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Atlantic Telegraph (Newspaper) - August 8, 1888, Atlantic, Iowa The Atlantic volume August number weekly Lafayette cd Ito and National Republican Koll Benjamin of Koli lev of new Blaine is homeward cheap labourers on the farms the fact Penitentiary for conscience of nil classes of the Days exercises commenced at 10 that the interests classes of it j p available people in this country Are served by the lace in the Tabe Macie was i the music was the brass band protective the West Union Gazette makes the and it is a Good that the played Hail concerning judge Brewers decision question of tariffs does not effect Carithe Chicago Tribune has this editorial is this a government of judge Brewer by j Edge Brewer and for judge Brewer the Keokuk Gate City predicts that Domjohn Stone will be nominated for senator Hoar aptly and forcibly characterizes the Mill Cleveland free Trade project As a conspiracy Between the old slaveholder and the English manufacturer to strike Down the wages of the american Workman and the comforts of the american Workman among the candidates for the Republican nomination for Congress in the 8th stands of Taylor flick is a tried and True Friend of the an old and faithful a legislator of experience and he would make a Good an injunction by a Federal court against a state to prevent it fixing rates for purely state traffic seems rather under the Federal Constitution a state cannot be sued by citizens of another and hence it would hardly seem that Railroad stockholders who Are citizens of other states could secure a permanent injunction against the execution inside of Iowa of a Law applying Only to Iowa judge Brewer that the state is not the real party in and that the actual controversy is be tween shippers and the not the state and the still the in Junction is against the Railroad commis who Are direct agents of the state and act As it commands or i it does not seem Clear that on of the Strong men named in Conne clonal bearing the Federal courts will in Tion with the office of attorney general none Are stronger than the John Stone first of a splendid in Legal attainments he stands in the front yet does not it should be held that the state Tal As it does Capit 1 is Able to take care of and when the time if it Ever that it is not profitable to invest in manufactories capital locks itself up in the vaults of Banks and the Strong boxes of the with labor it is upon the Brawny hands of the Labouring Man defends his own and the health and Comfort of his when the hum of the Mill ceases he is left to his own and from the nature of Are and soon sex his interests Are deeply involved in the Prosperity of his employ and personally he has More at stake in the Success of the Protection theory than a Man with a Strong Man Foh attorney Gen join the official agents of the state permanently from executing a state Law inside the proper jurisdiction and apply it to purely Domestic if said Benjamin Harrison the British parliament does not legislate with a View to promote the interests of the United they have in View the interests of the Empire Over which Victoria should we not As in our legislature consider first the interests of our for he is moving steadily Forward is not the real party in interest and that along the difficult Way to a higher place a Federal injunction can be granted to state officials from enforcing a Tor in Republican politics in a Man Law which the state had a right to in always counted on and to be counted the question will arise As to the on for telling work for rep reasonableness of the rates made by the and yet he is possessed of inform Ami As to the of that Legal mind if he were information As to the attorney would compel him exact Cost of Railroad service has always by the irresistible Force of his own logic been most carefully guarded and secret to approach All questions of Law from Ert by Railroad the railroads a lawyers standpoint unaffected by partisan the Elevation of John Stone to the office of attorney general would revive traditions of the time when the Strong the reunion a great Success now vast at Tendance of old and Many Emin ent Hen be the arrangements for the reunion Are now sufficiently advanced to make it Plain that a great Success is everything is in Fine shape and the at Tendance will exceed that of any re Union held in Iowa for Many among the invited guests will John c the old Pathfinder who is now Liv in no Man is better calculated to awaken enthusiasm or bring Back the memories of the past than Uncle Billy Sherman the Friend of Grant and the hero of the March to the has been invited and will probably be he is the idol of the Western soldiery and his presence alone will add greatly to the pleasure of the Alger of has also been invited and there is not much doubt of his no Man is nearer the hearts of the old soldiers than judge grand commander of the has notified the committee that he will be he is a Fine speaker and his popularity among the soldiers is bound department commander of has accepted the invitation and will be Here during the entire Green Bay lumber dealers in All kinds of Oak Cedar posts yellow Norway and White Pine floor Poplar and White Pine English american hard soft prices the give us an Opportunity to figure on your estimates cheerfully Yards at Marne and est men were sought out for nominations to High rapids the Denver commenting on judge Brewers says it is whether judge Brewers test of the reasonableness of a rate is altogether we Are unwilling to admit that the rates would be unreasonable because they failed to pro Duce earnings sufficient to pay interest on a fraudulent debt and dividends on watered in the log Cabin and hard cider Campaign of the Grandfather of Benjamin eight Hazen Brothers formed a brass and blew their Way through Illinois and helped elect old the eight Are All alive their Ages ranging from 60 to they live in and they pro pose whooping it up for the grandson of his some free traders give out the idea that because the United states imposes a duty on goods brought in from England and other our american beef and pork is Dis Crimin which have entered into the contest with the Iowa commissioners now find themselves in a situation which re quires them to produce As proof the facts which they have always sought to they claim the proposed rates let them prove it by showing the actual Cost of service on their respective if the commissioners can develop information of this character their struggle will not have been in every Effort to get at the Cost of Railroad service has failed ated in contradiction to this we cite the following evidence from a but the Iowa roads Are now free trader go grated that in order to prove their Sterling of Cage they must in court the in formation previously kept so carefully in the Wool Koduck and the following is the official report of the number pounds of Wool produced in this and imported from foreign ports in each of the last ten Domestic foreign the Cleveland Leader thus Points out some of the features of the Mills Bill which discloses its intense Southern and sectional character per cent duty Southern per cent duty Northern duty Northern duty Northern duty Northern Beans and duty Northern duty Northern flax not no duty Northern duty the candidacy of John Mahin for Railroad commissioner is meeting with Large favor among both press and peo Mahin is a Man of Iron Reso courageous As a honest As any Man that Ever trod the and gifted with abundant common sense it looks now As though the republicans would almost certainly nominate him on the ticket with commissioners Smith and whose nomination for a second term is a foregone con Moines will some labor reformer who is free Tell us Why he willing to admit the pauper made goods o other countries and opposed to admit Ting More of the paupers v the wants to shut out the pauper made goods and the pauper what Good does it do to shut of the chinese and admit their goods free cant they work in their own countr and compete with our working Meti i f the formers demand cheaper maim fractured goods made by cheaper Laboi have not the mechanics a right to de Marid that farm products be cheapen by the employment of chinese and othe the markets of among other things he said the Best Cut of beef is sold at Fourt Esfi cents per which is less than it can be bought for in new York the Best beef with them is american killed West and shipped directly through in refrigerator Bacon Sells in Lou Ion within half a cent a Pound of its Irice in they get an immense Quantity of beef and Mutton from the liver Platte country of South Mien get head of sheep annually rom the Falkland the car Joes bring twopence per which s four cents of our the meat s sold to the jobbers at four Pence and the Low freights Are what makes it possible for them to get our ref production at such a Low freights from Chicago to London have Een As Low As 28 cents per 100 Che compete own Between the lines of Ocean steamships has made freight rates merely Large quantities of Reight Are taken on English ships for they used to bring Over turks Island Salt in bags for ballast free of until we put a Tariff of fourteen cents on the democratic congressional convention for the ninth District is called to meet 5 at Council the delegations will be As follows 5 5 7 6 8 7 6 californian Early mormon from a letter in the Waterloo report r dated july from Hiram an Iowa glean the following facts pertaining to mormon history forty one years ago july the company of pioneers entered the Valley of the great Salt in commemoration of that the fort first anniversary was yesterday observed in this City by a general sus pension of and by appropriate service in the Large Tabernacle the grand Organ was gaily decorated with the stars and in Froid was a steel engraving of prisident Brigham under this the word Unity South Side of Organ pioneers 47 North Welcome the pioneers who first came Down this Canon numbered 148 men and three but no six of the pioneers were on the Bro ther of and five the address of president Wil Ford who unfortunately for conscience Sake was in the was read by elder brother cum mfrs read a Short address from president George who is said to be under ground awaiting the Dawn of i give Only his opening words dear Brethren and it would give me great pleasure to speak to you the fort first anniversary of the Entrance of pioneers into the Youey of the great Salt Lake in my own Beach was called Forward and presented to the audience As the first child born in the their report makes the present number of school children this is considered utahs Best the old plow now in the my that broke the first Furrow in was presented amid great a elder Savage was called to make some remarks regarding the lie said that elder William car a Friend of the Golden state Telia the a county superintendent now a resident of but who is Back to Settle up some business matters that May detain him Here Sev eral talks very frankly of the California ill Tell it just As it said with out exaggeration either i want you to understand that i am a Friend to and too much can hardly be said of the most wonderful state in the but the speculative Boom in lands and property has been the consequences entailed Are no and from any other than a practical View would be very disc our those who bought speculative property within the last nine months have been terribly the Bottom dropped out of the and the de Cline lately has been so hysterical that there Are no longer what might be called established Many unable to meet Are losing and this adds to the Demor Many men who considered their lands Worth thousands a few months cant borrow live the Bank statements Are one institution at Pasadena has depos its aggregating apparently indicating a big How much Are you loaning v i asked a not a he the fact the depositors Are Only ones that Are and they Are Rich men who got from under in the first thing to follow the collapse was a contraction of expenses by business institutions of All this threw hundreds out of employment added to the great crowd of every Avenue to work is including common and skilled labourers and professional men of All capable Fel lows Are doing any work they can and at almost any but All this will Clear up in and the excess population will Clear when the speculative condition has reached the end of rightful values will be again established and those who Are Able to bide their time will come out All the unfortunates must first run thei1 shall Captain Consigny was unanimously elected by tie old soldiers to his pres ent and he is a Host within a Battery of a Tilley manned by regular soldiers from the government Barracks at will be on hand and not Only add much to the spirit of affair but will remove All fear of there will be a Sham Battle each which together with skirmish guard mounts and dress parades will make the time pass both pleasantly and the tents will Ajaj Urnie from the Omaha bar Ricks be formed with military the eighth Iowa regiment will hold its regular annual Here at the same time and this alone insures a great number of old enough has been heard to make it certain that not less Jhan Stua Gers will be Here to enjoy our hospitality and make the occasion one Long to be the veterans Are com ing Walji 6rass and martial bands pre pared to make a noise and have a Good they Are com ing f Evey Point of the Compass in Missouri and other and Atlantic will Welcome with open arms the Brave defenders of their who left congressman Ralph plumb expects to give his workingmen constituents a novel treat when lie gets it will be a pudding and will be big enough for everybody to have a his idea is to show How the Mills Tariff Bill has been drawn against the interests of Consumers in the the pudding is to be of the three things which make up the Are Only a Pinch of Salt is and the democrats in order to make food to take the tax off that Pinch of but the which is the main in they intend to tax 100 per and which a goodly Quan Tity is needed to make the right sort of a is kept under a duty of 68 per when the Senate passes its Tariff Bill with the duty on Rice Cut Down to 50 per cent and on half the Burden taken off sugar the strength of congressman plumbs argument will be the Burlington the Fol lowing Well taken Point in the great Campaign debate now whether you take it from a partisan or artistic stand it says a few dozen negro democrats held a convention at Indianapolis the other and passed a Resolution to the that As the Republican party had failed to give the negroes it was for there in Terest to vote the democratic our candidate for general aptly asked from what enemy does the coloured race need Protection of the coloured people have not suffered in their rights except from the democratic the resolutions so aptly answered by general then should read As follows that As the Republican party has failed to protect us from the democratic party we will go to the democratic party for this would be As if the sheep should get to Gether and resolve that As the Shepherd had failed to prevent the wolves from carrying off several of their number they would Bolt Shepherd Rule and join the Wolf their workshops and their stores and factories to save this nation in its hour of for the time we and All our possessions will be the dates August 22 to Are very the great Nebraska reunion commences on the 27th and nearly All of the eminent soldiers of tie country will be they can thus attend the Atlantic reunion with no extra expense and Little loss of and of itself will be a great the Fine fair ground of Thop agricultural society will be used the Camp will the occasion will be one looked Forward to with fond anticipation and remembered afterwards for As another evidence of the Way Atlantic has of Al ways making a Success of whatever she fridays Chicago Tribune has a Dis Patch from relating the Diso veries made in tearing Down an occupied in Early times by toughs and soiled in a vault or Cave in the basement have beep found human an old resident states that he recalls that George of Riding Aline horse and hav Sitf Bome Money up in the to have lost the first Myfit in the old and is known to have gone Back next lie was never heard of next Day a Louis Man appeared at the stable Wiere the horse was with an order for its the keepers of the gambling House soon after a who jihad made every Dollar of Inis fortunes with the Aid of offers Jon retiring f rom bus this Biti of advice to those he leaves struggling he makes his arrangements to enjoy life the fault of the Ordinary advertiser is this he goes in for a spurt and while the is on him he will pay Money to any journal he fall by and by the Bills come in he finds that he has spent three times As Many dollars As he meant and there Are no replies to his advertising he thinks the specially he has been trying to introduce has fallen Flat on the Public or business has become Dull and he fancies the buyers Are few and Little Likely to pay any at Tention to his he stops and loses nearly All the Benefit of his previous the Success reached by those whose advertisements appear regularly should teach men of business first to be care Ful in the selection of the medium they choose and next when satisfied on this Point to disregarding apparent and never re trenching expenditure when business is As that is the very time when advertising is the most women of Queen Victoria is very fond of Mon Strous Straw Sarah Remhardt is getting Stout she can no longer be seen the czarina of Russia is an expert Fly there Are no flies on an firm of tailors employ a pretty Young lady As Anna of is the inventor of a window pull Down the Fanny Davenport is now without taut not without and a there Are about twice As Many women As men in Send Down the Kate Beard of Texas invented a handsome device for propelling sewing Annie Boone of California invented a gaslight shield and it is admirably suited to Young Lii lies after the Strainer City of Long Branch Hus soiled from Philadelphia the begin its search for the sunken Sloop War enrol your the Teledu Zaph wants the name and address of every Man in Western Iowa who voted for old Tippecanoe in we have already the following names Moses Horace Samuel Joseph James Grove Eli Edward Clark John Henry Bear Grove Joseph Calm James Dexter Calvin Nelson Benjamin John Atlantic Jacob Edward Atlantic Robert Henry Rufus visiting at Noble Josiah John James Stephen Thomas Frank red Morton ked r l 3kgl vol Rafair to Hiram Duke Shiloh is what you need for loss of dist owned Ami used the was and All symptoms of Dea unable to be preset being confined in Price 10 Ami 70 cents per of dined and gives his opinion that new York and the East Are Stron for general Larrison for Jordan had a big time while madding the exploring says he of tie great convention of poet to locate the ancient wreck without at Rochester and was it is to be work for divers captian of Cam dealers and John Alex Alfred i Pii i Isaac Ephram red a v n red lied red hed John Levi James Leander Stevens John Andrus i Alva Isaac Low Charles the Prince of says he would rather have to in paper of Only four Hundred Currula Tion than live thousand flyers or this is tie opinion Man of sound vast experience Ami nut vol Lous Success inthe Iomie utell there Are men in this town who could easily increase their business Many times Over what it is now by he and libel

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