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Atchison Sunday Globe Newspaper Archives Jul 14 1957, Page 1

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Atchison Sunday Globe (Newspaper) - July 14, 1957, Atchison, Kansas Within seven years nine foot minimum Missouri Channel making the a Wagon wheels go around in preparation for Tharp of the shows decorations. Schedule of events Pool will he hosed Atchison a 1957 aquacade scheduled for August 2, Are from left 1,11 Dav for boating. At ii p and guests will Dine at Kal Haloe unix. Sin rapport. Beverly Blohn. And Karen ll.ndk.-. Is Bijj Pra of a. Queen contestants winding up at the Pool. Anu Queen contest and Lovely a committee As wove seen. Karen is director of the nights Walpur show will Start at the Lions Pool at 7 30 Ashling sue and water show w Ith Beverly As her assistant hath wee and sue Are in Kathalee with decoration planning is artist Walter Yost. A nine a foot minimum navigation Channel in the Missouri River at Atchison will become a reality within seven years if annual fed Era appropriations a a received in the magnitude of those proposed in president Eisenhower s Bud get for fiscal 1958. This information has been received from Brig. Gen. J. L. Person. Assistant chief of engineers for civil works dept. Of the army. In a letter to senator Stuart Symington of Missouri. Brig. Gen. Person said a if annual appropriations Are received in the magnitude of those proposed in the presidents Bud get for 1958. It will be possible to Complete stabilization work on the Missouri River Between the River Mouth and Kansas City by fiscal 1962. Between Kansas City and Omaha by fiscal 1964, and i tween Omaha and Sioux City by fiscal 1967. A the corps of engineers is Eon rident that with completion of the Channel stabilization works on the River and with water Depths augmented by upstream Reservoir releases upon a return to More Normal precipitation in the Missouri Basin concerted efforts will be made by shippers to Avail themselves of water transportation for i bulk Barge lines on other Inland Waterways he said Are closely observing the Success of present Barge operations on the Missouri with the intention of moving into the waterway As soon As they Are confident a suitable Chan i Nel will lie provided and maintain cd. Larger hauls will be possible Over a nine foot Channel than Are now possible Over the present i six foot Channel. Last week Atchison received its first modern Day major shipment via the River a the delivery of $1 million in special purpose machine tools delivered to the storage facility Atchison Cave the history making Barge de livery travelled 1.002 Miles from Bedstone Arsenal Huntsville Ala using the Tennessee Ohio Mississippi and Missouri Rivers. The barges Drew Only three feet of water. A the Mississippi River waterway system of which the Missouri is a part connects the Industrial East and North Central states with the agricultural production and raw materials of the Midwest and the Gulf coast a Brig. Gen. Person observed. A this waterway system has increased in ton a mileage of freight movement from in billion ton Miles in 1946 to 47 Bil a lion ton Miles in 1955. Almost a three fold increase. A Uttie Missouri River from Sioux j City to the Mouth will have a navigable Channel of nine foot i minimum depth for a length of i 763 Miles. This will provide a significant Opportunity for the area to Avail itself of the inherent advantages of Low Cost Barge movement of bulk commodities which in other areas served but the Inland Waterways has Contra buted materially to economic the general said control of the Missouri River Channel and stabilization of the River Banks will provide Protection against erosion to areas totalling Over 1,800.000 acres including 188,000 acres of new land created by contraction of the River into a single Channel it will enhance land values not Only on land adjacent to the River but on practically All land for a distance of approximately 3mi Miles landward of each Bank of the River it will permit construction of levees under the flood control authorization with Assurance that they will not be destroy it by erosive action of the River. Erosion control benefits he said have been accumulating since initiation of stabilization work under the six foot Channel project adopted by Congress in 1912. He estimates that these Bene continued on Page seven Atchison e unday i to it Iii contempt trials Price ten cents Atchison Kansas sunday july 14 1957 22-pages Eightieth year 22741 int it a shame that people often have to move away before they Start bragging about their Home town Arkansas rail mishap Fisherman killed by derailed cars it. Ark. July 13 of split Over continuing arms talk Crossett Ark july 13 five derailed freight cars hurtled 25 feet into the Saline River near Here today killing one Fisherman instantly and injuring three boys. Sheriff b. A. Courson said the dead Man was George Kelly about 50. Of nearby Hamburg. The injured included William Cecil Kelly 12 and George Don Kelly 19, sons of the dead Man and Joseph Lee Kelly. 12. A Nephew. Also of Hamburg. Several fishermen were still unaccounted for in the area underneath the Bridge but Joseph Lee running Short for the in Kelly told a newsman they were not under the Bridge when the lumber filled cars crashed into the River about 9 45 several persons from the fishing Camp in the Remote area near the Stillion Community rescued the three boys. All were reported in a excellent a condition attendants said they were severely it was believe earlier that a wooden trestle had collapsed As the lengthy Rock Island freight train passed of London july 13 time is n. Disarmament subcommittee. With agreements still scant the four Western members Are split Over whether to pursue talks with soviet Russia after aug. I the subcommittee is under or Ders to report to the United nations aug. I on its Progress to l Narm treaty in Neotia junk billion in missile research Congress talks of taking Over Washington july 13 t about a billion dollars Worth of research and other weapons has been scrapped during the last year As Washington july 13 us there has been talk inspired by a recent supreme court decision a of resuming trials by the House or Senate of witnesses who balk at questions from investigating committees. But if Congress Ever seriously considers taking Over this jobs in recent years left to the courts some member with a Long Mem area weather for a Atchison and Vicinity Ork in missiles aircraft j qty is sure to remind it of the Roar of laughter that swept the country in 1934. That year saw the to St trial for to iii1 i and c unt inned hot today with High i 5-100. To Sai Hie showers Hiti p to d. R tonight. Low t on Fht 70-75 the ban sat it air and continued Ilet Roug the Tod. A 1 except for widely scat the red show Clad Thunde a Storma wet Ana n Orth i ate today or tonight High to aay is 90 be Irth West to 100-105 set auth miss tour a i Par try Cloudy a with scat in red shows irs Tiroui la t Oday Al trept fire or e Xii nut Cill t h ugly today Yo-9� be nth to 95 too South the defense department sifted out j contempt at the bar of the Senate competitive designs or cancelled bul first the american pubic projects for budgetary reasons. Sated with Reading of depression this figure based on official Home and Hitler abroad and unofficial estimates does n0l whooped with Delight at the Spee include other projects dropped to cup 0f a nimble lawyer and a Swallowtail coated Senate ser Geant at arms pursuing each other through the capital s better known landmarks. Thermometer rending saturday i 2 pm. R. M 3 pm Loo 4 p a. Kio 5 Low Friday night 7s 6 p. 7 p s p. 9 p in a Rn.�2 during the last decade of intensive development efforts by us military. Latest and biggest of the discontinued projects is the Navaho Long Range guided missile that was one of the first great missile projects started in 1946, an unofficial estimate today was that after the Senate won its Point and ordered two prominent Citi a to jail for to Days each the supreme court declined to inter i ,. A Afore. Ironically it is another de about 700 million dollars Bas been vision of the supreme court on put into the Navaho project past la years the i at the location of the new Troy City Well about four and one half Miles North of Troy arc from left. Mayor Robert Gutirr Tom Vanbebber Troy lawyer Fred a Riper Norman Miller Junior Roland sup Lions under Way Here since March Enten Dent of utilities Paul Dittemore William Propheter and Jack Euler county attorney Dittemore 18 and Gamner built the Concrete form la feet in diameter shown in the background. Miller and prop Ieter British officials Are known to operate the dragline which will be used to dig the Well. As the Hole is Marie deeper the form will drop it a bound for have suggested the talks be tem into the Hole. The Well will be about 36 feet deep the Concrete form which is 21 feet tall will he at to s lumber town Pora Rily broken off arguing they the Bottom. The form is made with numerous holes which will be unplugged after the digging is rom Plet tic nor newsmen at the scene Arlt a it a danger of breaking downed. The Well will supplement two others to furnish the City a water Supply. Globe staff photo Muchnic awards to four at Kun the University of Kansas has awarded four students in the school of engineering and architecture a total of $3,000 for the 1957 58 year through the much nit. Foundation it was Learned litre today. An Atchison student Hill liar action of in Yue Twu. Pro i. S. Officials believe important developments May come in the next three weks. They want the talks to go on Well past the dead line France and Canada the other Western members Are somewhere Alfred Between the u. S. And British pos Gates All of Fontana. Calif. I itis is the victims were rushed to a Western Power differ in clinic Here meantime the radio Luis Cal of where Rush in j Simion Here had broadcast an a. Thais a by they arc divided Over for volunteers n remove the the Wisdom of continuum the talk Small Mountain of Loo a Timber Al Quot a argument Are not so much Over what Russia has done but reported merely that a the Bridge was ripped away ably As the cars derailed five of the cars fumbled onto Kelly and the boys. Kelly was killed instantly. The boys were buried beneath the Wood until pulled out by n. W. Sled. E. D. Sled. Charles sled and downpour swamps Chis ago their ads. Fire and Gas explosion threats in aftermath hic Agos july , tin a Runoff the Bridges he,-1.,hat she has not done they were Oater from the most intensive rain kept three pump in lit j Hen the crystallised by a 90-minute speech storm in chicag history Dis. A a Eidem occurred delivered by soviet Delegate Vaj ruled Nearl half the City. Down Rock Island officials said the Ierien Zirm monday. T town subway service saturday. A ground working full Tai in Harvey South of Chicago. Somewhat different grounds that now has some senators and House next largest of recent cancelled trias with the aggrieved Lawman programs has been the c132 trans Crit themselves As judge and jury port plane the air Force has est it it wast the real air Maii con mated 70 million dollars was spent tract controversy of 1934 that led i. Will receive $400 and will be in designing and building special j0 the Senate a extraordinary pro considered for a renewal in 1958 engines Landing gear ground Hail Medure. 59 Harria son of or. And mrs doing equipment and a full scale the Senate set up a special de hams 1113 parallel has been wooden mock up of the big Commilee to investigate. Among employed in Lem mfg. C valve transport those told to come with All pert a engineering department since last within the past veal the air Nunt papers were several air line1 october As a detail draft Man. Force also has announced aban executives and their attorney we he attended one semester at Tex Dorment of two other aircraft Ham p. Maccracken or. J As tech and three semesters at projects a Long Range supersonic Between Jan. 31, when Mac St. Benedict s and will be fighter interceptor and a new tar Bracken got his subpoena and Jor in electrical lira bomber. The unofficial Esti Peb. 6, when he first appeared k. U. Mate for spending on the design Laden with papers and marshalled other awards were Donald Ken study for the interceptor is about by a sergeant at arms Chesney Ward Merriam $1,000, Joe Shel six million dollars for the tactical a Jurney some of the Docu Don. Lawrence $1,000 Bernard bomber about 15 to 18 million hoi i merits were taken out of the at Renyer Wakarusa $600 in. Neither of these project was Torney files the scholarships were establish carried into the actual construe Maccracken contended through cd several years ago by the much lion of hardware or mock up Stag. Oul he complied As fully As he Nic foundation students an sees being lined to feasibility and court with the senates orders. Ile a won the basis of Scholastic design studies. Sai i of any air mail documents i s an it Zinsz and financial Neon rho the Navy also a cancelled or pertinent to the inquiry were. A Jun engine eng at blast to keep the Runoff out of the when flood Waters knocked out curtailed two aircraft develop j taken out it was by inadvertence North South state Street subway boiler Aud Kitchen service. The mental programs within recent weeks an improved Long cause of the derailment or col the Back for Zorini a lapse of the Bridge had not been i speech was set by two develop a ments i. The Western Powers had just other sections of the nations Sec determined. Pope lashes materialism ran stripped and burned. Mac radar warning aircraft and a new i Cracken and three clients were1 Jet powered Carrier based attack cited for contempt of the Senate plane. Navy officials were unable the duty of arresting Mac to estimate today the outlay for Cracker fell to Jurney who wore these projects a working uniform of Swallowtail an army spokesman said there coat striped trousers 10-gallon the14� Hectl no a or Cancella ions hat red Carnation in buttonhole i in a research and development j an f Silver headed Cane in hand s Ssiss valuation dip in Doniphan tax valuation placed on pro a Macur Arken with a Senate War 2. I lie Kremlin had just to under an j on in nearby will county dumped 6.24 inches of rain on the a difficult caesarean Section have some i e in Doniphan county is Down gone sweeping changes in which from drownings six soviet leaders were ousted and an j heart attacks i the Power and prestige of com service c. J. Buck a Power Engineer seriously ill patients were ordered for the Chicago transit authority removed by ambulance to St. Said workmen and pumps were Francis Hospital in nearby Blue end largest City were flooded Par a keeping ahead of the w at cry and Island. Tally crippled and per led by j expressed Confidence the state water knocked out boilers at presented two major new propos a threats of possible fire or Gas sex Street subway could continue West Lake Hospital in suburban als for ending the Hydrogen bomb Plo Sions. Operations. Melrose Park and Power was on race which they Felt included con at East tight persons were dead a torrential downpour that an of and on basis throughout Cessions to the soviet position. in Cook Chicago county started during a Tornado Alert night. Ches of rain on Tho a difficult caesarean Section a ave Boen some a a refinements. Lia Iriri Wii .4 electrocutions City in 24 hours. Most rain fell in was performed under emergency j contracts. Rant. Then abruptly the roles were4 of �T�i�1153 this it Eai below i the six hour period Between 7 p m., conditions. The boiler breakdown however the army is facing the reversed. J year ago according to Maurice a 7-o n t h s old girl Atella j Friday and i . Saturday the prevented sterilization of equip distinct possibility of a major can Maccracken decided it would be Bryan county clerk Toney drowned when she rolled old record of 6.19 inches was sett ment but sufficient material a1 collation in its Jupiter inter medi a Best to be arrested by the Senate valuation the a it out of her bed into a foot of water in the 24-hour period aug. 3 and ready was on hand for the opera-3tp Range ballistic missile pro then have a court take him out Quot a >e4r Inu Ude �T�20�?T in the bedroom of the family a 4. 188.5 Tion. Pc Jonaje custody with a writ of �?T3�?�1 or ,an8�?~.e property and elements of Hie Western basement apartment by mid Day saturday some emergency Crews worked Here the Competition is with the Hareas Corpus. $2,371,960 for intangible property. Although the forecast for More major highways leading North throughout the night and Day in air forces Thor Irby Maccracken tried to persuade last year it was $20,272,514 for rain failed to materialize saturday i from Chicago still were closed and an Effort to restore Telephone and defense department officials Jurney to arrest him in the clerks tangible a Robertv and 2 in Ain afternoon water running off the barricaded. Power serv ice. Say they expect the department office at the District of Columbia i f embankment of the recently com the chief threat seemed to be Northern Illinois Gas co. Will make a decision by next no courthouse described afterwards dior a Nian Joie property. Sus Donsion of nuclear tests would i plated Congress Street expressway Fanger of fires starting from warned thousands of homeowners vember when funds the army As a a comfortable Public office Bryan said one reason for loss i in it Cit the a he a a waste of time poured into the Jackson Boulevard shorted electrical installations or whose basements were hooded to now has for the Jupiter program where any gentleman could be a of valuation is that Farmers do ply Are elected to vault Tho to tie a i time. Ujj Square sub possible Gas explosions where shut off their Gas amt not use a plus some which May be allotted continued on Page three 5j"vieffam.� France refugees co operate Uay. Flood Waters have extinguished ponces until the Small Burner from the defense department it was at Lourdes that Bema Nanaimo b. C up a House j by mid Day water reached the Pilot lights. A 4rummi up year old building co a operative has Beer i top of the tube in the station at the storm halted All air travel Jas a. Att a y in. Jedi our Luik in Yuti Auvy it y _. A a a a �?11 us Chicago s Loop business District Wilson has said that the decision Vatican City july 13 a a j Monist party chief Nikita thru Pope Pius Xii lashed out at a Josh Chov was enhanced serialism of both East and West Zorin using the harshest Ian today and called for return to Guage in the present talks Brand Christian principles in encyclical cd some hailing the forthcoming Centennial nuclear plan As he Jubilee of Lourdes. It Aid a Western suggestion that the Jubilee will begin feb la scientists be put to work imme j 1958. And continue a full year Diatel on a plan for enforcing a during that time millions of peo aquacade practice Yipu claimed miraculous cures for their ailments and some left crutches to festoon wails and ceiling of the Grotto. The pontiffs encyclical letter addressed to French cardinals archbishops and Bishops was dated july 2, roman Catholic feast of the visitation of the Virgin. It was released today by the Vatican press office. In it the Pope made one of his sharpest attack on materialism which he called the modern world s a terrible the Pope said a the most holy Mother the Virgin Mary has launched a cry of alarm for this modern society that would gain the universe at the Price of its soul and is running toward its a this materialism a he said. A is not found Only in the con denied philosophy a communism a frat Rales the politics and econ oms of one part of humanity. It a Northeast Kansas chapter of the nation association of re also pervades the love of Money Jaired civil service employees was organized Here yesterday in a dinner whose ruin Are broadening. Meeting at Thompsons restaurant tarted officers were from the inning wild austerity of life that prompt Dis Renee state president of Narce. The National association of retired continued on Page seven civil service Emp Oyes is primarily a social organization. Stranded hundreds of motorists Michigan Arni Sun merging turned whole neighbourhoods into Urban Lockport. The opening of each Laker and created emergency con locks permitted a rapid reverse in almost every instance of in hospitals of runo int0 i16 Lake and a cancellation of a development some 50.000 Homes were without Normal direction Runoff at lock-1 program Money spent has not electrical service at one time or port South of the City. Been wasted. Thus in cancelling another durin the storm. A a he of distress the Navaho project air Secretary spokesman for the Commonwealth Quot us Oei Quot a. The Chicago motor James Douglas said that develop Edison co said restoration of club likened the rain storm to a ment of that missile had contrib service Cost the Utility about midwinter blizzard. Hundreds of used. Through the design of its $350 too cars were in flooded under i rocket engine to the inter Conti is an aftermath of the storm passes and on the new Congress i rental ballistic missile project seven feet of water poured into a reel a press Highway. I continued on Page seven the basement of a building at Midway Airport engulfing a transformer that supplies Power for half the Field. Hundreds of stranded air travellers and airline employees were evacuated from a waiting room a a a Quot above when smoke and steam hissed from the basement. Firemen were ordered to stay Clear of the building until the Commonwealth Edison co., could Cut off Power. Fire chief Frank Hasnerl said 3.000 Volt of electricity were in the basement of the Braniff and capital airlines waiting room from a three hot patients were evacuated from suburban Ingalls memorial Hosp Karen Handke and Beverly Blohm Atchison aquacade directors have announced the Fob lowing aquacade practice schedule monday 9 am boys 14 18 years old to a girls 11-13 years old la ant boys 10-13 years old. Tuesday 9 ., boys and girls 14 18 years old to ., girls 11-13 years old la ., boys and girls 8-10 years old 5 p m., boys 14 18 years old. I not have As much livestock and farm machinery As they did a j year ago. He said there Are 3,468 fewer i cattle in the county than last year which accounts for a loss of about $99,000, 875 fewer hogs for a loss of about $7,000, 1,800 dozen less poultry for a loss of $4,000, and j a $24,000 loss on farm machinery in addition to this he reported the valuation on the Railroad Bridge across the Missouri River at Elwood has been reduced $25,-ooo in valuation. Gloomy View into nuclear future two named to state boards san Francisco july 13 a existence much like Topeka july 13 fun gov. George Docking office today announced two appointment to state commission. Donald p. Mccully Kansas City a nuclear scientist today Tore substantial Odds that sooner or species Anvy wet that Industrial emulation the Wjt a d am u prevails in Large areas a a a a appointed to the Kan a. Will perish in a nuclear holocaust flu to a Civi Uza Ion we perish a in Al Ujj Chin Tod i a a �9i Ltd it not Job for a in the next 5 to too years on ii Miliar hol Raust today. Term ending july i 1961. He sue the basis of present behaviour of j were t0 pct. Bet.-, upon 1 realize that this is a very needs Harry Day Kansas City people and nations. The tim0 in which this might Hap gloomy View of the future. But ii a. Addressing the american Sod pin would say almost certain would like to stress that Strong mrs. Georgiana w Bell Russell Ety of newspapers editors. Or. Jav within the next Century quite though the likelihood of this end a appointed to the committee we n a a a a i 1 l r a Ai k i of of Filiti mip the line Fala. Studying the present behaviour Mankind would then be destined confront Industrial civilization in patterns of Peoples and nations. To live an agrarian existence for the years and decades ahead and i would be inclined to give rather the duration of its lifetime As a to conduct ourselves your i Vin a Tarn Mort at us i. Than National of

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