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Athens Sunday Messenger Newspaper Archives Jun 16 1974, Page 1

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Athens Sunday Messenger (Newspaper) - June 16, 1974, Athens, Ohio Mfg ugh Pinko by Dave i via it Umi All in a Day s play Robbie Bonewit gets a ride on mom s Back and mom mrs. Fri m Bonewit of the Plains ducked at the fast state Street c stink a messenger vol. 69, no. I 7,i Athens Ohio. Sunday. June 16, 1974 23 out Nixon Likely to initiate new ties with Syria Damascus Syria a after leaving behind a pledge of More military Aid in saudi Arabia president Nixon came to Syria on saturday with an unexpected escort of soviet built syrian Jet fighters. Informants said the president would set in motion Here the renewal of diplomatic relations in talks with president Hafez Assad diplomatic ties were broken by Syria during the 1967 Middle East War and the syrians established close links with the soviet Union Nixon received a warm official Welcome from Assad and a 21-gun Salute at the Airport. Syrian officials said they estimated that about 350,000 syrians saw Nixon As his motorcade drove through Damascus during its Normal Rush hour the crowds waved and some chanted this was Nixon a third Stop on his Middle East tour and the syrian Mig jets provided a Brief period of concern just before the presidential Jet landed Here on its flight from Jidida. Saudi Arabia. Four migs approached the Boeing 707 and split off two on each Wing. Unaware that the syrians had planned an escort Nixon a Pilot col Ralph d Albertazzie put the presidential plane into several Sharp turns in an Effort to confirm the nationality of the migs and to determine their purpose Security was heavy throughout this capital for Nixon s 24-hour stay. Palestinian guerrillas. Some of whom have voiced objections to Nixon strip to the Middle East maintain base Camps and Headquarters in Syria in addition to neighbouring Lebanon. Paratroopers with soviet made ak47 automatic rifles lined the jury declaration released a member of the conspiracy9 Washington a the supreme court released on saturday a watergate grand jury declaration that a Richard m Nixon. Was a member of the conspiracy to defraud the United states and to obstruct at the same time the court agreed to consider arguments by White House lawyers that the grand jury exceeded its authority when it named Nixon by a vote of 19-0. As an a indicted on Page b-8 a has watergate affected foreign policy an a analysis. A impeachment committee democrats have been shaken by leaks of staff memos. Co conspirator in the watergate cover up but it refused a motion by both special prosecutor Leon Jaworski and presidential attorney James d. St. Clair to make Public the entire portion of the grand jury proceedings which were attached to its listing of Nixon and others As among those responsible but not charged in a he conspiracy. The one passage made Public said a on feb 25. 1974, in the course of its consideration of the indictment in the instant Case the june 5, 1972. Grand jury by vote of 19 is 0. Determined that there probable cause that Richard m Nixon among others was a member of the conspiracy to defraud the United states and to obstruct Justice charged in count i of the instant indictment and the grand jury authorized the special prosecutor to identify Richard m Nixon among others As an a indicted co conspirator in connection with subsequent Legal proceedings in this 25-mile motorcade route into Damascus from the Airport a Large number of syrian dignitaries accompanied president and mrs. Assad in welcoming Nixon and his wife Pat at the Airport but As in saudi Arabia the Day before there was none of the wild jubilation that marked Nixon s visit to Egypt on wednesday and thursday. Nixon and Assad Rode together in an american limousine brought Here especially for the presidents visit he is the first american chief executive Ever to visit Syria just a few hours before Nixon said Farewell to King Faisal of saudi Arabia at Jidida after making his Promise of increased military Aid to the desert kingdom Faisal told Nixon that he hoped a fall problems and blemishes that seem to exist Between the United states and some Arab countries will be removed a the Monarch also assailed those who oppose Nixon Nixon s arrival in Syria coincided with the return of syrian forces to the first Section of territory taken by Israel in the Golan Heights in the Middle East War last october a moderate life costs $1,200 More this year Washington apr a typical american City family of four requires $12,600 annually to maintain a moderate Standard of living the labor department said saturday. This is nearly $1,200 More than the previous year the same family can live at an austere level for $8,200 or at a level allowing some luxuries for $18,200. The government said the costs calculated for fall 1973. Rose 10.8 per cent for the austerity budget 10.3 per cent for the moderate budget and 9.9 per cent for the higher budget Over the previous year. The changes reflecting last years breakaway inflation were the largest annual increases since the labor department began publishing its Urban family budget in 1966 consumer prices have jumped another 5.4 per cent since last fall. The budget is based on a City family with a 38-year-old father who is an experienced worker his nonworking wife their 13-year-old son and 8-year-old daughter. Average lower budget families live in rental housing without air conditioning use Public transportation or drive a used car and do most of their own cooking and washing moderate budget families Are assumed to have purchased their own Home six years ago and drive a later Model car most of the time they buy More meat at the Market and Dine out occasionally. Higher budget families own a House buy a new car every four years and can afford More household goods and paid services. At each budget level the Rise in food costs was More than triple the increase in any other portion of the budget. Food accounted for 37 per cent of costs at the lower level. 33 per cent at the moderate and 30 per cent at the higher. The most expensive place to live continued to be Anchorage. Alaska where costs were 131 per cent of the National average for the moderate Standard of living in the Continental United states. Boston was the most expensive at 118 per cent of the National average the cheapest living was in Southern towns with populations ranging from 2.500 to 5.000, where the average was 85 per cent of the Norm costs were 9 per cent higher in metropolitan areas than in no metropolitan areas for the austerity budget. 14 per cent for the moderate budget and 19 per cent for the highest budget. Beef pork Price declines cause serious problems Washington a the constituent in a Long distance Call wanted his senator to know that his neighbor a rancher losing $200 on every steer he sold. A went out behind the barn last night and blew his head a mississippian a few Days later broke into tears while calling about what a 43-per-cent drop in hog prices Means to his life. Perry Meyer a banker from Bancroft. Neb., told a breakfast gathering last week of Many Rural and a few Urban members of Congress that he can t give his cattlemen neighbors any More credit because he does no to have it. His mortgage statistics Haven to Derris hold Unity meet in Columbus Columbus Ohio a Ohio democratic party officials and candidates met in a Unity session saturday at the governor s mansion where everything reportedly was discussed except Money. Attending the meeting were gov. John j. Gilligan party chairman William Lavelle and candidates for state and National office on the democratic ticket. Stephen Kovacik. Campaign manager for . Senate Candi continued on Page a-12 Sells pups 1st Day Chris Adam route 4, Athens found there Are a lot of people in the messenger area who Are willing to give a Home to puppies. We got about 20 Calls and sold All six pups the first Day a he said. In t it time you tried messenger tenon ads briefly aaa fights for deduction Columbus Ohio apr the Ohio chapter of the american automobile association says it is opposed to a proposal in Congress for the elimination of Federal income tax deductions permitted for state imposed gasoline taxes. The effect of such a proposal would be $1 billion in additional income taxes paid by motorists nationally the organization said in a statement. I St pullback phase ends Damascus. Syria apr israeli troops evacuated 40 Square Miles of occupied syrian territory on the Golan Heights saturday completing the first phase of withdrawal under the israeli Syria disengagement agreement the United nations said. . Spokesman Rudolf Stajduhar told newsmen an austrian battalion of the . Disengagement observers Force set up positions to police a newly established Buffer zone. Rubens painting defaced Cambridge England apr the Rubens masterpiece a the adoration of the magi a one of the worlds most valuable paintings has been defaced with the letters a a Iraq scratched deeply across its surface Cambridge University authorities reported. A spokesman said the letters two feet High across the Center of the 128 Square foot. 17th Century Canvas appear to have been scratched with a Coin. Ira stands for the Irish Republican army. Today u eat her partly Cloudy and cooler today. Highs around 70. Details Page a-4 area news features. Do classified. D-2-6 comics. .d-7 editorial. B-2 Homes. All obituaries. A-10 sports. C-8-10 television. C-2 Heaters. C-3 women. C-4-6 been like this since his father was a banker in the depression he said last thursday night. Sen George Mcgovern. Is soberly taped a special radio message to his constituents in 18 years Here he has never seen an economic development that is a such a potential catastrophe for his and other livestock producing states. The beef and pork markets have been going Down steadily for eight months unaccompanied a until recent Days a by much Hope of an upswing. Live cattle prices Are Down 25 per cent from december a level. Banker Meyer brought Here for a week Long conference designed to enlist the support of urbanite said. A a we re looking for a psychological boost by the administration or the department of agriculture to take the fear out of Peoples indications Are that Congress will Point an increasingly accusatory Finger at wholesalers and retailers for not lowering prices As the farm prices fall a thus keeping the Public a demand for meat lower than Normal. Presidential economic adviser Kenneth Rush said As much Friday. The department has attempted to help a bit on that score by making a Large beef Purchase itself recently and by allowing the resumption of exports to Canada. The latest us a figures show that in april the middleman received 51.9 cents and Farmers 84.5 cents out of the average Price of beef. The middleman a share was Down 7.7 per cent from March but 16.1 per cent above april 1973, the month of the organized beef Boycott. The Farmers share was Down 1.7 per cent from March Down 7.4 per cent from the year before. In agreeing to hear St. Claire a argument that the grand jury overstepped its authority in naming Nixon the court fixed Oral arguments for july 8, the same Date it is scheduled to take up the dispute Over whether the president should turn Over 64 More tape recorded conversations to Jaworski. The Brief order noted that Justice William h. Rehnquist took no part in consideration of the Case. No dissents by any of the other eight court members were noted. St. Clair has said that background on the matter some of which is in the hands of the House impeachment panel does not support the co conspirator identification. Jaworski has countered that the evidence presented to the grand jury was in fact sufficient a and has noted that St. Clair himself has not seen it All. St. Clair has asked for More of the grand jury material a a move resisted by Jaworski a while claiming that the portion which accompanies the list of a indicted co conspirators provides no basis for the non punishable allegations. Prospects remain slim for break in Oil prices a messenger photo by Dove Livingston on the Wing a a Chicken launched with the help of a plumbers plunger takes off at the third annual International Chicken flying meet near Rio Grande Ohio. About 50 Birds were entered in the event saturday afternoon seeking to better a West Virginia hens record of 163 feet. 3 inches. White spot at lower right Marks the extent of the previous contestants flight. Quito. Ecuador a Iran a finance minister said saturday the industrialized countries must understand that a new economic order has to be established Between states that produce Oil and those that consume it. Jamshid Amouzegar told the opening session of the three Day meeting of the organization of Petroleum exporting countries that the industrialized countries should not expect the producing countries to stand by when the industrialized states decide How to use the worlds raw materials. His remarks emphasized what appeared to be slim prospects during the current session for Consumers to get any Price break from the nations that control 80 per cent of global Oil exports. Ecuador a president Guillermo Rodriguez Lara predicted open a is going to cause great changes in the present false balance of the he said Opecz a actions in recent years show a that it finally managed to break the almost absolute control that the a powerful and boastful capitalist cartels exercised Over the Oil Rich countries. Both speeches emphasized the viewpoint of the majority of the open members that Oil prices for the next three months will remain unchanged continued of Pace a-12

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