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Atchison Sunday Globe Newspaper Archives May 12 1974, Page 1

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Atchison Sunday Globe (Newspaper) - May 12, 1974, Atchison, Kansas Is that Osha knocking at my door a by Mike Mcdermott during the first Quarter of 1974, Kansas employers were fined $14,295. By whom and for what by the Kansas City office of the occupational safety and health administration Osha for some 622 alleged violations resulting from 213 compliance officer inspections. A whew am i glad they missed my place of business a is a common reaction across the country. Done to be lulled into believing they will never inspect your office shop business Plant or farm. Yes farm the facts Are that Osha compliance officers have already paid some visits to Atchison found some alleged violations and proposed fines for firms Here. They will return. Nobody likes to talk about being a a caught by the Osha Guys but it has happened and May be repeated several More times if local employers and employees continue believing a it won t happen to a the Osha Law provides for inspections of any activity employing one or More according to Robert Borchardt Osha area director at the Kansas City office. A ninety per cent of businesses in Kansas and Missouri employ 19 or less persons and the one to three employee group comprises 50 per cent of this he continued. A if we Are going to do an effective Job its a cinch we re going to get to the smaller firms a Borchardt said. To help improve the effectiveness of the Osha Agency and its inspection work an office was recently opened in Wichita. Borchardt released the first Quarter statistics on Osha inspections and said the Date is not broken Down into specific regions of Kansas. The Osha files Are open to the Public and Borchardt expects the next statewide accounting around mid May. He is a former safety inspector for Kansas. He said there is some a delay Quot Between the citation and notice paperwork of the Federal Agency. The next Osha report will be for the month of april. Two local safety officials Are very concerned about the a a bite a of Osha and Are presently working on an Atchison area chamber of Commerce committee to set up a seminar workshop on Osha rules and regulations. They Are Bill Dykstra. Safety director at Midwest solvents co., and Lim Eichelberger. Safety supervisor at Rockwell Ted. Both Midwest solvents and Rockwell have been inspected and fined by Osha compliance officers and both safety officials have a Strong desire to help their friends avoid this fat hence the safety seminar proposal other members of the chamber committee Are police capt Don Hunsaker Jack Turner Kansas Power and Light co. And Bill Morton. Pillsbury co. A we should stress that safety is like a dance it takes two to participate a Dykstra said in a recent interview. Tile a a two under the Osha act Are pm Eichelberger players and employees. According to the Federal Law each employer shall furnish employees with a place of employment free from recognized hazards causing or Likely to cause death or injuries to employees employees Art ordered to comply with Osha standards and rules orders or regulations pursuant to the aet which Are applicable to his own actions or conduct Eichelberger says the act has plenty of a Teeth Quot for employers and very Little for employees. Employers Are held responsible for an employees a unsafe Ness and often ordered to take proper disciplinary or reprimand action he reports Osha under the . Department of labor and health. Education and welfare is an offspring of the former Bureau of labor standards which was phased out following passage of the new program in 1970. Earlier Dykstra this year there were to regional office and 52 area Osha agencies working to implement provisions of the Federal program. Dak Sara reports that a work site Quot inspections May be made for any one of the following reasons investigations into catastrophes or employee fatalities evaluation of employee complaints target industries such As roofing Sheet Metal lumber Steve doring Mobile Home manufacturing or meat processing and random selection of All kinds sizes and nature of businesses to establish the presence of Osha in All Fields As broadly As possible. The Law encourages inspections Over a Large geographic area. The Midwest solvents safety director also reports that the Osha Law generally prohibits Advance notification of an inspection unless it is deemed advisable by the area Osha continued on Page la a a. A ii sunnam is Atchison Kansas sunday. May 12, 1974 pages ninety seventh year Kissinger preparing for crucial meeting Jerusalem apr Secre circulating that the Secretary tary of state Henry a. Kissin secretly left to return to Wash question if Henry and Nancy have a quarrel who in the world is going to Settle it Ger sent aides to Survey strategic Hills on the Golan Heights on saturday before beginning what one . Official said in ton because of reports president Nixon might resign. Finally . Spokesman Robert Mccloskey quashed the re Nixon takes fight to Middle America a Spring fling for uniforms could be a decisive meeting mors saying a i just went up with israeli leaders on a disengagement agreement with continued on Page 9 Washington a president Nixon steered his anti impeachment Campaign toward americans heartland saturday As aides and family members declared he will fight a Down to the wire against efforts to oust him from office. The presidents Long scheduled trip to Oklahoma state University in Stillwater came As criticism from Republican members of Congress fuelled rumours he was planning to resign support for truck shutdown lagging by Louise Cook associated press writer militant Independent truckers Are urging another shutdown to protest High fuel prices and lower Speed limits but most Drivers say keep rolling. A most truckers. Can see no gain from a strike a said Frank Sigloh a Drivers spokesman in Idaho. A a they re concerned about prices of course but a strike Isnit going to do a darned thing for Michael Parkhurst editor of overdrive Magazine has urged Driver owners to pull off the a to Kan area weather mostly sunny and a Little warmer today. High in the mid 70s. Kansas Clear to partly Cloudy and warmer through monday. High today mid 70s to Low 80s. Low tonight 40s Northwest to around 50 Southeast. High monday mostly 80s. Missouri sunny today with the High in the upper 60s to Low 70s. Fair tonight with the Low 45 to 55. Increasing cloudiness monday with the High in the 70s. Precipitation saturday .10of an Inch. Total for May 40 of an Inch. Normal for May 4.62 inches. Total for 1974 6.34 inches thermometer readings 2p.m.69 3pm .70 4 pm .70 5 pm 69 6 p. Rn.68 7 . 67 8 p m66 9pm. 64 Low yesterday 54 temperatures a year ago today Low 60, High 72 River stages Omaha 8.0 no change Nebraska City 9.8 up .2 Rulo 10 2 Down i St Joe 114 Down .2 Atchison 14.5 no change Road at 12 01 . Monday. A spokesman for Parkhurst predicted that 80,000 to 90,000 truckers will participate and said that would be 80 or 90 per cent of All the owner Drivers in the country. Parkhurst was one of the leaders of a truckers shutdown in january and february that sparked violence in some areas Cut truck traffic on major highways and resulted in partial fuel Price rollbacks. An associated press Survey on saturday showed however that most truckers done to support Parkhurst in his new shutdown Call. A this Mike Parkhurst ainu to making truck payments while he a calling for a strike a said a Driver at Cliffy struck Stop in Clarksville ind., just across the Ohio River from Louisville continued on Page 9 graduation edition today along with Atchison merchants the Globe today pays tribute to graduates of schools Here and throughout the Atchison area with its annual graduation edition. Stories concerning commencement exercises to be held during the coming weeks appear in this Issue along with pictures of graduates. Due to space limitations the Globe regrets it was not Able to use All graduation pictures in today a Issue. Those not appearing today will be in subsequent issues. News stories prompted Nixon Ford conference Houston Tex. Apr vice president Gerald r. Ford said saturday that his hour Long conference Friday with president Nixon was arranged after news reports said he had attacked Nixon in a speech. Ford repeated again his beliefs that Nixon is innocent of wrongdoing in watergate and will not resign. Fords remarks came As the presidents daughter and son in Law Julie and David Eisenhower told a White House news conference the president would not resign. She said her father would fight impeachment through a Senate trial a even if there were Only one senator who believed speaking saturday afternoon to a District Republican rally Here Ford said a i am convinced that president Nixon knew nothing of the plan to break in to the watergate and had nothing to do with it. And in my opinion he had nothing to do with the Ford told his Republican audience he fears a a legislative dictatorship if democrats obtain overwhelming congressional strength in this Falls elections. He said that would happen if democrats score major gains As Many predict they will in the aftermath of watergate and produce a veto proof Congress. Ford told the group which half filled a 5,000-seat coliseum i continued on Page 9 a rumours firmly denied by the White House. The commencement address in the University a spacious football stadium was Nixon a first Campus appearance in a year and his first Public appearance since the surge of resignation requests. As the president prepared to depart for Oklahoma the White House stepped up its efforts to counter suggestions that Nixon step Down. The chief executives daughter and son in Law Julie and David Eisenhower held a news conference in the White House East Garden to report that the president had told them Friday night he would a take this contest Down to the Julie said her father was prepared to fight impeachment All the Way through a Senate trial a if Only one senator believes in asked whether there were any circumstances which would bring Nixon a resignation Law student Eisenhower responded a no absolutely when that same question had continued on Page la policemen overpower hijackers Bogota Colombia apr led by a Relief Pilot and a policeman who used karate blows police stormed a colombian Airliner saturday at the Bogota Airport and recaptured it from hijackers who had held it for 16 hours. Witnesses said shots were fired and authorities reported two hijackers killed one captured and 14 passengers wounded. Police said one other Hijacker May have escaped. When the attack was Over authorities said they discovered that the hijackers had Only one old .38-caliber revolver with them. What they had claimed was a bomb was Only an empty can. The remaining among the 86 passengers and six Crew members were believed Safe. Passengers who escaped through an emergency exit during the police attack said among others a stewardess had been wounded and a woman passenger shot in the leg. The hijackers took Over the plane Friday night on a flight from Pereira in Western Colombia to Bogota. They released 26 of the 112 passengers in Bogota then took the plane to Cali too Miles to the West. After an 8 hour Stop there they returned to Pereira 200 Miles Southwest of Bogota and returned to the capital again. The hijackers initially demanded to go to Cuba then demanded $300,000 in Exchange for the 92 persons still aboard. But the airline and government said they would not negotiate and police ordered the attack. The attack came just after the refusal to pay the Ransom. The hijackers apparently decided to Fly out of Colombia. A chs stage band members will perform at a Benefit a Spring fling tuesday at 8 . In the school gym at Effingham to raise funds for new band uniforms. In front from left Are Donna Oswald Susan Sternsdorff Elizabeth Hawk Janelle Coder Diane Todd Rachael sheeley Diane Nottingham Peggy Taliaferro and Jackie Harden. In the second Row Are Sharon Kelly Peggy Nichols Susan Hawk Daryl Bashor Mike Woodward David Nieman Kathy Hawk Richard Wagner Coleen Kidwell and Penny Pike. In the Back Are Greg Wagner Lisa Gigstad Cindy Gigstad Russell Botkin Mike Dooley Jim Pike and David Todd. Kansas impeachment history by Elon Torrence associated press writer Topeka Kan. Apr Kansas was taking the first halting Steps of statehood when its gravest impeachment crisis broke. In 1862, less than 13 months after Kansas became a state the House of representatives adopted a Resolution formally impeaching gov. Charles Robinson Secretary of state John w. Robinson and state auditor George s. Hillyer. Trial before the state Senate began in june for the three officials. Secretary of state Robinson and Hillyer were convicted gov. Robinson was acquitted. Since that Early Day wholesale impeachment Effort the procedure has been Seldom used in Kansas and there have been no More convictions. In 1874, state treasurer Josiah Hayes was impeached but he resigned before he could be tried. Theodosius Botkin judge of a District comprising six counties in Southwest Kansas was in Crossroads report reached in 1891, but was acquitted. The last impeachment trials in Kansas were 40 years ago an outgrowth of the infamous Finney Bond scandal. At that time atty. Gen. Roland Boynton and state auditor will French both were impeached but won acquittals. Then gov. Alf m. Landon moved quickly to protect the states finances and to uncover any wrongdoing even ordering National guard troops into the state treasurers office. The treasurer Tom Boyd resigned in time to avoid impeachment. He later was convicted and sentenced to prison. Boynton was impeached nov. 25, 1933, on four articles by votes ranging from 87-19 to 93-3. Impeachment of French followed on nov. 28. The Senate tried Boynton first starting Jan. 28, 1934 and continuing through Jan. 25. With 27 votes required for conviction tallies on the four articles of impeachment were 16-24, 22-18, 5-35, and 19-21. Trial of French started Jan. 25 and extended through feb. 6. The vote on the Only articles on which French was tried was 18 22. The 1862 impeachments were in connection with an earlier Bond scandal. Secretary of state Robinson no relation to the governor had been empowered with gov. Robinson and auditor Hillyer to sell $150,000 in state Bonds at not less than 70 per cent of Par value. It was charged that Secretary of state Robinson entered into a contract with one Robert Stevens that Stevens sold $87,000 of the Bonds to the . Department of Interior for 85 per cent of Par value while paying Kansas Only 60 per cent of Par value. Hillyer was charged with helping contract with Stevens. The governor was charged with conspiracy and with approving the Sale of the Bonds. With 17 votes required for conviction both Secretary of state Robinson and Hillyer were convicted on 17-4 ballots. Governor Robinson won a continued on Page la Syria. Accompanied by it. Gen. Mordechai Gur the israeli chief of staff Kissinger a aides Joseph j. Sisco and Harold d. Saunders flew by helicopter to the Northern israeli Airstrip then drove to the gutted Golan Heights provincial capital of Qun Eitra. Sisco undersecretary of state for political affairs and Saunders the top Middle East specialist on the National Security Council also toured three Hills overlooking israeli farming communities near the abandoned town. Israel is reluctant to yield the Hills As part of a separation of forces agreement. The military command said that fighting continued As the two americans visited the area but there were no reports of Battles in the immediate Vicinity and it was not known if Sisco and Saur Der could hear the action. They reported to Kissinger after their four hour inspection. Israel is willing to give up at least part of Qun Eitra to u n. Control but is said to balk at leaving the Hills which provide a defensive screen for the settlements. Qun Eitra was abandoned by its 35,000 civilians and captured by the israelis in the 1967 War. In Damascus the newspaper of the ruling syrian baath party also reflected the importance of Kissinger a next round of talks with the israelis and syrian president Hafez Assad on sunday. Its Banner headline quoted by Israel radio read a decisive 24 hours. Disengagement or total Kissinger spent part of saturday resting in his hotel room. The rest was so unusual for Kissinger that rumours began w watershed auction nets $7,500 a $7,500 bid from mrs. Bernice Hisle 710 parallel Street for a House at 302 North eighth Street was accepted yesterday in a special auction for watershed District 26. Mrs. Hisle said yesterday she purchased the Home donated to the watershed District late last year by Gen. Ret a d. Warnock for her Mother mrs. Albert Jones sugar Lake. Both women and a number of other individuals attended the auction. City officials reported that the $7,500 bid for the House and property should be acceptable to White Clay brewery Creek watershed District 26 which reserved the right to reject any and All bids. Rod Dierking and Bob Staley conducted the Brief auction yesterday afternoon for the watershed District. City Hall reported Friday that around 35 persons visited and inspected the House during a open House hours on tuesday and wednesday of last week. Prospective bidders were also Given an Opportunity to inspect the House yesterday prior to the Start of the auction. Mrs. Hisle is expected to Complete paperwork on the House and property Early this week. A to per cent Down payment was due at the end of the auction and the balance is due when Merchantable title is furnished by the watershed District. Vinyl Chloride leaks cause some concern new York apr More than 200 million pounds of Vinyl Chloride escapes into the atmosphere each year from United states manufacturing plants an environmental Protection Agency scientist said saturday. Nineteen cases of a rare liver cancer Angi Sarcoma 13 of them in the United states have been discovered in workers exposed to Vinyl Chloride a chem favor slow steady growth dear editor i see where the . Postal service is spending a wad of Money to teach third fourth and fifth Grade kids How to Send mail. Which seems a Little Peculiar right when the uses is already swamped with so much business that they stay one to three weeks behind in delivering same. In fact to the simple non uses mind it looks like this Money for education could be better spent on teaching its management How to get mail delivered half As fast As the old political postal system did 30 years ago. D e. Scott Crossroads a. A statistical summary of the town Hall citizen questionnaire w As made Public during last weeks meeting at the american legion Home. The summary gave percentage results to specific questions about economic growth population housing development expansion of tax base and City government. In general the 985 respondents favored slow steady growth a City population in a 15,000-20,000 Range More single family Homes new Industry and More citizen in put into local government. Or. Frank Carpinelli an organizer of the town Hall series on Community concerns and goals said that nearly 30 per cent of those polled through the Atchison City water works Billing system returned completed questionnaires and some attached additional sheets to make comment on the City a potential. Of the total 377 questionnaires were received from those 60 years of age and older 337 from persons 40 to 59 years of age 214 from the 25 to 39 age group and 57 answer sheets were turned in by those Between 18 and 24 years of age. There was some agreement Between the four age groups on several suggested answers and divergence on others. For instance a majority in a Quot four group favored the slow steady growth idea but there was some difference of opinion on where new housing units should be located fifty four per cent of those responding wanted slow steady growth 28 per cent Felt growth would continue at its present level seven per cent endorsed rapid economic growth and six per cent said the Community would decline. Most agreed that single family units in town would be most desired but the younger age groups were very receptive to suburb planning while some of the older generation wanted More renovations in town and downtown apartments. Overall the housing options were ranked in the following manner from most preferred to least single family units in town renovations in town new suburbs townhouses duplexes downtown apartments and no change in the housing picture. Nearly 70 per cent of the respondents wanted to see an increase in the City population from its current 12,500 level. The 17. Mix to 20, xxx was most preferred and this was continued on Page la ical widely used in plastics. Liver damage has been discovered in a Small number of workers using the plastic polyvinyl Chloride in making floor tiles. Polyvinyl Chloride is used in a wide Range of products. The food and drug administration and the Epa recently recalled several dozen aerosol products in which Vinyl Chloride was used As a propellant. Or. Glenn Schweitzer director of the office of toxic substances of the Epa discussed a environmental concern beyond the workplace a at a special scientific meeting in response to the recent discovery of the rare liver cancers. A. There is no doubt a or. Schweitzer said a that in the United states substantial amounts of Vinyl Chloride a probably exceeding 200 million pounds annually a and Large quantities of polyvinyl Chloride probably exceeding 50 million pounds Are being discharged into the environment during the polyvinyl Chloride production a most of the Vinyl Chloride escapes directly into the atmosphere As air emissions with lesser amounts dissolved in water effluent streams and entrapped in sludge and solid wastes. Polyvinyl Chloride losses occur As particulates in air continued on Page la the Best buy is a Globe want and to buy sell or rent. Pm. 367-0583 for and takers adv

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