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Atlantic Telegraph (Newspaper) - July 25, 1888, Atlantic, Iowa 0 a it volume july 25 number the weekly Lafayette kid tool and National Republican fou Benjamin of Foll lev of new the new York legislature Friday abolished the use of machinery in penal decreeing that convicts shall make Only and by hand the goods required in the prison it also abolished the new York City Aqueduct and delegated to mayor Hewitt the formation of a new com Mission of seven three of whom shall be City the democrats and Green backers of Michigan met the former at Detroit and the latter at grand a coalition ticket was the Green backers securing the attorney general the auditor the com missioner of the state land and the electors for the eighth and eleventh the democrats appropriated the rest of the nominating Wellington of for the platform endorses the president and his free Trade Mes Sage and also the declarations of the Louis ipod workingmen to think from congressman Mckinley i would not have an Idle Man or an Idle Mill or an Idle spindle in this coun try if by holding exclusively the american Market we could keep them employed and every Yard of cloth imported Here makes a demand for one Yard less of american Fabrica every ton of steel imported diminishes that much of Home product every blow struck on the other Side upon an article which comes Here in Competition with like articles produced makes the demand for one blow less at every Days labor upon the foreign products sent to the United states takes one Days labor from american i would give the Days labor to our own last and All the and that policy which fails in this is opposed to Amer ican to secure this is the great purpose of a protective Trade says give it to the foreign Workman if ours will not perform it at the same Price and accept the same wages the workingmen say and justly and indignantly resent this at tempted degradation of their this blow at their Independence and Man failure of a Wool from the Chicago the failure of one of the largest Wool houses in the West occurred in this City no one need to go far to find the the free traders admit that the Mills Bill has reduced the Price of Wool 3 or 4 the actual reduction on some grades is 7 cents a and this decline was caused Sim ply by an apprehension among Wool dealers and Wool growers that the Bill might if it should pass the de Cline of course be far the total Wool product of the United states for 1887 was calling the average of the crop tins year and estimating the average loss thus far at 5 cents a Pound the total is the share of this loss falling on a single Lorrn dealing in Wool would cause its unless it had an enormous this is but the first of a series of catastrophes that Are Likely to follow the work which the free Trade destructive have accomplished up to the present that general disaster has not fallen upon Many branches of Manu lecturing and Trade is owing to the be Lief of business men that the Mills Bill will be killed by the republicans in the on that body rests the duty of alerting Bim Krutey from Large classes of the bankruptcy in important Industrial enterprises affected by the Tariff would carry idleness to vast masses of Labouring men and Low wages to the the duty of the business and Industrial classes in the emergency is they must work against the political element that is threatening their free the Mills which is in the direction of free Means Depres hard Scarcity of a vast increase in importations and a Cor responding decrease in productions financial distress and commercial pan prohibitionists and men All opinions As to general politics should Combine to de feat the free Trade conspiracy that is assailing the vital interests of the entire he gets Phebe Shust Der old Aesop wrote a fable about a boastful who say alien Clore us you can always land me und How a Tortoise raced in it him und stopped his Little und say ref i dont been so i gets there Shust Der Dot Vas Der eases in politics mid Drade by Bressl ration of Der brow Vos How Sook sess Vas a Man May Soni Ehnes so Drake id und get renown mid Budt clot Bressl ration lie gets Dhere Shust Der girl Dot makes coot Ulm can Vash mid Iron maybe Dond he so Lovely As Der girl met Diamond but alien a Gifu Vas who Vas id riots to Blinne ref Dot girl a tout Der shekels should get Dhere Shust Der same Der Man Dot leaves Hees pee Ness und hangs Roundt bucket to make ten dollars out of when Grain mid Oil stocks Hay go Avay from Dhere some done mooch poorer As lie came Der Mills of Der gods grind Judt they gets Dhere Shust Der Den Nefer Mindt those mushroom Schaps Dot Spring top in a Day those reputations Thev Vas made by Vork Puiul nod by Shust pud your shoulder to her Vrcel ref you would Vin a und ref Der Vulte House vants youll get Dhere Shust Der same Charles Follen irishmen for Harrison and from the Louis american the real question in the present Campaign turns upon the struggle of Protection to american As against the principles of free Trade As advocated by the Cobden club of eng it has fallen to the lot of Ameri Ca to adopt a Tariff for the Protection of american manufacturers against the ruinous Competition of foreign and the working of the Experiment is the Best argument in favor of the con since the War America has witnessed almost unexampled Prosperi there could be no better illustration of the advantages of a Tariff sys tem than a comparison of the wages paid in Europe and As a nation we have had a Broad and ample experience of the influences of a Tariff system on our Industrial we Are now summoned by Grover Cleveland to listen to the Siren voice of the of great with the exception of a certain class of who conceive it their duty to wage War against the working men across the we know of no class of except Grover Cleveland and his who wish to see Ameri Ca adopt a free Trade we have dwelt upon the convention and its candidates so Long that we have Little space for urging upon our Irish american friends their duty in the coming we will say to them As As that the time has come when All divisions and animosities should in order to Rescue this glorious land from a hateful an a Lomonia we Hope that Iris americans will disregard All past put aside All fears and dread no future in the single Hope of carrying to speedy Victory a Banner inscribed with these devices Harri son and Protection to Ameri can labor and Protection to the american citizen at Home and wild nor personal de Ifica but self preservation and rational to the log Cabin and hard cider Fea Tures of the they arose upon a democratic Public mans contemptuous lying at general Harrisons Small estate and plainest of his remark was in instead of the pres a log Cabin and a barrel of hard cider were enough for in those Days the democracy was a slave hold ing and such flings at men living in the ranks of the common peo ple were in but the people took it up and made the log Cabin and the hanging and the other and the barrel of hard cider conspicuous emblems in that wonderful election the cider avas Only a the Peoples determination needed no artificial the uprising of from the Cincinnati commercial the younger who hear of the great uprising of the people in which elected general William Harri and of the monster assemblies of the people in that and of some of its fancy that the people went wild with excitement or with enthusiasm for the person of the but never had a popular uprising in a political Campaign a More sober and never had the people a better reason for assembling in monster they Rose up and they assembled in great masses because they had nothing else to the country was the darkness of bankruptcy was Over All the a Bank currency and credit inflation which had made speculation crazy and had enormously raised prices and expanded every form of had suddenly a horde of wild cat Banks had and their notes were such of the Banks As were solvent had suspended specie pay and their notes would neither pay Public nor private specie alone would pay and the specie had been driven from the country by the paper and the remnant was in hoards and at a High Exchange on new York Rose in the then Western states to As High figure As Twentyfive per of course Only Peculiar debts would be paid at that prices of the farm Staples fell and were not marketable for Cash at any Price in the Farmers mar the inflation of currency and credit had More than doubled the siae of debts and never did any government bring such a calamity up on its own people in As the democratic administration had brought this upon their rational recourse was to put it out of it was not a Frenchman air a French is said to be building an air ship in which he proposes to attempt to Cross the Atlan tic from new York this it is to be called the and will be 200 feet with a cubic measure ment of nearly it will weigh and will carry the same weight of passengers and Jovis thinks he can make seventy Miles an hour in and expects to land in Norway or Sweden or else in Ireland in three and a half Days after the Cost of the Enterprise is fixed at about the dismal the Region of the dismal says Boyle Oreilly in the Boston was intended by nature to be a pleasure a health resort and game pre serve for the Eastern Side of the Conti in spite of All that has been done and left undone to destroy the swamp itself is probably the Healthiest spot in delicious Juniper water prevents malaria More effectively than the far famed eucalyptus of the flying game of the country centers in this and the Lake in Winter is the Best shooting ground in the coun now that wealthy clubs arid individuals Are buying up the coast shoot this incomparable natural preserve ought to be secured for the nation or the its original undoing probably some Accident or cataclysm of nature changing a watercourse or opening a Crater like Spring or number of but the remedy from the first was As easy As open to intelligence As the tapping of a vein to prevent the it is was the Center and the cause of the and is proved by the streams flowing out of instead of into its overflowing when stolen by Rains or finding no natural Channel to Rose foot by foot to the very lip of the covering the Beach and threaten ing the densely wooded in this Way has been brought the sin Gular conditions of the which instead of being the lowest is the High est portion of the dismal it could be pierced and drained at any Point and reduced to natural and Brilliant its instead of constantly deluding the surrounding could be guided in ten thousand sparkling channels to enrich and adorn its wonderful the Lake of the Disma swamp by about Twenty three feet higher than the and it is not fifteen Miles from the intervening land being a level and except for the Trees exceedingly easy to stranger the Chan Nels have been dug for Over a Hundred but they Are locked up at the outer ends with wooden Ponder on this marvellous fact the Lake of the dismal three Miles by two and a half in and from seven to fifteen feet in is Situa Ted on the Side and almost on the top of a and yet it creates by overflow All around it for about Square Miles one of the densest and darkest molasses on the surface of the in 1764 George Washington surveyed the dismal swamp and discovered that the Western Side was much higher than the and that the Rivers ran out of the swamp and not into he then wrote that the swamp was neither a plane nor a but a a member of the National geological Survey entered the dismal proceeded Westward from the dismal came toward the Lake and found that the Rise in the land was five and one half feet in seven we met this within the Bounds of the and on hearing statement asked could the Lake be lowered and the swamp drained with such an incline he it is a very decided an opening from the Lake to the on the Elizabeth liter on the one Side and the Paau tank on the would have a fall of Twenty two and feet in a distance of less than fifteen the Republican the thirty third annual Republican state convention of the state of Iowa will be held in lbs Mojo kit on August at for the purpose of placing ill nomination Candi dates As follows Secretary of auditor of treasurer of judge of the supreme attorney general Oliree Hal Road 1 to electors of president and vice president at one elector for each congressional Dis the latter to be chios air by the delegates of their respective and for the trans action of such other business As May properly come before the the ratio of representation Wilt be one Dele Gate from each county and one additional Dele Gate for each two Hundred votes and fraction of one Hundred or Over cast for Larra Bee for governor at the general election in Western Iowa counties will be entitled to Dele Gates As follows 9 10 7 m 17 Republican county the republicans of Cass county will meet in Delegate convention in Atlantic on August for the purpose of placing in nomination for clerk of the District one candidate for county one candidate for county one candidate for county to fill vacancy caused by the death of to select eleven delegates to rep resent the county in state convention to be held in Des August and eleven delegates to represent the county in the congressional Conven which is and for the transaction of such other business As May come before the the basis of representation will be one Delegate from each and one additional Delegate for each 25 votes or majority fraction thereof cast for Larrabee for governor at the general election of on the above basis the various townships will been titled to representation As follows n 81 4 95 5 88 Bear 03 80 53 03 83 go 70 52 it is also recommended that the convention nominate a for supervisor of District composed of Pomosa and to be held immediately after the county the committee further recommends that the township primaries be held at the usual voting on saturday August by order of the county Central com newspaper Detroit journal the Mills Bill is against the new York times the capture of the anarchist plotters by the police of Chicago was a Clever piece of detective Portland perhaps after March 4 the author of Ben Hur May Issue a new edition of his Harrison Book under the title of got Cincinnati time Star the country is now under a Rule of free Trade lunacy shallow hypocrisy arid but the Day of deliverance Philadelphia inquirer William Scott is anxious for a place in Cleve lands and proposes to earn it by carrying Pennsylvania for the democratic but by the time he does that both Cleveland and his Cabinet will have been Ili Ladelphia times recent advices from Chicago should satisfy even the Star eyed goddess that hemp should be placed on the free Trade list at big As the country is it is not wide enough to hold the sons of Liberty and the advocates of anarchy at one and the same Philadelphia inquirer it was chairman Xach Chandler who did not believe in taking a brass band when he went Hunting for mid chairman Quay is equally Adverse to noisy publicity in his he will make known his whereabouts on the ides of novem Mansfield Herald the Republican party is in favor of paying a Bonus to american so us to enable them to employ the thousands of Idle shipbuilders at fair Man them with officers and men at living com and still compete w t l foreign shipowners for the vast and lucrative carrying Trade on the High the middleman is generally a pretty comfortable sort of person in business but he looks More unhappy than a Hen with a red flannel on her leg when he is dragged out to a concert by his Mother Law and has wife aunt Burlington free t Green Bay lumber dealers in All kinds of Oak Cedar posts Norway and White Pine floor Poplar and White Pine English american be hard soft prices the give us an Opportunity to figure on your estimates cheerfully Yards at Atlantic Marne and spice of there is a female pawnbroker in Chi Sago but she is not a poor loan to the poultry like the knows All about the fore and aft Hatch Are those who conceal escaped Crimin ils dealers in free no woman feels like quoting poetry where there is a mouse in the hotel a Good name to designate the vileness of Ocean resort cigars would be sea do you suppose the clock feels any idler after it has made a Tenstrike Detroit free words generally express but do they pay the express charges Kentucky state it is perfectly proper to carve out your own but you should not chisel other people in doing a French weather Prophet has been sent to jail for six months for predict ing a cold july and loss of in some respects the old wond is still ahead of the free vistor to Are you in Friend four life Here must be very int As sad As the life i led before i came you not kiss the Plain tilt continually when you called on her v defendant in breach of Promise i never stopped kissing her while i was in the but i did that in to keep her from a kiss on the forehead denotes rever says an we have Little reverence for pretty our idea of a Strong minded person would be4 one who can read the advertisement of a patented specific Medicine and yet not have the school superintendent of Poweshiek has displayed in his of lace an exhibit of school work from every township in the and it is attracting quite a amount of most of the ladies in Saratoga have discarded the Bustle in Honor of one says a correspond recently arrived at the Springs with 300 dresses and two trunks filled with these trunks have not been for the past ten years the owner of a flouring Mill at Dubuque has had a sign on his fire proof Sale Reading no Money Here please Call at the it was intended for and the other night one called at the House secured an eighteen Vearold girl who Lias been a business College at Burlington and running up merchandise Bills under a Promise that her living near would Send her has been arrested on a charge of Henry a Young Man aged 23 years and Anna aged 15 both of eloped about two weeks but after considerable trouble gained the consent of the girls parents and were married on the the City Council of Cedar rapid passed an ordinance relating to disorderly houses at their last meeting and rider it thirty eight Saloon keepers have been arrested and plead guilty Misdemeanour of keeping such a Captain Lloland eighteen years yachting reporter of the new York who died tuesday at shelter when accompany ing the Atlantic yacht club on its an Nual passed away in a Telegraph office with his half written report of the race before Captain coffin was an old Seaman Avo had served in our naval and merchant and was most popular and kindly George one of the men who fifteen years ago swindled the Bank of England out of is attend ing the sessions of the National prison association at he served four teen years in English live years of which were spent in solitary confine he is nearly 00 years of a Little matter not at Issue in the Campaign of 1888 is receiving an inconspicuous review in where the Ball has appeared As a witness in a libel suit brought by him against the new York evening it May be recalled that the reverend gentleman made some positive assertions about the moral character of the democratic nominee for the in a panel Over the fireplace in the grand Saloon of John Stetson new steam yacht is set the name of the yacht in genuine each letter is two inches in in All there Are 105 averaging two Karats in the this rare Embla zoning was the gift of a bos ton a mysterious cattle disease Lias broken out in Webster county from which Many head have the approach of the disease is marked by vomiting and loss of and generally within Twenty four hours death two or three have recovered after being attacked by the mysterious it is spreading rapidly and is thought to be Samuel a Farmer living four Miles East of attempted suicide on the loth by he was at the and his son found him hanging from a Rafter in the second Story of his apparently after being unconscious for several he Bishop Perry of has received the degree of Oxon from the from the University of eng the other living american who has received a like distinction is the Phillips Brooks of there is no leaving Boston out of any a new pos Tollice has been established at Crawford and Lydia Butler appointed Warner Eggerth tas been commissioned Post master at la of was arrested tuesday morning charged a Lucli there Are forty charges against him which May be mostly with the state insurance company bi1 is if bees and attendant lines will conform to the postal regulations they by late order of the postmas Ter be transported in packages Between the United states and John an old resident of East was thrown face downward into a Stream of water but three inches deep by his frightened was stun Ned by the and a band tournament will be at Newton of the 22d and 23d of August in which bands of Pairie will take miss Annie of Dallas successfully passed a examination by the state Board of pharmacy for a pharmacists on the Irith about Midnight the Little 7yearold daughter of a harness maker of left b and has not been heard from week agent of the Minneapolis elevator absconded with about of the com pants Money and about belonging a i burglars entered the office of the lion r in Mill at Northwood on july blew open the Safe and took Worth of papers and in president of the Iowa Weslyan University at has resigned and became pastor of a Church in the City of the president has approved the Bills authorizing the construction of Bridges across the Mississippi River at my Kcal Tine and also at the dates for holding the third Iowa run Ofui at Iowa City have been changed from August 22cl acid to october 3d and Bill of the his spare moments in Vrtiak ing neat Harrison and Morton earn pain badges of the Ottumwa courier says City ought not to have a Street Ottumwa has been there and i Iowa How it the pos Ottice at Lucas was de Friday seventy dollars Worth of Stamps and in Cash were for the Quarter ending june to support the insane patients at Independence and William of Broo Luytie is chairman of the new Vork state democratic executive the Artesian Well at Tipton has been driven Down at an of and no water the truss of the plough Kewpie is about it Cost to give the Bridge two Coats of the Iowa state agricultural estimates the Corn crop this year will amount to Haurice Oregan and of celebrated their fiftieth we Twig anniversary Fortkort Texas is to have per Petti Ted a Clever Mikado parody a Saborio pamphlet for the the Troy laundry of Dubuque tailed on june with liabilities Ana almost no Ottumwa Lias let a contract Trie Light of the principal Burlington is Arran ii f for

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