to Iron sealed Potanin e Sanden Eloctio 169 Lasalle math Tutts pills to prominent drives right of Holly pills arc Dolnoff wonder la Thutt the Sale of Tutts pills exceed those of All others till1yire Peck Lurly adapted to main rial our All Mcrobe sold 44 Murray new Boutelle no More eyeglasses no More weak Mitchells a and effective remedy for inflamed producing a Restor ing the cures tear styx red matted Eye i up fro Dicino equally used in either Luch m Salt or Ger Ever inflammation Kab May be Nied to by 99 the state insurance compy of Des invites your Pate it is a successful Hom compy with a paid up capital of and has done business in Twenty Iowa for it is the strongest and Best Iowa and offers As Low As Liberal and As ample indemnity As any company in the world officers Wesley and plow on sixth fitzgeralds old does nil Kleuls of new plow Layes Cicili Anil laying Slio vels for per a4wtf notice Notile is hereby Given Bluit the Lias duly appointed und us the administrator of theesta Teof Hoy Lute of Linn hot heels strict court of cuss and that All persons having claims against said estate must Lyle the same with the clerk of said court duly authenticated Tor allowance and and sums due said estate must be paid to the Utiler notice is hereby Given to All persons that on the itch Day of undersigned was a piloted by the Elmerl of Tiu District court of Cass adm Nistra Lor of the estate of a Evvard late of said All persons indebted to suit estate will make payment to the and those having claims against will present legally to court for attorney for the dated May Atlantic passenger iuhlih1ik1 Flakk Foll u01no trains going East currying passengers Athu Itic in p us put 14 stops it Avo ii ail of Ontl trains going West Darryl big passengers Atlantic a to 13 stops at Avoca Anil going Criswold Brunch trains 1040 a 111 p m 111 going Ai Lubou Branch trains a i Pill i p ill i 5ji

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