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Atchison Sunday Globe Newspaper Archives Jul 28 1968, Page 2

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Atchison Sunday Globe (Newspaper) - July 28, 1968, Atchison, Kansas 2 Atchison Globe a sunday july 28, 1968 time against Russia in scrap with czechoslovakian regime by Henry s. Bradsher despite apparently solid popular associated press writer support for the czechoslovak Moscow a time is party chief Alexander Dubcek Nom running against the soviet and denial of rumours that his Chian in its confrontation with party High command had out Czechoslovakia but the clock voted him May Sui be timed Back by lied tilt for moment Drar army tanks. Of its crl#1, Hgt Sailor de t ,0 do. Soviet delay in forcing a showdown with Prague leaders Over their Defiance of Kremlin orders had an original purpose the russian were willing to go a elopement of a unified Public opposition in Czechoslovakia to soviet domination. Nationalism that powerful slow in Hope that their mounting Force hich Joseph Stalin tried pressure against Prague s Liber to eradicate from his East equalization course would split the mean satellites has been Fos leaders there and win accept Herod in Czechoslovakia by the Ance of re Ste i intention without soviet press Campaign the use of Force the pressure May yet do that the More intense die attack has grown the More openly determined the Public opinion makers of Czechoslovakia have become to resist. The greater the soviet military preparations troops camped just across the East German and polish Borders reserves called up just across the soviet Borders the mire concerned but also the More calmly decisions is characteristic of the soviet a collective leadership Quot that succeeded Nikita a Khrushchev s personal Rule four years ago. Indecision has become almost paralysing in some Fields handicapping economic planning in particular. State police Ohio marchers in addition to Cleveland included police from departments in Cincinnati Akron Columbus the Cleveland suburbs and the Chio Highway patrol City councilmen led by Council president James a Stanton also were in the procession. Mayor Stokes sat with members of his Cabinet at the front of the Cathedral for the one4iour mass celebrated by the it Rev msgr James Quinn vice Chancellor of the Cleveland Catholic diocese bodies of the slain officers were at amoral Homes in their neighbourhoods a this in Humble gratitude that do you remember when i this Case it might be Moro calmly Cairney by disagreement among we pay tribute to a Jones. Wolff defiant have become the people members of the collective and monk.,&Quot said msgr Quinn leadership Quot Over using Force to crush czechoslovak liberalization. Of Prague the situation suggests hesitancy in the Kremlin to Deal with the situation in the Way that soviet statements make Clear will be done if necessary Send the tanks he is fancy about the big Tough there have been Many indications that Premier Alexei n. Kosygin would like to find an easier Way out. Huh being pressured for decision on ballot mate by Jack Bellap political writer Washington a a month before he even knows whether he will be the demo to nominees. Smashed nose police thief William Johnson said Mary i be Taylor 26, of grand rapids was hit by a Shotgun Pellet in the upper left Arm As police fired to thwart the attempted firebombing of a gov John Connelly of Texas second lumberyard who obviously would like to Fol previously die lumberyard of Low the footsteps of John Nance the Niagara lamber co had gamer and Lyndon b. Johnson been torched and destroyed. In his Eulogy a we Are grateful for their dedication to god and their fellow Man they Are heroes just Ordinary Guys who pledged their lives their fortunes their Honor to protect human rights human dignity and to secure Law and order that Are the True measures of human Freedom Quot As the mass was about to begin Fred Ahmed Evans a Black nationalist who surrendered to police at the scene of the sniper attack was appear. Big in municipal court on three in Eland Ohio a fir8tkjegree murder charges in three Cleveland policemen connection a Al tel killings of slain by sniper bullets on the riot victims eulogized in Cleveland first Grade pupils at sacred heart school posed for this picture on the front Steps of the Church in the Early 1920s, mrs Vivian Lutz 922 North fourth Street submitted the picture to the Globe and was a member of the class. She is third from left in the second Row Sailor suit. Mrs Lutz says she can to recall the names of the majority but that Many Are still residents of Atchison. Cratic presidential nominee As a vice presidential nominee vice president Hubert h. Humphrey is being pressured from two directions on the Choice of a running mate. The self propelled exit of son Edward m. A Ted Quot Kennedy of Massachusetts from consideration for the no 2 spot seems to Haw foreclosed one Choice it might Haw been relate Way easy for the vice president to make Kennedy represented a number of political assets that some influential men in the party make Clear they think Humphrey May need to defeat the Republican Nom Blee in novo in Ber by particular the Kennedy name has its own magic with the negro voter and among lower income Whites As Well As with Liberal intellectuals Humphrey has been a Pion of these elements past. Hut seemingly Many of them can t Forgit him for being Loyal to president Johnson on the Vietnam War so they threaten to Greet his Likely presidential nomination with apathy if not open hostility. While he has not gone As far As his brother Robert did Ted Kennedy represents a dissent to from Texas has been seeking to stir up sentiment for a Humphrey Southeimer ticket Connall said he and five other Southern governors told miss Taylor was among to negro adults and two juveniles arrested miss Taylor charged with attempted arson stood mute when arraigned saturday Hor Bond City s East Side tuesday night were eulogized at a memorial mass saturday As a just Ordinary Guys who pledged their lives to protect human right it charges. The policemen Evans 37, asked for a preliminary hearing and his Case was continued to aug 7, by judge Ray c. Miller he is held on the murder Humphrey at a conference in was Sot at $15,000 and Examina Cincinnati earlier last week that Tion scheduled for aug 13, they think the vice president Edwina k. Thomas 36 and ought to choose a someone More also of grand rapids was moderate than you Quot for second charged with attempted arson place on Tho ticket and Alwo with felonious assault How party leaders think at which police said resulted from this Point that Humphrey could her attempts to run them Down a Ford to Gamble on any such with an automobile Mio also Southern strategy. Others be stood mute. Her Bond was set at hew the election is going to be $20,000, won in the ton largest Industrial Molino Ann Metz 20, of grand states. Rapids stood mute to a charge they see Connally or any of attempting to Burn and was other Sou toe in running mate ordered he id under $10,000 Bond As a sea Anchor which would be three others were charged Calm the vice president in the with felonious assault three Cham turbulent Waters where Tho Bat with disorderly conduct and one in Tho tie with the Republican nominee with Drunken driving. Just before the requiem mass at St John Cathedral mayor Carl a Stokes announced the easing of emergency measures taken to Deal with racial unrest police said Hallel Jones 29, a Black nationalist associate of Evans was arrested Early saturday for curfew violation u j my Jones formerly employed in the touched of by the sniper attack. Cloy station department questioned in connection with carrying a concealed weapon. Will be decided. Violence flares in grand rapids grand rapids Mich. Api Che policeman and a fireman were injured in the flare up which entered generally along a four Block stretch of Franklin Street by this City of 202,000 in Western Ixia or Michigan seven negroes also were killed by the shootings to the Glenville area i to Ting and arson which followed the Battle Between police miss 1500113 Higley who had and snipers have tapered coff is the new accounts and info and mayor Stokes lifted the cur mation desk at the Exchange few which had been imposed on National Bank returns to work the troubled area for two nights tomorrow following a vacation. Police who had been working four Leavenworth youths 12-hour shifts returned to regu have been bound Over for trial in District court there on charges of felonious assault with a deadly weapon in connection with the stabbing on a scattered Rock throwing con the Vietnam Nar policy. By Unsod in a a a Redoll. Mrs. Leo Beilis 1614 country i a duty hours and 1,200 National guardsmen left the City. About 1,500 guardsmen remained on a standby basis. Some 400policemen, including july to of John Lemke 17, and seven out of a Tate delegations another boy near the Immanu marched from the mall at the late Conception Church where a Center of the City to the Cathe youth dance was being held. Dral for the services for the Lemke is a Nephew of it. Gil Ellree White officers it Leroy Bert Lemke of the Atchison to miss Nancy Beilis of Kansas Jonws 47, and patrolmen we lice. The Lemke boy who was City is spending the weekend Bird Wolff 30, and Louis Golon in serious condition for two Days Here with her parents or. And a 37, at the University of Kansas the solemn procession led by medical Center in Kansas City Pic big him As a running mate in nth is negro Section of South club Road Nancy is now pm police chief Michael Blackwell after having been stabbed inthe Humphrey could have signalled oa8tern rapids where ploy cd in the offices of the was escorted by a motorcycle Chest and Back was one of three his willingness to deviate from the Johnson policies without actually Makeig what to him could be a repugnant commitment Humphrey s obvious acceptance of Kennedy s withdrawal As final leaves the vice president searching for a viable substitute who can help awaken the apparently uninterested voters in the big City slums and industrialized states. There seems no name candidate immediately available on this front although some democratic governors and other officials who have been involved in the Antipoverty Battle reportedly Are eager to Volunteer cd the other Side of the Coin Humphrey is under pressure to team with a conservative who would be calculated to weaken the Appeal of former gov George c. Wallace of Alabama a third Clarty candidate who Hopes to deny an electoral cold lege majority to the major Par a a a a a a a a a a Atchison sunday Globe inc. Publish hum Sishc. Paul Alf Ca. It a in Marv r y bied Marti <1 by i by Alc h Ith or p a p in it a i 911-19$i saturday a t c a pin editor h. Publisher managing Filiti it a adv. Mun Unet i Iriqui it i it a manager fur be business de up Rumi to rep livery i Sundus. R Phi Dull by City one Cin Elution Ephone pm 7-0x8 to Irreg a Lafity in de pm 7.osu i before before am. Air if r of of Chi i Al e e k 4 a Mac Kipton Kates by mull Doniphan by it a Jefferson unties in Kansas Platte i Oun Tir s in in at c Hisun n err us a j Ai it Leven Orth it bul Hanun and i s sour. One year $11.00 three m in nth i int h $4.so by mail outside of above i it one year i too Sis months one month $1.7 $ .00 int in $.00 eight White persons were Kansas it Power and Light dragged from cars and beaten a in a starting her new Job Friday night in what police said last. Week or resigning a wore assaults by negroes on pm so on she held at hallmark passing motorists. Several persons were arrested and charged in connection with the disturbances. Police it James Hendricks said however the situation had not been serious since 7 am and described saturday s incidents As minor and scattered a generally Quot he said a things Are pretty quiet Quot at the same time Hendricks said authorities were hoping a forecast of rain would pan out and Dampen tempers he described the late tiday and Early saturday assaults As spontaneous with attacks being carried out by groups of negroes ranging from five to 30 or 40, he added that police had no idea what might have triggered them Woof the most seriously injured were army it col Carl a Johnson recently returned from Vietnam and his wife Natalie both of whom required surgery Edsel Johnson the colonel s brother said he and his wife Esther the colonel and the i attorn wife had just turned off an expressway into the disturbance area when 20 to 30 persons stepped into the Street and halted his car a i should have run them Over Quot he bitterly told a reporter saturday a but Quot his wife added a the stopped so none of them would get killed Quot mrs Edsel Johnson said the men swarmed around their car breaking windows and then beating the passengers with rocks and Sticks with women later stepping Forward to Rob them of wallets purses and jewelry. She said the Johnsons had no idea a disturbance was to Progress when they turned into the area. Squad and mounted police witnesses who testified at pre in Tho March were policemen luminary hearings for the four from Boston Buffalo Chicago youths in Leavenworth. The four Birmingham Ala Gary hid Are being held in Leavenworth Detroit and the Pennsylvania county jail under $5,000 Bond. Charges red plot in milk slaying Memphis term apr Arthurj Janes James Earl Ray s defense lawyer told newsmen saturday an International communist conspiracy was involved in the slaying of or Martin Luther King or Hanes said that immediately after King was assassinated Here april 4, . Atty Gen Ramsey Clark called the slaying a one Man Job. Ray is charged with murder in the death a but gentlemen Quot Hanes said a i am Here to Tell you right now that in my judgment the attorney general of the United states is too per cent wrong. There is a giant conspiracy Here and my client is being used by the conspiracy Quot Hanes did not elaborate except to say that he had this information from a reliable source and that it All would come out at Ray s trial next november sneaking at an Impromptu news conference Hanes also assailed what he called a Lack of privacy for his client and an invasion of his rights since his arrest in London june 8 and his return Here. And Hanes told of threats against his own family a i definitely feel that my clients rights Are being trampled and his privacy invaded while i think Midriff William n. Morris and his people Are trying to protect my clients political rights they Are at the same time trampling his individual rights Quot referring to the closed circuit television that monitors Ray in his jail cell the former Birmingham mayor said a neither my client nor i like the idea of cameras being focused on him 24 hours a Day he has to hide his head under a Pillow in order to get any sleep he even has the evil Eye of a camera on him when he uses the bathroom a a furthermore when i was there yesterday i went to use the bathroom and i go on to. Gentlemen this in my opinion is an invasion of his privacy and it is hurting his health because he can t sleep with cameras blazing on him. Gentlemen this is cruel Quot Hanes said threats had been made against him his family his Secretary and maid two Memphis policemen accompanied the lawyer the entire time he was in Memphis from his arrival Friday morning until his saturday departure. Funeral services for miss Pearl Prim 84, route 3, a lifelong resident of Atchison county will be held at 2 . Today at the Stanton Chapel with the Rev. Kenneth Mcgehee officiating. Burial will be in the it. Vernon cemetery. Miss Prim who had lived on the Prim farm Southwest of Atchison All of her life died thursday at the Atchison Hospital after an extended illness. Junior Hoffman reported that he got 1.10 inches of rain at his farm South of Effingham thursday afternoon and Friday morning. Fresh homemade Candy mints amp nuts for party treats a chocolates Bon Bons a fudges nut clusters open 9 to 5 Henry Nestler Candy 1535 n. pm 7-1860 Mark Buckley son of Harvey Buckley Globe advertising manager is a patient at the Atchison Hospital where he is being treated for an ear infection. Or. And mrs. Bill Lynn 410 a Kearney Street celebrated i their 10th wedding anniversary a Friday. Or. And mrs. David banker of and son Steven 302 North fourth f Street recently returned from Fairfield Calif., where they j visited her sister. Vacation notice our mfg. Plant will be closed from August 2nd to August 19th for our employees vacations. This also includes our gift is retail stat Ion Ery store. Please Check your needs now the Lockwood co., inc. 125 North 5th St. pm Iii i f and Good monday tuesday wednesday a til noon All beef no waste Steak ettes Only spiced luncheon meat granulated 5 la. Bag fourteen upper class members of the University of Kansas summer repertory company relax in a mood fitting the four a cavalcade of comedy Quot productions they re presenting during july from left front Connie Stachowiak Lawrence Bill Meikel Lawrence Irene Ballinger Shawnee Mission Raymond a puff Quot Bailey 421 parallel Atchison and Bill Ramsey Oswego from left Back John Young Shawnee Mission Ron Shull Haven Diane Haegelin 301 Riley Atchison Mike rapport Pasadena Calif. Evie Masterson Paola Lance Hewett Topeka Sheila Maynard Butte Mont. Lucy Courtright Kansas City to. And Holmes Osborne Bates City to. Not pictured Kathy Melcher Newton and Mike Fisher photo. I i with $5 Purchase a excl. Tobacco and i Dairy i i Tropicana Orange drink $1 qts. Always Good canned pop into second Alibi son i a b Kansas. Postage paid published by Tbs Globe publishing co., 101s-2s main St., Atchison Kansas bti002 member of tue associate id press the associated press is entitled exclusively to the use for republication of All the local be s printed in this newspaper As Well As All a news dispatches. The Johnsons finally were rescued by police and All taken to a Hospital. Hie Edsel Johnsons were Able to leave after treatment col Johnson suffered severe lacerations his wife a thrilling moment i Gifu red Forter a but fut Fogler studio 730 Kansas pm 7-0191 closing for vacation saturday Nile August 10th open again monday August 26th Ball Bros. Drug food King whole unpeeled j 4k apricots _. 4 a a i All brands m Coffee ova i Tay Stee a a bread _. 5 Ojo i 12 12 of. Cans $1 733 commercial pm 7-0332 Skyway Sukumar Ket a we Reserve the right to. Limit quantities and Good Al. Monday tuesday wednesday july 28-29-30

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