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Athens Sunday Messenger Newspaper Archives Mar 31 1957, Page 4

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Athens Sunday Messenger (Newspaper) - March 31, 1957, Athens, Ohio Al c Sunbelt messenger Athens. Ohio sunday March 3 Page 957 4 or. Crank says put established 1823 err a frock w. Busti publisher 1896-2929 sued every week Day afternoon except saturday with a sunday morning edition by the messenger publishing co. Gordon k. Bush publisher John v. Webb managing editor Charles . Reamer City editor Hingle copy a Dai y 7c sunday i or delivered by carriers daily and sunday 3.v a week delivered by truck route $1.55 a delivered by mail a daily and sunday Ohio a Viva. Elsewhere one ______________$100 i a $ 8.90 7 80 15.60 one Lear 9.00 my a s apply Only where Carrier Dei very s not available. Mail rates w be re Carrier delivery to main. I Tux is >5 a . Other subscriptions and Edver-1 mpg a is on App ration. Entered at Athens Ohio. Post office second class matter under aet of 1918. There s a difference president Eisenhower has become irritated by the snowballing demand for budget cutting and Economy in government. That tax reduction might eventually be possible. That is because he is thinking along one line of expenditure while the people Are criticizing an entirely different class of expenditures. The president is speaking with High purpose and a we orld wide View determined to Avert War by lessening world frictions if possible and spending for defense which everyone agrees is much cheaper than waging War. No one can properly differ with that View. As the Columbus dispatch says Quot no one is asking that the administration or Congress make such cuts in the budget that America would suffer As a result. All that anyone w ants is that unnecessary spending wasteful spending and spending which might reasonably be delayed for a time be taken out of what clearly is a swollen the people Are criticizing demanding the elimination of a Host of pork barrel items that infest every budget and ordinarily Are slipped into our Federal program without anyone noticing it. But which now Are clearly extravagances if for no other reason than that they Are relatively unnecessary. If we must continue to spend scones of billions for military items of All kinds and nobody is objecting to that then we must economize on unessential. This is no More than any family does. But the administration has gotten into such a habit of justifying everything it cannot distinguish Between essential defense and Domestic items As compared with pure pork. Lets take the Suez canal for an example. As a result of Nasser ordering it blocked it has already Cost the american taxpayers $17,410,000, and it will Cost More. We normally pay 33 per cent of the United nations Bills. Iii the Suez Case we offered to pay half of the $6,500,000 additional funds needed for the in emergency Force. Another time we volunteered to pay All of the expenses of the in emergency Force air lift. They let us do it costing $2,300,006. We Are to pay too per cent of the Kunef service and supplies Bills a another $3,500,000. Britain and France who caused All the trouble of invasion pay nothing. Israel in whose behalf it was All done pay Only $36,000 of the Salvage costs and $16,000 of the Kunef expense. Meanwhile for Quot capital Salvage a that is Clearing the canal we put up $5 million and doubtless will pay much More. It should not be beyond the mental capacities of the people heading our administration to understand the difference Between buying groceries for the family and splurging in the i As Veldt gambling Halls. We can understand that perfectly. At least a lome la let. Expectations As a Rule tend to run too High Over top level conferences. But if they lie scaled Down to a sensible plane then the Eisenhower Macmillan talks at Bermuda can be measured As probably fruitful. They Are immediately valuable As was of course foreseen because the y restore firsthand dealing bet we ii America and Britain in a mood of Confidence and Trust. And thus ends one of the unhappiest interludes in the Long history of this great International Friendship. Furthermore the talks produced an agreement for the United states to Supply Britain with certain guided missiles. This is a development which cannot help but Buck up British spirits at a rather trying time. There was jux ii for Britain and All free nations in the defense cuts it had previously initiated. This move lessens that peril somewhat. And the Quot guided missile news is bound to be cheering too at a moment when that country i it torn by severe labor strife. Neither we nor the British were Content in these talks simply to Issue fresh warning to the soviet Union by announcing the missile plan. Or. Eisenhower and prime minister Macmillan also threw out a Challenge to test again the Kremlin s professions of peaceful intent. They indicated we might be willing to allow a certain limited International observation of some future nuclear tests if Russia in turn did the Sam. A nation honestly committed to the idea of arms control will find it hard i it explain a refusal. In the matter of the troubled Middle East the Bermuda meeting produced less Concrete results. We have made Clear our Ann of joining the military committee of the anti communist Baghdad pact. Both countries say they will Suji Pui t the various in resolutions a1 Lee Ting the Middle East. And Macmillan told newsmen he and the president anted on the need to keep either Egypt Sphinx solved by time or y nip. Ii Are dead or Bank Case history of a psychiatrist Porter social notes by Hal Boyle new York a a Multi millionaire Axel Wenner Gren. Quot the swedish says it is a mystery to him Why he is sometimes called Quot the mystery Man of International Quot of i spent All my time talking about what i was doing i would t have time left to do All the things i still want he said. Quot i am no mystery Man. I have tried to keep out of the spotlight but sometimes you have to throw a Little Light on what you Are attempting to and in his 76th year or. Wenner Gren feels to is now embarked on the biggest project of his life. It is the opening up of a 40, re mile Frontier tract in British Columbia a wilderness area of Canada almost As Large As England and Wales combined. Wenner a Ken has deposited half a million dollars with British Columbia provincial authorities As a guarantee he will build a 400-mile Monorail in the area by i960. But before then he expects to spend five million dollars to inventory its Mineral Hydro electric and Timber resources. Quot this is the most important thing i have Ever tried a said Wenner Gren. Quot be cause it will mean More to More people a his company has agreed to provide bos petals and schools in the arca As it develops and his own share of any profits have been pledged to philanthropies. His associates estimate that if the territory proves As Rich in resources As they expect More than a billion dollars of capital will eventually he required to develop them. Wenner Gren who is tanned and As vigorous As his Viking forebears is often referred to As Quot one of the five richest men in the his Blue eyes twinkle in amusement when asked if it is True that he belongs in this charmed Circle of wealth. Quot i done to know he said Quot i wish i we be. In t As soon As i have More than i want i give it associates have estimated lie has Given from 25 million to 50 million dollars to various scientific and health foundations he has established Here and in Sweden. He does no to like to discuss his private philanthropies. He is an organization Genius and is now reported to have Active business liter ests in 20 countries. He founded his Fortune on vacuum cleaners and Home refrigerators. Hut today his scores of corporations make everything from diet pills to Railroad trains. The real mystery to most people is How Fhi it Quot mystery Man Quot who in 1907 was getting 15 cents an hour in a new Jersey tractor factory became a 20th Century Croesus. But Wenner Gren does no to mind disclosing his secret of How to become Rich. Quot All that is required to make a million dollars is hard work self discipline and common sense a he observed drily. There. The secret is yours. The budget by Sam Dawson new Youko in Fly the Battle Over the Federal budget has been joined. Hie president the Congress business leaders Hank economists and hordes of common tax Pav Cis Are in the fray. Seems almost everyone has his own idea of How president Eisenhower a record peacetime budget of nearly 72 billion dollars can he Cut or Why it can to be Cut safely. One Bank economist refers to the Federal budget today As Quot a runaway engine of inflation a and Bankers Are High on the list of those who still worry about inflation. The taxpayers chief concern May or to Cut government spending so there la he some Hope for tax cuts later. After paying Al the tax Coe lectors Many a citizen finds it hard to Deal with the Butcher and the tailor. Tackling the problem of How the Congress can regain control Over Federal spending the Survey for april of the guaranty Trust co. Of new York out today urges that Congress get up a budget of its own each year. It lists four requirements 1. That an annual legislative budget he drawn up. 2. That it be drawn up with he Aid of a specialized staff. J. That it he drawn up and approved Early in the session so that no appropriations will he made except in accordance with it 4. That appropriations be made As recommended by the Hoover commission for a single fiscal year Only irrespective of real or supposed commitments so that a proposed appropriations will he subjected to critical congressional scrutiny each year the Hanks say that such a legislative budget is called for Iii the reorganization act of 1946, which is still on the books. The Bank argues that the con Gressmen will need the help of a specialized staff to grasp the fiscal needs of Quot a government consisting of More than too depart ments and agencies employing More than 2,360,000 civilians and spending More than 70 billion dollars a president Eisenhower at his news con Ference this week was sceptical of tile Good to come from Congress present mood of piecemeal cutting of his budget the guaranty Survey is critical of the whole congressional habit of handling Money Hills saying Quot appropriations Are voted piecemeal in a series of Bills not directly related to any Over All total of expenditure or Revenue to make matters worse Congress has developed the practice of voting Large spend my programs covering periods that extend for years into the future a by the time an expert has solved your problem the problem has been women do Well for themselves but my observation la that the men look better year for sear than their w Ives. Eola needs to employ the Quot minor decision technique for old bachelors Are addicted to the habit of putting off major decisions. Even though Randolph loved Ixia he would probably have stalled another 20 years if she had t used the strategy outlined below. It has won wedding rings for thousands of girls by or. George w. Crane Case u-348 Lola g., aged 29, is a nurse who has been dating an eligible Bachelor for three years. Quot or. Crane Randolph is 34, and a very talented she began. Quot he is Gallant and i enjoy my dates with him. But he seems to stall about marriage. Quot of. He admits he loves me. He says there is no other girl for him except me. And he vows we shall get married. Quot but he avoids setting the Day. He loves me i feel certain hut is a victim of procrastination. Quot his widowed Mother lives with him and keeps House. She seems to like me fairly Well. But Randolph evades the Issue. What can i do a in salesmanship we stress the Quot minor decision method of getting the prospects signature on the dotted line. We done task the Bald question Quot Well what do you say take it or leave it a no i indeed that would Shock the Prospect out of the buying in xxi by making him realize he had to make a major decision. So we employ the Quot minor decision a whereby w e tactfully get him to assent to minor questions. Quot would you want delivery of the vacuum cleaner in time for s a t u r d a yes housecleaning or would monday he o.k.?&Quot asks the Salesman when he sees the housewife is wavering. With her major attention on the shiny new cleaner she May assent to monday. Quot would you prefer to pay by the instalment plan or in full at the time of delivery a is another example of minor decisions. By this ingenious method the Salesman gets the Prospect in an agreeing Frame of mind and has already taught her the habit of assenting so he concludes with a casual Quot if you la just this along the dotted line Well have a Brand new vacuum sweeper Here by monday Well girls you can employ the same Quot minor decision technique on bachelors. Quot do you prefer a june wedding to an autumn wadding a Lola can ask. Randolph will probably select the Date that is farther away so he will doubtless prefer the autumn Date. Quot i like that season of the year too a Lola can gayly agree Quot but would you prefer september or october a of course hell pick october for that a farther off. Lola should Itig their o most of of Thanki j it fat p Are not As smart As we a our tailors and facial the stars say j for sunday sundays vibrations will be favourable to new ventures and ideas. Entry into an agreement May result in excellent returns eventually but Here As always Good judgment should be used. For the birthday of sunday is your birthday your Horoscope indicates that this new year in your life could prove a highly constructive one. Occupational goals which you May have hitherto considered unattainable could Well be achieved by the end of 1957 if you Are willing to work harder and make some sacrifice of personal desires. Look tor a Good financial Quot break Quot late in May and some highly stimulating romantic my social adventures Between june and september. October and november should bring real achievement and late december some exceptionally Good news a child born on this Day will be Clever ambitious and endowed with remarkable perception. Monday monday will not be a Day for aggressive action but one which can nevertheless produce Tine returns if you Are tactful arum gracious. Done to try to Force issues and done to give unsolicited advice. For the birthday of monday is your birthday matters concerned with your Job and future Security will undo vol edly occupy most of your time and Energy this year. This is As ii should be however since your Horoscope promises Tine occupational headway if your Are willing to work hard and profit by Ell available opportunities. There could be some slight to it n Sion in Domestic affairs late in june but it can be averted if you will curb your occasional tendency toward bos siness personal relationships other i s a will be under Fine aspects for most of the year and the period Between june and september should be exceptionally interesting from a social and romantic standpoint. A child born on this Day will be talented efficient and endowed with the qualities of leadership Sherif f orders curfew Washington court House a a 10 30 . Curfew went into effect thursday for All resilient s of Fayette county under 17 years of age. Sheriff Orland Hays ordered the curfew after tour boys were arrested wednesday night and charged with breaking and entering and stealing four guns set the stage so some witnesses can casually enter the room at this moment and then she can announce Quot Randolph says we Are to be married in october. Isnit that wonderful and Mary will you be my bridesmaid a he a hooked the Quot minor decision did it. Keep pushing him farther out on the limb by deft measures. And if he gets nervous at the thought of an elaborate wedding which such gun shy bachelors usually do then suggest Quot lets Surprise everybody and Elope. Lets run off now and get married a bachelors Are addicted to the had habit of procrastination. They Are just As much a victim to such indecision As a chronic drunk is a slave to liquor. So have no hesitation in push tile fan Lily doctor by Edwin p. Jordan. M d. A Man who writes that he is 84, asks two important questions about cataracts which he says he has in both eyes. First he asks if surgery is not performed would his vision decrease and later would total blindness be possible. His second question is whether there is a percentage of failure from surgery. Now a Cataract is a clouding pm that portion of the Eye which serves As a Lens. This clouding produces some blurring in vision j. As a dirty Lens would do with the picture taken by a camera. Ordinary the cloudiness of the Lens increases slowly and with it Tho fuzziness and haziness a the vision. In answer to the first question the vision does tend to decrease and blindness is a possibility. There is Little reason to believe that Eye Strain variations in the general health or other factors directly in fluence the development of a Cataract and its Progress. Most cataracts come in the late years of life and Are probably associated with the aging process. As yet no method has been discovered to prevent their development nor to treat them medically either in the Way of delaying the Progress of the cloudiness of the Lens or dissolving the cataracts. At the beginning a Cataract in which the cloudiness is slight is called when the process of clouding has been completed it is called Quot Ripe or mature. It is common for the Cataract in the two eyes to be at different stages of development. As the writer implied surgery is generally the Best treatment for a Cataract. One has to use judgment in this operation however and it is a delicate one. However improvements in methods of surgery for Cataract have been so great in recent years that full vision can often be restored in uncomplicated cases. Furthermore it is now sometimes possible to remove the Lens with the Cataract in it before it has become Ripe or mature. In answer to the second question it must be admitted that some failures from surgery Are always possible. However in properly selected cases and with the skilled surgery now available the percentage of failures has greatly decreased and the Outlook for retaining the vision has improved. Thus while cataracts still constitute a threat to the vision Progress in solving the problem has been real. What we All Hope for is the discovery of some method to prevent their development or to treat them successfully by nonsurgical methods ing such a Vacil Lator into marriage if you know the couple Are Well suited to each other in All other respects. A lot of girls now have wadding rings because they employed the Quot minor decision technique outlined above. It is deft sales psychology. Use it always write to or. Crane in care of this newspaper enclosing a Long 3c stamped addressed envelope and 20c to cover typing and printing costs when you Send for one of his booklets Porter a or. And mrs. G. G. Gullett entertained As weekend guests or. And mrs. Joe Willard and Debbie of Charleston and or. And mrs. Ralph Coburn of Huntington. Or. And mrs. Herman Henson Are the parents of a daughter. They also have a son Philip. The father is Home on a 20-Day leave from Virginia where he is stationed with the Navy. Or. And mrs. Allen Brothers Are parents of a daughter bom at the Point clinic Point pleas ant. Visitors of Paul and Paulina Russell were or. And mrs. Clyda Russell of Thurman Carl Rath Burn Centenary and mrs. Lindel Brown of Marion. Mrs. Brown is visiting for a few Days with her sister and father. Or. And mrs. Price Beard and Janie of Columbus spent a weekend visiting mrs. Beards parents or. And mrs. J. M. Walters Elieene and Becky. Thurman Denney visited his brother Kerr Denney. A Garnet Russell to highlights sunday 4 of .�?wide wide world channels 3 amp 4 Quot Spring Jubile visiting calif., with Yosemite National Park plus a Beverly Hills fashion show where Dinah Shore and Cyd Charisse will receive fashion awards. Visits will also be made to Jamestown va., Shrewsbury Center vt., and Marcic copa county Ari. 5 00 .�?air Power channels a. To Quot the defeat of 7 of .�?you asked for it Channel 6 presents xray studies of sword Swallower at w re. 730 .�?Marge and Gower Champion channels 8 amp to Jack Benny and Dan Dailey offer their services when Gower is injured and unable to dance. 8 of .�?Cinderella channels 8 a to this fairy tale will by presented in its original legendary setting with All of the remembered characters and magic. Music and humor have been added by Rogers and Hammerstein. Stars Are Jon Cypher Julie Andrews Edith Adams Ilka Chase and Kaye Ballard. In color. 8 of .�?Steve Allen Chan Nels 3 a 4 will have As guests Tennessee Ernie Ford Peggy Lee and Dinah Shore 9.00 p in a theater channels 3 a 4 stars e. G. Marshall in Quot the big build up a the Story of a Young actor who becomes the Pawn in a motion picture producers Gamble for Box of flee Success. In color. 9 00 .�?omnibus�? channels 6 a 13 features Leonard Bern Idem playing the must in of Johann Sebastian Bai television programs sunday Saz Channel s wow a Channel 4 a ten Channel 8 we Hal Channel 8 wins Channel 18 when Channel is 7 45 i Christian science 8 00 8 15 8 30 8 45 frontiers j singing pastor i Church Oral Roberts i i. 9 00 9 15 9 30 9.45 bar 4 i Church people i. I j this i the life in i. I Christophers i i this is the life i 10 00 10 15 Christian science 10 30 one person 10 45 i kit Carson i i Ramer i i Man to Man sacred heart Porky j lamp unto feet i. I look up a live i. J lamp unto feet i. I look up a Lave i la 00 this is the life 11 15 11 30 Man to Man 11 43 Tea i youth theater i i. I i. I i. I a a i in in action i i camera three i. In in action i. I camera three i. 12 00 adventure 12 15 your trouble 12 30 to Chapel 12 43 m i a. I theater i i i dance revue showboat i take a trip in i wild Btl i m i take a trip i i wild Bdl l m i Faith today i i Oral Robert i 1 00 Bowling 1 15 1 30 1 43 i i l m l i i i heckle a jeckle i. I badge a bullets i. I town meeting in i m in i 20th Century i m i m m i m 2 00 foreign intrigue 2 15 2 30 or. Wizard 2 45 l l l i i m i i i i. I. Last word i i science sermons i i churches i i m i i to o gun i 3 00 forum 3 13 3 30 zoo Parade 3 45 i Eddy Arnold i a i i zoo Parade i. I i face nation i a i sunday news i. I your music i i theater 1 i Marshall Coll. I i Johns hog ins i. 4 00 wide wide world 4 15 4 30 4 45 i wide wide world i. I i. I i. I a i Odyssey in i i i see it now i i i i College press l m i medical Hon. 5 00 5 15 5 30 Outlook 5 45 to Henry i. I a a i Outlook i Looney tune i in i see it now i i air Power i. Laughland i i cartoons i i press conference i. 6 00 meet the pies 6 15 6 30 news 6 45 Quartetti i meet lie press i i. I i Roy Rogers i a i capt Midnight i. Sky King i Telephone time i. I Ann Oakley i. I t Telephone time i a i a Christian i i 20th Century i i in. 7 00 Bengal lancers 7 15 7 30 circus boy 7 43 i Bengal lancers i i i i circus boy i i i you asked Ted Mark lass i i Marge a Gower i Lassie i i mate a Gower i. I i i Ted Mack 8 00 Steve Allen 8 15 8 30 8 43 i Steve Allen i i a i a i i open hearing i. I m i Cinderella i Cinderella i j a a i i i i Elizabeth i 9 00 theater 9 15 9 30 9 45 i theater i a a i i i i omnibus i m m i Hitchcock i i i i death Valley i omnibus i i i 10 00 Loretta Young to is. 10 30 to nit watch 10 45 Loretta Young i i. I i Trust you wife i a. I i i i theater i m i $64 000 Chail. I. I what s my Lane i. I $64, Ugo Ola la. I. I what my line i. I -. I 20th Century a a a is 11 0011 1511 3011 45 i three City final i j family playhouse i. I. I i i i m j news special i late show l m i m i new special i news i armchair theat. I. In m i a m a. In m monday ism Channel 3 a Lac Channel 4 a ten Channel Wens Channel 8 to b is Channel to when Channel is 12 00 tic Tat dough 12 15 m 12 30 could be you 12 43i 50-30 dub i m i m i j valiant lady i love of Lite i movie i i valiant lady i love of Llie i search tomorrow i guiding Light i news weather i weather. Farm i search tomorrow i guiding Light i cartoon new i neighbors i Liberace 1 00 current a 115 m i i i Katie s Kitchen i Sharp comments i feminine touch 1 30 1 43 i i could a you i i i i i world turns i. I a a ,. I world turn i i in i a a to i matinee 2 00 camera to school 2 15 2 30 Tennessee Ernie 2 45 i Little theater i Tennessee Ernie i. I i led 3 lives a i Early theater i. I our miss Brooks i i House pail y i i l the Marg e i a a i House party i i a a i a a i i 3 00 matinee theatre 3 13 3 30 3 45 i matinee a i my a i pm i big payoff l m i Bob Cro of a i i big payoff i. I boo Cio it by i m i afternoon film i i m m i. 4 00 Queen for a Day 4 15 my 4 30 4 45 modern Romance i Queen for Day i Casper Capers i. I. I. I. I modern romances. I brighter Day i secret storm i Edge of night in m i aunt fran i i i i Pix it s gang f i. I super sen Al try Quot 5 00 comedy Tine 5 13 5 30 Little Margie 5 45 movie time i m i m i m i Mickey mouse i. I i Early show m i m m i i Western i m i i Mickey Moose in m in i i 6 00 Superman 6 15 6 30 news picture 6 45 sports wean or i a a i m i Meetin time i a i foreign legion i. I close up i weather sports i i news i sports. Weather i kingdom of sea i. J Public defender i cartoon club i i i five Star final 7 00 sold ers of Fortune news de Gap 7 19 Ohio Story 7 30 net King cols i Nat King Cole 7 43 no news Abc news 8 00 great Sebastian a a 8 15 8 30 8 45 i Llo along Cassidy press conference j Chet Long. A m m i Doug Edwards i Doug Edwards news in m a i Robin Hood i Robin Hood wire service i Creal Sebastian a the Falcon i Burns and Allen i. I. I i. I Baria concert j Talent scouts i. A. I. I Burns a Allen i. I Talent scouts i. Concert 9 00 9 30 Montgomery cd a 43 i Montgomery Cim Worth living i. I Lawrence wet i m i i love Lucy i i december Bride i. I Loe Lucy Drem Bel Bride 10 00 -10 15 a a 10 30 badge 714 10 43 a a i m i studio 57 i m i suse 7 i i studio one i 11 00 news 11 15 West net tonight 11 30 tonight 11 43 a a i 3 City final Bros a a High i tonight i m i new sports i news weather i Paul Ford Rhea. I news late show i thee to i late show i a i i studio one i t news weather i theater i m i m i to theater i i Lawrence Welle i. I a i a a a i Mark Sabre i news i the a they do it every time by Jimmy Halo it vv4s the picture window a Tom the 8ee Root i Pul View 7vi4t m4de tue cr4nsm4ws of Mook line 4nd mortgage a w so of cuss mrs. C. M4d to put everything but the gr4ndp4tvier,s Glock re get in prompt of it to 4hx 4no 4 tip up me Mateo get to we. Jlc4nmoi. 144 v�?T4llcv st., to figy town new Usu

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