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Atchison Sunday Globe Newspaper Archives Jul 28 1968, Page 1

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Atchison Sunday Globe (Newspaper) - July 28, 1968, Atchison, Kansas Nixon Rockefeller Camps each by Walter h. Mears and Republican National the unfinished Rostrum chatted for his Man on the first Convene associated press writer chairman Ray a Bliss toured with workmen ton ballot he said Nixon s Dele Miami reach a. Of a the noisy Hall where on aug 5 the seats still Are going in ate strength already is Well be amid the Din of Hammer and the gop National convention the platforms still being erected Pond the 667 delegates it will saw in an unfinished convention will open to write a platform at the Miami Beach convention take to name a presidential Hall champions of Richard m. And choose a nominee for the Hall nominee Nixon and Nelson a. Rockefell White House Nixon s convention floor Man a we re somewhere in the Ler traded claims saturday Bliss checked seats on the Ager rep Rogers c. A Morton neighbourhood of 60 per cent of about presidential nominating convention floor stood with of Mary land stood beside a pile All the delegates Quot Morton said strength Florida gov Clauder Kirk at of lumber and forecast Victory a i think Well win on the first claim their Man front runner ballot Quot a and that Rockefeller and Call four papers outlining his views candidacy but has been talking but Kirk who supports Rock Fomia gov Ronald Reagan Are on Campaign issues including with convention delegations is Feller for the nomination Dis the men to watch. Vietnam policy he has been is to appear before the platform muted that assessment a i think the first order of convention Lent on that topic for months committee wednesday they Are Short of the Mark and business is monday s opening of nor is Rockefeller now ached one potentially troublesome falling Back Quot Kirk said hearings on a Republican plat used to appear. Pennsylvania Issue loomed for the convention he claimed that Nixon is Var form a spokesman said Nixon gov Raymond a safer is sex credentials committee which tally out of the running de did not plan a personal appear pet Edo speak for him on plat spite the former vice president s Ance at the platform sessions form matters continued on past 4 hefty Lead in Delegate strength but would submit a series of Reagan who disclaims Active terrorism in thai2 More yank planes Atchison is Iii. In. Per copy Atchison Kansas sunday july 28, 1968 26-pages Globe ninety first year 27763 Saigon afo a two More american planes have been lost in the air War Over North Vietnam raising to 872 the total of us. Aircraft lost in combat there la a delayed report . Spokesmen said a Navy f4 phantom and a Marine a6 intruder were downed by enemy ground fire in North Vietnam s Panhandle thursday three of the four Crew members Are listed As missing and a fourth was rescued after surviving 20 hours in enemy territory maj Curtis Lawson 37, of Siaron a the intruder Pilot parachuted into a North vietnamese antiaircraft Battery he hid in a River and directed air strikes against the enemy guns until they were silenced and a Rescue helicopter was Able to reach him . B52 bombers flew seven missions Friday and saturday hitting enemy Supply routes and troop concentrations near the cambodian Border North of Saigon and the northernmost 1st corps area i Thailand american officials were expecting More terrorist attacks on the seven . Bases there following Friday s raid by red guerrillas on the worn air base a thai guard was killed four americans were wounded and two aircraft were wrecked in the hour Long Battle . Intelligence officers expect future attacks to be Low level harassment raids posing no genuine military threat. However airmen have been issued full combat gear and m16 rifles and base Security forces have been placed on full Alert military spokesmen believe the thai guerrillas Are getting their orders from Hanoi there was no news of the three american fliers released to an american peace committee in Hanoi More than a week ago twice they had been expected to leave North Vietnam on the regular Friday International control commission flights but they did not arrive in Vientiane Laos either time. The american military command said saturday it would release several North vietnamese prisoners when the three fliers return to the whited states last March the . Command released three captured seamen following the release in february of three american pilots the seamen were among 19 captured by . Ships in the Tonkin Gulf in july 1966, and presumably three More seamen will be set free in response to the latest prisoner release. One Way of getting into debt trying to keep up with those who already Are riots commission disorders justified not condoned by Martha Cole associated press writer Washington a riots Are justified by most negroes but they Are not recommended to Kan area weaker to dissolve Industrial from the City a roughly a third of the White population in the 15 cities viewed riots As protests against real grievances one third pm a Quot Pha sized what they called their this was one of the state criminal or conspiratorial Char ments in three surveys released actor and the rest viewed them saturday by the National adv in combinations of those two Sory commission on civil dior Points Dors the commission headed by the surveys were made by in then gov Otto Kemer of ii dependent groups and published not was appointed by Tyesi without comment by the com Dent Johnson to study the riots Mission two Chlorede negro which hit american cities last and White attitudes in 15 Ameri year i a report last March i can cities. The third set out a the commission said the nation profile of participants in the was moving toward two separate 1967 disorders but unequal societies one Black among their statements one White a the negro mass is far less the commission appointed revolutionary in its Outlook than for a year goes out of existence its More militant spokes men a next monday the great majority do not pro the surveys made earlier this pose to withdraw from Ameri year included cities that had Ca they want equal status in it riots in 1967 and some that had a about 8 per cent of the be none they were Baltimore Gro residents in the 1967 riot Boston Chicago Cincinnati areas on the average Partick Cleveland Detroit Gary Mil Cloudy and mild with High to Giroud Hgt Pate Ltd 111 Borders to Waukee Newark Brooklyn Day mid 80s. Rioters i per cent were from Legal opinions leading toward out of state 4 per cent from out continued on Page 4 Kansas partly Cloudy and dissolution of Atchison Indus Side the City and 95 per cent mild with possible showers trial development association Quot Quot 1&Quot 1 1 Quot Southwest spreading West and and the return of $12,000 to the a a Central tomorrow High today in City will be sought from sen. Chi Kai i a 80s. Steadman Ball lawyer for the a in Uoc Wui Ici in Vii a Ufa Missouri fair and cooler group upon his return from turning a Little warmer Tomor Estes Park colo., where he is f o a i a. A Row High today in 80s. Attending a Myca officials i 3 to i s i 16 ii oud meeting. Rainfall .55 of an Inch. Officials of a. I. Do a meeting Washington a a cling top civilian officials in total for july 3.35 inches. Friday at the chamber of com House Senate committee has the Pentagon in his testimony Normal for july 3.52 inches Merce office discussed meth sided with vice adm Hyman g. Before congressional commit total for 1968 16.24 inches ods of concluding the affairs of Rickover in his Battle with the tees corporation and voted the Pentagon to build a new super the atomic Energy committee temperature barometric temporary re election of pres quiet submarine. Comments accompanied release pressure humidity and Widdi ent officers. The joint committee on Ofa censored transcript of Testi Section and velocity readings president Chet Keating re atomic Energy said saturday Mony at a closed session june furnished by Atchison Cable ported a $3,500 time Deposit no valid reason has been offered 21 in which Rickover lashed out vision inc., weather Channel certificate had matured and the for a Pentagon halt in spending again at repeated Pentagon thermometer readings Money deposited in the Assoc for the sub two months ago and studies and said Quot the depart 2 . ,�?�.�?� 86 action s account. The present urged that All Barrier to its ment of defense has become a 3 . �?��?�.�?�.,�?� 86 balance is $3,856,40, Keating construction be removed huge Thicket which stops Deci pm. A a a 88 sad and a second certificate Secretary of defense Clark m. Sions Quot 5 .86 for $8,500 is due to mature aug. Clifford announced july i that the House Senate panel As 8 pm .88 2� the Pentagon would proceed sorted a your department of de 7 . �?��?�.�?� 4 Cit manage Thomas e. With plans to build anew High sense has grossly under Stem a 8 .82 Muehlenbeck on june 13 re Speed submarine. But he said de the rate at which the soviets 9 . 80 Quested that the Money being the quiet sub still is under Are improving their nuclear Low yesterday morning 69 held by a. I. D. Be returned to study. Submarines Quot it called for temperatures a year ago today. Clifford rebuked Rickover Low 62, High 84 rainfall .30 of continued on Page 9 without naming him for critic continued on Page 4 a Inch. It barometer. 30.2 steady humidity.70% 0-3 Crossroads report dear editor some negro americans tend to get very bitter when they think about How Whitey brought their forebears to this country 300 years ago As slaves. But my what if neighbor says they had ought to be thankful these ancestors got that free ride to America even if they did have to go to work in its one Yards for their keep. A after All he reminds if they had been left alone these descendants of theirs who Are griping for More free color tvs and split level houses might be living in Africa right now killing and eating their neighbors and vice versa. . Scott Crossroads .a. Dubcek reaffirms czech intention to defy user Prague apr czech Oslo under severe soviet attack an ident and party chairman Alco Varia s communist party chief Alexander Dubcek acknowledged saturday night that there Are a anti socialist tendencies and some anti Coyiet invectives official statement distributed Lac Ceausescu is expected in by the news Agency ctr said Prague thursday for signing of Prchlik a views a Donot a Rass a new Friendship treaty the official standpoint Quot another staunch supporter of ctr sometime after trans the czechoslovak president and moods Quot in his country but riffing the official statement Tito of Yugoslavia is Likely to suggested they did not give the soviet Union the right to threaten intervention Dubcek s mild and Low key statement perhaps an attempt to set the tone for meetings next week Between soviet communist leaders and Prague s re announced that it was a Zembar follow him into Prague a few Geed until further notice a Days later. There was no explanation but the Agency said the embargo might be lifted sunday Dubcek talking about the coming showdown talks with the soviets told a nationwide a i am convinced tint our friends will understand even if not at once that the czechoslovak socialist regeneration process does not threaten the interests of the socialist com my formers predicted the talks broadcast audience a i believe Nisi countries Quot Dubcek said in rain boosts Corn crop River stages Omaha 8.4 Down 0.1. Nebraska City 9.5 Down 0.2. Rulo 10.9 no change. St. Joe 11,7 no change. Atchison 14.73 no change. Leavenworth 10.8 Down 0.1. George lets Globe do it this is a switch and the letter below tells about the results from a Globe want and. Of it is any satisfaction i received 8 Calls thursday 9 on Friday was t available saturday4 Calls on sunday morning and a number of people have been in to see me. A i ran this same and in the Kansas City Star and times two weeks prior on thursday Frida and saturday and received 2 Calls. A it was a pleasure to do business with you. A thanks George so when you want results for Low Cost to sell Trade or buy use. Globe want ads i my i 4 my 1 \ Simi i Ai action due on ordinance for Goodrich store first Reading of an ordinance for a use change in the zoning ordinances to permit a new . Goodrich co. Store to locate at 623-625 commercial Street will be held at the regular meeting of the City commission at City Hall at 4 30 . Tomorrow. The commission voted 2-1 last week to permit . Webb to construct a one Story building on the site which has been vacant since a fire destroyed Webb a Gamble store there in april 1966. The amending ordinance provides for the mounting or repair of tires or installation of batteries within the d3 Central shopping District. Also scheduled for action tomorrow is a series of ordinances and resolutions pertaining to the refunding of a $450,-000 tent ovary note due aug. I 1968, in connection with construction of the Cut and cover conduit on main Street. The note was issued two years ago for the flood Protection project. A Resolution is also scheduled to authorize the City to expend funds amounting to $100,000 for additional costs in connection with the Cut and cover project. First and second Reading will be held on the ordinance for refunding the $450,000 note and also on an ordinance providing funds of $100,000 in connection with construction of the new water intake for the Atchison City water works inc. The intake is to be located on the Missouri River Bank on River Road continued on Page 4 i it min will contribute to a gradual removal of the in charities which have shown in our Mutual relations Quot it was accompanied by an apparent new gesture of Good will toward the soviet la Ion formal censure of it Gen Vaclav that the idea of International a television address ism on which we have based a on the contrary it is the our relations with the soviet Only possible Way to make our people will come out cleaned Republic a really solid part of and strengthened in the end Quot Dubcek broke into a smile when he was handed before the television camera a pile of Pap Prchlik for urging that other ors with20,000 signatures Back communist nations have an ing his Liberal course equal voice with the soviet us sponsors Hope to collect Sev Ion in running the Warsaw pact Hundred thousand signs Prchlik was removed from his Tures before the crucial meeting repression Quot would crush conf Post As the top czechoslovak of soviet and czechoslovak Par Donee in the nation s comm communist party Security off to leaders Cor thursday Ormed sources reported Prchlik a Liberal had come meanwhile that romanian pres the socialist establishment and to make our Border the most reliable Border of socialism Quot Deputy Premier Ota Sik cautioned the russians earlier in the Day that a czechoslovak reversion from liberalization to the old regime of a fear and continued on Page 4 Bill Avery seeks . Senate seat William h. Avery 56, former governor of Kansas and congressman from the second Kansas District which includes Atchison is a candidate for the Republican nomination As u. S. Senator from Kansas at the aug. 6 primary election. Bill Avery is no stranger to Atchison having been a Friend of this Community and the county during the years he served As congressman and later during around the Nek area 4-h hosting businessmen Hiawatha Brown county 4-h families will Host businessmen and their families to a picnic at 6 30 tonight in the Hiawatha City Lake Park at the girl scout shelter House. The picnic is planned to show 4-h appreciation to the men and women who have helped with the various phases of the program. Report no Progress in steel talks Eye Cunic planned Holton the Pilot club of Holton will conduct a free Eye screening clinic from 9 an. To 6 . Aug 3 at the fair building. Mrs. Don Honey project coordinator announced that the purpose of the clinic is to re veal vision difficulties and indicate need for professional care. 50th anniversary Oskaloosa or. And mrs Walter j. Berry former Oskaloosa residents will celebrate continued on Page 4 Pittsburgh a top labor negotiators fighting a wednesday Midnight strike deadline reported saturday they still had not found the key to a settlement in the Basic steel Industry a neither Side has been inflexible in its position so far Quot said United steelworkers president Law. Abel and a Conrad Cooper head of the Industry bar gainers in their first joint statement of the negotiations a we have been attempting to solve our problems and reconcile our divergent views to shorty we have been searching for common ground the basis for settlement the Date we have not found that basis a we continue the search Quot Abel and Cooper denied reports that a 90-cent wage benefits package was on the table. How much had been offered was continued on Page 4 a Quot in j. Or i life giving Rains which fell during the last two weeks caused this literal Jungle of Corn to climb to Heights surpassing seven feet and nearly hide this abandoned farm House West of Atchison. Earlier threatened by a dry spell this Summers Corn soybean and Milo crops Promise to be the Best the area has had in Many photo. Annual 4-h picnic at Effingham the annual businessmen s picnic will be held tuesday at 7 . At the Effingham City Park with Fried Chicken featured. In Case of rain the event will be held at the sales Pavilion at the Park. A there will be plenty to eat bring your own table service and a Good appetite Quot miss Stella Peltier and Arnold Barber of the county Extension office said. Everyone who is served will be registered. The picnic is provided by 4-h families of the county in appreciation of support to the 4-h program by businessmen of the area. William h. Avery his one term As governor of the state. Major Highway improvements were accomplished or started in Northeast Kansas and this area during his tenure As governor. In tribute to his help to Atchison in Many ways especially during the disasters the City suffered in 1958 and the recovery period following the citizens of the Community held a a gov. William Avery Day Quot Here in april of 1966, honouring governor Avery and his wife Hazel. Born on a farm near Wakefield aug. La 1911, Avery is the son of the late Herman a continued on Page 4 dems hold platform meet gop hearings on monday phone em7-225i for information about Atchison Cablevision s free special to enjoy to channels. Adv. St Louis Afos supporters of the presidential candidacy of sen Eugene a Mccarthy in Minn who feel they have been excluded from the democratic in arty s councils did most of the talking saturday during the first half of a regional hearing conducted by members of the democratic National platform committee the hearing believed to be the first Ever held by the platform committee outside the convention City was conducted by two Missouri committee members Norman Barken of St Louis and mrs Clarence w. Kemper of Clinton r. Walston Chubb state chairman of the Mccarthy for president Campaign other Campaign officials and supporters called repeatedly for an end to the fighting in Vietnam negotiation of a political settlement including the National liberation front which is the political Arm of the wet Cong and eventual withdrawal of american forces from Southeast Asia or Robert Buckhout of the Washington University of Tycho orgy department speaking As a private citizen but wearing a Mccarthy Button went beyond urging a withdrawal from Vietnam. He urged the platform committee to Call for Public hearings on the extent of us. Involvement in Thailand he said further the platform committee should support a no commitment to Aid the government of any foreign nation without prior consultation with the Senate foreign relations committee a the people deserve to consider whether Thailand or any continued on Page 4

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