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Atlantic Daily Telegraph Newspaper Archives Jan 6 1891, Page 1

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Atlantic Daily Telegraph (Newspaper) - January 6, 1891, Atlantic, Iowa Volume tuesday number w dirt Council Bluffs steam Dye Machan 1o13 Council write for Price list and you come and see Good grades Are oter Shaw Crombie Seribner for the coming year will be noteworthy for a number of special feat ures which the publishers believe Are of very unusual and among them the following May be mentioned sir Edward Arnold contributes to the december number the first of a series of four articles upon its its and its Robert who was commissioned to go to Japan for Seribner has prepared a very remarkable series of drawings to illustrate sir Edwards articles upon the recent japanese festival will illustrated by Henry Stanley has prepared for the january number an important article upon the piggies of the great african another contribution in this Field will be Scott celtics account of the recent african exhibition held in both papers will be amply the a serial novel by Robert Louis Stevenson and Lloys run through a Large part of the illustrated by a two part Story by Frank Stockton will also James author of the american will write a series o1 four articles upon embodying the results of his recent journey and studies on this land of never ending Ocean steamships will be the subject of an important series somewhat upon the style of the successful Railroad passenger the life of of cers and Speed and safety and Are some of the subjects touched upon and great streets of the world is the title of a novel collection of articles on which the author and artist will collaborate to give the characteristics of famous thorough on be written by Richard Harding illustrated by Arthur others will follow on Paris the the Price of Seribner Magazine admits of adding a subscription to ones other in iding at very Small orders should be sent at a 25 cents a Charles Scribner 743745 brow new manufacturers of Blank books t is y at l at Law Fuce Chestnut Stree business West Side Walnut 3d and Atlantic passenger going trains going East carrying passengers Atlantic pro i Pui Irr a w going trains going West carrying passengers leave Atlantic or p m going Branch trains leave ii arrive a i going Audubon Branch trains leave am arrive in pin Joabson leave no arrive in an Hablan leave arrive in gtd Tokib Center leave pm leave am arrive in pm arrival and departure of mails from at malls Frew arrive no a m pm malls from the West arrive p m mails going East close a m pm malls going West close pm p m for 1 going West in the morn ing is sent East on 2 at night and returned at meeting Audubon mails arrive at a m and p mails close at a m and 3 to p Griswo Tab mails arrive at a m and p mails close at 6 a m and p letters should be deposited mailing at least fifteen minutes before the encloses the Bee reduced in the Price of the Omaha weekly Bee has been reduced to a year now is the time to subscribe for the Best newspaper in the Send in your orders Early the Bee publishing to it has been in use Many and ims proved infallible in every from simple pimples and blotches on Tho Iaco and sore hyenas to obstinate Tetter and itching sold to 50 per Send Tot treatise on skin diseases and of american foundry Wilson or manufaotubkr8 of steam steam hoisting Mill building Iron horse Bridge bolts and Coal car we feels and and All rinds of Iron and brass Mill and agricultural machinery repaired on Short notice by competent 225 East front lbs Cash paid for Oia there Are Many White each represented to be just As Good As the they Are but like All they Lack the Peculiar and remarkable qualities of the ask for Ivory soap and insist upon having it tis sold snug Little work for by Anna and Why of you some earn Over you can do Tho work and live wherever you even beginners Are Emiily earning from 5 to to show you How and Start can work in spare unit 1 or All the big Money for work failure unknown among new and particulars can to earned fit our line of rep Lily and by those of to Thor Young or and in their own Crever they any j one can do the easy to we furnish we atari no Yon can 18 world this is an Ihyo ploy ment and tej Cli Yon no space to explain full information Carters Bick a Camacho and tue Udall Tho troubles inor float to Abilio 7rite of tha buob s3 distress Ahw Nln in Tho while their Musj Wracar Jibbo Success has Oeon shown in Gur toys yet Carters Little Livor Pilla Oral equally Yalta Halo in curing and pro venting they also Correct Allyl orders of liver n and regulate the even it they Only cured Job obey be those wha Buffer from this distressing complaint but f Ortu Awatoly their goodness Doea no Toutt Thoan who once try Thorn will find these Little pills Valu Able in so Many ways that they will not be Wil Ling to do without but after Olle lok heed the Bane of so Many 11703 that Here is whore to make our great out pills euro it Whilo others do Carters a Lite liver Pella Are very Small and very easy to Ono or two pills make a they Are Etri otly vegetable and do not Gripo or but by their gentle action please All who in vials at 25 cents five for sold by druggists or font by Carter Medicine new Small Small Price at ii Tom Nikki by this new beit and suspensory made for this specific i cure of giving Hooili continuous purr Tiitu of through nil whale restoring Thorn to Ilo Etric current will or Forf flt in Jelt and 8uspoithory nil worst chaos us gently cured in three Scal Tiu pamphlet Legal Blanks the following Blanks Are kept la Stock and for Sale at the Telegraph office in quantities to suit le1gal Blanks Appeal attachment answer to Ball Bond for stay Bond for Chatilo mortgage constables justices subpoenas justices justices justices lease for City property property mechanics notice of no notice of Mohus Lien of Lucial order of protest Power of Kep lovin Huleas of a Colovin be pleven stay bound in 60s and drafts due simple attorney orders for Blanks not above or special will receive prompt attention Brief work made a specially if our patronage is respectfully daily Telegraph Iowa i half Breeds at Pine Ridge fear a settlers gather at leaving their Koines and anxious for a nil in event of Success to swoop Down Oil Bushville and Pine Ridge Breeds Here have been informed by friends and whom some of them have among the that they had better immediately move their families a Long distance from the Agen As a great raid and massacre is cer the half Breeds Are showing us what they think of this information by getting their families out of Here with a the government John and Issue clerk up pfc have both discovered through Taisir Indian friends of years that a raid and Massa Cre has been fully decided upon and maturely Miles is thoroughly conversant with All these and says that our situation is exceedingly there Are less than six Hundred soldiers Why Forsyt lie fact that women and children were killed by the soldiers in their engagement at wounded knee is thought to be the reason Why Forsythe was Aud in official quarters it is said that president Harrison himself is responsible for Miles action in relieving Forsythe from his command in the face of the in army circles thus relieving Forsythe is severely criticized As destructive to Good prominent officials have Little to Secretary Proctor said Miles did it is a very much mixed up matter and i May explain it Schofield was rather More commune he said there is not much that i can say about just but i am willing to explain a far As i it had been suggested by a person whom i cannot mention that it would be Well to look into the matter of the fight on wounded knee Creek thurs inasmuch As the reports state that several Indian women and children were accordingly at a suggestion from relieved Forsyth of his command pending an investigation of the circumstances of that which is probably now be ing conducted by i have As yet received no official information from Miles about the and All i know about what he has said is what i have seen in the the general management of the fight is also to be looked but the particular Point in question is the death of the women arid flocking into on the North Are bringing their families to leaving their Homes and Oneil has a Fine Over one Hundred head of Aud word was sent to him by half Breeds that the indians would ride some of his horses be fore this War was one of the red devils Rode Down within forty rods of his House and evidently looking Over the preparing to Muka Ben Dave Collier and Jim old timers and Squaw Wuno in for they Livo on Tho reservation and have Large herds of Cuttle and which they have they report Tho in Diana Are near Porcupine Bilitto in Large Only wait Nir for the result of a Battle with canard Whito Sido in the their de feat of the United states the indians will make a raid on Rushville and Chadron and Burn those Only u confirm ing the report of a serious engagement North of has been received at army Headquarters in this and who is in charge in the absence of does not believe that anything More than a skirmish has concerning Tho reported death of Tho Captain nays that the ear Marks of the canard Are so conspicuous that no one should be to had received no advices from Pine Ridge or Vicinity up to 9 Oclock a circumstance of Good Miles remains at the Agency with u Force of men at Coin Maitil or within easy supporting Dis Tho entire Force in Tho exclusive of Indian numbers be tween and interviews with a number of army Oil cers and others Well informed of the sit until i indicate that n thorough in Vest ignition of Tho wounded knee tight will to to to prosecuted by a court of the relieving of who in is Guinand at that unfortunate was the first and it will probably be followed by others equally As it leads them is the general re ply of druggists when asked about the sales of hoods Sarapa 5 bring your Job pm fag tone Davit Oil of theres a Good Deal of guarantee business in the store keeping of its or too half the time it Means words Only this offer to refund or pay a made under the Hope that you wont want your Money and that you wont claim1 of whoever is honest making and on his own reputation but through the local dealer whom1 you must have some thing he has Faith in Back of the the business stand a year with out what is lacking is Back of what lacking is that Clear honesty which is above the average pierces medicines guaranteed to accomplish what they Are intended to and their makers give the Money Back if the result int a it strike you that a Medicine which the have so much Confidence is the Medicine for you january 19 i will open out in my new quarters in Mcwaide recently occupied by Moershell five doors Soetji of my present from now until that time 1 propose sacrifice profits on All goods now Stock to avoid moving i dont move often and it is not often that the Public has an Opportunity to secure such bargains As i now positively everything at Cost from now until Date of if you dont take advantage of this offer you pick up Gold dollars in the Lle member the Date and come and see Block Corner 4th and Chestnut Ion fac Ilic railway the Overland Ifft Only Lane currying fcb United state Overli Tuff Mes duct gab techs Between All principal Elver Denver so los Mitory baggage Points in Tho Pullman Lake an Roland and All us Hington Ter i Pacific through from Al o Points Ami Modem Day 1 p ree family s for further Iii Ory i Rikli Odall mail and regarding the Terry rut a of Are apply to a o acting Golilie Luton Paoillo xebbkt8 its students d then stoats school of
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