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Atlanta Daily Atlanta Intelligencer Newspaper Archives Jan 16 1870, Page 1

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Atlanta Daily Atlanta Intelligencer (Newspaper) - January 16, 1870, Atlanta, GeorgiaKkt of cd Ash to 8b Damm mob wh1h Suca to in Kkt Plikh to combat vol Xvi. We a it. A a Tanta Georgia sunday morning january 16. 1870 no. 13. I us Lisuke daily and Wuu by Jab de Irwin Whit axes i Propri Ellov evening edition. Saturday evening january <0, ts7q. Titi 1 a a a i log encore a Bip Orta a i la Lala it live prompt Lar. For the pure two of laying before our readers tin air Luot reporte of legislative proceed Oga and those Olibe Moat reliable character we have t no aged compel my reporters one Lor the to Teovie and Cue Lor the a ouse. My w. A. Tio Noh will represent the Intel mob Neh in Ibe semite and or. Wallace f. A kid in like House. We beg leave to commend both of these gentlemen to the courtesies of the member and officers of each Branch of the legislature neither of them will in their report a set Down aught in malice Quot but will Deal justly nod courteously with All making faithful reports of the prot a Mahig of each body. They Are it old gentlemen of ability and acquirement whole we Lake pleasure in in producing to our Trieu Iid in the legislature. They Are authorized Alao to to Chivu Aud advertise cuts Lor the , Aud such other business travors so the a members of the legislature and of tigers Lime desire to Confer upon it. A a a a it a a a tie Luis Lii it Iii or abroad. Glancing Over our excl Anges this morning we regret to see two or three articles upon the and its present course. We should like it we had the space to re print these articles. They Are illiberal and unjust in the extreme. All thinking men All True patriots deplore the tone Ami spirit of some of our prominent democratic journals. These Are critical times and in Ever Wisdom Aud moderation were required in our councils of slate it is Ai the present Lime. Would that our so called democratic Quot organs Quot could realize this imperative necessity. Our stale is cursed with a set of partisan it apers whose swelling arrogance and domineering is Only to be excelled by i heir Gnu her Waul of discretion. These Blind leaders of the Blind Quot assail the intelligence in the most Biller terms that disappointed envy can command it is with sincere regret that we pen these lines. We do jul intend to vindicate our present Liuo of conduct. It needs no vindication and every reflecting Man who has comprehension enough 10 understand the duties of the hour Aud sufficient judgment to guide Bis course will so pronounce. Our readers will readily understand the reason Why we notice the attacks above referred to. It is True that in Tenor and spirit they Are simply a Frothy flashy and Susanc Quot but a High toned journal devoted to the Best interests of the country should at All times be ready to repel Aud rebuke the faintest insinuation of Dishonour whether it Coates from Frt cud or foe. And with these remarks we dismiss the poor and powerless attempt a our very inquisitive and unduly suspicious contemporaries. A the Man la the Hun a a brother filch of the Griffin Titar very disinterest edly remarks that coming from Vermont does not Noces serially make a Man Tiaw nor docs that tact make him a scamp. Vermont is bounded South by Massachusetts cast by new Hamo Pire and we presume according to brother Fitch a ruling a Mere imaginary line Between Vermont and the two states last named dots not ii co serially make a Man mean or a tamp who it phoned to be born there Aud now resides in Georgia. And by a parity of reasoning we presume the same Rule might apply to new York Ami other of the Northern and mid lie states and hence a Mao is entitled to the appellation of carpet Bagger in virtue of other merits than the accidental place of birth. A distinguished capitalist of Georgia who had resided ice Over fill Cen years hut who happened to be bom in Philadelphia was once heard to lament the tact that his Mother did not prolong her visit to Savannah some three months longer than she did m lie did not like to he placed under the onus of disproving his claim to the Tittle old a cart Bugger 1&Quot there is we a Imit a foolish in Judi co in the minds of some Lew individual members of the Georgia press against persons who happened to be born outside the geographical limit of the stale hut this prejudice is not share-1 either by the democracy proper or by the people Geno rally of the tale. The True Tost is i in Unal Merit. This in Alcove and beyond All Mere Accident of birth it is the merest sole ism to prom a Smruti i tic principles Aud at the tame Tinie at Teihei to excite Public prejudice Agama a Mao merely because to happened to lie Boro in Ohio or Pennsylvania instead of Georgia or Booth Carolina. The party in Georgia pro Lead to know no distinction Between Meo other than that which proceeds legitimately from their personal or political character nor is it the part of Wisdom to attempt to ostracism men socially who May honestly Dider with us in opium too respecting measures of Public policy. On the contrary this policy always seemed to us Arcea Dagly puerile and foolish not to aay excessively weak and criminally Short sighed. In principle it is wrong and in policy it has an Fleet directly the Opp Ltd Ite to that intended. Seipt Trince we think has abundantly demonstrated this act in Georgia. The French journal. Ueni Rochefort editor of the thru Una it and a newly elected Deputy still assumes the leadership of the Malcon Lenis in Paris. For a Man of his principles and character we have of Louiw Liou. Anarchy is the congenial in which a would live and move and have Hie being. As a journalist he is emphatically the a a Ali of the period a As a statesman he Han thug ter proved a failure. It is Only As a dangerous and unprincipled agitator out he menu and the cowardice which he displays while watching the Progress of his revolutionary Gehenna a i the mfg . Pooh wort May strive a a a the a internal triumvirate Quot Bwl to the French amp. Ror will Isa he i made to the Chambers that tree Nehil in we ten that them put mixed to the government Ned r re Tiou. Of a a. On enl Ilion of a Hora Asna exciting Michigan has 1 300 Miles of Railroad. talks of having a Tine Tower. Ilion wia., is to have a match factory. In Iowa the tax is two Mills on the Dollar. Cd Ahlston has three Amateur dramatic Dulac. A White Bak has been killed in Newberry . Houston Texis City scrip is quoted at 55c in Coin. The Patrei to of Llull Viilu a narc being illuminated with gasoline. The Scarcity of Coal in Huntsville Ala is alarming. A fuel famine in imminent. Gov. Lias resigned his pus lion is director of the Wil ining Nii pm a wild ii mail Road. Tii Kuk was 1,1000,00 1 i Nin is of tul Mcco sold in Danville va., inning tit Zeuren Ling october 18 11. A in Boston Green grass is growing in Iron of the state a ouse tier country lost Over -1-Illrs by Are last year. The roman Catholic in.,. Lies in this country number 3,8 10. Kicks Between Snow Alen Clulo a m the Catia Dihins. It cof cts a in Swarc Ainuu two Dull irs to marry three wives. Agasi says that to in Moon s a a uie gradually iming i heir heat a Mont Farmer haul Wool not Market with a team of eight sheep. Tee English language in it it be universally adopted by Telegraph companies st. Louis thinks in can raise by subscription $2,000,000 for its proposed worlds fair. William h. 8kwaki> will visit America before returning to the United mates. Hew zealand Ottar i >0 our per ii nuni for a monthly Sineol Ste Aruenia to s in Francisco every cab and Public carnage in Loudon now has in tinted upon Ita id in tin Rales of fares. Lake Winn Kungo i now in Good condition for travel aug the Heavican Ichih creasing in safety. it i to mor Igic lie it properly of Nashville which is valued at $1,32 1.200. They use daily 250 Pouls of Nitro Glycerine at the Lio Oare Lituu-1, Ami kill about live men a Mouth. Harvard College provides new acc Muio Dation in Auy Church w indents can of to worship. Tier City fathers of Gogou propose to spend ten millions of. In Julile improve Menta this year. New Orleans i til id with Emty Shower of flakes irom a burning Pun. I unt Many Miles out us sight. Laramie has a Quot dear bracing Huoy Aii atmosphere Quot Ami the Hicri Nofcier is Only thirty degrees below Zero. Utah intends to Muki a strenuous eth it at this session of Congress to get admitted into tin Union As a state. A resident of Ohi Cosler n. Ii walked Hull a mile on stilts with u Imu Vici in ids arms the other Day on a bet. Only two Sitka people Are support re by the Public one an invalid Ami the other a woman one Hundred and oven Yequis of. The Cotton crop of Texas will reach 300,000 Bales. The famous sea Island kind h now being grown extensively there. H. B. Gri Ushy of Charlotte , has Btu elected president of the historical it of Virginia. Gonzales Texas l. A m Iliadi to is Oon to have a Htoon la Clory and in All probability a soap Lac toy. A movement is brewing in Mississippi to remove the capital of that stale irom j cd n to Vicksburg. A Gentl Max of Lii Ladolph i a presented us the South Cut Olivua society a Fine Pori my of John a a. Calhoun. Jackh Aiken a prominent citi7.cn Quot a Colum ,tcnn., has been Oil uck with Paral Sis Ami is not Likely to recover. we. U. Holc Onvfrik author of the autobiography old a Lazarus whom Christ raised irom the dead Quot is a native of Lynchburg it. Five negroes tour women and one Man a while attempting to crop the Alabama River. Just Bolow Bridgeport on Smudy it were accidentally drowned. A no Mph of the most a it Romi Ucer. Ltd Mobile Ala., have United in it Call tor a Public meeting to consider the moms of establishing in that City a factory Lor Cotton and Woolen goods. Tee Spruce Street Railroad in Nashville has been sold to thus. Cha j Well plus deut of the South Nashville Street Railroad Lor $12, Miland will be extended to the fair grounds and West Nashville. A or. mar was killed a Tew Days since near Dresden Texas by the accidental discharge of a pistol in the hands of or. Loll or. Bellmur was recently irom Georgia and was a widower with three children Tunoa. Of Bouhon esq., an old and a Tensive tobacco manufacturer of Lynchburg a died on ban Day lat at the age of 81 years. He. Was successful in ids business honest and upright in All his dealings and died n petted and regretted of All men. Philae Klimina has built Ian year 5 323 new buildings and crows Over Theca go Winch re pods Only 2,500 buildings Creed last y. I. Loco Cath from various purls of Nebraska represent Farmers suffering severely owing to inability to dispose of their and ii at living prices Gloucester Mas caught and sold three million dollars Wurth of Shii in 1 . Five hand Rad Aud ten vessels and 0 non men did the business. The Model stale of the Union considered is Iowa. By the 15th of next month she will be out of debt jul have a Hir plus of $500,000 in the Bute Treasury. Hall Nad afr Daut. An Accident occurred oti the East Tennessee and Georgia Hail Rood in now Cleveland lost Friday morning. Two passenger coaches left Ihbe track and were precipitated Down an pm bilk tul a number of it trons Weru Hurt melt he a badly. Mrs. A. H. How hopi of ate had her Felt shoulder Dislo Cau sus Uinci other injuries b it was Able to reach her Boos and is reported As doing Well Lenry Tipton formerly of East Tea ease hut whose a foot Home is in Roblou county had ids right thigh broken ucar the hip also a slight Cut to hand. Mrs. Lark Grenada it hip i Roo Elved a severe injury on the top of the Jed. Mrs. Fish irom near Sweet water was Shah try injured her husband who waa with bar. Was not hurl. These parties arc All at the Delano Housa Clov Boid. Our correspondent writes that there arc two gentlemen from i Onri at the planters hotel slightly injured and of from Mississippi ult the Ocoee House injured to a use extent. Also that mrs. and mrs. Wolf Aud child of Cleveland were badly bruised. Never others received injuries teas severe. At the Datert the letter tuesday sight the attending physicians were of Uto of Moo that Looe of the injuries would prove we learn i brooch the same source that us a Riley of the injured in every Turma tag rooms medical Aid i propose to Date charge al Tabil of Tulsa Conol Theca a of tha , rut. A Corric i he in on mornings edition a error in the text of the governors proclamation offering a Reward Lor the arrest of Banders . The Reward should read a one thou an 1 dollars Quot instead of Hundred dollars a As the Printer has it. The mistake has since Betm corrected. Orn. we learn that the general come musing has forwarded the protest of the committee appointed by the members of the general Assembly yesterday to president Grant military military commission met in the Capitol this morning and proceeded wit it the investigation of the in eligibility question. Judge Clarke counsel for the members moved Tho court to compel the attorney general to reduce his cuter al charge of ineligibility to some specified , so that the defendants would know with what they were accused. Col. Farrow objected but the motto was sustained by the court col. Far roil then moved to put eco member upon the staud Aud make him answer certain que Sellous in regard to the charge preferred against them. Judge Clarke objected and was sustained in his objection. Or Hinton unfolded i past career to the court he a Contr anxious to have the matter it Elded after which the court adjourned to meet at a lieu o clock when i winns Case will be called. John but serous Orienda of Thio genial Aud it Pular gentleman will be glad to learn that he has this Day opened a new Saloon of Alabama Streep at the Aland recently Vocu pied by m. E. Beouy. We gave him a Call this morning and found him superintending the a Stablish men in Persou. We Here take pleasure in returning thanks for the courtesies extended to the press in this the new candidate for Lublic patronage is in dts de he. We copy the following irom the Louisville journal. . Banning National hotel Doar sir 1 feel it to be due you As Well As the Community to say that although 1 have work your Brace for in lick of piles Only for a Short time i have Alt cad y experienced More Complete Aud Hgt Eedy Relief from the most painful suffering of Twenty years Alliati 1 had Ever anticipated or hoped Aud with great i would rcom Tenud your agreeable Aud effective Brace to those similarly affected. Mus j. N. Mcmichael. Or. Banning will be at the National hotel Atlanta oa., of monday 13th input where he will remain hut a Leif Days. Jan15-ll. By Telegraph. Var you us akhog1atki 210 on d a 8 r a t u to s to Wasu Nuton january 15.�?the Senate re revived the House Virginia Bill last night. Or. Trumbull said were the Senate full he would move that the Senate Bill be Laid on the table As said and the House Bill taken up. Tho regulations of the Senate Lorna be Doln Ile action and the Senate resumed the consideration of its own Bill. Or. Stewart hoped Virginia would not be fettered with new conditions. Should Virginia again raise a standing rebellion he would ire the first to favor vigorous measure but what is the use of legislation from tear of what May to considered impossibilities. Or. Drake could not understand How the Republican senators Iliad chaired their opinions neither would the country understand it. Or. Carpenter wanted to know what would he done with Virginia if she violated the conditions upon which sire voted i1 Drake said a sufficient unto the Day is the evil or. Carpenter responded a a now a the Day Lor consideration Atul that a a Drake a propose Liot was Ca Peuler asked a Cha Congress the right to Lotee the Constitution on Virginia t or. In Muer rest eroded a a or. Morlon maintained the right of Congress to impose the conditions. Many senators he sail believed it Virginia we admitted unfettered the Law compelled them to leave the state and terror will follow. If Virginia follows the Lead of Tennessee and Georgia the senators must meet the storm of indignation from their constituents. Or. Fiou favored Tho exaction of the conditions. Or. Churze said Drakes grip policy would prove a curse. Or. Cameron said he had opposed Long str Etc a confirmation and he could assure War tier that the people it the South would How him no lib crazy. Or. Cameron asserted that no Southern senators on the floor would be re elected. Official advertisements a proclamation. U al o 11 g i a i of Hutu 1 Tala in. Mullock governor or a Aid Atlanta january 14, in. A Saasta. Taclof Lafor Nailoa Baa Beau rciv�4 at Thlu Vapori Uutola that a a Arr was Rau uttam la tha county of hut Aahl in Tua Mala an Tea my a kill or leu a poo Tea body Witter f. Mem by Mandara q. Cook on in Iba la Utu atty pc fetal it Poauty Teva Alana Proton a my of Tejw ate in teat Tea old Goola a a Barg Ltd a Hue with tha waiter in Teal a Boa Aad irem Wartke j i ban too get proper. Banten. I teas a my. My Beruby eff Ortag a rawer of Tea nod Daliara Lor Tea aparte Pattea and tet try of Tea mid a Adora g. Our look. Wry to con tact to la tab it of Aati Otey a the mute. Aud Ite Moro on Elborga ate to Giro a o Aron in this mate. Ugh a the Aumi. Teba teat the a Tea and to to up Boad Tea mid Ruten Oba Hwte be Way a the Bra Quot Giren of d in Wjk Jwj talk. Btl boy thu a dated. fetes. 1 v a a atm in. A it Institute. Mew York for the treatment of spinal affections. I ionic diseases hernia. Amp a. Or. E. P. Banning ornate ass slut physician of the above institution and or. A i. , late p. Surgeon S. Call site Ulm to their Peculiar treatment of vocal de a augments i Public so Kors and singers drooping spinal weakness Aud deformity dyspepsia nervous talc Tiona and general ice Holty Conetia Pallon and chronic diarrhoea a urinary weakness it crime displacements and other derangement of the female system hernia piles Aud pro Lapsus aug varicocele Perma Orhea. Their treatment is in i w a to in h a t i o in a i. And places the al a Vul affections in a new Aud Hope Tut Light Aud is based upon the discovery that they Are not caused by vital disco but by muscular laxity and a mechanical settling of internal and vital Orgaya affected and that Medicine alone can no More remove the cause than it Cau mend broken Les or set dislocated joints by this treatment multitudes have suddenly recover w to under Medicine alone had lingered Between sickness and health a a l in not the Stearn but the deranged engine that is at for Fuller in form at ion the medical process too ate referred to or. B a a papers in the Philadelphia medical Auto surgical kept Lei Quot tor 18�w, a at Aud �?T08, and the Public to his smaller gratuitous , which May to had 11 sent for at the office of drs Banning amp Green. Drs. B a. Psi n 1 n g it amp g r a a e Siw ill get at the National hotel Allan a ga., of monday the 13th instant where they May be Oon ult cd Lor the application of their supports until Friday evening 24th most. The following names of prominent medical men and others Are selected irom Many Hundred that have been Given or. Baniog commending his system of support. Call or Send for the a gratuitous essay Quot on mechanical support j. Garth Wilkinson. M d. L a Ndon eng Henry Madden m. U. A a Christopher Wolstein b a m. H a s. E. I. K. Burro Uglis m. Mayor of Savannah. A. C. P. Richardson. M. A a j. C. Habersham. M. A. A a j. C. Habersham. M. A a j. S Morrell m. A a a. Cunningham m d. Prof. Valentine Mott. M. New York. Alex b Whiting. M. A a j Kearney Rogers m. D., a a Stephen Brown m. I. A a Jacii Wolfl of prof. Stephen Smith m. A new York. A. N. Mcdowell m. Pittsburg in a. T. F. . Joseph p. Gazzam. M. A James Jevy m. Charlo a Stod s. C. Same a Henry Dickson. M d. A a prof. Paul p. Goddard m. D., Philadelphia. Joseph key. A. Macon a. Rev. Ii abet madams Griffin Arev. P. A. Lawson Rev. Stephen h. Tyne new York. C. A w. Bruen Savannah a. David Thompson a a a and Many others. Southern Mutual life insurance co. Of Erni icky. Home office al o u i m v i 1 1 e. S. B. Koshon _ Acorn 8tic of a Urga. Of office Lili gluon or text in Rayab Street tau7-lw $60 4 week for asm tsp male or Kama up. In it at or travelling steady employ Noni the year Roand. No Capit >1 req Maut Moia c Scutare free. A drier it. F Toung of a Vobr us was. N Otto Spahn teacher of piano guitar amp singing. Fsr order loll at Moi it it. Richard Book stare or at my Roldy Uco to mine it tta�4l< Kari ref will be Nunu Pelt Ait nerd to. Juu it Liu for Venlo of Hunt a thirty at re a mtg. 10arri� Freh elcara.1 land. A at tie Breed new Cuiule Tiu Iwu room. G<r4eu Burch due a Boal. Good Mulli Aud Good be igbo it Rhood Brou Muo Troin car thed fiscal Teu on Eory Gnu or f in raut. John u c. Re Kab Faub st Morgan fore. Wanted a drug -i.kltk, who Riu come Welt Rococi ill Noim it our need apply. And drool r Tatum. Drog Glat. Corn hav Mauji. A Stollei skating. Al Lull boat ring rink trill open tace Day. a. And Hardt Rve Sluga Iron 7 to it o clock Aud monday we Duemay and Rel Day , from t to 5 o Cioca. Every Kui Muziii Iron a i it o Alo Ltd Lor la d1 my and l Lull Ujtko. In attendance daring the Day Aarow Tomira Groin a too by Tooa i Flag to add a tee for Lowe and Gaudren to Moru lug Aud a ease Abbes. Lana a or Tobl a Courar Poi Ayub a Root a admission .$3 of a. To. 2424 1. M. Tunu Lor Ile at fat Llapa Crew a a and Opal hotel a a for Oiw Mallow a Aff Turk to. Liar a i Maroa. Of urn Iun museum of Livi no wonders a t Bell Johnson Hall v o u i sub Llam Mamma bag to duty. Jmary 17. 1�70. Of Jura Cootu aim Tobe la , to i Maul Olacks Jpaz it Ruzca a amt no u., Tlok Vecsi vim. Ski us. Aaasl3�2.�?T�?o<.w�j�?~ Buo Imaa goal. Riwk potato and apples. 919 barrels Irish potato z1z is by Orrala apply. Or if a Wright. La orly Rose potatoes. Maofen. Owens will give Panora at Don to by rail Danart meat an t will a glad to Artru All Stu it Nood Garden. Field or Flo War Bead. G Mono and agricultural imply Wenta. Mask w. Johnson. Gerao dealer Broad Strool notice to shippers. Maroa 4 wart pm Cosra Irr. I Stecki goo. Cowboy a a 1mb. F in of tee opening of Tea Haycoo and Bru Orwick ital Rod and Sikora Banc now a we Ron Tea irom Macon to Uvannah. Sippora of Cotton produce Awill designate a it to at tha Point of Afefy quient by which rata they Nih to Forward h w. Bronson. Dts st and Huer Tiemann Tatnai look in a educational institutions her c v. P. Bix Toft print pal. Spring session of so we Huart Imo Queen of the South portable grist Mills a Vos a flooring and Stock toed bolting Appam Teo. San Tara and Tepolt waste Irmo Traur 4 00. Cor. Front and Jaba me. Cincinnati o notice. To my stockholders of tee Atlante Goa lbt coma Aav Are requested to meet at Ibe qua of Flo Alyth u com a p. Mon Het erday Jaunt by Lite my Tea nor la pc of Ai acting Ochara Lor Tea eat aug year. Chat. C. Romm tape stolen an Wlna a Maurme. With a a White bail about Fanaru Aid. I stupa of tee recovery of Boree us Jen id st want cd As$3kulh the popular Pas 8enbei route a Idelphia waa Wawra. Apo feb Eastern c i t i b go Yta w a Stern a Atlanto and Virginia amp Tennessee railways. Adj. Hll route. 15th, time table aug. North leave Atlanta. Leave Del Toa. Lalawe Knox Vilua. Leave brat of. Leave Lonc Harg. Leave Alexandria. Leave Washington. Arrive at Nawy orb. Bout leave new York. Lea a Alexandria. Leave Lynchburg. Leave brat of. Lee a Knox it lie. Leave Dalton. Arrive at Arienta. 1860 t it i m0 a m 11 11 a a. T m v a a a woo a a. Fedri in a 400 a mfcd0�m m0 a Faro v Of Cal a u 1 14 r at 4 00 pm. Rift an Tim. Between Tiente end a a a Tark 68 Houri 15 Man net. Wit Eghbal Atlanta and no. York u Aarsrud a a we k. It Len sleep in coaches on All a lit trains1 through tickets in too until Piid and Iraq the ooh to All important to Dit. B. W. Wrenn general ticket agent e b. Walker matter Traza Porubon. R Holbert Hanpt. W. Aa.8.r. Aagl7�?8m__ Winter arrangement Wisla k a italic Btl Law. The old reliable passenger route to All Anda Murn ice Tom carrying great Southern Preu. The owl Ute from Atlanta running a double daily thb0ugh�t&aiy, Parent to a of Twenty far in hot Daisy. Incident to line having in one daily la Ala. Tuk United states mail Between Atlanta Uno new York la carried Exon naively by Tela line. Through passenger trains leave Atlanta 8.15 a. M.-5.50 p. M. Making close at Kingston Lor Boma. Salma me Aid 1am, a Mew 0almak8. At Chatta Loova with Tea Laet Tenae eos a Gaor Gla Railroad foe a Patna Nerk Aid East via Lyme Foberg. Tea mate pm 4 car Eatoe fori Canton Memphis and new Orleans and Points we it. Tea Nash Villa 4 Chattanooga for ease Villa Amdall f0imt8 Worth Zabat and West Tia f. Passengers have Choice of. I Twenty six 0ipfkbknt bootes mukti t. 1st k w y o a k .1, pull Kahs tax Viusa palaces a us al m1sbt a but baling Batum it of country. To .imdiiiaut.iohaksm. ,finished Cue Well heated and ventilated. Oriel thu inf Sura Ruu Lii in lit Noum rom Sti. Roc Allie units Maun. Yav Bam it Abbt of hmm 000 0 a mrs a uhe oked a w Wanh. of. A. , a Uura Agar Ilax rag

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