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Athens Sunday Messenger Newspaper Archives May 20 1923, Page 1

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Athens Sunday Messenger (Newspaper) - May 20, 1923, Athens, Ohio ?8 pages t a Day the weather showers mid probably in Mhz. A forms sunday. Monday Gene fair and cooler. I a Olix Vihn no. 149. Athens Ohio sunday May 20,1923. A can in a by Man la Ola of to. In la mantas. la was. Gums Row ski. Mot aaa Safe Ila single copy three Centi. J 3chool principal tells horrors of Carolina fire. America May have to use Force in Chin affix in As Bandit Rule has Brot state of chaos panic caused deaths of All. Doorway jammed by pile of crazed peo i pie. In it ors note How a human dam held Back a surging tide of humanity and Cost seventy seven Les to the Little Cleveland school House was described tonight for International news service by miss Ina Mao Stephens principal of the h001 and the last to escape from the burning building. It was not obtained until tonight because miss Stephens had not recovered from the Shock of the Ca-1 a Rophe of thursday night. And in miss Ina May Stephens principal of Cleveland school copyright 1923, by i. N. A Camden. S. C., May 19.�?lf it had not been for a human dam holding a turbulent and surging tide of humanity from the Only Avenue escape not a single life v Auld have been lost in the a Tarot rope of thursday night. And la dam was All so unnecessary. The two other teachers and i to Ith several of our pupils were on the stage giving the last aet of a miss Topsy Turvy when the lamp f la. I do not believe the lamp exploded but the Oil spread quickly and i a Zed rapidly. Someone attempt i of smother it out but to no Avail. Bit i did not think there was any danger of anyone being injury d. Let alone seventy seven dead at the moment the lamp fell one of the most piercing screams i have f in heard arose from the entire audience. I fought the fire for a minute or so. Hoping to conquer it. After that i turned and found myself alone one the stage with the tin getting More desperate in their attempt to reach the stairs. What a the matter Why done to move on Quot i asked Thomas who happened to be standing near me. Then he saved my life. He picked to up bodily from the human wedge took my feet and gave to one hard shove right Over the sea of Heads towards Tim door. Humphries himself died of his Burns in Tho Camden Hospital today. The awful sight at the door men and women were lying there Pard so High that i hardly had room to pass Over their Heads under the door. Thoy were wedged in their like logs in a Jam some standing erect others on their bends while Many were lying under Tho entire mass twisted in All sorts of positions. By this time fire was falling on the Heads of the mass. Even when i was shot Over their Heads the nothing was burned from my shoulders and i was severely burned. Then fiery tongues of flame began Licking out Between the writhing mass like some fiend was blowing fire through a human Basket. As though in a dream i watched the bodies through that fiery inferno. How horrible to stand there helpless and see dozens of friends die before our eyes and then when the building raved in and the fire died Down in front of the building at the doorway there was that same mass. Only it moved no longer. They were heaped almost ten feet High and extended Tho length of the narrow Hall Back of the door. Her Tom Tom in tie latest bandits demands Are impossible of fulfilment. Pekin unable to take action. State of civil War exist in Shantung. May by Edna Lee Booker i. N. S. Staff correspondent Shanghai May 19�?the threat of 10,000 Well armed bandits whose commander has styled himself Quot the comander in chief of China a richest provinces tonight almost overshadows the peril of the 16 foreign ers h old by the bandits in their Tao Tsuku stronghold in South Shantung. Should Sun up l Chil carry out the threat contained in his proclamation to declare War upon All officials March his men everywhere or the province preying upon the Rich and Quot befriending the poor Quot a state of civil War will undoubtedly ensue in Shantung and nearby provinces which will Likely mean the sacrifice of All foreign interests and result in Many deaths. News tonight from Tsao Schwane nearest Railroad Point to the Bandit country was discouraging to the friends of Tho captives. A Black picture was painted. Grave fears were held that the bandits might carry out their threat to kill All americans and englishmen among those held tuesday night when their ult Datum for the withdrawal of government troops expires. Instead of withdrawing the government troops Are reported within a few Miles of Tho almost impregnable Mountain Headquarters of the brigands. Bandits re Ling the demand of the brigands that All government troops will be withdrawn from Shantung leaving that Rich province at the mercy of the bandits was regarded As impossible of fulfilment by government officials Here who declared further negotiations were useless As Long As the bandits maintained such an attitude. Open were held at Taso Chwang that Pekin would recognize the Gravity of the situation and reverse the decision of the officials at the front. Mim Kwh Fhi Athens is f Msj Hilles by m overwhelming Tho proposed Daylight saving been presented to Council were 1 which time the count was started pm an for Athens was overwhelming counted Friday owning by a joint i Tho total number of votes counted by Defeated in Tho Straw balloting committee representing the Council i was Soli of which 2059 were on the proposition last week by a and the kiwanis club which Spon against the Daylight saving pain and vote of almost two and a half to Soled the idea. The Council was re 952 approved it. It is thought thai enc against it. The ballots printed person Ted by k. A. Dalton and sum the decisive negative expression has in Tho messenger tor the purpose Warren and the a wants club by a definitely killed embalmed and of sounding the sentiment in the Al. Covert and j. J. Schmidt. Votes burled the idea of moving clocks of City on the proposition after it accepted until 7 of clock a via Thena ahead an hour. In flood and fires Wake for the Stute meaning Quot hand fun of Flowers Quot is a real Indian Prin i Cess daughter of chief Tahan of 1 j it a a. 1 the Kiowa tribe of Oklahoma. Cleveland state Hospital she s a talented violinist and tour will be erected at a cd All Large Western cities before Invin Ltd taking up Hor residence at the Cash j caring. Tai. Young workmen make dirt Fly. Mansfield reformatory inmates were put on the Job. Are reported As Selling arms to the bandits. Death threats Are freely made. Drastic action May bring serious state of affairs. Harding not Able to is cure proper Legal authority ease orders to liquor dealings Wheeler says wets Ari organizing to change r Laws. By r. K. Reynold i. N 8. Staff correspondent a Washington May 19 a pre Dent Harding s plan to use the unit cd states Navy to ii by rum run Tnp off Tho Atlantic coast has been do finitely abandoned it was Learnt tonight. Two serious obstacles stand to the Way according to official of extreme doubt of the president s authority under Tho Constitution to divert naval Vessela to prohibit duty and 2 Lark of fund tit Kef in the Navy or the Treasury depart Nientsu to finance Tho naval Epser. Lions contemplated by prohibit commissioner Haynes. In addition to Tho decisions Mil to use the Navy to Stop smuggling them were a number of other Del Ivelo ments of significance Here tie Day in the prohibition situation Toledo Man who put Upa fight was slain. Commoner will again stir up delegates in convention. Indianapolis. Ind., May 19.�? it Ultra conservatives of the Presb Rian Church attending the 135th v neral Assembly Here will Havo their innings tomorrow. Their Lead or. William Jennings Bryan will deliver three address in which he in expected to Loose broadsides on the progressives who up to this time hair swayed Tho Assembly. Ryan. Defeated for Moderator by the. Progressive Leder or. Charles a Wishart president of Wooster College and not named in appointments made by Tho victorious progressives announced plans for a n offensive which he intends to Lead for the conservative interpretation of religious truths during Tim remaining Days of the gathering Bryan s Battle line will be array d against evolution. He has expressed his determination to Force Cirive action on the evolutionary theory on the floor. Fear of discord Mai in the Church will not do tar t in from pressing the fight he has affirmed. A illness kept secret in Don May 19.�?premier Anim Quot a Honar Lin who has just a a limed from his Continental tour or i health spent this evening insulting sir Thomas Horder an a authority on cancer. Tho greatest of Crecy la maintained As to the nature or the Premier Hines. Farmers unable to get labor will fatten porkers. Columbus of. May 19.�?"tho intention is prevalent throughout the Ohio Corn Belt of letting Tho nog Harvest his own Corn next fail Quot declared c. J. West statistician at the Federal state Bureau of crops and livestock estimates Here tonight. Quot Farmers figure that in this Way they can save the labor and expense of cutting and husking Corn As Well As some of the labor connected with feeding hogs a continued West. Quot labor conditions perhaps constitute the biggest Factor in influencing Farmers to plan on hogging Down a much larger narc ago than Toledo. May 19.�?shot thru the neck and leg in a fight with or enforcement officers Here this afternoon. Theodore Mayer died on the Way to mercy Hospital. Mayer resides in the Osage apartments. Two dry officers Butts and Moore working out of the Quot Kangaroo court Quot of Justice Gruttz at Montoie were instructed to make a raid on the soft drink parlor of Paul Green. Avondale Avenue. When Mayer came out of the door. The officers stopped him Mayer they say started a fist fight. of the officers pulled a gun fired and Mayer fell Faith two wounds. Butts and Moore put Meyer Ivi the rear and started for the Hospital. But the mounded Man was dead on his arrival. Small child lost both legs in motor crash. Toledo. May 19.�?amelia a Volny a of. Temperance mich., was fatally injured and two others Wero Hurt when an automobile in which they Wero Riding collided with another machine on Alexis Road late today. The Zavolny machine was thrown in the air and fell on the child. Both legs had to be amputated. She will die. Columbus. . May 19.�?con-i tract for construction above Tho first floor slab of the new male infirmary building at the Cleveland state Hospital has been awarded to three Cleveland firms for $186 -66 5, state welfare director Harper i announced tonight. Material used in work to to done by the state will Cost approximately $18,500, making a total Cost of about $205.-165, or m arly $25,000 less than the lowest bids which were rejected last january because their total $22 7,100, exceeded the funds available director Harper stated before advertising for new bids limited to construction work above the first floor slab Tho Stato welfare department arranged with the superintendent of the Mansfield reformatory for 40 boy prisoners from that institution to go to Cleveland accompanied by the us i Perl pendent of construction of the Mansfield institution and do the excavating and Concrete work up to the first floor slab. Moving rapidly it was announced tonight that the work Quot is progressing the states steam shovel was shipped from the Madison county prison farm and five trucks were sent by the state Highway department for use in this work. Following the handling of about 6,Noo Yards of dirt within the next 30 Days about 500 Yards of Concrete will to porn cd. The Genera contractor then View of hot Springs. Ark., a big Section of which City is now a mass or ruins from fire Hood and Torind Lives Are believed lost but exact estimate cannot be made for some Days. Property damage will run nearly to $2,000,00 1. A by Woetko Fri never know Humber of dead m South Carolina holocaust by Borok it. Holmes i. N. S. Staff correspondent Washington May 19.�? to Ductant to intervene in China yet these include growing More concerned Dally Over the first time sine Tho seriousness of conditions there. 111 1�?T1 of Thyl prohibit. Laws the Federal government Eon the United states government a. Spin o the a some of its enforcement authority this ans brought about when Titbit ton commissioner Haynes Elded that state prohibition Dir tors could Issue permits to is physicians in the United stats prescribe liquor for their Pat without malting for an of in i in ton on a heir licenses. 2.�?after announcing that to government would Appeal to to # United states supreme court to v5 throw the ruling of Federal Juda Knox in new York holding that Congress could not limit the numbs of liquor prescriptions which phys plans could Issue. Acting attorn general a to. Seymour Auld the it was face to face with a situation tonight that May Call for Early use of american Force to effect Tho to least of the five americana held captive for two weeks by Shantung bandits. Official reports from minister sri trnian today emphasized the chaos that rules in Pekin. These a ports supplemented by private advices told of the governments own troops w to Are supposed to be rescuing the prisoners being Dis affect cd an Ltd openly Selling their Amu land ammunition to Tho inn dts. J Tho Pekin troops have not been a paid for 18 months and Are on the verge of banditry themselves according to advices. J a skin is apparently powerless to i direct its own troops the despatch Camden. 8. A. May 19.�? the Shadow of an overwhelming grief Lay across Kersha county tonight. J after the last of the 77 victims of stricken town. Men and women looked fro in a yes swollen and red from tears. The Frank Walls of bereaved children occasionally hush thorium ordered the troops bark of the Behest of the diplomatic voters reject la Rohe Nelsonville will not have new High school building. Nelsonville. . May 19.�? Nelsonville voters today Defeated a proposed Bond Issue for $85, with which the Board of education planned to erect a new High school building. About $40,000 remained from an earlier Bond Issue. Tho Board planned to add the Money secured thru the election today had the Issue carried to the Money remaining and to erect a splendid new Structure at Tho Side of the present school building upon the lot the City now owns. Tho vote was decisive�?640 Quot not and 145 it mss planned to have a Fine gymnasium in the new building. The Cleveland s. A. School Dinas re the. Tears of their elders. Tor had been ind to rest. Eyes Quot we mourn 77 dead but the that were too terrified for tears world Mill never know the exact were wet at last and hearts that number that perished in that awful beat bravely through two Days of w. Evans Camden in frightful ordeal surrendered to de taker who handled All the j Council in Pekin. The troops have open grief. Bodies said tonight. Quot there was nether gone Forward nor been tonight after the town s Ione one great mass of human flesh withdrawn despite the bombard Hearse had made its inst trip and i when i reached the scene and men the terrible Strain was broken the duration Mas impossible. Prac bereaved town faltered and gave it really nothing was Loffy of most of self Over to weeping. Sobs were the bodies but the torsos and they heard tonight on the streets of the pm Ere buried beyond pertinent of Justice did not kit a it i Oln to about him. Is indicated. Sent Pell melt Ini Pur a no Horton. Suit of the bandits ten Day ago.1 a a Wayne b. Wheeler general Tho troops established Contact Rimo of the anti Salon league and then proceeded to Trade arms i a cognized loader of the end tobacco with their Quarry. The Jfe re it declared that is a result of bandits boldly threatened to kill president Harding a decision to in the foreign prisoners unless the Rocco volstead Law let governmental troops Wero Wlth-j41 a a orig As he remained in the drawn whereupon the Pekin an White House the wets in the ism 4$ Tol Are organizing a new Cam to Force the next Congress to Liber Las the prohibition Law. Will begin his work it Mas stated. Former officer heavily soaked Mike Smith former night officer at Nelson Hie before his resignation which followed Ilia arrest a week ago on charges of drunkenness and possessing intoxicating liquor by dry officer Donna Nash changed his former pleas of not guilty to guilty before magistrate Hedwig saturday morning. Smith Mas fined $500 and costs on the Possession charge and $50 and costs on the drunkenness charge. He was released when he made arrangements to pay his fines. Klansmen gather in vast number Slayer of Cleveland officer believed hiding in the country. Cleveland of. May John l. Whitfield indicted for the murder of patrolman Dennis Griffin is now hiding in some City or lonely Rural spot in the Eastern Section of the United states is the opinion of police officials Here tonight Griffin was murdered a week ago yesterday As he was driving with Whitfield a prisoner to police station. His body was found monday buried in a shallow grave several Miles South of the City. Today Tho Reward for Whitfield a capture Quot dead or alive Quot was increased to $2.50 and unless his arrest comes before monday night it is probable that City Counce will add $9,000 More to the Rich prize awaiting the Man who identifies the alleged murderer. Fresh paint is a liquid to poke Valparaiso ind. May 19�? Twenty thousand Kun flux klans Man from every part of the United state Mere in Valparaiso tonight for a Gigantic demonstration. Chicago alone sent 1,500 in two special trains. There was a special train of 12 cars from Indianapolis. Automobiles bearing klan banners Are thick in the streets. The nature of the ceremonies was not revealed. A a a a a a a a a a a have the Prince engaged again Cardiff Wales. May Rumor that the Prince of Wales is to marry this time to a Welsh girl was circulated today in connection with his forthcoming visit to the Home of i Aird Blythewood at Swansea. It was reported that the news of Tho engagement would lie announced during the visit of the Prince with the Ray Liswood family. Lord Blythewood has one daughter miss Ollie a hand some girl who is scleral years younger than the Prince. A a a a a a a a a a a famous fighting Man quits guard service new York May 19.�?major Genera John f. Ryan. Commander of the federalized new York National guard Lias resigned. Adjutant general Charles w. Berry aide to governor Smith announced tonight. General of Ryan distinguished himself during the world War As Leader of the 27th division. Army ship flies Over Derby course without incident. Dayton. O., May 19.�?after circling Over Churchill Downs at Louisville scene of Tho Kentucky Derby the army dirigible to Lar Rived at Wright Field at 6 18 of clock saturday evening ending a voyage from Weott Field Belleville ind. Colonel t. Baldwin commanding reported that the balloon pass. Cd Over the race course at a height of boo feet. Members of Tho Crew watched from Tho air one of the races preliminary to the Derby. Tho balloon will return to 8cott Field sunday morning. Marine Engineer will die from his hurts. Another pole outrage Warsaw. May 19.�?ladlsiaus head blew out late today of Piston ring six inches Long a half Inch Waldo and one fourth Inch thick penetrated his Side just below the heart. A clean apron is a thing slipped the fragment was entirely out of on to hide a dirty dress. Sight. _ Olewinski. Lice president of the polish ministry of agriculture was assassinated today. Toledo. May 19.�?charles a. Rose 35, of Marine City Michigan chief Engineer of the Steamer George it. Leonard was probably Fatu Ity injured when a Cylinder a piece surprised candidate for president thinks women will Rule the world in future year. In addition he believes there will be an Malone says that there is no great Leader for the presidency in America mow. He thinks that either g. Wells by David m. Church tide festivities. Upon being asked i. N. S. Staff correspondent for his views on the next presiden London May 19�?dudley Field j Gal contest in America he issued Malone Democrat former collector the following statement to inter of the port of new York and now j National news service Quot i shall an International lawyer dividing i fight in the next presidential Eire David Lloyd George or h his time Between Paris and new Tion possibly As a Surprise Cand could defeat any of the Ryen men York today shied his hat into the Date. I am opposed to american j honed. American political ring a Surprise participation in the league of naj outlining his views of the future presidential candidate in 1924. Nations or the International court of Malone said Quot i believe in the Lone said he believed women will Justice and Rule the world in the future instead i Malone refused to discuss his per of men. He is married to Doris spinal plans to any further extent Stevens a Leader of militant auf but he believes that president hard of rapists. Malone is a guest at the tog and Henry Ford will be two of Claridge tor the English Whitsun the presidential candidate neat future the world will be ruled by women. A Man made world has just left millions of it Ead upon the battlefields. No sex could make a poorer Job of things than the Mon. By the women is not going to bring about a ill Lenini. Labor leaders in Tho United states Are 25 years behind conservative English Labur leaders in political intelligence. Quot american foreign policy based upon the design of Oil domination or even world exploitation would mean an american policy based wholly upon commercial exploitation. I do not believe that the american people approve a policy. Niento of notes which Tho foreign diplomats have directed against the Pekin government. Meanwhile the americans have been captive two weeks now and Are suffering real privations according to official advices. The reasons the reluctance of Washington to Sanction Quot drastic Quot measures to based upon the following reasons 1. Americans traditional policy has been to Quot give China a Chance and not subject her to foreign interference at every turn of the Road. 2. Fear that too drastic action might result in Tho Complete collapse of even the Shell of government that now exists at Pekin. Leaving foreign governments to Deal with a score of Small governments and no Central authority whatever. 8. Tho justifiable suspicion that politics is at the Root of the whole affair in Shantung and that it has been engineered by those who Are opposed to any Strong Central government in China. Booze governor of new York not decided As to his course. New York May 19.�?those who heard governor Smith speak tonight at a dinner give in his Honor at Coney Island Are convinced that he said in substance that he would not sign the Mullan Gage prohibition Repealer. Quot when i give this decision study it study the reasons for it. With one hand on my heart and the other hand extended to heaven my decision will be to sustain the constitutional Laws of the country a he said. The governor statement came after 700 diners had obeyed a request to Rise in favor of the repeal of the Law. It came As a distinct Surprise. Samuel Gompers president of the american federation of Tabor said that he would appear at the Repealer Bill hearing May Sias the representative of the a men and women who toll for a living Quot movies will help Cleveland o., May 19.�?pictures of Whitfield the Slayer of officer Griffin will be flashed on the movie screens of All picture such a Bouses throughout the country in British lives Are protected i Der plans completed tonight. By they cannot govern. Participation hah taxpayer hav in Quot a in Mesopotamia. British treasure this Means Povic believe the work paid for the Oil there let the Brit of Volunteer Marcher will a Groat raided. Winton and Hayne aaa to Combine with big capital. Cleveland. May of the Winton company ant Mobile manufacturers will moot hero monday to pass upon a prop cd merger of the company with the Haynes automobile company of Kokomo Indiana it a tonight. At Tho same Tim it stated that Tho plans detail which wars not revealed had approved by director of Hayne automobile company that stockholders of that conc would meet at Kokomo next Day to approve the of Ciai action. According to reports hers Tai Dorris motor company of #1, Louis would also be included in the merger which. It wan understood would have a of approximately $20,000,000. Another ultimatum du8seldorf, May 19.�? to French military authorities Tod issued an ultimatum to striking German workers to resum the duties in 48 hours upon penalty of expulsion from the Buhr with trip families. Democratic chairman advises reducing duty upon raw sugar a Washington. May 19.�?blam# for the continued High Price of a Gar was Laid at the door of to White House today by Cordell Hill chairman of the democratic Natl a1 committee asserting that president Harding has it within his it or to afford Relief if he will or a a challenged the president to a a twist the flexible provisions of to new Tariff Law to reduce Dutie he threatened to a when Gar situation first be earn some weeks ago. Canada already in these duties Hall said. And immediately reflected in prices of sugar to the with the Tariff Cut Hail sugar producing Center and the British East be Abl to ship to the i

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