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Athens Sunday Messenger Newspaper Archives Mar 31 1957, Page 1

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Athens Sunday Messenger (Newspaper) - March 31, 1957, Athens, Ohio So c tuition weather saturday Low 2ft. Sunday Joudy. Cool w if i Light hair Fly afternoon. High to. Lii no. Ill Athens. Ohio. Is mme mull 31, 1957 the Nso it i Amo tres Een cents report be Kij sat iranians pursue Nomad women Tehran Iran apr the Shah a police and soldiers were reported saturday night pursuing a group of Nomad women a believed to have a non iranian woman with Hope soared that the foreign woman was mrs. Anita Carroll an american kidnapped six Days ago by desert bandits and that she would be rescued soon. A doctor and a nurse were sent Mcclellan will help oust Beck to the Tangor Kheth desert 800 Miles Southeast of Tehran a to stand earlier a desert tribesman told of seeing a White faced foreign woman Riding on muleback with the women and children of a Nomad Bandit band presumably the one which captured mrs. Carroll last sunday presumably for Sale As a slave after murdering her Washington a a sen. My husband and another american Clelland Ark pledged full Coin the desolate reaches of South operation saturday with the Al Eastern Iran. Cio investigation of teamsters Light planes criss crossed the president Dave Beck and any sky Over the desert today to As other labor efforts to rid its Sist the ground parties. Ranks of wha t he called a Sun the u. S. Embassy said the wholesome police found mrs. Carrolls Case and then the witness Beck invoked fifth amendment who a claimed to have seen a for Pio Teflon against possible self eign lady on a mule travelling i my rumination in refusing to ans along with the women and Chil wer Senate rackets committee Dren of the bandits in the desert questions. West near surrender on \ Suez plan m alms paralysis Washington a the United states. Britain. France and other big shipping nations saturday appeared to be about ready to accept defeat on the major Issue of their Long dispute with egyptian president Gama Abdel Nasser. From the time that Nasser seized the Suez canal july 26 Western nations and others had fought for International control of the canals operation. Barring some unexpected change of plans All signs now indicate they Are prepared silently to yield to exclusive egyptian operation and to negotiate for the Best safeguards they can get for their shipping rights. The Issue has been brought to the Point of final decision by Nasser a proposal to the in and to the United states and seven other nations last week of a plan for operating the vitally important waterway through the egyptian canal 4 ,. This authority would col terning manufacturing capital saturday paralysing More act a tolls 1 wild b it bound it and More of the Industry on which Britain lives. According to the egyptian memo. A half million men in about 1000 greater London plants by an 1888 treaty guaranteeing officially joined saturday the million a a engineering workers right of transit to All nations who walked out a week ago mainly in Scotland and Northern Egypt would set aside 25 per England. Two Hundred thousand ship makers began the third cent of Bio tolls for development week of their strike which Hast Britain strike Hanks grow its 500j 00 quit London a spreading factory strikes hit this the states first citizen visited the registration table for guests at the dedication of the Southeast Ohio tuberculosis Hospital at Nelsonville Friday. Getting literature from two Gray l Adies gov. C. William of Neill. Behind him left to right Are state health director Ralph Dwork 70 shipyards around is state sen. C. Stanley Mechini and or. Harold Ashman medical messenger new photo. Director at the Hospital. Toward the Southeast Iran pakis Tan a the blonde White faced foreigner did not have any difficulty and had no signs of injury a the witness said. He added that the woman he saw was not tied Arr was a not looking b-52 explodes Iii Oklahoma killing two Friday the Al Cio executive Council suspended Beck As a member and vice president and directed its ethical practices committee to investigate charges that he has brought a the labor movement into Mcclellan was asked at a news conference whether his Senate committee conducting a far Flung probe of racketeering in the labor management Field had offered to cooperate with the Al Cio investigation. He replied no formal offer has been made but he said a i think they know the committee will cooperate with them in every Way senator median tells in Mel Soniville Hospital ceremony by John Ward Nelsonville the most modern tuberculosis Hospital of its size in the United i states was dedicated Here Friday afternoon. An estimated 150 persons including gov. C. William of Neill attended. A it the Hospital is dedicated today on a High Windy Hill after years of dreaming trials and tribulations a said state sen. C. Stanley Mechem Senate majority Leader and Nelsonville resident who was credited by governor of Neill with doing More than any other person to place the Hospital in Nelsonville. Throughout the hour Long dedication ceremony the Story of the Hospital unfolded. Senator Mechem said years ago it was Felt state tuberculosis hospitals were needed in the four quarters of the state As vat Kurzius Ivolou Salisbury a quits to Tulsa okla. A giant b52 Jet in be world in every Effort they bomber costing 8 million dollars exploded in a a Bright Ball of flames Friday killing two Crew members As it crashed into a farm pasture about 15 Miles North of Here. Two other crewmen parachuted to safety. Both were hospitalized one of them in critical condition., All were Boeing civilian employees on an experimental flight from Wichita ran. The dead were identified As Ross b. Patrick 37, Pilot Wichita and John or. Mccort 32, navigator Mulvane ran. Charles p. Craven 34, Wichita co Pilot suffered critical injury to the brain. Earl c. Reed 30, Wichita technical observer on the flight had minor lacerations make to eliminate the unwholesome elements that have developed in the labor Mcclellan said that both Beck and James r. Hoffa a teamsters Union vice president under indictment on a charge of trying to Plant a spy on the Senate committee staff will figure in the testimony about what he called a paper Quot locals of he Union in new York. Or vice time Cut by army Well As in Columbus. The Nelsonville to Hospital for Southeastern Ohio is the first of the outlying hospitals to be built. The senator said the late Oral Daugherty once talked to him about the need for a tuberculosis Hospital. A plan to get Money from of Seo counties to build the Struc gov. C. William of Neill paid a Surprise visit to an Athens county Republican rally Friday night at the Mechanicsburg school and discussed gambling Industrial development highways and education. And sen. C. Stanley Mechem gave the rally news of Dow Lake and the route 33 Chauncey by pass. Stories on Page 8. Rayburn us Man Euver to establish succession silenced Britain. Neither Side in the wage disputes held out any Prospect of peace moves Over the weekend negotiations the past week broke Down in deadlock. Labor minister lain Macleod pinned his Hopes for an Early end to the strikes on an Appeal to the unions to Call off their walkout London api a the marquess and leave the issues to an in of Salisbury a resignation protest partial investigation by a three tug release of greek cypriot Man court of inquiry. Aich Bishop Makarios focussed the executive Council of the 40 attention saturday on a Cabinet Union confederation of ship build rift Over the governments handing and engineering unions line of the explosive Cyprus is we Luch is masterminding both sue. Strikes will consider the govern the announcement that Salis ment request tuesday the Day Bury had quit his Cabinet Post As before the court of inquiry opens deader of government forces in its hearings. The House of lords came Friday unless a settlement is reached night. Prime minister Macmil the coming week the unions lands office reported that Queen threaten to pull out by next week Elizabeth la had accepted his re end another million factory work striation As lord president of the ors ranging from unskilled hands Council. Of the canal and 5 per cent for paying off the former Suez canal co., from which the property was seized last july. Other provisions of the egyptian plan Call for development of a set of rules to govern the canal s operation for appeals and arbitration procedures open to shippers who feel they have been treated unfairly and for filing of the egyptian policy statement with the unas a an International Secretary of slate Dulles was reported working with advisors at his Home saturday on the kind of reply which the United states should make. Information not Only from american but from other diplomatic sources indicated that the Nasser proposal which had stemmed directly from his negotiations with in Secretary general Dag Harn marsk mid would be accepted As a basis for further be to machine operators. Knowland predicts cols despite plea Washington a a senator Knowland r Calif said Satur Washington apr House speaker Sam Rayburn a Tex reportedly has told president Eisenhower that if he makes a personal request for a temporary presidency legislation people will think he plans to give up Active presidential service. An informed source who declined to be quoted by name said today Rayburn told this to Eisenhower Friday during Fay Blat president Eisenhower s release a White Nous conference with palest Sterne of his spending Salish democratic and Republican con budget int going to keep con Gressional leaders. Eisenhower i Kress from cutting about three was said to have replied that he billion dollars off presidential did no to see How such an inference Money requests. 1 could be draw. I Knowland the ins still Ion Salisbury also quit As political donations controller of Britain a atomic Energy development Macmillan a instatement said the Earl of Home Commonwealth relations Secretary. Will take Over As lord president and tile prime minister himself will assume the atomic Energy Post. Informed sources said sails Bury was backed by some other a ministers in his opposition to the of Makarios. Lisbury 63-year-old former foreign minister was believed to have been one of the master amen is la tiring be Ohio to i Archase last polio i Acline t ram funds april 15 final Pur o polio vac Columbus in chases from Ohio a Federal funds for free Cine Are scheduled to be completed by april 15. Washington apr the army has Cut by More than half the length of time Youthful reservists Ture was discarded. Or John i must continue training after a Porterfield then director of the hive duty. It also reduced the Ohio department of health told i total service obligation of draft senator Mechem that he asked yes and regular army volunteers. For $5 million one year to build the changes in requirements an 1 rehabilitate hospitals when allocation of for reservists and National requested by gov. Frank Lau guardsmen were announced Fri sche t0 Cut the amount to one a it million dollars he told the Sena under the new program below Lor he Feit the most important this was disclosed Friday by draft age youths who Volunteer dem which would remain in the or. Ralph e. Dwork state health for six months Active duty train request for funds would be the director who said that of then will a required to serve three se0 to Hospital states allotment of $2,100,000 for u�?T31/5 instead of the present 712 be Nelsonville senator said vaccine Only enough remains for a the ready Reserve subject to Tony persons including senators the Purchase of 115,000 cubic mile Eca on Active duty. And representatives played an centimetres ready Reserve obligation important part in getting the hos when the april 15 orders Are or a in draftees was reduced pjta1. Mrs. Joe b. Davis or. Filled the state will he out of the no be ears to four. I rafters Daugherty c. H. Bartlett Victor a free vaccine business a or. Send two years on Active duty Oakley and mrs. Daugherty were Dwork said. He added that he the reduction Means they name j among others. Senator knows of no move in Washington not a u1. In ,. Rev re Mechem said or. Daugherty and to extend Federal Aid. And the reduction Means they now serve an additional two years in or Oakley purchased the i5.arre Stead of three see for the Hospital and gave it likewise the total obligation t0 the state. He credited the City for regular army volunteers was of Nelsonville with furnishing Tho reduced from five to four years utilities. The senator said he was proud the state placed its conf Navy hails sea Wolf Donee in Nelsonville and express o 14. I cd his gratitude. Second atomic Soli mayor Bari. Weary said it Groton Conn a Una the Navy was a Happy Day for Nelsonville and it was restored to its Normal welcomed its second atomic pow when the site was place by a surgeon at Elyria me Frfd Uby a Quot Quot a it he Sewolt told of the. Into the Fleet saturday. Evans help mortal Hospital. Be 33q.f00t sea Wolf which Dis Hospital. The 20-year-old Lorain Man places 3260 tons was built Here the mayor lauded Daugherty was thrown through a cards wind by the electric boat division of and Oakley rep. Thomas a general dynamics corp. Jenkins the Forest service. The Nautilus americans first commissioners w. In Wakefield atomic sub was being refuelled Charles Bolin and Wayne Ward for the first time since it was the York township trustees police kind lost far doctor stitches it Oil Elyria of a two deputies searching with flashlights found Michael Herrera a right ear on the Ohio Turnpike Early saturday Washington a big a House Small business subcommittee will hold hearings in Cleveland May 18 on charges by Independent Ohio gasoline station operators that suppliers discriminate a-1 against them on prices and other matters. A the complaints have not just come from Cleveland however a said Joseph l. Nellis special counsel for the subcommittee. He said retailers in Cincinnati Toledo Dayton Columbus and Canton have also contacted the subcommittee. Rep. Roosevelt a Cali chairman of the subcommittee said the group will hold hearings in other Ohio cities at the conclusion of the Cleveland session. Nellis said the Ohio retail operators allege that some big Oil companies unfairly cancel leases make them buy Given brands of tires batteries and accessories and charge them higher prices for gasoline and Oil than those charged competitors. At this conference Eisenhower proposed a constitutional amendment to authorize the Cabinet to decide by majority vote when the vice president should assume this year democratic temporarily the duties of a Dis have been considering tabled president who was unable reduce income levies can Leader said he doubts even economizing by will permit any tax make $2614 on Coll a cd ions Columbus big agents in 83 of Ohio a 88 counties received commissions of almost a million dollars for handling state sales and use lax Stamps during the minds in the conservative party a fiscal year ended june 30, 1956, efforts to find a successor for sir the Ohio department of taxation Anthony Eden As prime minister announced saturday. Macmillan was named to the Post 11le 382 a�?zenl8 of the treasurer Jan to two hours after Salisbury of slate Spalj $997,9.5.75 in com. Had spent 60 minutes talking missions for to. With the Queen. 0f $2614.75. In announcing his resignation. 39 a gents hit plans to i Salisbury sent the prime minister i Viding $286,354.55, an average of effective i Strong not Ltd scoring Makarios $7342 4i Senate Republic in an interview that amount of the legislators tax Cut measure leaders year an average Cuya hoga county s the Jackpot by i Lawson Lintel killing for St. Louis pol tee selected. He Rev. John Lloyd on the Road to the shield. A doctor asked deputies George Rozic and Michael de Nicola to see if they could find the ear. Launched two years ago. Russ Horn family in Hattie to return Chicago a tit a a Chicago Edward a Nerad chief Cook family court judge must decide county probation officer said the whether a russian born couple Kuzmins who came to this coun should be Given custody of their sought lord is three sons under court super i Tody last december but their a Sion since 1953, and take them peal was turned Down by judge to the soviet Union. John h. Claytonjr George and Nadejda Kozmin the Kuzmins Nerad Saki then former russian slave labourers appealed to the russian embassy prese 11 who were married in a displaced a in Washington to help them in it Mon persons Camp in Germany want their court fight. In nov to return to Russia. They want mrs Kozmin 35, was released min s is Dix to take with them their sons All from the state Hospital in Janu-1 born in the Camp in Schaffen Ary 1954, and at her request her Burg and a fourth son who was husband received a conditional Athens. John Dowler Athens county Engineer the Hocking county commissioners and Engineer Albert Seabright City Council and Robert Stuart to Hospital administrator. Hilleary said the City of Nelsonville was fortunate in having a Man of stuarts ability in Nelsonville. Continued on Page 20 president Silt in Hill Washington Obj president Eisenhower Friday signed a Hill to maintain corporation income and excise or sales taxes at St. Louis a up a police said Jackie Ray Lawson Friday reenacted the killing of 29-year-old mrs. Credia m. Mallady at her St. Louis apartment after signing a statement for the second time admitting that he was the attractive divorcees murderer. Shortly after he was brought Here thursday night from Columbus he repudiated the first confession Given to Ohio authorities. But he reversed himself in a hand written statement. Or unwilling to make the decision himself. Rayburn opposed the idea strongly. Other congressional leaders voiced More guarded reactions but none indicated enthusiasm for the Eisenhower plan. The Constitution provides that the vice president shall take Over the duties of the president in the event of the presidents resignation ouster death or disability. But it does not spell out How a decision is to he reached on when a president is disabled nor who should make the Deer Sion. Pay woman a<<tii11�<i Iii assault charge Columbus so a mrs. Ralph Budd former Heilmandale school Pia president was acquitted Friday in municipal court of an assault and Battery charge. She was accused of assaulting mrs Inez Hall a teacher at the school during a dispute involving mrs. Buddy a 10-year-old daughter. Sign invites thieves Long Beach Calif. A a by a owners of the shoe store Here Art thinking about changing ifs name. Its now called thieves Market. Burglars apparently believe in signs for one entered the store through a skylight stole a pair of shoes took $t9 in Cash and left his old shoes next Jan. I it Eisenhower a budget is trimmed sufficiently. Knowland said he does no to think such a move would be Wise. Knowland and other Gap leaders apparently look on Eisenhower a remarks at a White House news conference last wednesday As indicating the president is taking a firmer stand against budget cuts than they had expected. Secretary to speak release timely. As a neither Wise nor Ike i Louie cheers buyers Washington by a builders and housing officials were cheered saturday by president Eisenhower a restoration of 5 per cent town payments on Home purchases financed by government injured mortgages. But they predicted stronger Medicine will he needed to cure the housing slump of the past 18 months. Eisenhower Friday ordered the Federal housing administration to Cut the Down payment from 7 to 5 per cent on the first $9000 of tin value of a new or old Home Delight with an Fua insured mortgage and from 27 to 25 per Cen on the balance up to $20, Khi. It also moved to relax a restriction on Home mortgages by savings and loan associations. Frat Kun in taught Berkeley Calif a us a the idea in the annual push car Derby on the California Campus is that Only the human foot does the propelling. Judges awarded Zeta Beta tau first place then took a latter look. The fraternity s push car had a Lawn Mower motor. Five counties Coshocton Fayette Monroe Morrow and Noble a had no agents. Lowest paid of the others was Holmes county a agent who received $36.02 for the 12 months. In addition to the agents the county treasurers received $795,-645.19 in commissions for handing the Stamps and $50,986 went to clerks of courts who retained one per cent of collections of sales arum use taxes on casual sales of motor vehicles and House trailers. Measures which would do away with the Stamps Are pending before the state legislature. Fie. Disputes axiom a Duddy in tile army \ no Ain t lot rights Miami Fla a by a a rigged Marine who wants out has gone to Law about it in what May be a unique Case. Pie. Douglas Martin 22, petitioned u. S. District judge Joseph p. Lieb Friday for a writ of Hareas Corpus. Martin contended he has been held in the Miami Marine corps air station Brig since March 14 without charge by it. Col George e. Upping Provost marshal. Robert r. Bangham police slow newsmen Iii presidents to nov Levels for another p Horn in Chicago and is an amen release nov. I 1955. Kozmin 54, Chauncey. Can citizen. Before his commitment had Gallipolis. Russian embassy officials Are worked As a Railroad Mechanic Glouster. Aiding the couple in their fight to Nerad said the family now is on Logan. Regain custody of their three sons Relief Nelsonville the boys were made wards of the Nerad described Kozmin As Point pleasant family court in july 1953 when confused and embittered with1 Pomeroy Middleport both parents entered Chicago America and unwilling or unable sports state Hospital after mental to recall anything pleasant about j Tele vision breakdowns. This country. Women a. 8-9 20 10-11-265 620-21 Washington big the police made it official saturday president Eisenhower Isnit going to get any ticket for hitting 70-75 Miles an hour on that trip to Gettysburg Friday. Iii fact the police vow they did not even a a observed the presidents ear going that fast and As jut As they Are concerned the incident is closed. They did observe three press ears travelling hard in Eisenhower a Wake however and forced them to slow Down to a Legal 55 . For a time. Then the press ears hat county md., through which lies the route to Gettysburg said the two squad car officers who flagged Down the newsmen a did not observe any improper acts of any kind on the part of the presidents or secret service cars. Asked Why the newsmen trailing the president w Ere not Given a ticket if they were violating the Speed Law Mcauliffe said that was a matter of discretion on the part of the police officers. In Chicago Ned h. Dearborn president of the National safety to Council said in a statement Robert r Bangham executive s Creary of the Ohio society of certified Public accountants will 1 Peak to guests and employees of j District 7 of the Ohio consumer i Oan association april 2. The dinner meeting will be held at 6 30 . In the Lake White club Waverly. Lenders and their guests from this area who will attend include Marylin Keene Martha Platt Carroll Mattoon Scotty Roberts George fee Boh Wolfe Kenneth Boyer and w. I Martin said District chairman Robert Herron sniper peppers ii Ain 13-16 22-24 to too . To catch the four White House a highly placed government officials deserve no immunity from enforcement of rules of the Road. Zoom up up with limousine i col. Janice. Mcauliff super they should he treated exactly on a Root or in a like other american citizens level with the elevated tracks Philadelphia inv a a snipers bullets smashed through the window of three trains of the Market Street elevated line Friday terrorizing passengers and causing one Man to faint after a slim narrowly missed his head. Police said the sniper who Hasni to been found probably Wasyi petted to break the roof or in a window at a 17-18 13 intended of Vilice in Montgomery Texas cop candidate faces it democrats Pallas big a vigorous Young democrats possess proven vote Republican takes on a Field of 17 attracting Power. I i Ino rats tuesday and on the but in Texas mixed up politics outcome rests the balance of to it is not a simple Case of demo Lotical Power in the a a. S. Senate a rats killing each other off and the Battle is for the Senate seat allowing Hutcheson to win. Vacated by Price Daniel when he for instance Hutcheson is sex betaine Texas governor last Jan pee Ted to receive the votes of Varv most republicans estimated at 14 it s a Winner take Al election Lier cent of the electorate plus a there will be no Runoff. Good Many conservative votes. Should the Republican. Thad on the other hand. Hutcheson a Hucheson he elected the Gap conservative drawing Power prob could reorganize the Senate Tak ably will be Short circuited by my Over the committee chair such conservatives of varying porn . Lotical shades As u. S. Rep mar the balance now is 49-47 in a tin Dies and state sen. Searcy Vor of the democrats. Election of Bracewell. The 4l-year-old Houston attorney Ralph Yarborough. Austin at would create a 488 deadlock Torney and three times a Cand. Vice president Nixon would be Date for governor without making tie by Vot the Grade still bears the Label in g with the republicans. Many voters minds As the Strong at least half a dozen of the democratic party log it. A i

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