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Athens Messenger And Herald (Newspaper) - December 6, 1900, Athens, Ohio A 3iu a or l it to i this Athens messenger and Herald december 0,1000. Just As you like it. To amp bling dissertations on Facto fancies and foibles of Mankind. I or Ella i Earth or Cader the Smi will it limn Vrain who re to draw Mata Moi to a Road by the m a mags my Harold family. Hat Ila did no to. Of Man could have the making of the universe itself. No doubt he d try the laying of the maker on the shelf he would make to Many changes that things would seem Uke new there would he no Day of sorrow there <1 be no feelings Blue hut a. All Mankind would Whistler a Little Dulcet Lay and Hall the coming glory of a perfect kind of Day of Man had done the planning for a Universal plan he would find no toil to Sully the happiness of Man lie would doubtless make the changes that other men have sought he would pay the debts of others by the Mere act of thought. Hut he did t have the saying Iii making night and Day and that a Why he keeps a plugging and tolling on the Way. Messenger missiles. Ii Only one m nth later the Turkey Chicken Goose and Duck will have cause not to to thankful. It is not difficult to criticise hut it is a harder task for the critics to improve upon the thing criticised. People who complain that tile Days Are too Short generally find time to Tell others what they Don t know. Truth is stranger than fiction it is said and that is probably wily some people raise Caln when they see it in a newspaper. The football chrysanthemum has gone into hiding for another season where it will remain until the Bull Rushing period of 1901. Of everybody could be a member of a Church choir the preacher would have no occasion to deliver a Sermon on Church attendance. In nine cases out of ten the most rampant women dress reformers show that they Are in need of the a ame thing themselves. If the Wise Law makers would Only Stop talking Long enough to place a Tariff on talk they would Confer an everlasting favor on suffering humanity. The investigating map who believes in going to the Bottom of things probably accounts for the Many jags seen about thanksgiving and Holiday time. Now it has been discovered that a dead Cincinnati Man was a defaulter to the extent of a Hundred thousand. When dead men steal it is about time for St. Peter to lock up heaven and throw away the key. The thanksgiving poets have so exhausted their Supply of Gray tissue that the new Century poetry will probably be a Little late in arriving hut it will come and heaven have mercy on the Uno fending readers. When you want to get a Man mad just make a cutting remark about his favorite Florae. If you say the same thing about one of his sons he will consider it a Good joke and will say that the boy is a a a chop off the old a a a Monkey and Man tile Ordinary Man who stops to consider for a moment and he who does not Stop to think vehemently resents any intimation that in the course of evolution he sprang from an ape or a Monkey. Now it is not the intention of this article to prove that Man did or did no to have As his great grandparents a robust Dutler of the Forest of it were proved Btl Pond the possibility of a doubt that Man s forefathers were prehensile monkeys Why Many Fellows would be so grossly insulted that they would be driven to the grave of the Felo de be. And of it were proven equally conclusively that Mankind did no to Spring from the Monkey Why then it would be the monkeys turn to be insulted. In All the Long winded dissertations on evolution that have appeared no one has had the thoughtfulness to ascribe Many a habitation Here on Earth merely to the possible truth that he like Topsy just a a grow while the scientists have been wearing out their surplus of Gray matter in their Endeavor to account for the origin of Man they seemed to have wholly overlooked the still deeper mystery of where the Monkey came from. There is but Little evidence to establish the priority of the existence of the Monkey which would have been absolutely necessary if the theory of evolution is Correct. The creation of the Man and the Monkey occurred nearly at the same time if ancient annals is to be counted upon in settling the difficulty in which inquisitive Man has plunged the human family. Now that the origin of Man has King been Given up As an impenetrable mystery it is certainly time that the neglected Monkey show d Lake up the invest amp thou of the origin of his forefathers it is just As easy to believe that the Monkey sprang from a Man As it is to believe that Man sprang from the Monkey of this fact if it is a fact can Only be established Many a fellow will be Able to sleep Well of nights As he will no longer be compelled to work his brain Over the humiliating proposition that his forefather was a Long hairy mat faced Monkey. Just turn the evolution around the other Way and you will have it so that every one will be highly pleased with his origin. Get it Sledge hammered into the cranium of All the men in the universe that the Monkey sprang from Man and they will have no occasion to criticise himself or his originator. Of course the Monkey might object to this twisting of the accepted theory of evolution but an occasional Coconut will of Pease the Wrath of the quadruped. The origin of Man is pretty difficult to determine and especially is this shown when you place some monkeys and men Side by Side for a comparison. Then you will at once conclude that it was possible for a Man to have sprung from the Monkey or that the Monkey could have sprung from the men rather Story would seem 1 plausible. In a close comparison it would take a Genius of an evolutionist to Tell which sprang first. It is so easy for one to be mistaken for the other that neither one should be insulted nor Humi lated of called upon to Wear the trousers if the generally accepted theory of evolution is True there Are Many men who Are a disgrace to their ancestors and if the Monkey sprang from the Man then there Are Many monkeys that Are a decided credit to there ancestry. However neither Man nor Monkey can be convinced of the accuracy of either theory and therefore they will have to go to unmarked Graves in total and Blissful ignorance however which was first the Roan or the Monkey will be a fruitful subject for meditation and in importance the question can be placed in the same category of which was first the egg or the Hen. After All is said the result can be summed in the word ass twentieth Century Marvel then first ten years of the new Century which will be ushered in next month will be a Marvel in All channels relating to invention Commerce development of the riches of Earth and the establishing of new industries. The commercial Awakening will be Gigantic stupendous such As the world has never before witnessed. Speculation will take on the greatest Heights of apparent recklessness and the frequency with which fortunes Are made and us will be sufficient to dazzle the Ordinary Man. Inventions which Are now scarcely in the embryonic state of the most shadowy dream will be worked out by the untiring Genius and be made to do the bidding for the Benefit of industrious Man. The opportunities for amassing wealth will be presented As never before in the worlds history and the Man who does not get his portion of the Opp Lency with which the opening of the twentieth Century will be of flooded cannot censure any one but himself. The opportunities will be presented in multifarious forms and the Genius will display his acumen in knowing when and How to grasp them and make them yield unto him the Golden shekels. The men who Are Between the Ages of thirty Aud forty will grasp the Horn of plenty and turn the Golden Coin into their own coffers. The Man who is below this age will hardly have the necessary experience and the Man Over forty will Lack the essential spirit of Hazard dash Aud Energy in carrying to a successful termination any Enterprise where great sums of Money Are involved. Where any great successes Are expected great risks should be expected also for no Man can allow himself and his capital to remain Idle and reap the same Reward of the diligent the enterprising and the persevering. There Mujib be the spirit if Hazard in every Many a make up who even Hopes to cancer sufferers from this horrible malady nearly always inherit it a not necessarily from the parents but May be from some Remote ancestor for cancer often runs through several generations. This deadly Poison May Lay dormant in the blood for years or until you reach Middle life then the first Little sore or ulcer makes its appearance or a swollen gland in the breast or some other part of the body gives the first warning. To cure cancer thoroughly and permanently All tile poisonous virus must be Dun mated from the blood every Vintage of it Hiven out. This s. S. S. Does and j the Only Medicine that can reach deep Ica Ted obstinate blood troubles like this. When All the Poison has been forced out of the system the cancer heals and the disease never returns. Cancer begins often in a Small Way As the following letter from mrs. Shire shows a Small pimple came on my Law about an Inch below the to on the left aide of my face me no pain or in oven Cince and i shout i have it gave forgotten about it had it Noto Egu n to inflame and itch it would hired a Little then Scab Over but could not Heel this continued for some time when my jaw Lingan to swell becoming very painful. The cancer to eat and spread until it was As Large As a half Dollar when f heard of 8. 8, 8. And determined to give it a fair trial it was remarkable what a wonderful effect it had from the very beginning the sore began to heal and after taking a few bottles disappeared entirely. This was two years ago thei e Are still no signs of the cancer and my general health in Timie r. Sinai a la Plata to. Is the greatest of All mood purifiers Aud the Only one guaranteed v Fri i so no Raigna of the Ca or a oat inne ass purely vegetable. Send tor our free Book cancer containing valuable and interesting information about this disease and write our physicians front your Case. A make no charge for medical advice. % the Swift specific co., Atlanta. A. Come without ship wrecking in the maelstrom of finances and Commerce. The commercial Maxim As old As the Hills a nothing risked nothing is gained a is True today Ani will be True in the first few years of the next Century which will come to All full of Hope Radiant Joy and smiling Promise. Vav ill you be equal to the emergency or will you allow the Best years of the new Century to go unheeded. Will you give the wheel of Fortune a twist or will you allow some one else to do All the turning while you come out with naught but empty hands the grit ten years of the twentieth Century will decide this question for you of you Are not then in a position to do it yourself. Disfigured skin wasted Muscles and drawing Bones. What havoc scr Fula let alone is capable of All that and More. It is commonly marked by Bunches ii the neck inflammations in the eyes Dye pepsin Catarrh and general debility. It is always radically and permanents cured by Hovel s Sarsaparilla. A i was a sufferer from scr Fula Frorer birth. My eyes were so affected that i a almost Blind for Duys at a time. My neck begun to swell so that i could not breath freely. Medicines failed to do me any Good until i began taking Hood s Sarsaparilla today i have excellent miss Ket tie Mcguire Silver t reek by. A a i was troubled with scr Fula and Carn near losing my eyesight. For four month i could not see to do anything. After Tak ing two bottles of hoods Sarsaparilla i could see to walk Artmond the House and when i had taken right bottles i could set As Well As i Ever could a Best a. Hair Wos. Withers n. C. Hood in Sarsaparilla expels All Humours cures All eruptions and builds up the whole system. Price of Wool. Why it has not materially advanced. Three weeks have elapsed since election Day without imparting any additional strength to the Wool Market. General business has not really improved in this period and there has been no Good reason Why Wool should take an upward turn just at this juncture. If everything else was a Boom ing we might attach some Peculiar significance to the indifference which has characterized the Wool Market but with general conditions what they Are the significant thing would be not that Wool has remained stationary but that it had advanced. This commodity is today affected by a greater variety of circumstances than can be cited in the Case of most commodities. It is of course affected by the general business condition of the county. Hut apart from this it i very powerfully affected by the state of the weather. There has Seldom been a More unseasonable period than the one we have been passing through this fall. If the Winter months should conform to the fall months in this particular the sales of Wool would we should suppose continue comparatively Small. Hut the weather is of course a very Uncertain Factor and there is fully As Good reason to suppose that we shall experience a bitter Winter As that we shall the opposite. The fact that the weather has so far been against the Wool Market does not of itself preclude the Hope of an Active Trade later in the season. The Market is no doubt affected by still another Factor viz., the Over speculation of i teen years. It might on a first glance seem As of the effect of this should be about overcome by this time but a careful scrutiny of the facts in the Case perhaps warrants the opposite conclusion. We have Al ways maintained that the real nature of the Wool problem could not be ascertained merely by the study of conditions As they existed in one or t to years. The Market is very Apt to be influenced by factors which have been working unobserved for a Long series of years and it is it possible that this was never More True than at the present time. In this connection let us present the following figures which show the sales of Wool in the Huston Market from january i to Date for the last thirteen year hounds. ,.,.�u Roo in to a of Wool a average of 139,847,Ico pounds a year from 1897 to 1900, inclusive the sales were a 033,477,786 pounds an average of 233,396,446 pounds a year. In other words the average sales in the last four years have been about 70 per cent larger than they were during the previous nine years which included the prosperous period of the Mckinley Law. It looks As if we might now be experiencing the accumulated effect of overdoing the thing since 1897. Certainly the Wool manufacturing business has not shown an increased activity in the last four years anywhere near commensurate with the increased volume of transactions in the raw material even if we make Liberal allowance for Wool that has merely changed hands Between dealers. We do not profess to say what has become of ail the Wool that has figuered in the Huston Wool sales in the last four years. How much of it is still in dealers hands How much in manufacturers storehouses How much of it in the form of unsold finished goods Are questions which no one can answer. One thing however seems pretty Clear viz., that nowhere near All the Wool sold since the beginning of 1897 has yet appeared on the backs of the the above article copied from american Wool and Cotton report of november 29, 1900. German ship Industry. Nadir cramped. It la said. Of Ilia i ack of suitable wit Vartou. Germany a great Industry that of shipbuilding is handicapped by the Luck of wharfage facilities according to Consul Winter at Annaberg who says a during the last ten years shipbuilding in Germany has become a Grant Industry. Old wharves have been torn away and new and larger ones constructed in their place. The present capacity of All the wharves does not meet the demands of the German merchant Murine. Many orders must still be placed in foreign countries. At present 22 ships Are being built in England for Hamburg alone. During the first half of the present year the Dock owners and shipbuilders of Stettin Kiel flens Burg and firemen have increased their capital Stock on the whole by $1,378,-000. Many new enterprises Are being planned. In the neighbourhood of nor Denham on the lower Wesel Large wharves Are being projected. A wharf for Stralsund is being planned which will Cost nearly $1,000,000. It is also reported that a German Liei Gian Syndicate will build a wharf in Antwerp under the auspices of the Bremen Vulcan works. The German merchant Marine now numbers 1,209 steamers of 2,159,919 rheumatism this disease generally begin with a slight pain in the joints and if proper treatment is begun in time the agonies that would otherwise follow can be averted. Even in cases that have become aggravated a remedy now exists that promises a certain and lasting cure As will be seen by the following sworn statement. Or. Frank it Emmett 709 Mcgee Street Elmira n. was Laid up with rheumatism which resulted from standing during his work upon a Damp floor. He says about a veer ago i was attacked with rheumatism in my feet and legs chiefly in my legs. Tsey swelled greatly and be earn very stiff and sore. Whenever i attempted to walk the pain was awful. I had been suffering in this Way for about three months when someone handed me a pamphlet advertising or. Williams Pink pills for Pale people. I read it through carefully and Mode up my mind to give them a fair trial for not Only was i anxious to be relieved of my sufferings but i knew that unless i could get Relief i would soon have to give up work altogether and this i could not afford to do. I got two boxes at first and by the time the second one was used up i began to feel decidedly better. The swelling was going Down and the stiffness and pain were much less and i found i could get about much better. I got three More boxes and by the time the last of them had been taken i was entirely free from the swelling the pain and the stiffness. In fact i was cured and i am glad to say that i have had no return of the trouble signed Frank Rem melt. A new tears guide. There is one Book everyone shold make an Effort to get for the new year. It contains simple and valuable hints concerning health Many amusing anecdotes and much general information. We Rifer to Hostetler s almanac published by the Hostetter co., Mitt Surg in a. It will prove valuable to any household. Sixty employees Are Kepi at work on this valuable Hook. The Issue for 1901 will be Over eight millions printed in the English. German French. Welsh. Norwegian swedish Holland Bohemian and Spanish languages it contains proof of the Efficacy of Hostetter s stomach bitters the great remedy prepared by the publishers and is worthy of careful preservation. The almanac May be obtained free of Cost at any druggist or general dealer in the country. Reptiles in Captivity. The most striking single feature of the reptile House Interior in the new York a zoo Quot is the Alligator Pool which is another new departure in the keeping of the saurian. The Pool is 35 by 9 feet and contains four feet of water heated to 90 degrees f. On the farther Side of the Pool Are spacious gravel Banks beyond which rises a dense Maze of Palms Spanish bayonets and other tropical plants representing a living Jungle. Leaning Over the Pool is a tree resembling a live Oak overgrow n with Tillandsia orchids and Spanish Moss from Florida. A flood of Light streams Down upon the Pool and its Banks the water is warmed by concealed pipes and the six alligators Are so contented that they have Long since ceased to be vicious. Being properly warmed they feed freely grow rapidly and Are always ready for a meal. The largest specimen called jumbo now 12 feet 6 inches in length has added six inches to himself since lie was placed in the Mol last november. Or. Vav. T. Hon Aday. In Century. Huo. Imi.,7. Imp. Vet. Iski. 2 iwo Mon new or ise Iai .73x3�?��i9v8.vj.arth 21.�?��?�in May o 2i if Mymo from 1868 to 1896, inclusive there i was sold in Boston 1,258,623,921 pounds a life for in tree. It is Well that the United states government should look into the matter of Forest preservation in due time before it Conics to the Point reached by Russia when in 18.16, on december 23, the record of russian legislation was enriched by the addition of a Law which provided that anyone caught cutting Down a tree without troja a authority should be sent to Siberia for life. This was forestry preservation with a vengeance but it was too Radical even for the russians and a few years later the Law was repealed. The same year that this Law was enacted the government lost about $2,000,000 american Money on account of Forest fires the Forest revenues at that time amounting to Only $300,000 annually. These Forest fires did such damage that in one prov Ince in an area of about 200,000 acres there was not a tree left fit for the production of building record. Subscribed and sworn to before me this 37th Day of june 1900. E. Shay votary Public or. Williams Pink pills for Pale people Ere sold by a dealers or will be sent Post old on receipt of Price so cents a Box or Elx bores for $2.50�?they Are never sold in bulk or by the 103. Address or. Williams m canc Ime c oath a a Schenectady. N. Y. Americans first Dees. There were no hive bees in America when first settled by the Whites. The common Brown Bee was brought from Europe in the seventeenth Century and within the last few years Superior varied ies such As the cyprians and Arni olans have been introduced Here. There Are Small wingless bees of another Genus in Central and South America which make delicious Honey with a Peculiar aromatic flavor. It has been proposed to bring them to the United states but they would not stand the climate. Though they have no stings they can bite quite painfully. A Indianapolis news. Equine inequality. The work horse and the Carriage horse stood Side by Side on the Street. A i see you take your meals a la cart Quot sniffed the latter looking disdainfully at the other Canvas feed bag. A yes Quot replied the Equine toilet. A a done to you a a neigh neigh Pauline a and the proud aristocratic Mare rattled the Silver chains upon her harness. A i prefer mine stable bulletin. Doe it pay to buy cheap a cheap remedy for coughs and colds is All right,.but you want something that will relieve and cure the More severe and dangerous results of Throat and lung troubles. What shall you do go to a warmer and More regular climate yes if possible if not possible for you then in either Case take the Only remedy that has been introduced in All civilized coun Ries with Success in severe Throat and lung troubles a hos cheer a German syrup. It not Only heals and stimulates the tissues to destroy the germ disease but allays inflammation causes easy expectoration gives a Good nights rest and cures the patient. Try one bottle. Recommended Many years by All druggists in the world. Get greens prize almanac. C. H. Henderson. J 8 Basom. 0. dentist at so i Osio. Oao to the Rban ii Block tooth court sties. The j Bank of Athens Baja Tad Mila go Vormit Boody Coupon of Coin. Notes bought on favourable terms Drift draws sad stilted Osall principal Pitlos la Tho United state. Collections promptly attended to. Memo we pm Llma tale Shaw a 9 a. W. A basis Price a Stalder attorneys at Law collections made and estates settled. Office in Law building a.the1ts, Ohio. Of Light loads. There is a school District in Reno county Kansas in which there is a schoolhouse and a teacher but not a solitary Pupil. Miss Mary Scroggins the teacher opens school every morning and holds herself in readiness to instruct any children who May come but she is the sole occupant of the building. There Are plenty of children in the District but they Are of Catholic parentage and attend a parochial school. The Belt Salve in the world is Banner Salve. It is made from a prescription by a widely known skin specialist and positively is the most Healing Salve for piles Burns scalds ulcers running sores and All skin Dis eases. There is nothing so Good. Of. H. Henderson. Chinese women believe that the evil spirit holds Possession of All the High Points of the Earth and that is Why no chinese woman can Ever be induced to climb a Mountain. Grease Wood for everything that runs on wheels. Sold everywhere. Made by Standard Oil of. Nervitt tablets an aged worn and was stoned Broad Day Light on the streets Rochester by a gang of toughs. In of Snow is 4 to 6 feet deep at Vancouver h. �,., an unprecedented condition at so Early a Date. A keen Clear brain. Your Best feelings your social position or business Success depend largely on the perfect action of your stomach and liver. Or. King new life pills give increased strength a keen Clear brain High ambition. A 25 cent Box will make you feel like a new being. Sold by w. H. Mckee druggist. The population of Nevada was officially announced As 42,335, against 45,761 in 1800, a decrease of 3426 or 7.4 per cent. Servita pills restart vitality Lott vigor Tad manhood cure impotency night emissions lost of memory All wasting diseases All effects of self abuse or i excess Aud indiscretion. A nerve Tonto and blood builder. Brings the Pink glow to Pale Clie eks and restore the fire of youth. By mail a Jiow per to. 6 boxes for i a. , with our bankable guarantee to euro or refund the Money paid. Send for circular and o by of our bankable guarantee Bood. Extra strength yellow immediate results positively guaranteed cure for lost of Power varicocele undeveloped or shrunken organs. I a res is iwo Moncor ataxia nervous Prostran Lon hysteria fits insanity paralysis and the results of excessive use of tobacco opium or liquor. By mail in Plain package $1.00 a Box 6 for $5.00 with our bankable guar monoid.1080 Ltd 01 a of tend Servita medical co. Clinton a Jackson sta., Chicago ill. Sold by e. R. Lash druggist Athens o. $500 Reward i we will pay the above Reward for any Case of liver complaint dyspepsia. Kick headache indigestion constipation or Cost Veness we cannot cure with Liverta. The up to Date Little liver Pill. When the directions Are strictly compiled with. They Are purely vegetable end never fall to give satisfaction. 26c boxes contain too pills 0c boxes contain 40 pills 5c boxes contain 15 pills. Beware of substitutions 8ut by mail. Stamps taken. Servita medical oo., Cor. Clinton and Jackson by. Chicago ii sold by e. It. Lash druggist Athens Ohio

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