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Atlantic Telegraph (Newspaper) - February 22, 1888, Atlantic, Iowa The Atlantic Telegraph volume february number the weekly Lafayette a Triton and Telb Bahi second Phil in an interview with an associated press reporter sat said i know nothing More about this alleged Boom than what i have read in the except that now and then some Friend has twisted me about becoming a but if the matter is really now discussed it is time that All parties concerned should be informed that they Are wasting their i have never had the presidential Bee in my and i dont intend to have for Noth ing would induce me to leave the profession in which nearly forty years of my life have been spent to enter upon a civil so All talk about my being a candidate May As Well the Senate Des Homes 15 the Senate railway committee has had several secret sessions during the past few Days and at this mornings meeting their plan of procedure was fully the committee will report favourably on four Bills which have been made to the passage i of senator Youngs two cent passenger fare Bill will be senator of Sweney Bill will also be recommended for it embodies the principles of the interstate Commerce off and All free transportation sex i cent to employees of covers the Long and Short haul pro for the interchange of traffic and of car and for the payment of attorneys fees for persons in suits against rail the committee also report favourably senator finns Bill which imposes on Railroad commissioners the duty making a schedule of rates which shall be taken in All courts As Facie evidence of ithe Means of enforcing these rates Isaiall be the when the com missioners find it necessary they can Ange and revise the the Irden of proof is thrown upon the the recommendation of these Bills will be made with the understanding that nothing in the re port shall prevent anyone from consistently favouring the House maximum 1 the committee Are Tilso agreed upon the Bill providing for the distracting of the state for the election of Railroad though it is understood that senator Dodge will bring in a minority the two cent irate a Bill for an act fixing the Bate of passenger fares on and to repeal Section chapter acts of the fifteenth general Senate file by lie it enacted by the general of the state of Iowa Section All Railroad according to their classifications As prescribed in Section chapter acts of the fifteenth general shall be limited to compensation per mile for transportation of any person wit Ordinary baggage not exceeding one Hundred pounds in As follows a fast a two two and a half class c 3 cents that no such corporation shall demand or receive any greater compensation per mile for the transportation of children Between five and twelve years of age than half the rate prescribed and that All children under the age of live years shall be transported free when accompanied by and in charge of any person who pays full As herein provided and a charge of ten cents May be added to the fare of any passenger when the same is paid upon the if a ticket might have been procured within ten minutes before the departure of the the said ten cents to be refunded by Means of a re Bate ticket at the station where the passenger departs from the Section All full fare mile age or sold and issued by any Railroad shall be Good until used and shall be Good going in either direction Between the Points designated in any such Section Section chapter acts of the fifteenth general and parts of acts inconsistent with this act Are hereby the ka1lboai commissioner railway commissioners shall be filled y appointment of the the person appointed to serve until his Suc Cessor is elected and the canvass of votes cast the election of commissioners provided for in this act shall be and returns and abstracts thereof and relating thereto be certified and and re sults of said election in All respects in the same manner and by the same officers and boards As now provided by Law for forwarding and declaring the same As to judges of the District the commissioners chosen under this act shall have All Powers that Are conferred upon the railway commission by chapter acts of the seventeenth general and such other Powers and authority As May be now or shall hereafter be imposed by a Bill the dying the owner of a paper Lay dying in and the Dew of death had gathered on his brow so Calm and fair but a Printer Knelt beside him As his Lifeblood ebbed and asked the dying writer if he had a word to the doomed Man murmured As he grabbed the printers fist at last the struggles and i never shall be take a message and a Token to that City Man of that All his workout chestnuts he had bet Ter put in theres his joke about the Hes used these Many and the gag about the fellow who is always Hunting and the Hes so fond on the Man who peddled and the Chestnut based on people who go fishing in the Brooks just to save the papers and to cast no slurs on i would ask him As a favor to put such gags in and the lies Hes fond of telling of the streetcars and the the joke about the Man who Steps upon some and the one about some Dandy who will never pay for and the one on women cleaning heaven knows i know ill slumber Happy in my grave beneath if the Man who does the City work will put these jokes in Tell the Man who tends to business not to weep when i am but to buy him self a club and hit the first Man on the head who comes in with a string of items and requests them printed when the regular rates Are cheaper than they really ought to Tell the Foreman when he makes up not to turn a Rule for but to simply print an item saying that my soul is free for i want no Eulogi Stic Taffy of that kind in and i think such hoary chestnuts should be pickled Well in have that Gay and fresh reporter i engaged the other Day put a Stop to saying we have come to stay and if he should say be you must trample in his for you know id Neer allow it in the Happy Days of and the Man who comes to Tell you How to run a paper should be greeted when he enters with a Pewter Chestnut Bell and youll print the paper promptly be the weather full of and the Foreman must be careful when Hes making up the forms that the Beauty of the paper May through All Ages and not be like its Only fit to put in a Bill for an act to change the manner of selecting Railroad to increase their number and to re peal Section chapter acts of the seventeenth general sen ate file by be the general Assembly of the state of Iowa Section that Section of chapter acts of the seventeenth general As be and the same is hereby re at the general election held in the year and regularly there after As their terms of office As determined by this act shall there shall be elected five competent who shall constitute a Board of railway com for the purpose of elect ing said the state is hereby divided into five As Fol lows the first District shall consist of the counties of Des Van Jones and Sec the second District shall con Sist of the counties of Dela Black Cerro Winneshiek the third District shall consist of the counties of a Papoose and the fourth District shall con Sist of the counties of Page and the fifth District shall con Sist of the counties of Craw Buena Han Palo and each District shall be entitled to one railway said com missioner shall be a qualified elector of the state and resident of the District from which he is the said com missioners shall hold office As the result of the first election under this act for the period of time As follows one commissioner for the period of two two commissioners for the period of three two commissioners for the period of four years As shall be determined by lot at the first meeting of said Board after the first election under this commissioners elected at subsequent elections Shal hold their offices for the period of foil the terms of office of the firs Board of commissioners chosen under this act shall begin on the second mon Day in january in the year All vacancies in the office of for an act amendatory to chapter seventy acts of the seventeenth general making and defining the duties of Railroad Senate file by be it enacted by the general Assembly of the state of Iowa the Railroad commissioners Are Here by empowered and directed to make for each of the Railroad corporations doing business in this As soon As a classification and sche Dule of reasonable maximum rate of charges for the transportation of freights and cars of each of said rail and said schedule shall in All suits brought against any such rail Road corporations wherein is in any ways involved the charges of any such Railroad corporations for the transportation of or or unjust discrimination in relation be deemed and taken into All courts in this state As Prima Facie Evi Dence that the rates therein fixed Are reasonable maximum rates of charges for the transportation of freights and cars upon railroads for which said sched ule May have been respectfully pre said commissioners from time to and As often As Circum stances May change and revise said when any schedule shall have been made or revised As it shall be the duty of said commissioners to cause publication thereof to be made for three successive weeks in some Public newspaper published in the City of Des in this All such schedules heretofore and hereafter purporting to be printed and published As shall be received and held in All such suits As Prima Facie the schedules of said commissions without further roof than the production of the sched ule desired to be used As with a certificate of the Railroad com missioners that the same Isa True copy of a schedule prepared by them for the Railroad company or corporation there n and that the same has been published As required by stating he name of the paper in which the same was together with the Date of such publication that the said rates of charges to be fixed by said commission shall not in any ase exceed the rates which Are or May hereafter be established by Section All acts and parts of acts herewith Are hereby re clamouring loudly against the 2cent passenger rates in has a consist ent record in its method of opposing any reduction of fifteen years when a schedule of maximum rates was first proposed in the president of this corporation appeared before a committee and declared that if the proposed rates were applied to his line the Railroad property from that time out would be rendered valueless absolutely and never the the rates were and a Short time after were reduced 80 per cent be Low the level which the Railroad presi Dent declared at the time of the change the Stock of the Corpora Tion sold at whereas it now com mands and the company claims to possess one of the finest double track steel railroads in the in All likelihood the corporation would be still further benefited by another reduction of rates and consequent enlargement of its volume of at any rate it is time the Western rail roads were Content with something like the same percentage of gain made by other great interests in the Community the passage of the interstate com Merce act saved the railroads hundreds of thousands of dollars by cutting off and it was supposed the roads would share this advantage with the Public by reducing on the con they have allowed the Public and wherever possible have tried to Pushup they with Drew the 2cent rate allowed Commer Cial and Only restored it when they found they were discouraging business and making less Money at the High than at the lower rat it is time that Railroad commissions and Legislatures that pretend in any sense to represent the Public should re sent the Railroad managers practice of seizing the benefits awarded them by and allowing the people no advantage a Stop should be put to the practice of demanding High profits on a Low volume of and charging All the traffic will the claim that the Illinois and Iowa roads cannot afford to make a 2cent passenger rate is All Sham and even in where the railroads run through thinly populated fares have been reduced from 5 to 2 cents a and a Large increase in with a probable consequent in crease n has it is nonsensical to say the great Northwest Ern lines cannot afford the same they traverse a thickly populated and they could expand the volume of passenger traffic immensely by a favouring such a of would be opposed to the Rule of charging All the traffic will but the railroads should abandon that axiom of and with the Neces sary legislative assistance adopt instead the sound business doctrine of Small profits and a Large volume of news february president of the insolvent metropolitan Bank of has redeem of his paper held by the and George Duckworth jail at has made affidavit that her husband is a counterfeiter and and that he was implicated in the murder of Henry wealthy resident of Des several years two cent an explicit answer to the pretences setup by the Railroad Chicago 10 the protests of the Railroad managers against the pro posed reduction of passenger fares in Iowa to 2 cents a mile Are As familiar As a thrice told it is the same old Story of predicted poor rolling unsafe roadbed and comfortless from the time of the Granger fifteen years the Railroad managers have Invar Bly wailed loudly Over prospective ruin a reduction of rates was pro and their course in Iowa is Only a part of the policy always pursued in cajoling or outwitting a legislative Assembly or within six months the same programme has been gone through in last when a Cut in Illinois freights was proposed and urged on the Railroad the Railroad managers rushed to Springfield and declared with one voice that the if would bankrupt every Road in the hum bugging the commission with insincere they succeeded in averting the reduction for a but a Little later the Railroad Man under the stress of Competition and in the Effort to save their voluntarily lowered their Illinois rates and adopted the schedules which they had pronounced ruinous less than sixty Days the Field new York Sun yesterday was the eight third birthday of David Dudley and it was not forgotten by h s fathers other who gathered in the longevity and intellectual Eminence of the four Field Broth ers recall the record of their who was a Clergyman and and who was born during the revolutionary and lived to be 86 years of the eldest of his sons has just entered upon his 84th year the second of Stephen is 72 years old the Cyrus will be 70 next and the youngest Henry is the two eldest natives of and the others of three of them Are graduates of William the whole four of them have won re and All Are yet Active in their respective spheres of the father of the Field Brothers lived to see his eldest son pass two years beyond the sex Genaria the special train for Florida left the Baltimore and Potomac station at it consists of two Newport Pulman Sleeper and dining car and combination Pulman smoking and bag Gage the party consists of presi Dent and Secretary and and the presidents Pri vate Secretary and two maids accompany the Artesian Well at emits the press says their City marshal first discovered the and a Good Many people laughed at the idea of Gas coming out of the Well in sufficient Quantity to be any the marshal made a rude trap in which to catch and store the Gas and a few evenings in the presence of a Large crowd applied a Light and a Blaze about six inches Long shot from the end of the Burner and burned it is now thought the Well has paid on it is not known what effect these payments will have on the criminal four men entered the Bank at took charge of the cashier and other collected in then locked the officers in a Back Yard and firing their revolvers As their wagons dashed through the the marshal and a posse have gone in the coroners jury at thurs held the Paul and Kansas City Road responsible for the death of Barney Donnelly in the Apple Creek Bridge and censured the for the purpose of restricting production and maintaining 25 Pey of the Coke ovens in the Connellsville regions were shut Down rendering men the water service pipes at Milwaukee Are clogged with and Hydraulic elevators Are being worked with Dif owing to the presence in the Mains and conduits of the Little the Wisconsin concluded their sessions at of the latter being elected department Charity Kusk of sister of governor was chosen presi Dent of the woman belief at Union wednesday George a hotel pro fell into a Railroad Cut and was injured so Bathily that he could not move and froze to Mcglynn secured an order from Justice Patterson at new thurs requiring certain adherents of Henry George to show cause Why they should not be restrained from being organized and incorporated As the anti poverty judgments for were confessed at by col Onel of which is secured by of and Atlanta Banks Are the Merriam has a farm in Logan and Tazewell living in the Tazewell which is mortgaged for the cause of his Embarrass ment is not definitely police raided Dubuque gambling joints thursday making nine teen arrests and confiscating the Furni the prisoners were fined from to a new York Stone is in the hands of a judgments of against general manager Potter has ordered Union Pacific agents not to Exchange freights with roads charging less than schedule the new York chamber of com endorsed the resolutions of the shipping Congress at Wash favouring government Aid for the revival of merchant the Illinois elect1 de colonel of depart ment and decided to meet next year in the service pension Resolution was and the dependent pension now before was comi Nander in chief Rea reported that he thought president Cleveland would sign the latter Sarah of was elected president of the a omans Relief a grand trunk passenger train from collided with a freight near thursday after wrecking both engines and hurl ing the express and baggage sirs Clown a fifty foot Robert a fireman of the and Thomas freight and Robert Peacock freight and Robert Dri ver of the express seriously As administrator of the estate of his who was a daughter of the late Sterling has brought suit for himself and two children against administrator of rounds or their sixth Smith is charged with attempting to wreck the Omaha Republican securing controlling interest and voting himself an exorbitant salary As the Kansas City paper company assigned with liabilities 000 nominal ke1wuauy Oglesby has issued a proclamation calling upon mayors of All religious and charitable organizations to lend a helping hand in raising contributions for the Relief of the Suiter ers from the storm at All donations to be sent to a custom House official at new York estimates that the loss of duties on smuggled opium will foot up Over Henry shot and killed his Fred Behring at sat urday both men were in love with miss Bertha Grote had warned Behring not to go to the House again but Behring Only laughed at him and continued paying his addresses to the a brakeman was killed while coupling cars at his Home was at a brakeman on the Illinois was killed by falling from the train near his head was Cut off and Laid outside the his Home was at was killed at while stealing a ride on a Charles usher reported to the police of Council Bluffs that he had been robbed of two drafts of in Money and a Silver watch near the Northwestern depot saturday he thinks brakeman on some of the night trains were his Ganda was arrested and fined at Sioux City for fast driving and cruelty to q the Fine was remitted on a Promise that he would leave he is one of the men who was indicted for killing the episcopal Church at Ottumwa was damaged about by fire Sun Day Ezra Noggle was trying to show some boys How easily he could get on and off a moving saturday at he made in his calculations and broke his thigh Bone and suffered internal injuries that will probably prove Lillman aged committed suicide by hanging himself in his barn at in Henry Chicago markets afternoon 70 70 80 Oats pome shout 60 estimated 4 20 5 40 5 75 Hough packing 5 25 7 000 8154 47 i 4754 6154 31 1390 1390 1420 7 77 7 77 90 7 so 7 30 7 45 7 r24 lit oct is 70s 4 Oss sea Atlantic Market corrected each Day at go i outs 30 Hyo wheat cattle and hogs 4 10 i cattle 2 10 sheep 2 00 calves 3 00 Hilloc Kuziks and Barley Corn flour 50 eggs lard 10 12 to 20 1 00 Ham shoulder potatoes Salt 10 1 60 Corn 25 dried 20 50 Coal will furnish enough Gas to Light the to w main the surplus water which chairman of local finance flows from the Well has been rented to Jefferson one of the great Western roads now run a flouring 1 Allen in the county the git Tyrian the friends of vet Der and lady held a social at the Church wednesday night of last a Fine company gathered and Sand were it being in tended As a Good Bye to and by their Many a Beautiful watch and Chain was provided for the occasion and duly presented to the lady being entirely unaware of the purpose of her friends in the Vedder was presented with a Fine we suppose some gentleman acquainted with the hard hearted incorrigible Ness of Atlantic sinners must have thought the gentleman would have need of such a Aioli flying weapon to bring the refractory there to Vedder and family loft for Atlantic on thursday and bore with them the most Hearty respect of this entire a splendid Stock of wedding party stationery for printing is kept at the telegu up def

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