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Atlantic Telegraph (Newspaper) - August 22, 1888, Atlantic, Iowa The Atlantic Telegraph volume August number the weekly Lafayette k1mtoh and National Republican for Benjamin of you Levi of new county for clerk of the for for county John for county Henry for member of Board of Robert it is very consoling to Light haired and read headed people that out of 105 patients at the Kirkbride Asylum Only four have Light hair and we venture the that that red headed fellow makes matters As Lively As All the put Ogeth it used to be supposed that Pale complexion specially marked tendency to mental excitement and brain Disord the show this to be an what is True of men is also True of women they with one exception in dark haired and dark it is sometimes the Case that the hair turns White with pro Bably the error arose from this the reason Why dark people Are More inclined to mental has not yet been in going to stand by Buck and the first Man that lays his lands on ill Cut his insides nobody Laid hands on every ones insides remained temporarily in and while it is generally conceded that major Martin and his Bowie were a Little out of order on that partic ular there is a general feeling n the National capital that few kicks would have been heard if the texan had knifed a few democratic Congress men before they had a Chance to make Tariff township for Georoe pen John for Job for Frank and now the Greenback party is go ing to meet and nominate a National a democratic newspaper is quoted As saying of Cleveland standing in the gaze of the where every word of hers is every gesture reported and every article of dress she has made no mis incurred no provoked no not Only but so Wise her life and so prudent her that hostile eyes have been Able to discover no word or act on which to hang the envious Tittle tattle of brain less slush and nonsense there have been no eager nor hostile eyes look ing for faults in and no envy in the Tittl tattle about which has appeared mostly in the demo cratic and there Are Mil Lions of other women who As wives Are As free from have incurred As Little and provoked As Little criticism As do have a Little Chicano journal the Louis Globe Democrat extends an invitation to Mills to make a series of free Trade speeches in and is under the impression that if he will Only Missouri May go the Iowa organization of Republican led by president Jackson and Secretary is doing a grand work in the thera Are now four Hundred clubs in the state and the number is such a state As where no Republican candidates Are allowed to or to be voted for if they do or to have their votes counted for them if they get May be regarded As certain for the democratic most of the Iowa third party prohibitionists Are persons who have come in to the state after the fight for prohibit Ory Laws was very few republicans who were in that fight have any thing but disgust for a third party prohibitionist a new the Adair county republicans decided at their convention on saturday to present John Storey As a candidate for they endorsed Storey and allowed him to select his own delegates to the it will suit the whisky Devil just As Well to utilize deluded Crank in the attempt to reopen Iowa saloons As to use a full fledged whisky fiend with horns and hoofs fully devel and branded significant wrecker and soul destroy Iowa de year 0 air Hominy Hub you seen old Nyssa we Ile Hank cief round he Glne Long Dis Road some time Dis Ina Nln Uke Hes Glne in town to vote he so Kiuber is de Leke he used to Hibber when de Yankee army an ill bet ten Dollar de democratic party Ben playing a Losin game republicans a a de democrats hoho it must be now Ben Harrisons Comyn an de year o Ole Massa wore he big like lie Glne out of to an he card he shot gun Ober he an he Bow knife in he he say we Nigger better stay close to an Neber go near de polls but ill bet ten Dollar de democratic party am adrift in on de i Heerd Ole Massa Talkin Dis he was Clar too mad i specs he fraud de solid South Glne to git beat mighty he talk free but As shoes to born Dere was sum pin on his an ill bet ten Dollar de democratic party am Glne to get let i Doan like Dis Yere red it minds me o fore de War Gib me Dat Flag Dat freed de dats de Flag ise Pray in for for de stars an Stalpes an Harrison Dis Nigger 11 Pray an shout an ill bet ten Dollar de democratic party aia a wine to step Down an seeking the inhabitants of without regard to Are sending out the Fol lowing with their personal correspond ence to Liis Grover president of the United states the people of irrespective of but most ask simple Justice at your we Are bound by the closest ties of Friendship and patriotism to the Citi Zens of the and request that we be clothed with the rights and Power of statehood for both North Dakota and South we have Intelli industrious who f of tedious years unavailing by been imploring and entreating Congress to admit us into the sisterhood of the two proposed states embrace an area of acres of Fertile which produces annually bushels of wheat and bushels of we invested in banking Miles of rail Public employing and expending annually we furnish millions in pre Cious and pay millions in tribute n the Way of taxes to the general the committee on territories of the resent House of representatives has Urnecli a deaf ear to our and of we Appeal to asking that the Mission of the two states be made he subject of a special message to con we speak because we know or cause is just we ask fearlessly2 be Ause we Are Only asking for the f american freemen we Appeal sin because we Long for Relief from territorial Vassalage we petition ear because of an inherent right to enfranchised will the president of the United who is enthroned above All refuse the prayer of a patriotic people if then shall Here arise in the great Northwest two Lew stars whose Lustre shall add glory and brightness to the thirty eight that now adorn the old guns of their warships and compelled her to receive the Flimsy products of Manchester and at the uniform duty of 5 per cent and that is free and it is strangling the life out of the experience of Ireland is too Well known to need special mention is the commercial pirate of the she is now Strain ing her utmost to Rob the United states of its industries and get control of our if she every work Ingman and working woman in this country will be brought to comparative you cant help losing the High wages you now if you retain any work at All against the Competition of the pauper paid labor of England you will be compelled by the Competition to accept As wages precisely that pauper you will love England More than you do new York Green Bay lumber dealers in All kinds of Oak Cedar posts yellow Norway and White Pine floor Poplar and White Pine English american be hard soft prices the give us an Opportunity to figure on your estimates cheerfully Yards at Marne and than the Iowa grangers whom they so savagely denounce As thieves and in the procession which welcomed James to his Home in bed after he had been nominated for Congress was borne a picture of him As he appeared when he entered the fourth Iowa infantry at the age of 16 in the Carriage beside him sat his fun a Veteran of the War with mex As Well As that of the the republicans of Cass re nominated those Gallant old Soldier Lle Eshelman and and the republicans of the county can Well afford to stand up and heartily endorse three men who fought so gallantly for their country and who Are such exem Plary citizens fellow let us All fall into line for the entire Clem of South who gives employment to he has no doubt Harrison Indiana by to Louis the next governor of for More than a Quarter of a Century past Alvin Hovey has been one of the most distinguished citizens of the Hoosier As a line officer in the War against Mexico he was one of the bravest and most dashing of the Indiana these attributes were Dis played in More exalted station and in a larger Field in the struggle of neither Fremont nor neither Grant nor in whose command he successfully had a More Resolute or efficient subordinate than major general the qualities o earnestness and Rigi adherence to duty which distinguished him As a Soldier have animated him in every civic position which he has held whether on the As the diplomatic representative of his country in foreign or As a member of the popular Branch of the Latte of which positions he now he a shown a purity of motive and a Devo Tion to the Public interests which have reflected Honor upon himself and Credi upon his Lotus Globe dem the electric Iowa political they Are telling another Story Nobou major Texas congressman who blew out the Gas the first night he slept in a Washington during the Wordy War on the floor of the House not Long ago Between says will carry Many democrats connected with Industrial interests Are coming out for and Many who voted for his up Landfather and have since been democrats announce that they will vote the Republican ticket this the following Resolution was adopted by the Scott county democratic convention on saturday providing the re publican state to meet in Des Moines before the democratic convention shall place in nomination the present Railroad commissioners of this it is the sense of this convention that the democratic convention should place the same commissioners on their of of new major Martin for the first time on rec Ord began to display some interest in the when Kilgore said if Spinola had a hence Nan who would father his he would pronounce him a liar on the floor of tie major it is took a reef in the Waistband of his pulled his booted legs Down Oft his desk and walked Over to where a brother texan was the major punched the fellow texan on the off Shoulderblade to attract is attention and exhibited a Long the Blade of which was artistically concealed in his coat to the inquiry As to what he intended to do with the toothpick he replied complacently lets get the boys join like manner the republicans of the eighth District have nominated of for the other candidates voted for were Wai senator Excenator and Excenator Lewis All the gentlemen got Large the chairman of the convention was Temple of Clark who has been Democrat up to the present Strong denouncing major Anderson and free were Anderson might As Well withdraw from the flick is older in anti monopoly than he congressman Struble has been renominated in the eleventh by for a fourth the convention also endorsed senator Law rence for railway it looks As though Dolliver would beat congressman Holmes in the tenth we have great Admira Tion for and would love to see him secure almost any political but we very much fear that he would not be a very successful practical Mem Ber of the it takes painstaking work to make a Good we have fancied that Dolliver would not plod and attend to Brilliant Fellows Are generally opposed to plod there Are a considerable number of candidates out for railway commission the Telegraph Hopes to see Smith and Campbell nominated by and for the third place we e refer John of a the fight for the old Grange Law Mains influence was potent on the right he also ably fought against its pauper paid great Britain has ruined every coun try in the world which she has persuaded or forced into free her com Mercial treaties Cozene out of Portu Spain and destroyed the industries of each of those countries and made them her cheap goods crushed oat the ancient household manufacture of the Indian Empire which she and left millions of the conquered people with the Bare subsist ence of Rice and a British army of invasion forced China to admit her territory the opium which British merchants could Market Only in that forced the through tie custom houses of China of British Mer Chandise at the destructive per cent of 2 per cent and it was the Mas Sacre of the Industry of a magnificent and venerable Atid of countless Thop Sands of poor chinese women id these Chea the plutocrats and the Chicago replying to an invitation to buy a Block of Iowa municipal Bonds a firm of Boston brokers said recently that they not invest or recommend custom ers to invest Money in any state that undertakes through commissioners to fix arbitrarily the rates of Railroad Busi they didst know what the next move might be that would endanger the Security of and Felt free to predict tha Eastern capital will be withdrawn and seek investment in states where such dangerous and questionable Laws do not Inas much As the particular Law in question will not compel the railroads to per form any service at a loss or for less than a fair profit and simply requires the corporations to be Content with rates that Are reasonable and it follows that the Boston note shavers will invest Only in states where traffic May be levied on for All that it will Bear and the Public Goose will yield its feathers without a complaint similar to that of the Boston note shaving firm was recently made to Larrabee of who made the following reply in a private letter since made Public in the East y9urs of the 24th is at with evening Post slip As i expect such criticism from the Post and other journals under corporation do not borrow any trouble about our people bringing injury or disaster to i have lived in the state Over thirty Fiir and have perhaps a better knowledge of the situation than you and i want to assure you that your fears Are entirely we can get All the capital that we need and give Good Security for the we Are asking to have the abuses practice upon us by Railroad managers the legislation asked for has been upon the statute books of Illinois and mis Souri and other states for ten to fifteen in memory of Rice of this passed the following resolutions on the death of their general Phil hese cheap goods covered Japan with the and found to be beneficial to All perhaps i will except the proposition to reduce passenger fares to per mile on firs class roads and enclosed find slip of editorial from the Chicago which is a com plete answer to and also the other i Hope you will lend your Aid to the correction of these abuses which Are of so common and which no reasonable person can with this letter As a pretext the daily a Wall Street Organ of Stock robbery and pours a fusillade of cheap and ignorant abuse on because of his attempts to enforce the new Law forbidding extortionate and unreasonable Railroad rates he is denounced As a demagogue and an unscrupulous trickster seeking to Rob the railroads to Ratcli ignorant or dishonest if the Wall Street Organ knew anything about Iowa it would know that ignorant and Dis honest votes Are comparatively rare in that Granger and that the Possession of such votes would leave a politician without office or if it knew anything about Lar Rabee it would understand that he is himself a a a Manu and a Man not in the least disposed to deny Railroad or any other capital fair and legitimate nor do the Iowa who Are stigmatized As commit Vistic occupy any different the maximum rate Law recently adopted is in its chief provisions a copy of the act passed in Illinois fifteen years and which has worked so Well in this state that no one now asks its the Iowa act guards the interests of the railroads so carefully that if the commissioners by mistake or otherwise should make a rate too Low to return a fair profit it is not binding on the corporations and May be advanced As soon As a higher charge is shown to be reasonable and hence if the railroads should suffer from unreasonably Low rates the misfortune would not Spring from the Iowa Granger Law but from the Folly of managers in waging cutthroat the Law wifi protect Railroad pro Perty better even than the Iowa will suffer no loss of credit be cause of the act of the state in forbidding extortionate Railroad rates while prov ing that the carriers May make any charge proved in court be reasonable and the outcry against a require ment so fair to both Carrier and shipper comes from the Eastern Money changers and Stock manipulators who want a margin for War in one Quarter and extortionate charges based on All the traffic will Bear in another that quotations May be Lively and tie opportunities for Stock gambling they want to Dull and Bear the Stock markets at and make rate wars or put extortionate charges on Western Farmers whenever they think if these Eastern Stock jobbers really to learn some thing about honesty and Square dealing a wonderful girl weighing less than 100 pounds lifts a 240 Pound from the Clinton miss Lena known As the elec tric gave one of her series of exhibitions on the afternoon of the at pleasant miss Lena is of slight weighing 94 and being of an age not to be ashamed the Little lady came upon the Arena in front of the audience and cast into the ring her a smiling face which provoked Many would be ath letes to accept the and try to the championship of re sisting the thrusts of the Little which was done by grasping a round held in a horizontal position in both whilst miss took hold of the stick in the same manner and despite the determined Effort to oppose her each one trying was easily pushed about Over the floor and pitched into the several tested her ability and in such contest were obliged to acknowledge them selves two and three men at the same time were added to the opposing with no different miss Power in this direction was Only successfully opposed by the United resistance of six heavy she next carried about the seated in a a Man whose avoirdupois was 240 by grasping with her hands the main rounds of the Back of the with the top of the Back rest ing against her in this same manner a weighing 300 and standing in the chair held from the with nine or ten others exercising All their United efforts upon the were for a time successfully resisted from forcing the chair to the in these experiments miss showed but Little external signs of any great bodily compared with whose faces were while the smile scarcely left miss Lenas the experiments in mind Reading or obeying the will of another by being being and having the hands placed upon her were All Success Ful and More interesting than her feats of physical one interesting Experiment was having two persons will her to attempt to do any two Dif Ferent their hands being placed upon her when the person of the stronger will Power these experiments to be appreciated should be miss loebs Powers of mind and will Reading have Only been known to her for four or five months her Power for great physical feats Are much stronger in cold when the atmosphere is More intensely charged with than in warm from grasping the stick and chair rounds and using such great one would expect the Palms of miss hands would have been made callous or but they showed signs of no More than Ordinary we learn the nerves of her hands Are destitute of the Ordinary and when in the grip of the hand of a Strong expecting to see the contortions of pain in her count he is rewarded with Only a provoking it has pleased the great commander of the universe to remove from Earth our illustrious general and it is but just that a fitting recognition of his Many Virtues and Gallant deeds As a Soldier be there for be it by Sam Rice Post department of that while we Bow with Humble submission to the orders of the most we do not the less mourn for our Comrade taken from that in the death of Gen eral Sheridan the laments the loss of a Comrade who was Ever ready to proffer the hand of Charity and the voice of sympathy to the needy and destitute wards of our country an Active member of this society whose utmost endeavours were extended for its welfare and Prosperity a Comrade who was dear to us All and a Gallant Soldier whose upright and Noble life was a Standard of emulation to All his follow that we sincerely condole with the family of the and that the Heartfelt sympathy of this Post be extended to them in their that As a Token of respect and a just tribute to the memory our distinguished we hereby drape our colors and Post Hall in mourning for a period of thirty that these resolutions be spread on the records of this and that a copy thereof be transmitted to the City Shiloh Alt Alizer is what you need for of Diz and All symptoms of Price 10 and 75 cents per Tif a Young lady who belongs to tin company created a sensation in Davenport by Riding the cow watcher Frank the old Veteran who 1ms resided in Muscatine for 41 lists gone to the soldiers Home mar general Sheridan left a paid up life insurance policy for aside from that he left a Small at Shell Rock the boys Are having much sport at or at spearing just below the City the fish pass up the Little rails every night and Large quantities Are pitched out with they could hardly find better teachers i Hay Forks by the Glimmer of a Torch special Haveit the Northern Pacific is a series of five special Harvest excursions from St Duluth and Ashland to principal Points in Dakota and Montana during september and parities contemplating a trip for pleas or with a View of select ing a new Home can Avail themselves of rates lower than Ever before announced to visit the wonderful country tributary to the Northern Pacific tickets will be on Sale at August september Lith and and october 9th and limited to 80 Days from Date of and Good for Stopover on going these rates to Montana Points Are about one cent per mile and in some cases about half of the one Way fare for the round connecting lines East and South of Minneapolis and Duluth will sell tickets in connection with these excursions at one fare for the round the dates named will be a very opportune time to visit the wheat Fields of Minnesota and North Dakota also to see the cattle ranges of everybody should Bear in mind that the Northern Pacific is the Short and direct line to principal Points in Mon and the Only line running either dining Pullman sleeping or colonist sleeping cars to grand Fergus James and principal Points in Northern North Dakota and for rates and other information apply to general passenger and ticket or nearest ticket the Vail lbs Roer says that one Day last while John Lingle was stack ing he Felt something cold twin ing about his ankle was Barefoot and upon examination with Hor a Snake Tig fitly wound about his he was greatly startled and at once attempted to free himself from the unwelcome visitor who who was so affectionately caressing but before he could accomplish the Snake stuck its poisonous fangs into his flesh three different places Between the knee and he finally freed killed the proceeded to the House and summoned who was in attendance in a very Short and applied the Propec Rem enabling Lingle to be up and about Lite business again in a couple of in the course of treatment Llesh of ten chickens was used in extracting the As an illustration of what Good the chickens the observer records the death of singles who ate a Small portion of one of tie slackers that was thrown into Yand after being used on the

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