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Athens Sunday Messenger Newspaper Archives Mar 31 1974, Page 1

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Athens Sunday Messenger (Newspaper) - March 31, 1974, Athens, Ohio Vol. 69, no. 1080ttnka i e00c Tiger Athens Ohio. Sunday March 31, 1974 5 cetus up Over and Down. A messenger photos by ran dry if you re feeling the urge to get outside and Limber up those Muscles tired out by a Long Winter indoors you might try a Back flip like this for a change of Pace. The feat looks simple enough when done by Howard Kerr a freshman at Ohio University who at left prepares to launch himself from a sign at Dow Lake then does so and. At right lands right Side up. A. Easy for Kerr you say. But for us Well stick to walking around behind the set for 8 indicted in Kent Case Cleveland Ohio a almost four years after the Kent state University shootings seven former Ohio National guardsmen and one present member anxiously await their Fate without Public comment. The Justice department has set april Ioas the arraignment Date for the men who were indicted Friday in connection with the death of four persons and the wounding of nine others during an Antiwar demonstration at the University on May 4. 1970. Immediately after hearing of his indictment James d. Mcgee. 27, of Ravenna said he would have a plenty to say and i will say but Only after consulting an attorney. Mcgee consulted his attorney and saturday said he has been advised to remain silent. All of the other guardsmen indicted have either flatly refused comment or Are following the path of Mcgee see a Iso Acle says Kent jury probe came �?~3 years Page a-12 parents of slain students rewarded by Faith in Justice. Page c-12 Kent shootings a chronology. Page c-12. Ralph w Zoller of Mantua Ohio whose 27-year-old son with the same name is among the indicted said a this whole thing is stupid. Its however maj. John e. Martin of Wooster commander of a company 145th infantry one of the units from which the gunfire came said a these Young men have civil rights too. I m wondering if anybody is looking after Martin was not among the indicted. There were no officers named in the indictment. Officials of the american civil liberties Union said they believe it is the first time in the 198 year history of the . That guardsmen have been charged with a crime resulting from a civil disorder. The three count indictment which was handed Down Friday afternoon in . District court Here ended 39 Days of Federal grand jury work the jury work included three Days of secret deliberations which a Justice department spokesman said is uncommonly Long for deciding recommendations in a civil rights Case. It was the Only Federal grand jury inquiry into the shootings since they occurred a state grand jury found the guardsmen innocent. U. S. District judge Herbert Maher will preside at the arraignments. Named As defendants were Mcgee and Zoller Lawrence a. Shafer. 28. Ravenna William e. Perkins. 28. Canton James e. Pierce. 29. Amelia Island. Fla Barry w. Morris. 29. Kent and Leon h Smith. 27. Of Beach City. All former members of the Ohio National guard and Mathew j Mcmanus. 28. West Salem still a member of the guard All of the defendants were charged with violating the civil rights of the victims. The maximum penalty if convicted is one year in prison and a $1,000 continued on Page a-12 a arrogant political adolescents Quot Ford assails re election unit Chicago apr vice president Gerald r. Ford said saturday the political lesson of watergate was a never again must americans allow an arrogant elite guard of political adolescents to dictate the terms of a National election Campaign. Ford referred to the committee for the re election of the president which ran president Nixon a Campaign in 1972. A it violated the historic concept of the two party system in America and ran roughshod Over the seasoned political judgment and experience of the regular Republican party organization in the 50 states a Ford said. A the fatal defect of creep was that it made its own rules and thus made its own a creep is the double edged acronym Ford used in referring to the Campaign committee in his speech to More than 1,000 Midwest republicans. The audience including presidential hopeful sen. Charles Percy and gop National chairman George Bush stood and cheered when Ford said a the political lesson of watergate is this never again must americans allow an arrogant elite guard of political adolescents like creep to bypass the regular party organization and dictate the terms of a National Ford received another ovation when he said a your Republican party organization must be the vehicle for future elections. If there Are any More cliques of ambitious amateurs who want to run political campaigns in the future. I say let the democrats 3 american oilmen held by guerrillas in Ethiopia Asmara. Ethiopia apr efforts by Tenn eco Oil co. To negotiate release of three americans and two canadians captured by rebels in Northern Ethiopia brought no reported Progress saturday. Members of the eritrean liberation front captured the five after their helicopter went Down tuesday in a storm 45 Miles Northwest of Massaway on the red sea sources said. Villagers said the guerrillas burned the Craft and took the five with the army in Pursuit. A military search was called off to permit negotiations and Edward Burchall chief of Tenn eco Oil co. In Ethiopia refused to comment on the negotiations until after the five were freed. In Houston tex. Tenn eco said the captured men included Motta Pamela a american consultant to the ethiopian ministry of mines and two geologists a Powers w. Kayce jr., 36. Of Plainview tex., and Clifford m. James 27, a Canadian. Texaco officials in Houston identified a second american Only As j. W. Rogers one of the company a employees. Can West aviation Ltd. Of Calgary alta., said its president Don Wederfort 28. Also of Calgary was the Pilot. They were exploring for Oil when they were stranded in the Northern province of Eritrea ethiopian sources said. The front has been fighting ethiopian troops for a decade trying to win Independence for the province once an italian Colony. In the past the organization has kidnapped others and released them after generating publicity for its cause. Have them next time a he opened his speech noting a i was specifically admonished before coming that i talk about watergate but with some prerogatives of my own. Ill ignore those the vice president told a news conference his remarks were not cleared with the White House. A i spoke As my own Man a he said. Ford also said a i done to think you should interpret my remarks As a criticism of the asked if he had intended to divorce himself from the White House or president Nixon a philosophies he said a not at All. I simply said creep did a great disservice to the Republican Ford was also asked about his political plans. A i have said it simply and emphatically. I have no intention of being a candidate for any political office in 1976,�?� he said. He said republicans a Are blessed with a spectrum of candidates any one of whom if they got the nomination could win in 1976.�?� he listed Percy California gov. Ronald Reagan former new York gov. Nelson a. Rockefeller a All of whom attended the conference at various times a and former Treasury Secretary John b. Connally. Map wire photo death at Kent state a a girl gestures and screams Over the fallen body of a student in this widely published photo of the May 1970 student National guard clash at Kent state University. Eight of the Ohio guardsmen sent to Kent to control student demonstrations were indicted Friday by a Federal grand trial opens monday Media a. Apr the Way has been cleared for opening statements monday in the trial of w. A. A a Tony Boyle charged with ordering the killing of United mine workers Union rival Joseph Yablonski his wife and daughter. Selection of a jury of nine men and three women and two alternates was completed backed by Union Cincinnati Ohio apr the 25,000-member United paper workers International Union saturday endorsed former astronaut John Glenn for the democratic nomination to the u. S. asks welfare Cut key Biscayne Fla. Apr president Nixon has announced he will ask Congress to Cut almost $800 million in appropriations for welfare programs during the current fiscal year because of a major drop in the nations welfare Rolls. He said benefits would not be area do the weather classified.d-2 7 mostly sunny sunday highs in comics. Jow an j paddle 50s Clear editorial. And Cool sunday night lows in the Homes. Upper 30s and lower 40s. Monday obituaries. Increasing cloudiness and. In warmer with a Chance of television. Showers highs in the 60s. 6 women.b-4-6 details Page a a report raps Energy a speedup policy Washington a a private two year study of Energy policy sharply criticizes the Nixon administrations current drive to develop . Energy resources at top Speed. In a preliminary report saturday the Ford foundations Energy policy project said the government should consider seriously an alternative policy of slowing or halting the growth of Energy demand by the end of this Century. The report said most of the nations remaining Fossil fuels Are in fact owned by the Public and their management by the Federal government can shape the nations Energy future. But it said the existing system was designed to encourage resource development and works against considering other options. A to our minds a the report said a the most fundamental Choice is a sense of direction about growth in Energy consumption a it said the historic growth of Energy demand about 3.4 per cent a year could be continued through this Century with All out development of All of the nations Energy resources including Oil natural Gas Coal Oil shale geothermal Energy and atomic Energy. But it said this growth rate could instead be Cut in half by an All out Effort to save Energy through better use of it with no loss of advantages. It said this policy would require full development of Only one major Energy resource. The growth rate could even be slowed and halted the report said leveling off slightly higher than at present a High enough to maintain present living standards and to increase those of the poor. A the Federal government is in a unique position to shape the future patterns of National resume Speed Europe going faster despite benefits of cutback London apr lower Speed limits imposed at the height of the Oil crisis to save fuel Are being relaxed in much of Europe even though they Are thought to have saved lives As Well As gasoline. Britain France and West Germany were among the nations that ordered Speed limit reductions last fall and All three showed significant reductions in Highway accidents during the period according to government statistics. But the easing of the Oil situation and urging from Auto manufacturers a who suffered a Sharp drop in sales a Are bringing higher speeds Back. British motorists could drive 70 Miles an hour on the country a superhighways again Friday after More than three months of a 50 m p h. Limit. Safety experts Are convinced the slower limits Mph Niph Arri dents Notine this january s 24,000 Road casualties were 14 per cent fewer than in january 1973. There were 560 deaths this january nine per cent fewer than the january before. In France authorities imposed a 75 m p h. Restriction last november on the previously limit free turnpikes while limits went from 62 to 56 m p h. On most other roads. With the lower Speed limits in Force for part of 1973. Road accidents for the year were reported Down 18.7 per cent and deaths Down 15.8 per cent Over 1972. The West German government put a 62 m p h. Limit on its autobahn and a 50 m p h. Limits on All other roads last november and government statistics showed a significant reduction in serious traffic accidents. Energy policy through control of publicly owned Energy the report said dissenting with part of the report the Edison electric Institute said a Zero Energy growth does not appear to be a viable approach a the association for the nation s investor owned electric Utility companies added that a in any responsible scenario on Energy the nuclear option must have an important place.finds Home for cat Steven Coleman Athens had a Black siamese cat to give to a Good Home. So he advertised in the messenger and found the cat a Home on the first Call i was surprised i got such Quick results a he told us. Fast action like this is commonplace with messenger tenon ads

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