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Athens Southern Watchman (Newspaper) - September 24, 1862, Athens, GeorgiaIt a Jensis it a f a a a it i i of fth co fed Rato a so win is. The a Congress w Tho con a federate states of at Erie a sheif the preside tit shall a a Nafei or Lan Fri a to Fri is in quot tvo fila Rie Chissar to repel ii Ivy Sion or a it tto a Public Metry in Ali Dan Din a who. He 13 authorized a i Athens a Orcla Welty a a Ruth face ice re a a a w3t the absence elf a a editor again this week Willjo we to past by suffit tenth la Jfe a a Hon a a this �8sno of of rpm per and olso a to a our Lack .pi1 a Dit Rel. A Leri lipid w. re pfc sent a Tive in Congre a irom this Dos Vinct we us a Idease accept orig thai Kalfor y Arious pub a lie Abs oink a or a it a. i a a quot a quot Rio Vii other in our.7iiebidrig. Yesterday. What we a to a we a tic re a a ind a 1 mat Nief two a a i a a in inn Lri a go i lmg8treeth�sgwi�ov�ruofthe Yankees a a pin a Bol Idva if cd -. A tip a a a Kyc a Fps a tor a a Ivd rep Newill Jack soil huge no with him a j��j�t�hvrej5" 1 a go t broke in on the Mudd by of Jhu second part to saw. It once a hero ibo Ian ugh Tamri iri Aqda amp do 8t�hdi��gtther Raana Erin Distinti _ Haa go no Oyer a when / a recollected. The to they. Grid. Recently entered Maryland and that they a re very probably in Ponn Sylvania before this adv sex gov a Tow a a of m a Rolf to in As Bee n a a tinted prey Nional governor Fri Crit Liria Isaho a pto0-/ Nat iii to , Johari 78oirhhri been appointed Provost Arrabal of Frederick. It a wants follow tag notice appear i a Tho Date a a w York papers i a a Theta Niter states a treasurer it at to ris. Pon ill ytthe3nter�st in Good on. Nil at Lith office which have a he nth. Each a Holder of Ai re in a teas Spon As the sign months have a Ireth Dah a ill for the j it ii great a a a Ckuj a we vet a red yesterday to the fact that a a of do carols idiot cd Sci a pm b a Htit of a re act provi who 6i�thg a up of eng oink a Piet nmn. J it Nart m not an t Corn drop a to vhf cd Wotta n if tip fee . Or Aivil t a Aan owl am a i it a a a a a a Fps Nadrous. Kit a Lions arid refer Nentis an Flo if Reiso to Trevisi Denril Arm. A or self lion if Elias n61 Jthn a a a Reliah Tofu key Hift of Theta billion Wilf rertai�ly.ero3lva��ia. a is itiwiilw8een that Tbs a Otid Baving of of your Ivy a Uiva Tainan a fifth to font i Aad Sulf to Nadu in Grutbo Jef Esylit tar �s., at j Persohn we a Jim w or May hereafter been int Eig amp Teon year of age y and inc ii Souther in Dit Afy Lead rfcs a us hair a a re lies a a a al if the re Sid f depends. Oni so i Criore Gen a aia ship the to a he Easis a Batth a a feb ol�ion�i�l<u9h Anil o try a Ltd of a al a Ltd a in f or Fri rii Lluz it non not wll cd ally a re Opal . Be and Lohin amp be year idl Seirp l Fidfl ere it. Shkaf up a was amp i ooh it a int in i a Ith e presi a the .tioop8 i a to the Sery Leo of Yin la a rate so to Sahto al fireball foam a a a part of the pen orig of Lwen the age i state die shall first Foi a Gioso Between Tho age Oil 35 and any age. Lees ibanj45, and. Opp re in Tirb Eam efe r two a it several states i ailing in a i a Pon a a Side re tide a eur re late a pm it put a to la Weag of 35-Krid 45/�ridth� a a Hber of tips be Altys by a unit did to the army by a t4>er res a Tojyo t�te8 a under Forrler Lacto c a a tiny a nil Ybo or actin Abies without a rating from the it of Cut Trig according arts \ provided fur Thuiy that a of a Euti six Ting the. In Raber of for a Oral cute Cash state Sli Aubo. Credited wit val 1 a Tho a companies a frito a vice from said state. That it the preside it shall a Rio co. A so a Bacall a by requisite Ori Jipp a Tho govern Dja conf erotic so ates Fornall so Rhc a Lieth. The read place .j�?_,.sa late tand thoroughfare Gap it wry to a fre nor Chi a by Ijar r a a �?�io.���of�6�x>�w a tre Atli eur danger a Cand a Ray thu a Day last Thoc Niscora of Tho it to a Llew. tax Kepi Ngy of Theta Risburg it Vii full. Lon Salmi Day Trie Hagir Swan Ank rent died i a quip least and on giindayl3 arid be Rdv yet hdm in a Geretz we i j 3a�k and to Waihing pm county Batik y a i d 1bdaa 6tounorri�jam�3eiyer�d�naft�v it att elf Schmo he . L a put a a Pic a a who Imd it in Cha get my Tjw wet a grape and Vui by a unsafe t do a Ytit Beiring Fhi escape. A my i mediately by urn a to a in a heh Vry pulse. A a it to a of a a to of svs -i.�j�ot.ii�0y cars Var night Ai a go re to Wop land of save in i 1> in re tir a fire is quot it a it a. A a on tfx of Tiv a a liar no or Bat �r-g�va0�l�iypllthb 1�?-�?T-i turn composed entirely of amp us of alb �ii�mk6 that Ould a a a in Raj a Brig Reveny Nibre Varie ted Ithan i a to on Ooms coat. Tutlis st feet ii a .3��jv-�� a . Mcclellan s an rev was Ladavan Eriar of wimp 4-fd��/.ia i eight fire tri throttle to Valyo l Mcclo lib no Sariri is advancing if Ronny \l�arf30eetfi�m/w to a Lyo a a i avid a 3triclivul�\vita-�yj5\v� co to. I a i / s a .iavih.,w� i. A a a _ a it to in Ari int Tai no to tilt of silk a he the work my risen pm if of a Lebn has Beon chm tend quot n1 a a a it a no knit a ��<1 of f m have w. T. Vas making in in Vilf. 7 Day. Do a a Eph Blicas. Gim ent cardio Lief the Ril Rich a mond examiner Correl rails ytho.=stato-/ no a rit and give the Resus of the fight As .ibjlowstv-i/.iv/v7 in a two gentle my i who since7tliejbattle,of ? ibd30thmltvb ave Beon men go did the dead .01� tha Plaitis of Arial iks or i Yew term a. .t.boyre. Port that a car a re sky of a inroad which Trinis thro a go ithe by Tel a a Field they a a who lad been it counted severity. Killed by pieces of. Rock. T0 rocks clot to a with blood Jay near and in m a Nye ses upon the inanimate forms of the Lya Keo , this account corroborates Tho a 5toxy , a , of a Ftp having Hausrod their am Niu Nilion ii sailed their rid Sci Shrie s with btoh�3��tfjii�ccsj�f-Reck. For those a bpm to it a Are try Ray ?.h ere after Bop my a a ghee Hlyer re old As aforesaid a not legally exempted and Wien shall parto.fthecbmpan��9,7d�drohs, to Nijm and regiments heretofore a paired in th�?T�1r respective state8and now in the Sor Nice of we Serif eds rate a states a the quot state i Yak tour Hje a up Oxil a in a companies Suad arid be Ime its from such sia Folb Thirma Traum la Gal Nur Riber Shail Bop fico Redvres irig to Tho Daws re of state Baving it to cd mid to. A Tsecos. Rho Tift lib governor of any state Alfau fof�s8e or shall fail for a a us of Visoria. A blk ,.to�?Tbe determined by in he presi. Derit,7to do nil Dye we to said requisite Pic Thon Stich persons iri such state Are Hei Chy Jyh rdc respects,7to-an Sefc en/-7 a titled v a a ctr fun forthe a ply Bli amp Asfe hcs a re clip a a a acid. The a thpriz0d or Force aloud a a Erst a is -v5�siic/,4, that for Thol Purpo Seif securing x Ore a perdy of Oilmont of the Pem jigs to rail Itury is a vice Slider this hot flip president1may Iris Media to by up of Raj King the requisite Der trat honed. Theran employ in any state whose or gory. Drop of Snell�fet�, officers of the Confederate bites to enrol and collect in Tbs of instruction a All themes pan called into so Rico is Eldre said 7_ a Fri in the Ai a by of a Toyt Lipan Virginia. The direction of do it if,eight.g�ahsyirrivedh�re�?T,. A a Iris Day mdr�., the a set iii Sieve i pm ratio a tip fit re or Tho rev Cut tion is it Xing ivc remnant Jef the Wpm to a a into Vry in. f y bar Jamie a a or Lvi do a 1 r a ivi.j.1 a a us or it a rrit�ca.4 ill be Syl Tiiu ties i pts a per Hij a a Yaina. Bet pm a Abb Hll a jacks of Adfor i a jast tia it pred 8,-�ooocyanke�s.qt he Rupert f a Rry a without a we my oboe Rivo a do re it con to a Raatik a of we Icard re pm Njg obd a Moreno nil ring i to rev rev a Llvy a Tjin so Pys. Aka the pm if is hrs a ight into a this quot act shall by As i to to lib a Nain a ask .q�o4 a it fax tip so to Vatet a a go it Lenin ju8t from a drab Wco it Alabama says that to Ferda ath a is Terin he Bas been seriously a Andy cd How Kis Depano re Ferrim i a a Riding a and Fly a prices Tho whole of Middle Tennessee literally trofym ing wiil part Ijiri i Hill top and in a yes Yyi pc whore the forests a Prevido by a i alb to Mili tary Srini cd Der ath�3 to revisions a re Uila a it nud Rible bodied re i Over the Ages of for Tyya find years May. Lofun top Ancl to i ivs a a a Fife tno1 Slig Tex it Mccali right the Fly Ein Yankees. Are rna do itch mtg a Iohd do a st Ojar to euday of last Wiwik of Rosoli a Yale tunes amp Vang a Ine 1ns�b�llyry.kill�d and somo.25 or30twp� ride. A kid a Takori sick in arid sent Back to Rich mod to a rear riot his lie Alt Rcpt ris in Jhb Afebia amp Ness Ify Innamo of toil fkr a a not a re a in re Sla wry to they a Rio a. Shi d coins and Sli Allro to the re of Ibex dts r n no to apr a n it 1p r n in i al Trifi al i n Ito i a Lii t. In round ino la ii sees Unuer a aug Piir a Milf Buryi Rigl heir a ideas. They told l the Jav Koa ,000jandlbad a wore him Eek a work be foil them. Quot burying so Tab a slow Eye it so Pic few Bai How a told Heen a tried Flor Iris a .�irj�sj,x a Jim thro the up Rae of to Jyz Mcm a a Isiaih nil Nawy val not a a run a did Tilan t �4 Aathur Inry a�sidenv�t1 the a cd he do Moy a it diff Ifor to Jpn a so he a ii Siim a com Organ in a a Musler y of or Richl if the Caos i . Souths a a x quot 9? of Der us Kph a anith9�r--Ibravoj a to it to Ira finont la no a a a a a a air Stotz win a by a by vod for inf Yankee Thra Dom a i a of whle a re her Jiin Stu Tipne riri Dpn Rici Ples place her. Signed. A v Kritz is min a q a Eigo cd to ..�/companyfrom their. Stato their Rico of the conned Oral states we in of hey Tojo in Subj cd to to Stich Ira go a scions As the of War a a a fun Nufi 4 a a a full Ltd .1 a a t. Vaina a Hei Panio a is re i Ira a i ital. Few run Trio ill la i Hgt Dia Patch a fact. By cd received iii Yff Shin put to of a of Ion Goye Rof Kimii a Yiyu a Viara -. A Ali rus Mario sept $ two have a bad a ycu son to quot believe the a ii in a have coi con a of. A ref a �1 ivl��11 Antr 1 n Lii. Said thief by/ordt.,. .gqri.rce,.gcn.jacvsp if a std re Ilire a spa Fri and Cri walk a rat Chi it of brr arid Sharei Rrue Nori it he River a a a i a fed a of a a Gofer a cd ugh of Yyi Rajsl in Ltd Miv pc Nuovo inherits Gippri pm Nosy la Rija a ivs it or set chef Ulfo re rapid Maru Arrup Harper ferry while up m Pla cot rom the re is Essie i quot of a their Maryland a ��gri�3 by pm log King Tho a town. a a Tirc in Psi tip i .tp3dpms>grodtda mag6, us a in is Mcclo a Lri a a Bruiy can Hack the Eidys i a re pop Vav .�/6 cd rt�nv.-. A Jim Var it y 10of in a in my Rico open to Vav incl est re rid it of re he rats a to in ads by ssi roof 8,000 Hium Lral a Uliar Hwy Kifft u�m".� a on Inrig lok. .�?�kets7wher a a rms lha Marylander 1 a lip a i snid of a. Be fisc Kinig to of Esturi Damarr a few a Stern Vieo Raia. An Sofii Pirir d�8pa tchwft9 received freon t3eri/lohngye8tcrdriyy a do ted Charleston. Rapa w he Septena her 18th8 rpm Elock a in. Gem la ring a a Hrish Eniy tui Uris in him into. arcs Tori a arid the Lff Rcd la Sirilo Eva Euatt that Placos the dirt. De find destroyed All of Bis st a Fps a rid half the town he ship Yiyu a ,- Ynith is i cavalry quot was believe Ltd be a pc a Cir by it a a a to cd the a dope was bqihg5cdffects-ak Sabbri As Iberi Kivow Luatt to the Darker i tidy of Fri in l�ll4hp quot no air. A 7 i Vit jii a Rockx Riol Gouda Ift Oil a thief Grid the a Ore spa i drip of write a to re. The cd Defenso of ath Iid. A a tys by re. To a of Pijo for this Ldla is in tib Dand Suaz by pm a Jim a iut it l ll.djwi1-quot i4 my a a Lynx to aah to t not a anal if ai1�\ am of. A�t/1 fonl011 fio rifling on tue quot of Johnh or a. Dis a Patchy wus. To Cen eyed hem by quot saturdays -7-3mail>from-thm%.johri9. To there ipg in pc ipight>.w�a.jp5� a Jan Jagt Elow he Gors town Between Mil ari�>3 Acks tip a -forcc8, and it Diu Rig Ori a Litho troop3tb a Rio Jhu Phi Orris Hurt a Helf Hifa Delphia papers Vivera the �?�4< a a a a by a Epi a is p,7 Mcm a a Rcd mde iii a Phil Riiel Hia res�pona��ri�edi�iely., if Ioimo far a a a Why. A Adit i Tyya it at a two of Trie enemy a Sroub it its had a Iiga Edc a Rios i offs arid to rpt a oter batteries i a pulsed Tbs a in pith it thab log Uribi rits urn or. True policy in to of Obj a the pm st a arid i i fun re fight Mee Mimir signed to Dolty in such Compaq i Fiora their o. A six i i a a a a a a a a elect Frey id by that a Tho Chc Niy wherever we a i Tiiu diff tin. A of Dhiti of corns ice la redrow pm cd i of Jmary Lance a with tha army of �?�j�ck.�, has a. re a Obi to in no i m a to i Cali u by a to Belici Tizy n s 6t my re Pei May a i he la a Yeb a Xvi Fem Rich Iris and a a Kama Ftp can no to Ftp fhn>3ftnul� j. Ii a ii a i aft. A tue a a Ilia pig Rand Ingvan Rdse Era valid he fing of Itlie . �?�s�i4.-? gape a Jpn sp�eridid.-. A cd she Elliea on Vojir s do Bop a mini a fill Tel incl fth ii Imiri lilt Ciao a of Lila pc he clpsc3�?~ jigs Appeal the fail owing Rutiri ing words a to of Siembor Tho colls1 of farm Choricy. A Ajo a j. Ira a pc a. It Writh Abs Ytje its of the sit of in or Alii Yor fief Iofi hor info i it wms lot Miliru Toby ice Ltd a a a Fri Jer of prided that to lib Fresi do fifis and apr if the a Seq Utieri of this april aah to to which Liis is a a Prat Gay up eclat ,, of i in Giitl u pts in Brit in Cal ity a a lib ugh e by Lievois each us a Siori. Will a pro mop Tbod or Iblis i a go Pix , a rid Dir a a al i amp by Lori tin for a by Tho la Nfn Prato Corig fuss trip i>pagexf4t��act.�ju>. Further the Public decease approved la to of april f Arm Tipri was Trade to re cps so do the a a a top by Whirlie Tjie. Bil was a a Asse Dybus to by a a Ype a of Tecc hopi Welthis motion Ayas Daif pm no be it table. I in motion ave he ter pm st cps Stock tto a Souriv a bumped j. A i 3� �ari�id-admlsjlot�/7 a 6�ovf�b�� .1al� 86f�. Boy amp aunt Mno a be fms. A v the Surpri Senear Cumb Eri arid t��p., las rire�po�ti3d n a a off to a a pm Xvi be �?T,.r> i is or Vrue no car cd Ami re arid Ori to la to Ltd a r j Omli st Man Day in no la command a Nunrie \ lha Tirigi rib Ricly a Itro United crib of Dur of a vomited boy icon a Varidy a a Pink impurity in a Svorin of tip big it Ypres a a Gali a Mao al it i a a Iff i am # m a a i x6�$inarkab�f to of amp Sfa Riv a .2 i Tho fact a Rivas be stand b,we/ir6ea?i, r it st a in so Tiitu to who i a Tun a is a. In ii 1 a Ftp a w��11 ii it Hafif to. Vaitis a # for. Tlfe��flcoi3asniirtocto655rp>���- to Riovo a Bod a of Horeb Ste la a is a nation. The rip was a Side. Taro Only us or ii i was lib Triumph of toi tend a a a Ticefe he eat a a i div Wii ghz inv re a to Vic a i. A Bank a of ,adariiritt0r.�?T Pfilf spec and Otic or pc aunt by so fatal As Tho or this War Ait to dry Iasah a Togy he tween Irive it a Stod in n1iiifi taif irig Lien it of App tvs cd spa geri.,, to l 100 rebel cavalry rho a is Jiff to Ihbe Cyl of i i i to /i-.,/. a to ramp i Olgr Titis pm int and the e a Samo iday a a Battery v of 01 a i a a a n n i it m Hlis it All a aha o Llu t tit la in. Vul ii Reg Audrah amp a How , e Uri Happy fit Riel. Quo put hitts. Attention sew iii a a vital or cult a to ii kj.-. A tii Aja _. E Irish. A a advice and Temigi to. A a a a a a �?~,�f4iftn a Ftp aay Rew re a the of a a Ahova a to a a sufi me exc Eusivo cent re fish italic i affy airs. And. Urges Ruthd rib Irish government to speak out. A a a quot vac Rio the Western a Aryland aria at live it Over a rebel. F us a i thou to a Tuggl i triec6hseqricnfcp the cd cd Essie no its ii a thai cd Ihu Ririe co in cities a Maryi land Becay to bold exultant a a ride a fit ii arid by coif spelled to Fly a a him Otily it re a a nil mimmnfi.nhiv a a Fife Fri to re quot a and that end la riti.�vl� Fieh Thaeda were Sjo a Ndu rii��pv>trieatiinimj3?4�$rice resort Dao such step War a _ Xun cd tliepcrar.? a pm est cled at on 11 in rev iihe.-26.tli Iltz . Eil Yuri in it out but i Raitiere it �h�?Tsai3wered6cussed a a Vav -?-�?T.-�. Tia reprie30raii8tri�v, and pri Issi i in thet Ari uti Artel of tliib/12 to my March void Trio Lech Leswig Mil Stdio Rad Gri amp Inglr both Austria and Prussia �7ar� very excessive it their Deil a Nysp Ticu Lotty of is six. 7. A 1.he a Riili Tarj merits continue. Qut Bresis we re Apprel fended by it pro Cali i a it Nai y me aug Earfie Ltd Checri a take a to a Lis. As a my Qia up it of a Merit 0f5ikoitoraen t the Washingto i cbr�>niclo�lt�fvla8tvsup-.-. Forth a past Totis Days Dri Aritma Day ? a a 4 al r quot quot ni1 a a a i Agio in of Liitt rain inf w quot go of a al of a arc >iiii�t�i>viyicin�tjdorn5�t ally the alarm to a Essina Osvari do i a Aebel army cd Ringo wherever Robey i least. Without . R v. of Umil a arriving he re and at every quot Day ent Irv a i Vtha Vail Attens and yueferl�09f�nr army to of sols Danto a male a xxx a i. A t�t�.-4l.�t a a a p��.-8ay 4vhef��ye� a Evite 4n Aiice Nina a a and a Hough originally if Piri mass Hariu 5butts a a or a a a a Jopat Hizon Isuji a Jive a the \ to la new to Fri a Tell Ray Jjo Anvy faint nil Typ you. Pro r Izmary Aliida fight via Ltd i Iucci a it Tutti Jiuu to w i a iiih�a00l/rif pm soil a pity ?>6rei Many so pad. Visit a to Fri t? he a Tilv a 1 a w Irett tail Mil i a a add thru Yor. a a Tbs Tsute Istrice tvs cer \ to airily a a re by pm a a he Tiad a tto % a a Drin Avo or Lori Lar d la arc a a i. Pub Iise ing it a p0t��p�f/tmt a the in a c Side nov Iiri old to to the to a by Rio in Icca a la Tel a Ful ski Lloil ipf-,.tl�c a pfc thur Irnis d in Inland do the amp latest a a a a a a Hev a ii Thirft. Itt a Velar or Afi vol. Rii Dri a fth amp Eurings Tho emd crits and a i n be Thoi a de i icing try tion 7 i i every Way. is to so rec site a a so now thu in nil Gid i. A Uick on. í.��5is 8uto Buhls a Len of arc or six gah i pot Mac at shop 1. Nyull it a >1 ctr to am a it i a Vav n m axe a ave v n i n a Ririe a Tho the a Sari d Yak Kufe w of a re Rolfi be to to a . Strin Cwi Rio Flo Frigon if owing so by v to Mucor Irrig i . Bushels to Tiv j Liev circus fits to Gre a of u big re v is i

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