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Athens Messenger And Herald (Newspaper) - January 11, 1900, Athens, Ohio Up Tite Athens messenger and Herald Jant Ary i just As you like it. Lambling dissertations in facts fancies and foibles of Mankind. Than observing the a a walk of incl virtual. One instant you will see a strutting piece of humanity taking b Way a rots the Street with the air of one who owns the whole town with several townships of th1 Moon thrown bad blood a a Mcm it a rets a a Atli t Iii is for firm id Ari a truly wonderful Medicine. I Baru often i wished or a Medieta Pica who use and it lout in of Vuu be such a person do not hate found in in Cascaret. Situ Quot tabs Mcc them. Or i blood by bran Uund and of cob la for make caustic remark about i Man Sahib a on Earth or Coder the in will by i�?Tie11 from Whit ii to Dow Mill rial to a head by Tiit Feib Gar Aas Herald it Emily. And lie saw them or v an aka Long Lovely so smoothly. So Lovely. With the i furl he loved on the ice and Ald he then to her with a Bort of rat Pur. A Why Don t Star hint thro the Day Nice then they skated away that cold cold Winter Day. June they did t return for an hour he no tried to skate Nice that his head struck the ice. Jund the stars came out in a Shower. Ter missiles Mokes in the parlor enjoy a piping Quot time of Esse the Man w Joes not a a of peace. Some people Are to alow that they Alii fail to get an admission ticket when St. Peter throw open the Pearly Gates. There Are Many men who do not know their own strength and by the amount of time they kill in doing nothing it is Plain that they do not want to find out. All men and women have a distinct and Peculiar walk of their own and nothing under the Sun could convince them that their manner of walking is not More Graceful than that of everybody else. The Mother who believes Lier babe 1he sweetest the cutest tile loveliest and the Best is doing exactly right. If Che did to there Are Many poor Little tots that would not be thought of at ail. A lady asked a College professor what planet had come Between us and the Moon to cause the recent eclipse. He answered a Why the Earth of dour was he right or did he Ner of locomotion he can t help it. It is As natural for him As it is to eat three time a Day. Ile could not walk differently even if the entire population of the town would jeer him in an unmerciful manner. He struts because he feels the importance of his condition and this a feeling Quot is something Over which he has not the slightest control. He could not feel any other Way no matter if to had a million or a cent. The amount of Cash in the inside pocket is not the least concern to him. He is a born Strutter and strut he will to the end of his Days. So then be lenient with him he May walk As if he owned the Earth but you May have the joyous satisfaction in knowing that he does no to. You see the Strutter in every City town and country Community and they Are a necessary in making up heterogeneous humanity As Are men and women of different social religious and political ideas. Bioh it a been purified and my completion has improved wonderfully Arni i feel much bitter in every Mil. Sallie is. Hella us. Luttrell. Tena. Candy cathartic ixv60j&8w Tsao mass wich it mtg then there is the Man who strides. Ile goes along with a swinging gait As of he knew where he intended to to and wanted to go rapidly. He looks neither to the right nor to the left but looks straight ahead and keeps in the Middle of the Road. The Man who strides is usually deeply absorbed in some philosophical question which he feels incumbent upon himself to work out least to himself. While on one of his striding expeditions lie communes with the sages of departed Ages he grasps the cadaverous hand of Plato Xenophon. Xenophanes and Socrates and in rapture exclaims a strange. Outrage How your ideas and mine so perfectly coincide when that glorious Awakening comes on the pleasant. Palatable potent. Taut Good. Do Good Novar sicken. Weaken or Gripe. 10o. Tic 50c. Cure constipation. Pm run j it my. . Chica Montreal sew tort. Sij a tit Ais sold and Miaran teed by All do a i u Dao aint to cd it to tobacco habit. Swing to his feet for the express purpose of giving the impression that he is the whoop a Ein up Tough and the Goary handed terror of the Tow path that he is not. You see it in the Young fellow about that period of life when he concludes he should thrash the teacher or that he sold enough to show to the world that he is something More than Plain Ike. Bill. Hank or punch. In a few years however his affected gait is taken out of him by some other Ike or punch who takes a punch at him and he walks like sensible people the rest of his life. A a been already said the Wobbler is an undeveloped swaggered and not Worth time and space in discussing him. What railway Man Tell us. Make the mistake Ai a j 8omftl a Fuore y w Anda shall it to a. He h.ntuj-? kit her the tree of a who died for country sleeps with god Quot May be laureate austins Best effusion and May be a pretty poetic sentiment but we must say. Though sacrilegious it May sound that Hod Vejr mainly has Many strange be 1 Fellows. Austin Bas carried his poetic fete use several it arils Tun fat. The British Manifest a woeful Lack a1 forethought in not securing a a Ullh sent number of american mule Teers to control the movement of their Wagon trains and artillery somehow a Fland never did appreciate american smut nylons. A mule Stampede seems order to Mist than a column of Ingher. Winston Churchill s escape from Pretoria read like a rom a Nee but when you take into consideration the circumstance it was not to romantic after All. Just imagine Riding under a lot of Dusty Coal sacks for sixty hours or hiding like a thief in the Woods when capture meant death or even worse. Many of the Ohio legislators Are anxiously awaiting an Opportunity of waking themselves famous by the introduction of a Bill or two. They May not make themselves famous but they will win the everlasting gratitude of a Law Ridden people of they will assist in killing Imp Bills out of very thousand introduced. Whey i Lea ii tire Hullin of it a there May be Rte i us a loom in with the rarest kind of charms. Aliene the daisies nod forever on Mystic a Ort of arms where one but does the Grain anti the lord will do the rest Odin Blessin g in profusion the Liche to and the Best a. Yea there May in paradises somewhere Here on Earth. Where mortal Man la Given a transcendent kind of birth a it these to s no compar a with the a Dor steaming hot. Beans Are Boltin Over is Lim Over in a the pot. C knowledge and oar Kindred spirit Hall rejoice at our Superior acumen and laugh at the fools that steeped their souls in the doctrines of false the Strider is the possessor of the faculty of deep penetration into human nature. His intellectual strides correspond with the length of bus Steps. To him the mysteries of the beginning and the ending of the universe Are As easily understood As the coating of a Fea her occultism to Bim is not occult he resolves it into the smoothest tangibility and sends Forth opinions absolutely unanswerable. The cause of life giving and death Are so systematically arranged in his Gray cells that he May draw upon them in any emergency. The solving of the hereafter is As Mere child a play of he believes in a heaven he can almost make you hear beautify melodies of the cherubim and the Sci opium around the Golden choir of not then he sees a Motley human mass playing hide and seek with his satanic majesty on Pluto s sulphuric Shore. But the Strider the world must have because he too is necessary in providing a feature of distinguish ment of the millions of the race. A Barite Tho poets Tell us bumpkins in Builtin kind of feet. That somewhere is or. whet Lur Host la fairies meet an exhale eternal perfume to my the Brees that blows. Aud Lull the Burden to senses to luxurious pose la May lie the pct Ide of thins he thinks he see to set up a gorgeous heaven Gem desert lands with Trees hut when i come Home from Workin contenting it is my lot when bean Are boiling Over Hoilien Over in the pot. I could ask no More from Angels i Nam Nomore of Bliss. Take Back ail your Golden incense but give me give me this the Gossamer threads that Glisten the Bogle Burn that dance the flowering meld that s Mullin Are All the works of Chance when i come late from Tomlin. Cross hungry and All worn out. Tile Welcome odor of the Cookin makes me want to shout and somehow in a lift d to the realm of forget me not of Chen b ans Are boiling Over ii Tiitu Over Iii the pot. Then too. There is the Man who wobbles and the Man who swagger. The Wobbler and the swaggered Aye closely Akin and probably in their Early youth had the same teacher. The swaggered has put a few Don to care a Continental nourishes to his gait and he immediately yeomen the Man who looks and acts More dangerous than he really is. See him As he swagger along i Way and you would easily imagine that he could Knock a railway engine off the track with the slightest exertion. But he is harmless he fight if he has to and he then. A swaggering gait is the result of evolution of a wobbling kind of a locomotion. And therefore the former should be considered. The swaggered gives a certain and Peculiar outward the Man or woman who a a hopping walk conies in for a Small share j of consideration. Their gait would indicate that from the end of theire femur Bone Down their legs ate made of a composition of rubber Cork and sponge. There is an elasticity in their tread that would seem that a weight would be necessary to hold them to Earth. I f their nop Pety hop and Springett Spring is a Correct barometer of their oui their heart is alway Light and their evident buoyancy of spirit would carry them Over Many a rough and dangerous by paths. They Are Able to whistle and sing away diverse tribulations which i would Send the chronic moral and in-1 Teller tia dyspeptic to an untimely resting place in six feet of Mother Earth. So far Only a few distinct classes of gaits have Lien considered. There Are those who neither strut swagger stride nor hop. They belong in a category of gaiters All by themselves and More than a cursory observation would be required to discover distinct characteristics. But the truth is As no two people can be found who write exactly alike so no two people can be found whose gait is precisely the same. E. A. The railways of great Britain give employment to 900,goo people. Ail the railway relations in Sweden of Whit h meals Are so Recd Are known by a t i a. Bearing the suggestive Emblem of a crossed knife find Fork. As the average life of a car wheel is ten years there Are needed 1,200,000 new wheels every year to replace those worn out in the service. Terra Cotta sleepers Are being used in Hie construction of japanese railroads the greater resistance to decay More Titan compensating for the increase in Cost. Iii one of the great Railroad stations Iii i Juda it St h artists have been engaged to decorate the Walls with views of the principal hungarian bathing resorts. In the Western part of British Columbia is n novel railway two Miles in length. The rails Are made of Trees from which the bark has been stripped and these arc bolted together. Upon them runs a car with grooved wheels ten inches wide. A novel Way of illuminating a railway Tunnel has been devised in Baris let electors throw the Light from Many electric lamps id feet above the lulls to the sides of the Tunnel w Here it is again reflected by burnished tin a soft and agreeable Light. The trains automatically turn the current on and off in enering and leaving the Tunnel Iii laying a new fire alarm Cable Between Randall s and wards islands and the Bronx in new York says the Kail Way and engineering review a locomotive was used to haul the Cable into place. The Cable which was Coo feet Long weighing three tons had been stretched out across Randall s Island and was attached to the locomotive by Means of 1,000 feet of i i Inch rope. The engine is said to have done the work easily. Below the Equator. The latent x Ray invention. Is the endoscope. Which is for the purpose the Interior of the stomach. Of examining it is claimed that with this instrument the treatment of stomach troubles will be revolutionised As it locates the cause of disease. With due sect to science however would state that the causes of Tomach troubles have been known for the past fifty years and likewise their cure which is a stomach bitters. A Medicine that has Many imitators. But no equal. It cures dyspepsia , constipation nervousness insomnia it also prevents malaria fever and ague and keep the bowels regular when not feeling right take a dose. It is the Standard Medicine of the american people. Maxik for private Revenue stamp Over neck of bottle. In Blu a Liberal interpretation of the peace treaty we will Trane Piort to Spain All Spanish soldiers and their families in the Philippines. A the of Gold is great the loss of health is health is lost by neglecting to keep the blood pure. Hood s Sarsaparilla purifies enriches vitalize the blood and thus aves Noth Gold and health. At the recent sales of stud sheep in Melbourne very High prices were realized. Light rams averaged �4121 each. Some of the mountains in the a South african Switzerland,0 cast of the Orange free state Rise Loun Altitude of Over ,0<i0 feet. All pm a sex of obsolete new South Wiles postage stamp from 1830 to j Soi have been destroyed by order of the Treasury department in order to pre vent the striking off of reissues. When the Boers form a firing line nobody is left to look after the horses which Are trained to remain where they Are As soon As they feel the reins dropped Oer their necks. Bouvet Island a Arctic Ocean a volcanic Mountain about 1,900 Miles Southwest of the Cape of Good 11 Ope was disco pc in 17,19 and twice sighted since the last time 70 rear ago. It was recently visited by the German exploring ship Valdivia. Its sides and Crater Are covered with ice and ice Cnoc. Buenos Ayres seems to have the largest a rocking Stone yet discovered. It is situated on the slope of the Mountain of Tendil in tile Southern part of the province and measures 90 feet Long by 18 feet Broad and is 24 feet High. Its bulk is 5,000 cubic feet and it weighs a least 25 tons. Nevertheless it is so beautifully poised that a single person in set it rocking. When the wind blow from the Southeast the Stone which is pyramidal in form sways to and fro on its foundation like the branches of a tree. In sol lie was n general. One of Funston men writes that in the latest engagement near san Fernando the general went into Battle at the head of ids brigade composed of Kansas Montana and Utah troops. When the tight stat Ted however Gen. Funston forgot that lie was in command of a brigade and leaving his staff orderly horse Aud All he joined the Kansas boys on foot and personally gave them orders As be led them to the Huige. Race a la of of Salt near the watering rough so the horses can lick it whenever they go to drink. This is preferable to the usual method of salting Tho farm horses once a dour a a Bill cure bilious Ness sick headache. Cit a Lton t. Lewis of new s Oik. Who a investigated the prisons of Cuba says they Are in a deplorable disgraceful condition. Many sons in Battle. Scion a i of Lar tilth Leat Mill w to lilt i roil i in i or so it i i or ten u Var. V or 44 the labourer worthy of his a of their own. Fivery Man or woman has a Peculiar and distinct gait of their own. No two people walk alike any More than two can be found who look exactly the same. Certainly j of will be Able to discover resemblances but a critical analysis will disclose differences that a by id Man. Almost could detect. Nothing is More amusing but a wage earner can get More for his personal services if in Strong and vigorous health the blood is the life giving and strength making part of the system of it is pure All is Well if not it should be purified with Hood s Sarsaparilla which makes the weak Strong. Can eat a Quot was tired out had no appetite until i took hood0s Sarsaparilla it built me right up and i can eat heart Lyetta so. Hager Athol mass. Hoo a Phi run liver us the Hon Larriu Zutic an Only Tat ii in to i by with hum Hon Portl i. Mat it instance in which Kii Gliah families have a Large number of representative in the a army Are noted. A mrs. I Rhell had three sons officer ordered to the t ape and two of them Are now dead sir Anthon Weldon of Kildare when the War Begar had four son three Brothers Aud five Nephew by the Servile. The hat is now one less since clips. Weldon was killed at Dun i Dee. A widow of an Irish sergeant whose seven Pons Are serving Iii the ranks at i the t Spe a received from Queen vie i Turin a kindly letter Aud a gift. Surd George Maud lion Secretary of j state for India has one son a Tai 13 i Nephew in the Field. The Duke of \ i hoi hat three Tov in the War including lord his heir while three brother of the Duchess Ltd York. Prince Adolphus Francis and Alexander of Teck Are Imit ii for or Are in South a Fries. The calling out of the militia also take Many distinguished men from their regular duties Indue my a. Veers Ito Gubik first commissioner of works. Lord Salisbury loses his private Secretary Iii Viscount Newport who Beking to the same regiment a or. Akers Doti gut while Joseph Chamberlain and Bir Michie i Hicks retch also lose m secreted apiece. Or. Lame a headache powder. No room for headache. When tile nervous system is Strong Aud vigorous there s no room for headache. That show or. James headache powders by stupefying or deadening the nerves hut by soothing n and restoring them. Never fail no matter what the primary cause of headache. Absolutely harmless. At All drug stores 4 closes to cents. There is not the slightest doubt that the doctors do More harm than Good in treating contagious blood Poison Many victims of this loathsome would la much better off to Day if they had never allowed themselves to be dosed on Mercury and Potash the Only remedies which the doctors Ever give for blood Poison. The doctors Are wholly unable to get rid of this vile Poison and Only attempt to heal up the outward Appe dance of tile disease the sores and eruption. This they do by driving the Poison into the system and Endeavor to keep it shut in with their constant doses of Potash and Mercury. The Mouth and Throat and other delicate parts then break out into sores and the Light is continued indefinitely the drugs doing the system More damage than the disease itself. Beware of the doctors Patchwork you can curs yourself at Home. Tut i ii to i ii my uis a we in Dom sir. In l Myers too Mulberry St., Newark. N. J., says Hundred dollars with the doctors when i realized that they could do me no Good. I had Large spots All Over my these soon broke out into running sores and i endured All tile suffering which this vile disease produces. I decided to try s. S. 8. As a last resort and was soon greatly improved. I followed closely your a directions for self treatment and the Large splotches on my Chest began to grow paler and smaller and before Long disappeared entirely. I was soon cured perfectly and my skin has been As Clear As Glass Ever since. I cured myself at Home after the doctors had failed it is valuable time thrown away to expect the doctors to cure contagious blood Poison for the disease is beyond their skill. Swifts specific a i had spent s. S. S. For the blood a acts in an entirely different wry from Potash and Mercury a it feral the Poison out of the system and gets rid of it entirely. Hence it cures the disease while other remedies orly shut the Poison in where it lurks forever constantly undermining the Constitution. Our system of private Home treatment places a Cire within the reach of All. We give a1 necessary medical advice free of charge and save the patient the embarrassment of publicity. I Swift specific co., Atlanta a. Write for full information to 4 ring out to old ring in the new ring Cut the false ring in the True a we brins to you the new Ani True from the Piney forests or Norway or. Belles Pine tar Honey i nature s most natural remedy improved by science to a pleasant permanent positive cure for coughs coins and All inflamed surfaces of the lungs and bronchial tubes. The sore weary cough worn lungs Are exhilarated the microbe Bacaring mucus is Cut out the cause of that tickling is removed and the inflamed membranes Are healed and soothed so that then is no inclination to cough. I am 80 years old mad of or axed any remedy equal to or Bell a Pine tar Honey it Awee Quick find permanent Relief in grip a Walt a Cousba and colds it makes weak latin a Strong. A mrs. M a Metcalfe Paducah. By. Solo by All wooo druggists bottles Only. 25o., 50c. And $1.00 Siess be sure you get or. Bill spine tar Wity sold by c b. Henderson druggist Athens Ohio. Rat i wet t4� to i ii South a Masi att the a to r.,jur<3 foe Masi it i tue Cincinnat i an i Flori la limited runs from Cincinnati to Jacksonville every Day in the year thy coaches sleepers baggage and mail cars All through without change observation Safe and parlor cars run in the Daylight trip Cincinnati to Rome a. Free reclining chair cars on night trains t tax cum turn As a qui a it with �i9c of a a to it �10 a tits it i it a a it of Ahot i t to t a hmm Inu arose a Umo Aho a Aovita a the a of Mac Ion i of vice. To is or. I am a Thi iwo t a a a it 3 thru Legal notice. Mil y hex toll and Ber Nuli Ami. Kun want flexion of Brazil Iowa and Philip. Smith and i vile naut y j. Sin Iii it Tab Tjun que. New Mexico will take notice that Hannah Holliday it t the county it Athens and a Tate of Ohio did. On the rth Dav of sep Temoer. Tsuu ale her let Tum in the court of common plea within and for the county of Athens. In the state of Ohio. Against them and others wherein said Hannah Holliday demand partition of in lot number seven Hundred and twelve Iii in w la. La Rook addition to the in lot of the Village of net son Ville Ohio. And that at the february term. Ham the said Hannah Holliday will Appl y for an order that partition May lie mane of a Ald premise. Said parties above named a caveat and Trade Marks obtained and All Pap Jent big Kirk Orv tufted for moot it Art ��. It Oun Ornic Aoee Ostic la. E. A Tny to tar Pard a a car a Ira a Tettat to leu urn i aaa wac keen a from Washington. F stud Model draw a or photo., sri the Der Rulp it a pc advise it Patten lib get a nut rec of i charge. Our fee not due til Patent is secured. A Paw in let a a he it a to Oba it. Paten tax with a a it a of same in the u. S. Aud foreign countries sew free. Addrena heat Phi. 1 Are further notified that they Are required to appear and answer Aid petition on or lie fore the third saturday alter the 1st Dav of february. A. I. Ism. Ash he , j new ctr a Wood attorney for plaintiff. Dec. To to Jan. Is twas Oal hrs in. A. Snow amp co Oft. Parent office Washington. O. C. Hots to Lynndle i Attar fodder. There is quite a difference in opinion As to i he Best method of handle Reg k flir fodder when it is planted thickly and it to be used for feeding and wintering Stock cattle. In general it i believed that the fodder should be Cut and placed Iii Small shocks when the grains have Pas cd from the soft stage and become firm. The fodder will yet be Green Aud if put in Large shocks will spoil but will be excellent feed if properly shocked in feeding it when prepared in this Way the amount Given should not be More than the cattle will eat up reasonably clean if too much is Gen they will eat Only the Heads and waste a Large portion of the Farmer review the Marietta commercial College a a of. Marietta Ohio ii Ives the most Complete Coan a of and stenographic i Ourse Iii the state i opinion branches a spec laity. Scad for catalogues. We have no relation whatever with the Ohio Valley b. n2fijy All dmm Tota guarantee or. Miu pain Puma to Stop headache. Quot one Ecol a a. E. Price attorney at Law. Cyclic Chiott made and estates settled. Office in Law building je2sts. Ohio a. A ii

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