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Atchison Sunday Globe Newspaper Archives Feb 10 1924, Page 4

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Atchison Sunday Globe (Newspaper) - February 10, 1924, Atchison, Kansas The Atchison daily Globe sunday february to 1924. Atchison daily Globe. Founded by k w Howe in 1877. Gene a. Howe. Editor. Entered in the Post office in Atchison. A Ness a second Cines matter published by Globe publishing co. Corner fifth and main streets. V Savo your a to. Dec a 6vac to of general Hoos Bud subscription rates 16 cents per week delivered by Carrier by mail 14 per year telephones. Business department .62 news department .6t Friday february cd 1924. Member of associated press the a Atolia to 4 press la exclusively entitled to Tho use of republication of All news dispatches credited to it or otherwise not credited in this paper and also the local news published herein. Al rights of republication of any special dispatches herein Are let Wise reserved. ,1 Mhz. Vue Vook Kofr for almost Evers fam we in the Cox a he \ Yov what Ime of Yhvh Nan n by two Ojo make no Stoob Ruh club to Why Kmic of a o Al who kudu 8 Hui. A Ork Ahi Yky Vyvy Chysh to we front .1 1 r a a a a it quot f How yet fax it Athy rav Wal so Roofeh 18 in to it Manboy Katchen Mim Umoh y have Ann Nao Eeva 0rrs yeah if she was locker in Borning hou8�, \ can Tetu in May 8ervanv8 face thay he 8fehy of it of Hal Ufa heu. A Vii Case eve loow8 vie the Rina of a t>e8e\ \ a bet carrve8 travellers insurance a Globe sights. A liar is any person who says a Ifo is an a open we Are a excellent managers other Peoples business the finest motto in Atchison contains Only one word smile. Snort column a readers notes an at Bison Man who Era languages earns sin a Speaks week a Good grouch once in a while makes a fellow feel Kiter when he Conics out of it. When an elderly lady returns from a journey you will invariably find her hat crooked. Oomph ments for other a it Leopie unit they Are your children do not interest you much. Cuba i getting a Groat Deal f favourable notice just now in Mhusk she paid her debt go then and Dot it lilo a i it when a Man Trees to lie fifty yrs old tit re is no Bitch animal As a million Dollar Snow but there is a lot of million Dollar Vav to says there Isnit anything new under the Sun let a Gas which is in Uig Suh to tut it i for hanging and the a citric chair put capital punishment criminals to sleep so gently they imagine they Are ii a peach id a stuns. Talks of Wmk Telegraph. Skittering across the icy surface of Lake Mahopac near Groton fails new York a Ford Sedan with three Pas so a i s plunged into the Lake and disappeared. The Lake was alive with Guy skaters. Some of them formed a human Chain lying Flat on their stomachs. Two feet below the surface could lie seen the lop of the Sedan. Two of the skater detached themselves from the human Chain and slipped into the icy water swimming a Lieut. Line of the skaters kicked to Hole in the rear window of the Sedan trod denied out one of the passengers delivering him to those on the ic.-, the Oiler skater Dove Down and jerked open the front door of the Sedan rescuing another of the passengers. Pushing him to safety. Then lot ii skaters Dove for the thin passenger and hauled him to the surface. Lie was unconscious but revived Atter receiving first Aid. Theres a movie in real life for you a a although it is alleged in confessed to having conspired with to Man to min Der her husband mrs. Peter a a ii i wife of a Farmer living near St. Charles ., will not be tried. It is said i that or. Snail who is tilt Mother of five children assisted by her gentle Man Friend struck her husband on the head and threw his unconscious form into a Well from where he was Resit used alive by his brother. A i will not bring barges against the husband Aid because of the children. Quot i am to blame but i did it for her Sake said the gentleman Friend. Mrs. Snub seems to have a Way with her. Amarillo Texas. Attention you Bridge fans in Atchison in Amarillo the Bridge players make clubs amount to something. J Here when a Bridge player finds four j j honors in clubs in his or her hand he or she says a Imperial a and each i Honor and each trick in clubs counts a eleven under Tho a circumstances. In i Atchison we never heard of such an expression a a a Imperial iii matters i pertaining to Bridge. In Atchison clubs done to amount to much and us a tingly Are ignored except when a no j Trump bid is made. The missus played Bridge at the Amarillo country club the other afternoon. There were of ladies it the country club at that rime and they played Mah Jong Bridges the latter is Domino game and even the minis tors Here play it. The Amarillo country club i a Beautiful place and gorgeously appointed. Note at that country club party the miss scored pit in honors with an a a Imperial hand her partner having provided the fifth Honor just because a Man differs from you in matters pertaining to religious creeds Tiffit. No Bona fide sign and Orvii that he chokes his wife twice a Day. American people Aren t As wicked As some people claim. But it is rather hot iseult to Shock americans by nothing somewhat risque. The wind Here worst since 1912. Last night % it it it it it it it it it it it it it it it it it it tomorrow la x Hio sews. 9 it tit it boat traffic on the Missouri River May never be revived but it is coming Back in Fine shape i the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers. Oil these re Cis it us has United with steel for greater use of the Inland Waters As a Means saying of and to this can to traced die interesting fact that shipbuilding in the Mississippi Basin last year was More than one third the total tonnage of the i iii ted states including Ocean shirts and the great lakes. The figures compiled by Industrial authorities in Pittsburgh show that approximately to steel barges with was the c. Ii. England at Buckingham Palace just i in Fri re Tho lie Nee conference president Wilson astounded the British with his to easy yet respectful familiarity toward. Their Monarch. The stiff Tiquet of r Tho Briti a court relic of bygone centuries he disregarded. First he horrified the English by walking in front of their King in Public a thing absolutely soft Hrnry to All Royal Eti Otlet. Then he shocked them again by acknowledging the cheers of the crowds while Rilling with George v in the hitter s Carriage because All cheers uttered in the presence of the King Are sup posed to in for the King. But the worst Shock of Alt they received when president Wilson in his speech at the Brilliant state banquet Given at Buckingham Palace addressed the King As a sir quot instead of As quot your majesty Gugg Gugg at amt 3 new York Day by Day to by o. O. Mcintyre at to Toto to Toto Toto Toto Toto Toto to to Chicago fib. 9.�? by the associated press a program to be broadcast i unday. February to. Central Standard time Ltd it Courtesy of radio digest Kika e. Pittsburgh 13 j i 530 p. In. Dinner concert ,.rn Church Stern. Ices by Vav Chicago 536 7 p. In. Chicago sunday Evi nit g flub. Wrap fort Worth Star Telegram 4 5 it la p in. Concert. What Washington 469 6 20 p. In. Joint program with weak s. Organ recital. Whap Chicago 369 9 15 p. In classical music. Weak no v York 492 6 30 p in. Or i it deliberately. He chose this salutation because he repeat.? it several times. It chanced met reside she Wil son passed his 62d birthday in the Palace. The Date was Deece her As bus. Early that morning there Carne a rap on his door. Naturally lie thought it was one of the numerous \ 30 p. Atchison news dug up in Amarin to lore Frank Atchison travelling Chitra so san. Man who makes his Headquarters j a quot talk dance music. ? Here met a Check protector Salesman Wor Buffa p. 3i9> 3 p Organ iii Clovis. A m., the other Day. Tho Way Schenectady 38e 6.45 p. R Heck protector Salesman told this a �?~ll�1.�?T-tri. <?1v k7 a a what la ret to or. Frank the Check prote Ltd cart or Salesman pays $7.50 for Check pro wok �2s3 9 p tetors and Sells them to Meri i ants it program r $25 to $75. That Salesman was re freight ears to steam rowboats and ten packets were added to the existing j Fleet of several thousand barges and several Hundred boats. Much of this River Craft is used in carrying Coal to i Mills and furnaces in the District but \ a considerable Proi portion is allotted to the steel carry ing Trade from Pitts j Revaj functionaries or servants. Quot come Burgh to rail distributing i obits along j in r la. Or talk a out am the cd it or open. The lower Ohio and Mississippi Rivers Mouv h it urns of the two years ago. During a Lier Iod Oft Day Railroad congestion steel Mauufnctar-1 companies sought the Ohio River new York fell. 9 High a Clurs will find Cue cellar on Long Island inn Umu from their burglary Attal is it is Ned by a new York business Man and ii it Tuyin solid Rock the Limiter is value i at a Mil Ion mid was bought before prohibition inside it is lined with St Al. The first door is like those pm huge safes. When it is Oji ened it sounds an alarm a it the police station and in that in i s own House apis Arage. Tin second door is the Sal in Type use i in safety dept sit yanks and has a Tine lock. Should the owner be trapped in the vault by raiders there Are five differ brought out a funeral cortege larger than is usually seen at the death of a prominent person. Bort Savoy the comedian who was killed by a lightning Bolt last Bummer had one of the hugest funerals new York has Ever ecu. And a few months ago when artha Mansfield was buried following a tragic death during the filming it of a scene Broadway was packed a an enormous human entablature that histed an hour and a half. One of the new hotels has a new time Saver for the hurried bust Ness Man. It is a Barber chair luncheon. One May lie bartered and at the same Lime be served with a Dainty repast. Another one of those senseless phrases has bobbed up. It is just As meaningless As predecessors. It is sos your old Man a a pocket piano has been invented for song plungers in tin pan Alley. The out concealed Bells on the floor he May instruments Are five octaves in length 490 4 p a girly in Atchison and t a Rote Etor to Birt Gilmore old for service is political theory mess is political practice. A Check $50. I fish Vav j a i ii program. Ago 447.7 p. In. Paul the big prior ii quot e Issue i it is an election is not majority of votes. Or in other Are counted ten. Words after the principle the votes is forgot Vav fag i n n it a Polis St 7 45 p. In Church Servia i a i concert. Woe Davenport 4e4> 7 x in Organ 7 39 sport Neves a Church services 9 musical program. Vol Kansas Cay Unity. 360 la a. In. Sunday service 7 p. In evening services. Wos Jefferson City. To. 449.9 7.25 p. In religious service we j Detroit t 517 i 7 30 p in Church service. Nothing worse can happen to a Young Man than to have him turn into a professional athlete. The greatest inned by the deeds Seldom Are physically Strong. Per before Yon refer to the indiscreet Indue of today a Young people see there Aren t several pages in your Ife s history that Are pasted together. No Man or woman can work Well bile frightened. That s Why you n t make an employee efficient by Urs Itig of lashing him or her. The thing that encouragement. Begets efficiency is items Tracy ii the preached not Tho practice word. Word a Romance of the Telegraph two years boy Karnes and his unto Al to Teka loved each other but As Karnes who was to lie the mainstay of the family had nothing hut love Aud in Job he took his wife to Lier Par-1 cuts in Hays Kansas. Lately Karnes got a Jolt. Telephoned his wife he had is. And to come Back. She replied she bad a Job bul no love for him or at least that is what Karnes told the judge when he asked for a divorce. A wife a love is liable to Cool when it takes her husband two rears to get a Job. A a a educational note the freshman class was making merry one evening lately at the gymnasium at the Texas state teachers College san Marcos Lien suddenly the president of the class was pushed amid the dancers it. Iii Clad in a bathing costume. Windows were sum sin d in the girls faint it d. Pad the boys went into action. There was a Buttle Royal Aud after the smoke of Battle cleared away it developed tin members of another at the College had kidnapped the president of the freshman class and armied iii in in the bathing suit and then had stolen tin tarty refresh i i is. Thrilling comb sa6e Tea in hair to Darken it the old time mixture of Sage Tea and Sulphur for darkening Gray tit teak Ell and faded hair is grand Mother s recipe and folks Are again use tug it to keep their Tom i r a Good even color which is quite sensible As we Are living in an age when it Youthful appearance is of the greatest advantage. Nowadays though we Don t have the troublesome task of gathering the est i and the Mussy mixing at Home. All drug stores sell the ready to us product improved by the addition of other ingredients. Called a a Wyeth a huge and Sulphur it is very a Matilar is Ca use nobody can discover it Bas is Era applied. Simply moisten Jour comb or a soft Brush with it and draw this through your hair taking one Small strand at a time by morning the Gray hair disappears but what delights the ladies with Wyeth s hag in Sulphur compound is that besides beautifully darkening the hair after to few applications it also prot it Inee tin a met Lustre and appearance of a -. Which in so attractive. Atchison presbyterians will lie glad to learn that the itch. Thou sen pastor of the Amarillo presbyterian Church is a a Bear Ile is a wonderful preacher a great scholar and a splendid mixer. He has a congregation of 900, and a sunday school that averages about 450. Public Sale dates c. A. Hawk auctioneer. 12�?mrs. Hilda Cinert feb. Revin. Peb. 20�?charles Brown Effingham. Feb. 28�?charles Pike Atchison co. John do . Feb. Llos. S. Burton Oskaloosa. Feb. Is a. E. Martin Cli in min a. Feb 21�?. C. Mayfield. August Wolf farm. Farmington. Other auctioneers. Feb. L la Karl Butin n. Lancaster. Southwestern consuming Points. So i Gratifying was the Success of the of is ii Merit that it has grown into an a pending Industry. It was not How con i Ever until later that the Oil Industry i attracted by lower transportation costs Aud time saving turned its attention to must a the Inland Waters. I the Standard Oil go., of Louisiana Uksi-1 we do a a two years ago set up a Barge. De Wen service Lief Ween Baton Bouge and new Orleans extended the line to from which plate final distribution wus made Inland. Early this i year it pushed the service to Louisville. Some 1,200 Railes from new or leans. Two steamboats have Lieen assigned to the task one for Oil and gasoline barges to Guiro the month of Ohio and a smaller one to take barges to Louisville. Other big companies using River transp Rution Are the pan american Petroleum company the United states Siet i a Ori oration the National tube and american steel and wire go., the Tennessee goal and Iron go., the Inland Waterways go., which furnishes an outlet from the Kentucky Oil Fields Etc. Came n cheery voice and there in the doorway stood the King of England. Hand outstretched and smiling i the King was As democratic As Wilson because never before had British Royalty conveyed its felicitations in such a manner. The customary fashion court Tiquet requires the sending of a formal note. The following sign is on a farm in Georgia quot ties Paser s will is pers muted to the full extent of 2 Wing iii bugs which ainu to never been orally so Shibilo v. Do strangers and i Dubbel barely shot gun which ainu to loaded with not Sofy Pillera i it Hiu if i ainu to tired of this Bel raising on new Broom Victor Murdock who has Joist returned from Washington to. Make charge of the editorial manage a pm no it of the Wichita Eagle secs a i Rosy future for the Southwest. Seep on and bring immediate Assis Lance. There Are also a number of innocent looking bottles that will explode when picked up. The cellar represents an Exien Liture of $00.<00. The liquors stored Thoro Cost $50,000 at pre War prices the lung Island mansions Are the targets a i rum raiders. On some of the estates you see signs Reading a no liquors on the premises and a this Capitate is patrolled by armed in the Homes of the Rich in new York a special guard is always on duty to Ltd protect the wine cellar. So fearful Are owners of betrayal that they do not Trust the keys to anyone. Combinations and locks Are often changed monthly. The Rich Man Here is apparently not judged by his millions but by his cellar. Strangely enough they ate not men who Are steady drinkers an occasional cocktail or a before dinner highball satisfy their alcoholic taste. Tragedy strikes More sentimentality on Broadway than in any other a Eton of town. The death of an acne Bat in a stage fall theother Day and May be folded up like umbrellas. The pocket piano comes from England. The nearest thing to London a Cheshire cheese is old Toms Chopin House at los Cedar Street. It was is. To abolished in i tax and a weather beaten sign a Eye Only entrances a still hangs. There Are still old Pewter steins and Kir table meat pudding tureens and a savor of English customs the patrons gather there anti enjoy the Freedom of the Pixie. I saw a wan Pale faced woman crossing the a abridge it a highs with an officer lie other afternoon. On theuring stood a Man who waved at her. Aft r she had passed out of sight he lighted a Cigar and smiled. 666 is a prescription prepared for colds fever and Grippe it is the most speedy remedy we know preventing pneumonia. \ strictly meritorious Reed it that has proven of in Estinia value to combating colds in head or Chest. Acts directly on liver arid bowels ridding the system of impurities and fortifying the body against attack from disease germs. 60c a Box at your druggists. On his historic visit to the King of laugh Atule Hills shoot the Hills in an Overland with a surge of robust Power Overland whips into action a of like a Streak carrying you up and Over the top of the steepest meanest Hills. Try it out. Overland will prove on the Road its reputation As the most car in the work for the Money. Champion $695i Sedan $795, i o. B. Toledo. Overland Anderson co. C. A. Anderson prop. 907 commercial. Phone 321 in More time for play think of being away from your Home All the afternoon shopping visiting or at the matinee and returning at 5 p. In. Opening the oven to find the whole evening meal cooked deliciously and ready to be placed on the Tablet its easy to do this every Day if you wish if you have a Clark jewel Gas Range equipped with the famous Lorain oven h eat regulator also Lorain guarantees perfect baking Resul tsp every time. And it enables you to do All your Canning in the oven a easier quicker and better than by any other method. Ask us about the big advantages of the Lorain equipped Clark jewel Gas ranges Atchison railway Light a Power co. Concion . Detroit next Spring with Over 200,000 orders for Ford cars and trucks already placed for delivery during the next few months we Are facing a record breaking Spring demand. Each successive month Thia Winter has witnessed a growth in sales far surpassing that of any previous Winter season. This increase will be even greater during the Spring months always the heaviest buying period. These facts suggest that you place your order Early to avoid disappointment in delivery at the time desired. Iai it is not necessary to pay Cash for your car in order to have your name placed on the preferred delivery list you can make a Small payment Down or you can buy it you wish under the convenient Tetras of the Ford weekly Purchase plan. Linley motor co

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