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Athens News Courier Newspaper Archives Mar 31 1974, Page 3

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Athens News Courier (Newspaper) - March 31, 1974, Athens, Alabama Page2a sunday March 31,1974 Athens news courier editorials and comments i alcoholism there Are approximately 1,600 alcoholics in Limestone county some admitted and Many others who do not recognize the fact yet or do not admit it. And for each alcoholic five other persons Are directly affected by their problem. There is an organization in Athens that offers help to any family member or Friend of an alcoholic and it is the Athens serenity Al anon group which meets each thursday night at 8 . At 200 Sanders Street in front of Athens Limestone Hospital. In the United states and Canada there Are 7,000 Al anon groups and 1,500 in foreign countries. If the family or friends understand the alcoholics problem and have an insight into the illness of the alcoholic the chances Are that soon the alcoholic will seek help but whether or not he does the Al anon organization offers Many ways the affected a Friend or relative can help himself. The meetings consist of discussions about the problems of the affected relatives or talks by persons with first hand knowledge of the problems not about the alcoholics situation. The meetings Are led by Lay people not so called experts but people with experience. Most of these people have bettered their own lot in life and that is the purpose of Al anon. A when the realization is reached that the alcoholic must run his life and everyone connected with him their own then the first step has been reached a said a spokesman of the local group. A but there is much More to be Learned from Al anon and anyone interested is invited to our there is no local group for teen agers in Athens they Are called Ala teen groups but there is in our neighbouring cities or teen agers Are invited to attend the Al anon meetings locally. There Are two alcoholics Anonymous groups meeting in. Athens at the present time where the alcoholic May obtain help. One meets at the Sanders Street address on tuesday and thursday nights at 8 . And the other upstairs at 117 w. Market St. Write to p. O. Box 784 or p. O. Box 401 for More information. Take politicians out it bodes ill for the Energy Supply of the United states that practically every politician in Congress who would like to have a crack at running for president of the . Is busily engaged in constructing his own personal Gallows on which to hang the nations Oil Industry. The congressional committee engaged in investigating the Oil Industry shows far More interest in finding a Scapegoat to blame for the Energy shortage than in taking any constructive action to solve the present and future Energy Supply problem. Rolling Back the Price of Domestic crude Oil after All will not produce one additional gallon of gasoline. Many of the nations newspaper editors and editorial writers have the situation pegged pretty Well. In its Lead editorial the news of Westport Connecticut comments that despite what some Wishful thinkers May claim the demand for Oil and Gas int the . Really does exceed Supply. The fault lies primarily it says the incredibly inept actions of the . Government Over Many years which have affected not Only Petroleum but All fuels which compete with Petroleum. The sorry list includes inappropriate Oil import quotas unrealistic prohibitions on the use of Coal reduced tax incentives for Oil exploration artificially depressed prices for natural Gas Over ambitious automobile emission regulations changing ground rules regarding nuclear Power extensive delays for the Alaska pipeline unworkable restrictions on offshore drilling and others. The Bac breaker is the Maze of Price controls on Petroleum the same politicians who wring their hands Over shortages still advocate Price controls or rollbacks that Only prolong these same shortages. As the news puts it a the Only Long Range solution to the Energy crisis is to de control the Price of All fuels and let the free Market perform its by making it economically feasible to seek the hard to get Oil deposits it has been estimated that a Price increase of a few dollars per barrel would triple . Oil reserves. It would be the ultimate idiocy to turn something As Complex As the nations Oil Supply Over to the Federal government to run when it cannot even deliver the mail properly. Free Enterprise can solve the problem Only if we take politicians out of the news courier a 1973 Kwh ilk tills newspaper Madison and Green streets a Athens Alabama 35611 phone 232-2720 successor to the Alabama courier is Limestone Democrat 1891 and the news Leader 1965. Published daily except saturday and monday by Athens news courier inc. A second class postage paid at Athens Alabama 35611. Bob Bryan publisher Dee Bauer managing editor w. R. Bill Nelson advertising manager Hay Anerton sports editor Jackie Smith women a editor Edna Brackeen . Do. Mcconnell adv. A till Murrell circulation mgr. Subscription rates in Athens and adjoining counties a 4 weeks $2.12 13 weeks $5.30 26 weeks $8.48 52 weeks $15.90. Subscription rates outside Athens and adjoining counties a 13 weeks $7.42 26 weeks $12.72 52 weeks $22.26. By George a Thosteson . By Jenkin Lloyd new left kisses the Flag a major Effort to turn americans approaching Bicentennial into a handhold for a leftist revolution is now underway and it represents a Subtle and intelligent reversal of traditional revolutionary strategy. Instead of damning the american tradition the claim will now be made that it has been betrayed and that Only the new left can restore the principles of the founding fathers. The vehicle for this new tactic is an outfit called the Peoples Bicentennial commission located at 1346 Connecticut ave., Washington d. C. �?~20036, and for $7 it will Send you a full packet of literature including one publication bearing the great Seal of the United states. What has apparently Hap pens is a realization that shouting for Lenin peddling the thoughts of Mao and burning american flags did no to sell. But let s let a Peoples Bicentennial writer Tell it in his own words a we need a plan of attack a program for taking Power. It has to come out of our own life experience and now out of the experiences of Russia or China or Cuba. New realities arise and old theories become irrelevant. New methods become necessary. If we expect to be listened to we have to take a fresh look and build our own plan abandoning All the old sacred texts on what is to be the a fresh look a is appealing indeed. One pamphlet is called a the tree of Liberty a another a the Light in the Steeple a and others go under the name of Tom Paine so common they Are Replete with i evolutionary War woodcuts and copious quotes from the leaders of that time. There a a a committee of correspondence a and a recognition pin a a a done to tread on and the listing of americans great heroes slides easily from Sam Adams Thomas Jefferson and Beniamin Franklin to Bobby Seale Huey Newton and the Black panthers. There Are of course some carryovers from the old new left program. The traditional value system remains under attack As witness a a great Many Middle class children and Young adults have begun to reject the Structure and authority of the family unit As Well As the role and values of their parents in the economic process. A significant portion of the youth Community has come to attack and ridicule the entire set of assumptions upon which the average american adult has rationalized and justified his own existence within the family and society including the concept of material accumulation. The notion of postponed gratification the work ethic Competition gratitude for parental sacrifice and premarital included in the packet is a a a teachers a guide showing How to explain that the a stories a hat is free enterprises have seized and subverted the pure ideals of the american revolution. Teachers Are buttered up by describing them As victims of the but there is also a High school students guide instructing i hem How to ride Herd on teachers a if students Fesl that one Leacher is particularly poor misinterpreting facts pm look adm dear editor the answer is no to the office seeker who is now a a trying to peal to the Black voters although he has never before made a pitch for the a same. In another Campaign he told the voters if they wanted to be controlled by against Iii Blacks simply the segregation Laws some unwritten were on a a the books of Alabama Arni he was merely enforcing them. How can any one Black or # White forget the inauguration a speech a segregation today segregation tomorrow segregation forever a or the a grand stand in the school House doors or the ignoble treatment it a in Selma or die refusal of it a negroes to vote in his Home county or the backwardness in hiring state troopers at the expense of Selling the state a Short on Protection merely to keep from hiring Blacks As a i state troopers. Would the Lawless element say a six to us not it it prowl in Alabama tin Good governor is slowing Down the hiring of Black troopers and we will Hurt his but the greatest reason is on a sunday morning at the 16th Street Baptist Church in Birmingham Alabama two Little innocent girls attending sunday school who did no to know what it was All about gave their lives that All humans might be treated with dignity and respect. It is time for All to know that one who has caused so much disunity in this country can and will cause it again. Can a Leopard change his spots i say no it is a Noble gesture for gov. Wallace to try to improve his image but the Black voters Are afraid of the outcome if they supported a Man who Lias caused them and the great state of Alabama so much grief. Sandy b. Lucas president Limestone county voters i Cague Athens a by Llama Pha sizing the wrong Points or using a racist or sexist textbook by using the Bill of student rights that one particular Case can be linked up to the right calling for democracy in the guess what a democracy in the classroom Means. Another pamphlet aimed at High schooners says a Start a petition drive among people your own age called a i never gave my consent a asking for Relief from Laws that were made without your since no High school students have made any Laws this provides the moral a rationale to defy any that displease them. On the College level it is pointed out How leftist professors could be nurtured on University research Grants and How foundation funds could be used to pay a distinguished visiting lecturers and authorities $1,000 to $3,000 per appearance. Students Are urged to protest any participation by their school in programs sponsored by the official american revolution Bicentennial commission and to insist on the substitution of Peoples Bicentennial observances. It is announced that taped speeches by a new patriots a such As Rev. William Sloan coffin Dick Gregory reps. Ronald Dellums a Calif and Belia Abzug in. And sex sen. Fred Harris Are not Only available but Are currently being aired under the title a in the Shiblie interest on a daily basis Over 550 commercial educational and College radio stations. A the second american revolution a a proclaims the Peoples Bicentennial commission a is a big task but not As big As taking on George iils so there you have it a the program for observing americans 200th birthday. The a a internationale will not be Sung. The old Hammer and sickle banners have been quietly put in the closet. Young America will be marched toward collectivism to the tune of Yankee Doodle and behind frantically waved old glory. An editors Outlook it r copyright 1974, Gen. Fea. Corp. Graffiti dear or. Thosteson is there such a thing to sunburn poisoning i ride a tractor and my face neck hands and arms act As though poisoned. They break out in a rash and itch like . Ifs a reaction to the actinic rays of the Sun. Although not strictly a Quot poisoning As from Poison Ivy chemicals or whatever. Still you can Call it Sun poisoning without getting much of an argument. As in a sure you know people vary in Sun sensitivity. Blonds and redheads Burn Brunet less so but even Blacks can Burn if exposed too heavily. Your rash and itching is your particular reaction shared by a Good Many others however. I can suggest Only two ways to combat it that Are Likely to succeed. One is to develop a Tan very gradually at the beginning of the sunny season the tanning of the skin will protect you. The other is to limit your exposure to the Sun. Protective sunburn lotions those containing a so called a Sun screen ingredient should help but May not be enough. You know where the trouble occurs the exposed skin face neck hands and arms. So id get in the habit of wearing a wide brimmed hat a Light Scarf or maybe a Bandanna for the neck Long sleeves and perhaps Cotton gloves. Above All try to develop a Tan very slowly starting As Early in the season As possible. But you May still need the hat and other Protection throughout the summer. You. Often see men handling tractors or dozers who Are Bare to the Waist and Brown As a nuts but with heavy exposure even they can itch at times. Your solution is to limit the amount of Sun you get. Dear or. Thosteson. In be gotten into the stupid habit of swallowing my saliva. My Throat is getting sore and i just can to . If you Ever broke that a stupid habits you might be in real trouble. The swallowing of saliva is a very natural process. In fact it is the very beginning of the body a remarkable digestive mechanism. Saliva contains important enzymes that help break Down the food chemically for digestion further Down the digestive tract. One such enzyme a Yalin begins the chemical break Down of the starches and sugars in our food. I would look for some other cause of that sore Throat. If you have excess saliva being secreted the cause of that might be ill fitting dentures for example. Dear or. Thosteson can alcohol and sleeping tablets be transmitted by the Mother to her baby that she is breastfeeding for example feeding the infant an hour after taking the drug or a drink or two of wine or Cognac a . Yes these drugs alcohol is a drug too can appear in the breast milk so they Are to be avoided by nursing mothers. Dear or. Thosteson i have heard people talking about hardening of the arteries and that wine liquor or Beer will thin the blood and help circulation. Will a Small amount of these drinks each Day help the circulation a mrs. . Such drinks will not a thin the blood but can perk up circulation a bit. I by Paul Harvey every president is a prone to mistakes i in judgment if impeachment had threatened president Truman head never have dared fire Gen. Douglas Macarthur maybe that would have been Good. But neither would he have dared drop the big bombs which ended the Pacific War and saved thousands More lives than they Cost a and that would have been bad. Every president is prone to mistakes in judgment. And because your Hindsight is so much better than their foresight could possible be a review of some old newspapers would make some of them appear grotesquely inept. But did they deserve to be impeached i was at Pearl Harbor when our Navy a ships theretofore dispersed were brought into the Harbor and lined up Side by Side so that it would be More convenient for naval officers to attend social events ashore. So the sunday it rained bombs they Sark in Bunches. And 4,675 americans died that Day and there were a million More casualties in the War that followed. Whoever let the japanese get the drop on us our a own commander in chief Franklin Roosevelt was responsible. Yet in no Back Issue of the new York times or the Washington Post do i see any demand for when president John Kennedy authorized and aided the re invasion of Cuba in 1961, then mistakenly withheld the promised u. S. Air Power a and so wasted the lives of 1,500 Brave men a that was not one of our nations finest hours. Yet rereading the Post and the times of those dates i see no mention of in 1964 president Lyndon Johnson contrived a false alarm in the Gulf of Tonkin As an excuse to intensify our military involvement in Vietnam. The essential facts concerning this misrepresentation were duly noted by the Post and the times but neither of them nor any of the papers nor pundits which Parrot them Ever suggested Hindsight shows the buggy burglary of watergate to have been a goofy exercise in overkill yet it killed nobody. It did not leave any bomb dismembered bodies or sunken ships or blood soaked beaches. Indeed the Only casualties of the abortive invasion of watergate Are the perpetrators a caught in ther their own backfire. Yet for this Misdemeanour by his subordinates president Nixon is the target of impeachment proceedings. Our nations founders intended the president the Congress and the courts to Check rein one another. But when news writers presume to lawmaking or Law interpreting that balance is distorted. And it the Day Ever comes in our country when this coalition can Harangue and harass and hound and overwhelm anybody then it can a anybody a copyright 1974, i Ais Angeles times

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