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Athens Sunday Messenger (Newspaper) - April 21, 1974, Athens, Ohio T Sanka it Mem vol. 69, no. 126athens, Ohio. Sunday april 21, 1974 25 cents Egypt greets u. S. Envoy As Golan War heats up by the associated press Egypt had glowing words saturday for . Peace efforts in the Middle East even As syrian and israeli gunners traded artillery fire on the tense Golan Heights front. President Anwar Sadat made the remarks As he accepted the credentials of Hermann Eilts the first american ambassador to Cairo since the june 1967 War. It was the first time in two years Sadat greeted a new ambassador. A the Wisdom of president Nixon and continuing efforts of or. Kissinger have made peace possible in the Region for the first time in 26 years. I Hope the efforts will achieve their goal a he said. A i Hope that you carry my Best wishes to our Friend president Nixon and All wishes to the american people and my Best wishes for your Success in your on Friday Nixon accepted the credentials of Egypt a new ambassador to the United states Ashraf Horbal. Sadat has recently praised Nixon for his efforts in the Middle East leading to a separation and disengagement of forces on the Suez front and for similar efforts on the syrian front. Meanwhile there were unconfirmed reports that Egypt rejected offers of an israeli withdrawal from Sinai because Cairo wants to coordinate strategy with Syria. A exclusive offers of israeli withdrawal from Sinai were put Forward to Egypt last week but Egypt rejected them because she is waiting to move with Syria a Ihsan Abdelkodous wrote in the Cairo weekly Akbar Al yom government seen unable to Stem rising inflation Washington a americans face a lot More inflation in the months ahead and the administration says it is helpless to do much about it. Administration economists Are virtually unanimous in predicting that the High annual rate of inflation a now More than to per cent a will continue until mid year at least. And Edgar r. Fiedler assistant Treasury Secretary for economic policy said a 5 per cent inflation rate once considered unacceptably High probably will continue for several years. These economists including Fiedler also say the administration can to do much More to help the inflation weary consumer than it has been doing which is to follow a moderate restraint in spending and Money Supply policies. The problem As they see it is that there is not enough food fuel and other goods to meet demand and the problem won t be solved until production increases or demand Falls a neither of which will happen overnight. The problem for the consumer is that his Money is Worth less Kissinger asks Oas Solidarity Atlanta a a proclaiming Quot the policy of the Good partner a Secretary of state Henry a. Kissinger on saturday urged a greater spirit of inter american collaboration and consultation. In an address to the organization of american states he said the major aim of hemispheric leaders should be to meet a the demand of our Peoples for Justice and but in his Call for Unity and Solidarity Kissinger did not refer to the major problem that divides the Oas a the exclusion of Cuba from economic and political contacts within the hemisphere. . Officials explained this omission As an attempt to avoid any actions that could weaken president Nixon a support at Home in his efforts to fight impeachment. But the delegates were not allowed to forget Cuba As an Issue. Argentine foreign minister Alberto j. Vignes said in a speech that preceded Kissinger a that talk of Justice and humanity must apply to the government of Fidel Castro. Cubans exclusion is an a anomaly a Vignes said. What May have been appropriate to years ago is a anachronistic and unrealistic a he went on. Not Only does cubans isolation damage the cuban people Vignes said it also a a paralyses hemispheric activity and More important creates Vignes indicated that in spite of . Wishes the Oas meeting should review the situation involving the Havana government during the sessions Over the next two weeks. Kissinger who returns to Washington sunday morning outlined a few proposals aimed at continuing the spirit of cooperation he said began in the hemisphere six months ago. Kissinger said the major change in past relations Between the americas has been a recognition by the United states that a peace cannot be achieved by our efforts alone and that development is far More than simply an economic at the same time Washington now realizes that latin America is no longer a collection of backward Rural states. Pointing to rapid industrialization and modernization the Secretary said a we in the United states have come to recognize that a revolution has taken place in latin and so he buys less. He is growing poorer. No longer will americans have the wage and Price controls program As a Security Blanket. It is scheduled to expire after 2v2 years on april 30, with few beyond director John t. Dunlop of the Cost of living Council hoping for a last minute reprieve. By most accounts lifting of controls will result in sharply higher prices in months ahead for health costs and steel. The higher Price of steel will filter Down through the Economy raising prices of virtually everything made of steel including autos and Home appliances. The government said last week that inflation As measured by the Gross National product Rose at a 10.8 per cent annual rate in the first three months of 1974. At this rate the Dollar will be Worth nearly la cents less by the end of the year. It lost about 5.5 cents in value last year. Consumer prices the government reported jumped at a 14.5 per cent annual rate in the first three months following last years increase of 8.8 per cent. The inflation figures were the highest since the Early 1950s although the Council of economic advisers predicted some easing ahead in food prices Overall inflation will be just As bad or worse during the april through june period said Sidney l. Jones assistant Secretary of Commerce for economic affairs. Jones made the a a optimistic prediction inflation could fall to 6 per cent in the second half of the year. He also said the High rate of inflation is hurting the Economy a ability to recover from its current economic slowdown. The Economy declined at an annual rate of 5.8 per cent in the first Quarter As measured by the cup. The first such drop in More than three years. Much of the decline was blamed on falling Auto production and the depressed state of the Home building Industry but Jones said inflation also was a Factor since it is pushing prices up faster than the ability of americans to buy. He did not say where the offers came from the syrian government newspaper Al thaw a said the Golan fighting will grow More widespread until Israel fully withdraws from occupied Arab territory. A what happens in the Golan today is an Extension of the october War and a declaration that arabs do not intend to lose through political Maneu vers what they gained by blood in the the newspaper said. Syria said it shot Down 17 israeli jets Friday and lost one of its own in the first dogfights since the october War. The israeli command said two syrian and two israeli warplanes were downed. The command also said its warplanes hit a syrian radar station at Zebe Dani 17 Miles Northwest of Damascus. Meanwhile 200 Miles from the Golan. Jerusalem was under heavy police guard following an attempt by Arab guerrillas to Park a bomb Laden taxi in the heart of the City a jewish sector wednesday. Roadblocks were placed at All entrances to the City from the occupied jordanian West Bank and Arab motorists were searched. Reinforced police units patrolled the streets while an undisclosed number of armed soldiers moved into Jerusalem to tighten Security. On israelis Domestic front the labor party a 600-Man Central committee was to meet sunday to try and elect a successor to mrs. Meir. The party hardcore continued to Back finance minister Pinhas Sapir but Sapir still insisted he did not want the Post. However the state radio reported a majority was forming in the party in favor of keeping mrs. Meir As caretaker Premier and calling an Early election. Messenger photo by Dan dry coming Down a workers continue dismantling the inside of one of eight Monticello Village apartment buildings on orders apparently from the management company of the apartment Complex. The messenger has Learned eight of the 15 remaining apartment buildings a those vacated in 1972 by a landslide a Are being razed because of additional ground begin razing Monticello apartments by Herb Amey messenger City editor eight Monticello Village apartment buildings Are being torn Down before they topple Over the Hastings Road Hillside. The messenger has Learned. The buildings being torn Down Are those evacuated in november and december 1972, when a landslide forced evacuation of half the Complex and the City ordered the eight buildings closed. The have stood vacant since then and have been the target of minor looting. There has been no confirmation of the razing from the owner of the Complex. United states investment fund Ohio corp. Miami. Fla. Or the operating firm. Arlen realty management inc. Chicago despite repeated attempts by the messenger to Contact the firms. However workers for a local contracting firm removing carpeting and Walls from inside the buildings confirmed they have orders from the management company to raze the structures local Complex manager Chris Venema said Friday Arlen realty ordered the razing after continued on Page b-6 _ in 5 years of i violence death toll hits 1,000 in Ireland Belfast Northern Ireland apr a Young roman Catholic was shot and killed saturday bringing the official death toll to 1,000 in nearly five years of terrorism and bloodshed in Northern Ireland. Authorities identified the victim As James Corbett 20. Whose wife is expecting their first child. Corbett was abducted from his Home in Belfast a new Lodge District driven in a Blue panel truck to the City a Western fringe and shot twice in the Back of the head police said. Nearby residents found him slumped Over a hedge in a ditch. A the shooting was in the classic style of execution used by the Irish Republican army a a police spokesman said. Gunmen of the mainly Catholic Ira have been known to shoot men suspected of being traitors in the Back of the head. Both police and the army listed the shooting on Belfast a Western fringes As the 1,000th death attributed to the sectarian warfare Between protestants and roman catholics. Neighbourhood residents said children playing in a nearby Meadow heard the shooting and went to the scene near a Reform school. The army said a patrol also heard the shots and ran to the ditch to find the Man shot twice in the head. Police said they believed the terrorists escaped in a Blue car seen speeding away from the area moments after the shooting and heading for the Center of Belfast. A Catholic priest was called to give the last rites a in Case the victim was a Catholic a but the Man was dead when the Clergyman arrived residents said. In addition to the deaths in Ulster thousands of Homes stores offices and factories have been blasted by guerrilla bombs the greater part planted by the Irish Republican army others by underground groups on the protestant Side. The death list includes infants in baby carriages old women embittered terrorists Young idealists who joined their cause scores of police and militia and More than 200 of the British troops called in August 1969 to keep the peace. Police and the military admit the True death toll is almost certainly higher. Underground groups on both sides seek to conceal their dead. And the official figures do not include a a borderline cases a where an unsolved murder might not be directly linked with the Basic feud. The current troubles started with civil rights demonstrations which led to riots in october 1968. The first deaths came in 1969, and by 1971 the province was embroiled in full scale guerrilla War. The official breakdown of the 1.000 deaths lists 214 soldiers. 43 members of the defense regiment 50 policemen and 693 civilians including guerrillas the known wounded Are at least 1.000 army and 3.000 civilians. The latest fatality makes one dead for every 1,500 of the provinces 1.5 million population if this were happening in the United states with its 210 million population it would mean 140.000 dead almost three times american losses in Vietnam killings a an indication of the times a Zebra holds san franciscans in a Zebra squad at work a two plainclothes police officers members of san Francisco so Zebra squad a talk to a Man who resembled a composite drawing of a suspect sought in the slaying of 12 persons and wounding of six others. They briefly questioned the Man a a path searched him and filled out a Field interrogation card on him As part of the Zebra manhunt procedure. Briefly judge denies a Zebra plea san Francisco apr a Federal judge has denied a temporary restraining order sought by five Black civic leaders who say police Are violating the civil rights of Black men they Stop on the streets in a Hunt for the Zebra killers. . District judge Alfonso Zirpoli set wednesday for a hearing on the class action brought by two ministers. A newspaper publisher an attorney and an official of the a act. Cleveland strike talks continue Cleveland Ohio apr City officials bargained again with striking truck Drivers saturday under the watchful Eye of a common pleas court judge As efforts intensified to end a six Day old walkout that has halted garbage collections and even burials. City Law director Herbert Whiting said some Progress had been made v former pakistani ruler Dies Islamabad Pakistan apr former president Mohammad Ayub Khan who ruled Pakistan with an Iron hand for la years until his ouster in 1969. Died of a heart attack saturday at his Home. He was 67. He will be buried sunday afternoon in his Home Village of Rehana. A today by Victoria Graham associated press writer san Francisco apr go away Zebra. Done to kill me a Zebra go Home a the child shrieks at the playmate who stalks him in the shadows of a victorian Shell about to be razed by a redevelopment Bulldozer. A woman glances nervously up at a heavy web of trolley wires then Down at the bus zone in gathering darkness. A i can almost see the red stains still. It must be my imagination about the she looks Over her shoulder pulls her coat closer and hurries off. A Black Man called Bill cracks open a door in a Pink Concrete Dinosaur of a housing project called the a Pink a a you re scared now about the Zebra. But zebras Are everywhere. Zebra or no a lot of people Are just scared All the time. A a that a the a a Zebra on the lips of children and frightened residents and crackling Over hundreds of police radios is a killer a named from the a radio Channel used by police. Since november the Zebra gunman has stalked and shot 18 men and women murdering 12 of them in a City renowned More for its suicides off the misted Golden Gate Bridge than random homicides in its darkened streets. But now the area is shuddering at the Zebra killer or killers and the sym ionese liberation army. The band of Sla terrorists claims to have murdered Oakland school supt. Marcus Foster last nov. 6, to have kidnapped newspaper heiress Patri terror Cia Hearst feb. 4, and had her along for the robbery of a san 1 Francisco Bank last tuesday. In each Zebra Case the gunman has been Black the victim White and apparently chosen at random. Police say As Many As four Black men May be involved and they be spread the largest dragnet in the City a history. A Zebra is an indication of the times a says police capt. Mortimer Mclnerney. A i done to think san Francisco is More violent than other cities. Violence is out there in every big City. A i personally think it is just certain Blacks who have an intense dislike or hatred for Whitey and have been hearing hatred for so Many hundreds of Young Blacks who match a description of Zebra Are being stopped and questioned in a search that has roiled segments of the Black Community. They claim it could increase racial tension in a City that escaped major race riots in the 60s. Zebras random victims included Saleem Zraket an Arab grocer in his store Tom Rainwater. A salvation army Cadet taking a stroll Jane Holly who was doing her laundry Vincent continued on Page a-12 area news features do classified.d-2-7 editorial .b-2 Homes .c-10 obituaries .b-7 sports.c-6-9 television .c-4 theaters.c-5 women.c-l-3 it eat her partly Cloudy and warmer today with a Chance of afternoon thundershowers. Highs in the 70s and Low 80s. Showers Likely tonight. Lows in the 50s cooler monday with a Chance of showers. Details Page .4-2

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