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Atlantic Telegraph (Newspaper) - February 1, 1888, Atlantic, Iowa Alai volume february number the weekly Lafayette k Shtok and Tum Salh Simond tho present general Assembly should limit appropriations in such Luann or As to put the state out oi1 debt the next two the Law and medical departments of the state University should be the state is under no obligation to Edu Cate lawyers and of this county was appointed chairman of the committee on and member o the following committees woman horticulture and Domestic Man fac engrossed Tiik ass Janoil on saturday afternoon the Iowa sen ate railway committee adopted senator Youngs Bill reducing the passenger rates on Iowa railroads to 2 cents per and instructed that the Bill be reported Back with the recommendation that it do and it will doubtless pass the but one Railroad sent passes to the members of the present general As twit the Milwaukee pc Paul the passes provided that they were Good Only Over their lines in a vast majority of were returned a few labelled As curiosities but few of them will be the pass is a dead there is no longer any special virtue in brag Ging about not using for nobody is using senator Dungan has introduced a Bill to hit the traffic in notes obtained by fraud or without his Bill is Brief and As follows Section that there is hereby added to Section 2114 of the at the end the words following that if said paper shall have been procured by fraud upon the maker no Holder of such paper shall recover thereon of the maker a greater sum than he paid therefor without either interest or costs convict state senator Wool sons Bill in regard to convict labor seeks to place the pro duct of convict labor out of Competition wit i the product of free his Bill requires convicts in Iowa to be employed at manufacturing by hand dispensing with this plan would keep the prisoners at work and yet what they made would be so costly that it could not com Pete with manufactured articles made where machinery is this seems to be the most rational plan of employ ing prisoners and at the same time protecting free it must be under in fact is that prison ers in penitentiaries cannot be kept in doing nothing would be More severe punishment than any other Means yet mechanics and others rightfully demand that the pro ducts of convict labor should not enter the Market to cheapen general products and reduce then there seems to be nothing left to be done but to employ prisoners on senator Wool sons twit at work by the state will not do Well under that but the prisoners will Cost but Little More than at senator Wool sons Bill further provides that a portion of the prisoners earnings shall go to his family if he has the present contracts at tort Madison for prison labor have three or four years to run but the general sentiment seems to be that those contracts should not be a i obey the orders of the Board of railway commissioners shall be adjudged guilty of and subject to the penal j tics now fixed by the statute for extor i and to be enforced and collected As now by Law 3or an act to Cla Ango tie manner of electing Railroad to increase their numbers and enlarge their and to repeal Section chapter 77 acts of the seventeenth general of lie it in anted by 1 Fie general Assembly of the titrate of Iowa Section that Section 2 of Chap Ter acts of the seventeenth general be and the same is hereby j at the general election held j in the year and regularly there after As their terms of office As deter mined by this act shall there shall be elected five competent who shall constitute a Board of railway for the purpose of electing said commissioners the state is hereby divided into five districts As lows j the counties of Des j Van was 1 gated to nor can he under his mus permit sell intoxicating liquors for an Cedar and Jones shall a it appearing in the pleading that judge gives in the Case of Brewer is Winter at Des Moi ies yester Day before judge Given to a jury the judge gave the following the Case was to recover balance on account of intoxicating liquors sold to the defendants in 1885 i instruct you that under the statute of this state no person not hav ing a permit so to do can lawfully sell intoxicating liquors of any in any i to any for any Pur that such permits can Only be granted to natural persons and can not be obtained nor held by partnerships or that under the Law the i person holding such a permit can alone in person sell intoxicating liquor for j the lawful and that such sales i must be made by and for and that the Power to buy and sell vested l in him by the permit can not be Dele the the Des Moines Leader is anxious to investigate the Anamosa the Leader would like to have the Evi Dence taken before the Jones comity grand jury brought to Des Moines and printed at the expense of the for a Campaign the evidence before a grand jury is always on one Side of the but not on two grand juries have examined into the former management of that Penitentiary and failed to indict anybody for Lack of sufficient Why should the state go to further expense in the matter one of the most important measures thus far presented in the legislature is the Bill of senator Young providing for the election of railway commissioners by the it provides that the Board shall consist of five instead of three and that they shall be elected from the same As congressmen and this latter is a Good and would avoid the possibility of the election being controlled by the Railroad inter ests As might be the Case were the com missioners elected upon a general ticket throughout the with this saving clause we regard senator Youngs Bill As a Good and Hope if any change from the present method is it will be upon the theory of electing commissioners from districts instead of by the at Ster City it is High time senator Lafe Young last week struck a political wire that is with the popular sentiment of Iowa irrespective of political when he introduced a Resolution in the Senate instructing the attorney general to obtain assistant counsel and commence suit against each Railroad that has been Pool ing in Iowa in violation of 1297 of the enacted in the so Long a dead letter on our statute prohibits railroads from pooling under a penalty of each for every month they violate the senator Young Esti mates that the seven pooling roads Cen tearing in Council Bluffs were pooling 180 and if said roads can be made to pay the As a private citizen or a state senator would be compelled to it will amount to the snug sum of which would be a goodly amount to pass to the credit of our per Man tent school this action have been taken fifteen years and would have been had a private citizen of Iowa been the offender better late than senator Young is Earnest in this and unless the railroads get control of our present this Bill will no doubt be adopted and the suits there seems to be a Strong desire in both branches of our legislature to ascertain whether Iowa is to be used exclusively to enrich corporations or whether said corporations shall be compelled to do Busi Ness on business principles and Deal Hon Orbly with their patrons the Power to regulate this business and Correct pre Valent abuses is vested in our of must have the cooperation of the executive and we anxiously await statute the first the counties of Winne Black Jasper and Powe Sheik shall constitute the second Dis the counties of ring App noose mon the intoxicating liquors sued sold by Brewer and As brew or did not and could not hold a permit to sell the i instruct you that the Sale was Una awl that the plaintiffs Are not entitled to recover and As the Sale of the intoxicating liquors sued for in defendants counterclaim Are admitted to have been sold under the same Circum Stan i instruct you that Sale was and that under the Law the Winter and entitled to recover the a amount while sundry democratic journals Are worried about the present Iowa legislature we want to Call their attention to the following from Larrabee inaugural address the purity of the ballot Box is the bulwark of our to defile whether by fraud or is to strike at the very foundation of Republican unless a free ballot honest count can be secured in every state in this a National election is Little More than a hundreds of thousands of the qualified electors of the South Are virtually denied the right of the total congressional vote of the seven districts of the state of Mississippi in 1880 was of the seven districts of South and of the ten districts of or an average of Only for Eracli the number of votes cast at the same election in the eleven congressional districts of Iowa was being an average of votes for each the Constitution of the United states is thus nullified in the and the voice of the people is stilled and the encouraged by Pant achieve Are now seeking to obtain control of the Senate and the could a More striking evidence of the great wrong now tolerated in the be cited than the above How Long can a free government and such an outrage upon popular rights be tolerated passes and pass the present is an ant Railroad legis lature to nearly As full an extent As the historic fifteenth general which enacted the maximum Tariff of this state of affairs was brought about by the renewed discussion of All problems pertaining to railway control which was precipitated by the enact Mentor the interstate Commerce no Little Force was Given in the same direction by the abolition of the railway persons who have been in condition to know Are ready to affirm that the railway pass was not without its in men who had asked railways for passes for themselves and had too much conscience and sense of obligation to be very vigilant against Only those possessing the Gall of a Weaver could beg and coax for and then at each and every Opportunity Mouth against the most members of the general Assembly have had too much decency and self respect to occupy so double and so hypocritical an the Rule has been that the legislators who took and used passes Felt in a measure corked up on the evils of railway and judges who had for years travelled from Ocean to Ocean on Felt the and doubtless Many a new trial and rehear ing Lias been granted through a leniency consciously or unconsciously brought about by the acceptance and use of the pass was far reaching in its some corporations would materially Aid in the election of Mem Bers by the granting of free passes Dur ing the Pendency of the a member who had been chosen by such aids could not be an Independent Friend of the people unless he were an ingrate to those who had greatly befriended i and Polk shall constitute the third the counties of Buena Palo Poca har Cerro Butler and Grundy shall constitute the fourth the counties of ply and Fremont shall constitute the fifth each District shall be entitled to one railway the said commissioners shall hold office As the result of the first election under this act for the period of three or four As shall be determined by lot at the first meeting of said Board after their commissioners elected at subsequent elections shall hold their offices for the period of four the terms of office of the first Board of commissioners chosen under this act shall begin on the second mon Day in january in the year All vacancies in the office of railway commissioner shall be filled by appointment of the the person so appointed to serve until some person is chosen by the electors to fill said the commissioners chosen under this act shall have All the Powers that Are conferred upon the railway commission by chapter acts of the seventeenth general and in addition thereto such authority and Power As Are conferred by tins said Board of commission ers shall have Power to supervise the freight and passenger rates of railway lines in this and to change such rates in their such rates should be except when the rates May now or fixed by the when the Board of commissioners shall determine that rates of freight or passenger fare on any railway line Are unreasonable and in excess of a legitimate rate they shall order such rate changed to what in their judgment shall be deemed reasonable said Board of railway com missioners shall have Power to regulate and control the rates of All sleeping car express and Telegraph com the Malvern Leader says senator of has introduced a Railroad commissioner Bill which contains some very Good it for the division of the state into five entitled to a whose term of office is to be four the people Are to elect and the governor to fill in addition to their present Powers the commissioners Are to have the Power to supervise the passenger and freight rates of All roads in the and to change such rates except where they Are fixed by statute when in their judgment they Are deemed Uri reason their Powers Are also to extend to sleeping express and Telegraph the instead of the Are to pay the salaries of the to our minds this last is one of the Best features of the As it gives the roads no ownership Over the who Are thereby made More Independent in their the idea of increasing the commission in our the weakest Point in the but if a commission is essential to a proper enforcement of the it makes but Little difference whether it be com posed of three or five if men of the proper stamp Are senator Young has also introduced a Bill authorizing the Assembly Gener Al to proceed in the courts to collect the penalty for the code places this penalty at 85000 per month for each Road in the As the roads have paid no attention to tins but for years have pooled their business to the Hurt of the general it seems High time that they should be called to let them be compelled to obey the As private citizens Are compbell to obey senator Young has made a Good May the Good work go on until the Best possible legislation on this question is an interview with senator Young on this Al absorbing at from tic senator Lafe one of the Lead ers of the Iowa legislature who is in full sympathy with the demand of tie shippers and people of the state for Justice to Iowa interests at the hands of the has been in the City As a member of the legislative committee to the soldiers he is also a member of the Senate commit tee and is a Man of decided personality and great armed with a copy of the Greene Resolution or Bill adopted last Friday by the manufacturers and shippers of this a reporter hunted him up and submitted it to him for his after the senator had read the Bill the reporter asked Are you willing to state whether or not the Bill meets with your approval the senator said that question is a Little too Broad and Blunt to admit of a definite answer without More carefully studying out the full scope of the How the As i understand effects Trie equalizing of Iowa freights with inter state or through except that it permits a terminal charge for if the Bill really reaches this and in a casual Examina Tion i do not see but that it and directly and its principle has my Hearty endorsement so far As freights Are As to Passen Ger while the principal is much the i am not Well enough in formed As to rates to give an Are there any changes you would in a general there should be a penalty attached for Viola Tion and a commission with Power to guard and enforce the this is As to it seems to me that the Bill would be simplified and strengthened by eliminating from it the passenger question which could be dealt with separately with less confusion you do not regard the freight and passenger questions As of equal importance no passenger rates May be extortionate and lower rates might been forced with Benefit to the travelling pub Lic and with no injustice to the roads but we can live and do Busi Ness and thrive As a state on the present the question of Equita ble freight rates Between Iowa and Hei competitors is All supreme in my with which the legislature has to Deal and to adjourn without settling it would be a the future of the its country if not our form of govern in Are traceable to the iniquity of railroads it is the outgrowth of subsidized lines and Savage Competition Between commercial with the result that intermediate traffic has been rigorously taxed to make Low through rates based upon the charges and Louis to Points in the Marshalltown Bill would of course effect a heavy reduction in the revenues of the roads upon the same amount of if it is taken for granted that the pres ent capitalization of the roads is All and the state does not want to enter into the question of watered Stock and other values upon which required by the roads to pay then the reduction might prove too severe to be and the necessity of a rearrangement of the through rates to Workin Harmony with the new local rates would become apparent if it is not designed to impair the present earnings of the in my opinion the roads could stand a very material but just How should be determined carefully and with a full understanding of All hence the advisability of a commission Vith pretty full discretionary pow in your is the Prospect for such legislation As is necessary o accomplish this Reform there certainly never was a time when the temper of a legislature was so opposed to be in closer sympathy with the demands of the people in this direct the danger of failure will be in the lability of the members to it is natural that among men gathered to Gether As legislators there should be a great Many with some want to legislate in one Way and some in an one Man wants to plunge into the watered Stock another wants 2 cent another an ironclad schedule for local whose principal object is to whack at the and so to harmonize conflicting opinions is the and it arises directly from the people the peo ple howl about extortion and but they also and fail in formulating any specific de they do not organize system and expect too much of the legislature in its Short allow me to suggest that if More localities had the snap and vigor of Marshall and your Businesslike method of taking up these there would be less confusion and More satisfaction in for a legislature is not Apt to be far in Advance of the will not the convention of shippers called to meet in Des Moines wednes have some influence in assisting to shape this question panties doing business in this and when the said Board find any rates charged by such companies to be in their judgment they shall shall change the same and give notice to said companies of such and it shall be the duty of such companies to immediately change their rates in accordance with the order of the Board of railway the Board of railway com missioners shall have Power to compel obedience to their decisions in All mat ters in which they have taken and a certified statement of their Man dates and orders shall be Prim Facie evidence Iii the District or Superior court of this state that the rates that they shall fix Are and that the rates that they shall order changed were before such order unreasonable and any express or Tele graph company refusing or failing to the mob representative Silas Wilson and Sona t in Young both voted for James Wil Sou for United states and they did right in abiding by the Choice of the Republican the Rivers in Iowa seem to be unusually with fish this and some startling truths Are rotated by newspaper reporters in different parts of the the free of this related one Little fish Story about the Lewis Mill being stopped by the wheel becoming filled with and the great inter Ocean had to acknowledge that so far As it was concerned this Story blocked the of course we cant be expected to catch very Large fish in our Small but considering their opportunities the newspaper men Here do very but to help keep up the reputation of this part of the country in the matter of fish Geo Jillich comes to the while sawing ice in his Crystal Lake yesterday the saw struck and killed one of the German Carp put in there a few years ago by the fish weighed a Little More than 11 this is about 22 Lions As Large As the fish usually caught in the streams near this fish can be seen at Baileys the governor of West Virginia has called out tho militia to keep 1 lat fold and Mccoy mob out of Chut and present the Success or fail ure of her people of All All hinge upon the possibility of being Able to do business on the same basis and for the same prices As our if oui present industries Jare to if new ones Are to b3 if farmlands and farm products Are to be Given values commensurate with those o other in we Are Ever to be anything but an agricultural shipping our raw material out and the manufactured product we must get out from under the discrimination imposed by the present conditions absolutely bar do Yon not regard the basis established by the Marshalltown through inequitable perhaps it is not but it is because there must be Equality be tween the two or there is and any alleged remedy that does notes Stablish that Equality will prove in if you Are going to compel the roads to do like service for two persons a like you must have equal in this matter of freights you must have something Tan Gible to begin what is More Rea what could be More than to take existing freight charges As such a basis the fact for in the Northwestern Road is haul ing freight from Chicago to Ames for a certain should be evidence unquestionable that the Price is profitable and satisfactorily to that with out question the Marshalltown jobber and manufacturer be charged the same Price for the same plus a reasonable charge for re thesis taking the logic of the roads and their own freight sche Dules for a and is the Only possible and adequate Way in which to approach the if it is not the roads Are to blame for establishing an artificial acid discriminating therefore i say this justifiable but whether or not it is equity is another i believe policy of discriminating against localities and Small towns in order to build up Large commercial Centre is radically and fundamentally that Many of the evils which threaten our Prosperity As a if it reaches a Harmo Nious conclusion and is specific in its representatives Chantry and Russell did not arrive till but they were interviewed and As stated to both endorsed the principle of the Marshalltown Bill and expressed themselves As radically in favor of any legislation that would effectively equal ize both seemed to think that the Prospect for such legislation is sex Chantry was a member of the Granger legislature and a Mem Ber of the House committee that formulated the old Granger he says that at the time he had no Hopes that it would prove an adequate but it settled the question of state and in that was of vast his experience with the question of in dealing with the subject then will be of great Benefit the committee left for Des Moines last a i looked for a message from Over the hut never a word came Back to the restless Waves on Breakers swell had never murdered u sad tho slush no chused the Clouds Wuy and the Sands shone Bright through the Daub Long the hours Yin Fust with the summer Sun and the eve was with the paleface Moon crowned like in Queen with stars of to Grace the holy hours of came Winter with breath of in icy Fetters chained the Rill a Herald of Christmas feast and when wedding Bells rung a and through the falling Snow 1 spied a vessels shining Bow the Gallant bark bore Pennon i knew the Good ship How swiftly through the falling tear my doubts and Sudu Ess As Safe upon the Atlantic Shore tho Good ships keel is pressed once All me those memories now seem Uko some dreadful tire a silent Craft a phantom boat where never a human voice might or or song with merry Hull old time a Happy new year and now 1 where is lie who launched this yacht upon the sea that like the Bird of ancient need Only hear the magic then Wing her Light to bless your faithful Lihi my i then Wing her Llight through Shade or so Niue no one by merely conversing with a fish Ever succeeded in drawing him merely conversing with Warners log Cabin plaster would not draw out the pain in your but re fief at

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