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Athens Sunday Messenger Newspaper Archives Jan 26 1958, Page 1

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Athens Sunday Messenger (Newspaper) - January 26, 1958, Athens, Ohio Today s chuckle newest Wall sign for efficient offices a do it tomorrow a you be already made enough mis. Takes a he Suttom it cos enact the weather occasional Light Snow or rain sunday High 3-39. Milf i. R>4 Athens Ohio sunday january 20, 1958 the associated press twelve cents Ike visits Pentagon to take personal interest Washington a a president Eisenhower took a personal hand saturday in moves to reorganize the defense department. He paid an unusual visit to the Pentagon and conferred with top civilian and military leaders. There w is immediate bipartisan applause from members of Congress for the presidents dramatic action to Speed a promised overhaul of the nation s military setup to meet the Challenge of russian sputnik and missiles. Eisenhower conferred for More than two hours with Secretary of defense Mcelroy and it other civilian and military officials. These included reorganization advisers whom Mcelroy named recently. There was no announcement whether any decisions had been reached among those sitting in on the conference were Gen. Nathan f. Twining chairman of the joint chiefs of staff and two previous pcs chairmen adm. Artuhr Vav. Radford and Gen. Omar Bradley. Whit House press Secretary James c. Hagerty was asked Why Eisenhower had gone to the Pentagon instead of Haing Mcelroy comp to the White House a the president said he was going to take a personal interest in this so he went Over there a Hagerty said. A it was his idea Quot Hagerty said this was just one of a series of conferences Eisenhower will have with Mcelroy prior to the presidents decision on defense reorganization. Sen. Mansfield of Montana the assistant democratic Leader said he was a Happy to note that the president at this time is taking a personal interest in the reorganization of the Pentagon As he indicated he would do in his state of the Union a i Hope he takes a close look at the extraordinary number of assistant secretaries of defense and assistants to the assistants who Are cluttering up the Pentagon a Mansfield said. Sen. Knowland of California the Senate a Republican Leader said Eisenhower s action confirms earlier statements that the president is giving his attention to changes and will have Concrete recommendations to make to Congress. Without reference to Eisenhower a Pentagon visits know land and sen. Bridges r my voiced vigorous opposition to placing a single commander Over the armed forces in the forthcoming organization. Knowland said in an interview he is a not convinced that a single chief of staff is the answer to the problem of speeding up the development of missiles and satellites. Bridges chairman of the Senate gop policy committee said in a statement he is a opposed to concentrating the military strength of our country in the hands of one Eisenhower years ago advocated the single command idea in testimony before Congress but later dropped it in favor of Compromise. Strong support has developed in Congress for reshaping the duties of the joint chiefs of staff who now Are charged with operating individual services As Well As with Over All military planning they Are presided Over by a fourth member As chairman who serves As chief military adviser to the Secretary of defense. Higher de cation commission reports College enrolment to double Columbus Tjho the Ohio president of Ohio University and to both Independent commission on education be chairman of the commission la institutions. Pond the High school predicts a n press briefing Lewis l. Strauss left chairman of the atomic Energy commission is Shewn at a press conference called by dec members and scientists. Topic was the recently dec papers reporting Progress by British and amen cat scientists in their efforts to harness the Power of the a bomb. Strauss said he would not Call the results to Date Quot a major and Public available for the 20 such branches in existence. Wilities of All kinds must be in a a formula should also be de a certain branches by Permis creased and new institutions Vised to give municipal univer Sive legislation May become 1970 full time College enrolment mus be More widely distributed shies assistance in facing the Community colleges. A plan for of 174,922, nearly double 1958�?Ts m the state than they Are now a rapid and inevitable growth in financing these in other states is probable figure. The letter gave these As their enrolments. One third state support. The fourth in a series of some of the conclusions reached a state universities should con a one proposal to which we open letters issued by the com by the commission Tine to expand and modernize As have heard no opposition is that Mission Friday said studies show a it is assumed privately i rapidly As possible for the in several technical institutes and full time enrolment in 1956 was danced institutions will increase creaking enrolments. Two year colleges be established 96.113 and that the figure will enrolments Over the next 10-year a branches of state universities immediately in those areas probably jump to 99.183 this period within the limits of their Are being established in a num where they Are most needed. The year. Resources and policies. Provi Ber of areas where higher Educa commission May recommend that in order to meet the increased Sions for student Aid should help lion facilities do not now exist the legislature appropriate funds needs said or John a Baker insure a flow of gifted students at present no state funds Are to help operate these Menderes returns Home bomb hailed harness by Ike Washington apr British american Progress toward harnessing the a bomb for peaceful uses was hailed by president Eisenhower saturday As opening up a unbelievable vistas for the Quot this is Only a first step a Eisenhower said a but it does bring within the realm of possibility limitless Supply of atomic Power and Energy for All the w orld for Many thousand of years to come a the president issued a statement congratulating american and British scientists a for the contribution they Are making toward peaceful uses of the atom As disclosed in Laboratory experiments announced Friday. A fall americans sincerely Hope that other scientists in other countries will be encouraged by their governments his Tim ular re d addin a As these ear Ane i other is s to to Shower be Naifie 1 adopt Moc hero i scientists and incr Mankind lion of a Wurl peace program inevitable to permit a to devote their skill pies to the Benefit of not to it destruction a a the British Ani american atomic Energy agencies Friday reported experiments indicating some Progress had been Achico toward controlled Atte Law Extension is sought c t Washington a to sen Kennedy d mass said saturday he will push for action this session on his proposal to extend to an hour minimum wage Law about six million additional p Baghdad of Isis foreseen Ankara Turkey but a p Mier Adnan Menderes Baster Home saturday from a sudd and secret Mission t trip thickened an a surrounding the open of an important a conference Here. The five pact nations and the United states will diet Cut rho defense of the Middle East against threats and thrusts of soviet communism. The strains and stresses of the Middle East political Maze formed the background both to Menderes unexplained Mission and i to the conference of the Baghdad Alliance which u. S. Secretary of state John Foster Dulles is attending As an observer. Iraq of in my id and Yoi no Mil in in Home rail executive suicide victim Palm Beach. a Railroad executive Robert Young of the new York Central committed suicide in a top floor billiard room of his Palm Beach Home saturday by shooting himself with a double barrelled Shotgun. Quot you know it was a suicide a it. Fred Mead of the Palm Beach police department told a reporter. A Gray of the Ohio the and health one killed. Six injured in derailment St to the slew com in the in he senator said i would ask the tace resume i ablation at an Aid he would t the labor s work on Early Date. Get ready to there that in the in Flag bedecked turkish grand Bly building have to play role of Keepin firmly Allied to it i very in feelings in closely National lore Dull the Delic i moslem the West Imong Din assemble Poss Btl rating the c Hydrogen atoms to pre Trie Power Dayton Man is murdered Dayton saturday they he police Here said have arrested a proceed with the minimum wage Bill As soon As a labor subcommittee which he Heads completes fusion of its report on a Bill to regulate Luce elec welfare and pension plans. Kennedy a minimum wage proposal was snarled in the full committee when the 1957 congressional session ended. He said at the time that his measure was a Compromise Between the recommendation of president Eisenhower to put an additional 2j million employees Selmer. ragman of a Chicago bound passenger train was killed and at least nine others injured Early saturday when the last six cars de ration railed at a switch at nearby de the Ramer. Guarded three coaches a diner and two Assem Pullman cars left the tracks at is will the tiny Mcnairy county town 80 in key Miles East of Memphis. One states coach and the empty diner overturned in a ditch one Pullman donuts car came to rest at a 45-Dcgree Angle. The flagman a. C. Whitt of Birmingham was found in i too Yards from the track Mats led Here try that Alliance y to the and military it ranged from i Iraq May be q for the Sake of Arab unit suggestion that Iraq plans to de died in a Corinth miss., h in and Bulish Anie rican support five other for a Tough new policy toward Israel. A my ing Laws squad raid Dayton Man in connection with under minimum wage Protection and an All Cio proposal to a the death of Faustin r. Breiten Stein 46. An agent for the rankers life insurance co. Breit Enstam was found Early saturday on a Dayton Street with a Bullet in his head. The death was called a homicide by police Apt. R. T. Shephard. Detective sgt. W. C. Stevens said Jack Walden Kerstetter 39, admitted striking the victim on the head with a ,45 Caliper automatic. Stevens said Kerstetter told and tend Cove Raj workers. E to to million More i la a it Ltd a or of i Caincr Japan Fiche Japan three . Air f crashed into the Japan saturday sunday cwt it rce Jet trainers sea off Western after their in Kru after Gam it x it Sines almost flamed out. Or simultaneously. Failed canal Fulton Ohio a this a no Small liquor director Robert a Pansky remarked saturday his a flying squad raided a bling joint in this Stark Village. A the stakes were High liquor director said a an operators netted a profit of to $10,000 a r. Go Quot Raymond j. Ripberger who led the squad of 20 agents on the Early morning raid said he was looking for illegal sales of liquor. But Only Beer was being consumed there said Ripberger i who is chief of the liquor enforcement division. It was the first big raid since were Hospital Corinth. The train the Illinois be was i innit after an earlier mishap Hingham Ala. Mrs. Rub son 37, was killed in a Ca crossing crash. After the Ramer Mish. Remaining sections Pullet Jackson tenn., 32 Miles where three persons War Ahmed. The train ther run to Chicago. Mead said friends reported the 60-year-old Young had appeared despondent lately although there was no information on the cause of his depression. The body was discovered about noon by an unidentified member of the family who we ent in search of him. He and his wife had a social appointment with friends saturday afternoon. Yount was found in a chair with the Shotgun Between his Knees. A double barrelled gun of the Type used has two triggers we hich can be pulled simultaneously. The Home. Usually matted by the Youngs for three months each Winter was barred to reporters after the shooting. Newsmen were required to leave the grounds before the body was removed to a waiting ambulance. Mead said Young was found he dressed in Street clothes. The ital. Right Side of his head was shot i at away. A reporter said a Deputy sheriff who took pictures of the a alas body emerged from the Home ate shaken. Or Quot its the worst one in be seen a wit the Deputy was quoted As saying ruin Harriman Mil Mon ski i it Lake Placid. . A i a new Yorkus gov. Averell Harriman dangled 60 feet above ground for More than a half hour saturday when a ski lift failed on Whiteface Mountain in the Adirondack. The 66 year old governor Here to dedicate a new state ski Center was about 1000 feet up the slope when an electric motor broke Down. He joked and laughed about his predicament while repairs were being made. Harriman an accomplished skier finished the trip on the 6200-foot lift and skied Down. Of no parking zone a this Hartford Conn cop is obviously perplexed by this situation. He can to reach up High enough to ticket tile car perched above him Louis p. Schumm 68. Accidentally stepped on the Gas while parking the vehicle. The car shot through a picket Fence atop a retaining Wall and across a five foot Gap into the window of a basement apartment vacated Only five minutes earlier. Schumm was injured slightly As the Impact sent Glass and Brick showering into the apartment. Attempt or. To okra in trains Fri charges three students two Ohio University students wreck statute by a maximum of were charged in Chillicothe sat-20 it car imprisonment and or urday night before u. S. Commis senator Smith cites i Ltd Rios foreign pol in v Washington a sen. Ii Alexander Smith assailed Dean Acheson and the democratic National committee saturday night for what he described As attempts a to interject partisan politics into foreign policy $10,000 attempts were sooner with attempt to wreck a b amp 0 a rates South Bio eastbound seven car train Green. At 3 11 a. In. Jan. 18 by placing a pipe barricade la feet Long across the tracks. Charged Are John r. Hamm. 3rd, 18, of North Olmsted Ohio. And James John Onder 19, of Rocky Fork. Ohio residents of Washington Hall. The barricade was placed on the track at 12 15 a. In. An unknown student removed the barricade so that the St. Louis to new York train at 2 35 passed without trouble. The students put the barricade Back and it was hit by the eastbound diesel. Fortunately officials reported the train was not derailed in a similar action in Chilli Lade on this of East probes plan to reveal torture tale unionist s torture in an elevator slowly moving up and Down May feature the Senate Racket committees investigation of the operating engineers i Mon. It s the Story of Theodore Mccarty of Clementon n. A who will Tell it to the special Bena group investigating evils in the the scholarly Smith spoke with Coth. Court Gerald Baxter Mink �5�r. Management Field id scorn of what he called the Quot vulnerability of ache Sony a own record and a the history of the Truman administration in which Acheson served As Secretary of state. Robert f. Kennedy the committees counsel said Mccarty has told him he was tortured for a opposing the operation of local 542 of the Union in Philadelphia a Ley 18. Of Clear View Park Ohio. Will be charged with putting two cinder blocks on the Bao tracks on Jan. 23 at to p. In. In a manner designed to cause derailment. Train no. 29. Fast freight hit the As 1 As run by officials stall he statement was precipitate it the wheels crushed of the Union s International by a news conference last them and there was no derail. President. William e. Maloney. Ment. Kennedy said he expected my the Case was broken by Cap i Carty to testify monday when the p. P Glenn Bao Railroad to committee resumes its Public put tinted p the into North hos con comitor cd week at we hich Acheson attribute de a a failure of leadership to the Eisenhower administration and used such terms As a com iceman together with the Athens hearings on the unions affairs Placenci and Inadequacy in pop App and special agents of the with local 542 under the spot Edma Light. New 8. Nex i imm \ Mill ii father mimic phia in air Force search parties Sun police the gun discharged Day recovered one body. Search that he left Breitenstein at was continuing for the other two Krupansky announced two weeks ago that flying squads would be in action throughout the state. Indictment returned their names were w Ith the scene not knowing the victim victims had been shot. Held. Leu Eaton repeal plan 3-j end science Matli Quot Pilot group to begin Waverly Vijh the county grand jury has ret an indictment of shooting la tent to kill against levers 33, a former Chillicothe veterans Maneu vers is accused philae. Daniels jr., 17, of phia was acquitted let Friday night of chars conspired with two Athel boys in murdering his f the 35-year-old Fath sons was shot to death 22 As he sat on the Ste South Philadelphia Hon Vear old pal of Martin s fatal Bullet. Attorney John Patrick Walsh based his successful defense on the boys emotional crisis caused by the cruelty of the father. Charleston Jhu John d. Hoblitzell chairman of the West Virginia state re pub committee was named by gov. Cecil. Underwood saturday to the i. S Senate succeeding Matthew m Neely. Democrat who died last saturday. The appointment of Hoblitzell at he 45-year old Ravenswood banker n age and real estate executive by the Young Republican governor Cut the democratic Edge in the Senate to 49 47. Hoblitzell r Martin Uladell a jury High Smith said he was a amazed and deeply disappointed at the Sharp attack on president Eisenhower and Secretary of state Dulles. The Republican senator a vet an Cran member of the foreign relations committee said a it is a known fact that sen. Lyndon b Johnson a Tex it and other democratic leaders a present this Effort by the demo Era National committee to upset the bipartisan Fri it was reported by son agent in charge in Cincinnati Odio pointed out that attempts of this kind Are a terrible Way to play pranks and Are punishable under the Federal train ice. Of six d june of his a 14 to i in escapes injury ice moving stain crippled Craft sets record Oakland Calif ohm a Navy Trad wind which crash landed at Alameda naval air station Friday claimed a new Honolulu Ala Mcday Speed record for seaplanes despite loss of one engine. About 350 Miles from the Mainland one of the propellers was was Campaign an Lansing a Randy Ager for Underwood the first Glumm la of Lansing escaped fired the Republican to be elected governor of West Virginia since 1932 Akron truck Driver acquitted in Jackson with Lohn Man patient at Hospital. Of wound ice Tom Lent fleeced As c or Jackson a William starches Akron truck Driver was acquitted by a jury Friday night the Ohio after a trial n a manslaughter nation has charge growing out of a traffic a of the Accident last april. Injury Friday when six cars of a freight Tram rumbled Over him. Randy Lay Flat on the ties Between rails on a viaduct. Leal Swindlehurst a playmate had shouted at him to do this when or saw Randy was trapped on the viaduct by an oncoming train. Paper sax Cleveland chief on was out rank j Story is expected to be ousted in a general shake up of the City s police department the Cleveland Plain dealer said in a Story published saturday. Information about the changes j came from City Hall and Central thrown by to 5500 horsepower Jet police station sources the Plain Turbine engine slashing a hoi dealer said. In the Hull below the waterline. Ground breaking set the Navy said the Trad wind Columbus vhf ground will 5 hours and 54 minutes bettered be broken monday for a rehab he 0d record for a seaplane. Illarion and training unit for the a,s0 by g Trad Windi a mentally retarded at Apple Creek state Hospital near Wooster. Tvrs and 54 Middletown lion finance rip shopping Toledo Center Burn swept Defiance Vijh a three year the seminar for gifted Young science melt get students will be started at de seminar will probably evenings a conference spokesman said and will be of it i m Ltd a a Hirr \. A it a rred Fiance High school under a basis. Or. Mccann offered the plan worked out saturday by a facilities of Defiance College for conference of 95 educators and the Experiment seminar teachers industrialists from Northwestern will include the Best that can be Columbus Dairy product elected a. L. Shough of the Accident last april. I Toledo it a fire ing patrolman Mike Lewis Here Kroger co., Cincinnati president the truck Starcher was driving through a department store of Jan to when the policeman tried succeeding Richard Mcclellan of collided with an automobile in j the Miracle mile shopping Center to arrest him. Mcclellan a dairies in Logan which Carolyn Pearson aged 3 on the Northwest Edge of the City a a Lancaster and Jackson. Boy if it ii Eye tumor goes to Mew York Ohio. No Coni i it enc Quot called by Defiance College president or. Kevin Mccann sought Means to stimulate science and mathematics education on the High school level. Under the plan aptitude tests will be Given Defiance school students feb. 27 search for the initial class for the a Pilot found in the Defiance area. After using Defiance for a Pilot study the plan Calls for expanse n of the program to other interested schools in the state. The seminar Wile be sponsored by the Joe Berg foundation of Chicago. Or. J a col w. Shapiro up Ordi High Nator of the foundation said the in a organization is trying to develop a number of similar seminars i Wisler hit a Borgia Cochran than 150 persons were homeless in the Wake of a Tornado which Friday slashed a mile and a Quarter path through this Central Georgia town injured 16 persons and damaged 40 residences and a can Reb p Rey j Lait go n coiled san Antonio ambassador to the United states Victor Andrade of Bolivia says this country must change its latin i Lead line in the messenger r Early saturday and caused damage estimated at upward of $850, too. No one was Hurt. Middletown a of a there ther the tumor is malignant and were indications saturday that whether the eyesight could a funds May become available for saved. Throughout the country for gifted american policies to meet Chang nigh school science students. My conditions. Water is Pelt meeting must for Farmers four hospitalized after two accidents 25 workers overcome by monoxide 21 indictments returned by grand jury Buchtel remains undefeated in county play Athens Pomeroy Wellston Jackson win Athens Chauncey comics editorials farm a women news appears today on pages. 11-13 no flood foreseen Cincinnati a the rising Ohio River is expected to a oath a Crest of 37va to 38h feet by tuesday Midnight t e . Weather Bureau said saturday. Well under the Page 31 Page 5 Page 15 Page s Page 3 1 that would be the Middletown Lions club stepped in saturday. Elvin Wagner who Heads the clubs sight saving committee said his group would get up a fund to Send the youngster to new York. It is hoped Roy Eugene can Page to flood stage of 52 feet 8 9 Gallipolis. 15 Point pm1736 Glouster. 36 Pom mid. 5-7, to _ 35 Czogan. 16 sports. 29-304 Mcarthur television 1431 Nelsonville 2 3 Heaters 14 Union vote Cincinnati a seated ,.h a officials Roy Eugene Nickel to get the medical examination in new York which might save in sight of his right Eye and perhaps his life Roy Eugene who will be three years old in april has a tumor behind his right Eye it leave feb. 3. Already has impaired his vision the father told newsmen Fri and he suffers intense pain Par Day that regular expenses and Ocul arly at night medical Bills have left him with his parents or. And mrs. Or insufficient funds for such a trip. Leave the old Bakers Inion and join a new group boy to new York we Hore an get a employed specialist could determine the work. Because of slackened

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