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Athens Sunday Messenger (Newspaper) - March 4, 1923, Athens, Ohio Roux editorial department the sunday messenger a Page for people who think sunday. Mart 4 in a oily Anc Aladdin had no such Jinns by Herbert Kaufman eking i of if i could Only to like the awful Tosei riches. Atch archaeology turn the hourglass upside Down. Prehistoric fragments and shards of dead empires pour through the reversed Sands. Mongolia yields five million year old skulls and Bones. Pharaoh of the strapless bricks reappears in Egypt. Or the lost City of the chaldean is found again. And Down in Yucatan t Jungles history a implacable Cross examiners prod and quiz the Mystic ruins of the Mayas. But no expeditions Are searching Bagdad and thereabouts for Aladdin a lamp. Experiment give a to Penn piece for that one Colin Der Marvel. Test tube and Microscope and Copper threads command mightier magic than fable Ever invoked. Ever since science a whiskered charlatan in a spangled fools Cap abandoned philosopher stones Phil ters Abracadabra and cabalistic spells giants and wealth have kept popping out of nowhere faster than encyclopedias Auld dictionaries can record them. Legend and Folk lore sensed forces that ancient intelligence could not reach. Detective lenses now reveal them. The space Between Here and the stars is an Empire of invisible marvels and peopled with real fairies Auld fiends. Man has just begun to tap and till the air. Already it drives his tools and nurtures his soil. Mines Are there energies and forces. Figures fail the incredible possibilities of that a inventoried Domain. The Ether is a vast exhaust less warehouse of vaporized rights Anc Art Idi i my he at k Traini a r a isl of and there too we shall meet in final conflict the last secret armies of death. St. George did no to encounter any important dragons. The bellowing brutes he slew were blustering Bluffs compared to the Demon Hunting packs of plague and epidemic. Pharmacy never found them. But they shall die by our new lights. Before the Century closes sanitary gases will reach and stifle them in their lairs and inexorable rays sweep the very heavens clean. Aladdin had no such Jinns. He never lighted a City with a Button. He embalm action on a strip of celluloid or paint a portrait with a Flash of sunlight. His Trumper magic carpet was incomparable to the upholstered Cloud liners on which we tour the Earth. Not one of the lamps slaves knew How to heal a Leper or a Cataract. The limit of their Speed was a five league jump. Radio wears to Enty thousand league boots and Cobbler Carty is pegging away at better ones All the while. Last week helium dropped to 272 degrees below Zero and found unsuspected facts about electricity and atoms hiding there. Yesterday hafnium a fugitive from knowledge since the first Dawn surrendered to the authorities of the British museum Auld added another element to the key ring of chemistry. Coal veins Are full of further rainbows and lightning bolts and gentle healings. V the shades of Midas and Croesus Wail at wasted riches in rubbish bins tailings and Shales. The human brain is already a silk cocoon some Dav it will yield Cotton and Linen As Well. We be just begun to think we be barely started to do. Yet within the Span of one generation our miracles Are seventy times the seven wonders of Antiquity. Yesterday was Content to count the stars we Are mounting to them. A thrones totter and empires fall. The tidal wave sweeps from the sea and tears a fortress from its Rock. The rotting nations drop from off times Bough and Only things the dreamers make live we too Are conquering for eternity and our vassals shall be the years copyright 1923, by Herbert Kaufman and King features a you it a Icente Ina we spend in haste and then tax at Leisure a. Quot a the Ole pcs in h Tkv August a n fr.1 loader by so by Herbert Kaufman the British debt Bill is signed. By far the biggest Nile financial transaction on record now simply Waits a Ai and delivery. Good work. Who else wants to pay. One hunted sixty one million dollars conies Back to us in first year. We used to run the whole Federal govern ent for months on less. But that was before we built three billion Dollar Mer Lant fleets and sailed them straight to the auction Block. Three billion dollars pro rated among All the people eans that every average family of five in the United ates contributed about one Hundred and fifty dollars Loie ill starred venture. Chairman Lasker warns us to prepare for a Shock when in stars and stripes Are hammered Down from the 331 a t lads. Well be Lucky to come out of the Deal with half a Bil n. Spend in haste and tax at Leisure. The Treasury de a sur tent will collect the difference from your incomes. President Harding believed that ship subsidy would Ove less expensive. Congress did t agree and so a won Norful dream end in a Nightmare. Great Britain will carry again the bulk of our Ocean eights and probably for the most part in Bottoms picked d on the greatest bargain counter in history. That How Shell earn much of the one Hundred sixty one illion dollars to amortize War borrowings. Shades of Yankee clippers but we do manage weirdly i times. The entente headed toward divorce. Ambassador Harvey the famous now it Ean be Tolder forms the pilgrims an Anglo american society that Brian did not guarantee our advances to other allies. More Sie pity. Well be sixty two years collecting what the English we us and nobody living will be Here when the other Loans re met. France so the cables allege far from making any move Ward the National Check Book will oppose a redistribution the billion Gold Marks out of which we were to have Hineland occupation expenses. Bonar Law is reputed to refuse Poincare s suggestion lat London yield priority in further indemnities until the a St of Ruhr occupation is covered. This right on top of a Rte to London criticising the withdrawal of British Cruis is from Smyrna without advising pans. Lord Curzon s act is interpreted As a hint to tile turks lat they May Deal separately with Britain. Poincare conveniently forgets his own game of Soli Dre at Lausanne. The entente Isnit very far from the divorce courts. Still defenders of civilization. Colonel Wedgewood a labor member acting upon a de and from Mica Mcknall to find if German girls have Benne a the slaves of moors and negroes a forces admission i open parliament that municipalities in occupied territory Ive been compelled to furnish women for French troops. Sex Premier Nittis reiterated accusation is thens formal a supported by Bonar Laws government. We done belong to the league of nations and we appear Lily wont join tile Hague tribunal but we done to need the lice of any a International conscience to speak the mind of Merica on such matters. We fought Germany and largely brought about Pru defeat we signed the treaty that disarmed the Kaiser a we have held aloof from expressing opinion on the seizure end exploitation of a common enemy is Domain but should Thoro facts lie tru France owes us and All democracy a moral accounting. We Are still defenders of civilization even if she is not. A Hung Man with decided worries. Gentlemen running governments nowadays May Well envy cerberus his Hundred Heads. A Hundred is none too Minny for the Job. Mussolini begins to find National captaincy is not All Beer and Skittles. There s another Young Man with worries. To begin with he twisted the lion s Tail when he supported Poincare a far East finesse. A particularly unwise move with Italy so heavily obligated to England. We can to collect reparations and his people can to procure from Germany the cheap merchandise to which their purses Are accustomed. I he entente has not proved a very profitable investment for borne either. Italian labor stands Idle for Lack of raw materials. French industrialists frown upon his proposition to Exchange a Hundred thousand workers for their wage value in i Coal and Iron. There a quite some Poison Ivy in his Laurel Wreath. Money talks but can to sing. Garina a ska is hardly winning the Crow n of glory she expected to find waiting on the local concert stage. Several places have tried her voice and found it very much wanting Lier millionaire husbands a a notes and Gold seemingly can to provide Golden notes. Critics Are ruthless in their estimate of Lier Talent. Great Art is still sacred to Genius and above Price. Money talks but it evidently can to sing. Here s a Row thus doing things. I lie brotherhood of locomotive engineers Arentt begging for fuel allotments. After buying a Colliery last june they built a town for their labourer so a Model Community with attractive Homes churches places of amusement sanitary systems and other teatime accusingly absent from most Colliery centers. Wages Are no higher than those of neighbouring properties. Hie engineers have had Coal instead of strikes Coal at Cost distributed through co operative Yards. A group rapidly approaching economic Independence. I hey of n Banks and Trust companies. They sell. Their men insurance eighteen millions dollars of it this year and at Dower rates than you pay. T Wjk a Union is a landlord with two big buildings in Cleveland alone. An investment company and a private printing Plant Are next on Tho program. Lore s a crowd that doing things. You May yet see an american Railroad owned by its operating staff. Copyright 11 23 by King features Syndicate i childhood that Tho question of i it i handedness Lins to i Quot is Tab a for the s per cent. Six children out of j i of is not in itself a i a a proportion. But it Means More than , h it hand d persons in Lim j United states. A left handed Childr n have been measured tested in i study i in f forts to prove Tiiu Ltd a i it s. As a re Oil it it has been hotly stated that. It is very nearly a crime to make a Normal left hander an abnormal betwixt and by Ive. N. And it has Ben just As positively urged that the de vehement of both hit is is a ii lop which is reserved mainly for left handed children that a Dot err of Ambi dexterity Rives them a real j advantage Over strictly on Sid d i individuals. The bewildered b it Sumii to i old left we Al i a the order of de Molay is a Federal Penitentiary a a . National organization for the sons Mcneil a Island is situated at ton d it that if lie of masons and their chums. The Arras Inlet from Tacoma state Ltd to. A i us to til Quot rip it hand boys must be Between the apes of Washington. I a thing the h it i my f in and to. The order is named for q. Can i change my name nit. R tin a to i in on ids i it for Jacques de Molay the last military lout going into Tho courts .1. J. I a an Dpi h and Hilt. Ile will by Abb grand master of the order of i a. If you do not care to go into to u his Ria at enough so that ii knights Templar an eminent mar court you May assume any Liana w id my a up a awkward and it Tvr in pre masonry who was put you please and Ordinary Basin w to. It a i i tile Teal major to death in 1314. Tho order which transactions in the name would by hand on i he depends. Centers bears his name now has 850 Chap Legal. But in doing this there is act boils is s of the brain will a tars and a membership of 150,000 ways die possibility that Troubil. Devi loped which som Psychol boys. May result from the adoption of a a of. I i should give Ait and Van if. Which is heavier dry air of name without Legal recognition ii a to in i Al Tai processes. Moist air l h m. In such matters As inheritance. The a i t nature alone Quot faction a. Dry air is slightly heavier Ltd How much of Hie wheat i of it. Sit muons a to this program than Ordinary humid not foggy contained in White flour c. In in or. It u a m. Gould it explains that air. Tho number of molecules in a a. In modern milling Over to a child is also left Given volume of air and the same per cent of the wheat is recovered logic i and left eyed in expert volume of water in the form of in As Standard Patent flour about a task there must be rapid and com visible Gas under the same con per cent As Low Grade flour Adion tors t lie goes Quot the t inf nerve tween 1 and eve Between much n and she and Ming different functions water molecules Are introduced in Tim remainder As shorts or bran. To the dry air a corresponding la How can i clean a dirt Ier mumble slowness1 number of air molecules Are Dis Greasy Copper utensil ill t. Current transmission be placed. The atomic weights of a. Tim government method j a id ism Fot i r second oxygen and nitrogen the principal to make a mixture of i part of con u if the connecting fibres ingredients of air. Are greater than Mon nitric arid and u part of Sui two brain Hill. S were j to atomic weight of water vapor Puric acid in a Stone Jar. Bavin r intimate and numerous therefore since a Light substance also ready a pail of fresh water it than they Are rapidity j replaces a i racy of correlation and i Iii i Rotim a pan of i res ii water Anc rep aces a heavier one the total a Box of sawdust. The articles to weight is Ess. Boggy or Smoky air to treated Are dipped into the my i unit ii ten in willed net would be Quito Likely to be heavier than then a lived to he at least partly re j slide for right handedness ii. Inn vision i Trig in d. And the the safety and de dry air. Mire organism in y what is lie length of the removed to the water. No person to Rig from tests to in doors is Ess of the right spite Fie u it it handedness. Found Quot skill of the left the hand that shoots Tho Hubby. Y tree a let Paris remember thata it a it to 11 a i a a a a 111111 a i it the prob Fem of the left handed j a a i i a i i i i i i l l i i i i i i ii by Frederic j. Haskim Washington 1. J. March i. Very left handed person at uric time in his life probably prizes Over tin Jui St Ion of Why lie is it handed and what it Means. La n be is in i world adjusted min by to tie conv Iii once of a get handed majority. There Art l oin to it i of right handed eople to sex cry six left handed individuals. And it is inevitable that nor knobs t. Ephone receivers i in on Arni i urn h rooms rules f etiquette even the Vest. Pocket i a Tai. Should All be arranged t Ait Tho d Siu i he left hander has Only two choices to conform and learn to use his right hand As Best he can or 8o use his left and risk being awkward and conspicuous. Generally the course a left hand cd individual will follow is settled Cly Iii childhood. Naturally he tends to become Inar Kely left hand cd. Of parents and teachers try to make him right handed he will pro Bably learn to write Cut. And eat with his right hand but when it conies to Piny and unsupervised a tunics the left is quite Likely to be developed. It is not often that a left handed person becomes entirely right handed. A which of the two courses is better is in old and unsettled argument. Imus Fahrs doctors and psychologists have tried to explain the causes and results of left handed Ness by various theories. Idle subset is one in which educators arc less Radalj interested because at to in j hander grows dizzy tying to find a Quot a a ordination Between Tho a n editions is the same. When such 12 per cent As pod dog flour ant in any of the theories a single fac which has not been declared obviously untrue by some other theor-11st. Drain m so oni Sidi i out of Tho confusion a. Of w fair a i Well established ideas can be exit meted. The Early Warrior who j found that the thumping Region of jills left Side was a vital spot must be protected is generally been and his fellow men covered the left is with a shield while they fought with the right hand. I be of the fingers to indicate numbers also brought the right hand into Active prominence. The cautious sax age carried his shield when or bartered for skins or food with his free hand. I the result of this specialization i was greater development of the heft Side of the brain which controls the right Side of the body. Scientists say that Tho cranium of a Man who lived so. A years a go indicates that the left Sid of the i brain was larger than the right even in that Distant age. I that primitive Man did favor his right hand seems certain. The question 1s whether Man chose voluntarily to develop it j right handedness can to some unevenness j Structure. It has been suggest tones total the length dim inner Bone of the forearm j torrid Ness the tendency in Ca a div dual. He believes that the having the longer Bone is til Tor Arm and the one that Aho developed. Professor Jones ii Elt i 10,000 children to prove his the Lory. Another psychologist however tried tile Jones test on a number o children and reported that the Arn measurement Del in f Al was Coin or whether a attribute i physical i by w. F finally rubbed with sawdust. The immediately changes them to n i. O in or two of the coast a Quot Kavc in a phonograph record j Brilliant coat. If the Copper Ivel is were in opposite Hymi a Quot a i heroine cry nov it n ,. A i s o t d a. On the disk of a l2.nch Rej Tolt or. Toms who also objects to the c 11 a a Ono Standard make. The warm water this cuts the sri re inh r of a int Natl acid a free Jodi v Quot Here is hic Mcneil in a. Is. Minny equal to that Federal prison is the Ham that rocks the Cradle a ight handers this too in a a May a i. To fact that it is very Dlf a find a pure left hander i has novel been a victim 11 Ift no. A a ambition of Semi i teachers. Us holds that the so Call Ter is an individual w Ith i v victim of bronchitis in a Hospital cd is Quot la is not Luician Mph wire. Describe him a the Lam survive an natural since he has u u Tho potentially Long la in Han War. While to May a i Yon proo Adiv to Riff Al Nunn veal ,.a a a brigade. I it Hadnot in Fri in skill in one we uld know whether the Chal of theto Quot a 7 to to i ii id and a or an electric Light Biti. Brigade had to do with i pled in the Field of sallied j of the Parent or. Of am two n rather failed major two i not lit Armav to is c labor a your judgment die brigade which re Flor Dot 1 Surv for of the famous list ing Tim crimean War. A ku8s,an Cannon at Balaklava i As a child you probably in ism Dur a in the poem was bigger than Tho Light t h it in id to a astir the acct of in Imp t ii is a it matter remains. Fur mental work Vii be flt ire Tho mystery is me Unwe lie doctors and of Ltd valiant 100&Quot that us a Boon Llma "1cir urd Quot a studied Point b s problem to 6, by. Pool a ital in in. Clde with the chillies a a1 to Len to right or left handed s another theory is that the by a re responsible Liat to Eye Naturi Illy works to i Arm on the same Side. I j Arni develops. An object explanation is that Blind from birth Are Rig handed in about the a Hon As those who Sec. In Tho absence of t accepted theory the child Contin s to be a hone of c mention. Most teach is and pan i try to make a Lof handed child u a his right hand to eat and in with at but. If i a Ted to t i a handed Cating looks awkward a thai left handed writing is Din jct when inkwells an i Light g orangemen to arc entirely Lur t Ruht lauded a sir Rigi St a till Thim so Tim Hon to Thi individual amb l questions and answers i Iii Wui Iwa a. V a it r it an go the answer to Ane question by writing the a hrs v i r information Bureau. Frederic j. Wlaskin director is Ishu Uttin. Or. C. Tilts Otter App a a strip my to information. The Bureau cannot give advice on Legal my Deal and financial matters. It docs in t attempt to Settle Domestic troubles nor to undertake research on any subject. Writs your question plainly arum . Give full name and address and enclose two cents in Stamps for return postage. All Roplis Are sent direct to the inquirer. I or Ward Ftp Light brigade i1 As there a Man dts aved ? Root a a a Fugh Tho Soldier know some one had he under a theirs not to make reply theirs not to reason Why theirs but to do and die into Tim Valley of death Bode the six Hundred. T a of room of i it in it songs was great pro Pagan d. M.m1 �y0uuk Lan has Ruph gtd diag a Little w isor now i a ,080ph>r of his p00"1 a frying out order Knowin Okum ttquc3ti�ns 1 for the War g death in Batt Ling t w n by que a a up llb0ut a Quot Ine Dutiful Quot a a .-.i. A 1011 1 hat s a Moron attitude cup Emily k Quot it rut orders has the least Glimmer of Poi of tin person Stonum Nellig. Be and judgment he individual has Ca Pagan a that. In rights As Well As duties and the or from imperialism its top a a a without question is an inherit no Laws by their Mast 8�n of tuft that was darned in Tho Privat. The Iti. N i by ill us to question his military Superior. A i a. T in Al uth. Edicts of his Small Groy v Quot a a Rstituto that. V. To arc Ute do Iola Aud w i did i take thai name ? Al u. La. Is. Lias a rigid t is to right to resell tati the pm pie i ors admit t hta we arc for. Tray that has been i la Jinq a Vinci 1 Uati lit i Gla it agents. Right to to gov or Nyisha. Question ids Ein loj for. Of a a in Welcome suggestions. 11,1 a a is. Despite the propaganda to the Eon in. A i n k in oui Litti Alusic Aud Sci soul is Neta i f

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