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Athens Sunday Messenger Newspaper Archives May 20 1923, Page 4

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Athens Sunday Messenger (Newspaper) - May 20, 1923, Athens, Ohio Miracle Monger by Herbert Kaufman frat in a Janaki fwd or. 1 of till c disc a i bal we a Berlin journalist invents a russian Munchausen Bien files world wide cables announcing the discovery of forces by Wudi a Slingshot May be made of the air and objects of any weight hailed indefinite distances. The hoax is accepted without Challenge Rad promptly minted Earth Over. No filing is too remarkable for belief since Holland literally began to sing her East Indian children to sleep. Amsterdam and Batavia Are suddenly a split second apart Royal concerts at the Hague Are shared by Java and Sumatra. Deified announce Mure scientific Progress than 1900 published in any Issue of its scientific journals. Miracle mongering is a Standard occupation. Every Home has become a magician s House but you re so used to push buttons cameras telephones radio phonographs ice less refrigerators and electric stoves that wonderment has lost its grip upon you. It men were stuck into padded cells a Century ago for announcing even file Prospect of present utilities. The tales that thrilled you to childhood score would set your own youngsters yawning. Fiction a longest Bow did no to reach the bulls eyes on which reality is endlessly scoring. Look ahead yams by Bellamy Wells Verne Kipling file Quot Jack read stories which our Callow dimes and Nickels so eagerly bought cruised seemingly ridiculous coasts of fancy and Are prophecies already dishonoured by achievement new yorkers and san franciscans so recently separated by a Hundred hours now take a double trip around the clock face and gals hands. Barbos Little 14-horsepower monoplane advises hairy Ford to be Wing his of livers or find estimated future profits disappearing in the air. The Kodak has a grandson in the mount Wilson Observatory which amps ten pictures every Millionth of a minute Ami photographs a Streak of lightning hundreds of times before the Flash Dies. T naval Hydro Raphers reduce Ocean soundings from six hours to one minute with a machine that also locates submarine Oil Wells and charts every figure Aud bump on Neptune a Palace floor. Within a year Well doubtless know if Atlantis is a myth and learn exactly when and where to expect the next Coral Island to pop out of the sea. Electro magnets will soon lift and shift sunken and beached warships they re already recovering lost cargoes of Copper from flyer Beds. A few months bade chemists were assured that All the helium in the universe was in America. Last week they photographed disintegrating Gas atoms and find that a process much like file cracking of gasoline May eventually extract it from the Ether. Montreal research lists locate the cure for diabetes in dog sweetbreads and immediately after produce an aesthetic which permits painless operations of the most drastic sort upon fully conscious subjects. Sawr times operated on conscious patients in Washington s time too and let them scream their Heads off while at it. Psychiatrists at a Trenton Asylum snooping for insanity causes locate the roots of mental ailments All Over the body treat lunatics accordingly and effect cures in eighty seven cases out of a Hundred. 1 surgeont it through snip off run nor of diseased brain and Send paralytic wanting Home. Cancer yields to Radium and leprosy to a simple tropical Oil doctors Jab hypodermic Needles into dead Folk and still born infants stimulate their hearts with adrenalin and the primed motors instantly re Spond. Biblical scribes would celebrate current events As divine works. All past Ages lumped together can to equal what we be attained in twelve months. And to Cap the Climax carrels amazing feat of maintaining life for eleven years in soup fed embryonic Chicken cells inspires Hope that eternity itself is not forever beyond human reach. Welch Flexner Harlow Brodee the mayos Banting Noguchi Crile Voronoff and Carrel precede a mighty company destined to conquer hitherto impregnable citadels of disease perhaps file very strongholds of time. Steinmetz Marconi Carty Edison and Squier Are simply locksmiths at the Quost they have but provided keys for unmeasured possibilities Progress is still in wizardry a Nursery. Wisdom a Reading abcs and Opportunity has hardly begun door rapping. What shall posterity owe to year five senses copyright 1123, by Herbert Kaufman and King features eradicate Lac m to o once a i by Herbert Kaufman five years after armistice Paris is paying eighteen cents a loaf for bread which wont help Poincare a popularity. The Ruhr Wrangle s an International pickpocket. The farther France proceeds with the stubborn venture the worse for All concerned. The Only blood thus far squeezed out of the rhenish turnip is had blood. I0 0 Europe must Drain the hate from War wounds before any settlement of present difficulties is possible. Germany a four principal chemical plants failing to s make stipulated deliveries of dyes and other products As required by the Versailles treaty Are confiscated whereupon an army of technical workers quit their tasks and declare a walkout. The allies Between them can t spare an equivalent operating Force. More precious time lost. Less income available for reparations. One More Nail in Prosperity s coffin. Revenge is the worst of financiers. Tit Eye a fight it fat some other Day. England does things better. There a a race of Cool Heads for you. No wonder a fifth of the Earth is under their Flag. Or Curzon lays Down the Law to the soviets shows that he Means business and then gives them a few More Days to think about it. It much Contact with Many sorts of Folk have taught Downing Street that demagogues must make their mob gestures. Russia can to afford to alienate the country Able to furnish to much of what she requires and apparently Molt inclined to come to her assistance. The lion and the Bear Are a sooner or later to fight to a finish. Contending ambitions in the caucasus and India fore Destine a Mutual death struggle but their present Row is just it growling match. Hie end of another German dream. Countered afoot. Speed will Rob tomorrow of delights that More deliberate Ages found Well difference in schedules. Bird routes Are monotonous a picturesque thoroughfares. We can t have everything. Efficiency collects its Pound of flesh from Leisure. The future will be a far better manager but won t meet pleasures comparable to those of stage coach and horseback Riding periods. Business and government go to dinner. / the tobacco merchants association of the United states convenes at Washington and invites among banquet speakers the director of the Federal budget the Secretary of agriculture the head of the red Cross the sex chairman of the Federal Trade commission and the president of the Burley tobacco growers cooperative association. Which indicates what intelligent business is thinking about. These men want to know what s Best for their Industry their workers and America. They pay one tenth of our Revenue taxes and Are correspondingly concerned in the disposal of All those millions. They Purchase the crops of thousands of Farmers and wish to hear from the producer of tobacco and agriculture a overlord How they must be serve Federal and Mutual interests. / they learn at first hand of the spirit behind Trade and regulation Are advised that neither unlimited Competition nor restricted monopoly is a healthy thing for the country. Humanity patriotism Justice and fair plays make their separate appeals. Now these employers of multitudes and stewards of Prosperity will go Home with higher ideals and clearer conceptions of administration and civic duty. Such conferences Are of National Benefit. Whenever government and Commerce meet and talk it Over Clouds of misunderstanding Are dissipated and the whole Community is better for it. Copyright 192 by King feature Syndicate and Herbert Kaufman by alone. Thoro Are a number of Flowers Affat grow in ouch profusion in most part of the country that they May to picked freely. Daisies Goldenrod. Buttercups common Blue violets and Astore Corno in this several aspirations fire challenged by the Anglo per a us Oil company s Purchase of the Berlin to Bagdad railway. Of bitterness is driving sex Kaiser Wilhelm mad soothing is More Apt to Complete the Job. This was the sword he thought to thrust into Britain s dial heart. This was to be the first stretch of the Road Oriental Conquest Moscow and Paris both gnash their Teeth at the coup and the league of nations utters a groan Ai the Prospect of conflicting claims Over another Angora cession title. Squabbles squabbles everywhere and a share of them at Home. I efficiency tikes its Pound of flesh. _ a Joseph Rankus within less than a year starts out Whiting Indiana walks Clear to Jerusalem then Back org. After deducting fares of necessary boat Jour he puts Sio too in his pocket for the performance t will just about Purchase an aeroplane competent to the trip in a week. Rankus shunt i protecting i wild Howera i by frets re j. Haskon mum he by Frederick j. Haskin Washington d. A May 17.�? Spring wild Flower Are at the height of their Beauty now and the annual War to exterminate them la in full swing. No this does not re Ter to the Farmer who fights per Ais tent weeds on his land. It is True that the cultivation of the land and the spread of cities have greatly diminished our National Supply of wild Flowers. Forest fires have taken their toll of the Flowers too. But the real War on the wild Flowers against which protests Are raised is conducted mostly by City Folk who love nature but who unwisely woo her by Caveman tactics. Out to Fields and Woods the Holiday makers go and in a spirit of of the loveliest of the wild Flowers Are being loved almost out of existence. The idea that seems to setae peo pie when they ars confronted by a Patch of Spring Flowers is that this Beauty must is gathered up and taken Home. They imagine Tho bluebells anemones or Hepatica in a Graceful bowl making Spring in the House for several Days so they hasten to remove the fragile flow ors from their natural netting la an attempt to capture and preserve the elusive spirit of Spring. This desire is perfectly natural. The trouble is that so Many people fail to show discrimination la so leering the wild Flower. Borne Spring Flowers ars so dolt Cate that they Wilt a few minute after they Are plucked and can never be revived. Such Flowers Are Only wasted by picking and As some of them Are becoming extremely rare to pick and throw them aside is nothing less than vandalism. Other plants less perishable perhaps and therefore especially attractive for Homo decoration Are so ram through wholesale picking or lastly thers is a group of plants which ars not harmed by careful picking that is they should be picked sparingly to that plenty Are left to go to seed. And the roots should be left undisturbed. Some of these Are so loosely rooted that a Hasty tub brings up not Only the Blossom and its Stem but the roots and other branches of the Plant As Well. Trailing Arbutus is one of the rare wild Flowers that should always is Cut carefully since the trailing stems which Are needed to Send up new Flowers Are easily torn from the Earth. Flowering Trees destroyed. Dogwood Redbud and other flowering Trees and Bushes far More sturdy than the plants in the grass Blit some of them Are equally in danger of extermination. Dogwood is mid to he More ruthlessly destroyed than any other Flower in the Oast. Tho Beautiful White Flowers lose their freshness in too Short a time to be practical for decoration yet Dogwood is picked wholesale and automobiles leaded with faded branches can is seen every Sun tearing Tho Lurer Day returning from the Woods. California tor children Are forbidden to bring specimens or sprays for decoration into the schoolroom. A of the flowering Trees and Bushes suffer because persons who want to pick branches generally pull at them with their hands or saw them off with a Dull knit. The Iid Flower preservation society of America says a do not break or tear off Woody flowering branches. Cut them close to the base so the wound May heal Over a and prevent fungus disease from most people who like to see and pick Flowers Are aware of these facts. They know that reckless picking spoils the plants for the next year and they know that Many of the most charming wild Flowers Are perishable. All along the roads of a Bright Spring sunday discarded Bunches of faded Flowers lie in the dust. Yet the picking Marathon goes on every look fibrin tiny Section of the country the group of vanishing Flowers would be different. The Flora of the states varies greatly. Even Woods a few Miles apart Bloom with different Spring Flowers. The National Floral wealth can be imagined from the statement that in a Region of moderate size in this country that is in a Circle of about a 15-mile radius there will be found about 1,000 different specimens of attractive wild Plant life. Pessimists Are pointing out that there Are certainly fewer wild Flowers than when they were Young and that a few generations hence trailing Arbutus Columbine and ladies Slipper will be As of. Bolte As the passenger Pigeon and j the great Auk. More hopeful preservationists however believe that a turning Point is at hand and that the american people Are coming to the Rescue of the wild Flowers because they love them. Athens Day by Day As seen by the messenger watch dog sunday morning Sermon when the Sabbath Bells Are ringing and the folks fill up the pews \ when my wife Combs out her tresses and in a shining up my shoes Ohtis then i get to thinking a a i of that country sunday school i fwd to toy. My my. Dogwood is around Tome atm Ted that a clump of wild Flowers can not be casually transplanted to a Flower pot or Garden and thrive. Cultivation of wild Flowers requires exacting attention yet amateurs pull up clumps of plants and expect them to live Ani Bloom in whatever soil happen to dry available at Home. Some states now have Laws pro wild Flower. Instance protects exalted springtime abandon they proceed recklessly to pull up and j because of the Advance of Civ Ibiza tear off delicate Spring blossoms. In lion that the Only reasonable ear futo. U the be to Fey. Tome course it to , Outing la name Street City to near extinction the Christmas Berry and Vermont cities that school j legally protects some 4flowers.Trees mosses and ferns. The wild Flower preservation society la always trying to educate the Public to love the Flowers with gentleness and Flower Day proposed. Now a wild Flower Day is suggested by a California nature Lover. Albert e. Stillman who believes that much Good would be done by focusing interest in the subject for one Day each year. He proposes that May 20 to designated and observed in the Public schools of every state by a talk pageant or program featuring wild Flower Protection. May ,20 is suggested because it la Tho Day of the annual meeting of the John Burroughs memorial association and because the great naturalist was a Strong advocate of wild Flower Protection. In spite of threatened extinction of Many wild Flowers which nature expert Gay is very real possibility Only one specimen of wild Plant life Bas Bec Otho entirely extinct in its native Home in this country. This is the Franklins a tree which grew in Georgia prior to 1790, but which is now known Only in a cultivated state. Before 1790, Nurs Myrnen carried pc Cal mens of the Franklin a from Georgia to be planted in other places. Two of these Trees Are in this City and there Are some in Southern new England. But no Franklins Trees have been seen in Georgia for More than a Century. While Only one tree is known to have become extinct in its Home. Why not knit a sweater or two the knitted sweater has become an essential part of the Well dressed woman s wardrobe. There is no garment that can add so much brightness and individuality to the areas of the modern woman. And the Best part of All is to the Cost is negligible. For a few dollars you can make a Beautiful garment that you will be proud to own and display. You can do Thea even though you have had no experience or knitting our Bureau will Aid you in the work. It him for free distribution a knitting and crocheting manual prepared by the Fletsher yarn company. This Booklet explains All there is to know about knitting end crocheting and gives illustrated directions for the latest sweater models As Well As numerous crocheted articles. This Booklet is yours for the asking. Fill out the attached Coupon and enclose two cents in a tamps for return postage. Frederic j. Baskin director. The Athens messenger information Bureau Xen Cloa a to pc. Of herewith two cents in Stamps for return postage on a copy of the Booklet. A a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a Soo a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a get state a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a tees and recite the Golden Rule where Tho folks ainu to much on dressing i just some clothes to hide them in and they have a funny preacher with a wart upon his Chin. There is love and there a religion in that Little country Church and its shining in their faces there a no need to make a search there Are lads whose hair needs clipping there Are Little freckled girls there Are Bent old men with crutches. Sturdy men and kids with curls they Are just the common people out to worship for a Day. But their hearts Are filled with goodness that a religion anyway. / a cat tale Coe bros., Albany feed dealers and constant users of want add. Recently received a car Load of Grain and a cat from Minneapolis Minn. Word is that the cat was fifteen Days on Tho Road without food or drink travelling More than 1000 Miles. Sure now or. Coe that there was t something to drink hidden Down in that feed Well All a at the kiwanis car Nival because we All want those Street markers. Everybody out. Annie Laurie our old preacher is a Doodle with a wart upon i Chin. And i used to watch it moving. When he raved away on sin he is neither smart nor Dressy in his speech nor in his dress. And the Way to butchers English often bores you More or less just an Ordinary preacher for an Ordinary flock. But his heart is full of kindness and each shoe i full of sock. There is love and there is singing there is Happy brotherhood there Are kindness and Contentment Thero Are people doing Good there Are Happy Little babies babbling playing round the room. Knowing nothing of the preaching of the sinner and hts doom. How id like to have my Corner where i used to sit and Grin when i sat and watched the moving of the wart on preacher s Chin. Wen we read in our beloved Sheet that Ohio has been Given a Ocean and we will be All set. In fs1711 l0lr Coal a a go fill your bins dear Annie Laurie i Ani a Junior in High school and am 16 years old. I was going with a Young Man three years my senior but we had p quarrel Over a month ago. I dearly loved him and altho i have Many Young men friends i cannot care for any on else but him. I do not want him the know i care for him any longer but i would Uke real Well to have a Date with him. Would it be All right tor me to write him and ask him to Call on me neither my parents nor i want us to go together. He has often told is he loved me. / my Mother will not allow me to a Peak of him to her so i am asking your advice. / Zuleika. Zuleikah Quot if your parents object to your Friendship with this Young Man make no Effort to renew it my dear Annie Laurie. Riding habits r the number of wild Flowers that some folks a advise Are in danger of extinction m Ould go Burn your Coal a make quit a Long list in each a the formal a Park Haufelt for Riding is expected to be seriously rivalled by Odd breeches of silk Linen Homespun or checked woolens with the solid color coat. A aaa a Poao a m. D. Hughes attorney at Law Cline bldg. Athens o. In

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