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Athens Sunday Messenger Newspaper Archives Feb 4 1962, Page 1

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Athens Sunday Messenger (Newspaper) - February 4, 1962, Athens, Ohio I Jim Bishop reporter extraordinary write a tree a week in the messenger. Al t Shu til an the weather fair and warm today High ii 60s. Partly Cloudy and mild tonight. Lvii no. 60 Athens Ohio sunday february 4. 1962 Wmk associated press fifteen cents week s retie to latins hedge on ban by James c. Shields Clitia got off lightly after a week of talk of ostracism by the 20 other nations of the organization of american states. In fact the Castro regime Cix Iid laugh at the indecision it has caused among the so called a big Powers in South America the Little nations of latin America gave the United states enough votes to Boot the cubans out. But a unanimous vote would have made it much More effective. It probably would have paved hic Way to total economic sanctions and eventual a police action. Tile big Powers of Argentina Brazil. Bolivia Chile Mexico and Ecuador appear afraid of Blunt forceful action against Cuba. They wish to investigate the Oas charter to see if these Powers lie within its province of action or to hold a conference to draw up such Powers. The United states was hard pushed not to hold its Alliance for Progress funds like a club Over their latin neighbors Heads in actuality they did not. But it remains to be seen if Congress will. Banners heard hard words from president Kennedy wednesday. A accept strict controls or sine Wos when president Franklin Roosevelt brought the crippled farm situation out of the open Market and under government control each successive president and Congress have sought to solve the problem of Bow to pay the Farmer keep prices Down and not have surpluses. Wider controls strict adherence and whole hearted support might pave the Way out of the farm surplus problem but it also carries with it political and economic a ifs for the republicans and nation. If the policy works not just partially but fully Kennedy will have solved the farm problem and the presidential election for 1964 As Well As struck a severe blow to the gop. If the government enforces the farm program and the Farmers rebel it could mean no supports and a depressed Market if the government dumps their surpluses. The general reaction appears to be that feelings were Hurt in Congress and on the farm. The policy was praised but the a lets take care of me first group will give its support after being taken care of. The russians started their old ploy again. Creating trouble somewhere else to take eyes off what they want to do quietly. The pressure is off in Berlin and the Congo government of Premier Cyril in Adoulia is getting the treatment. The West is trying to gag the russians in the United nations from forcing a discussion of the Congo situation and what Moise Tshombe is doing in his Katanga province. Adoulia has asked for time and the West wants to give it to him. Fortunately he May be Able to get if. Back to the ploy of applying pressure it is an old russian trick going Back to the Days of the czars. The soviet Union covers a Large land mass and touches Many countries. Pressure in Berlin can take eyes off China or vice versa. Of interest in passing Chaing Kai Shek told a touring group of 49 american newspaper men he would be ready to attack the chinese Mainland soon. If my Calendar memory is Good. John Foster Dulles was ready to unleash Chaing Back in 1955, but somehow Chainge a Collar stayed on. And of course a a soon May mean something entirely different to the chinese and the americans. There is a chinese saying. A ten thousand years is a Long if you were one of those who expectantly watched to on Jan. 27 to see astronaut John Glenn leave for outer space you have had this past weekend and the next to do other things. Most of the to audience of that Day will probably not be Able to see the u. S. Get off the planet Earth into space. The National aeronautics and space administration has scheduled the next launch for tuesday feb. Is a working Day for most people. Radio will probably have to keep us posted on Glenn s Progress. Kennedy bans cuban imports doomsday arrives quietly in India mystics make excuses new Delhi India a Jim doomsday arrived quietly saturday and an increasing number of stargazers began to find Miti Mercury Venus Mars Jupi i ter and Saturn Are All lined up comparatively close together with the Sun and the Moon. The gating influences in the planet j conjunction will cause an eclipse unwanted a released from Marysville reformatory in Ohio after serving 37 years for the arsenic murder of her aunt mrs. Martha Wise 79, known As the a Polson widow of hardscrabble will go Back to prison because she has no place to go. Plans were made to place her in a boarding Home in Blanchester but the owner refused to accept her. A ooh. the Home owner said. A she can to come into our House. In a a food catered. This is a Small town. happen to my business a grouping in the heavens which had been seen As the Omen of evil. Some said the prayer meetings going on All Over the hindu countries of India and Nepal had propitiated the gods. One holy Man said the Moon had taken a favourable shift. Nevertheless millions of superstitious hindus still worried since the time of danger forecast by the astrologers continues through monday. The astrologers had predicted great natural calamities and manmade disasters for the period of the conjunction of planets eight by the hindu count including Sun and Moon and an imaginary one of a Lyrd de tvs Road for stockpiling Inqui washington�?<41�?sen. Harry i f. Byrd d-va., proposed saturday j that Congress direct president j Kennedy to sell $3.4 billion in stockpiled strategic materials and use the receipts to balance die j budget. A if we could get Money from j this excessive accumulation of materials flowing into the Treasury j we might be Able to balance the budget and keep from increasing the debt limit a Byrd said in an interview. Byrd disclosed he has agreed to Clear the Road for investigation by a special committee headed by sen. Stuart Symington d-mo., of what Kennedy called the excessive stockpiling of $7.7 billion in War emergency items. The Senate is to be expected to of the Sun monday visible in Borneo and out at sea in the Pacific. The eclipse will not lie visible in the United states. There was slightly less traffic than usual on new Delhi streets saturday. Nothing is new for Fri Calion Washington apr president Kennedy reportedly will stress to Congress tuesday the importance representation of the swallowing of education to the nations sur of the Moon by a Serpent. J Vival it without unveiling any new proposals. Informed sources said saturday he special education message will six la out in More dirt ail the need As Kennedy sees it for programs already outlined Al the state of the Union and budget messages. The presidents budget Mes a Sage put estimated expenditure j for existing and proposed Educa i lion programs during the year beginning july i at $1.5 billion. Persons familiar with the forthcoming message said it will carry new appeals for these programs air for classroom construction and teacher salaries for Public schools. Ixia Tisol $300 million annually be asked to approve a $300,000 outlay for a staff to inquire into the situation before the group begins hearings in about a month. Senate Republican leaders had urged Byrd a conservative critic of Many administration policies to undertake the inquiry through the joint committee on reduction of nonessential Federal expenditures which he Heads. For a time it appeared possible that there might be collateral j for five years colleges and universities for construction and scholarships. Hearings by both the Symington and Byrd groups but Byrd made it Clear saturday his committee will not play a direct role in the inquiry. Kennedy Calk d for an investigation by a Senate armed services subcommittee on stockpiling which Symington Heads. Senator Symington senator Byrd inventor lists a two probable investigations into the nation s $7.7 billion strategic materials stockpile fall to sen. Stuart Symington d-mo., and his stockpile subcommittee and sen. Harry f. Byrd d-va., and his subcommittee on non essential government spending. Front Lizi refuses to break Buenos Aires Argentina a president Arturo Frondizi bitterly assailed a International reactionaries saturday and defiantly defended Argentina a refusal to vote for expelling Cuba from the Oas death ends strange Case Cleveland Sun a the expected end came Friday night in the strange medical Case of or. Jerome a. Streem 37. The dentist whose heart Anil breathing stopped twice within 24 hours and once resulted in a trip to a funeral Home sunday died at mount Sinai Hospital. After a thorough Check Hospital authorities reported the death a nearly 128 hours after a doctor mistakenly had declared the patient dead at his Home in suburban Cleveland Heights. Discuss Moon mapping Ottawa Ftp the Canadian Institute of surveying will discuss Topographic mapping of the Moon among other subjects at its annual meeting Here feb. 7-9. $1.9 million loan Dela Ware a tvs a $1.9 million Federal loan has been approved for construction of two residence Halls at Ohio Wesleyan University. At the Punta Del Este conference. In a speech at Parana Frondizi declared he accepts full responsibility for Argentina a stand that brought angry military demands for an immediate break in relations with Castro scuba. In speaking of reactionaries Frondizi referred to opponents of his governments position and declared a i will die in defense of Argentina a dignity. He defended Argentina Brazil Chile Bolivia Ecuador and Mexico for abstaining on the vote to expel Cuba from the councils of the organization of american states Oas. 159 get Miami degrees Oxford Sun a Miami University has 159 candidates for degrees at midyear ceremonies sunday. Floods hit Indonesia Jakarta Indonesia a it up a floods Are sweeping Indonesia s outer regions forcing thousands to flee from Low lying areas. \ a your want ads Are wonderful a so exclaimed mrs. Nelson of Albany when she called to cancel this and after one insertion. 7 piece mahogany dining room suite table Buffet China closet. 5 chairs. Table pad. $35. My 8-2834, a sold the dining room suite to the first person who called a she added. As we draw nearer to Spring you will find Many things around the House you no longer need. Now is a Good time to sell them through a Quick action want and. Dial by 3-1242 for an and taker. Reduction of admit illiteracy. Gen. It alter to enter Texas race Austin tex. Sun a Edwin a. Walker the controversial former army general and gov. Price Daniel who want to be Texas first four term chief executive dived into a hot gubernatorial race Friday. Both became candidates for nomination in a May 5 democratic primary election that promises to be bitterly contested. Walker 52, resigned As a major general last year after the army relieved him of command of the j4th division in Germany and reprimanded him for a troop indoctrination program. He since has aligned himself with extreme rightist groups. Also bidding for the democratic nomination is John b. Connelly 44, a close associate of vice president Lyndon b. Johnson who resigned As Secretary of the Navy to make the race. I underground red a test Uppsala. Sweden Sun a tile seismological Institute hero said saturday the soviet unions nuclear explosion Friday was in the Range of to Kilotons a equal to 10,000 tons of int or about half the Force of the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima in world War in u. S. Sources said the blast apparently underground had been somewhat stronger. At to Kilotons the soviet blast would have been to times stronger than the u. S. Underground detonation at Carlsbad n. M., last dec. To. The Institute said. It placed the soviet explosion in Central Siberia about 2.300 Miles from Here. Makes Safe Langlina Cincinnati Una a Delta airlines dc-8 with 63 people aboard landed safely at greater Cincinnati Airport shortly after noon saturday after its Pilot had reported difficulty with his Hydraulic system two freights collide Walkerton ind. To a new York Central freight train rammed a stopped freight train in heavy fog near Here today injuring four crewmen and derailing 16 Cam. A continue Medicine food sales Iti a a it Quot a i ? a a Mist of commencement speaker or. Robert w. Merry. Harvard University professor and director of the schools doctoral program left confers with Ohio University a new president or. Vernon r. Alden saturday before commencement exercises. Or. Merry delivered his address on a capturing the adventure of life to the 286 students who received their degrees see Story Page 2 showdown sought Iii defense muzzle probe Washington Jan sen. Fran i would injure department morale to Cis Caser a. Said saturday congressional self respect requires a showdown in a Row Between Secretary of defense Robert s. Mcnamara and a Senate investigating subcommittee. Mcnamara and the subcommittee were reported still at loggerheads Over the Secretary a refusal to Tell its members when Pentagon censors had altered the texts of specific anti communist speeches prepared for delivery by military officers. The Secretary said he would shoulder full responsibility rather than let subordinates face possible criticism for having obeyed his directives. He explained he Felt it expose subordinates. Mcnamara has disclosed the censor s names but not what specific censoring they did. Subcommittee members. Case among them have been talking of possible contempt of Congress citations to Back their demands for the information. Mcnamara has indicated belief that if anyone is to be cited for contempt it should be he and not any censor who might refuse on his orders to answer questions. A peace conference Between Mcnamara and a delegation from the subcommittee ended Friday with both sides described As giving no sign of budging. They Are to meet a again this week. Ken no it la signs do in tit Bill Washington own president Kennedy signed the do font tax Bill into Law saturday but pointedly called attention to Justice department efforts to keep control of general motors corp., away from the do font family. Trustees Cash helps solve robberies Columbus Sun a Ohio Penitentiary officials tipped that trustees in a warehouse detail had exceptionally Large amounts of Money seem to have solved a series of recent grocery store robberies. Three trustees have admitted slipping away Between half hourly Roll Calls at a prison warehouse in downtown Columbus and robbing the grocery mores according to corrections chief Maury Koblentz. The three unnamed pending formal charges were among five inmates found to be carrying $1.50 among them at a prison shake Down Warden Ernie Maxwell said inmates who work off the prison grounds normally Are permitted to carry about $3. To hold Hites for Rev. Yocke monday Mcconnelsville in funeral services will be held monday for the Rev. E. E. Yocke 50, pastor of St. James Church Here since 1955. He died in the Church rectory thursday of a heart attack. A native of Wheeling w. Va., father Yocke formerly held pastorate at Glouster Neffs. Mil Lonsburg Nelsonville Smithfield and Piney Fork. Threaten Force Paris a a a armed police patrols tightened Security in Paris today. The government warned French rightists that any attempt to Block president Charles de Gaulle a plans for peace in Algeria would be beaten Down by Force. Ceylon strike ends Colombo Ceylon a Jan the 53-Day old strike of Colombo s 17,-000 dockers ended today. The new Law would Cut by More than half the tax which stockholders in e. I. Do pout de Nemours and co. Would have to pay if the a company s holdings of general motors Stock Are distributed to them As the firm contemplates. The supreme court ruled in an antitrust proceeding that do font must get rid of its 63 million shares in pm Worth $3.5 billion. How this is to be Dom is still pending before a Federal District court in Chicago. Kennedy not id that the Justice department is asking that the Christiana securities corp., a major do font stockholder be required to sell any general motors Stock distributed to it. Christiana is principally owned by members of the Dupont family who would get any of the Stock passed on by it. Plane crash kills father London up a father and sons Fox Hunting expedition from the air ended in tragedy today when their single engine plane stalled and dived into a farm Field three Miles Northeast of London killing the father and injuring the son. Dead is William q. Boggs about 50, of of. 2, Grove City near Columbus his son Alvin Edwin Boggs 18, is reported in fair condition in it. Carmel hos i pita Columbus after having been pinned in the plane s wreck i age. Three now seek gof nomination republicans started to line up saturday to seek the nomination for 10th District congressman in a bid to wrest that office from Democrat control. Charles l. Harrison an ordained minister and former chaplain at the boys Industrial school Lancaster yesterday announced his candidacy. Harrison joins Fred Rice Jackson county representative and ii e. Pete Abele. Mcarthur attorney As declared Republican candidates. Tile incumbent is Walter m. Moeller Lancaster Democrat who is also an ordained minister. Harrison is presently assistant superintendent of the Industrial school. This will be his first try at an elective office. Born in Newark he is a graduate of Denison University. Possibility that the Republican Field will continue to increase was kept alive saturday when Oakley Collins Ironton businessman and former state senator said he has not yet decided what he will do. Defeated by Moeller who won a second term in i960, Collins Lins been considering another attempt to win tile congressional seat. He has also been entertaining plans to in for his former state Senate office now held by Democrat j. Sherman Porter of Gallipolis. Both Moeller and Porter who i broke area political precedent by carrying the Democrat Banner to Victory have filed petition for i their respective offices. Washington apr president Kennedy tightened the . Economic squeeze on Cuba saturday ordering a Complete ban on imports of cuban product. The action will Cost Cuba $35 million a year. Administration officials said that the embargo effective next wednesday will he a severe blow to the ability of prime minister Fidel Castro to Export communist subversion to other ii tin american countries. His Dollar income last year a under $100 million officials said so the new . Action will reduce it by one third this year. While clamping Hie embargo on imports Kennedy specifically authorized the continued Sale of . Food and Medicine to Cuba. Officials said also that airline and Telephone service to Clitia would not be affected. The Trade embargo officials said is Only one of several step Kennedy and Secretary of state Dean Rusk Are planning. Their aim is to fasten a kind of economic military and political stranglehold around the Island country which All other american governments now officially regard As a communist beachhead in the Western hemisphere. The . Government itself is understood to be strengthening and extending its air and sea patrols Over the International water around Cuba. Diplomatic efforts will be undertaken next week to get Canada and other Allied countries trading with Cuba to bring their policies into line with those of the United states and other american governments. The ban on imports was 3 major blow to the cuban Cigar manufacturing Industry at Tampa Fla. Cuban tobacco constituted about 90 per cent of the $35 million of . Purchases from Cuba last year. Last year Cuba bought about $15 million Worth of foods and medicines from the United states. Toward the end of the year its rate of purchases declined. It bought less food and More Medicine and Hospital supplies. Type of food shipped to Cuba by ., suppliers included wheat Beans and Rice. State department officials decided that cuban purchases in the United states dwindled because Castro has just about exhausted hit foreign Money Supply. In presses Congo search Leopold Ville the Congo a i pvt a . Rescue patrol has reached the american protestant Mission station of Kama the United nations announced saturday and has moved on to investigate the safety of other gambling in Capitol is disconcerting Boston a up a the concern White men deep in Kiva province. . Headquarters judged that the 12 americans at Kama were found Safe and Well though the weak radio signal from the 61-Man Malayan patrol gave no specific indication of their condition. In further . Moves to wipe out bands of soldiers terrorizing the Lua Laba River Basin 248 ethiopian troops were airlifted to the key town of kind where about 80 european residents had been reported in danger. The . Spokesman said the of the Massachusetts legislature ethiopians landed safely and re Over widespread gambling opera j p0recj no incidents with the buttons entered saturday on Hie Nous congolese troops who had Gal betting under its very own Jown surrounding the Airport roof the state House. Capitol police raided a state House janitors room Friday and confiscated what they described As several numbers Pool slips. They also found pencils and a pad of palier like those used by bookies hidden in the emergency Telephone compartment of the elevator used each Day by gov. John a. Volpe. Earlier the Senate president and Hie House speaker moved jointly to fire Robert g. Connolly heal of the legislative document room allegedly for taking pert in Bookie operations. My news Index Athens. 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 building. 17 comics. 23 Chauncey. .7 editorial. 8 farm a 16 Gallipolis a. To Glouster .�?z.,�. 7 Logan. 24 Nelsonville. 9 Point pleasant. To 12 Pomeroy. La 12 Middleport. La. 12 sports. 18, 19, 20 television. 9 Heaters. 4 women__________13, 14. Is sentence to his for stabbing teacher Columbus a two Columbus teen agers have been sentenced to boys Industrial school for stabbing a school teacher. Indeterminate sentences were imposed on Tommy Peoples and Bobby Overton both 17, for the attack which wounded Arthur Fograscher at Franklin Junior High. Divorce is official Reno . Nelson a. Rockefeller settled Down in carefully guarded seclusion at a nearby guest ranch saturday to wait out a six weeks residency requirement before seeking a Dice from new Yorkus governor. T finally find a old Molotov Moscow Pic v. Molotov. The former stalinist foreign minister who has been reported suffering from a heart attack or pneumonia is getting Over the flu a Hospital source said Satur Day. Newsmen traced the displaced old bolshevik to Central hos Pital in suburban Moscow Friday night and were told by the doctor that he has the flu. A further unofficial report from the Hospital today said Molotov is recovering and will be released in a few Days. Okay to sell or lease Columbus a a re atty. Gen. Mark Mcelroy has ruled that a county agricultural society May sell or lease for 99 years a portion of Fairgrounds owned by the society but not needed for Fairground purposes. New High school Lancaster a up a the Lancaster Board of education has announced the apparent Low bidder for construction of a new Lancaster High school Miller Kait construction co. Of Chester with a base bid of $1,215,000

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