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Athens Sunday Messenger Newspaper Archives Aug 20 1967, Page 1

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Athens Sunday Messenger (Newspaper) - August 20, 1967, Athens, Ohio Elections James Marlow discusses the forthcoming vietnamese elections in his column on today a editorial Page. I c 3uiiki ittr00 Tiger vol. 62, no. 229 Athens Ohio sunday August 20, 1967 fifteen cents cooler Cloudy and turning cooler sunday with the High in the mid 701. . And world news briefs annual education report made Columbus Ohio us the state Board of education sent its annual report to gov. James a. Rhodes and the 107th general Assembly saturday citing status and Progress of Ohio a 5,083 Public private and parochial schools. It also pointed to the growing problems in the Fields of administration and supervision. The report based on the 1965-66 school year had data state Board president Robert w. Walker and supt of Public instruction Martin w. Essex said it intended to a place into proper perspective the needs and problems of Ohio schools in developing solutions to the Complex issues confronting Public education in an Era of urbanization technology and social gun sales Rise in Painesville Painesville Ohio a up a tear Gas and gun sales have risen Here in the Wake of sporadic shooting and Rock throwing incidents which broke out wednesday night but police reported the City of 17,000 had returned to Normal. A we have extra police on duty but there have been no More incidents so far a it. George Gasper said Early today. A maybe we re getting a policeman kills negro san Antonio Tex. Up wounded by a Bullet from his own pistol a san Antonio policeman shot and killed a negro Man after a Melee on the City a East Side Early saturday. Rayford Lee 26, of san Antonio was fatally wounded by a Shotgun blast fired by policeman Jack e. Weaver. Weaver and his fellow patrolman Charles Jakeman were attacked by about eight negro men after the officers stopped two negro women for a traffic violation. China blasted by pravda Moscow a up a pravda charged saturday that communist China has deliberately made it impossible for the soviet embassy to function normally in peking. This was the closest the soviet Union has come to hinting that a break in diplomatic relations might occur As a result of the chinese anti soviet Campaign and especially the attacks on the soviet embassy in peking this week. Pravda the Organ of the soviet communist party said a literally not a single Day passes without a malicious invention about the soviet Union in chinese propaganda. Suspended for Short hair Lewiston Idaho a up a Long haired teenagers and hippies take note police sgt. Jack Fannan was recently Given a 15-Day suspension without pay for not wearing his hair longer. Fannan was ordered to let his hair grow. Police chief William Silver said Fannan a haircut made him look like a member of the Gestapo. Fannan appealed the suspension saying he had the same haircut when he joined the Lewiston police Force 8% years ago and had never had any trouble before. His Appeal was denied Friday. Fannan said a it seems to me that the proper concern of a police chief is what an officer has in his head not what he has on teacher shortages threatened Washington a up a three major cities will face crippling teacher shortages next month unless they improve slum schools a teacher Union official warns. Large numbers of teachers in new York Baltimore and Detroit wont report to their jobs when school reopens unless these demands Are met said Charles Cogen president of the Al Cio american federation of teachers. Jet makes Safe Landing new York a up a a trans world airlines Jet that lost one of its wheels on Takeoff at Shannon Ireland landed safety at Kennedy Airport saturday with 126 passengers and a Crew of nine. The four engine Boeing 707 touched Down at 1 55 . On a runway coated with foam. Inside today in Ohio u. Union to seek negotiation Powers. Page 6 recipe. Page 12 Burr Oak chef has prize winning Sandwich old time fiddlers contest draws overflow crowd to Meigs county fair Page 16 once thriving Community of Apple Grove is slowly dying. Page 20 motorcycle safety is the subject of a special two Page Section pages 22, 23 Chauncey Glouster Abby. Area news features comics 30 Middleport. 16, 20 2 Nelsonville. 3, 18 2 it. Pleasant. 20 <0 Pomeroy. 16, 20 13 Heloise. 13 Homes. .21 .17 obituaries. 7 28 patterns. 26 29 sports. 24, 25 to television. 19 Heaters. 21 women. 12,13,14 marines using Gas to rout Viet Cong o map wire photo cracking unit explosion an explosion in a cracking unit rocked the Standard Oil refinery in Oregon a Toledo suburb setting two fires and injuring 13 persons. No deaths were reported. Firefighters from Toledo and neighbouring communities kept the fire from spreading to nearby tanks. Terrorist Campaign expected Washington a . Officials reported preliminary evidence saturday of Viet Cong plans to mount a terror Campaign aimed at disrupting the september election in South Vietnam. Communist harassment could include attempts to assassinate opposition candidates and blame the killings on the present military regime whose leaders Are running for office the officials said. Chief of state Nguyen Van Thieu and prime minister Nguyen Cao by Are the front runners in a Field also including to civilian slates. The civilian candidates have been accusing the government of sabotaging their campaigns. Washington authorities believe the murder last dec. 7 of a leading anti Junta member of the constituent Assembly tran Van Van was the work of the Viet Cong. And they say some 30 candidates were assassinated during last Springs election of 13,000 South vietnamese to local offices. The officials said a number of recent Viet Cong defectors and prisoners reported having received orders to disrupt the National governmental elections slated for sept. 3. This plus communist broadcasts condemning the elections and the past pattern of Viet Cong tactics has led Washington authorities to expect a wave of terrorist acts during the final few Days of the political Campaign. It is anticipated that the harassment will be aimed both at candidates and at keeping voters away from the polls. The officials also told newsmen Senate s support for lbs plummets Washington a Senate support for president Johnson a Vietnam War course has eroded so sharply he apparently would be hard put to Muster a majority for any Broad endorsement of his asian policies. An associated press canvass which found 84 senators willing to express an opinion either publicly or private showed 44 willing to say they generally support what the president is doing and 40 who disapprove of his actions for one reason or another. A breakdown showed 27 democrats and 17 republicans backing the president. Those opposing his policies included 26 democrats and 14 republicans. Those who criticize the president do so for sharply contrasting reasons because they include both the most convinced doves and most militant Hawks. Thus even though they list themselves As supporters some Hawks assert strongly their belief that Johnson should go All out militarily to bring the conflict to a Swift and victorious conclusion. On the other hand the doves complain that Johnson is escalating the struggle dangerously by bombing near China targets is failing to get the South vietnamese to do their share and is leaving no opening for a negotiated peace. The substance of the comments of individual senators indicates there is such widespread dissatisfaction with the Way the War is going that it would be risky for the president to seek any formal endorsement of his position As he did in the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution in August 1904. In All the Congress Only Sens. Wayne Morse and Ernest Gruening Dalaska voted against the 1964 Resolution. But a number of senators including chairman j. W. Fulbright i ark., of the Senate foreign relations committee have said they would not support such a commitment now. Still there seems no likelihood that any attempt will be made to put into operation the machinery noted by Johnson at his news conference Friday that is available any time Congress wants to rescind its 1964 action. Most of the senators had Given their views to the associated press prior to the news conference in which Johnson noted the 1964 Resolution could be rescinded by a simple majority vote in Congress without the necessity for his approval of action. Saigon apr four Viet Cong suspects emerged alive from a Tunnel in the Hills 27 Miles Southwest of Danang saturday because . Marines used riot control Gas rather than More deadly weapons in one of the minor actions that now typify the ground War. The explosion of a grenade bearing chemicals that induce tears and nausea caused three men and a woman to crawl out of their hiding place after they had spurned orders from leathernecks of the 5th Marine regiment to surrender. Associated press photograph Rick Merron who was on the scene said a search of the Tunnel by masked marines yielded Field packs canteens and ammunition for a communist assault Rifle. Highlights of other developments �?. Pilots flew a near record 186 multilane missions Friday in the recently expanded air War against North Vietnam. This was second Only to the record of 197 missions set aug. 3. Communist Supply lines were the prime targets. A in a periodic updating of aircraft losses in the War the . Command said 2,573 planes and helicopters had been destroyed from All causes. Planes downed in combat Over North Vietnam totalled 647, Over South Vietnam 199. A a Marine reconnaissance team near the demilitarized zone spotted 15 North vietnamese soldiers in Green fatigue uniforms busily building bunkers. The marines opened fire and without suffering a casualty killed five of the enemy and routed the rest. A paratroopers of the 1st brigade . Joist airborne division had three fights Friday with guerrillas and North vietnamese regulars near tam by about 340 Miles Northeast of Saigon. They killed 9 enemy soldiers and lost 3 killed and 34 wounded. Though ground activity was widely scattered known Amer ican casualties from the Days Field reports were 9 dead and 99 wounded. Infantry air and artillery firepower were reported to have killed 165 of the enemy. Both the allies and the communists use nonlethal gases on occasion. It has become routine a Sharp change from the International furore raised when experimental tests by the South vietnamese armed forces with .-supplied Gas came to Light in the Spring of 1965. The marines were equipped with both Gas and Gas masks As they moved out in helicopter assaults for the second phase of operation Cochise intended to locate the Headquarters and Supply centers of the North vietnamese army a 2nd division. They met Little resistance. In the seven Day opening phase which ended Friday the marines killed 39 enemy soldiers and picked up 26 suspects. Three marines were killed and 22 wounded. In the political Field a vice presidential candidate Phan Quang Dan raised the Issue of land Reform. He told a news conference he believed the tide of War would change quickly if a Good land Reform program w As set up. Attorney blasts bail for Brown new York Apil rap Brown jailed on a Federal gun charge was held in $25,000 bail saturday Over the protests of his lawyer who said the militant negro Leader was a political prisoner. Brown chairman of the student nonviolent coordinating committee was arrested at 2 . Outside a friends Manhattan apartment and put in the Federal House of detention. His lawyer applied to a Federal judge for reduction of the bail which had been set by . Commissioner Earl n. Bishopp. A the real crime is his being rap Brown and a militant Black Man in America a said William Kunstler Browne a attorney. Brown was charged with carrying a semiautomatic carbine on an airline flight from new Orleans to new York while under indictment a violation of the Federal firearms act punishable by up to five years in jail and a $2,000 Fine. He is under indictment in Maryland on charges of arson rioting and inciting to riot. When arrested Brown was not armed but Federal agents said they later searched the apartment with a warrant and found a gun in a plastic bag with a a a banana clip of 31 bullets. A carbine is a Light Short barrelled Rifle. Asst. . Atty. Stephen e. Kaufman said Brown was seen Mem h. Rap Brown carrying the weapon in Baton Rouge la., thursday and also was seen buying ammunition. When airline agents in new Orleans asked him Friday if he was carrying a gun Brown replied yes and turned a Rifle in a plastic bag Over to an agent for transportation during his flight to new York the complaint said. Kunstler said that the gun was always in its plastic Case. A if he had a gun he had it to protect himself in Louisiana a said the defense attorney. Brown was wounded by a Shotgun blast three weeks ago in Cambridge md., Kunstler stated. Man admits slaying wife children St. Cloudy Minn. A a Small town sunday school superintendent has admitted shooting himself and inventing a Story in which he blamed Midnight marauders for the deaths of his wife and four Small children in their burning Home. Sheriff Peter Lahr said saturday that David Hoskins 30, had signed a statement saying he had shot his wife then set fire to their farmhouse to conceal the crime. No charges were immediately filed. The charred bodies of his wife Loretta 29, and their children Julie 6 Darla 5 Linda l1 and David 6 weeks were recovered Friday from the soldering ruins. The Hoskins farm Home is about 60 Miles North of Minneapolis in Central Minnesota. A Hoskins states that after wounding himself with the death weapon and setting the fires he also tied himself to his outdoor clothesline pole and Only then realized that his children were in the burning House a the Stearns county sheriff said. A the further claims that he attempted to free himself to save the children but became entangled and was unable to free himself a the sheriff said at a news conference. Hoskins chairman of the Board of the Church of Christ at nearby Kimball Minn., where he had been sunday school superintendent for three years was found tied to a clothesline pole by a group of teen agers. Some youngsters noticed the House and barn afire and stopped to investigate. Hoskins was naked to the Waist and bleeding from gunshot wounds in he shoulder and Abdomen. He was taken to St. Cloud Hospital and a Bullet was removed from his shoulder. At the Hospital Hoskins told the sheriff he was watching television with his wife when he heard a car door slam about Midnight thursday. Hoskins said he went outside to investigate was jumped by four or five Young men who shot him during a scuffle and then tied him arms spread outward on a clothesline pipe near the House. The sheriff said Hoskins changed his Story during interrogation at the Hospital Friday night. Hoskins was not under formal arrest but a guard was at the door to his Hospital room. Johnson Hopes Senate w ill change House passed social Security Bill Washington a the Johnson administration already has opened a drive to try to persuade senators to reshape the House social Security Bill More to its liking. But checks with members of the finance committee which will open hearings on the far reaching legislation tuesday indicates that administration officials have a Tough Job on their hands. Officials of the welfare department talking with committee members in Advance of the Public testimony have stressed two Points 1. That the social Security insurance benefits in the Bill passed by the House thursday considerably below the level recommended by president Johnson Are inadequate. 2. That the Public welfare amendments added by the House Over administration objections Are unduly harsh and More suffering most in need of will cause among those help. These amendments Are designed to Force a reduction in the Relief Rolls or at least to hold Down on future increases particularly in the category of Aid to dependent children. Johnson expressed pleasure at a news conference Friday at House passage of the Bill he said he thought the Senate could improve the measure. A staff photo by Gooras loot award presentation presentation of the Ford motor co. Championship plaque is made to members of the Lima american legion baseball team following Lima a 5-2 Victory Over Miamisburg for the Ohio championship in Athens saturday. Pictured from left Are Howard b. Rogge team manager third baseman Denny Helmig coach Bill Sharp Pitcher outfielder Paul Mullen hour and Larry Scales chairman of the legions baseball commission who made the presentation. See Story on Page 24

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