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Atlanta Presbyterian of the South (Newspaper) - June 23, 1920, Atlanta, Georgia The presbyterian of he South 4 _ 1 vol. 94. Richmond va., june 23, 1920. No. 25 000 Chi trial a Oreg ant comment @00 a Quot 1iurcii of the pilgrims is the new name Given to the second Church of Washington d. C., of a Liili Rev. Andrew r. Bird is pastor. This Church has done a Fine work in the capital City especially during War times when it ministered to thousands of soldiers sailors and marines. One who has seen the building in which this Church worships and which was built in Large part by the voluntary Walior of its consecrated men wonders How its work has been accomplished. The Church realizes its need of a better building and better c iii pent and it is appealing to the Church at Largo for help. The general Assembly at its last meeting endorsed this Appeal most heartily and has called upon the Church to give $ 125,000 for the erection of a Church that will at least in part meet the needs of the capital a Ity. Jill. Bird stirred Tho Assembly mightily As he told of the great need for work among the thousands of people specially Young men Andong women who go to Washington to work for the government temptations Are As Groat there As anywhere in this country and these Young people need Tho help of the Church. 3 i 11irition is marching on to. Worldwide Victory. Evidences of this Are apm Aring in Many places. One of the most front instances of this kind conies from wine a a nuking France. It is stated that the new in resident Quot of that country m. Deschanel has taken a stand that has not been known before i Quot the presidents Palace there Aro famous a a a ii stocked wine cellars. President Deschanel has ordered that they shall be locked up to remain locked during his term of office. Lie has announced that no wine will he served at his table even on state occasions. We wonder if the course pursued by or. Bryan when score. of state in taking Tho same stand and Quot i Secretary Daniels in forbidding Tho use of liquor in the United states Navy did not have something to do with strengthening Tho a Mirage of president Deschanel. May the tribe of those courageous men increase. Of 1 onven1ions, conferences and gather a Ings of Many kinds Aro being held As 111 or before either in number or size to djs enss Many phases of Many religious subjects. They usually Deal chiefly with some phase of work ill it a being done or that it is thought ought a Quot 1� done. Tho question sometimes arises As ,4> whether Tho Church is not being ov6r<on- fut inned. Whatever inny lie said in regard o Tho direct results of Tho conventions two a no very certain. First Christian peo-i1 cannot meet together to discuss any bit j 1 connected with religion in which they Are jointly interested without getting better a i minted with 0110 another. And there is a a Quot a it Deal of truth in one of Billy sundays Ings a get acquainted with your neighbor a a Quot i you will like him the More woj Quot a of what other people Aro doing for the i Uio Zinent of gods kingdom Tho More to a 1 he willing to Overlook what to have been accustomed to considering their shortcomings and so the More willing we will be to work with them in a common cause. In the second place Christian people Are helped in their own experience and spiritual life by talking Over with others Tho Groat things of the kingdom. Besides this every convention gains More or less publicity and to that extent religion and religious work is brought to the attention of Many people some being influenced who would not be reached by the Ordinary Means of presenting religious matters to the Public. So Fari As we know no convention held by people of evangelical churches has failed to accomplished Good. A a o subscribers in some cases seem to have overlooked the fact that the High Cost of production has compelled us to raise Tho subscription Price of the paper. To kept Tho Price Down just As Long As we could and at a considerable loss to ourselves. At last we were compelled to announce a change of Price. We Hove been very much gratified to see that this Advance in Price has met die very general approval of our subscribers. A few however Serin to have overlooked the notice that has been published a number of times and still Send $2 for renewal. The Price of the paper since the first of May has been $2.50. For $2 we can Only give credit for ten months. We believe All of our subscribers will realize that it was necessary to make the change of Price when they Are told that the Cost of paper which is one of our largest items of expense is now nearly four times what it was a Short time ago. Methodists seem to Knor How to make Money in their publishing business. The Northern methodist Church publishing House has just issued its report for the year. This shows that the net profits of the business were $517,000. Of this amount $400,000 was appropriated to ministerial Relief to be added to the gifts of the churches for the support of aged and infirm ministers. The publishing House however has not found out How to make Money out of Church papers. These papers belong to the Church and Are financed by the publishing House. Last year there was a loss of $31,600, which had to be made up out of the profits of the other part of the business. T n formation has been received from a several sources As to two presbyteries which to mentioned in connection with the first meeting of Tho general Assembly in Charlotte n. Rev. Or. James a. Lyons who piece hell the opening Sermon belonged to Tom Beck Bee presbytery and was pastor at Columbus miss. This presbytery is now known As East Mississippi presbytery. Rev. Or. John s. Wilson was pastor of the first Church Atlanta in what was known As Flint River presbytery. In a rearrangement of Tho Georgia presbyteries this name was dropped and a part of its territory was used in forming Alauta presbytery. Women Are coming to the front in Many ways and they Are accomplishing much Good in the world. But there Are some places where some women Are trying to get into the limelight and where they will not accomplish Good. We Are glad it was not our wife daughter or sister who was taken upon the shoulders of two men and marched around the Hall during Tho Republican party convention in Chicago in one of the noisy and uproarious endorsements of one of the nominations for the office of president. It will be a sad Day for this country when Tho distinction Between men and women is obliterated and men cease to show to women the respect and esteem which belongs to them and which True women have received from True men in a marked degree in this country in the past. May it never grow less and May women always deserve it. I r h piping is one of the nuisances of travel a and the patronage of hotels and restaurants. It is a Well established fact that when a Man goes to a hotel if he does not tip the waiters lie will not get satisfactory service. The hotel makes a fixed charge for its accommodations which the guest pays but he does not get what he pays Tor unless he makes an additional payment to the servants. This is claimed to be necessary because the servants get Small wages. If this be True then the hotel should pay better wages and add the increase to its regular charges. Tipping makes the Tipper unc qui fort Able because to feels that to is being held up under a threat of poor service it he does not tip. It is demoralizing to those who Are tipped. It is receiving what they have no moral right to which is generally shown �11 the Way Tho tip is Given and received. A general movement on the part of those who serve the Public to put a Stop to this custom will meet with very general approval. Arm Krs have always been Tho sturdy Backbone of this country. They have not Only done their work and performed their duties at Homo but they have sent into the cities their sons who in Many departments of business and professional life have become leaders among the people of our land. There can lie 110 Vorva serious trouble to come to this country As Long As the banners no to to the principles upon which our country and the Christian Church Are founded. Recently the Mississippi Valier association made up of Farmers representing a population of 32,000,000, heard with approval the annual address of their president in which lie claimed to be speaking for the association. He said a a we arc going to get away from the individualist Quick a and political self seekers and return to government by Law instead of government by Force in mass form. We Art going to Sec that the soviet and what it stands for Are smashed so that you cannot pick them up with a scoop shovel. We Are going to get Tho a it Cople Back to the Constitution of the l in toil states As interpreted in the Light of Tho ten

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