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Athens Sunday Messenger Newspaper Archives Jan 8 1967, Page 1

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Athens Sunday Messenger (Newspaper) - January 8, 1967, Athens, Ohio Lxi to. 311 Al c Guni Mii Ohio River Valier the weather sunday mostly Cloudy and colder Inch sunday in the mid or upper 20s, Atmas Ohio is mtg Jam aka 8, Hocking Valley fifteen cents news briefs my my Maddox Wains in Georgia rid Atlanta a. A it Jpn Lester g. Maddox whose segregationist views brought him National attention Appeal s headed for election tuesday As governor of Georgia in a 5-2 decision Friday the state supreme court rejected the latest in a series of suits calling for a statewide vote and ruled the general Assembly has the Power and right to choose the next governor. The decision following a dec 12 ruling by the to s. Supreme court apparently clears the Way for the predominant democratic legislature to choose Maddox Over Republican Howard Callaway. Accident probably world s ii Orst Manila a Upit the philippine constabulary said today the death toll May pass too in what was probably the worlds worst Highway tragedy when two buses loaded with roman Catholic pilgrims collided and plunged into a 300-foot Ravine. The buses part of a 57-vehicle Convoy taking villagers to a Church festival to Mark the end of Christmas toppled off a winding Mountain Road Friday. Eighty four persons including at least 21 children were killed and 59 others have been hospitalized in serious condition. Many of the injuries were not expected to survive. Birth sen rejects Al in i rid Washington a Ltd sen. Everett m Dirk sen does no to plan to join the american federation of television and radio artists despite his new role As a recording artist. The Illinois Republican recently released an album of patriotic readings entitled a Gallant men a and has taped television appearances in connection with it. A for a sent him an application form but the senator said a i read All of the Fine print on the form but i did no to sign it. I decided a this is not for unde my opposition to compulsory unionism i did no to think the idea was Judith Toplon charges dropped new York a a pvt a in a very proud of my Mother for what she went the 14 Vear old daughter of Judith Topton said. A and that goes for All my Little after 17 years the Justice department dismissed spy charges against miss Coplon Friday marking the end of a strange Case. Fatal Texas i Isit Juk s aim was Fiul to dispute by Rei Man Morin new York a a Pic of resident John f. Kennedy was trying to Patch up what he considered a Petty dispute Between Texas politicians when he met his death in Dallas William Manchester reports in his Book the death of a president a itself a subject of dispute. The feud indirectly involved vice president Lyndon r. Johnson Manchester asserts. Describing Kennedy s feelings about the three Day tour of Texas in november 1903, Manchester writes a the Prospect was unappetizing and vexing to the chief executive it appeared to him that Johnson ought to be Able to resolve this Petty dispute himself the trip seemed to be an imposition a Manchester also writes that highly placed democrats advised Kennedy some in strongly worded warnings not to go to Dallas on the tour. A the atmosphere in Dallas had become highly charged with inflammatory statements against Kennedy the Book alerts. Manchester quotes one of the five. Sen. J. W. Fulbright of Arkansas As saying to Kennedy a Dallas is a very dangerous place. I go there. Done to you the others who urged Kennedy to bypass Dallas the Book says were sen. Hilbert h. Humphrey of Minnesota House whip Hale Boggs of Louisiana ambassador Adlai f. Stevenson and Texas National committeeman Byron Skelton. Look Magazine is serializing a the death of president and these reports appear in the first of four instalments totalling 60,000 words. The Magazine is schedule to reach news stands next tuesday morning mum. A. We Bomm. In i inside today Irr Aasu a m my Mem joint 28 county steering unit formed for Cap. Page 2 Ames Bern Amesville firemen Complete Rural House numbering program Page 3 old Hocking Hospital poses problem Opportunity for Hocking county Page 15 hounds whip Athens As Skoal second division teams top leaders Page 21 area news obituaries. 14 features. 15 patterns. 22 c classified. 22, 23, 24 sport. 2, comics. 25 editorial. A a entertainment. It i Heaters. 17 Homes. 22 women. Lull 12, is Athens. 2, 3, 4, 5 Middleport 18, la Chauncey. T Nelsonville i 7 Glouster. 6 Point pleasant 26 Logan. 7 Pomeroy. 18, la soviet policy shift is noted i Bjes verdict on his portrait according to artist Peter Hurd a the ugliest thing in be Ever Hurd of new Mexico and reportedly one of the presidents favorite artists was commissioned by the White House historical Assn. To do tin painting. But the president rejected it As too Large and otherwise a a unacceptable As an official White House portrait. Nea telephoto painting of Liu set it tor Columbus display see related Story on Page 17 Columbus Ohio a from Jan. 12 to Jan 25, the curious can get a first hand look Here at 2,525.25 Square inches of what president Johnson has called a the ugliest thing i be Ever controversial por president by artist ifs that trait of the Peter Hurd. Ifs a very Fine As a work of Art a says Mahonri Young director of the Columbus gallery of Fine arts where it will be on display. Young said an exhibit of hard paintings this month had been arranged a year ago anti getting the Johnson portrait a in the bargain was an unexpected Surprise. Hurd was commissioned by the White House historical association and the Johnsons to paint a presidential likeness that might eventually hang in the White House. But the Johnsons rejected the painting. Washington apr a sculptress who pleased president Johnson with her works on him says a being a lady had a definite advantage in getting him to sit still for posing Lack of time with the president was one complaint voiced by artist Peter Hurd whose portrait of Johnson was rejected by the first family. But the sculptress Kimily Mason of Alexandria va., wangled enough sessions with the president to produce a bust of him which he liked so much he had it reproduced As gifts for dignitaries on his Pacific asian trip late last year miss Mason told Friday of one gambit she used to get Johnson to pose a she first created a Little Bronze caricature depicting Johnson As a Man on the run with Telephone Ai his ear and legislative Hills drug mistake see related Story on Page i Moscow a an important shift in soviet policy has occurred. Signs indicate it Means an increasingly serious View of possible danger from China secrecy so far veils the new policy line. But things Here and there a newspaper articles and words from communist sources a show that China is preying on Kremlin minds a a potential threat. And As China gets More Atten lion. Vietnam gets less Viet a Alii la use of Iii Belgium Charleroi Belgium apr a heart drug mistakenly administered to cancer sufferers in a Charleroi Hospital has caused patient deaths the Hospital announced saturday. It did not say How Many deaths there were but the belgian news Agency Belga said a the number of victims appears to be rather High and the Brussels newspaper dem in re Here quoted unofficial reports As saying there were 20 dead. A communique of the Arthur gaily Institute in Charleroi said the drug digitalis was mistakenly labelled by a belgian pharmaceutical firm and doctors used it on Thorn patients in the belief it was a drug containing hormone for treatment of prostate cancer. It normally is used As a tonic for cardiac patients. Nam is a relatively Static problem some distance away China an explosively turbid problem along the soviet unions longest Bardier. The fact of an important shift in policy by the soviet communist party which sets the government s policies was pub 11shed saturday in the p arty newspaper pravda in an indirect Way. In an article scheduled for publication in sundays pravda the toughness of policy toward China was indicated by a cans Campaign opens in Mekong Della it dangled from his pockets he liked it so much she said that it opened the Way for sitting. For the bust Hurd said Friday that when the portrait was unveiled for the Johnsons the presid e n t a a did t like it a darn bit and called it a the ugliest thing i Ever miss Mason said the confrontation Between the Johns inns and Hurd was conducted in the a most gentlemanly manner a countering other reports that shouting and door slam i n g occurred miss Mason said the presidents features Are difficult for an artist to capture partly because a the has an expression to match every she called her final version a a composite of All the she said Johnson was not completely Happy about the squinting eyes she sculpted and that he commented a you certainly got the Large Johns o n she said no changes were asked for. Hurd said he was asked by mrs. Johnson to paint a smaller portrait and to change the background but he refused to do so. 2 rulings scheduled by judge Youngstown Ohio apr a judge promised to Rule monday morning on two injunction requests one by the Cafaro memorial Hospital to limit pickets and the other by local 47 of the building service and maintenance workers to have the Hospital end refusal to bargain collectively. Common pleas judge Elwyn v Jenkins said he would Rule on both petitions at to a in monday and a would look with Disfavour on anything other than peaceful Legal picketing during the interval until that ruling. Saturdays testimony was in support of the local s request that the court restrain the Hospital from interfering with the rights of employees to engage in peaceful picketing. The Cross petition also asked that the hos pita either of ordered to negotiate with local 47 or order and conduct an election to determine the bargaining agent for about he non professional Hospital employees the hospitals injunction request was heard Friday and sought to have the court limit pickets to two one at each in trance two Union officials testified saturday that a delivery of oxygen to the Hospital Jan. 4 was a a hoax on the part of the Hospital and character assassination of our Union a Al Shilu president of the greater Youngstown Al Cio Council and Joseph e Murphy president of local 47 of the building service workers were the w witnesses. In Johni Engel Saigon South Vietnam of marines struggled through Waist deep vehicle mining swamps saturday in the opening phase of an american Campaign in the Mekong River Delta that could make this the bloodiest year of the vietnamese War the heavily populated Delta with mangrove thickets and Rice paddies laced by 25,000 Nativa ble Miles of Waterways has been out of the martial main Stream because of the Prospect that Sharp action against indigenous Viet Cong bands would mean heavy civilian casualties its hard for even a native to distinguish guerrillas from peaceful Panama Clad peasants. But the Delta has been a heartland of the communists for 20 year s and now americans Are joining vietnamese troops in an Effort to crush guerrilla bands estimated to total 100,000 men vietnamese efforts Over the years had led but to a stale mate negating hard won gains farther North. The Viet congas extensive Delta organization feeds Large quantities of men supplies and Money to red units in other parts of the country. The Rice Harvest is on now in the Delta and Viet Cong tax agents Are levying Gram from the peasants in areas the communists control swamp mud and water initially proved a greater obstacle than the Viet Cong for the american marines who in com Pany with \ Vietnam est marines Are making the first big american thrust into the Delta. Eight vehicles had to tx1 towed out. Enemy resistance to the 4,000-Man task Force which stormed ashore by Landing Craft and helicopters on White Beach Friday from a flotilla of 12 is s Navy ships was a a a ported limited to scattered Sui or fire. The operation called dec House five centers 55 Miles South of Saigon from the air the Delta looks like a picture postcard land rut vietnamese troops regular la assigned there have found campaigning ugly business it was with reluctance that . Military planners derided american units with the fantastic firepower of heavy artillery and fighter bombers should move in to help their fear was a and is a that an aggressive military stance among the seven million or so Delta dwellers might Label . Forces a colonialist army. That is a tag avoided so far i Localise the americans have been deployed where there Over fewer people and More room to Man Euver experts figure a full infantry division 15,000 or so men is the minimum needed to really Start carving through the stalemate. They estimate tlx1 initial Cost of deployment of such a division and its supporting units at a billion dollars the Call for helicopters Light armoured vehicles and River Craft would be larger than Normal in a legion of firmer ground pot Veu i Etui to set w angled a a a in innings seen for Lon Gressmen Washington apr under the lowering Shadow of the Vietnam War a new Congress which h leaders believe has a Pinch Penny mandate from the voters opens its doors tuesday for a months Long session. Both houses appear headed for a w Rangling beginning which could set the tone for almost continuous controversy As the members appraise the state of the War in Asia and the state of tic report on a some new zigzags of the great proletarian cultural the article Tass the soviet news Agency reported says the a new zigzags Are attended by a still More widely spread Antt soviet Campaign unbridled propaganda of the great Power anti Leninist course of Mao tse lung and his group which runs counter to the fundamental interests of the chinese the indirect confirmation of an important policy shift came in a news item on the front Page of saturdays pravda pravda reported that in recent Days seven party leaders had briefed regional party officials across european Russia and into Siberia and a China Border Region of Sov Iet Central Asia. Earlier two top party men i canid i Brezhnev and Mikhail \. Suslov gave briefings in Moscow and Leningrad the subject was the dec 12-13 secret meetings of the party scentral committee and the speech Brezhnev made to it the speech was riot made Public after the meeting meaning it was a hot item politically the committee Resolution following it however said the Groat Power a anti soviet policy prof insists l lie shape can Bell Sec i Columbus Ohio apr the May be the Shaji of the future in the estimation of an Ohio state University Industrial designer the Ortho ,. A lets just Call it the shape is a 14-sided figure prof Donald g. Wood says tax 14-sided figure would enclose maximum space within a minimum surface yet be structurally sound and usable Wood an Osu school of Art professor researching with the University a building research Laboratory sees the shape As suitable for construction of everything from apartment houses to spaceships. He does no to take credit for inventing it. It occurs he notes in nature As a cell shape of certain Plant and animal tissues. Ile explains that the shape is a Happy medium Between a sphere which has the Best sur fac to volume ratio and the cube which has one of the worst. Further it will a stack and pack and be adaptable for construction of any number of building types. Of Mao tse Tung and his group has entered a new dangerous stage a it said the meeting had found it necessary to expose the wayward course a of the present chinese leaders to step up the struggle in defense of details of the danger of How to expose and to step up the struggle were not Given publicly they Are the underlying policy in fact non communist analysts Hen say. A shift on China became apparent in a pravda editorial nov 27. It was Tho strongest denunciation of Mao group in years. It held out for the first time the suggestion that the soviet Union was backing Mao a opponents in Tho chinese Power struggle about the same time informed sources said sem Public meetings were being held to spread the party word about tensions on the China Border. The meetings were intended to Alert the Public to the existence of a possible future enemy. On dec. 29 the defense ministry newspaper red Star revealed the other Side of this Coin la published a Long editorial saving the chinese army was being taught that the soviet Union was the enemy six it lies recovered prom car in Reservoir president Johnson so great so Doty at Home Tho White House announced saturday that the president will deliver his annual speech on the state of the Union in person to a joint session of Congress on tuesday night this mean that the administration program will be Laid before the legislator before either chamber can get very far into controversies coming up As preliminaries to legislative action. The House mud decide whether to deny a eat to rep. Adam Jayton Powell d.-n.y., or remove him from chairmanship of the education and labor committee or take some lesser disciplinary action Powell a negro is in hot water because of troubles with the Law in new York and because of his conduct of committee business to Tho Senate a Hardy band of liberals has served notice it will try to water Down Rule 22, which requires a two thirds majority to end filibuster talk As matters stand neither of fort seems Likely to go anywhere. Johnson a delivery of his message will to a Down rework signal for a Congress in which republicans will be flexing their voter enlarged biceps and in which Many democrats Are Reading the november election results As calling for a breathing spell on new programs Republican leaders Are planning their own state of the Union presentation one of the first pieces of major legislation to work its Way through both houses is Likely to provide for an increase in social Security benefits. This will not affect the spending budget ure to come under hot fire from Republican when Johnson submits it later in the month. Columbus Ohio apr the bodies of a woman and five of eight children missing since tuesday morning were recovered saturday from a ear which h id plunged into the 30 fool Depths of Hoover Reservoir just North of the City search for the bodies of the other three children was suspended temporarily saturday afternoon due to the depth of the water Low temperature and gusts of 40 in p h winds the victims were listed by authorities As mrs. Mary Helen Rutherford 41. Of Delaware her foul children Delores Ann Jyh Bertie Marie 15 Steven Franklin. 12 Mary Jane 5, and her two sets of twin nieces Karen sue and Sharon Lou 20 months and Usa Ann Aru Teresa Lynn to months. The nieces Wen daughters of bet brother in Law. Leonard Rutherford of Charleston w. A. And had Boon visiting in Delaware. Mrs Rutherford and Tho children were last seen last tuesday morning when they left for Columbus whore she planned to buy shoes for the Chat Lien rho 1962 Sedan was pulled to the Bank of the Reservoir at 12 30 p in saturday Tho Windshield was broken. Mrs Rutherford a husband Charles reported them missing Essex is selected Cor Post Columbus a Ohio schools supt Martin Essex assumes a major role in Job education for american youth As head of an advisory Council on vocational education named by president Johnson. Essex a former Meigs nun to school official assumed the state superintendent position july i 1966, he served As superintendent of schools in several locations including Middleport East Liverpool Lakewood Ferndale Mich and Akron. Tho nationally known o h i o educator will direct a Rev i e w and study of Job training programs and facilities with an 11-member Blue ribbon committee charged with making legislative recommendations to health education and welfare Secretary John w. Gardner by Jan. I a Essex former president of the american association of school administrators has spoken out frequently for expanded Job training for youth. Noting Hie High Cost of reclaiming unemployed under schooled persons in Job corps military training and s i in Ilar groups he has advocated the targeting of Federal appropriations into broadened occupational and vocational educate i o n while Young people still Are in school. Early wednesday but it was not thursday that engineers discovered the broken guard rail beside a county Road about 30 feet East of a Bridge Over the Reservoir. They also noticed skid Mark going Down a Steep Rook Hank and an rut Slick on the ice. The investigation and search of the water followed. The Highway patrol which to gun its investigation Friday night also discovered some Black paint Marks along the guard rail. Police theorized the car struck the North Side of the Bridge went through the guard rail and travelled Down the Rocky Bank into the Reservoir in Charleston mrs j. A. Perry Mother inlaw of Leonard Rutherford said Charles Rutherford had visited Charleston during last weekend and returned to Delaware sunday taking Hie twins along for a two week visit. Apparently the delay in Start of the search was due to Assumption by one Law enforcement Agency that another Agency was checking on skid Marks a Delaware county sheriff Deputy Al Williams had sent a couple of men to look Over the scene wednesday after hearing about the guard rail they discovered skid Marks hut assumed since the Marks were on the Franklin county Side of the county Border either Franklin county or the Highway patrol knew something about it it was not until Friday night that officers decided that there was a a pretty Good chances that the missing car was in the Reservoir Wejsis ill i Bomeli blast kills. Las vegas Nev. Apr a a three Story Motel was virtually destroyed saturday by an apparently suicidal blast that killed six persons and injured eight police said the blast entered in room 214 of the orbit inn registered to a or. And mrs r. J Paris of Hollywood Calif. They were driving a car with Florida License plates. Lust atty. George Franklin or said a charred .25 Caliper automatic pistol was found in to e Alley behind the Motel close to a severed human hand Are you a member minute club sheltering arms Hospital fund

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